Developer Chat: Will Elder Scrolls Online Still Be Viable In 2024?

As players, we will never know the direction of Elder Scrolls Online, but its developer ZeniMax Online Studios knows. Today let us talk to lore master Michael Zenke and ZeniMax Online Studios’s narrative director Bill Slavicsek to see everything.

Researching and developing a game deeply for ten years is a long time, especially for one as ambitious and widespread as Elder Scrolls Online. Over the years, we’ve seen in-game Tamriel, and other places like planes of Oblivion made available for players to explore. From the Isles of Thistor to Vvardenfell, we’ve visited many places in and around Nirn, and there are many more to come.

Developer Chat: Will Elder Scrolls Online Still Be Viable In 2024?

In The Elder Scrolls Online, each chapter is ostensibly meant to add an area to the MMORPG, such as the West Weald in The Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming chapter, The Gold Road. As a player, you will also be transported to a new area to explore. If you want to be one step ahead of the update, you can enter the mall to get Elder Scrolls Online Items to get a head start.

As players, we are actually very curious about how the developer ZeniMax Online Studios determines that each new chapter will send players to a different place? Today let’s hear what lore master Michael Zenke and narrative director Bill Slavicsek have to say.

The Start

Slavicek laughed a little at the question and replied, “Mostly random, like a coin toss.” We all laughed at his answer. Slavicek later said seriously: “It actually started from the studio head and creative director. They came up with inspiration, such as where do we go next? Which part of the map needs to be opened? ”

When these inspirations became concrete, his team started prepare the storyline for the region, etc... his team focuses on one and develops a 10-page story map. Then the zone lead will expand the story into a zone story bible. Every bit of their hard work culminated into their new chapter, a massive project that took about 30 hours in total!

Thinking About The Spiritual World of Players

As a developer developing a game, deciding on the next step of development is not just about adding new content to the game, but also about discussing the depth and ideas of players within the game. Zenke told us that he fully supports technological innovation, and he is willing to be the bard behind the team, singing their significant achievements.

He also said that the thing he enjoyed the most was exploring Wood Elves in the game. Green Pact is now used by everyone as a way to observe the culture of Wood Elves.

Develop New Chapters

Looking back on the development of Elder Scrolls Online over the past ten years, we can see that it has already become a whole and determines the next development direction of the team. As the leader of the team, the first thing Slavicek has to do is to conduct his own research.

On the one hand, he views and collects various materials about MMORPG, and on the other hand, he insists on their own original game because there are still ten years of history are available for their study. Slavicek’s team will define a style for the new chapter area, and Michael can provide an interesting storyline.

For story lines, Zenke is very vocal. He said that he sees a lot of things as opportunities rather than obstacles. For example, someone writes a one-off sentence in Morrowind, which can be the hook of our creation. He can use this sentence as a starting point to start a new storyline. He would never regard such things as his shackles.


After ten years of accumulation and baptism, there are still many things in Tamriel that we have not yet explored. If you want to learn more information quickly, you can check the official website or enter the mall to purchase Elder Scrolls Online Items. ESO Gold Road will be released on Monday, June 3, 2024.


Before the new chapter Gold Road, I will introduce you to the following suggestions to prepare you for future game exploration.

The first suggestion is that if you already have an Imperial Edition upgrade, you need to play Imperial character well. Because West Weald in the new chapter is full of Imperials. But if you want to start with a new Imperial, you can choose any of the three Alliances. You also have access to racial skill lines with health, stamina, and resource maintenance advantages. Even though this is a very tank-friendly racial skill line, I think their advantages can be used in many situations.

If you already own Dark Brotherhood DLC, you can head to Gold Coast. You can also fight for your own Imperial City in PVE and PVP content. But it’s also a good place to stop if you’re not into that kind of fighting scene and are immersed in all things Imperial.

If you are a passionate and ambitious person who wants to challenge other players, then head to Cyrodiil. Not only do you have the challenge of leveling up here, you can also explore some wilderness and complete some tasks within the town to help the local Imperials. In addition, you will also meet famous local Imperials characters. Stay tuned!

Then don’t worry if you only have Blackwood Chapter. Imperials in this chapter will provide more opportunities for you to fully communicate with them or help them. Although you don’t need to clear Blackwood to enter Gold Road here, there will be some connections, more or less. Most former players find the story of West Weald to be more interesting than the story of Blackwood!

Hopefully, this content will help you prepare for your time on Gold Road and possibly help you catch up on completing your 10th anniversary achievement.

As a MMORPG game that has existed for ten years, it now continues to move forward with a different brilliance. Listening to the lore master Michael Zenke and narrative director Bill Slavicsekfor new chapters also makes players look forward to the latest chapter that will be released on June 3. Let’s wait and see! Happy gaming!

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