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  • How To Complete This Dark Rider Quest Chain In WOW Classic SOD Phase 2? - Unlock Class New Runes

    Hello adventurers! Today, we will talk about a quest chain in WOW Classic SOD Phase 2 that has attracted the attention of many players, Dark Rider.

    As we all know, among the series of new content introduced in Phase 2, the most popular ones are runes. Dark Rider quest chain will reward a new rune for each class, so most players will want to complete it, eventually. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

    How To Complete This Dark Rider Quest Chain In WOW Classic SOD Phase 2? - Unlock New Class Runes


    This mission involves killing level 41 elites, but technically, there is no level requirement. However, you need to travel to multiple locations, so I would recommend starting the mission at level 40 and using a mount to make it easier to succeed.

    In addition, don’t forget to prepare some WoW SoD Gold before you start. It will make your exploration journey smoother!

    Start Quest

    To start this quest chain, first head to Deadwind Pass. Most players will need to travel through Duskwood to get there.

    For Horde, that likely means starting in Stranglethorn Vale. If you’ve already chosen a flight path in Swamp of Sorrows, you can start there.

    Follow the road to find the camp in the northeast corner of the area and talk to Dalaran Agent there to pick up Ariden’s Sigil. Note that you or someone in your party will need to have this trinket equipped in order to proceed to the next steps.

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    All Dark Rider Locations

    Next, you’ll need to travel to seven other locations around the world to find Dark Rider. In each location, you need to run around with Ariden’s Sigil until you find a place where you can get Dark Presence buff.

    When you get this buff, you can quickly tell if there are Dark Riders around because a pair of eyes will appear above your character when you enter the area. Just be aware that you won’t be able to find Dark Presence buff if you’re already mounted.

    When you are in an area with a Dark Presence aura, use your Ariden’s Sigil trinket to summon Dark Rider. This is a level 41 elite.

    The Dark Riders in WOW Season of Discovery - Stealing Relics from Dalaran

    Please note that if multiple people in your party use this trinket at the same time, you can summon multiple Dark Riders, but you only need one. Everyone on your team can loot their Dalaran Relic. You’ll need 7 pieces of Dalaran Relic in total, each of which can only be looted from a specific location. These seven positions are:

    Deadwind Pass

    The first location is very close to your starting location on Deadwind Pass. Follow the road a short distance towards Duskwood and then north to the end of the river. Remember, you must be walking and running here and have a trinket equipped.

    Swamp Of Sorrows

    Next, head east into Swamp of Sorrows and run northeast. Dark Presence buff here is located slightly southeast of Fallow Sanctuary.


    Retrace your steps west through Deadwind Pass to Duskwood and then to Raven Hill Cemetery. You’ll find Dark Presence on the east side of the cemetery.

    Arathi Highlands

    Now you need to head to Arathi Highlands. Alliance can get here via Wetlands, while Horde can get here via Hillsbrad Foothills. Dark Presence buff here can be found in the northeast between Hammerfall and Dabyrie’s Farmstead.


    The next location is Badlands, which are probably the hardest of these areas to reach, especially for Horde players. You need to head south through Wetlands and Loch Modan to get here. Dark Presence is located near the center of the area, in an open valley between large hills.


    The last two locations are on another continent. Head to Barrens first and follow the road south of the intersection to find Dark Presence.


    You will find the last Dark Rider in Desolace. Alliance has a flight path close to this area, but if you haven’t chosen it yet or if you’re a Horde player, you might choose Stonetalon Mountains to get here. Dark Presence here is located in the northern part of the area between Thunderaxe Fortress and Sargeron.

    Turn In Dalaran Relics

    It doesn’t matter in which order you defeat Dark Riders. But once you have all Dalaran Relics, go back to Dalaran Agent in Deadwind Pass and you’ll get a small amount of WOW Classic SOD Gold and XP for each Relic you turn in.

    When all seven Dalaran Relics are turned in, you will complete the ultimate mission and receive the corresponding runes for your class. The runes you get are:

    • Druid: Rune of the Jungle King
    • Hunter: Rune of Close Combat
    • Mage: Missile Barrage Rune
    • Paladin: Rune of Infusions
    • Priest: Luminous Epiphany
    • Rogue: Rune of the Assailant
    • Shaman: Rune of Two-Handed Mastery
    • Warlock: Rune of Forbidden Knowledge
    • Warrior: Rune of Ruthless Precision

    WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2: Dark Rider Runes Guide


    That’s the complete guide to Dark Rider quest chain in WOW Classic SOD. With this, you’re ready to get another rune!

    Before entering, I recommend that you plan your travel route according to your actual situation so that you can maximize the efficiency of farming all Dalaran Relics. Anyway, hope this guide is helpful.

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  • You Can’t Miss This POE 3.23 Affliction SSF-Friendly Build! - Rain Of Arrows Champion

    In this guide, I’ll be sharing a new build I’m trying out in Affliction League, Rain of Arrows Champion. This is a Solo Self-Found oriented character, you can also play it in Trade League and try to push it to its limits.

    This build is particularly advantageous for Solo Self-Found, as getting the items you need isn’t difficult, POE Currency budget is low, and gear progression is very simple.

    This character is a good mapper, clears the map quickly, and has good tanking abilities. Although its single target is not very good, it is not the worst, and it is enough to promote Atlas, farming tier 16 maps, making Logbooks, Heist and other quests.

    You Can’t Miss This POE 3.23 Affliction SSF-Friendly Build! - Rain Of Arrows Champion

    Equipment Selection

    A very important item for this build will be the bow. The first thing we need to get is Triple Elemental Damage Bow.


    The best way to get this bow is to use Rog from Expedition, basically fill up your prefix and re-roll. That way, it will most likely give you a high-level elemental damage prefix, and then give you the suffix you want, such as critical chance, attack speed, and critical multiplier.


    Also very important is our Perseverance Vanguard Belt, which has great synergy with Champion Ascendancy.

    Because we have access to Grace and Determination Auras, we have high armor and evasion. We basically get a lot of attack damage from the belt. In the meantime, we also get Onslaught, for example, some cold resistance and life.

    PoE 3.23: Perseverance Vanguard Belt

    I think the best way to get belts in SSF is to use Ancient Orbs, since the chance of hitting Perseverance with Ancient Orb is about 1 in 20.

    So basically you just need to run Harbinger. With Scarabs you can also use Seventh Gate so you can get Harbinger on your map device. It shouldn’t be too hard to hit since it only took me 8-9 Ancient Orbs to hit Perseverance.

    If you’re on Solo Self-Found, it’s not super difficult to hit it. If you are in Trade League, you can choose to purchase it for 1 Chaos Orb point.


    Another unique item I use is Amulet, Hyrri’s Truth. It basically gives us a high level of Precision, good Crit Multi and Culling Strike.

    Although this item is not mandatory, it is nice and easy to use. And we can use it to save gem slots since we don’t have to equip Precision gem.

    Then, for the rest of your gear, try to get Armor and Evasion bases, which are also important. Then there are your typical Spell Suppression, Resistance, Chaos Resistance (if possible), Strength, and Intelligence stats. This way, you can equip all your gems.

    PoE 3.23: Hyrri's Truth


    Any extra damage you can get, especially in the ring. You gain elemental damage and flat damage by attacking.

    But I’m not running reduced Mana Cost on my ring, which is unnecessary for my setup after running Inspiration.


    I have an Eldritch Implicit on my helmet, which reduces Mana Cost of attacks. Also, I’m running Life Mastery: skills cost life instead of 30% mana. We also run Mana Leech, where you gain 1 passive point of life and mana.


    Then, with the quiver, just try to get as much damage as possible, and your quiver will also get extra life.

    My life is a little low currently, only 3.6k, but you can easily reach 4k life. Because some of my items have an unsatisfactory life, even my quiver has no life at all. So you can definitely reach a higher life.


    If you’re trying to get as much damage as possible, don’t forget about your flasks: Quicksilver, Diamond, Granite and Jade, with the suffixes: Dodge, Armor, Critical and Attack Speed. The best prefix you can get is gaining 3 charges when you are hit by an enemy.

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    Passive Tree

    For the passive tree, we chose Champion Ascendancy.

    The first two labs got your Fortify. For the third lab, I chose First to Strike, Last to Fall so that I could take advantage of Adrenaline.

    This is actually very useful for this build as we have a trick to easily reach low health with Corrupting Fever. This is basically in the 3-link of Corrupting Fever, Lifetap Support and Second Wind Support.

    Whenever we use Corrupting Fever, we reach low health, and we have Adrenaline. You can then use your Life Flask or Enduring Cry if you prefer to restore your life. This is an excellent trick.

    Your final lab: Inspirational. This is a pretty standard passive tree for this character. Since this is a lot of damage, you can try farming your clusters in Solo Self-Found.

    PoE 3.23: Champion Ascendancy

    Large Clusters can be attack damage or bow clusters and gain significant effects at the start. It would be great if you could get two.

    Then there are Medium Clusters: with Eye to Eye and Repeater for projectile damage, they are really good.

    Then I also run two Mana Reservation Efficiency Small Clusters. Now you may not need to run both, depending on whether you want to run Herald of Ice or not. I ran it because it helped a lot with mapping.

    Skill Gems

    For gems in our 6-link, try getting Vaal version of Rain of Arrows. It’s actually a nice boost to damage.

    Then the supported gems are pretty standard: Mirage Archer, Trinity, Inspiration, Increased Critical Damage, and Elemental Damage with Attacks to get your qualities running your lab or just using GCP.

    PoE 3.23: Vaal version of Rain of Arrows

    Then don’t forget your Corrupting Fever 3-link, and then Manaforged Arrow and Lifetap connection. Lifetap can help reduce mana cost, and Frenzy and Ensnaring Arrow can also deal with extra damage.

    You can also get Power Charge on Critical Support, and the way I generated it was using Wildwood Ascendancy. If you have more charm sockets, you can get extra crits at max Power Charges, or you can get a crit multiplier per Power Charge or whatever.

    Finally, don’t forget your extra Utility Gems and Aura Gems. The six Auras we are running are Clarity, Precision, Defiance Banner, Herald of Ice, Determination and Grace.

    That’s all for this Rain of Arrows Champion build guide. If you decide to play this character, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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  • The 5 Best Skill Moves To Help You Advance From Beginner To Pro In EA FC 24!

    Skill Moves have a tremendous impact on FC 24, but are you really using the right skill when you need it? In today’s guide, we give you 5 different Skill Moves from easiest to hardest. Mastering these will give you a technical edge in Skill Moves!

    5. Ball Roll

    Now it’s time to start with Ball Roll, a 2-Star Skill Move, the simplest skill move that almost every player in the game can perform.

    It has many uses. You can change the direction of the ball to create new passing or shooting angles. When needed, it’s away from the opponent player and you can simply push the right analog stick left or right towards your player to perform a Ball Roll.

    But remember, you can’t do this while running. Therefore, make sure to release Sprinting button before performing it continuously. Using Ball Roll will give you better control of the ball.

    Because you change the direction of the ball most of the time during dribbling, using Ball Roll away from the defender gives me space and new shooting angles to pass after the catch.

    I see the opponent coming my way, and I see the potential receiver moving downside. So I rolled the ball there to get some time to see where the defender was going and to get a more direct passing angle.

    If the opponent reacts to this and covers the center, this allows me to play the ball out wide again. Even if I don’t have a direct passing angle, Ball Roll helps me create a new angle after passing the ball.

    The 5 Best Skill Moves To Help You Advance From Beginner To Pro In EA FC 24!

    4. Stepovers

    I’ve finally reached the next level of Skill Moves, which are Stepovers that give you tremendous bursts of speed and short distances.

    They require the player to have a 2-Star Skill Move and are composed of two parts. The first part is the initial moves you can perform with the right analog stick.

    The second part is exit from the move, which is given by input from the left analog stick. Move the right analog stick towards the front of the player, rotate it 90° left or right, and perform normal Stepovers on the other side. Reverse Stepovers can be performed by starting Stepovers on the player’s left or right side, then rotating the right analog stick 90° to push it forward.

    You can change the direction of the ball in the second step of a Stepover with the help of the left analog stick. This has its uses. You can evade defenders easily. You just look to see where the defender is going and space will open up, then take a step in that direction with your left analog stick.

    However, the most common usage is to execute it directly to increase speed. The trick is not to press Sprinting button before moving. But after you start taking a step forward, you can hold down Sprinting button after the first step has been completed.

    It may take a little time to learn Stepovers, but mastering them can help you get past defenders and score goals with ease.

    3. Elastico

    Moving towards the next Skill Move, Elastico can completely crush the opponent. It is worth noting that spending EA FC 24 Coins to purchase an excellent player to perform this 5-Star Skill Move can maximize the advantages.

    There are two variations of this Skill Move. They allow you to change the direction of the ball by pushing it twice with the same foot. You can perform Reverse Elastico by first pushing the right analog stick to the player’s right and then rotating it 90° clockwise.

    You simply push the right stick to the left and rotate it 90° counterclockwise, and the two Elasticos can be used to dodge aggressive opponents across the pitch.

    If you see a defender coming directly towards you, use Elastico as you will be able to quickly change the direction of the ball by briefly touching it twice. Although they are all around the court, I mainly use them in or around the box to create deadly scoring opportunities, especially Reverse Elastico.

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    2. Heel To Ball Roll

    Next, this is a more complex Skill Move, Heel To Ball Roll. This is a 4-Star Skill Move that allows you to protect the ball and change its direction at the same time.

    You can get behind the player simply by holding down L1/LB button and pushing the right stick towards the player’s front.

    However, this isn’t the only input you’ll need. You have two different exits after the initial execution, and you must choose your exit direction using the left stick and pointing to the left or right of the player.

    This mechanic is ignored in most cases, but it works perfectly in a 1v1 running duel. Because you only have to change the angle of your running direction slightly, it will slow you down quickly, but then give you a Diagonal Speed Boost, which can completely tip off a defender’s balance.

    1. McGeady Spin Cancel

    Now we finally come to the last one, McGeady Spin Cancel. As you can understand from the name of Skill Move, the move consists of two parts performing a McGeady Spin and a Cancel.

    But why do we need to cancel this 5-Star Skill Move? The move itself allows you to rotate yourself. However, to push the ball 90° to the left or right in more tense situations, this can be really difficult to use. But canceling the move in the middle gives you more control over the ball without pushing it too far.

    Here’s how to get 5-Star Skilled player to do this. Just push the right analog stick in the direction you’re running first, then tap it to his right or left. This will launch McGeady Spin.

    After completing the combo, hold down L2+R2 or LTR+RT buttons simultaneously and select the exit direction with the left analog stick. This cancellation will give you extra steering flexibility and you can turn in the direction you want quickly. In fact, this may be the fastest way to perform a 180° turn without allowing your opponent to react.

    The best way to use this Skill Move is to convince your opponent that you’re leaning too far towards a certain angle. Once the opponent attacks, you can find the position for this situation deep on the flank or inside the box. You can quickly use McGeady Spin Cancel to turn around and avoid the player in front of you.

    Like I mentioned, if you want to turn backwards quickly, this McGeady Spin is a killer. This makes the opponent believe that you are going to a dangerous place, forcing them to over-commit and execute this nifty move, giving them no time to react and exploit the free space in front of you. This can lead to immediate scoring opportunities!

    Regardless, most Skill Moves from easiest to hardest can have an enormous impact on FC 24, each with a different purpose. But after mastering these moves, you’ll easily outrun your opponents and score goals in matches!

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  • The 7 Best Mageblood Builds In Path Of Exile 3.23!

    I don’t know if you realize this, but Mageblood, the most expensive item in POE Softcore Trade League, is at an all-time low right now! If you’ve never tried it, this is your best chance to get it.

    So how did this Mirror-Tier Unique Item get all the way down to 98 Divine Orbs? This is mainly because of the large number of raw drops dropped by Magic Finder, as well as Voidborn Reliquary Key, which drops like candy balls.

    Once you get Mageblood, don’t waste it like I did! There are some powerful builds in POE that can gain astronomical benefits from Mageblood. Some of them don’t even require any other expensive items. Here we talk about the 7 best Mageblood builds in POE 3.23.

    The 7 Best Mageblood Builds In Path Of Exile 3.23!

    1. Pure Armor Stackers

    Number 1, Pure Armor Stackers are one of the most powerful builds in a long time. A proper build would require over a million flat armor to tank most Uber attacks. Not only do they reduce physical damage, but they also maximize resistance through a large amount of aura, making them one of the most tanky combos in Path of Exile.

    • Items: Replica Dreamfeather, Unwavering Stance and Iron Reflexes.
    • Flasks: Granite, Basalt, Jade, Stibnite and Silver Flask.
    • Classes: You can try out several variations of these builds, including Juggernaut, Champion, Ascendant, and even Chieftain!
    • Skills: As a melee attack build, its skill selection includes Smite, Molten Strike and Lightning Strike.
    • Wildwood: For Mageblood builds, Primalist will be chosen in most cases. Since Armor Stackers use multiple auras, charms that increase mana retention efficiency are widely used. Also, Guardian’s Charms can provide a percentage of reserved mana as additional armor, which is very beneficial for these builds.

    The Most Powerful Build In POE 3.23! - Armor Stack Smite Champion Build Guide

    2. Doryani’s Prototype Builds

    Number 2, Doryani’s Prototype Builds are extremely high damage builds even for Uber bosses. Because they have the unique ability to turn nearby monsters’ lightning resistance into yours.

    The only downside to these builds is that they cannot withstand the one-second Mana Siphoner and other lightning damage over time, such as Laser Beams from Maven battles. They need a lot of armor, as this affects not only their physical damage reduction but also their lightning damage reduction.

    • Items: Melding of the Flesh and other resistance-reducing items such as Thread of Hope and Ventor’s Gamble.
    • Flask: Ruby and Sapphire. If damage is your priority, you can also use Granite and Basalt, or Diamond and Silver Flasks.
    • Classes: Doryani’s Prototype builds have no specific set of Ascendancies. Popular play styles in POE 3.23 include Elementalist, Inquisitor, Champion and even Deadeye.
    • Wildwood: Popular builds in POE 3.23 include Smite Champion and Lightning Conduit Elementalist. Because of their inherent weakness and inability to take lightning damage over time, Inquisitor’s Charms applying Consecrated Ground are considered their best option.

    POE 3.23: Armour/Aura Stacker Build Showcase

    3. Aura Stacker

    Number 3, we have Aura Stacker, which was once the most powerful build in POE history. If created correctly, they can still overwhelm most high-end builds.

    But its setup requires several gems to activate, and POE Currency costs from Divine Orbs to Mirror of Kalandra are high. Because of their Squishy Passive Tree and Gear, Mageblood is needed in most situations to limit their critical hit chances or greatly increase their attack and cast speed.

    • Items: For low-budget builds, use Shavronne’s Wrappings or Victario’s Influence, as well as Prism Guardian. While the more expensive version uses the rare Vaal Regalia, which features massive energy shields and enhanced aura effects.
    • Skills: In most cases, they use Purity of Fire, Cold and Lightning, and Grace and Determination.
    • Classes: Aura Stacker becomes Ascendants or Champions, because of its synergy ascendancy points.
    • Wildwood: Hierophant’s Charm and Mana Retention Efficiency are great for these builds.

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    4. Magic Finders

    Number 4 we have Magic Finders. There are multiple versions of these builds. Except for Poison Caustic Arrow, these benefit greatly from Mageblood.

    These builds are very weak to limiting resistances and critical chance, and most also require a consistent movement speed. The faster they build, the faster they can farm the map, earning more POE Currency per hour.

    • Items: Most of them use Goldwyrm.
    • Flasks: Progenesis and Divination Distillate are must-haves for Magic Find builds. With Mageblood you can even add a Gold Flask for 95% more effectiveness!
    • Classes: As of POE 3.23, the best Magic Find Mageblood builds include Tornado Shot Deadeye and Chieftain Self-Ignite builds.

    POE 3.23: How to Start Magic Find?

    5. Cast On Crit Builds

    Go to number 5 and you’ll be surprised how many Cast on Crit builds crave Mageblood. Because Cast on Crit builds require high attack speed, critical hit chance, speed, and lots of defense.

    • Flasks: You gain critical hit chance from Diamond Flasks and one of their suffixes. The second best option for COC builds is Silver Flask, which greatly enhances Onslaught effect.
    • Items: Since most COC builds require close range attacks, a solid layer of defense is required. Bloodnotch, Badge of the Brotherhood, and Hatred Watcher’s Eye all work well.
    • Classes: While you can run Cast on Crit builds with any class, over 60% of players prefer Occultist version because of its synergy with Power Charge Stacking.
    • Wildwood: For Power Charge Stackers, Assassin’s Charm with multiple critical hits per Power Charge is the best.

    POE 3.23: Cast on Crit Build Showcase

    6. Lab Runner Builds

    Number 6 on the list is Lab Runner builds. The priority for these builds is just movement speed, followed by the basic defense of running Uber Labs. Mageblood has perfect synergy with these builds, as they can meet all of their needs at higher ranges.

    • Flasks: The first choice is Quicksilver Flask with a level 1 movement speed suffix. You can even get faster speeds from Silver Flask.
    • Classes: Lab Runner is mostly Ranger builds. For Mageblood, Deadeye or Raider are the best choices. You can earn a lot of currency by running Labyrinth.

    7. Squishy Builds

    Finally, to recap, Mageblood’s biggest use case is Squishy builds using items like Annihilating Light, Melding of the Flesh, and the like. You can even use Mageblood to level up your character, as its minimum level requirement is 44.

    So the use cases for Mageblood are very broad. These builds shown here desperately needs one.

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  • The Best Strategies To Help You Level Up Quickly In Diablo 4 Season 3!

    Whether you're an experienced player or just coming out of Season of Blood, you may want to speed up your leveling process to get into the endgame activities. This season introduces Gauntlet leaderboards, expected to be released mid-season, requiring players to reach World Tier 4 to complete, adding even more incentive to reach the top level as quickly as possible.

    Whether you’re playing alone or teaming up with friends, mastering the best strategies, activities, and builds is crucial to completing Season Journey and Battle Pass with ease. So, without further ado, let’s dive into my tips for leveling up quickly in Diablo 4 Season 3.

    The Best Strategies To Help You Level Up Quickly In Diablo 4 Season 3!

    Select Leveling Build

    Choosing an efficient leveling build is a key factor in the speed of the leveling process. While experimenting with various builds and play styles is always an option, if your goal is to level up quickly, it’s recommended that you follow a build guide tailored to your chosen class. Guides like these optimize your damage output, survivability, and mobility to speed up leveling progress.

    If you choose Rogue class, an excellent and leveling-friendly build is Twisting Blades build. This setup prioritizes high single-target and AoE damage, using a combination of melee and ranged abilities.

    Skip Campaign

    If you’ve completed Story Mode before, there’s no need to replay Campaign to level up your seasonal character. By choosing to skip Campaign when creating your character, you can immediately dive into open-world activities that provide more XP.

    Diablo 4 Season 3: Skip Campaign

    Select World Tier

    One of the key decisions you have to make when leveling is which World Tier to play. World Tier is a difficulty setting that affects enemy strength, the quality and quantity of loot drops, and the availability of endgame features.

    My advice is, if you want to level up quickly and efficiently, stick to World Tier 1. While World Tier 2 gives you 20% more XP and 15% more Diablo 4 Gold rewards, it also makes enemies and bosses more powerful, which can significantly slow down your progress.

    World Tier 1 lets you complete quests and strongholds easily and earn Renown rewards, giving you extra stat points and paragon points.

    However, if you’re playing in a group, this advice changes. With more players sharing the damage, you can tackle World Tier 2 more easily and benefit from increased rewards.

    Diablo 4: Which World Tiers are best for leveling?

    Start Season Of The Construct Quest As Soon As Possible

    Start Season of the Construct quest as early as possible with a level 1 character to jump-start your Season Journey. And completing this quest quickly unlocks your Seneschal Companion, adding a useful robot ally to your leveling journey.

    Unlike previous seasons, Season 3 tasks are not limited to completing Season Chapters. As a result, you should be able to complete story missions quickly, making it a worthwhile and efficient endeavor.

    Use Gems To Boost Stats

    Inserting gems into your gear can provide valuable stat improvements as you progress.

    One thing to note is not to spend unnecessary D4 Gold on jeweler to remove gems. If you salvage gear with gems on it, the gems are automatically returned to your stash.

    How To Put Gems Into Sockets In Diablo 4?

    Selectively Equip Aspects

    Be selective for equipping Aspects that make substantial improvements to your build. Especially considering the high cost of frequently changing gear during level 50. And given the regular gear upgrades, it’s wise not to invest too much into it early on.

    However, certain aspects can significantly simplify your leveling process, depending on your class and build. You can prioritize these Aspects and imprint them on your amulet, as this gear slot tends to be upgraded less frequently. It is worth noting that printing an Aspect on Amulet can enhance its effect by 50%.

    This strategic approach ensures you benefit from valuable aspects without spending too much on frequent gear changes.

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    Complete Tree Of Whispers & World Events

    Without knowing the exact XP rewards for seasonal events, I can say with a high degree of confidence that the best way to level up early is to complete Tree of Whispers.

    Players deal with them effectively by selecting areas where Whispers of the Dead are concentrated and completing multiple objectives simultaneously in a short period. For example, finding an area with dungeon quests that coincide with Whispers quests can greatly improve your leveling efficiency.

    By successfully completing Whispers of the Dead, you gain a variety of benefits. Accumulating 10 Grim Favors allows you to get new equipment from Tree of Whispers. This method is the most efficient way to level up and equip your character in the early stages of the game.

    If you feel strong enough, feel free to complete Legion and World Boss events as they are available on the map.

    Diablo 4: Tree of Whispers Tips & Everything You Need To Know

    Upgrade Your Health Potion

    Keep an eye on your Health Potion and when vendors in town offer upgrades. You can get a nice simple herb cache by doing quests in Kyovoshad. Go to World Tier statue in the north of the city and accept the side quest, Raising Spirits.

    To complete this mission, just stand next to the soldier and select “Cheer” on the emotion wheel. A cache of handy herbs will drop for you, which should be enough to upgrade your Health Potion.

    Events For Effectively Farming XP

    If you have reached level 50, at this point, you need to complete some more efficient activities to grind XP.

    Nightmare Dungeon

    You can collect Sigils to enter Nightmare Dungeon by farming Whispers of the Dead. When completing Nightmare Dungeon, you must remember to achieve your goals as quickly as possible and ignore trash mobs as much as possible. The faster you reach dungeon bosses, complete dungeons, and open new dungeons, the faster you earn XP.

    Diablo 4 Season 3: Nightmare Dungeon XP Farm


    As part of Diablo 4 1.3.0 Patch, Helltides will be active every hour and will be a significant source of gear. Most importantly, you’ll need it to complete Boss Ladder to get unique items.

    World Bosses

    You’ll want to fight World Bosses once they become available, as they drop guaranteed high-level gear. Once you’re ready, complete Capstone Dungeon to advance to World Tier 3. They can be anywhere between level 50 to level 70.

    To sum up, this Diablo 4 leveling guide provides players of all levels with different information and tips to help them level up efficiently in the game. While it may not provide the most engaging gaming experience, this repetitive strategy works well for those who are solely focused on leveling up quickly. Regardless, make sure you have fun in Diablo 4!

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  • 3 Best Ways To Farm Gold In New World With Harvesting Skill Line!

    In this guide, we’ll look at how to use Harvesting Skill Line in New World to earn tons of gold while leveling up your Harvesting skills.

    We will compare the results using three different methods and provide you with the market prices for all items on my server. Therefore, you can decide which method is most profitable for your server based on the price.

    3 Best Ways To Farm Gold In New World With Harvesting Skill Line!


    Before we get into the first method, a quick disclaimer. I use a full set of Harvesting Equipment with 700 gear score, a very good Sickle, top level Harvesting Trophy, Powerful Proficiency Boost, and 350 Intelligence to complete all these methods. And I also have a PVP Flag to really maximize my New World Coins earnings.

    While grinding, you can even get the most lucrative Music Buffs and top-tier packs on your sickle if you want to take your character to another level on the fly.

    Let’s take a quick look at the current prices of all the different Fibers and Threads on my server Maramma. This way you can see how they compare to your server.

    As you can see, they are all reasonably priced, but Silk Thread is clearly the most expensive. I’ll provide a different approach in case this isn’t the case with your server. Without further ado, let’s get started!

    New World: Current prices of different types of Fibers and Threads in the server Maramma

    Method 1: Hemp Farm

    But now let's get into the first method, which is farming Hemp. This is a very simple method that can be done in many places.

    But the reason I would love to redo this area of Windsward is because I really like the aesthetic of this area. There is also a Fast Travel Point here. You can collect a lot of Hemp as quickly as possible, and eventually accumulate a lot of New World Coins.

    Feel free to search New World map for a location that suits you. You need to make sure there are enough eggs laid and you never run out of pickings.

    You can even look for locations with lots of other resources to get the various items found on locations like Restless Shore. Even though there are usually more people here, you should still get excellent results running back and forth here.

    Once you’ve chosen your location, feel free to use any of the previously mentioned items. Then throw your gear together to pop Powerful Proficiency Boost.

    I like to use a Fire Staff and a Great Axe or Rapier when doing this to speed up my running between plants, and using a Sickle can really help speed up collecting those gains.

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    Let’s see what we can expect from an hour of sanding this area.

    I ran Windsward for 30 minutes and went to Trading Post and sold everything, leaving me with 2,223 gold. Most of it came from Fiber, which ultimately brought 1,850 gold coins.

    This means that if I multiply that by 2, you can expect to earn approximately 4,447 gold per hour through this method, not to mention your Aptitude Crates.

    Currently, each Fiber is worth 25 gold on my server. So compare the prices, maybe it will be more profitable on your server.

    New World: The Best Hemp Farming Route! - Over 5000 Fibers Per Hour

    Method 2: AFK

    Next, we have the second method, which is AFK.

    This method is useful when you want to get some extra gold, but don’t want to constantly run around the game testing.

    I use this brilliant method with Cutlass Keys Map. You can use it here as well, or just look for any area on New World map that has a large amount of the resource you want to target.

    So, for example, if Silk Thread is top-priced on your server, look for a place that has a few Silk Thread spawns in an area, and then surround it with some other nice resources as a bonus.

    The great thing about this place is that it not only has Silk Thread and Wirefiber but also Spinfiber and even some Wyrdwood Tree and Runewood Tree. There were a few Hemp plants nearby, but I jumped over them during the grind to minimize running around.

    Now let’s look at everything I got from sitting in this place for 30 minutes, jumping into the game every 10 minutes or so.

    When I sold these on Trading Post, I made 2,430 gold. This is surprising for the effort I put in. This means if I multiply this number by 2, you can expect to earn 4,860 gold per hour.

    It’s great to do this AFK method because you can make more money than Hemp farming method and it takes a lot less effort.

    During this time, I also acquired many Aptitude Crates, which can further increase my profits. Don’t forget that you have to check the prices on the server before starting.

    This is a very reliable location for a server as populous as Maramma. But if too many people use this location later, you can simply look for another location on New World map with a similar amount of resources. There are many places as good as this.

    New World: Best AFK Gold Farm Method So Far

    Method 3: Multi-Task

    Finally, we have method three: Multi-Task. For this one, we just tested against the most commonly used materials on the server. I chose Silk Thread because it had the highest price.

    Then, you need to find a place not too far from Fast Travel Point, where there are many resources you want. I use this small area in Weaver’s Fen Map because there are a lot of spawn points there, and it doesn’t take long to grab them.

    All I did was teleport to Fast Travel Point and hit all the spawns, including any Wirefibers. Then teleport out and continue doing what I was doing in New World. Then I’ll come back in 10 to 15 minutes and repeat the process.

    Now, to test these numbers, I took a quick look, and it took about 6 minutes to go through and collect everything in the area before teleporting out.

    But for testing, I didn’t get any Fibers, nor did I get a lot of resources. It is indeed selling for 651 gold coins on Trading Post.

    But given the 15 minute wait, let’s say you can do this 3 times per hour. This means you can harvest 1,953 gold per hour, with a harvest time of approximately 18 minutes. That’s not bad, especially if you do a lot of other things on the side, and you’ll also get some Aptitude Crates to boost profits.

    Easy Way To Make 30-40k Gold In 1 Day In New World - How To Make Gold Really Fast!

    If you want to really focus on Gathering, you can turn it into a route. If done well, you can cycle this route repeatedly.

    After running here for 30 minutes straight, I sold everything in Trading Post and earned 2,256 gold. If multiplied by 2, that means you can get around 4512 gold per hour here. Of course, you can make more or less if the prices on your server are different.


    Overall, the amount of gold that can be earned is pretty impressive since it’s so easy to do, and adding Aptitude Crates will only increase your earnings.

    New World: Comparison of the benefits of three different methods

    This guide covers three ways you can craft gold in New World with Harvesting Skill. I will list the benefits of three different methods so that you can get an overview of them all and choose the one that suits you best. Let me know which method is most profitable for your server. Good luck!

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