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  • How To Build Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist In POE 3.22 League On A Low Budget?

    Fellow Exiles, I’m back with my low-budget version of Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist. This build is possible for both Solo Self Found and Hardcore POE.


    Explosive Arrow produced by each fuse of Ballista Totem produces an extremely powerful ignition. This allows the build to deal massive damage to a single target. It takes very little manual skill to smash some of the toughest bosses in the game. The overall play style is simple and consistent, with very little reliance on Flask for damage output.

    Defensively, the build is quite durable, with its ability to engage safely from a distance. That, coupled with the ease of dealing damage over time, makes it capable of handling most content with ease. It has high spell suppression, and combined with Grace and Haste, can convert physical damage into elemental damage.

    Path Of Exile 3.22: Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist Build Guide

    With a significant layer of defense, this should be feasible in hardcore games. And equipping unique POE items is also optional, making it suitable for Solo Self Found as well.

    Also, there will be 2 versions of this build, one for the league start and another for the endgame Uber version. You can improvise or swap at will based on POE Currency you accumulate during the league.

    Core Mechanism

    Now let’s start looking at the core mechanics. We will use Explosive Arrow for clearing and bosses. It applies intense ignition based on the number of arrows or fuses on the target enemy. This requires you to have a faster attack speed, a moderate skill effect duration, and expand the total number of Ballistas that can be used.

    We should note that because we use Elemental Equilibrium keystone. Therefore, we cannot use any external modifiers in the build settings to flatten fire damage.

    POE 3.22: How To Build Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist On A Low Budget?


    Normally, fire damage is only ignited when you land a critical hit or there is an opportunity to ignite in your build. However, our first Ascendancy node, Shaper of Flames, gives us a 100% chance of igniting.

    Through our second Ascendancy node, Mastermind of Discord, we can do Multiple Exposures. This reduces the enemy’s resistance by 50%. Combined with our Flammability Curse, it will significantly reduce the monster’s fire resistance.

    With the help of our third Ascendancy Heart of Destruction, we gained massive AOE during mapping and increased the damage of single target bosses by 30%.

    POE 3.22: Mastermind of Discord & Heart of Destruction

    And Mastermind of Discord and Heart of Destruction are by far the best options for building elemental fire damage. Once you clear out the last Uber, you gain a massive layer of defense that works similarly to Ward.

    Primal Aegis combined with our Spell Suppression, will give you a smoother map experience among monster hordes.

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    General Gameplay

    During general gameplay, this build often keeps moving in Flame Dash. Avoid turning back too quickly to cause death effects and delayed attacks. Meanwhile, we need to keep a safe distance as much as possible, and can even shoot off-screen to eliminate threats ahead.

    POE 3.22: Skill Tree Gem Setups

    We apply Flammability and Flame Surge through Arcanist Brand, while occasionally maintaining Frenzy Charge through Frenzy skill. I would suggest that you can use a gem setup like this as a caster to level up your build.

    Although you can use Burning Arrow to level up or switch after unlocking the library for a smooth experience. But I recommend that most players complete these actions first before switching directly to as many core endgame items as possible. This is our progress in upgrading the skill tree.

    POE 3.22: Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist Skill Tree

    Skill Gem

    For skill gems, I will start with our 6-Link. Explosive Arrow slots directly into our main hand weapon. Explosive Arrow can be associated with Ballista Totem Support, Ignite Proliferation, Lesser Multiple Projectiles, Burning Damage, and Unbound Ailments.

    For a single target, you can switch from Lesser Multiple Projectiles to Swift Affliction Support. But getting this Color of Socket can be a difficult thing. I recommend using Crafting Bench to get 3 colors.

    If you are stuck with the remaining 3 Green Sockets, I recommend using Swift Affliction Support instead of Unbound Ailments or Burning Damage. When you accumulate enough Divine Orb, you can upgrade it to Awakened Support.

    Our halo setup includes Grace and Haste and supports level 8 Clarity Support. If you want to sacrifice an entire layer of defense for damage, you can swap Grace for Malevolence.

    POE: Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist Skill Gem Choice

    Gear Selection

    It’s finally time to explain the gear of this build. Let’s start with our bow.

    If you switch to Explosive Arrow early, you can run these affordable Uniques first, which can take you through historic missions. Ideally, look for a rare bow with high attack speed, gem level, and damage multiplier over time before upgrading.

    You can use cheap unique items like Skirmish, which gives you an extra Ballista Totem best suited for a single target, or any rare quiver. This increases attack speed and causes damage multiplier mods.

    Our helm is a rare item that focuses on health, resistance, chance to suppress spell damage, and crafted physical damage as elemental damage. You can get it from Eater of Worlds.

    Path of Exile: Uniques Eye of Malice Mechanics Explained

    You can also use cheaper alternatives such as Eye of Malice or Elevore. Eye of Malice can further reduce the monster’s resistance. And Elevore is a great low-budget gear choice for a defensive core build setup.

    Our body armor can be any rare item with modifiers like health, resistance, and spell suppression. If you have Gravicius mod unlocked, this mod treats physical damage as elemental damage.

    If this is your league starter, you can use the rare boot, Storm Stride, which has movement speed, health, spell suppression, and resistances. Once you enter the league, your best choice of boots will always be Legacy of Fury, which drops from Maven. Because this is very effective against bosses and clears.

    Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist build offers a fast-paced, dynamic play style. You can clear the map quickly and take on bosses effectively by choosing gear carefully, understanding breakpoints, and optimizing your skill tree. Experiment, tweak and customize the build to suit your play style for an exciting POE gaming experience.

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  • New Features & Changes In Elder Scrolls Online Update 40!

    Elder Scrolls Online is gearing up for a massive Update 40 patch packed with exciting new features and content. In a recent preview, the developers showed off what players can expect from this update, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

    Here, I will take you to review the live preview of this update. Includes new Crafting Stations, Jewelry Crafting changes, improved Group Finder tools, the highly expected Endless Archive, and upcoming in-game events. Without further ado, let’s get started!

    ESO Update 40 Overview - Grand Master Crafting Station, Jewelry Crafting Rebalance, Endless Archive

    Release Date

    First up, they will release ESO Update 40 base game patch on October 30th for PC/Mac and November 14th for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. In addition, PTS for Update 40 was launched on Monday, September 18th.

    In addition to this Endless Archive PVE campaign, this update also introduces many new features and additional content. These are completely free for all existing ESO players, with no additional purchases required.

    ESO Update 40 Preview: A First Look At The Endless Archive & Other New Features

    Grand Master Crafting Stations

    Grand Master Crafting Stations, one of the long-awaited features of many old ESO players, was finally unveiled in the form of concept art during this live broadcast. These sites were created to solve the problem of limited furniture locations in Guild and Crafting Halls.

    Previously, players were required to provide four Attunable Station Furnishings for each craftable set, including Clothing, Blacksmithing, Woodworking, and Jewelry.

    With GMC Stations, it solved this problem. Because each Crafting skill-line will have a unique GMC Stations. Players can import Attunable Stations into their GMC Stations. This way, players only need four GMC Stations instead of hundreds of Attunable Stations. As they enter more adjustable parameters, GMC Stations visually upgrade themselves.

    Players can purchase GMC Stations with Rip Vouchers. This is also good news for Guild Masters, as they are now no longer limited by the number of available furniture slots.

    ESO Update 40: Class Sets, Grand Master Crafting Stations and More!

    Jewelry Crafting Rework

    Initially, Jewelry Crafting was primarily designed for endgame players. In Update 40, the developers aim to make it more accessible to all players through rebalancing.

    In this live preview program, we learned some changes in Jewelry Crafting. First, Grains are expunged from the system, and all Grains in players’ inventories will be converted to Ancient Grains. Next, they renamed Platings to Ancient Platings, but the nature of the items did not change.

    We should note that the conversion ratio of Grains to Platings is 1:1. The conversion ratio between Platings and Ancient Platings is 1:10.

    In addition, the developers have adjusted the cost of upgrading Jewelry to ESO Gold to be more in line with other Crafting skill-lines. For example, when all improvement perks are applied, eight Chromium Plating sessions will be required.

    Finally, and most regrettably, Red Jewelry Crafting will be removed from the game.

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    Improved Group Finder Tool

    The most requested feature by the player community, the improved Group Finder tool, finally appears in Update 40.

    The new tool allows players to create or join lists in various content categories, including custom content such as Trials, PVP, Zone Content or ERP. Players can apply to join these groups, and group leaders can accept invitations. We expect this change to reduce foot traffic at Craglorn, as many players have previously AFK here while looking for trial groups.

    Elder Scrolls Online: New Group Finder In Update 40

    Endless Archive

    Endless Archive is a systematic endless PVE Arena available to all ESO players who own the base game. Of course, it can also be done with a companion or friend.

    The core content in this Update 40 is Endless Archive, which will provide players with a procedurally generated PVE arena experience.

    It tasked players with entering Endless Archive and hunting down a powerful Daedra named Tho’at Replicanum. It will create chaos by spawning various monsters.

    This Archive consists of Stages, Cycles and Arcs. Completing Stages and Cycles will open a boss battle and reward you with a unique class set item.

    There are over 60 different bosses in Endless Archive from different aspects of the game, including story bosses, public dungeon champions, world bosses and more.

    Also, you can choose buffs and bonuses called Verses and Visions here to enhance your gameplay and enrich your gaming experience.

    After winning in Endless Archive, players can earn Archive Fortunes. This is a unique currency. Players can use it to purchase furnishings, gold materials, taut deck fragments, account unlocks and curated or uncurated class sets.

    Elder Scrolls Online Free Update 40 Brings PVE Challenge Endless Archive

    Upcoming In-Game Events

    Secrets of the Telvanni: This is a celebration that encourages players to take part in an Overland content of Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha. Completing event goals will earn your Event Goodies and Tickets.

    Challenge Meter: When players complete specific tasks, a special daily event task challenge meter will populate. Reaching a certain level will reward players with rewards such as Ebony Scarab Pet, Nightmare’s Nest Body Markings, and Kelesan’Ruhn House.

    Witches Festival: October’s Witches Festival will feature town decorations and traditional holiday celebrations.

    Gates of Oblivion Event: This event will take place this November, and players can look forward to festivities related to Gates of Oblivion storyline.

    New Life Festival: This year’s events concluded with this New Life Festival, once again bringing a joyful atmosphere to Tamriel.

    Elder Scrolls Online Update 40 Preview & First Impressions

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, they packed Update 40 with exciting changes and content, from the convenience of GMC Stations to the endless challenges of Endless Archive. With these new features and events, ESO players have a lot to look forward to in the coming months!

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  • What Epic Changes Are Coming To Shadowmourne Questline In WOTLK Classic Phase 4?

    It’s the adventure you’ve been waiting for. Frozen Halls dungeons are about to open. Lich King is also ready for an epic duel at Icecrown Citadel. It promises exceptional loot like Deathbringer’s Will and Oathbinder.

    But,there is one weapon that stands out among the rest for its outstanding Power and Prestiges. We’re talking about Shadowmourne. It is also the best legend in WOTLK Classic, with the power of shatter.

    But Blizzard has made some big news, changing every aspect of Shadowmourne questline. So we’re going to talk about all the big changes and how to get Shadowmourne as soon as possible.

    WOTLK Classic Phase 4: What Epic Changes Are Coming To Shadowmourne Questline?

    Questline Prep

    First, a very brief recap of how quest lines work. As a Warrior, Paladin, or Death Knight, you must first get a certain reputation through Ashen Verdict. You can then receive the introductory quest from Highlord Darion Mograine at this ICC entrance.

    Then you also need to collect 25 Primordial Saronite. You also have to go out and get Light’s Vengeance from Dragonblight. This is also a key step to get Blood of a Dead God.

    Each boss will only drop one Shadow’s Edge per week, which is an amazing 264 item level epic Axe. This can be really helpful as the raid progresses. You’ll then be sent back to ICC to infuse Shadow’s Edge by completing various tasks.

    Among them, A Feast of Souls requires you to kill 50 trash mobs on your team. Then you need to look for three separate infusions with different team mechanics.

    The first is Unholy Infusion, which requires you to win a battle with Professor Putricide. When your Abomination’s Might reaches 100%, Slime will be absorbed. You can then infuse your Shadow’s Edge with unholy power. This will give you a six-minute buff that must be activated when Putricide dies.

    WOTLK Classic: Unholy Infusion Quest

    The second is Blood Infusion, where you must face Queen Lana’thel in combat and obey her Blood Mirror. Once Blade is awakened, you need to let Queen’s Frenzied Bloodthirst capture you and feed Blade three times to satisfy it, then let Queen die in disgrace.

    The third Infusion is Frost. Shadow’s Edge is ready for the final infusion of power. The enemy’s mount, Sindragosa, must fall. But you’ll have to withstand four of her freezing breath attacks before she’s knocked down. Without her dragon, there is no barrier between you and Lich King.

    Once you complete the infusion, you finally unlock the perk of looting Shadowfrost Shard. And you’ll need 50 Shards to complete more of Shadow’s quest lines. Then once you have 50 Shards, you get Shadowmourne.

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    Shadowfrost Shard Drop Rate

    Shadowfrost Shard has a 25%-50% chance of being dropped by normal mode bosses. But in Heroic-mode, their drop rate is between 51%-99%. If you are a member of a normal mode guild. This means you can complete a Shadowmourne questline in Heroic-mode in 12-15 weeks.


    First, you pick someone in your guild to complete more Shadow quest lines during the first week. Next, you collect 25 Primordial Saronite from all the different players. You then complete each step of the questline with a companion of your choice to ensure you unlock Shadowfrost Shard as quickly as possible.

    WotLK Classic: How to get Primordial Saronite?


    But taking the time to complete questline also means you’re sacrificing any potential speedrunning opportunities in the first week. You’ll also lose a lot of heroic gear.

    You may be worried about whether your chosen Shadowmourne player will complete his mission in time. You’ll prioritize cooldown stacking to keep your warriors alive.

    This also means that by the time you finally have enough Serenade to craft gear, it’s already obsolete. After all, the only reward that had been planned around the quest line all week was a single Shadowfrost Shard.

    New Changes

    Therefore, changes happen this week, and they affect every aspect of Shadowmourne's questline.

    The first change is that Shadowfrost Shard drop rate is now the same in Heroic-mode and normal mode. This makes sense. Because ICC is extremely difficult for most guilds.

    The second change is that they now guarantee players will receive at least five Shadowfrost Shards each week. These drop from Saurfang, Lana’thel, Putricide, Sindragosa, and Lich King in both normal and Heroic-mode. This means that if you farm every week in normal mode, it won’t really take you more than 10 weeks to complete Shadowmourne's questline.

    The third major change is that Primordial Saronite can now be obtained from an alternative source. Previously, the major way to get Primordial Saronite was through purchasing and crafting the new 264 item level Feet and Boots.

    WotLK Classic: Big Changes in Shadowmourne Questline

    Especially in the first week, you will need at least 25 Primordial Saronite, which means you will have to spend at least tens of thousands of WOTLK Classic Gold on it. And Primordial Saronite’s price was so high that Blizzard had to step in.

    Now players can get Primordial Saronite simply by running Titan Rune Dungeon. Primordial Saronite’s drop rate and pricing will now change. This means Saronite prices overall will be much lower than expected. This really made Shadowmourne a lot cheaper to make.

    The fourth and perhaps biggest change is that you can now get Shadowfrost Shard without entering this Splintered Throne portion of the questline. This completely changes the way you play your first week. Because you no longer need to complete the quest line. Instead, you can focus on quickly boosting and farming like normal.

    How To Get Shadowmourne Quickly?

    Let’s take a look at the new best ways to get Shadowmourne.

    The first step is starting the quest line, at which point you should prioritize completing raids with your guild. Whether it’s normal or Heroic-mode doesn’t really matter. Just keep Shadowfrost Shard for yourself now and complete the questline in two months.

    Next, you should also prioritize world travel on all your alts to maximize the use of Defiler Scourge Stones for Primordial Saronite.

    WotLK Classic Phase 4: How To Get Shadowmourne Quickly?

    You can also collect Emblems of Frost on all your alts, including 10-man lockouts and 25-man lockouts, to maximize the value of Primordial Saronite. When you have 25 Primordial Saronite, don’t forget to complete the three Infusion missions.

    Finally, collect the remaining Shadowfrost Shards and brandish your Shadowmourne with pride.

    With these epic changes to Shadowmourne's questline, obtaining this legendary weapon becomes even easier. Whether you are a Warrior, Paladin, or Death Knight, follow this guide to embark on your journey. Shadowmourne is waiting for you, and now it’s within your reach. Good luck on your quest!

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  • The Best Strategy To Complete POE 3.22 Trial Of The Ancestors Tournament! - Full Run & Strategy Guide

    Today I’m going to show you the complete process of this Trial of the Ancestors and how I won the tournament. Trial of the Ancestors can be challenging, but it’s very fun and rewarding once you know the correct way to defeat your opponents.

    With an excellent strategy, you can win every game and maximize your POE Currency earnings. But it’s important to note that it’s important to strike a balance between the effort you put in and the benefits you get. Without further ado, let’s get started.

    Path of Exile: How To Win All Tournaments in Trial of the Ancestors?

    Best Strategy

    As for my strategy, I always prioritize attackers and flankers, especially flankers. When the game started and I didn’t have many warriors, my role was as a midfielder and defender. Therefore, getting good flankers and attackers is crucial because I have to rely on them to do the job for me.

    Before I officially get down to running, I want to show you the warriors I use in each position. In the first round, I always prioritize getting a good flanker for the next round.

    Best Flankers

    These are good flankers. And Sunset Sage is the best flanker because she is the only ranged flanker. But if you don’t have a better choice, we can also use Tuatara as a flanker. And the green ones are cheap and easiest to buy since they are always available.

    So, in the first round, I always prioritize Favors of these four tribes: Valako, Tawhoa, Rongokurai, and Ramako. Among them, Tawhoa is the lowest priority among the four tribes, and I will tell you why in a moment.

    POE 3.22: Best Flankers

    Best Attackers & Defenders

    Now, if you look at the tribes, you’ll see that Rongokurai and Valako also provide excellent attackers and defenders. But Tawhoa doesn’t offer anything other than a flanker, and their flanker isn’t even the best. Warriors with both offensive and defensive capabilities include: 

    • Goliath of Night from Rongokurai tribe
    • Caldera Ravager from a Ngamahu tribe
    • Tidecaller from Arohongui tribe

    Rongokurai, Valako, Ramako, Ngamahu and Arohongui are the most useful tribes. Just mix and match between these tribes and you will win the tournament.

    POE 3.22: Best Attackers & Defenders

    Start Run

    In the first round, our opponent was Kiloava. If you want to get Exalted Orb, you need to examine the enemy warriors and choose which direction you want to focus on.

    First Round

    I would choose the bottom area because I feel it would be easier for my flanker to reach the enemy totems. So, I would put Tuatara and Fieldmaster here. Fieldmaster is an excellent flanker. Because he can build walls while channeling the totem, to stop enemies from interrupting him.

    As for Warcaller, he is an excellent attacker who can provide Onslaught buffs to teammates. I would put him in an attacking position near the center. We usually choose 4 attackers and 2 flankers, or 3 attackers and 3 flankers.

    When the game starts, I will quickly place the totem here to spawn Aggro to attract the opponent’s attackers. I don’t care if I can kill them. The goal is to waste their time to create opportunities for my attackers and flankers to penetrate deep into the enemy base.

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    Mini maps are essential during matches, as you need to know if your attackers and flankers are doing their jobs well. As you can see, the red one is the enemy’s totem, and if there is a blue light, it means the totem is being guided by a teammate.

    Now, you need to observe, and if the blue light does not last for a long time, you need to provide aid to your attacker and flanker. Here, both our attacker and flanker did a great job, and most of the enemy’s totems were down.

    We have some Favors now, so we want to get more warriors. I try to get as many warriors as possible early on before leveling them up, unless the warrior is pretty useless. I only kept one as a flanker and sold the rest to accumulate more Chaos Orbs.

    POE 3.22: Trial Of The Ancestors Tournament

    Second Round

    In the second round, I want to get more flankers or attackers. Of course, the best-case scenario is that both parties benefit.

    This time I chose Utula as my opponent because it has significant benefits. But Frenzymonger is very dangerous because he deals with a lot of damage. So this time, to avoid him, I’ll also prioritize the bottom area.

    Even though Fieldmaster is a great flanker, I only use a maximum of 2 flankers per game. This is because too many Fieldmasters can even impede your movement.

    Also, never stay in the same area during a match, always move around to avoid getting hit. I try not to get killed because I’m usually the chief defender on the team. My priority is to protect our totems.

    Don’t forget to focus on your own totems. If you see an “X,” it means your totem is being channeled. You just put the totem there to stop the enemy. And Thunderbird is an excellent flanker. It can teleport instantly and reach enemy totems.

    By the way, here you will find Navali, who sells some of the POE items that will be very useful for your warriors.

    Third Round

    In the third round, there are no suitable rewards. I can once again compete with my opponents with the greatest Favors. This time, I’m going to focus on the bottom part again.

    Now that we have more fighters, I will fill all the attackers and flanker positions. But Caldera Ravager is extremely dangerous, so be sure to stay away from him.

    PoE 3.22: A Beginner's Guide to Trial of the Ancestors

    Fourth Round

    In the fourth round, I want to focus on some good Favors. Valako, Ramako and Ngamahu are all great. They have a Lunar Turtle there. It’s slow, but its Cold Breath can kill in one hit. So I adjusted Tidecaller’s position, hoping to repel Lunar Turtle and prevent it from approaching our base.

    Now that I have more warriors, I fill all the defender slots. As you can see from the mini-map, the enemy totems in the bottom area are being guided, so our strategy of focusing on a specific area is effective.

    It helps our flanker sneak into enemy bases more easily and destroy their totems. And destroying their totems is the fastest way to widen the damage gap between you and your enemy. Once their totem is destroyed, fewer warriors can regenerate. It was impossible for us to lose the game at this point.

    Best Rewards

    After we won the tournament, this Ramako tribe gave the best reward, Tattoo of The Ramako Makanga. It allows the skill to fire additional projectiles, so try not to eliminate them too early.

    POE: Tattoo of The Ramako Makanga

    In addition, Hinekora and Arohongui tribes have wonderful rewards. Of course, you can also intentionally abandon the game to regain better rewards. For example, you’re facing Ahuana as the last opponent, but the rewards are terrible. If you haven’t lost a game yet in this tournament, you can lose to Ahuana on purpose. This way you can take on Ahuana again and hopefully get better rewards this time.

    The above is completing the challenge of my Trial of the Ancestors tournament. Dear Exiles, how is your Trial of the Ancestors going? If you have an alternative strategy that works for you, don’t forget to let us know. Looking forward to seeing you in the game!

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  • An Exploration Guide For Dark And Darker High Roller Goblin Cave Map

    Here, we’ll give you a brief overview of all the features of High Roller Goblin Cave in Dark and Darker map tour. I know many of you are preparing for next season’s rankings. So this will be a useful guide to give you a basic understanding of the map.

    I will break down this map module in a clockwise direction, starting from the north side according to the distribution of loot sources in Goblin Cave Map. So let’s get started.

    Dark and Darker: HR Goblin Caves Map Tour

    North Module

    North module is the most open module in HR Goblin Cave. They divided it into three levels, the top two being Prison Cells, which may contain enemies. Any levers switch will turn on all Prison Cells in that layer.

    I definitely recommend using ranged weapons in this room. It makes it easier for you to deal with PVE and PVP. Because there are not more sources of cover at the bottom of this module.

    Here you’ll find a small group of Goblins, one of the three Shrines of Health on the map, some Skeletons, and a Medium Chest protected by some Fire Traps and Mummy.

    There are also a lot of stacked crates under each top staircase that you can clear out if you have time. There are certainly plenty of sources of loot in this room. But none of them will really be of high value. Because it mainly comes from Small Chests and basic enemies. If you’re pressed for time, you can skip this room entirely.

    Northeast Module

    Next, let’s take a look at northeast module, which has only one level and mainly contains Goblins and Worm. There are some scattered chests and destructibles along the walls of this level, as well as a large hidden storage room in the center.

    Dark and Darker: Goblin Caves Map Tips

    And the central loot room simply pulls the levers on either side to break the barricade. That’s what makes this room special. While Static Stair Escape will randomly open later in the game, be careful of Mummy that spawns there. Because it has the potential to stop you from.

    East Module

    Then we get to the east module, which we can only enter from the top floor of the adjacent module here. You’ll find a ring of Goblins guarding two large chests at either end of the module.

    If you decide to go through them, you’ll find a small room nearby. There’s a Shrine Of Health, some Goblins and an Elite Giant Centipede in here. You can use the same strategies as this Centipede as with its normal variant. It just has more health, so you need to plan your time accordingly.

    There is a Lion’s Head Chest in this room, which is also the entrance to Worm room. I actually avoid this room often. Although there is another Lion’s Head Chest at the end of this room, these Worms take quite a while to kill. They will constantly burrow and block each other with their bodies. So I suggest you skip them.

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    Southeast Module

    Getting to the southeastern module, I didn’t really find much loot on the upper levels. But this is the outer boundary which will lead you past some Goblins and chests. You can access the next level through the trapdoor triggered by the statue here. There will be more chests and basic enemies here.

    South Module

    Next we enter the south module, which is also a Worm-intensive room divided into two floors. There are some Goblins and chests on the top level, which are fairly easy to navigate. The bottom floor contains twice as many chests, but is a bit more difficult to navigate. You can get there by jumping over the center or taking the ramp on the west side of the bottom.

    Here you’ll find another Giant Centipede, some Spider Pots, and many Ore Deposits. It’s the most organized module in the entire game. When you’re done here, you can take the middle elevator back.

    Dark and Darker: Is High Roller Goblin Caves worth?

    Southwest Module

    Now enter the southwest module, which also has two floors. The top level is where you spawn in this module and is really just a series of rooms and Skeletons that spawn.

    This is a very basic area. But be careful as the corridor is narrow. So if you navigate to the center of a module, there’s a good chance you’ll get stuck.

    You’ll find a one-way descent here. You’ll find a Skeleton Mage and plenty of melee Skeletons. There is also a Mystical Gem room here, which will yield a bunch of loot and many large chests. You can earn tons of Dark and Darker Gold by selling these loot.

    Once you’re done here, you can toggle this lever to reveal the exit, and then go up the ramp, which brings us to the west module.

    West Module

    The west module also has two levels of modules, and the upper level is just a circle of Small Chests and Goblins. You can toggle this lever on the east side and pull down. There are some Skeletons here and a ton of Spike Traps. So be sure to bring a flashlight, as navigating here can be difficult.

    If you want to get to the center module, I recommend clearing the upper level beforehand. Because the number of Goblins in the west is a bit overwhelming. If you don’t leave that much time for yourself.

    Northwest Module

    Next, we arrived at the northwest module. In fact, you don’t need to spend too much time on this module, because it is difficult to find any profitable items here. But there are a lot of floor treasures for you to pick up, but they are not valuable.

    There are also monsters that spawn pressure plates if you’re looking for them. Such as a spider that drops in the middle of the room, and a Skeleton Champion that spawns in the northeastern room.

    Dark And Darker: An Exploration Guide For High Roller Goblin Cave Map

    You’ll also find that the last Shrine Of Health on the map is also surrounded by some floor treasures in the center of the room. You’ll find an underground tunnel here that connects to the other end of the module.

    Center Module

    Finally, we get to the center module, which is very similar to the west module in the regular Goblin Cave, and houses quite a few Goblins on the ground floor. You can find Ore Deposits, Small Chests, and Goblin Mage loot rooms here. But, it’s not really producing much at the moment.

    At the top you can find another loot room and some Ore spawn points. The most important thing is that the mining capacity in High Roller is twice that of the normal map. Therefore, instead of getting three Ores per node, you can mine up to six Ores.

    But, I wouldn’t spend too much time looting it. Since this is usually where PVP happens, I just show up with that goal in mind.

    I hope this gives you a good idea of the layout of High Roller Goblin Cave Map. Hopefully, this guide will help you get off to a better start heading into next season. Looking forward to seeing you again in the game!

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  • 7 Major Features And Changes In WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2! - Guardians Of The Dream

    WOW Dragonflight 2023 Final Content Update Patch 10.2 has been proclaimed. The patch will bring a slew of recent changes, including new seasons and raid missions, and an area players have been wanting to access for years: Emerald Dream.

    Patch 10.2, called Guardians of The Dream, will be the biggest content update since Embers of Neltharion update earlier this year. Here we’re going to cover the 7 principal features in WOW Dragonflight 10.2 Guardians of The Dream patch.

    7 Major Features And Changes In WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2 - Guardians Of The Dream

    New Zone: Emerald Dream

    First, we’ll be entering a brand new area in Dragonflight 10.2, Emerald Dream. This time, it will serve as a playable area in Guardians of The Dream. So we will have new campaign chapters to continue Dragonflight story.

    Players will unite the forces of dragons and their allies to defend Emerald Dream from the evil Incarnate Fyrak and his Shadowflame army.

    When we enter Emerald Dream, we have brand new Transmogs. We will have weapons like outdoor gear. Of course, these weapons will come from quests, rare items, public events, and things like public events.

    There is a new public event in Emerald Dream called Super Bloom. Players need to protect ancient creatures and gain fantastic powers during the event.

    This is just one of the other public events that Emerald Dream will be happening at certain times. Take part in these events and you will not only win great WOW Dragonflight Gold and loot but also can get new rare mounts.

    In addition, in the new area, we will face a new world boss, Aurostor The Hibernating. There’s a ton of other stuff going on in Emerald Dream, we just don’t know all the details yet.

    WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2: Going To The Emerald Dream - All We Know So Far

    New Renown: Dream Wardens

    We’ll also have a brand new Renown track, Dream Wardens. In Dream, our most important allies will be Dream Wardens.

    This faction of Druids, Dryads, and Moonkin will be our main point of communication and progression in the new area. They will be the owners of Dragonflight’s latest Renown track.

    Dream Wardens will be our connection to the area and will give us a new Renown track that will give us outstanding rewards. Note that this is a Renown track after level 20 and doesn’t appear to have any other changes to previous Renown rewards.

    New Raid: Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope

    Of course, in the new patch we have a brand new raid called Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope. The raid “Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope” will take place within Emerald Dream. Players will explore this Temple of Life in Emerald Dream.

    This raid will have nine bosses, with Fyrakk being the ultimate boss of the instance. Players can expect Amirdrassil to launch on all difficulties. We need to stop Fyrakk’s plans before Fyrakk takes the power of Amirdrassil for himself.

    WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2 New Changes

    Also, the developer revealed that Druids also got a new form from one boss in this raid. I believe this is the penultimate boss in Amirdrassil raid.

    Excitingly, there will also be a new mount in this raid called Fire Owl. This is actually the first mount capable of dynamic flying dragon rides. While this may not seem like a customizable mount, it’s a mount that will take advantage of all your dragooning abilities.

    New Mythic & Dungeon

    Dragonflight Season 3 will introduce a new Mythic and Dungeon rotation. There are no repeated dungeons this season, and most of the selections are from past expansion packs. The eight dungeons for this season are:

    • Dawn of the Infinite: Galakrond’s Fall
    • Dawn of the Infinite: Murozond’s Rise
    • Waycrest Manor
    • Atal’dazar
    • Black Rook Hold
    • Darkheart Thicket
    • Everbloom
    • Throne of the Tides

    This season’s theme incorporates many of the major elements from Patch 10.2. Among them, Darkheart Thicket is the center of Druid lore, and Black Rook Hold is the chief center of Night Elven culture. And Everbloom is also associated with Emerald Dream’s naturalistic vibe.

    PVP Updates

    For PVP, in patch 10.2, there will be a new PVP game called Battleground Blitz Brawl. This brawl will bring a solo queue mode to the pre-existing Rated Battlegrounds.

    As for other updates for PVP, we’re not entirely sure. But it has some new gear changes and things like that, but I’m not entirely sure about the specifics. But the biggest thing about this PVP update is that the new single-player rated battlegrounds are coming.

    WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2: New Expansion Coming Soon

    Dragonriding Updates

    In this patch, Dragonriding will get another update. Including new glyphs, new Dragonriding abilities, and new races in Emerald Dream.

    For Dragonriding ability, nothing much has changed. They’ll still have a new game around Emerald Dream. Of course, the same is true in the normal advanced reverse challenge mode.

    In addition, WOW Dragonflight 10.2 will introduce two new Dragonriding mounts. One is Faerie Dragon mount awarded to players who complete all campaign chapters. The other is Fire Owl, a non-dragon mount that uses Dragonriding system.

    Also Read: WoW Dragonflight: Here is Everything Coming in Patch 10.1.7 Fury Incarnate!

    Continued Dragon Isles Stories

    In the end, we’re going to get a lot of stories, obviously we’re going to have an Emerald Dream storyline. But the story of Dragon Isles also continues, as does the rest of this Dragon Isles.

    We’ll also have a new definitive chapter on the level reforging questline. And Rathen and Viroth will continue their adventure, recruiting aid from other dragons. Especially Netherwing in Outland and Storm Dragons in Stormheim. So some very exciting story content is coming in patch 10.2.


    That’s it for the seven key features and changes in WOW Dragonflight patch 10.2. There will be much more to look forward to in this patch. Let’s look forward to this WOW Dragonflight 10.2. See you next time.

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