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  • These 10 Best Meta Icons Will Be Your Best Choice To Build Your Dream Team In EA FC 24!

    The most exciting thing about EA Sports FC 24 is that you have the option to build your team however you want. Whether you’re looking to field a team made up of the best players currently available or the best Icons, or a mix of the two, there are top player options for your club.

    Icons are some of the greatest players in football history, and because of their incredible performances in Ultimate Team, they are often some of the more expensive FC 24 player cards.

    Icons will provide 1 Chemistry point to all players and another 2 points through other players from the same country, for a total of 3 Chemistry points. With this in mind, Icons have the incredible flexibility to be on almost any team as long as they have a teammate or two from their own country.

    There are many good Icons in EA FC 24. In this guide, we will make a tier list and discuss the best Icons in EA FC 24.

    These 10 Best Meta Icons Will Be Your Best Choice To Build Your Dream Team In EA FC 24!

    1. Pele

    Pele sits on the throne of the highest-rated Icon in EA FC 24, with amazing attributes and impressive PlayStyles that would make any other player jealous. Although the four-star weak foot is indeed strange, this may be upgraded in future promotional card releases.

    Aside from a few minor flaws, Pele can do everything you want an offensive player to do on the field. Not only does he drive play on the court with his excellent Pace and Dribbling, but his 94 Shooting attribute also gives him scoring opportunities from anywhere.

    Finesse Shot, Incisive Pass, Trickster, and Quickstep PlayStyles give Quickstep the ability to be fast and elusive, allowing him to dominate matches against almost anyone.

    2. Zinedine Zidane

    Zinedine Zidane has one of the most balanced icon cards in EA Sports FC 24, and I believe most players have noticed this from the green attribute totals in each category. While previous icons were valued for their expertise in dribbling, shooting, or pacing, Zidane is more of a versatile player who can make excellent transitions in the midfield.

    While his speed won’t be dazzling, Zidane’s control of the ball and impressive height allow him to win the ball in aerial battles where others in his position cannot.

    Featuring seven PlayStyles, including Trivela, Long Ball Pass, Flair, and Finesse Shot, Zidane offers distribution and solo runs that will boost your entire team’s score.

    3. Ronaldo Nazario

    Ronaldo’s dribbling skills are, without a doubt, excellent. While he’s not as balanced as an attacker like Cruyff or Ronaldinho, he definitely scores at a higher rate than anyone else.

    His matching 94 Pace, Dribbling, and Shooting only enhances his Finesse Shot PlayStyle, which is probably the most important of his three PlayStyles.

    If you find yourself in a tight space while dribbling, Trickster and Technical are great add-on PlayStyles for Ronaldo to escape danger. But unfortunately, he only has 89 Agility, which cannot match the fluidity of legends like Cruyff.

    EA FC 24 Ronaldo Nazario

    4. Ronaldinho

    Ronaldinho has always been the most coveted player in FC 24 Ultimate Team due to his unique body type and animation. With attributes like 91 Pace, 89 Shooting, 90 Passing, 95 Dribbling, and 80 Physical, it’s easy to see why he’s different from other players.

    Not only that, but his Trivela, Finesse Shot, Flair, and Technical PlayStyle make Ronaldinho a threat in anyone’s hands. But his skill ceiling is still quite high, and if you’re committed to learning and perfecting the meta-game, Ronaldinho is a must-have player for your team.

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    5. Johan Cruyff

    Puskas and Muller are both excellent attackers, but even they can’t compare to Cruyff. In fact, Dutch icon boasts an unprecedented balance of attributes, including 90 Pace, 91 Shooting, 90 Passing, and 93 Dribbling. As a ball-handling wizard, his dribbling ability is rightly highlighted among his many amazing qualities.

    Cruyff’s PlayStyle also perfectly meets all the requirements of an offensive player. Chip Shot, Incisive Pass, Tiki Taka, First Touch, Trickster, and Trivela allow him to dance around defenders and goalkeepers for fun scoring goals.

    6. Mia Hamm

    Mia Hamm is the headliner at EA Sports FC 24’s inaugural Female Icon, and she has an incredible card that’s worthy of its high price tag on the market. A legend of women’s football in the United States and internationally, Mia Hamm’s accomplishments are deservedly impressive.

    As one of the best cards in FC 24 Ultimate Team, Mia Hamm has a perfect skill set and a foot that is too weak to be called weak. Besides incredibly high stats like 92 Pace and 93 Shooting, she also has Finesee, Flair, and Relentless PlayStyle to enhance her already threatening scoring abilities.

    EA FC 24 Mia Hamm

    7. Ferenc Puskas

    If you need a pure scorer, Ferenc Puskas is probably the most famous player in the history of the sport, as evidenced by his outstanding 94 Shooting.

    Compared to other players, Puskas does have a clear advantage in the number of PlayStyles, and the combination of Power Shot, Rapid, Quick Step, Flair, and Trivela creates excellent synergy. These PlayStyles give Puskas a smooth feel on the ball, allowing him to score more often than you might think.

    8. Paolo Maldini

    When it comes to football defense, few are as synonymous with greatness as Paolo Maldini. The Italian Icon has justified his huge reputation with some outstanding defensive abilities. Maldini’s 95 Defending rightly raised some eyebrows as he slid into the path of oncoming opponents and got away from them with ease.

    While his Intercept and Aerial PlayStyles aren’t the flashiest, you’ll notice how many duels Maldini win because of these additions.

    As a defender, meanwhile, 85 Pace should provide enough tracking speed to keep up with the fastest players in EA FC 24.

    9. Gerd Muller

    Gerd Muller is the best pure goalscorer in German football history and has incredible attributes to back up his legendary career in EA FC 24. While Muller’s 87 Pace will be significantly slower even compared to Garrincha, Muller’s 92 Shooting leaves plenty of room for scoring almost anywhere.

    Fortunately, Muller’s speed won’t be a hindrance once he’s in position inside and outside the box. His outstanding 97 Finishing put many people off and made Muller stand out among the many strikers. His Trivela PlayStyle is perfect for scoring with the outside of his boot, considering this type of shot tends to be very effective.

    EA FC 24 Mane Garrincha

    10. Mane Garrincha

    Mane Garrincha is a Brazilian legend with excellent attributes that help him stand out in the team. His pace isn’t exactly great, but his passing and dribbling skills are Garrincha’s most impressive contributions.

    He has two PlayStyles that help enhance his quick dribbling ability: Flair and Technical. These two styles are very suitable for some skills and greatly increase his scoring rate. Among them, 85 Shooting and 87 Finishing benefit from this.

    The above are the 10 Icons in FC 24 that are most worthy of your choice. Either one of them will be a great addition to building your dream team!

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  • Elder Scrolls Online Has Insisted On Excellent Game Content And Interesting Gameplay For Ten Years

    ESO has now been in its tenth year and is about to open a new chapter on June 3, 2024: Gold Road. Elder Scrolls Online is a very excellent and popular MMORPG.

    Elder Scrolls Online Has Insisted On Excellent Game Content And Interesting Gameplay For Ten Years

    Speaking of MMORPG, you may think of the boss of them, World of Warcraft. The birth of ESO seems to be to compete with it. This work seemed destined to fail, but no one expected that it would go through a long journey of ten years and accumulate a lot of popularity. This is thanks to the wise decisions of the devs. They are not a short-sighted group of people. They carefully studied the early and late performance of World of Warcraft and found a breakthrough. As the Pay To Win trend became more and more serious in the later stages of World of Warcraft, the game was filled with paid content, causing its reputation to gradually decline. ESO seizes the opportunity, learns while doing, and focuses more on the game content, which is the adventure experience. This is different from the decisions made by short-sighted people who want to make a fortune while the game becomes slightly more popular. Whether a game has a Pay To Win trend depends on how much it needs game gold. Although Elder Scrolls Online Gold plays an important role in the entire game, you can exchange less gold for more experience, so ESO’s audience It is also gradually expanding.

    Elder Scrolls Online operates through big limited-time events, minor DLC packs and expansions, just like most other games of its kind. In the MMORPG market, the reason why each game exists is that each game has its own advantages and has always adhered to them. World of Warcraft, as a typical example, always warns everyone not to be proud and not to ignore the quality of players and game content.

    ESO focuses on the construction of game content, some of which even attracts players to become loyal fans of ESO, such as Oblivion and Skyrim. I believe players are all familiar with it. We play different roles within the huge world framework built by ESO. The quality of the story content directly determines the quality of the game. This is its trump card that can withstand the test. TESO is like a storyteller, and we players are a group of listeners. The storyteller pays attention to whether the story is well told, so that the audience listens happily and shares it with others.

    ESO Skyrim

    In addition to this advantage, ESO also opens up many new possibilities in gameplay. Such as decorating houses. It’s just as important as the game’s excellent storyline. Players are not even in a hurry to level up or climb the leaderboards, focusing on the lifelike features of the game. It’s like players experiencing a second life in the game. This is completely different from other MMORPGs. This kind of gameplay reduces the player’s anxiety about damage, the rhythm of the game is more relaxed, and the player can simply enjoy the fun of the game instead of the pressure. Conventional MMORPG focuses on killing monsters and upgrading, developing dungeons, and chasing leaderboard rankings. This makes people who work hard every day in the real world even more tired mentally and physically. ESO seized the opportunity and transformed it into its own advantages and even characteristics.

    ESO decorating houses

    If you just want to make a game, you need to do more work, but if you want to make a good game, you only need a few outstanding features. Whether it’s modeling, gameplay, storyline, art, etc.

    The above two points are the reasons why ESO has achieved its current success after ten years of suffering. In the MMORPG market, several veteran players did not care about the emergence of TESO ten years ago, but now they would not have thought that he would grow so fast and powerful. For a game to still be well received by everyone after ten years is a huge achievement that many game manufacturers cannot achieve.

    I believe that many people will notice ESO in the MMORPG market in the future, so it will still have a difficult road ahead. As players, we just need to continue to support it.

    In addition to the above two advantages, there is one more thing. ESO’s technical expenditure is quite huge. It invests more money in Bethesda and the Xbox than it makes from the games they make themselves. Therefore, the rise of ESO is not without reason, nor is it simple. This result is worthy of their efforts, and they deserve it. The spirit of ESO has deeply influenced me. Just like most of us, life will never be smooth sailing, but we must redouble our persistence and efforts, and sooner or later, we will reap the rewards.

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  • Blizzard’s Adjustments To WOW Cataclysm Classic May Make This Expansion The final Game Directly

    • Are you still playing World of Warcraft?
    • If you stop playing, when did you stop playing?
    • I think it started when the official Cataclysm-only servers replaced the most classic Wrath of the Lich King servers.

    Blizzard’s Adjustments To WOW Cataclysm Classic May Make This Expansion The final Game Directly

    Blizzard doesn’t seem to see that this decision is actually going downhill. Players along the way will find that the Vanilla version of WoW, the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King has brought us the best experience. Blizzard, which should have been heading to the top, made the wrong decision in order to promote a more modern game when it was Cataclysm.

    I believe everyone has the same idea about the specific reasons: the changes Cataclysm has brought to World of Warcraft itself. With the arrival of Cataclysm, many parts of the world were devastated, such as Mulgore, Northshire Abbey, and many other fondly remembered places in Azeroth. These are places where everyone has lived and fought for a long time, but now they have become ruins. I think many players are reluctant to give up, even though we can see what this continent once looked like in other servers. But I think the real reason that makes players quit is not entirely this.

    Looking back at the past, Activision Blizzard set up dedicated servers for Wrath or The Burning Crusade dedicated, and then set up dedicated servers for Wrath of the Lich King, and then replaced them. This resulted in World of Warcraft Classic still maintaining the same storyline. progress on. This makes us feel a sense of fragmentation when we are in Cataclysm. In all respects, The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King were the best moments of World of Warcraft in my opinion. Now in Cataclysm-only servers, everything in the past no longer exists, as if it never happened. Likewise, the past only exists in memories. This is Blizzard’s worst decision in my opinion. He doesn’t know what is good about himself, what should be kept, and what should be deleted.

    I believe many old players can understand this feeling, especially in contrast. Who can understand my shock that the story of World of Warcraft has been extended to Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne? Blizzard actually used the ending of Wrath of the Lich King as the beginning of the story of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. This is so clever. It’s like our worlds have been connected, and no matter which version we’re in, we seem to be in the same world. This is in sharp contrast to Cataclysm-only server. That’s why I say that Blizzard is simply going to ruin the game World of Warcraft by doing this. You can see on Reddit that many players are complaining, and this is not just my opinion.

    Blizzard used Deathwing to destroy Azeroth, changing the appearance of Azeroth. Although Blizzard has made some changes that seem to be better, such as allowing more players to choose other classes. This seems good, but if some with lore significance can also be selected in classes, then why not let us become such a strong existence from the beginning? This simply destroys the balance and fairness of the game.

    WOW Cataclysm caused ruins

    It is also very unreasonable from a world view perspective. Before Wrath of the Lich King, we couldn’t play as both a Night Elf character and a mage, because at that time, the two were incompatible, story-wise. It was not until Cataclysm that the conflict between the two eased somewhat.

    In addition, there is another point that makes me the most sad as a veteran player. After Cataclysm arrived, Azeroth was in ruins, you can only reach anywhere by flying on a mount. The world seems to have lost the meaning of adventure. I’m sure everyone has had the experience of climbing a mountain. When you reached the top of the mountain after spending several hours, looking into the distance from the top of the mountain and recalling the scenes in your mind, you would sigh, and then you were almost crying, and you would realize that this journey was not actually lonely. Everything I do is to meet beauty. Adventure is what this game is about. This game has been with us for so long that it is impossible not to have feelings for it.

    Nowadays, the Pay To Win trend is becoming more and more serious, making every aspect of the game full of payment elements. You can become powerful by spending WOW Cataclysm Gold in upcoming WoW Classic Cataclysm expansion. The result is the meaning of this journey is no longer simple. The former enthusiasm for exploring the world is now gradually extinguished. If what you get after a long period of hard work is never as good as what you can buy with money, then the meaning of taking risks will no longer exist. Blizzard only cares about using our emotions to gain profits. This is the saddest thing for all players.

    WOW Cataclysm Classic Pay To Win

    The solution to all this is actually very simple - provide dedicated servers for Wrath of the Lich King, Vanilla and Cataclysm. That’s all. If Blizzard ignores players’ opinions, then I believe Cataclysm will be the end of World of Warcraft.

    Veteran players have been with this game for too long. It is no longer a tool for killing time, but a sustenance for our emotions. We fight, live, meet, travel, and visit on the continent of Azeroth. Although Blizzard has reduced expansion packs, it has also reduced memories.

    WOW Cataclysm we love World of Warcraft and we want it to be better

    All in all, we love World of Warcraft and we want it to be better.

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  • These Tips Are Worth Noting As You Enter Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC!

    As Shadow of the Erdtree DLC gets closer, I started to ask myself today what do I actually need to do to get into DLC every other Souls like we’ve seen usually have some kind of prerequisites to get into DLC.

    So after thinking through the requirements to get in, I started thinking through kind of housekeeping things. What do I want to do before I go into DLC? So I started making a list, this will be very beneficial to us.

    Having plenty of Elden Ring Runes ready will allow us to have plenty of fun in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

    These Tips Are Worth Noting As You Enter Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC!

    How To Get Into DLC?

    Along the Look To Stars way to start off, let’s talk about what is mandatory to get into DLC. I love what From Software has done here. They’ve taken two bosses that are optional in the game. To finish the main storyline and made them now mandatory to access DLC. First we start with Starscourge Radahn.

    That is hard to say, Starscourge Radahn he in the game is optional. He’s the dude that flies up and blows you up like a comet. He’s holding the stars in the sky. It’s so cool.

    So here is some b-roll of me getting clapped out by other bosses and monsters in Elden Ring, but the first thing you’re going to have to do is go make your way to Starscourge or Dawn to kill him.

    And that is step one Blood And Bone. Next up on our list of mandatory things you need to do to get into he Shadow the of Erdtree DLC is to make your way to Mohgwyn Palace.

    Fight With Mohg

    After you’ve made your way to MN Palace, head up to Mohg and kill him, he can be quite challenging well. I think this boss fights is one of my favorite in the entire game. I don't like the way he's approached. This is one of my least favorite zones in the whole game.

    In Mohgwyn Palace, there are bloody monsters and invaders everywhere. While the aesthetics are incredible, but don't look down because that's where all those scary monsters are.

    But once you make your way to Mo fight him, he’s challenging, like I said earlier. But there are some ways to ease up that challenge. You can go get Mohg Shackle which is an item kind of like Margit’s Shackle which allows you to slam him to the ground once stunning him and allowing you to get some good hits in.

    Secondly, to counteract M’s blood curse. I think it’s called a bloodboon or something like that. You’re going to want to go get the purifying Crystal Tear about what it does. It puts a barrier around you, essentially, which greatly reduces the damage you take from it. It will greatly reduce the healing he gets from this move and it does not allow any stacking of hemorrhage on you.

    It’s awesome my first playthrough of this game. I didn’t know that this item existed. So I thought this boss was impossible so what I ended up doing was just respecting to massive amounts of health. And then anytime this move happened, I would just slam heal this Crystal Tear, make it so much easier go get it ascend.

    Necessary Things For Boss

    Now that we’ve covered all the mandatory things, here are some things that I’m going to be doing in preparation for DLC and I highly recommend you do as well.

    And the first of that is to get to anywhere between level 130 to 150. Most people end the game somewhere.

    Between 100 and 150 level , relying on how much places they explore, how many bosses they kill, how much farming they do. Every From Software DLC has began at a higher level or somewhere mid to end game. This one has been stated it’s an endgame DLC, especially since Mohg himself is a kind of endgame boss.

    So my first recommendation, like I said, would be got to go somewhere between 130 and 150.

    I think I’m going to get to 150 and then just leave it there gross. wants new content inevitably means new weapons, spells and gear to try. And in order to try all those things out, you might need to resp a time or two.

    I’m someone that is almost incapable of doing one full playthrough of Elden ring with one single spec. I respect all the time and so my recommendation and something I’m doing is running around everywhere .

    Getting all Larval Tear, I know that these are a finite resource in this game. I think there’s about 18 in total you can get per playthrough chances are. They’ll add more in DLC.

    I don’t know for sure, but it just seems like something they would do given the fact that there’s going to be a lot more gear.

    So if you’re interested in trying out all the new stuff with DLC, I would highly recommend going and collecting as many Larval Tear as you can find.

    When you’re trying to get refine them, I know that in my last point;I talked a lot about how there’s probably going to be lots of new weapons and spells to try out and to use. That’s true, but you’re also going to want something to clear the content with.

    First, until you find those new weapons and spells, my advice is to bring whatever weapons you have. Since I feel like you won't be constantly upgrading the spells you're always using, carrying a variety of weapons will open up more possibilities to your fights.

    Currently, I'm at the stage where I can buy any gemstone. I need except for the final Tear from Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold. It’s great I’ve been leveling up lots of different weapons.

    I tried a lot of situations like Poison Katana and Lightning Katana which I had never used before and it was a lot of fun to use them against Mohg.

    About Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC something you need to know

    Upgrade Your Weapons

    Last but certainly not least is something that is to go level up your gather weapons.

    And that’s just to go stock up on materials if there’s one thing that in my mind. I am 1,000% convinced of that’s the idea that there will be some kind of horrible poison.

    Scarlet Rot horrible place in DLC it’s going to happen. I know it’s going to happen if I do not go stock up on materials. I’m going to find myself in a situation where I have no items to counteract any of that stuff.

    It’s miserable but I know it’s going to be a key thing, so I will make sure that when I go into DLC, I have plenty of items to counteract. Those horrible affixes that Miyazaki seems to love putting in his game.

    The above are some of my friendly tips for everyone in the game. I hope you can be happy during the game.

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  • Best Route To Collect Somber Smithing Stones 1-10 In Elden Ring Without Upgrading!

    In Elden Ring, you can have the most optimized build in the world, but without a well-upgraded weapon, you won’t see significant results. So, in this guide, we’ll share the best routes to collect Somber Smithing Stones 1 to 10 in preparation for the upcoming Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree DLC.

    It’s worth noting that I did this without upgrading or using any weird skips or shortcuts at all. This means that whether you’re just starting your journey in the new expansion or are already on your way, you can use the information in this guide to maximize your damage potential early and easily.

    I’m sure there have been many similar guides in the past to help you collect Somber Smithing Stones 1-9, but this was usually done when using the shortcut to Crumbling Farum Azula.

    This is another reason why I created this guide, as a lot of people are reluctant to enter late game areas like this within the first few hours of playing the game. Additionally, executing shortcuts is cumbersome for players on some consoles. However, with this guide, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues.

    Best Route To Collect Somber Smithing Stones 1-10 In Elden Ring Without Upgrading!

    Somber Smithing Stone 1

    Here, I’ll start this route with Bandit Starting Class and Golden Seed Keepsake, but you can get the same results with any Starting Class.

    Unlock Church of Elleh Site of Grace, then head to Gatefront Ruins to get Torrent, Map Fragment and Whetstone Knife. Teleport back to Church of Elleh and get the summoning bell and wolf summoning spell from Witch Renna.

    I usually use the vent behind First Step Sites of Grace to drop down to the beach and collect a Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot to teleport back to Gatefront and go east, talk to Boc and he will reward you with 10 Mushrooms.

    Continue east, cross the bridge, then go right and pick up a Somber Smithing Stone 1 from the man sitting on the chair. After that, we will get Fevor’s Cookbook, which will allow us to use Mushrooms and Trina’s Lily to make Sleep Pots to easily defeat a certain boss later.

    After getting Fevor’s Cookbook, go to Third Church of Marika to get Flask of Wondrous Physick. Then head south to Minor Erdtree and pick up Greenspill Crystal Tear. Don’t forget to collect 5 Trina’s Lilies from the nearby Mistwood Ruins.

    Somber Smithing Stone 2

    Next, we’re going to head to Fort Haight and climb up the ladder to get the left half of Dectus Medallion. We also need to defeat Godrick Knight here to get Ash of War Bloody Slash. You can use Wolf Summoning spell to distract him and use the opportunity to perform a few backstabs.

    Afterwards, we will cross Bridge of Sacrifice to reach Weeping Peninsula and look for a Stonesword Key.

    All the way south you can find Somber Smithing Stone 2 on a beach guarded by 4 aggressive Jellyfish enemies.

    Somber Smithing Stone 8 & 9

    Return to Gatefront Site of Grace and apply Ash of War Bloody Slash to your knife. Then head to Agheel Lake and follow that path to Murkwater Cave, where you will be invaded by Bloody Finger Nerijus. However, you can easily kill him with Bloody Slash, or you can wait for Yura to help you.

    After defeating him, you will receive Reduvia. This is a powerful Arcane weapon and we will be using it until the end of this game.

    Then go to Third Church of Marika and use the portal behind to teleport to Caelid. Ride all the way to Lenne’s Rise and use the vent. You can loot the nearby Elden Ring Runes, then head to Minor Erdtree, and use the vent in the back to reach Fort Faroth.

    Head west to Divine Tower of Caelid. You can get Somber Smithing Stone 9 from the person sitting in the chair. Attack Teardrop Scarab and push off the ledge to get Somber Smithing Stone 8.

    Somber Smithing Stone 4 & 5

    Then go to Isolated Merchants and buy Beast-Repellent Torch. This is a brilliant light source to ensure that certain beasts, like rats, don’t attack you.

    Return to Fort Faroth and climb the ladder to obtain the other half of Dectus Medallion. We’ll also get Radagon’s Soreseal Talisman. This is not mandatory. I just use it to get the extra +5 stamina.

    Afterwards, we’ll head to Inner Aeonia Site of Grace and head south through Heart of Aeonia, where we’ll fight Commander O’Neil to get Somber Smithing Stone 4. Next go back to Inner Aeonia, but this time head north through the canyon to get a piece of Somber 5.

    Elden Ring: How to Buy Somber Smithing Stones?

    Buy Somber Smithing Stone 1-4

    We then need to go back to Gatefront and head to Stormhill Shack to get a Stonesword Key. Use the knife with Bloody Slash to defeat the knight here and get Ash of War Golden Vow.

    We bypass Stormveil Castle to reach Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. Then go to Laskyar Ruins and use the portal there to teleport to South Raya Lucaria Gate.

    However, you may want to grab Dexterity-knot Crystal Tear near Scenic Isle before using the portal, but you can also grab it later.

    Jump down from South Raya Lucaria Gate and head west to Temple Quarter Site of Grace, then ride north to get Academy Glintstone Key behind the dragon.

    The next step is optional. From South Raya Lucaria Gate, walk northeast. You can use the portal here to teleport to Kingsrealm Ruins. This is a very convenient portal, as it has Map Fragment nearby and is close to Smithing Master Iji. Iji has Somber Smithing Stone 1-4 available for sale.

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    Somber Smithing Stone 6

    Use the portal from South Raya Lucaria Gate to Main Academy Gate. Unlock Site of Grace and use another portal to teleport to East Raya Lucaria Gate. Take Grand Lift of Dectus and use it to reach Altus Plateau.

    Then go to Forest-Spanning Greatbridge from Altus Plateau Site of Grace and use the portal there to teleport to the other side of the bridge. Once there, go down under the bridge and unlock Site of Grace.

    Follow the path west and cross the bridge to Mt Gelmir. Continue heading west until you encounter several Iron Maidens. Use the ladder to go all the way up and unlock Site of Grace to get a Somber Smithing Stone 6.

    Somber Smithing Stone 3

    Teleport back to Academy Main Gate and take the elevator up. After opening the academy door, you can pick up a Somber Smithing Stone 3 at the end of the room.

    Somber Smithing Stone 5 & 6

    Continue through the cemetery and use the waterwheel to unlock Classroom Site of Grace. We’re ready to go to Volcano Manor to get Somber 7, but we still need to make Sleep Pot.

    We need to go to Church of Elleh to buy three Cracked Pots and a Crafting Kit. I also purchased an additional Cracked Pot from Nomadic Merchants near Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace on Weeping Peninsula. If you’ve followed the guide so far, you should have enough materials to make 5 Sleep Pots.

    Then teleport back to Classroom Site of Grace and use the waterwheel to go all the way down and to Volcano Manor, where you can find Somber 6 and 5.

    Elden Ring: Somber Smithing Stones 6

    Somber Smithing Stone 7

    Next, we have to prepare ourselves to face Godskin Noble. Only after defeating it can you go outside and build the bridge.

    Go back into the room and use the elevator to reach the top floor. Jump off the balcony and follow this route to unlock the shortcut back to Godskin Noble room. When you take the express elevator upstairs, you can jump off before reaching the top floor to get a Stonesword Key.

    You need two Stonesword Keys to unlock the path to Somber 7. But if you’ve followed the guide so far, you should have exactly two handfuls. After getting Somber 7 Guarded by Iron Maidens, you should be able to upgrade the weapon to +9.

    Somber Smithing Stone 10

    Now, to get Somber 10, we need to complete White Mask Varre questline. In order to do this, we need to defeat shardbearers such as Godrick, Rennala, or Radahn. This isn’t too difficult since we’re using +9 Reduvia.

    Then head to Rose Church where you’ll find White Mask Varre. He will give you 5 Festering Bloody Finger to invade other players. I believe you need to hack at least three players to advance his quest.

    After completing the mission, return to Rose Church and Varre will give you Lord of Blood’s Favor and Pureblood Knight’s Medal. Use Medal to teleport to Mohgwyn Palace.

    There are a lot of useful items to pick up here, such as Lord’s Rune, which is worth 50,000 runes. What we’re looking for, however, is Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, which is located inside a chest guarded by these enemies.

    There is a Site of Grace nearby, so if you accidentally die while trying to grab an item, you can simply respawn and try again.

    This is the last item we need to upgrade Somber weapon to +10, and we do it without taking any shortcuts. So you can do this in your own game without having to worry about your game glitching or performing any skips.

    Anyway, I hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any ideas for optimizing this route, don’t forget to share them. Have a beautiful day.

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  • Improving These 4 Issues Will Help You Push Your Limits In FC 24 TOTS Event!

    FC 24 Team of the Season Promo Event has officially kicked off, and every FC player will push their limits and strive for a higher ranking. So it’s time for you to become the best player you can be!

    In order to achieve this goal, you must finally get rid of your bad habits and correct your mistakes. With today’s guide, we introduce you to 4 serious mistakes you often make and how to easily correct them. Now, let’s get started!

    Improving These 4 Issues Will Help You Push Your Limits In FC 24 TOTS Event!

    Not Paying Attention To The Defender

    Let’s start with the attack. One of the most common mistakes is that you don’t pay attention to the defender you choose. If you don’t watch and understand their defensive intentions, you will easily lose possession of the ball.

    You have to keep an eye on them and not force anything toward their defense. Even if you think they’re covering one side, you can’t lose focus because they can change intentions in half a second. If you don’t pay attention and take action, they will win the challenge with every encounter.

    You need to focus on the player with that icon above their head and think about what their next move might be if he runs to a particular side. Your goal is to take the ball away from there and take advantage of opportunities in front of you to pass the ball at any time.

    Here is an example. When I’m about to pass the ball, I see my opponent pick a defender in front of me. So I’m going to keep an eye on her as the ball travels. I see the defender continuing to defend with her instead of switching. Therefore, don’t push the ball forward or you will get a defensive challenge.

    I get the ball back, avoid it and create a path in front of me to push the ball forward. Then, I saw that my opponent had changed to a new defender and was approaching me step by step. Then I just had to pull the ball back again and see him make a failed tackle and score an easy goal.

    All in all, if you know what you’re doing, it’s actually quite easy to outperform your opponent’s expectations. But don’t forget that it is also important to prepare FC 24 Coins to improve your own player stats.

    Wrong Finishing Setup

    The next common mistake is with Finishing setup. Sometimes it’s not that you don’t know how to shoot, it’s that you forget to shoot. That means either you’re not facing the goal when you take the shot, there’s a defender standing in front of you blocking the shot, or the goalkeeper comes out and you panic.

    This is a typical situation where you get in behind the defensive line and have an advantage over the defenders, and the only thing the opponent can do is take the goalkeeper out. When the goalkeeper comes out, he will risk closing the goal at an angle, which reduces your likelihood of scoring a goal.

    If you don’t turn this risk to your advantage and set up the best shot opportunity, you will give up free goals from similar positions.

    EA Sports FC 24: How to enable Timed Finishing?

    To create the best chance, you need to create a new shooting angle by rolling the ball away from the goalkeeper. But you also have to accept the fact that your shot didn’t go through the defender.

    If someone blocks your shooting path, the shot will be easily blocked. So you have to analyze the defender’s current position or expected movement and take the ball away from there again to clear your path before you can score a nice goal.

    Note that the direction of your control on your first touch may also create a tight angle to the goal, but don’t panic, additional touches into the open space can create a better scoring angle.

    Also Read: EA FC 24: How To Make Full Use Of The L1 Button To Trigger Runs?

    Reckless Push Away From Defender

    Next, the most crucial mistake on defense pulls the defender out of his position. Do you see open spaces that the wingers can explore? When you push out your full-backs recklessly, you have to really realize that you may have been defending the ball carrier with a midfield break, and such a defensive shake will never help.

    You can counter the opponent by keeping your defender close to the attacker and safely in front of him, but if he is the last line of defence, you will never allow a risky forward move like this. Because if you do that, a simple pass can penetrate the center of your defence, and you’ll concede goals easily.

    To avoid this, I first take the following route. I look at the environment and decide if I have a midfielder defending instead of using my back four at the back.

    If this is the case, I would switch to the midfielder and defend with him. But this way I don’t have any midfielders nearby and if I accidentally push out and go out to challenge, the opponent can easily take advantage of the midfield.

    Then I see the opponent is about to pass the ball to his teammate, and if I push the ball out, it could also be a simple pass. But I also realize that potential receivers are running behind the defensive line. So, instead of pushing out, I follow the runner and cover the pass safely.

    Meanwhile, the opponent made a mistake and lost possession of the ball. In a dangerous position defended safely on the other side, my opponent accidentally pushed up, which gave me a tremendous advantage.

    In the most critical moments, instead of covering the runner from behind without breaking the defensive formation, he wildly slides, which makes everything easier for me because he pushes away the defender. In these circumstances, I scored without a doubt.

    Therefore, you should not risk pushing the defender out of position, you must analyze where the position is going and move your defender safely back to the potential threat without disrupting the defensive shape.

    These are the most common mistakes in EA FC 24 to avoid

    Don’t Understand The Direction Of The game

    Let’s come to the last point, not reading the direction of the play, but understanding the opponent’s offensive intentions defensively. This is one of the best traits we can learn instead of throwing your defender into random spots.

    For example, here I found space behind the defensive line and as I was about to get into the box, the opponent covered the passing lane to the striker and controlled the running lane. But he also has to be mindful of our third option, which is passing the ball back.

    He might have switched to another centre-back and taken a step to the side, but instead of doing so, he completely ignored it and pushed the defense with two passes with the selected defender. So I have a chance to score again.

    If you defend an area well, the opponent will deliberately change direction after passing the ball on that side. You have to understand that the direction is to move to the other side, not to run towards the area with your currently selected player. You have to spot the next pass and switch to whichever defender is there. If you can’t see what’s coming and take action, you’ll be late and concede to the ball.

    What I’m trying to do here is use player switching early and effectively after the ball has traveled. I look for potential targets and control the approaching defender for that position.

    Once I see the pattern of the wing switching to the left, I pull my winger through the middle and rush out wide instead of covering the player in the middle. Because I had a substitute to defend, the opponent had to go back to the center again. My winger moved laterally, creating an advantage for me which ultimately allowed me to get the ball back.

    So watch your opponent’s body language, take advantage of early player switches, and try to cover potential targets without ruining your shape.

    These are 4 potential issues you can make improvements on. Following this guide’s targeted suggestions and correcting them will get your FC players ranked higher in TOTS event!

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