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  • Massively Buffs Forge Guard’s Manifest Armor In Last Epoch Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin - You Must Know

    From last Epoch, we got the Harbingers Of Ruin Notes for patch 1.1 coming out, it’s a very long and thick patch notes, today this post will focus on the Manifest Armor update in the patch notes.

    Manifest Armor is similar to Animate Guardian in Path of Exile. It’s like you put on equipment and weapons, then this soldier uses your equipment to walk around and attack automatically. And it has a Whirlwind Strike Ability, but it’s usually hard to get it to work. At this time, you can change it to forge weapons, then it works well.

    Massively Buffs Forge Guard’s Manifest Armor In Last Epoch Patch 1.1 Harbingers Of Ruin - You Must Know

    Whirlwind Strike Ability Update

    With this update, Manifest Armor will become crazy. The damage effectiveness of Whirlwind Strike Ability has increased from 60% to 300% now, which is five times the damage effectiveness multipliers of Whirlwind Strike. So Manifest Armor Whirlwind Strike now has five times the damage it had before, and Cooldown is less than half of what it had before, which is definitely going to be viable in Last Epoch, and it hasn’t even really been built again to do damage so far.

    Now let’s look at what builds you can do with this type of character in the game. He has a sword, and the tags say it’s Minion Strength and Attunement, and the minion tags are Melee Physical. The best expansion is Attunement, because you get health and damage from Attunement.

    Walk up to a pack and you can see him there using Whirlwind, and he basically goes off and does things automatically, and he has decent damage. Even without the buff, it’s not enough to get into high-tier monoliths. But he can definitely do enough damage to fight some random monsters.

    So what’s changed is this Whirlwind. As it was said above, its cooldown has been reduced, and it now has five times the damage effectiveness, which is hit damage, so now you’re going to be playing Manifest Armor almost entirely based on hits. So what are some ways you can expand the hit damage of Manifest Armor?

    Last Epoch Whirlwind Strike Ability Update

    Way To Expand

    The first one is definitely your main hand sword. Basically, Manifest Armor gets your weapons and equipment, but you have to upgrade them to get them, and here you can get swords, body armor, boots, etc. If you don’t want to spend time upgrading them and just want to get this equipment, of course you can use Last Epoch Gold to speed up the upgrade.

    For example, you have a miraa, so Manifest Armor gets the flat melee damage of the miraa and all the other properties. There is actually a property there, which is hybrid Physical Penetration and Minion Physical Penetration, which actually double dips because it’s a Minion. so it’s also holding a weapon.

    If you can get a nice weapon, maybe you can do this. Like critical, fast attack speed and some hybrid penetration, this can be a pretty good way to expand damage.

    Last Epoch Way To Expand

    So how else can you expand damage? There is also this note here, force of impact, which says that your Manifest Armor gets melee physical damage equal to a certain percentage of the Armor on your body, and it will give you 1 point of damage for every 10.

    Let’s say you have Sentinel body armor with 700 damage on it, at level 84 or 86, you’re getting this basic damage. And then maybe another 200 points of damage on it, you can get about 900 to 1,000 points, which is you also get 90 to 100 points of flat physical damage from force of impact, so that’s another way you can scale it.

    You’re not actually using Manifest Armor to do most of your damage. Right now you’re using Forged Weapons, so you’re not scaling the damage it does. Just using Titan heart, you’re not getting much value from that node. But if you’re going to scale it, you’re going to want to go all out with armor on your chest piece.

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    Manifest Armor Build

    There is also this node here, thick padding which gives stun immunity to Manifest Armor, but it seems unnecessary since it is basically a meat shield, but if you want to use this thing for damage, you can choose this because when he does Whirlwind Strike, it is like sweeping through things and blowing things up, and he is unstoppable when doing this, which is very powerful.

    Now let’s jump to some monsters here, you can see how monsters work in combat, you use forge strike to summon forge weapons, your Manifest Armor will do a little damage, but mainly acts as a meat shield, and sprinting is just to close the gap.

    Although it is not necessary. Once you get the dodge roll, then you have Vengeance, which casts Healing Hands, Vengeance will also apply some debuffs to enemies.

    So whenever your mana starts to get low, you just use Vengeance a lot, and then you can launch more Forge Strike, so you always have more weapons, and this build will gradually increase, it will be a little slow at first, and then once you get a bunch of weapons, it will start to be like Armor shred. Now you don’t need too much, because the weapons will do most of the damage.

    In summary, Manifest Armor has received a huge buff. This change makes Manifest Armor a very powerful existence in the game, capable of causing huge damage to enemies. Players can further expand the damage output of Manifest Armor by upgrading weapons and equipment, and utilizing specific nodes, making it play a more important role in the game.

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  • Which Is The Most Satisfying Weapon In Elden Ring?

    I’m going to be telling you why claws are the best weapon in Elden Ring. We go through all the different weapons in a weapon category and go through their pros and cons.

    In order to help you make better decisions about why you might use them or not in your build, before we get into the weapons themselves.

    In addition, in order to enhance the power of the weapons you own, you can recharge Elden Ring Runes to make the combat effect more satisfying to you.

    First, let’s go through the pros and cons of this weapon group.

    Which Is The Most Satisfying Weapon In Elden Ring?

    1. Claws Pros

    So first pros, the attack speed of claws is extremely fast. They might even be the fastest attacking weapons in the game. They are exceptionally fast and this allows you to hit rapidly, building up attack power with like Rotten Winged Sword Insignia or set Status Effects more easily even after Status Effect Nerf from several patches ago.

    Another major plus point of this weapon is that they’re always paired, meaning that you can actually use two of these even though you only have one equipped.

    This allows you to have a lighter equipment load when using this and also allows you to buff your offhand weapon at the same time if you buff your right-hand weapon. So if you buff with something like Bloodflame Blade or lightning Armament or Scholar’s Armament, etc.

    You’re going to buff both weapons simultaneously and both will benefit from the increased attack rating. They’re also an extremely lightweight weapon, the lowest weighing 1.5 and the highest weighing 3. So they do not weigh hardly anything at all.

    Additionally, they have a very good dual wield move set, allowing them to strike rapidly with it. And they also have good critical rating, all the claws except one have 110 critical rating. So that’s better than most weapons in the game and all four claws have Status Effects natively on them. So you’re going to be able to set Status Effects with this weapon group.

    2. Claws Cons

    The negatives of this weapon group are that they have low attack rating in general. Although it’s not as low as some weapons, also the Dual will Status Effects have been nerfed.

    You know in previous patches so you don’t set up status effect will dual wielding as much as you used to, which still applies. To the paired weapons of Claws and this weapon group has short reach compared to a lot of other weapons.

    In the game, this weapon type has relatively low stance damage, so you’re not really going to get stance breaks easily with this weapon type.

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    3. Claws Playstyle

    In terms of playstyles, I think the vast majority of people who are using claws are simply going to use them in some sort of hybrid build where they spell cast and then do a wield while they buff their claws with something.

    Cast spells when they want, but generally speaking, most people are going to lean into the paired nature of claws, dual wield them and attack rapidly with them, trying to set Status Effects or build up their attack power in that way.

    So those things being said, let’s get into the claws of themselves. There are no unique claws in Elden Ring all four claws are infusible. So let’s get into the infusible claws.

    The first up is the Hookclaws. The Hookclaws shares the default move set of most other Claws and Deals physical damage. It’s one of the lightest claws in Elden Ring weighing 2 and requires 8 strength and 14 dexterity.

    In order to use effectively, the Hookclaws have a lot of things going for them. They are the longest claws in Elden Ring. They’re the second lightest.

    They have native bleed buildup on hit and you can find them pretty early on in Stormveil Castle. Their only downside is that they deal less damage than all but the Raptor’s Talons. Infusion wise fire and lightning comes in first at 532 attack rating with magic just behind at 527 and sacred and Flame Art pulling up third at 505.

    3. Scorpion’s Stinger

    Key out performs heavy with cold, being virtually tied with key. I like to use this weapon with Flaming Strikes, set to Flame art in order to buff both weapons with fire, further boosting their attack rating. This also allows you to cast incantations effectively, due to high faith and you can reach over 1,000 attack power when fully buffed with this setup.

    The bleed is just a bonus. Use Talisman like rotten winged sword insignia, Fire Scorpion Charm, Shard of Alexander to further boost damage. Make sure you have 51 points you can trade damage without interruption.

    4. Bloodhound Claws

    Next up are Bloodhound Claws. Bloodhound Claws share the default move set of most other Claws and deal with physical damage. It’s the heaviest claw in Elden Ring weighing 3and requires 10 strength and 15 dexterity in order to use effectively.

    Bloodhound Claws are the go-to option for those wanting to play a strength-based claws build with native bleed buildup on hit. Some of their damage slips through Shields and they have the second highest attack rating of all claws.

    However, they are the shortest claws by a lot and they have the lowest critical rating of all Claws. And you really feel the short reach of this weapon compared to others. It is really very noticeable, infusion wise magic and fire and lightning are virtually tied at 576 and 575 with sacred and Flame Art coming in second at 545. Keen outperforms heavy 504 to 498.

    I like to play these weapons with the blood infusion. Since Arcane scaling will also impact the poison buildup on the weapon, and bleed is typically more useful than poison.

    Even if it is the deadly variant, use Endure to tank hits and continue to spam attacks on bosses setting both Status Effects and use Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, Lord of Blood’s Exaltation and Kindred of Rot’s Exaltation for increased attack power.

    5. Raptor Talons

    And lastly, we come to Raptor Talons. Raptor Talons have a unique heavy attack that jumps and deal physical damage. It’s the lightest claw Elden Ring weighing 1.5 and requires 6 strength and 14 dexterity in order to use effectively.

    Raptor Talons are the only claws with an alternate move set and their jump attack damage is about 10% higher than other claws. Assuming the attack ratings are the same. They also have native bleed buildup like other claws, but they have the lowest attack rating of all claws in Elden Ring. Infusion wise fire and lightning comes in first at 518 with magic, in second at 511 and sacred and Flame Art in third at 478 attack rating.

    Keen outperforms heavy 469 to 444. Howerver, cold is under Keen. I like to use these weapons in a jump attack build to take advantage of the unique properties of the weapon not unlike my Cold-Blooded Raptor build where you use the Claw Talisman, Royal Knight’s resolve, to buff jump attacks.

    You can also use Sacrificial Axe in your offhand to refund FP when you kill enemies if you want. Additionally, Ritual Sword Talisman is not bad for this build since you tend to not get hit that often when jump attacking enemies this way.

    So that wraps up our passage on why claws are the best weapon in Elden Ring. This is actually an exceptionally good weapon group. You can hit very high attack ratings and I feel like this native status effect buildup of these weapons is just a bonus a lot of the time. And you can really make a deadly build using these and I look forward to putting out another one very soon.

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  • These Tips Are Worth Noting As You Enter Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC!

    As Shadow of the Erdtree DLC gets closer, I started to ask myself today what do I actually need to do to get into DLC every other Souls like we’ve seen usually have some kind of prerequisites to get into DLC.

    So after thinking through the requirements to get in, I started thinking through kind of housekeeping things. What do I want to do before I go into DLC? So I started making a list, this will be very beneficial to us.

    Having plenty of Elden Ring Runes ready will allow us to have plenty of fun in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

    These Tips Are Worth Noting As You Enter Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC!

    How To Get Into DLC?

    Along the Look To Stars way to start off, let’s talk about what is mandatory to get into DLC. I love what From Software has done here. They’ve taken two bosses that are optional in the game. To finish the main storyline and made them now mandatory to access DLC. First we start with Starscourge Radahn.

    That is hard to say, Starscourge Radahn he in the game is optional. He’s the dude that flies up and blows you up like a comet. He’s holding the stars in the sky. It’s so cool.

    So here is some b-roll of me getting clapped out by other bosses and monsters in Elden Ring, but the first thing you’re going to have to do is go make your way to Starscourge or Dawn to kill him.

    And that is step one Blood And Bone. Next up on our list of mandatory things you need to do to get into he Shadow the of Erdtree DLC is to make your way to Mohgwyn Palace.

    Fight With Mohg

    After you’ve made your way to MN Palace, head up to Mohg and kill him, he can be quite challenging well. I think this boss fights is one of my favorite in the entire game. I don't like the way he's approached. This is one of my least favorite zones in the whole game.

    In Mohgwyn Palace, there are bloody monsters and invaders everywhere. While the aesthetics are incredible, but don't look down because that's where all those scary monsters are.

    But once you make your way to Mo fight him, he’s challenging, like I said earlier. But there are some ways to ease up that challenge. You can go get Mohg Shackle which is an item kind of like Margit’s Shackle which allows you to slam him to the ground once stunning him and allowing you to get some good hits in.

    Secondly, to counteract M’s blood curse. I think it’s called a bloodboon or something like that. You’re going to want to go get the purifying Crystal Tear about what it does. It puts a barrier around you, essentially, which greatly reduces the damage you take from it. It will greatly reduce the healing he gets from this move and it does not allow any stacking of hemorrhage on you.

    It’s awesome my first playthrough of this game. I didn’t know that this item existed. So I thought this boss was impossible so what I ended up doing was just respecting to massive amounts of health. And then anytime this move happened, I would just slam heal this Crystal Tear, make it so much easier go get it ascend.

    Necessary Things For Boss

    Now that we’ve covered all the mandatory things, here are some things that I’m going to be doing in preparation for DLC and I highly recommend you do as well.

    And the first of that is to get to anywhere between level 130 to 150. Most people end the game somewhere.

    Between 100 and 150 level , relying on how much places they explore, how many bosses they kill, how much farming they do. Every From Software DLC has began at a higher level or somewhere mid to end game. This one has been stated it’s an endgame DLC, especially since Mohg himself is a kind of endgame boss.

    So my first recommendation, like I said, would be got to go somewhere between 130 and 150.

    I think I’m going to get to 150 and then just leave it there gross. wants new content inevitably means new weapons, spells and gear to try. And in order to try all those things out, you might need to resp a time or two.

    I’m someone that is almost incapable of doing one full playthrough of Elden ring with one single spec. I respect all the time and so my recommendation and something I’m doing is running around everywhere .

    Getting all Larval Tear, I know that these are a finite resource in this game. I think there’s about 18 in total you can get per playthrough chances are. They’ll add more in DLC.

    I don’t know for sure, but it just seems like something they would do given the fact that there’s going to be a lot more gear.

    So if you’re interested in trying out all the new stuff with DLC, I would highly recommend going and collecting as many Larval Tear as you can find.

    When you’re trying to get refine them, I know that in my last point;I talked a lot about how there’s probably going to be lots of new weapons and spells to try out and to use. That’s true, but you’re also going to want something to clear the content with.

    First, until you find those new weapons and spells, my advice is to bring whatever weapons you have. Since I feel like you won't be constantly upgrading the spells you're always using, carrying a variety of weapons will open up more possibilities to your fights.

    Currently, I'm at the stage where I can buy any gemstone. I need except for the final Tear from Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold. It’s great I’ve been leveling up lots of different weapons.

    I tried a lot of situations like Poison Katana and Lightning Katana which I had never used before and it was a lot of fun to use them against Mohg.

    About Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC something you need to know

    Upgrade Your Weapons

    Last but certainly not least is something that is to go level up your gather weapons.

    And that’s just to go stock up on materials if there’s one thing that in my mind. I am 1,000% convinced of that’s the idea that there will be some kind of horrible poison.

    Scarlet Rot horrible place in DLC it’s going to happen. I know it’s going to happen if I do not go stock up on materials. I’m going to find myself in a situation where I have no items to counteract any of that stuff.

    It’s miserable but I know it’s going to be a key thing, so I will make sure that when I go into DLC, I have plenty of items to counteract. Those horrible affixes that Miyazaki seems to love putting in his game.

    The above are some of my friendly tips for everyone in the game. I hope you can be happy during the game.

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  • How To Effectively Level Up To Level 100 In Diablo 4 Season 3? - Best XP Farming Guide

    In this guide, we’ll share some ways to earn XP in Diablo 4 Season 3 and quickly progress from level 1 to level 100. I’ll also be adding some quick tips and tricks to level up more efficiently along the way. Without further ado, let’s get started!

    Before The Start

    First, when creating a new seasonal character, be sure to select Seasonal Realm, skip the campaign, and select World Tier 1. Because World Tier 1 will give us the best XP to difficulty ratio compared to World Tier 2.

    Once we reach the shelter, you will need to complete seasonal tasks first. This isn’t the fastest way to level up, but it’s necessary to unlock our seasonal content.

    How To Effectively Level Up To Level 100 In Diablo 4 Season 3? - Best XP Farming Guide

    Quick Way To Level Up From Level 1 To 50

    By the time you’ve done this, you should be around level 20 and we’re ready to start leveling up quickly. To this end, I’ve come up with 3 high-priority leveling methods.

    Legion Event

    For levels 1 to 50, you need to keep track of when the next Legion Event starts. Arrive at Legion Event approximately 2 minutes early to take advantage of the 15% multiplier XP bonus we accrued from the campfire.

    It’s worth noting that you’ll receive an additional 10% bonus by inviting any hanging player to join your party. After completing Legion Event at level 38, I gained approximately 160,000 XP in just 8 minutes.

    Diablo 4: Legion Events Guide


    Beyond that, you need to complete Whispers first. Specifically, you need Whispers in the area where Arcane Tremors occur.

    It’s an extremely fast way to maximize your Grim Favors while also encountering tons of enemies that are bundled together, which is exactly how we want to level up quickly. Whispers in Arcane Tremors zone netted me 200,000 XP in 5 minutes at level 36.

    Domhainne Tunnel Resets

    The fastest but most tedious and boring way to upgrade is to do Domhainne Tunnel Resets. This dungeon is located west of Corbach Waypoint. Basically, to do this, you need to complete the first few extremely enemy dense rooms.

    After clearing the room, exit the dungeon, open the map, and click Reset Dungeon in the lower right corner. You can then jump back into the dungeon and complete the process repeatedly. XP you gain per hour from this dungeon will depend entirely on how quickly your enemies clear out.

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    Tips & Tricks

    Also, here are some tips and tricks that will help you greatly increase your efficiency in leveling up from level 1 to level 50.

    First, you can invest more Diablo 4 Gold in some upgraded builds and optimize them for clearing waves of enemies. This is one of the biggest factors in leveling up quickly.

    Don’t forget to use your Codex of Power early on to improve your damage or resource generation. You unlock Legendary Aspects by completing the corresponding dungeon, then talking to Occultist to imprint Legendary Aspects of your choice onto a piece of armor. Certain classes require certain Legendary Aspects to really improve their ability to clear enemy waves.

    Please spend as little time as possible on the menu, and this includes managing your inventory. You need to make the most of your time by doing anything that rewards XP. Try to equip a new piece of gear every 10 levels after 20.

    Don’t forget to complete your career quests. These will appear as white priority quests at level 15 for most people and 25 for Necromancers.

    You’ll also need to use your Season Blessings, specifically Urn of Aggression, which will then be rewarded with a 20% XP multiplier that will remain in effect.

    Diablo 4: Season Blessings Explained

    Don’t Try Capstone Dungeons Too Early

    To enter World Tier 3 and 4, we need to clear Capstone Dungeons. I recommend doing these at levels 50 and 70. Clearing Capstone Dungeons too early may be more headache than it’s worth. And transitioning to a new World Tier too early may result in slower upgrades if enemies are too powerful.

    Our first Capstone Dungeon, Cathedral of Light, is a simple 2 floor dungeon, each with its own boss.

    How To Tansition To The New World Tier?

    To transition to the new World Tier, visit Kyovashad’s World Tier Statue. You’ll be rewarded with massive XP, but at the cost of hindered resistance and tougher enemies.

    Transitioning World Tiers can be difficult and it’s important to focus on collecting new Sacred Quality gear. The same is true when transitioning to World Tier 4 using Ancestral Gear.

    Diablo 4: How to transition to the new World Tier?

    In each higher World Tier, there are three things you need to upgrade efficiently: weapon damage, armor, and resistance. Make sure to save your legendary gear and Legendary Aspects you need for a smooth transition into your endgame build.

    The Best Leveling Method For Levels 50-100: Nightmare Vaults

    In my opinion, leveling up from level 50 to level 100 couldn’t be easier. My favorite way is to do Nightmare Vaults.

    When you’re primed and ready to level up faster, complete Whispers for a 100% chance of dropping Nightmare Sigils. You need to keep doing this until you receive a Vault Sigil.

    Diablo 4: How To Get Vault Sigils for Vaults In Season 3?

    There are 4 Vaults here, each with their own layout and trap format. Each Vault begins with an initially opening set of rooms, followed by a statue. Interact with this statue 3 times to get 30 stacks of Zoltun’s Warding. With so many Zoltun’s Wardings, you’ll be able to completely ignore the traps that can really slow down your leveling efficiency.

    At the end of Nightmare Vaults, you’ll have plenty of perfect gear for equipping and upgrading Legendary Aspects, Governing and Tuning Stones for improving your Seneschal Robot, and Glyph XP for getting the most out of your Paragon Board. This is why Nightmare Vaults are extremely effective in the endgame.

    Keep in mind that Vaults can also be Whisper Objectives, which means you’ll also benefit from extra Whisper XP and Endgame Boss Varshan summon items.

    Gear Selection

    Gear level 50 to 100 will depend entirely on your knowledge and resources of your class’s strengths. The benefit of equipment is that it speeds up your play through time, which basically doubles your leveling speed. You can do this by understanding the best Legendary Aspect on each piece of equipment and looking for higher rolls on drops.

    Survivability usually comes from Aspect Of Disobedience, total armor affixes on the head, body and legs, and your resistance, which depends on your World Tier.

    I suggest you’d better start by creating a list of Paragon Glyphs to reach level 15 and then research the best routes for your Paragon Board. These factors, combined with your skill level, will determine how quickly you can level up.

    Friends Help To Level Up

    Another option for leveling up quickly is to have a friend provide you with power upgrades.

    My favorite method is to level up an alternate character from level 1 to level 100. Start by completing your seasonal missions as usual, followed by your friends completing your World Tier 3 and 4 Capstone Dungeons.

    Diablo 4 Power Leveling Guide: How to Level Up Fast?

    You can now also look for Gear or Paragon Glyph XP when your friends are running Nightmare Vaults, and you can benefit from their clears just by sitting at the entrance.

    In short, following these leveling methods is enough to help you smoothly upgrade from level 1 to 100. I wish you good luck!

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  • The 7 Best Mageblood Builds In Path Of Exile 3.23!

    I don’t know if you realize this, but Mageblood, the most expensive item in POE Softcore Trade League, is at an all-time low right now! If you’ve never tried it, this is your best chance to get it.

    So how did this Mirror-Tier Unique Item get all the way down to 98 Divine Orbs? This is mainly because of the large number of raw drops dropped by Magic Finder, as well as Voidborn Reliquary Key, which drops like candy balls.

    Once you get Mageblood, don’t waste it like I did! There are some powerful builds in POE that can gain astronomical benefits from Mageblood. Some of them don’t even require any other expensive items. Here we talk about the 7 best Mageblood builds in POE 3.23.

    The 7 Best Mageblood Builds In Path Of Exile 3.23!

    1. Pure Armor Stackers

    Number 1, Pure Armor Stackers are one of the most powerful builds in a long time. A proper build would require over a million flat armor to tank most Uber attacks. Not only do they reduce physical damage, but they also maximize resistance through a large amount of aura, making them one of the most tanky combos in Path of Exile.

    • Items: Replica Dreamfeather, Unwavering Stance and Iron Reflexes.
    • Flasks: Granite, Basalt, Jade, Stibnite and Silver Flask.
    • Classes: You can try out several variations of these builds, including Juggernaut, Champion, Ascendant, and even Chieftain!
    • Skills: As a melee attack build, its skill selection includes Smite, Molten Strike and Lightning Strike.
    • Wildwood: For Mageblood builds, Primalist will be chosen in most cases. Since Armor Stackers use multiple auras, charms that increase mana retention efficiency are widely used. Also, Guardian’s Charms can provide a percentage of reserved mana as additional armor, which is very beneficial for these builds.

    The Most Powerful Build In POE 3.23! - Armor Stack Smite Champion Build Guide

    2. Doryani’s Prototype Builds

    Number 2, Doryani’s Prototype Builds are extremely high damage builds even for Uber bosses. Because they have the unique ability to turn nearby monsters’ lightning resistance into yours.

    The only downside to these builds is that they cannot withstand the one-second Mana Siphoner and other lightning damage over time, such as Laser Beams from Maven battles. They need a lot of armor, as this affects not only their physical damage reduction but also their lightning damage reduction.

    • Items: Melding of the Flesh and other resistance-reducing items such as Thread of Hope and Ventor’s Gamble.
    • Flask: Ruby and Sapphire. If damage is your priority, you can also use Granite and Basalt, or Diamond and Silver Flasks.
    • Classes: Doryani’s Prototype builds have no specific set of Ascendancies. Popular play styles in POE 3.23 include Elementalist, Inquisitor, Champion and even Deadeye.
    • Wildwood: Popular builds in POE 3.23 include Smite Champion and Lightning Conduit Elementalist. Because of their inherent weakness and inability to take lightning damage over time, Inquisitor’s Charms applying Consecrated Ground are considered their best option.

    POE 3.23: Armour/Aura Stacker Build Showcase

    3. Aura Stacker

    Number 3, we have Aura Stacker, which was once the most powerful build in POE history. If created correctly, they can still overwhelm most high-end builds.

    But its setup requires several gems to activate, and POE Currency costs from Divine Orbs to Mirror of Kalandra are high. Because of their Squishy Passive Tree and Gear, Mageblood is needed in most situations to limit their critical hit chances or greatly increase their attack and cast speed.

    • Items: For low-budget builds, use Shavronne’s Wrappings or Victario’s Influence, as well as Prism Guardian. While the more expensive version uses the rare Vaal Regalia, which features massive energy shields and enhanced aura effects.
    • Skills: In most cases, they use Purity of Fire, Cold and Lightning, and Grace and Determination.
    • Classes: Aura Stacker becomes Ascendants or Champions, because of its synergy ascendancy points.
    • Wildwood: Hierophant’s Charm and Mana Retention Efficiency are great for these builds.

    Also Read: A Concise Overview Of The Boneshatter Juggernaut Build In Path Of Exile 3.23

    4. Magic Finders

    Number 4 we have Magic Finders. There are multiple versions of these builds. Except for Poison Caustic Arrow, these benefit greatly from Mageblood.

    These builds are very weak to limiting resistances and critical chance, and most also require a consistent movement speed. The faster they build, the faster they can farm the map, earning more POE Currency per hour.

    • Items: Most of them use Goldwyrm.
    • Flasks: Progenesis and Divination Distillate are must-haves for Magic Find builds. With Mageblood you can even add a Gold Flask for 95% more effectiveness!
    • Classes: As of POE 3.23, the best Magic Find Mageblood builds include Tornado Shot Deadeye and Chieftain Self-Ignite builds.

    POE 3.23: How to Start Magic Find?

    5. Cast On Crit Builds

    Go to number 5 and you’ll be surprised how many Cast on Crit builds crave Mageblood. Because Cast on Crit builds require high attack speed, critical hit chance, speed, and lots of defense.

    • Flasks: You gain critical hit chance from Diamond Flasks and one of their suffixes. The second best option for COC builds is Silver Flask, which greatly enhances Onslaught effect.
    • Items: Since most COC builds require close range attacks, a solid layer of defense is required. Bloodnotch, Badge of the Brotherhood, and Hatred Watcher’s Eye all work well.
    • Classes: While you can run Cast on Crit builds with any class, over 60% of players prefer Occultist version because of its synergy with Power Charge Stacking.
    • Wildwood: For Power Charge Stackers, Assassin’s Charm with multiple critical hits per Power Charge is the best.

    POE 3.23: Cast on Crit Build Showcase

    6. Lab Runner Builds

    Number 6 on the list is Lab Runner builds. The priority for these builds is just movement speed, followed by the basic defense of running Uber Labs. Mageblood has perfect synergy with these builds, as they can meet all of their needs at higher ranges.

    • Flasks: The first choice is Quicksilver Flask with a level 1 movement speed suffix. You can even get faster speeds from Silver Flask.
    • Classes: Lab Runner is mostly Ranger builds. For Mageblood, Deadeye or Raider are the best choices. You can earn a lot of currency by running Labyrinth.

    7. Squishy Builds

    Finally, to recap, Mageblood’s biggest use case is Squishy builds using items like Annihilating Light, Melding of the Flesh, and the like. You can even use Mageblood to level up your character, as its minimum level requirement is 44.

    So the use cases for Mageblood are very broad. These builds shown here desperately needs one.

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  • The Best Strategies To Help You Level Up Quickly In Diablo 4 Season 3!

    Whether you're an experienced player or just coming out of Season of Blood, you may want to speed up your leveling process to get into the endgame activities. This season introduces Gauntlet leaderboards, expected to be released mid-season, requiring players to reach World Tier 4 to complete, adding even more incentive to reach the top level as quickly as possible.

    Whether you’re playing alone or teaming up with friends, mastering the best strategies, activities, and builds is crucial to completing Season Journey and Battle Pass with ease. So, without further ado, let’s dive into my tips for leveling up quickly in Diablo 4 Season 3.

    The Best Strategies To Help You Level Up Quickly In Diablo 4 Season 3!

    Select Leveling Build

    Choosing an efficient leveling build is a key factor in the speed of the leveling process. While experimenting with various builds and play styles is always an option, if your goal is to level up quickly, it’s recommended that you follow a build guide tailored to your chosen class. Guides like these optimize your damage output, survivability, and mobility to speed up leveling progress.

    If you choose Rogue class, an excellent and leveling-friendly build is Twisting Blades build. This setup prioritizes high single-target and AoE damage, using a combination of melee and ranged abilities.

    Skip Campaign

    If you’ve completed Story Mode before, there’s no need to replay Campaign to level up your seasonal character. By choosing to skip Campaign when creating your character, you can immediately dive into open-world activities that provide more XP.

    Diablo 4 Season 3: Skip Campaign

    Select World Tier

    One of the key decisions you have to make when leveling is which World Tier to play. World Tier is a difficulty setting that affects enemy strength, the quality and quantity of loot drops, and the availability of endgame features.

    My advice is, if you want to level up quickly and efficiently, stick to World Tier 1. While World Tier 2 gives you 20% more XP and 15% more Diablo 4 Gold rewards, it also makes enemies and bosses more powerful, which can significantly slow down your progress.

    World Tier 1 lets you complete quests and strongholds easily and earn Renown rewards, giving you extra stat points and paragon points.

    However, if you’re playing in a group, this advice changes. With more players sharing the damage, you can tackle World Tier 2 more easily and benefit from increased rewards.

    Diablo 4: Which World Tiers are best for leveling?

    Start Season Of The Construct Quest As Soon As Possible

    Start Season of the Construct quest as early as possible with a level 1 character to jump-start your Season Journey. And completing this quest quickly unlocks your Seneschal Companion, adding a useful robot ally to your leveling journey.

    Unlike previous seasons, Season 3 tasks are not limited to completing Season Chapters. As a result, you should be able to complete story missions quickly, making it a worthwhile and efficient endeavor.

    Use Gems To Boost Stats

    Inserting gems into your gear can provide valuable stat improvements as you progress.

    One thing to note is not to spend unnecessary D4 Gold on jeweler to remove gems. If you salvage gear with gems on it, the gems are automatically returned to your stash.

    How To Put Gems Into Sockets In Diablo 4?

    Selectively Equip Aspects

    Be selective for equipping Aspects that make substantial improvements to your build. Especially considering the high cost of frequently changing gear during level 50. And given the regular gear upgrades, it’s wise not to invest too much into it early on.

    However, certain aspects can significantly simplify your leveling process, depending on your class and build. You can prioritize these Aspects and imprint them on your amulet, as this gear slot tends to be upgraded less frequently. It is worth noting that printing an Aspect on Amulet can enhance its effect by 50%.

    This strategic approach ensures you benefit from valuable aspects without spending too much on frequent gear changes.

    Also Read: Diablo 4: What Build Would Be Better To Choose In Season 3? - Class Changes & New Balancing

    Complete Tree Of Whispers & World Events

    Without knowing the exact XP rewards for seasonal events, I can say with a high degree of confidence that the best way to level up early is to complete Tree of Whispers.

    Players deal with them effectively by selecting areas where Whispers of the Dead are concentrated and completing multiple objectives simultaneously in a short period. For example, finding an area with dungeon quests that coincide with Whispers quests can greatly improve your leveling efficiency.

    By successfully completing Whispers of the Dead, you gain a variety of benefits. Accumulating 10 Grim Favors allows you to get new equipment from Tree of Whispers. This method is the most efficient way to level up and equip your character in the early stages of the game.

    If you feel strong enough, feel free to complete Legion and World Boss events as they are available on the map.

    Diablo 4: Tree of Whispers Tips & Everything You Need To Know

    Upgrade Your Health Potion

    Keep an eye on your Health Potion and when vendors in town offer upgrades. You can get a nice simple herb cache by doing quests in Kyovoshad. Go to World Tier statue in the north of the city and accept the side quest, Raising Spirits.

    To complete this mission, just stand next to the soldier and select “Cheer” on the emotion wheel. A cache of handy herbs will drop for you, which should be enough to upgrade your Health Potion.

    Events For Effectively Farming XP

    If you have reached level 50, at this point, you need to complete some more efficient activities to grind XP.

    Nightmare Dungeon

    You can collect Sigils to enter Nightmare Dungeon by farming Whispers of the Dead. When completing Nightmare Dungeon, you must remember to achieve your goals as quickly as possible and ignore trash mobs as much as possible. The faster you reach dungeon bosses, complete dungeons, and open new dungeons, the faster you earn XP.

    Diablo 4 Season 3: Nightmare Dungeon XP Farm


    As part of Diablo 4 1.3.0 Patch, Helltides will be active every hour and will be a significant source of gear. Most importantly, you’ll need it to complete Boss Ladder to get unique items.

    World Bosses

    You’ll want to fight World Bosses once they become available, as they drop guaranteed high-level gear. Once you’re ready, complete Capstone Dungeon to advance to World Tier 3. They can be anywhere between level 50 to level 70.

    To sum up, this Diablo 4 leveling guide provides players of all levels with different information and tips to help them level up efficiently in the game. While it may not provide the most engaging gaming experience, this repetitive strategy works well for those who are solely focused on leveling up quickly. Regardless, make sure you have fun in Diablo 4!

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  • How To Effectively Master Wingplay In FC 24? - Every Variation Explained

    FC 24 is one of the toughest games of the series so far. As far as gameplay goes, we all want to deny the issue of getting bogged down on offense and facing heavy defensive pressure. However, there is one key aspect that frees you up when you use your wings effectively and allows you to reach your full attacking potential.

    In today’s guide, we’ll explore the secrets of wing play in FC 24, different techniques to beat your opponents, and learn how and when to use them to unlock wing play.

    How To Effectively Master Wingplay In FC 24? - Every Variation Explained

    Create Movement

    First, you need to create some movement there. There are multiple ways to do this.

    You can use L1 LB button to send one of your side players around to the wing. You simply point at the player with the left analog stick before briefly tapping L1 LB button. You’ll immediately see the body language change and the player starts running forward.

    Another way to create this type of movement is to pass it. If your player has the ball in his hands, you want to run with the ball and eventually pass it to your teammate. Hold down L1 LB button and after the pass, you’ll see his burst of run on the baseline.

    In both cases, the defensive player may cover the obvious passing lane created by the moving player. So if this is the case, don’t throw the ball directly at the runner. But you can use a third player as a link player to create different passing angles for your goal. Therefore, it is crucial to invest more FC 24 Coins to improve the overall statistics of players.

    So let’s say you create some movement, cutting yourself into one-on-one confrontations to win back. So what do you do? There are many options.


    Let’s start with Cutbacks. First, with Cutbacks method, you pull the ball back to center with a sharp turn and explore your passing options.

    Once your wingers are far ahead, some attacking players will join in from the back and in transition. And the defense has yet to settle, making them perfect passing targets once you run to the end line.

    At this point, make sure to press the button to stop sprinting and then turn sharply toward the center side. You simply move using the left analog stick or with skills and watch the runner behind you find the best position to pass the ball.

    EA FC 24: How To Defend Wing Play & Try Cutbacks?

    If he can move out wide, I see opponents trying to catch me on the run, and that’s what I need to take advantage of. Because I knew he would keep sprinting just to catch me. That’s why I let go of the sprint button and used Ball Roll to make a sharp turn and get him out of the picture.

    Now I see the obvious passing option, but the opponent also sees him. Because I made a fake move to the left, my opponent was a little slow to react. I get the ball on target, clear my front and get a good scoring chance.

    Also, Player Lock is a powerful mechanism that can be used with cutbacks. Player Lock isn’t just for attackers. As a defender, you can also use it to disrupt play and steal the ball from your opponents, reading the game like a seasoned pro.

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    Explore The Goalline

    You will also have another opportunity, and that is to explore goalline. Sometimes your opponent wants you to perform cutbacks, in which case this method works perfectly.

    If the opponent still wants you to turn cutbacks, you can simply go deep into the goal line and watch the players inside to create scoring opportunities. Please note, do not panic when exploring goals. If your opponent is still covering passing lanes, try to find the perfect opportunity.

    Controlled Sprint is a great tool that works perfectly while exploring another excellent mechanic of the game.

    This method is a Driven Pass. If you’re exploring the goalline, your forward can walk directly in front of the goal, which allows you to perform a powerful Ground Pass. Here, hold down R1 RB button to perform a Driven Pass, allowing for a free goal.

    Controlled Sprint in FC 24: Master the Amazing New Speed Boost


    Next, we turn to another method, crossing. Inside the box, this method is underrated but powerful.

    There are two areas where you need to be very careful. The first is the movement of your potential target within the box. If he’s not really covered and is heading toward the goal, then that’s your chance.

    There you have to adjust the power of the passer based on the distance between him and the target, you need to change it.

    If you’re a fan of Crossing, you’ll love Whipped Pass PlayStyle+. Because with Whipped Pass+, we pin the ball between two and three bars of power. This type of Long Ball also works outside of the box.

    EA FC 24: Crossing Guide

    Switching Sides

    When you control the ball to one side of the court, you’ll find that if you stay on the same side for too long, the opposing team will turn to that side. Especially if the opponent uses a high depth formation of Pressure tactics, this will become a problem that needs to be avoided. You need wingers and full-backs on the other side.

    As mentioned before, because the opponent will automatically turn to one side, it will leave the other side open. At this point, switching sides with a winger can create incredible opportunities for you. But how do you use it as an offensive weapon?

    Personally, I sometimes purposely grab the bolt too much on one side so that when the defender closes in on me, I take my attention away from the other side.

    I’m looking for teammates on the other side of the court where I can pass the ball to. I’ll switch sides with Long Ball because my wingers and fullbacks are already active there. I took advantage of the space created by the wing change and perfectly accumulated the power of the winger’s change, giving us an easy chance to score.

    The Effective steps to defend wingplay and stop cutbacks in FC 24

    Attacking Wingbacks

    At the end of the guide, an important section is retained. You may have seen how aggressively I use my wing backs on offense, which will bring another dimension to your offense.

    If your winger is under pressure from two players, your wing backs can easily create a new passing position for the forward. Not only do you get rid of the pressure, but you start a very dangerous attack.

    Next, if your wing backs join the attack, your wing players may move more towards the center between the full backs and forwards. This means you can fill one more position and pass to that additional position.

    You’ll also have a variety of passing options. Assuming your winger has the ball in midfield, it will be a pleasure to defend him if you only have the midfielder passing the ball. But here, things change.

    For example, I see my wing backs push forward and immediately find their free space. If you find there is space in front of you, you can use the wing back. It’s simple, don’t hesitate and rush because most of the time the opponent won’t expect it. This way, you can create excellent scoring opportunities in all aspects.

    Therefore, after adopting these methods, you will become an actual threat from the side and cause real difficulties for your opponents. Use your agile wingers and dominate your game!

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  • 11 Advanced Tips You Need To Know Before You Pull Navia In Genshin Impact!

    In this guide, I bring you 11 advanced tips for maximizing Navia’s damage. Without further ado, let’s get started!


    Navia can shoot bullets with her Gunbrella, but you should know that she has a short range, just like Shotgun. Therefore, you need to make sure you hit your target at close range.

    Everything You Need To Know About Her Skill

    Navia gains Crystal Shrapnel stacks whenever the character picks up Crystalize Shields or when her burst hits an enemy every 2.4 seconds.

    The best thing about her burst is that you get the stack even when you’re not on the field. You can trace the stack with the help of these bullets you see next to Navia. The first 3 stacks will appear like normal bullets. When you stack more than 3 levels, the bullets will glow brighter and become larger.

    Most of us know this, but I thought I should mention it as well. The more layers she has, the more damage she does.

    The damage jumps a lot from zero stacks to three stacks. The last three stacks provide more damage, but much less than the first three stacks. So you need to use her skills when she has at least 3 stacks of them to get maximum damage output.

    11 Advanced Tips You Need To Know Before You Pull Navia In Genshin Impact!

    Partial Hit

    Another important thing to know is that they spread the shots of her elemental skills out. Therefore, partial hits on enemies will cause less damage. You need to make sure to hit the enemy’s entire body. You can easily click on the skill when you are close to the enemy, or you can hold down the elemental skill to quickly locate the skill and hit the whole body.

    Easily Collect Crystallize Shields

    One cool thing about mastering her elemental skill is that it gathers all Crystalize Shields near her, allowing you to easily get a Crystal Shrapnel stack before firing her gun.

    So you’ll want to keep her elemental skills to collect shields unless you already have her max stacks. This also allows you to aim your shots more precisely.

    Get An Extra NA Hit

    Navia gains Geo Infusion for 4 seconds after using her elemental skills. This time is too short, only enough for her to release a combo of basic attack skills. But by canceling her fourth normal attack through the animation, you can perform N4N1 combo, which will help you get an extra hit.

    You can dash right after she swings her umbrella, easily canceling the animation for her fourth normal attack, and then quickly unleash a normal attack. Just make sure you don’t rush in too early or before she waves her umbrella. Because this will cancel her entire fourth normal attack, thus doing less damage.

    But this combination can be a little inconsistent and a little difficult to execute, since your hands need to be fast and precise. So you can also cancel her third attack via animation and do two normal attacks. This is easier to do.

    You just need to dash right after she kicks out her Claymore, then perform two normal attacks. This does less damage than N4N1 combo, but is easier to pull off. Because her third basic attack’s start animation is faster than her last attack. This gives you more time to get extra attacks easily.

    Please try both combinations and tell me which one you prefer.

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    Tips To Reduce ER And Get Stacks Faster

    Now here’s a trick that will significantly reduce Navia’s energy costs and also get your Shrapnel stacks faster.

    Navia’s elemental skill provides 3-4 Geo Particles. So using her skill and then bursting immediately allows you to capture Energy Particles. This is how I usually start my rotation. Skill, burst, use your support, then switch back to Navia to unleash massive damage.

    If I have Furina or Zhongli in my team, I’ll start with their skills and then move on to Navia.

    When you use support, Navia will gain some stacks from her burst. You can then gain the remaining stacks by keeping her skills up and collecting Crystalize Shields generated by her bursts to further boost her damage. Then does her Geo Infusion normal attack and releases another shot, and does another normal attack combo cycle before finally releasing her burst again.

    Burst Doesn’t Snapshot

    Navia’s burst won’t be as Snapshot as some characters like Xiangling or Ayato. This allows you to buff your burst hit even if you use it before buffers.

    Using Second Geo Character

    The next trick is to use Navia with another Geo character.

    Although this is not necessary now, I find it more optimized and comfortable to use her with another Geo character. This significantly reduces her energy requirements and also unlocks Geo Resonance, which increases damage dealt by 15% and further provides 20% Geo Resistance Shred. This is something no other character besides Zhongli can offer.

    Zhongli and Albedo are the best here. Albedo provides a lot of Geo Particles and good off-field damage. Zhongli also provides Energy Particles, which can use Tenacity Set, giving a powerful shield and 20% Resistance Shred.

    Pros and Cons that You need to know for all Geo characters In Genshin Impact

    Ningguang or Geo Traveler are F2P options you can use, but they are less ideal than Zhongli and Albedo.

    Geo Traveler build doesn’t hinder Navia’s abilities, but it can still cause a lot of problems, such as displacing enemies and blocking your view. And Ningguang or Geo Traveler don’t have good off-board damage or offers.

    So instead of running less-than-ideal Geo support, you can use support from other elements like Xiangling, Fischl, Yelan, and Xingqiu, depending on which role fits your team, and build more ER on top of Navia.

    Best Team

    Zhongli, Xiangling and Bennett are one of Navia’s best teams to play for a number of reasons. Xiangling’s high off-field damage and her Pyro application allow you to crystallize reactions easily.

    We can replace Zhongli with Albedo. Xiangling can be replaced by Furina, as she also unlocks Marechausee Hunter Set. This is the new set, a great alternative to Nighttime Whispers in Echoing Woods.

    If you want to quickly experience more unique characters and sets, purchasing a new Genshin Impact Account may be the best choice.

    Genshin Impact: Navia Best Team For Getting Her Best Geo Damage Potential


    Choosing the right free weapon for Navia is crucial.

    Among the craftable weapons, Tidal Shadow might seem very useful, as it provides many attacks. But don’t level it up to R5, as Navia’s best free weapons will be available to us in the upcoming event.

    This weapon is Ultimate Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword. It gives you 48% attack power without any strings attached, as well as 30% energy recharge, giving you even more offensive stats.

    The reason I say this is her best weapon is because Tidal Shadow needs to heal your character. This can be difficult if you use Navia with Zhongli.

    Also, Tidal Shadow provides a large amount of attack from its passive and secondary stats, which can lead to diminishing returns when used with other attack buffers.

    Therefore, Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword’s energy replenishment can make you more flexible and gain more critical properties.

    Sacrificial Greatsword is a fun weapon to use because it gives you extra skill shots. This means more damage and more Energy Particles.

    However, with more skill shots, you also need more Crystallizes, which can be achieved with Albedo.

    Genshin Impact: How to get Ultimate Overlords Mega Magic Sword?

    Substitutes To Nighttime Whispers

    Now, for her Artifact, Nighttime Whispers is her best setup. Because it offers more team flexibility and is not limited to Furina teams like Marechausee Hunter.

    But the set is new so no one will have a good 4 piece. Therefore, the 4 piece Golden Troupe is a good choice.

    Genshin Impact: Marechaussee Hunter vs Golden Troupe

    But in order to get the full damage bonus from this set, you need to shoot her skills immediately after switching to her. Alternatively, you can use a 2 piece set Artifact effect that provides geo damage bonus, elemental skill damage or energy recharge for a more flexible play style.

    Hopefully, these tips will make your Navia play more efficient and make your Navia gameplay and rotations smoother, allowing you to unleash tons of damage from this character!

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  • What New Content Has The Recent Update Brought To Lords Of The Fallen?

    Here, I want to talk about the new content of Lords of the Fallen. All the latest patches have brought some nice QOL features, and some tasks are now fixed.

    Most importantly, the multiplayer experience has been greatly improved. For example, Vestiges menu now offers new options such as Co-op Partner Indicators to better interact with players and farm Lords of the Fallen Vigor together. The game is definitely in better shape now.

    So today let’s take a look at the patch notes and discuss what it has accomplished and what I think still needs to be done. Here I’m going to highlight what I consider being the weakest part of the game - multiplayer.

    I think these will be helpful to everyone: those who own the game will be up to date, and for those who are still on the fence, hopefully it will help you make your decision.

    What New Content Has The Recent Update Brought To Lords Of The Fallen?


    I want to start with the overall performance of the game. Some of you remember it wasn’t very good when it was released. I think it’s safe to say that most of the performance issues have now been resolved. Currently, the game runs fine at Ultra settings at 1080p.

    There are two realms in the game: realm of the living and realm of the dead, and you can switch between them almost anytime, anywhere. So, performance in Umbral - the world of the dead was always a little wonky, but it feels like that’s no longer an issue in most cases.

    I tried spending some extra time in Umbral, waiting for the timer to go off. Now it’s very smooth even when dealing with hordes of enemies. Unfortunately, this absolutely diabolical VHS-like filter still exists.

    That being said, the overall performance of the game still depends on the region. So you may still experience some slight fluctuations in certain areas, such as Bramis Castle.

    One of the most annoying things when it comes to performance is autosave stuttering, especially in late game areas and after playing for over three hours at a time. Just like any other souls like game, each character has a save file which is overwritten every time you reach an area or defeat a boss.

    I don’t know if this has anything to do with your total play time on a character or the amount of stuff you hoard or the area itself, but it looks like that’s been fixed now.

    I tested it with two characters: one was NG+2, and the other was a newbie who was playing through the game for the first time and was about to defeat the last boss, Adyr. I’ve been playing with each character for about 3 hours now and it looks like the issue has gone away now, but please let me know how it goes for you.

    Lords of the Fallen: How to Fix Performance Issues?

    New Features

    Before we move on to the most important topic - multiplayer, we have listed some other changes here. These changes, while less significant, are still very welcome.

    Most bosses will be stronger compared to previous patches. For example, their attacks are stronger and they can deal with more damage. Now some of them, such as Abbess Ursula, Judge Cleric, Lightreaper, and Sundered Monarch, have also received updates to their behavior, making them more in line with late-game challenges.

    It’s also worth mentioning that Lightreaper Sword special move has now been fixed, and Vanguard Armor and some other sets no longer glitch.

    Also, the issue of enemy health bars being visible from a distance in some areas has now been fixed. At least, I don’t see it anymore. It used to appear in Pieta fights. Sometimes you can see their health bar while fighting a boss.

    Lords Of The Fallen: New Features In latest Update


    There are some really pleasant changes and tweaks when it comes to multiplayer.

    When playing the game in co-op mode, you can now see where your partners are. This is thanks to this little glowing indicator in the game. This is a very simple addition, but it helps a lot and makes a lot of sense. However, I would like transfer back to the host to be an optional feature.

    Another pretty nice QOL change is the additional options on the Vestige menu. You can now leave a co-op session and kick players out of your session.

    There are also fewer disconnections during PVP, as hacked players can no longer return to the main menu. Also, compromised players can no longer interact with vendors. If it does not start Ritual, Moth Wall that appears when it is invaded will automatically disappear after a certain period.

    These are very welcome changes, but the core problem remains. We can say the multiplayer to be one of the most important features of any souls like game. It gives players a good reason to keep coming back and extends the overall longevity of the game.

    Also Read: Lords Of The Fallen: How To Unlock The Glided Bucket Weapon?

    I think even people who have little to no interest in playing these games cooperatively or doing PVP should be interested in the game’s souls like gameplay functioning properly. Because like I said, it allows players to play the game longer, which gives developers a reason to keep improving the game and updating the game.

    But Lords of the Fallen’s multiplayer have been bogged down almost from day one, mostly due to ping issues. Each co-op session is very host dependent, and if your host is far away from you, you won’t be able to enjoy the game.

    So you might see some tweaks and improvements, but it’s never going to improve unless they invest in dedicated servers.

    Everything You Need To Know About Lords Of The Fallens Multiplayer Mode!


    Overall, Lords of the Fallen is a good game and I’m glad it continues to be improved and updated. But sadly, it’s currently only playable alone unless you have a friend who lives nearby and has a good internet connection.

    Regardless, there are more updates to come for Lords of the Fallen, with a roadmap filled with fun free content like new quests, new weapon animations, new spells, new armor sets, and more. Let us look forward to it bringing us extra surprises!

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  • How To Master The Best Offensive Scheme In Madden 24? - Spread Offensive Playbook

    If you’re looking for an explosive, fun, unpredictable offensive scheme that will help you win more games in Madden 24, you can’t miss this guide! Without further ado, let’s get started.

    Offensive Scheme Breakdown

    For this scenario, we will use a spread offensive playbook, using Ace Slot Offset formation.

    The tactic we are going to discuss is posts. This tactic has many setups that we can use to defeat man coverage or zone coverage. Therefore, mastering this tactic can help you win games easily and earn tons of MUT 24 coins!

    How To Master The Best Offensive Scheme In Madden 24? - Spread Offensive Playbook

    Man Coverage Tactics

    For man coverage, we have 4 different layouts.

    Deep Ball Setup

    The first layout is a deep ball setup that can bomb any man-coverage. On this play, I like to place the trips side on the short side of the field so that the slant and post have more space to separate themselves from the defender.

    For adjustments, you want to put the slot receiver on the slant, the outside receiver on the post, the two Tight Ends on the flat, and then the running backs on the wheels, and you need to move the running back to the trips side.

    Putting Tight Ends on the flat is just to create better route spacing. You can also put Tight Ends on drag routes.

    Now, if your opponent doesn’t have deep half help, you can leave this running back wheel wide open for a touchdown.

    If the route is not open, you will want to read slant and post. Usually, these routes will handle any man-coverage you may face.

    MUT 24: 4 Man Coverage Setups

    Misdirection & Crossers

    The next man beater in play involves Misdirection and Crossers. All you have to do is put the outside receiver on the post, the slot receiver on the slope, the two Tight Ends on the flat, and then move the running backs on Texas route to the trips side.

    The benefit of this is that this setup looks very similar to the first play we discussed, which will make it difficult for your opponent to predict what you are going to run.

    But please note that instead of taking the running back wheel route, he takes this inverted Texas route, almost like a slant route. And this route is nearly impossible for the user or computer to secure, like what you see here.

    Also note that in this game, both slant and post are wide open.

    Short Yardage

    The next man beater we want to discuss is Short Yardage.

    First you want to make sure the trips side is at the far end of the field, then put the outside receiver on the drag and the inside wide receiver on the zig. Then you have to signal the powerful side Tight End to let him score consecutively.

    What you are mainly reading here is drag and zig. Typically, you’ll see zig open in some easy yards. If these routes are not open, your next destination is Texas route and corner route.

    What makes this play so great is the way your route creates separation on either side of the field, making the user unsure of where to go.

    Best Short Yard Offense In Madden 24!

    Corner Route

    Now let’s review the last man beater. I like to do this tactic between the 10 and 20 yard lines. And again, you want to make sure you set the trips on the remote side.

    What you want to do is put the outside receiver on the slant, leave the slot receiver in the corner, and keep everything else the same.

    The first thing you read here is the corner route, which is great against man coverage, but you have to make sure you throw the ball when the receiver cuts. This will ensure that the defender has no chance to steal the ball.

    Madden 24: Add These Routes to Any Play to Beat Man Coverage

    Zone Beaters Tactics

    Now we want to review the zone beaters in this scheme. We’ll keep the same play and formation, Posts in Ace Slot Offset.

    Posts In Ace Slot Offset

    To start any plan, you need a Flood Concept, which has a deep route, medium route, and short route.

    However, for this play, you need to run Flood Concept on the other side of the field. The way we set it up in this scheme is to place the outside receiver on the vertical. Since you only have to make one adjustment, you can try to overwhelm your opponent so they don’t have time to adjust their defense.

    Now the players you want to read are the two defenders. If the outside corner runs with the vertical, and the slot corner defends a flat route, it will leave the corner route open on the sideline.

    If you feel your opponent is applying pressure, quickly look at Tight End on the flat. If no one is covering the flat at the snap, you can quickly throw to Tight End for a few easy yards.

    Madden 24: Posts In Ace Slot Offset

    Double Mable Beater

    The next play we will discuss is Double Mable Beater. Meta coverage in Madden 24 is Double Mable, with flat zone at 30 yards and curl flat at 5 yards.

    The purpose of the defense is to guard the sidelines. To overcome this coverage, all you have to do is put the slot receiver on the streak. When we spike the ball, you can see this streak taking over the back-line. This opens up space for a post route into the midfield, yielding huge gains. You just have to make sure you throw the ball away before the safety has time to react and interrupt the play.

    MUT 24: How To Beat The Double Mable? - Formations Route Combos RPOs

    Flood Concept

    For the next zone beaters, we will create another Flood Concept by placing the outside receiver in a vertical position. Then we’ll move the running back and put him in a vertical position.

    We made this design for running backs. The goal is to pull any flat or neutral zone defender away from the center of the field. If this happens, the running back will be open. This play style is dominant because it adds an extra component to Flood Concept.

    Another way to set up this tactic is to signal the powerful side Tight End and have him go flat. Then place Tight End on the vertical line.

    Run Plays

    For the last part of this scheme, we’ll review Run Plays.

    The first Run Play we will discuss is RPO Slot Bubble. If you find you have a numerical advantage on the trips side, pass the ball to the bubble, which will help give your best player some easy yardage in space.

    Madden 24: RPO Slot Bubble

    If a player lines up over the bubble receiver, watch the defender. If he stays flat flooded, you can still pass the ball to the bubble.

    If you pass the ball, make sure you don’t hold the right trigger before crossing the line of scrimmage. This will optimize your blocking, allowing more people to miss and gain some easy yardage.

    The final Run Play is called Outside Zone. The key to this style of play is to take the ball outside and, once you see an opening, drive through it. You also need to be wary of any cutback lanes in this play.


    That’s the complete guide to the spread offensive playbook. This formation alone can win you multiple games. So, hurry up and try it out!

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  • Path Of Exile 3.23 Affliction Update Notes - New Content & Highlights

    POE 3.23 Affliction patch notes have been released. In my opinion, this is the biggest and best Path of Exile update in a while. The patch notes are long, but I’m going to touch on the things that stood out to me.

    There were many predictions about Affliction before it released the patch, but none of us expected new Ascendancies to appear in Affliction League. Honestly, when I saw the trailer, I was shocked, but in a good way.

    Affliction is an in-map mechanic. Unlike Trial of the Ancestors or Heist, you don’t have to leave the map and enter a completely original area to do so. While mapping, you’ll encounter Sacred Wisps, which allow you to teleport to a place called Viridian Wildwood. You’ll be able to explore the forest and find new valuable rewards, new powers, and even new bosses.

    POE 3.23 Patch Notes Deep Dive - New Gem, Ascendancy and more

    New Ascendancies

    Next comes the most exciting part of Affliction League - three new Ascendancies that you can choose from in addition to the regular Ascendancies.

    The first Ascendancy was called Warden Of The Maji. This Ascendancy specializes in Flasks and Tinctures, while also providing some form of defense via Barkskin skill and Oath of the Maji.

    The second Ascendancy, Warlock of the Mists, lets you manipulate corpses for more damage and provides protection against monsters that share the creature type with the corpse. In addition to gaining 3 new curses, you can purchase corpses from NPCs and summon them as spectres. This Ascendancy class should be suitable for Minion builds and Aurabots.

    The last one is called Wildwood Primalist. This one is very interesting because if you have enough POE Currency budget, you can buy charms from NPCs to create your own Ascendancy class.

    Also Read: Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction Is Coming! - Everything You Need To Know About Affliction

    This Ascendancy class has very high potential. Imagine that we could buy some powerful charms from NPCs. This Ascendancy class could be pretty insane. I think most players will choose this Ascendancy class at the beginning of the league.

    When Sacred Wisps run out of energy, they will take you back to where you came from, along with the other Wisps you collected. These Wisps then disperse into the environment and inhabit randomly selected monsters in the area, increasing their power and bonuses.

    POE 3.23 Affliction New Ascendancies

    Buffs (Skill Gems)

    Now, let’s talk buffs and nerfs. I’ll start with skill gem buffs.

    Divine Ire’s damage is greatly increased. It now has up to 10 stages instead of 20. Meanwhile, after the first stage, the hits and failures in each stage will also receive more damage.

    I’ve played self-cast Divine Ire before, but the channeling play style felt clunky. But Divine Ire Totem should be very good. Totem will automatically release its beam once it reaches its maximum stage. Since the maximum level is now 10, it can release faster the beam.

    Cobra Lash gets a huge buff at both clear speed and single target thanks to the extra chain. I think this will be a popular league starter.

    Animated Guardian now has more minion maximum life. Because some Animated Guardians are very expensive to set up, and the last thing you want is for them to die.

    In addition to Animated Guardian, many minions now have more lives, such as Summon Carrion Golem, Summon Fire Golem and Summon Reaper.

    Rolling Magma now gains +2 chains at 20% quality. Someone might come up with some insane and fun Rolling Magma builds with this change. Something like using Sire of Shards to clear the entire screen would be really fun.

    Finally, Arc also gets a buff. The 15% increase in damage done by hits and ailments means Ignite Arc should be pretty good in the next league.

    Path of Exile Affliction Powerful Buff

    Nerfs (Skill Gems)

    Continuing with the discussion of skill gem nerfs. Our endgame Righteous Fire was nerfed. Righteous Fire should perform better in the campaign, but you’ll quickly hit a wall when you get to the map.

    This is because it has removed base fire damage from the skill gem, so now you can only adjust life and energy shield to get the same amount of damage. To do that, you’re going to have to sacrifice things like gear damage, which isn’t ideal.

    Also, stacking health means you won’t be able to scale Fire Trap, which is a tremendous loss of damage to a single target.

    Some people might build Righteous Fire using Rathpith Globe, but I think the additional Divine Orbs it would require would also be much higher.

    Vortex, another popular league starter has also been nerfed. It is no longer instant, and it has significantly reduced its damage at gem level 20.

    Finally, Purity Auras no longer provide higher AOE at 20% quality, which is a nerf to minion builds. However, if you use them yourself, this change is considered a buff.

    PoE Affliction: Every Major Nerf

    Nerfs (Unique Items)

    What would happen to Path of Exile if it wasn’t nerfed? This time around, the nerf hammer has finally hit some very popular unique items like Heatshiver and Kaom’s Spirit. I mean, these are all expected.

    Many people thought that Heatshiver in Trial of the Ancestors would be weakened, but unexpectedly it survived. And now it’s finally time to be nerfed. Heatshiver now only allows you to gain 30% of cold damage as bonus fire damage against frozen enemies instead of 100%, which is obviously an enormous loss of damage.

    This will affect builds such as Frost Blades, Ice Trap and Cold Shockwave Totem. My Cold Shockwave Totem build survives because it doesn’t use Heatshiver or Replica Dragonfang’s Flight.

    As for Kaom’s Spirit, it now restores 1 Rage per second for every 300 health restored, instead of 100 health per second. This will affect a lot of builds, mainly attack builds like Frost Blades, Flicker Strike and Tornado Shot.

    However, if you have very high life regeneration, such as if you play Inquisitor or Guardian, this recent change can be easily overcome.

    POE 3.23 Affliction Content Review - Is Everything Buffed or Nerfed?

    Transfigured Gems

    In Affliction League, Alternate Quality Gems, Labyrinth Helmet Enchantments and Unique Threshold Jewels will be combined into a new system called Transfigured Gems. It serves as an alternative version of the skill gem, with different functionality and balance.

    The new Transfigured Gems offer huge potential for completely new builds, such as Raise Zombie of Falling. You can now summon zombies from the air instead of from the ground.

    We’ll be getting over 100 Transfigured Gems, and I can’t wait to see how they interact with the monsters.

    Also, any skill gem nerfs we receive will probably be turned into buffs for Transfigured Gems, but we won’t know until the details come out.

    POE 3.23: Transfigured Gems from the Reveal

    Ultimatum & Metamorph

    Another thing is, Ultimatum is back. I think more people will choose this over the other mechanics they normally do because it’s such a great value.

    With Ultimatum replacing Metamorph, we also get Ultimatum’s unique Atlas passives.

    I’m glad to see Metamorph is actually gone. Because Metamorph, as one of the extra content, feels bland. It all depends on the reward. When we have other mechanics like Harvest and Expedition, there will be no reason to farm Metamorph as we do now.

    POE 3.23 Affliction League Reveal Ultimatum Is Back!

    Gemcutter’s Prism Vendor Recipe

    Before I wrap up, I’d like to mention that Gemcutter’s Prism Vendor Recipe has been removed. This means you now have to pick up all the good gems and sell them to get Gemcutter’s Prism early in the game.

    Also, we may see an increase in the price of Gemcutter’s Prism in Affliction, and a 20% reduction in the number of premium skill gems on the market during the start of the league. Note, however, that this change does not affect non-awakened support gems.


    Let’s be honest, these patch notes are pretty heavy and there’s a lot to digest. Hopefully, I’ve covered all the important stuff.

    However, I’m excited that there will be a meta shift where we will try different builds instead of the usual ones. Hopefully, these Transfigured Gems and new Ascendancies live up to their names and contribute to the diversity of the build.

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  • How To Prepare For The Upcoming ICC 30% Buff In WOTLK Classic?

    Champions of Azeroth, I hope you do well! Today we are discussing the high-level impact of the upcoming ICC 30% Buff in WOTLK Classic.

    Here I want to cover a few things like changes to Raid Composition, changes to the economy, community reaction to buffs, and which alts you should re-roll to. So let’s get started.

    How To Prepare For The Upcoming ICC 30% Buff In WOTLK Classic?

    ICC Buff Explained

    First, let’s talk about our understanding of this buff. ICC Buff will appear by default on December 5th and will be enabled by default for any ICC Raid.

    If you’re worried about being forced to do a simpler version of Raid, you don’t have to worry at all. You can turn off the buff yourself at the entrance to Tirion Fordring.

    ICC Buff will initially provide a 5% buff to health, healing, and damage, and will increase by 5% every two weeks thereafter. This means we will get a 10% gain on December 19th. Then the 15% gain will come on January 2nd, 20% on the 16th, 25% on January 30th, and the final gain of 30% will come on February 13th, 2024.

    Here, we will take a comprehensive and in-depth look at what this buff will bring.

    WOTLK Classic: ICC Buff Explained

    How Does Buff Change Raid Composition?

    So you’ve learned about the buff. Now let’s talk about how it changes everything, like your Raid Composition.

    The first normal Raid adjustment will be to stack more damage than before. The goal will be to drive faster clearing times and higher parse. Instead of running five healers in Heroic mode, guilds will run four, and sometimes even three, depending on the battle.

    The first healers to leave will be Restoration Druid or Holy Priest, and then the next healer will probably be Restoration Shaman. Generally speaking, this will cause the demand for healing and tanking to decrease, while the demand for DPS will increase at the same time.

    Another Raid Composition adjustment some guilds will make is to make tough battles easier. An example would be to run eight healers on Sindragosa so that your damage will be quite high enough that you can afford it.

    You could even run six healers like in Heroic Lich King, but that’s nearly impossible with the current DPS checks.

    The final Raid Composition adjustment that guilds will make is farming bosses like Heroic Lich King. Currently, less than 500 guilds have completed Heroic Lich King. I predict that number will increase fivefold over the next two months due to changes in Raid Composition.

    WOTLK Classic: The Actual Best ICC Raid Composition

    How To Buff Affects Alts?

    If you’re playing a poorly scaled class or healer, one of the best ways to prepare for the new ICC Buff is to play more alts.

    In most cases, buffing level damage will give an advantage to a class that’s already at the top. This is great for your Fire Mage, Survival Hunter, and Feral Druid. The ones heading in the wrong direction are your Warlock, Boomkin Druid, and Death Knight. If you don’t have a decent Warrior alt yet, they’ve been dropping from raids recently, so don’t miss it.

    It’s worth noting that Warrior and Shadow Priest performed very well in some group raids. And with new buffs, equipping your new gear will also be much easier.

    Since normal mode will be very easy, my plan is to skip Gamma mode and spend WOTLK Classic Gold to equip my Mage with BoE gear to go straight into ICC 10-man raid.

    Shifting Group Meta

    When we talk about the new ICC raids, we have to discuss the changes to the group meta.

    As I just said, the barrier to entry for the normal mode group is much lower. I’ve also seen a lot of players worry that raids will be too easy. It has to be said that these concerns are definitely justified.

    I’m hoping to get into the groove with a gear score of 5,300 for the first time on the more intense side of the game.

    We also have speedrunning. No one could speedrun before without clearing Heroic Lich King. But now it’s back on the table for the first time, as speedrunning becomes a more widespread and accessible activity. However, running it again can severely weaken the healer.

    On the other hand, for high-level classes like Fire Mage and Shadow Priest, GDKPs will be more common, with only a few thousand players able to get Heroic Lich King equipment. This means those true BiS weapons will be worth a fortune. Even Invincible’s Reins may eventually start selling and be worth hundreds of thousands in WOTLK Classic Gold.

    If you want to take part in GDKPs and make a lot of money for Cataclysm, then you should get ready now.

    The Buff Also Changes The Economy

    So let’s talk about the impact of this ICC Buff on WOTLK Classic’s economy. Having a buff means increased player demand for BoE gear, especially rare items like Battered Hilt.

    I’m keeping a close eye on items like Wodin’s Lucky Necklace. Whenever I find them for cheap at auction, I absolutely grab it in a heartbeat.

    WotLK Classic: How to get Shadowmourne?

    While BoE is the best way to level up new characters, veteran players will want to consider opting for the cheaper Shadowmourne.

    We know that the number of regular ICC groups will skyrocket and prices will only go down. As we get closer to Cataclysm, you’ll earn bonus items that cost over 50,000 WOTLK Classic Gold, such as Sylvanas’ Music Box. So this is a lot cheaper than it looks.

    As for how the community reacted to this buff. There are definitely two camps. On one hand, people are pushing for the development of Heroic Lich King and they hope to achieve their goals. On the other hand. There are a lot of players looking to get involved in ICC and they are happy that Raid will make it easier to do so.

    I’m curious which camp you fall into and please let me know what your strategy is. With all these tips, you should be able to face the Lich King like never before!

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  • Best Tips For Perfect Defense In Madden 24 With Mable Coverage

    The meta defense in Madden 24 is called Mable Coverage. In today’s guide, we’ll cover the basics of Mable Coverage so you can start winning more games now. Let’s get into it.


    First, to set up Mable Coverage, all you have to do is press RS on your controller for coaching adjustments, then switch auto alignment to base. Then you’re going to get into the zone to drop and throw it flat at 30 and 5 yards.

    Best Tips For Perfect Defense In Madden 24 With Mable Coverage

    So what is the purpose of double Mable Coverage? Why is it so popular and how to set it up?

    The most basic way to perform Mable Coverage is to play secondary defense inside the screen. You want to build up defense and press the defense, which is Y or triangle, and then down with the left stick.

    The most important adjustment you need to make is to back off your 30 yard flat defenders, which are the outside corners. The reason you have to do this is if you don’t let them back off, they won’t get to the 30 yards depth you need them to. But if you hold them back, they’ll get the right depth to play their best defense.

    Then you’re going to put the slot defender on a curl flat, which are 5 yard curl flats. Because that’s the most basic way, we set them up for coaching now.

    You may have guessed that you will control the middle part of the field. Now you know the setup and your responsibilities as a user, but what does this defense actually do?

    Madden 24: The Coaching Adjustments You Should Be Using!

    Stopping Corner Routes

    Mable Coverage is known to protect sidelines very well, and it protects corner routes very well. This also forces the opponent to throw the ball to the center of the field, where your best defenders are.

    Flood Concept Out Of Condensed Sets

    Now let’s go over some popular route concepts that this defense breaks down. The first concept we’re going to discuss is Flood Concept of condensed sets, which is very popular in Madden every year. It is important to know that Flood Concept usually runs densely to the short side of the field. So the offense will start in droves.

    Here, we have a vertical, a corner out and a flat route, and you’ll see that when we spike the ball. These routes actually went directly into our defences. So if you struggle to defend corner routes in Madden 24, this defense will be especially good for you.

    Also Read: 5 Top Franchise Mode Teams During Madden NFL 24’S Mid-Season

    But what about the backside in this play? What many people do is double Mable on both sides, regardless of its formation or the position of the hash mark.

    But if you think about it, most of your threats are on the right side of the field, and we really can’t be threatened by Flood Concept on the back.

    So think about how we can turn the defense toward the powerful side of the offense by doing things like this, putting your corner in the back third and your back safety in the middle third. If you only want to field third downs, you can have the linebackers do Hook Curls, which can help you protect the running backs’ wheel routes.

    We should note that if you have enough MUT 24 Coins budget, don’t forget to improve the overall statistics of the running back. This is very important for the smooth running of your route.

    Madden 24: Flood Concept In Condensed Sets

    Flood Concept In Tight Doubles Formation

    One example is a big reason Mable Coverage was so good this year. It protects 99% of the corner routes. And the corner route is probably the best route in the game.

    Now, what if the offense ran a Flood Concept with Tight Doubles instead of a Bunch with the wide receivers on the backside, on a corner and the tight end on a vertical?

    Actually, the same rules apply. You really only need to worry about Mable Coverage on the short side of the course. Then on the back, you can do the same thing with the corners in the back third. You want to make sure you press down on this back third so it protects the corner kick route. Then you can put the safety in the middle third. When I drive the ball, you can see the route is straight toward our defender like before.

    Madden 24: Flood Concept In Tight Doubles Formation

    Formation Flip

    So what if the formation flips? So what if the powerful side of the offensive formation is on the left or far side of the court?

    So now they are trying to run Flood Concept to the far end in a Condensed formation. What many people don’t know is that they don’t have to use the far end of the field with Mable Coverage.

    If you double your Mable Coverage to the far side of the field and your opponent runs a Flood Concept to that side, you’ll find that the corner can actually reach the back of the flat for 30 yards. The reason this happens on the far side is that the corner has more room to get behind the 30 yard flat than the weak or short side. Because the corner route doesn’t have enough room to get behind the 30 yard flat.

    This is a strong side approach to countering Flood Concept with Condensed formation. Place the corner in the outside third and then press the third corner.

    Like I said before, it’s important to press him because he’ll defend the corner route very well. Then you can put the safety in the inner third or inner quarter. Whatever you want, you’ll see here that corner routes won’t be able to get into the deep third like they can when faced with a 30-yard flat. With this tip alone, you can close off corner kick routes to the weak or strong side of your formation.

    The Best Defense In Madden 24: How To Stop Corner Routes Easy

    Advanced Tips

    Now, this is what some more advanced Madden players do. Sometimes, people who are very good at the game will move their receivers vertically to the far end of Flood Concept.

    So if we do the same defense with the outside third and then the middle third at safety. Then vertical will actually stretch the third deep zone, creating space for corner routes, which will end up being very open.

    So if you’re facing an advanced player and you see this action, how should you respond? Well, that’s when Mable Coverage comes back into play.

    After the receiver’s signal, we will set Mable Coverage to that side. So what we’re going to do is what we did at the beginning. We’re going to hit the assist button and back out of the corner on 30 yards of flat ground.

    If you have time, you can actually manually move the corner back a few yards to make sure the corner’s route doesn’t get behind him. Then you’re going to put the corner on a 5-yard curl flat to defend the quick route.

    Because there are two receivers, we need to make sure we can still defend corners. So if the opponent has some type of pull route, you can take the corner kick out of the game.

    Madden 24 Stop Corner Routes: Mable Coverage Explained

    So what we can do here is actually double our coverage on both sides. We can do this by putting 30 yard flat on the corners and 5 yard curl flat on the slot corners.

    And then our backfield safety can actually play in the inside zone instead of in the back half. This even better protects any vertical routes for both receivers.

    This will be the final setup. So if the offense is going to hit a Flood Concept to the left and then maybe a series of corners to the right, we’re going to break it up.


    That’s my complete guide to perfecting defense in Madden 24. I hope this peace of mind can help you better understand Mable Coverage. I hope you have a great day. See you next time.

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  • New World Season 4 Eternal Frost Update Notes! - Release Date & New Content

    Following the successful launch of Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, New World has announced Season 4 called Eternal Frost, much to the excitement of all players.

    The new season will bring new Storyline, Expedition, Artifacts and more. In addition, they will launch a new Season Pass in Season 4, as well as some limited-time challenges. Players can complete these challenges to earn exclusive cosmetics.

    If you have been waiting for the update of New World Season 4 Eternal Frost. Here’s everything you need to know about it, including its release date and everything it will bring to the game.

    New World: Dev Update - Eternal Frost Announcement

    Release Date

    The developers stated that New World it will release Season 4 Eternal Frost on December 12, 2023, however, the specific time has not been revealed. In addition to this, players can test out all upcoming content in its Public Test Realm ahead of its global launch starting on November 9.

    However, keep in mind that you need to own Rise of the Angry Earth to access the new content.

    New World Season 4 Eternal Frost Release Date

    Content Summary For Season 4

    Below, you’ll find a full breakdown of everything in New World Season 4 Eternal Frost.

    New Storyline

    New World Eternal Frost update will continue Rise of the Angry Earth storyline. The storyline started with the last patch in October of this year. Players will have to face an unknown threat from Knight of Round Table. He discovers the secret of Ancients and plans to conquer humanity with the power of Eternal Frost on Aeternum.

    To stop him, players must team up with Silver Crows, a group of explorers and adventurers, and seek the help of a Fire Mage named Daichi to track down and defeat the knight before he destroys Aeternum.

    Also Read: New World Patch 3.0.2 Update Notes! - Blunderbuss Nerf & More Fixes

    Winter Convergence Festival

    Icy winds and Glimmering Gleamite fill the air once again as Winter Convergence Festival returns to Aeternum. During the festival, you will visit Winter Villages, meet Winter Wanderer and perform his festival missions.

    In return, players will receive Winter Tokens. Players can use them to earn new limited-time rewards, including Festive Skins, Emotes, Housing Items, and more. Players can also earn a generous sum of New World Coins by selling recurring rewards.

    New World Season 4: Winter Convergence Festival

    Glacial Tarn Expedition

    New World Season 4 will also introduce a new Level 65 Expedition called Glacial Tarn. This is a level 65 dungeon located in Great Cleave region, where players must venture into the frozen caverns beyond Empyrean Forge.

    There, players will also be able to explore a massive frozen complex hidden beyond Empyrean Forge and pursue Varangian Knight Sir Loth.

    To defeat him, players must find and use Empyrean Flame’s primordial magic to eliminate Ice Magic-filled enemies and obstacles and defeat him before the power of Sir Loth consumes all of Aeternum.

    New Artifacts

    Eight new Artifacts will be part of Season 4. Players can find and equip 8 new Artifacts to redefine their play style. These powerful weapons and armors each have their own unique abilities and tasks, including but not limited to:

    • Boltcaster Bow: Stun and shock enemies
    • Winged Shoes: Boost your speed and reduce cooldowns
    • Frozen Gauntlet: Freeze and finish your enemies

    New World Season 4 Artifacts Preview

    New Season Pass

    New World Season 4 will provide you with a new Season Journey, new Activity Card, new Challenges, and new rewards, including cosmetics and consumables.

    Players can access Season Journey and Activity Card from the main menu and track their progress and rewards. Challenges will test players’ gaming skills and knowledge and reward them with Season Points and other rewards.

    Winter Warrior Boss

    New open world boss Winter Warrior and his legion of Frigid Folk are on a relentless mission to spread Forever Winter across the land. Players will team up with over 20 players and defeat it in Great Cleave, Brightwood, Edengrove, Ebonscale Reach, and Brimstone Sands to earn new seasonal rewards.

    New World: New Winter Enemies & Loot

    General Crassus Boss

    On the other side of New World, General Crassus’s armies are threatening Aeternum. Following ancient plans, Crassus’ forces occupied the southern lands and freed Cyclopses Lucanus and Decimus.

    Your mission is to hunt down its terrifying leader and eliminate Roman tyranny’s shadow. You will search for portals in Brightwood, Weavers Fen, Mourningdale, Ebonscale Reach, and Edengrove. Each victory over them will net you new event-specific daily rewards.

    Cross World Expeditions & New Group Finder

    In Season 4, players will team up with anyone from around the world to complete challenges. However, they should be in the same area.

    To find the perfect player, you can use the new one-click Group Finder. It automatically forms a role-balanced cross-world group, eliminating the need for lobby management.

    New World Season 4: Cross World Expeditions & New Group Finder

    Public Test Realm

    Finally, New World will open Public Test Realm on November 9th. PTR will allow players to preview upcoming features and content, such as new Expedition, a new Season Story, new Artifacts, and more. PTR will also provide players with special accommodations, such as instant levels and special gear.

    PTR is a separate client from the main game and needs to be downloaded separately. Players who own the base game will have access to a PTR app on Steam. PTR availability is limited and queues may apply. It’s important to note that PTR characters and progress will not transfer to the live game.


    That’s everything you need to know about New World Season 4 Eternal Frost. We expect an Eternal Frost update to bring a lot of excitement and fun to New World players as they explore new content and face new challenges. Although Rise of the Angry Earth expansion is required to play, the update will be free-for-all players who own the game.

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