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  • How To Build A PVP Duelist Strength Build In Elden Ring 1.10? - Poise Damage Explained

    Here, I’ll show you my build of Elden Ring Duelist that will be a game changer in your duels and invasions.

    Before making this build, let’s discuss some of the most important yet complex stats in the game. Because after patch 1.10, the game changed drastically in PVP battles. After that, I’ll walk you through the process of making this build and show everything you’ll need and how to get them.

    Elden Ring 1.10: How To Build A PVP Duelist Strength Build?

    Poise & Hyper Armor

    First step, we need to talk about Poise. This is the primary system that determines your resistance to enemy attacks. At low values, even a single dagger swing will kill your character and you won’t be able to attack or dodge. At high values, you can tank almost any weapon attack.

    But patch 1.10 changed that completely. It has increased poise damage for all weapons and some spells and spells in the latest patch. This means that a one-handed R1 hit from any weapon class except daggers can now break your Poise.

    But it’s not completely useless, it’s just not as effective as it used to be. We consider it the only stat that requires tanks.

    There are two things that need to be elaborated. As I mentioned, in PVP, almost any weapon can break your Poise with just one hit. But not all hits have the same Poise damage. Every hit of the combo breaks Poise. But Poise damage from the last strike is roughly half that of the first strike.

    Next up is Hyper Armor. This allows you to keep attacking while being attacked. What I mean by that is that there are windows during the attack where you or your enemies cannot be interrupted. When you get hit during an attack, if you have enough Hyper Armor, you can continue the attack with this attack.

    Elden Ring: How Does Poise Work?

    I think this is the major factor that gives you the upper hand in PVP battles. Because it directly related Hyper Armor to the weapon you use. There are 4 levels of Hyper Armor based on the attacks you perform. These levels act as multipliers.

    By now you should know that all attacks deal some amount of Poise damage. To tank attack, you need to have the same amount or more of Hyper Armor and Armor Poise.


    Next, let’s build a decent PVP Duelist build. This is a melee building with two heavy weapons. You’ll have a projectile that helps you and a weapon skill that boosts your stats.

    This build mainly focuses on strength, so we upgraded it to level 80. In order to have enough Equip Load and Energy for continuous attacks, we have also upgraded Endurance to level 58.

    Because our weapon damage scales with Dexterity and Strength. So, 55 Dexterity is fine for some players. Finally, there is 11 Mind that allows us to use the weapon skill multiple times while invading. All other properties remain the same.

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    Free Elden Ring Runes And Items Giveaway


    We discussed Poise and how it works. Next we should consider Outfits this build requires. These options are very effective in PVP battles.

    In addition to the helmet, we are using Veteran’s Set here. The suit has very good defensive stats, and with our Endurance, Equip Load won’t be an issue.

    Elden Ring: How to Get Veteran's Armor Set?

    But for a helmet, I recommend Hoslow’s Helm. Compared to Veteran’s Helm, it’s lighter and the difference in defense stats isn’t too big. Using this helmet allows us to invest more in other character attributes.

    To get Veteran’s Set, you must defeat Commander Niall at Castle Sol. Then get the parts you want with Elden Ring Runes from Enia on Roundtable Hold. It’s worth noting you can also get 5% off in IGGM.com with the code “CSCCA”.

    To get Hoslow’s Helm, you must complete Volcano Manor questline. If you equip these parts as I suggest, you will have Armor Poise at 76. It rises to 101 when Bull-Goat’s Talisman is added.

    Attacking Weapons & Tactics

    In this build, we’ll obviously be picking Colossal Weapons. They scale with Dexterity and Strength. Among them, the right hand is Axe of Godfrey, a weapon that can be got by trading Remembrance of Hoarah Loux. Its weapon skill is one of the key foundations of this build.

    Regal Roar increases its attack power by 9.6% for 40 seconds. And after using this skill, Charge Attack is completely different.

    Elden Ring: Axe of Godfrey

    Another weapon is Rotten Staff, which causes Scarlet Rot to pile up. And you can get it after killing Putrid Avatar in Elphael Brace of The Haligtree.

    Next, we’ll tell you how to use these weapons in battle. I recommend using 3 types of attacks and then calculating your resistance to Hyper Armor and Poise damage while performing those attacks.

    The first attack is Chain L1 Standing Attack. With this tactic, you can hit your opponent 3 times in a row. Most players can dodge the first two attacks. As long as you keep your stamina up at all times, a burst final blow can easily kill your opponent.

    The second attack is L1 Jumping Attack. This is a common type of tactic in PVP, where we assign talismans to deal more damage.

    The third trick is Charge R2 Attack after using weapon skills, which also has follow-up attacks.


    Now we need to use some Talismans to maximize the effect of our tactics. From the attack type, it is best to use Twinblade Talisman and Claw Talisman.

    Twinblade Talisman increases the last damage of chain attacks by 45%, which helps maximize the attack power of our first attack tactic. You can find it in Castle Morne's chests. Claw Talisman increases the damage of our second attack type by 7.5%. We can find this talisman on a corpse in Stormveil Castle.

    Elden Ring: Bull Goat's Talisman Location

    Next up is Bull-Goat’s Talisman, which is crucial to this build. Because it reduces incoming Poise damage by 25% and increases Armor Poise by 33.3%. With this amulet equipped, you will always have more Poise than indicated on your character stats.

    The last one is Green Turtle Talisman, which will increase the speed of stamina regeneration by 8 points per second. In order to get this Talisman, you must visit Summonwater Village and find a Stonesword Key.


    If you’ve made it this far by now, you know how Poise works in the patch 1.10. You make the most of it and build a decent PVP Duelist build on top of it.

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  • How To Easily Beat Cave Troll In Dark And Darker Goblin Caves?

    I’ll show you how to beat Cave Troll easily. If you’re a new player, you should probably practice and successfully extract loot in Standard Edition first. There’s no point in defeating Cave Troll if you can’t get out safely with the loot.

    Fighter Class

    I’ll show the strategy from a Fighter’s point of view. Because Fighter has a good balance between damage and movement speed. But be aware that this strategy is similar for most classes.

    Dark and Darker: How To Easily Take On The Cave Troll?


    The first step is to take off all armor except the boots. Because most Cave Troll will attack you with one shot. So you don’t wear any armor that will slow you down. And boots help increase movement speed. You can get super cheap boots from Leathersmith for 5 Dark and Darker Gold.

    However, non-metal gloves won’t slow you down. But it’s not required, just to make your training as cheap as possible.


    For weapons, I’ve found Arming Sword to be the best. Although Falchion does more damage per swing. But with Arming Sword, I could score two headshots after Cave Troll’s overhead attack. This easily does more damage than a slower Falchion hit. Not to mention Arming Sword has a lower movement speed penalty.

    And since Arming Sword is a starting Fighter anyway, this is great for making your initial training cheaper. In order to learn Cave Troll, I suggest you stick with starting Arming Sword. You don’t need to worry about time to kill until you’ve mastered how to avoid Cave Troll’s attacks and figure out your attacks.

    Dark and Darker: Easiest Way to Kill the Cave Troll

    Once you can dodge Cave Troll’s attacks more easily, you can get cheaper damage swords from Weaponsmith for 8 Dark and Darker Gold.

    For this build, you’ll also spend 6 Gold to get the cheap Castillon Dagger and put it in your secondary weapon slot.


    The beauty of this build is that we could take advantage of not having heavy armor by using Slayer Perk. We get five weapon damage bonuses, but we also need to have one weapon in our support slot, Castillon Dagger. We’ll also be dual wielding to increase attack speed, and combo attacks to increase damage during combos.

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    For our skills, we will take Sprint and Second Wind. These are good Perks. Don’t forget that after defeating Cave Troll, you still need to get past other players and mobs and get out alive.

    If your circle is bad, you may take area damage while trying to take out Cave Troll. Players may try to ambush you and steal your loot after your defeat Cave Troll.

    Second Wind is an amazing ability overall for a 50% burst heal. And Sprint is a great movement booster that we sometimes use in and out of combat.

    Dark and Darker: Fighter Guide

    Cave Troll Boss Location

    Now that we are ready, we will enter Goblin Caves. After entering, go to the middle left of the map, go down the stone slope, and open a stone door. Close the door behind you, then run along the wall to the left, toward Cave Troll with the weapon in hand.

    Dark and Darker: Cave Troll Boss Location

    Cave Troll Boss Guide

    This is important because sometimes a Cave Troll will issue a Shout right at the start. If you want to avoid getting hit by Shout, you need to get close to his right. We’ll stay on the right side of Cave Troll, since that’s the easier side of fighting him. There are three attacks he can use here.

    Broad Swing

    He can do a Broad Swing, then he’ll walk away to dodge, then wait half a second. You can use this to turn around and slice his arm once. It’s important to wait half a second before attacking, otherwise he’ll follow up and most likely shoot you.

    I recommend slicing his arm while you’re a novice, although it does less damage. Get your timing right first, and then you can hit his chest for more damage.

    One-Handed Slam

    The second attack is One-Handed Slam. As soon as you hear the thud, turn around and chop off Cave Troll’s head. If you’re new to this, I recommend hitting the head first and then the arms on the exit. Once you get more efficient with your timing, it’s a consistent double hit to the head, which is massive damage.

    Dark and Darker: Farmed The Cave Troll Tips And Tricks

    Two-Handed Slam

    The third attack is Two-Handed Slam. You need to move away from Cave Troll immediately to avoid Slam and Shockwave. But don’t go too far, because he will also give Shout. You go far enough to avoid the slam, but enough time to get back to where you were. This way you won’t get hit by Shout and can even attack him during Shout.

    Troll Shout

    What if you get hit by Cave Troll’s Shout? Put away your weapons now, fire up Sprint and escape from Troll. It was a difficult dodge. So you better not get hit by Shout. Once you’ve defeated Cave Troll, make sure the two stone doors are still closed, and listen to make sure no one is waiting for you to finish to steal your loot.

    Cave Troll Loot

    Then we opened the big stone gate on the west middle side. Pick up all the loot on the ground and loot as many chests as you can. Sometimes there will be locked chests here, and you’ll need a lock-picking tool to unlock them. Don’t forget that you need to evacuate safely.

    Dark And Darker: How To Easily Beat Cave Troll In Goblin Caves?

    Goblin Caves Alternate Extract

    Thankfully, there’s an Alternate Extract not far from Cave Troll. Open the southeast stone gate, go up the ramp, and turn right around the corner. Walk past the spike trap in the middle, go right, and open the door on the left.

    Enter the archway to your left, and you should then see a stone staircase to your left, possibly blocked by a metal fence. When the next white circle is small, the metal fence will open automatically. So as long as someone hasn’t taken Extract yet, causing a rock to block the path, you can use it.

    After defeating Cave Troll, you’ll find that the loot isn’t that great. Because a recent patch nerfed Cave Troll loot. Anyway, I hope this helps you defeat Cave Troll, and good luck with the dungeon.

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  • A Walkthrough Guide On Exploring Mistwood Ruins & Fort Haight Areas In Elden Ring

    Welcome back to another chapter of Elden Ring guide. Today we’ll be exploring a couple of smaller locations on the east side of Limgrave, including Mistwood Ruins and Fort Haight. Without further ado, let’s get started.

    Explore Mistwood Ruins

    Ride southeast from Sites of Grace north of Agheel Lake, and along the way you’ll come across a group of Wandering Nobles. Kill the one with Torch first, and you’ll be able to get the key piece of equipment, Torch, for free.

    Elden Ring: Exploring Mistwood Ruins and Fort Haight Walkthrough Guide

    Harvest Ash Of War: Determination

    Continue southeast of the bridge, where you’ll come across some soldiers and a Silver Scarab. First, we have to kill Silver Scarab to get Ash of War: Determination. You can lure enemies off the bridge and defeat them on horseback.

    Patrolling the bridge is a Kaiden Rider. He only swings his Dismounter sword on the right side, so try to attack while riding on the left side of the horse. Don’t forget to check the corpse hanging over the edge for Smithing Stone [1].

    Next, we’re going to kill another Godrick Soldier at the end of the bridge, then follow the dirt road north to take out another group of guys. Beyond them is another Kaiden Rider. Continue along the dirt road to Sites of Grace on the outskirts of Mistwood. If the road is too much resistance for you, then do not cross the bridge. You can walk north along the edge of Murkwater Canyon.

    Elden Ring: Ash Of War Determination

    Defeat Kaiden Rider

    As you ride past the tall ruins, you’ll spot an enemy camp. Note that Kaiden Rider here can be particularly annoying. After killing them, examine the corpse to find Armorer’s Cookbook[1], which lets you craft Bone Arrows and Bolts.

    Just east of this camp, you’ll find the ruins of a fallen Canyon and Murkwater Coast Site of Grace. Riding the torrent, we could climb to the top of the boulder and double jump onto the ruins. Then double jump again to the next ledge. There’s a Silver Scarab here that you can attack to get a Somber Smithing Stone [1]. But be sure to avoid the explosion.

    Go To Artist’s Shack

    Next we head east, off the ledge, and head to Artist’s Shack. There is a Smithing Stone [1] on the corpse on the north side. You can check the easel inside to get Homing Instinct Painting. The idea is to find the spot between the lands depicted in the painting, and you’ll find the ghost of the artist.

    Elden Ring: Mistwood Ruins Location

    Go back to Artist’s Shack, head east, and double jump off the cliff again. Continue walking east and you’ll find an abandoned cemetery with a variety of Golden Runes. The corpse sitting on the middle grave holds Fevor’s Cookbook [1], which lets you craft Sleep Pots.

    Kenneth Haight’s Mission

    Just southwest of this cemetery, you’ll find a large curved ruin that forms a sort of overpass. As you get closer, you’ll spot NPC, Kenneth Haight. After talking to him, he'll ask you to help him take back Fort Haight.

    Under the ruins where Kenneth Haight stands, you’ll encounter a group of Demi-Humans who can fight. However, with the +2 Greatsword, it’s more of a carnage. Corpses in the area have a Magic Grease that you can use to coat your weapons and deal magic damage over a period.

    Elden Ring: Kenneth Haight Quest Guide

    Enter Third Church Of Marika

    Continue northeast, off the road to investigate the mountain. You can refill your Flask of Crimson Tears by killing Red Scarabs if needed. A Giant Troll patrols the dirt road. We avoid it and ride along the ridge to access this Third Church of Marika.

    Below the statue, you’ll find Sacred Tears. In the nearby basin, you’ll find Flask of Wondrous Physick and Crimson Crystal Tear. You can then activate nearby Sites of Grace and rest.

    In the potion menu, you can use Sacred Tears to increase the amount of HP or FP restored each time you use a potion. Follow SE dirt road into Mistwood Forest. The area is full of bears, so you’re best off fighting on horseback.

    Find Limgrave East Map

    Continue on the dirt road until you reach the map marker. Quickly pick up Limgrave East Map, check the dead Runebear caught under the tree, and get Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [4].

    Just east of this location, you’ll find an elevator in Siofra River Well, here. You can come down, but it’s not recommended early in the game.

    Elden Ring: Limgrave East Map Locations

    Next door you’ll find a Minor Erdtree surrounded by Red Scarabs and Tarnished Golden Sunflower. On the south side of Minor Erdtree bulge, you’ll find another basin that contains Spiked Cracked Tear and Greenspill Crystal Tear. Next time you get a chance, you can equip these two items in your Flask of Wondrous Physick.

    Ash Of War: Ground Slam

    Just east of this location, you’ll find a Silver Scarab, which you can kill to get Ash of War: Ground Slam. Follow the dirt road a few steps south and you should hear howling from Mistwood Ruins on your right.

    Be careful when approaching this location, as a small Runebear is sleeping within its range. I suggest you first move W to the back along N wall of Ruins, then move inwards. Enter from the west side and you’ll find a Golden Rune [2] on a corpse. Inside the central tower, you’ll find a chest containing Smithing Stone [2]. Gold-Tinged Excrements and Trina’s Lilies are also scattered throughout.

    Sneak up to the stairs where Runebear is sleeping, jump down, and take Axe Talisman from the chest. Regardless of whether Runebear is awake or not, I recommend summoning Torrent and riding out of Mistwood Ruins.

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    Help Kenneth Haight Take Back Fort Haight

    We then head east back down the dirt road and continue on S until you see a lighted sign on the ground. Just a little northeast of this sign, you’ll find a Merchant. Here you can take advantage of Elden Ring Runes for some useful items. These include Smithing Stone [1], St. Trina’s Arrow, and several cookbooks. Note that you can also get a 5% discount at IGGM.com with the code "CSCCA".

    Then we return to the road and eliminate a group of Demi-Humans in ambush. Just by the road to the southeast, there is a Site of Grace. Activate it. Then use your map to return to this Church of Elleh.

    We stood under the tower on the north side and snapped our fingers to meet Blaidd, an NPC important to the long quest. Then head back to Fort Haight West Site of Grace and get ready for some serious combat.

    Elden Ring: How to Complete Kenneth Haight Questline?

    When you’re ready, ride Torrent east through the barricade. Climb the ramp quickly and avoid getting shot by the ballista on the wall above. Several Godrick Soldiers gathered at the entrance to the fortress. You’ll grab a nearby Golden Seed quickly, then ride away from the fortress, drawing enemies to the field behind you.

    After shaking them off, we enter the fort and rush up the stairs to the left. Ignoring all items and enemies, rush up the wooden stairs along the wall. Take out the guy above, then dodge Godrick Soldier’s first two attacks. Use your Ash of War to interrupt his attack combo.

    After Godrick Soldier dies, you can take back Fort Haight for Kenneth Haight. But you can defeat enemies and explore. Don’t miss this corpse on the south wall, as they hold Smithing Stone [1] in their hands. Carefully approach the darkened room on the lower level, where you’ll find Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [6].

    Our exploration of Mistwood Ruins and Fort Haight is over. Hope you find this guide helpful. Have a great day.

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  • A Full Guide To Justice System And Its Skill Lines In ESO - Legerdemain, Thieves Guild & Dark Brotherhood

    Here I’ll show you Justice System in ESO and the three main skill lines that affect the system: Legerdemain, Thieves Guild, and Dark Brotherhood skill lines.


    Let’s start with its first skill line, Legerdemain. An easy way to unlock this skill line is by picking a lock. Whether it’s a chest, door, or safe, just press this E key next to the chest to open the lock.

    You can also move the paddle left or right on Tumbler, then hold down the left mouse button to push Tumbler down. Once Tumbler wobbles a little, you can right-click the mouse button to lock it into place. Then repeat the above operation until we picked the lock open.

    ESO: Justice System

    This will unlock Legerdemain skill line. If you press K to get to your skills menu, it’s under the world tab here. After reaching level 20 in Legerdemain skill line, these passive skills that can be unlocked. This improves your skills in Justice System.

    Improved Stealth reduces your Stealth cost by 40%. Light Fingers can increase your chances of successful pick-pocketing by 50%. Trafficker increases the number of Fences interactions you can use per day by 180%. Locksmith will increase your chance to force locks by 70% and save you the time to open chests and locked doors.

    You can level up Legerdemain skill line by selling or laundering items you’ve stolen to push control NPCs to ensure you’re in Sneak mode. Once behind an NPC, the pickpocket icon will display some helpful suggestions.

    A word of caution, don’t pickpocket anything under 90. Because once the icon turns green, your chances of getting caught are increased.

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    Then press E to activate pickpockets. there is one Outlaws Refuges per city per region. Here are some Merchants where you can sell and launder your stolen items on a daily basis.

    Next, I’ll show you one of my best places to steal items. We come to this building near Outlaws Refuges, which is called Scarp Keep. Once inside the building, you’ll find plenty of items to steal, and there are no NPCs around to catch you.

    The first thing you should focus on is the room on the stairs to the left, and then the room on the right. Because there are only two NPCs in the first room on the right, and they don’t care if you’re still there. So you don’t even need to be sneaky, just loot everything undetermined, even white gear off the shelves. Because you can sell any item to Fences. And green quality items, as well as blue and purple quality items, will give you more XP to level up the skill line.

    ESO: How to Level Legerdemain?

    You also get Motifs and some stuff you want. Once that room is cleared, go downstairs to the next room. If the room you choose has NPCs and guards patrolling it, you can skip this room.

    So if you’re new to stealing, I would recommend skipping the rooms in the next hallway. And there are no NPCs in the room at the bottom of the stairs. You can steal as much as you want. Each run will have dozens or even hundreds of items available to steal.

    So once you’ve filled your inventory, load and level the skill line. All I did was log out, then log back in to the same character, and reset the room. But every time I do this, the items decrease. If you need to fill up your inventory before returning to the laundry and fence, it only takes a few minutes.

    Thieves Guild

    The next skill line to increase our power within Justice System is Thieves Guild skill line. Thieves Troves we can find in the world are unlocked at level 12 of this skill line. It’s full of ESO Gold and other goodies that can be sold or laundered.

    Thieves Guild skill line has 6 passive skills, they are:

    • Finders Keepers
    • Swiftly Forgotten
    • Haggling
    • Clemency
    • Timely Escape
    • Veil of Shadows

    Finders Keepers enables you to open Thieves Troves. Swiftly Forgotten will reduce your Bounty and Heat. Haggling will increase the value of stolen items sold to Fences by 10%. Clemency will give the guards leniency when they grab you.

    When you earn a bounty and are fighting, Timely Escape causes a footpad to appear around you. This teleports you to the nearest Outlaws Refuges. Finally Veil of Shadows reduces the detection range of guards and NPCs by 10% to unlock Thieves Guild skill line.

    ESO: How to Join the Thieves Guild?

    Next, you’ll need to head to Hew’s Bane and from there to Abah’s Landing Wayshrine. There you’ll find Thieves Guild NPC, talking to her, unlocks the skill line. You can then level up the skill line by completing her story quests.

    But Thieves Guild daily quests found in Thieves Den are just progress quests. We can only complete once final daily quests per day. So skill lines take of time to level up.

    Dark Brotherhood

    Finally, there is a Dark Brotherhood skill line. This skill line grants you Blade of Woe abilities at level 12. It triggered this murderous event when you press X while sneaking behind an NPC.

    Dark Brotherhood skill line has 6 passive skills. Aides to our judicial system, Scales of Pitiless Justice has reduced murder bounties by 50%. Padomaic Sprint moves 30 faster after using Blade of Woe. Shadowy Supplier in Outlaws Refuges will deliver goodies. Shadow Rider reduces the attack radius of hostile monsters by 50 while mounted. Spectral Assassin has 15 chances to envelope you when using Blade of Woe.

    Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood Ending

    Then we need to go to Gold Coast and from there to Anvil Wayshrine. You can find NPC Amelie Crowe at the docks. She will give you Dark Brotherhood initial quest. Once you complete the quest and talk to Speaker Terenus, you’ll be able to unlock Dark Brotherhood skill line. You can also level up the skill line by doing Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary story quests and daily job quests.

    The above is everything I know about Justice System and its skill lines in ESO. Hope this helps you learn more about Justice System and how to unlock these important skill lines. Hope you have a great day.

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  • Inferno Staff Gets Buffed In Update 39 Elder Scrolls Online? - Week 4 PTS Patch Notes

    In the latest ESO PTS patch notes, we've made various small changes to the new features of Free Update 39, which players will receive as part of the base game.

    The new features in the upcoming Update 39 will be free to all players, ESO ZOS team took the time to polish and clean up many large and small features in the game, and also added some small new features and quality improvements. Update 39 will be released on PC/MAC on August 21st and on consoles on September 5th.

    Elder Scrolls Online


    Week 4 PTS patch notes are here, and as usual there aren't too many changes. Week three is usually where we see the last of the majority of combat and balance tweaks, but we do have a couple of things here.

    Oakensoul Interaction Change

    First off fixed an issue where slotted passive effects that persisted through bar swap, such as Grim Focus, could benefit targets under the influence of ESO Oakensoul or Werewolf.

    Elder Scrolls Online Oakensoul

    This was an interesting little interaction with some of those new buffs that persist on both bars, you could actually slot stuff on your back bar, like Bound Aegis for example, and benefit from that 8% max Magicka, while you were using Oakensoul on the other bar.

    So this is a bit of a Nerf, but it does make sense.

    Oakensoul's design is with the intent of limiting you to one bar. So allowing a skill on your back bar to still have an effect, I can understand why they're not allowing that, but it will still work as a back bar option on two bar builds.

    Flame Staff Buff

    The next change is to Inferno Staves. Let's do a quick recap of Inferno and Lightning Staves over the course of PTS. For week one, Inferno Staves we're going to add 500 flat damage to the first tick of each status effect that you deal damage with, and Lightning Staves we're going to add 12% to channeled and damage over time abilities. With the increased damage, we can get some ESO Gold faster.

    In week three, they changed those up a bit Lightning Staves were given channeled and direct damage abilities instead of the damage over time, and Inferno Staves were given a 12% boost to damage over time, instead of the status effect damage.

    Elder Scrolls Online Update 39

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    My Analysis About The Changes

    One of my initial points of feedback over that was Lightning Staves were given a main damage type to improve, which is direct damage and then a more Niche damage type the channeled damage. While Inferno staves were only given a main damage type in the damage over time, so they have addressed that now with week four, they're adding 12% status effect damage as well to Inferno Staves. However there is one main problem with this and that is for most setups 90% or more of the status effect damage you are getting is coming from Burning, Poisoned and Bleeding, which was already boosted in last week's ESO version of this, since those three are dots.

    You already had the 12% boost there, so really compared to last week's version you're only gaining 12% to the other five status effects over Charged, Concussed, Chilled, Diseased and Sundered and these don't really typically account for much of your total damage. So 12% to those, I don't think that's really going to make a noticeable difference over last week's version of Inferno Staves.

    Now for Wardens, this could be interesting with their increased Chill damage since that procs so often 12% more to that sounds nice, but many Wardens are already running an Ice Staff not an inferno to benefit from their class passive that boosts damage when using an Ice Staff.

    Elder Scrolls Online Ice Staff

    Then we have ESO Nightblades, who can get a fair amount of overcharge damage, but even that boosting by 12% in this example here, it's only adding about 270 DPS almost nothing, and Inferno Staves really isn't going to synergize well with Nightblade, anyways since they are mostly direct damage, and would do better with Daggers, Bow or a Lightning Staff.

    What I think they should have done is add back on that flat status effect damage boost, if they're going to go this route instead of the 12% and that way the three main damaging status effects Burning, Poisoned and Bleeding would also see an additional bump from the week three to four changes.

    Maybe not the 500 that was initially proposed, maybe that's a little too high with both of these bonuses here. But something that boosts the flat damage of the ticks instead of having it percent based. We are pretty late into ESO PTS at this point though, so we'll see if anything further can be adjusted with this.


    That is it for the week 4 changes, you will think these are just my initial reactions, so it's always possible that I overlooked some usage.

    Thanks for your reading!

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  • A Preview And Showcase Of Drizzle Aeromancer Build In Lost Ark! - Engraving, Mechanism & Skill Combo

    Here I would like to introduce Drizzle Aeromancer. As indicated in the global roadmap, they will release Aeromancer in August of this year. So, I think showing and previewing Drizzle Aeromancer build would be helpful for your overall Lost Ark experience.

    Before I start this guide, you need to know that my analysis of Aeromancer is based entirely on a KR server. Since Lost Ark has been working hard to restore the balance between the various classes, the composition of some skills can also change in the future.


    Aeromancer was released in Korea a year ago. She’s a pretty old class. However, after Balance Patch, her damage performance was nerfed. Especially her Weather Concept Engraving, Drizzles.

    Lost Ark: Preview Your Drizzle Aeromancer

    Her Identity skills are Sun Shower. Her Identity skills are fairly passive and affect other players’ damage performance and her own. But during the time her Identity skills are functioning, she will provide you and your teammates with very useful buffs.

    She’s not as powerful as a DPS class, but also has a bit of vague synergy, especially on Drizzles. Let’s start with the coverage of Class Engraving I used in this guide is Drizzles.

    Class Engraving

    Unlike Umbrella build, which changed Aeromancer’s entire mechanics. Drizzles didn’t change many things about Aeromancer. Drizzles Class Engraving reduces the cost of Identity Gauge and also increases the damage of Weather skills. This is more like buffing the damage of Weather skills while Identity is active.

    Lost Ark: Class Engraving

    Combat Stat

    Speaking of combat stats, as you probably already know or expect. Because damage performance is mainly determined by Identity skills or uptime. So it means you’ll have to live with tight controls throughout the game.

    In fact, Specialization efficiency of Drizzles is quite remarkable. But in most cases, we have to use Specialization stat. It’s also very accessible for beginners. And, like Master Summoner, she does can maintain Hallucination Set buff.

    However, you still need to focus on Adrenaline and Crit rate buffs during gameplay. You need to use Specialization stat to increase the efficiency of your damage representation. But when you decide to use Swiftness stat, she might be a little more mobile.

    Using fast builds means you’re giving up about 3% - 4% of DPS performance compared to critical performance. So if you’re looking to boost your Drizzle Aeromancer like your other replacement, this build is for you.


    The core mechanic of Drizzle Aeromancer is to use your Steam Control while Sun Shower is active to fill your Identity skills faster. This allows her to maintain a mid-range damage performance throughout the game. So, it’s more like an immediate and ongoing connection between damage increase Tripod and her Identity skills.

    Lost Ark: Drizzle Aeromancer Prokel Game Play


    Her core skill consists of two parts. Drizzle adds to your Identity Supply skills or parts that may be related to your Identity Supply. There is also Steam Control section, where there are three skills that are directly related to your damage performance. These three skills are Scorching Sun, Sweeping Wind, and Lightning Vortex.

    All you need to do is provide Identity skills and pour in your Steam Control skills while Identity is running normally.


    Like other classes in Lost Ark, Aeromancer also has two Awakening skills. One is Summoning Vortex, and the other is Umbrella Sword.

    Compared to Drizzle Aeromancer, Storm Fury Aeromancer has a shorter cooldown, has more flexibility, and requires less Lost Ark Gold to invest. This means Drizzle Aeromancer is slightly heavier to move and has a longer or delayed cooldown. Of course, unlike Storm Fury Aeromancer, you need enough Identity Gauge for full DPS performance.

    Also Read: What Adjustments Does Lost Ark Need To Make To Change The Current Depressed State? - 9 Solutions

    Whirlwind is a tremendous advantage for Aeromancer, as it has a decent amount of uptime. Even Umbrella builds can add or update key buffs with those little projectiles. So, you’d better keep the crit buff updated throughout the content.

    Unlike other classes, her fundamental skill is quite a combo skill. Her skill cycle can also be recovered well. For example, some characters have a hard time regaining their Identity again if her Identity is inevitably turned off due to the boss’ mod.

    You need more time to fill your Identity and start your damage deals. It’s more like it takes some time to recover from a crashed skill set or cycle. But unlike those classes that are based on Identity, Drizzle Aeromancer recovery cycle isn’t all that difficult. Maybe it has a better cushion to fill it up and start doing damage again.

    Lost Ark: How To Play This New Class?

    Skill Combo

    Compared to Storm Fury Aeromancer, Drizzle Aeromancer’s skill set is fairly fixed on her cycle. If you want to play a skill combo, first you fill your Identity Gauge with your Drizzle. Then use Umbrella Sword to increase your crit chance. Last but not least, pour your Steam Control skills.

    Due to the long and wide range of Aeromancer’s skill attacks, she has a great reputation in daily Chaos Dungeons. With the blessing of Drizzle, Aeromancer is even more invincible in the dungeon.

    That’s all for a preview of Drizzle Aeromancer’s build, including her mechanics, preferences, and combos. Hope this guide will help you a little on your Lost Ark journey.

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  • Aeromancer Class Is Coming In Lost Ark! - Engraving, Mechanism, Preference And More

    Here I would like to introduce Aeromancer class. As indicated in Lost Ark global roadmap, they will release Aeromancer in August of this year. I thought it would be great to first understand Aeromancer’s mechanics and preferences on your Lost Ark journey.

    Before I start this guide, you must know one thing. This guide is based on a KR server and is based on KR statistics and current general experience. Since Lost Ark has been working hard to restore the balance between the various occupations. Therefore, the composition of some skills in the future can also be changed.

    Lost Ark: Preview Your Aeromancer


    Aeromancer is actually a fairly old profession in Lost Ark. However, after KR PTR Balance Patch, her damage performance was nerfed. Especially her Weather Concept Engraving. Probably most players will be more familiar with Drizzle.

    Her Identity Skills are Sun Shower. Her Identity Skills are fairly passive and also affect other players’ damage performance and her own. But during the normal run of her Identity Skills, she gives you and your teammates a very useful buff.

    But as far as her personal experience is concerned, her positioning is quite vague. She’s not as powerful a DPS class, but also has a bit of vague synergy. Maybe you will feel more different.

    Class Engraving

    Let’s start with the coverage of Class Engraving. Class Engraving I used in this guide is Storm’s Fury. This Class Engraving not only changes Aeromancer’s fighting style but also her Synergy and Identity Skills effects.

    Lost Ark: Class Engraving Guide

    Storm’s Fury will remove effects that affect enemies and reduce Drizzle’s uptime and area. But it grants attack and movement speed buffs to you and your allies. And to increase your crit chance, your crit damage will increase by percentage based on your movement speed.

    Combat Stat

    Speaking of combat stats, I think Aeromancer has a lot of variations to choose from. But let’s put those changes aside, and I’ll show you the most representative battle stats setup for Aeromancer from Lost Ark Journey.

    The most iconic build of KR today is Storm Fury Aeromancer. Because she has the highest combat stats by far. With Hallucination Set, Combat Attributes, Engraving and Identity Skills, they almost guaranteed that she has a 70% to 80% crit rate. So most of the time we use the full speed build for smooth gameplay.

    In fact, there isn’t much to comment on about this build. Since she’s quite capable, well behaved, and fast, she’s easy to pick up and use even for beginners. Lost Ark doesn’t have a back attack type class. Therefore, Storm Fury Aeromancer is easier to access and control the complete team or the interior of many content.

    If you find her Swiftness Accessories a little pricey, you can mix it with Critical Accessories, but I don’t recommend it. We call this build a half Swiftness and Critical build.

    Lost Ark: Aeromancer Combat Stats Explained

    One problem though is that this build is depend on critical damage, aka the yellow number. From my personal experience, when the white numbers appear, we die. So, if you’re really missing Pheons and Lost Ark Gold, or you just want to try Aeromancer in other trumpets, I recommend this build.

    One thing I know for sure about Aeromancer is that she has a fairly modest build in everything. And she has a good control experience and skill mechanism, as well as a moderate performance in the team.

    Her mechanics are not as difficult to understand as other classes. No matter what you do with Aeromancer, she’ll make for a moderate or decent experience on your trip to Lost Ark.

    Also Read: What Adjustments Does Lost Ark Need To Make To Change The Current Depressed State? - 9 Solutions


    If you’re expecting some strong damage-handling classes from Aeromancer, then this class probably isn’t for you. Because the positioning of Aeromancer is more like sub-damage, synergy class.

    If you’re expecting some strong damage output like Punisher Slayer or Igniter Sorceress, like I said, this isn’t for you.

    Aeromancer can also build more variations. She has excellent and fluid controls and is easy to use with her skill set. Her skills and mechanics are more structured than other speed-based characters.

    As I’ve always mentioned, she can not deal with massive damage, but is a dominant class to deal with sub-damage and synergy dealer. So, if you were expecting an Aeromancer like Igniter Sorceress, you can’t get what you want from here.

    Lost Ark: Storm Fury Aeromancer Guide

    Why Is Aeromancer Still Popular?

    I think Aeromancer’s preference might be summed up like this. One, you can use any configuration you want. Two, there isn’t that much desire to occupy a MVP screen, and there are some middling damage performances. Third, excellent control experience and good skill practicality.

    So, if you want some gentle character but don’t want to be a support and can adapt to control and raid gimmicks, then this role is for you. So, what’s at the heart of Storm’s Fury’s mechanics?

    Lost Ark: New Class Aeromancer All skill effects


    First, Storm’s Fury will produce Airflow and cast Reflux. This second skill belongs to the suit and becomes Aeromancer’s shield. When the shield is generated, use both Reflux and the current skill. While the shield is functioning normally, it increases the damage of Reflux skill. Therefore, it is more like the connection between the instant damage plus damage skill and the fundamental skill.

    Anyway, that concludes today’s preview and discussion of Aeromancer class and related builds. Hope to see this alternative course globally soon. Also hope this guide is a little helpful for your Lost Ark journey.

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  • The Best Way To Build Bronya In Honkai Star Rail 1.2! - Traces, Eidolons, Relics & Light Cones

    Here I will bring you the latest build of Bronya in Honkai Star Rail 1.2. Bronya is an incredible buffer for almost every unit. She has some issues though, and players don’t seem to know how to use her.

    So we’re going to explain it all in this guide. We’ll get to know her Abilities, Traces, Eidolons, best Relics and Light Cones. Then there are her strengths and weaknesses, as well as her rotation and some team composition.

    Honkai Star Rail: The Best Way To Build Bronya

    Basic Attack

    First, let’s take a look at her abilities. Windrider Bullet deals with the normal amount of Wind DMG to a single enemy. In addition, it causes 30 points of Toughness damage, restores 20 points of energy, and increases 1 point of skill.

    Combat Redeployment is her support skill. It first removes debuffs from the chosen ally. That way, they can act as soon as it’s Bronya’s turn.

    If you use it on yourself, you won’t get the action progress part. This skill is Bronya’s niche in Path of Harmony, and it’s what we prioritized when placing Bronya on the team. This skill restores 30 energy and consumes 1 skill point.

    Also Read: 5 Considerations You Should Not Miss In Honkai Star Rail 1.2 Update

    Her ultimate, Belobog March, is a support ultimate. At level 10, the attack power of all allies increases by 55%, and Bronya’s own crit damage increases by 36%, lasting for 2 rounds. So for a well-committed Bronya, your ultimate will give the team a 49.4% Crit DMG buff.

    Her Technique, Banner of Command, is also a secondary skill. This means you can stack it with other skills, and then you can use attack skills. After use, at the start of the next battle, it will increase the attack power of all allies by 15%, which lasts for 2 rounds. This is a powerful yet simple team buff that can be useful in any fight.

    Honkai Star Rail: Bronya Skill

    Trace Passives

    Now look for Trace. Her first enhanced passive skill is Command, which increases her basic attack critical strike chance by 100%. But this doesn’t enable DPS Bronya, it just gives her more damage when she finally takes those basic attacks.

    The second passive is Battlefield, which increases the defense of all our party by 20% for 2 rounds. Her third passive is Military Might, which increases all friendly damage by 10% while on the field. This is a real winner among her passives, and well worth picking up.

    Her Stacked Eidolons

    Next we look at Bronya’s Eidolons, where E3 and E5 are mostly for skill level ups, so will skip them.

    E1: Hone Your Strength. This will give her a flat 50% chance to restore 1 skill point when she uses a skill, and has a 1-turn cooldown. But it only happens when you restore said skill points. So this means that if you want to recover your skill points. You need to wait until turn three to get another chance.

    E2: Quick March. This will give the target a 30% SPD buff for 1 turn after they take an action. This will help maintain speed parity with allies who don’t have their own speed buff.

    E4: Take by Surprise. When our side uses a general attack on an enemy of wind weakness, Bronya will launch a follow-up attack on the target. And cause 80% of normal attack damage to the target.

    E6: Piercing Rainbow. It will increase the duration of her skill’s DMG buff by 1 turn. It doubles her buff ability while skill neutral and allows her to synergize properly with units like Jing Yuan.

    Honkai Star Rail: Bronya Eidolons

    Pros & Cons Of Bronya

    So let’s talk about the pros and cons of Bronya. Her advantage is that her Hypercarry buffs are powerful. She has the highest DPS buff ability in the game, along with Tingyun. Also, she has some decent use for her cleanse ability, especially for removing damage from Memory of Chaos loop.

    Her talent increases her DPS speed. She also has a very versatile, powerful polishing technique. In the end she belongs to Harmony unit, with an energy rope it is possible to keep her normal rotation while gaining some powerful Light Cones.

    Her downside is also her buff. She can’t buff 2 DPS like Yukong or Silver Wolf. Her Toughness damage is also weak. Compared to other Harmony units, she does lower damage even with free crits.

    Finally, if you’re trying to minimize her and her team’s damage, she has speed adjust annoyances that can be out of control. And she could end up when her skill progression mechanic is actually useless.

    Honkai Star Rail: Bronya Ascension & Trace

    Best Relics & Planar Ornaments

    You can go for Musketeer of Wild Wheat first, but you’ll want to farm the new Messenger Traversing Hackerspace once Honkai Star Rail 1.2 hits. It will increase the speed of all allies, including herself. So doesn’t mess with any speed adjustments and is a gain in every way.

    For Planar Ornaments set, her new sweet spot will be Broken Keel set. It deals with critical damage to all allies throughout the fight and boosts her critical damage buff on her ultimate. Effect RES pairs perfectly with her Trace and will boost more Effect RES stacks on her.

    Honkai Star Rail: Messenger Traversing Hackerspace

    Best Light Cones

    Her best bet is her signature Light Cones, But The Battle Isn’t Over. This can make her skill DMG gain up to 96% in S1. It also regenerates a skill point after every 2 ultimate skills. Past and Future, this will give her better DMG buffs before her S2, and is a great F2P pick.

    For other options, since she can use the energy rope to keep her normal rotation. So you can run any Light Cones on her to buff your ally.

    For Wind DPS, she can run Planetary Rendezvous, giving him more DMG, and doing more damage than her signature Light Cones. For any other team, she can run “Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds” or “Dance! Dance! Dance!

    Honkai Star Rail: Bronya Best Light Cones

    Team Comp Explanation

    For team composition, she only needs a solo sustain. Because Bronya is an excellent buffer for any team. Therefore, Bronya can synergize with most characters in your Honkai Star Rail Account.

    Then preferably a debuffer like Pela or Silver Wolf for maximum DPS. We can replace your solo sustain by two weaker sustains if you want to bring her two DPS. And the free play team will consist of Dan Heng, Bronya, Fire MC and Natasha.

    Bronya is a powerful unit that can be added to almost any team. Anyway, that’s what Bronya is all about. Hope it helps you.

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  • Honkai Star Rail 1.3 Character Revealed! - How To Pull Is The Most Sensible Choice?

    The new characters for Honkai Star Rail 1.3 and their Element, Star Grade, and Path have been announced. Includes potential Imaginary DPS, and two units to complete Mono Quantum.

    So we’re going to introduce these three units, see what roles they can offer, and how they make a difference by referencing past versions. I’ll also discuss whether our current pull choices are the wisest. But remember 1.3 is still 8 weeks away, so pulling now is still a wise choice. Let’s start.

    Honkai Star Rail: Ptach 1.3 Character Revealed

    Imbibitor Lunae, 5-Star Imaginary Destruction

    The first unit to drop is Imbibitor Lunae. He’s a 5-Star Imaginary Destruction unit and the first in our group.

    Destruction units are hybrid DPS with survivability or HP based mechanics. Blade appeared in 1.2 as Wind Destruction. So I doubt they’ll copy their own assignment and have Imbibitor Lunae do the same. So he’s probably like Hook, with strong damage and some healing mechanics.

    Either way, he’ll be another DPS pick for those who skipped Honkai Star Rail 1.0, or those who joined the game recently. You can pull Blade for Wind coverage and powerful damage. Or wait for Imbibitor Lunae and get Imaginary coverage and powerful damage.

    We don’t know how Blade fares, or even his last suit. And Lunae is brand new, so we can’t compare their strength. So if you don’t like Blade’s mechanics or style, and you want DPS, then maybe Lunae is for you.

    Also Read: A Complete Guide On Luocha - The Newest 5-Star Imaginary Abundance Unit In Honkai: Star Rail

    If you just want a DPS, you can also choose a Honkai Star Rail Account that includes Lunae. Maybe you can also pick up a Light Cone, like In the Night and Before Dawn, which will give you a powerful DPS boost.

    As an Imaginary unit, he is our first dedicated Imaginary DPS. Now Welt’s DPS is mainstream and powerful. But Lunae will definitely outdo Welt in damage. That doesn’t mean Welt is dead. He’s a Nihility unit that offers some incredible utility.

    Honkai Star Rail: Imbibitor Lunae

    And can provide some low DPS damage if paired with Imbibitor Lunae. You’ll also need to pair the two if you want to abuse Wastelander set. The only Destruction unit with a debuff is Hook. So unless Lunae is imprisoned or has a new debuff in his gear, you’ll want Welt to abuse his full power.

    Finally, this means we can build Mono Imaginary in Honkai Star Rail 1.3. Lunae is the main DPS, Welt is the secondary DPS, Yukong is the buffer, and Luocha is the solo sustain. Yukong is the strongest buffer when considering two DPS with Silver Wolf. So one of the two will make your Lunae and Welt do some incredible damage.

    Therefore, Imbibitor Lunae, with its powerful DPS options and cool exterior design, may make Blade no longer your only choice. If you need a DPS to build your second team in Memory of Chaos, he might be a good choice.

    Fu Xuan, 5-Star Quantum Preservation

    The next unit is Fu Xuan. We actually confirmed she was one of those units a while back, but now we’ve confirmed that she’s coming to Honkai Star Rail 1.3.

    Fu Xuan is a 5-Star Quantum Preservation unit. Preservation units mitigate damage, increase Aggro, and have shields. So Fu Xuan may be similar to Luocha in this respect. Luocha shows us how limited Abundance works. So Fu Xuan might do the same with Preservation.

    It wasn’t hard to add numbers and better traces on Gepard. But maybe they’ll do a whole new mechanic like they did with Luocha. Maybe attack based shielding?

    Anyway, as a 5-Star limited Preservation, she might solo sustain. So maybe you don’t need to pick up Luocha. Especially if you’re pulling her in Honkai Star Rail 1.2 and want your DPS to be above solo sustain first.

    Honkai Star Rail: Fu Xuan

    As a Quantum unit, she’s our first defensive Quantum pick, which is why most people support her. We can finally form a Mono Quantum in Honkai Star Rail 1.3. Even if there is no next unit, we can add support to it that matches the enemy’s weaknesses. And this also already gives Mono Quantum to most enemies in the game.

    Mono Quantum is every Seele player’s dream. With Silver Wolf, Fu Xuan and the next character. You can attack every enemy in the game with your Seele and still deal maximum damage.

    They probably have a way to weaken it, but you should be safe. So for those who are still pulling Luocha, or those who have Seele and Silver Wolf, it may be a better choice to preserve their strength. You can choose DPS in Honkai Star Rail 1.2. Then select the defense option in Honkai Star Rail 1.3.

    Lynx, 4-Star Quantum Abundance

    Finally, we have Lynx. She is a 4-Star Quantum Abundance unit and the first of our set. As an Abundance unit, she can heal allies and can cleanse like Natasha or Luocha. Or there are new mechanics like Bailu’s Invigoration.

    Either way, she’s giving us a new Abundance option. And she is a 4-Star character. So if you can wait a few more months, you don’t need to choose 5-Star limited Abundance for your second therapist.

    Getting a 4-Star role can be tricky sometimes. If we follow that Free unit into a Free Light Cone pattern, we won’t get Free character in Honkai Star Rail 1.3. So you may need to pull a bunch of characters to protect her.

    She might give Natasha power, or just a new Abundance option. And she’ll give your second team an extra Quantum break and more options.

    Honkai Star Rail: Lynx Landau Quantum Healer

    The primary reason people want her again is Mono Quantum. With Seele or Qingque, Silver Wolf, Fu Xuan and Lynx, you can now take Quantum anywhere. Because Silver Wolf will have a 100% chance to inflict Quantum weakness on enemies.

    If Fu Xuan is a solo sustainable powerhouse like Luocha, then you probably don’t need Lynx. But you can take her anyway for extra survivability. So, for Mono Quantum enjoyers or those in desperate need of a second healer. Lynx is here to help in Honkai Star Rail 1.3.

    Honkai Star Rail 1.3 is still a while away, so who you want to pull is entirely up to you. Let me know your pull options for Honkai Star Rail 1.2 and 1.3. Good luck.

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  • WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5 Fractures In Time Coming! - All The Changes You Want To Know

    The next installment of WOW Dragonflight expansion patch 10.1.5 Fractures in Time will go live on July 11th, and there’s a lot to look forward to.

    There’s a brand new Mega-Dungeon to explore and loot, a brand new Evoker class. There’s also new open world content with Time Rifts, as well as a Whelp Daycare questline and daily events. So, let’s review everything in WOW Dragonflight patch 10.1.5.

    WOW Dragonflight: Patch 10.1.5 Fractures In Time Coming

    New Mega-Dungeon: Dawn Of The Infinite

    First up is the new Mega-Dungeon, Dawn of the Infinite. Infinite Dragonflight has long pursued the rise of their leader, Murozond. But, for that to happen, Aspect of Bronze Dragonflight Nozdormu has to go mad.

    That’s what Infinite Dragonflight is trying to achieve in this new Mega-Dungeon, and it’s what we’re trying to prevent. We need to straighten out the timeline and save Nozdormu from his so-called fate. And collect some really shiny loot along the way.

    Dawn of the Infinite also drives Dragonflight’s story forward. Primal Incarnate of Earth Iridikron is scheming behind the scenes. But why is he joining forces with Infinite Dragonflight? And how does all of this affect Avatar’s plans for that Dragon Isles? Here’s another mystery we’ll have to unravel as we explore Mega-Dungeon.

    WOW Dragonflight: New Mega-Dungeon Dawn Of The Infinite

    Augmentation New Evoker Specialization

    Dragonflight 10.1.5 patch is also the first time we’ve seen the new Specialization in a patch. Augmentation Evokers will focus on providing special rewards to your various allies.

    There are general buffs. Such as multiple player key stats increased to increase damage throughput of your team members. There is also increased versatility in some allies. You can also reduce threat spawns so you can teleport to each other. It can even reduce the cooldown of an ally’s main offensive ability.

    They also provide various approaches to crowd control. Also deal damage with impressive new spells like Eruption, Upheaval, and Breath of Eons.

    Plus, there’s an optional Evokers-specific questline here. It answers some leftover questions from previous patches. And explains how the Evokers gained the ability to use more Black Dragonflight magic. And combine it with Bronze Dragonflight magic to power the new Augmentation Specialization.

    WOW Dragonflight: Augmentation New Evoker Specialization

    New Public Event: Time Rifts

    With the big move of Infinite Dragonflight, the timeline is all warped and Time Rifts start appearing all over Dragon Isles. These Time Rifts brought us new outdoor world content to explore.

    To ensure our timeline remains stable, these Time Rifts need to be fixed. We need to fight off mysterious invaders from different versions of Azeroth and collect Temporal Essence. Then go into Time Rifts again and find out what’s causing these fragments.

    The more Essences you collect, the better rewards you get. Many of the bosses within Time Rifts also have tons of shiny loot and WOW Dragonflight Gold for you to pursue.

    Plus, taking part in Time Rifts events will earn you Paracausal Flakes as well. You can use these Flakes at different vendors and get rewards that match the themes of the different alternate timelines.

    WOW Dragonflight: New Public Event Time Rifts

    There are also some new Mounts, Transmogs, Battle Pets, and some new chase gear options waiting for you to collect. There are also some special New Paracausal Fragment Trinkets. They have powerful effects, and these ancient legendary weapon fragments will be very useful in future battles.

    Also Read: WoW Dragonflight Season 2: Tricks For The Brackenhide Hollow Dungeon

    Whelp Daycare New Quests And Daily Activities

    There are also new questlines and daily activities available in Whelp Daycare. We packed Ruby Life Pools Dungeon with new Whelps, but too many to handle alone. So they need the expertise of Valdrakken Whelp Daycare.

    You can help Whelp Daycare clean up the area, providing treats and materials for the habitat. You can take turns working with each Whelp to create a suitable lair for each Dragonflight.

    We’ll also learn a little about each Dragonflight and its history. After helping each Whelp, you’ll unlock them as battle pets. You’ll also get new daily quests and various perks like Flight Stones, Pet Charms, and more.

    WOW Dragonflight: Whelp Daycare New Quests And Daily Activities

    Kalimdor Cup New Dragonriding Event

    Dragonriding has received another major update. There is a new tournament coming up called Kalimdor Cup. During this event, you can find dragonriding races in most areas of Kalimdor.

    Each track has standard, advanced and reverse options for you to test your dragonriding abilities. You also get a new currency, Riders of Azeroth Badges. You can trade these Badges to new vendors in Valdrakken to unlock new Dragonriding customization options and Dragonrider Transmog Set.

    WOW Dragonflight: Kalimdor Cup New Dragonriding Event

    Warlock Updates New Race Options And Demon Customization

    Finally, Warlock Class has received some major updates as well. First off, every race except Dracthyr can now play as Warlock Class. This gives us more class combinations to explore.

    Warlock will also have new customization options for their Demon Pets. This way you can customize your Demon according to your own personal style.

    A special Warlock questline will reward you with Grimoire for unlocking these options and changing your Demon’s appearance. Just visit a barbershop and you’ll have all the customization options unlocked there. It’s not just Warlock, though.

    There’s a lot to look forward to here with class and talent changes, UI updates, tons of quality-of-life additions, and cross-realm trades. So even if your friends are playing on different servers in the same region as you. You can trade items and WOW Dragonflight Gold with them.

    WOW Dragonflight: Warlock Updates New Race Options And Demon Customization

    Plus, there are new in-game events, additions to the gear upgrade system, and a new questline in Eon’s Fringe area.

    With so much content on the horizon, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the next chapter of World of WarCraft Dragonflight. But that’s all in patch 10.1.5 Fractures in Time. Good luck and have fun.

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  • Thoughts On Diablo 4 Gameplay! - Dungeons, Campaign, Endgame And More

    Diablo 4 is the latest addition to Diablo series that has taken the gaming world by storm. As with all games, some players say it’s the best ARPG ever made, while others say it’s not that great.

    So, here I’m going to give you my take on all of Diablo 4’s gameplay. I want to cover a lot, so let’s get straight to the point.

    It’s been a good game so far, and certainly a step up from Diablo 3. I’m currently level 55, I’ve completed Campaign, tried some courses, and played with some Endgame content.

    Now that I’ve covered the little details, let’s take a deeper look at my impressions of Gameplay, Campaign, and Endgame.

    Diablo 4: Review Full Gameplay


    Let’s start with the gameplay of Diablo 4. First, let’s talk about classes. The classes in Diablo 4 are Necromancer, Barbarian, Rogue, Druid and Sorcerer. This means you have 5 amazing classes to choose from.

    I’ve only played 2 of the 5 classes so far, enough to really get a good feel for them. The professions I have played are Necromancer and Druid. Necromancer was the first character I started playing when I got into Diablo 4. Regardless, as far as classes go, they definitely feel unique, like the other Diablo games.

    Plus, Talent System in Diablo 4 added a ton of customizability that I thought was missing from Diablo 3. Talent System allows players to enhance the effects of certain spells by choosing upgrades and modifications to certain spells. This is definitely an improvement over Rune System in Diablo 3.

    In addition to Talent System, Paragon System is an interesting feature that further customizes your stats and abilities. Overall, the combat is very smooth, and the animations don’t feel jagged. Your spells feel like they’re always hitting, and enemies are challenging and not too weak.

    Diablo 4: The new Paragon System Explained

    So far, I’m loving the combat and the very polished feel they bring to the entire game. Another prominent feature I like that Mounts. Because Mounts will make your trip to Sanctuary faster and easier. You unlock your Mounts by winning Campaigns, and once you have them, the way you travel will never be the same.

    The gearing process in Diablo 4 is also unique. The new Endgame system differs from what players we use to in Diablo 3. We’ll dig into these systems in depth when we mention Endgame. But overall, the gear is still pretty good.

    There are also legendary buffs that swap out what they call Aspects for other gear, and unlock them to upgrade gear to Legendary. It’s also a nice quality-of-life addition to the game.

    MMO World Concept

    Next, let’s talk about that MMO World concept introduced in Diablo 4. Just like in other Blizzard MMO World-type games, where you can meet other players, such as World of WarCraft.

    However, the way they work is that when you or someone around you kills a monster, you both get a corresponding amount of Diablo 4 Gold and loot. They have an automatic grouping system that groups players with nearby players.

    Diablo 4: MMO Open World Concept

    This increases the difficulty of mobs around you, and also gives you experience boosts, as if you were actually at a party. This is really great for sudden events happening around the world so you can tackle them with multiple people.


    Then I want to talk about Diablo 4 dungeons. They are static locations where you go in and complete objectives, and if the challenge is complete, you get the ultimate reward. This reward is Legendary Aspect. As mentioned before, you can add to your gear.

    Although the base dungeon itself might not be all that interesting. But there are also higher-level dungeons here, like Nightmare Dungeons.

    Diablo 4: How To Unlock Nightmare Dungeons?


    Now move on to Campaign. This part is pretty straightforward, so let’s start by discussing the storyline. The developers well thought the storyline of Diablo out.

    The developers achieved this by incorporating the player character into cutscenes and making boss fights actually difficult. Everything that happens in the story feels like it affects your character, not just the world around you. And there are a lot of unique interactions throughout Campaign.

    Diablo 4: Completed the Campaign on Hardcore


    The last part I want to really talk about is Diablo 4’s Endgame. This is something that gets a lot of debate among our players. So this is purely my take on Endgame content.

    World Tiers

    First, let’s start with something more familiar to everyone, World Tiers. You can choose different difficulty for your world. This will net you rewards like XP, more Diablo 4 Gold, better gear, and more.

    In Diablo 4, players can choose from 4 World Tiers. Among them, they have unlocked World Tier 1 and World Tier 2 when you first enter the game. World Tier 3 and World Tier 4 are locked. You need to complete certain dungeons to unlock higher World Tiers.

    But I recommend you get at least level 45 to get into World Tier 3. Because the monsters here are above level 50. If you want to experience World Tier 3 urgently, but don’t have enough time to upgrade. You can choose Diablo 4 Boosting Service to achieve the purpose of a fast upgrade.

    Also Read: Diablo 4 Season 1 Release, Details, Changes & More - Huge Season 1 News!


    Once you’ve reached at least World Tier 3, you’ll have access to more Endgame content like Helltides. Speaking of Helltides, this new mechanic randomly selects an area for you in Sanctuary full of demons and other monsters. These areas are where you can grind Cinders. You can then exchange Cinders for gear in chests around the area.

    I like the system so far, it’s straightforward and a great way to hone higher level gear and earn XP.

    Diablo 4: Tree Of Whispers

    Tree Of Whispers

    The last Endgame I want to mention is Tree of Whispers. The system works just like Bounty System. You need to collect 10 Grim Favors from discrete events scattered around Sanctuary.

    When you cash them in the tree, you can choose a loot cache that contains different gear. This is another way for players to gain gear and advance through harder content.

    We’ve now seen several aspects of Diablo 4. I would like to conclude that this game is actually worth playing. The developers really rounded out Diablo series with this game. It’s a step up from Diablo 3, and that’s really the most important thing I think they’re trying to accomplish.

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  • Necromancer Changes In The New Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.3! - Huge Buffs & Fixes

    I believe many players know that Blizzard released a new Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.3 on June 27. Importantly, Necromancer is full of amazing changes in the new patch.

    Skill Improvement

    First off, we can be thankful that the improved Blighted Corpse Explosion no longer blinds us completely. We can now see ground effects, enemies, corpses, and more. Not only is it great for us, but it’s also great for team play. So others are now more willing to team up with Necromancer as well.

    Corpse Tendrils

    Another hidden patch note is that Corpse Tendrils seem to work more consistently now. It’s always powerful, but often fails to draw some enemies, or doesn’t draw it far enough.

    It will now be easier to group enemies, which will make managing advanced Nightmare Dungeons easier for many builds. They have buffed our basic abilities across the board, dealing more damage and giving more Essence.

    Diablo 4: New Necromancer Patch Notes 1.0.3 Explained


    They also made a significant improvement to Reap, so that it can provide corpses more frequently. It feels great if you use this to make sure you have corpses ready for Corpse Tendrils. Also, Diablo 4 servers are getting some much-needed damage improvements. While it still struggles to take damage from builds, it’s a nice boost.

    Blood Lance

    Supernatural Blood Lance got a huge buff in this patch. It will now guarantee to cast Overpower after every 7th cast, instead of reaching the 9th cast. But the higher your level, the shorter the casting cooldown. So I suggest that you can choose Diablo 4 Boosting Service to increase the level as soon as possible to achieve the purpose of fast casting.

    Blood Lance is a weird ability, and for most of Diablo 4 it’s completely useless. Especially compared to Blood Surge, it feels like Blood Surge does the same thing, but its attack range is facing the whole screen.

    Also Read: The Fastest Way To Get Any Legendary Aspect In Diablo 4 - Doing Helltides Properly

    But before that buff, Blood Lance was a strong option for Overpower builds once you had enough Essence cost and attack speed. This is because it has a higher Overpower modifier. It impales the target and can give it a chance to split Aspect. You can apply the effect to all enemies around and deal more Overpower damage than Blood Surge.

    Plus, with increased consistency for Corpse Tendrils, it will be easier than ever to spread Blood Lance against tightly grouped stacks. I’m not yet sure if I’m going to try it properly, but I expect Blood Lance will probably outpace Blood Surge in pushing Nightmare Dungeons’ Overpower builds. Because it provides higher burst damage for tough Elite Packs.

    Diablo 4: Necromancer Blood Surge & Blood Lance

    Bone Prison

    Bone Prison’s Cooldown Reduction, that’s a delicate touch. But you may still want to reduce Lucky Hit or your gear to Cooldown Reduction to make better use of this ability. But those 2 extra seconds make the ability to feel more useful, anyway. The defense buff is also almost doubled, which is outstanding.

    You can now fill your defenses fairly reliably with just Bone Prison. Corpse Tendrils in particular are grouped more tightly to accommodate as many enemies as possible in effect.

    Iron Maiden

    Necromancer’s Iron Maiden ability has been greatly enhanced. But I’m still skeptical that the skill will be of much use. It needs some stronger aspects or interactions to really deserve a place in your skill bar.

    It’s good to have more Blood Orbs on Corpse Tendrils, especially if your build doesn’t use Vulnerable. Because you’re in an Overpower build, or you can get Vulnerable from another skill.

    Bone Spike

    Bone Spike is our Dismount attack, which has also been buffed. Although this doesn’t make a good deal of sense for most of our gameplay. Because minions will now always attack the target with Curse. Right now our Curse is AOE, so having them directly attack what you want doesn’t seem like a useful approach.

    Overall, this seems like a positive change, and we’ll just have to see how much of an impact it really has over the next few days.

    Diablo 4: Necromancer Buffs & Skills Improvement

    Kalan’s Edict

    Kalan’s Edict has been greatly buffed. While throughput remains the same, the frequency of its activity will be much higher than ever. Overpower builds can be delighted by this massive Rathma’s Vigor buff. Because the guaranteed Overpower advantage every 12 seconds can go a long way.

    If you’re used to having it around tier 13, you’ll need to adjust to notice when it hits tier 10. That way, you don’t waste more Diablo 4 Gold on the wrong ability or in situations like a single remaining normal creature.

    Buffing our Thorns passive is nice, but it’s still largely a dead talent for Necromancer.

    Aspect Improvements

    Aspect of Bursting Bones isn’t something I’ve actually used before, and the tooltip damage is still horribly low. Maybe there’s something I don’t know. Of course, if you think this is a meaningful change and Aspect, you can also try to use this Aspect.

    Also, Flesh-Rending Aspect got a huge buff, but it’s still a horrible aspect. Fastblood Aspect has just been greatly enhanced, which is very exciting to me.

    Diablo 4: Aspect of Bursting Bones

    Mechanism Improvement

    For builds using Bone Storm, they already have enough Cooldown Reduction to achieve near-permanent uptime. So this Aspect seems more suitable for improving your Blood Wave and Army of the Dead.

    With enough Lucky Hit, Cooldown Reduction, and Blood Orb Generation. We might even see almost permanently functioning buildings on Unyielding Commander’s Aspect. This allows near-immortal pets to attack with incredible speed.

    Overall, these patch notes are significant for Necromancer players. The improvements to Corpse Tendrils and Corpse Explosion visibility are already valuable changes. Even if our power doesn’t explode from them.

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  • Analysis And Build Of Yukong Pre-release In Honkai Star Rail! - Skills, Relics, Light Cones And More

    With Honkai Star Rail 1.2 right around the corner, we’ll also be getting free Yukong Banners in the new patch. We’ll detail why you might need her, how to use her, her strengths and weaknesses, as well as synergies and team comparisons.

    But remember, this is pre-release, so don’t take the mechanics explanation as 100% fact. Because her Healing and Talents may be different at launch.

    TLDR On Pulling

    First, she is a Harmony unit. If you want meta, she can always find a use. She also belongs to Imaginary unit. You don’t need to pull her right away though, as we’re getting a free copy in Honkai Star Rail 1.2.

    She’s a strong super carry buffer, but also has the potential to boost both DPS, just like Asta and Bronya. She also acts as a sub DPS, so she’s an elite unit to pick, and having her will give your Honkai Star Rail Accounts 3 different benefits.

    Honkai Star Rail: Analysis And Build Of Yukong Pre-release

    Yukong Kit Rundown And Assumptions

    Her normal attacks are standard and only deal damage, but her Talents do 30 Toughness damage. She also gains 2 stacks of the buff, Roaring Bowstrings. This has a maximum of 2 stacks. When it’s active, all allies’ attack power is increased. Yukong loses 1 stack each time an ally’s turn ends. This means that any ally who can cheat turns like Seele should be able to abuse this like baffling.

    Yukong won’t take away Bowstring stacks on the turn she uses skills. Since this depends on the ally’s turn count, you can use multiple DPS ultimates during this buff, and they’ll all get a DPS boost.

    Her Ultimate is a buff and a single target Nuke. Additionally, if her buff, Roaring Bowstrings, is active, she also increases her allies’ critical strike chance and critical strike damage. However, from the way the sub-stats and main stats are distributed, we can expect the crit chance gain to be much lower than the crit damage.

    Honkai Star Rail: Yukong Kit Rundown And Assumptions

    Pros & Cons

    Next, let’s take a look at her pros and cons. For pro players, we have double DPS buffs. Therefore, any DPS will love her, and so will any sub DPS with her. Since she is a 4-Star Imaginary unit, we have no luck getting Imaginary element.

    Plus, she has enhanced base damage and 90 ultimate Toughness damage. Therefore, it is estimated that she will cause at least 210 points of Toughness damage in 4 rounds. And the two attacks in her gear are also specialized, since she can abuse the best Light Cones in the game, or their corresponding Break Effect.

    Now for her flaws. Since she has 2 stacks, she might really need to adjust her speed to be higher than your DPS so they can get that round. Her base stats are low. Harmony units always have a low base stat with a Taunt Value of 100.

    Her Energy Generation may be required for her rotations, so you’ll need to get her to Ascension 6 to unlock it. Her Technique looks like a lot of fun to use, but that’s a downside. Because you have to know where all Technique Point Canisters are on the map.

    Honkai Star Rail: Fleet of the Ageless

    Best Potential Relics

    As for her best Relics, supports usually use Musketeer of Wild Wheat. Don’t use Wind Set as it will throw you out of sync in some cases. Also, if you use Ultimate every 2 turns, Wind Set will only give you more turns.

    For Planar Ornaments, Fleet of the Ageless would be great for her. For main stats, if you speed tuning, a complete support build can be tank main stats, energy rope, and speed boots.

    Tank stats mean she can survive, and she doesn’t scale any buffs based on her stats. So she doesn’t need to stack anything. Right now I think she’s going to be a good hybrid of DPS as well.

    Also Read: Honkai Star Rail: Building and Ascension Guide - Luocha

    Best Potential Light Cones

    With Light Cone, she can abuse Memories of the Past to gain energy. A 56% Break Effect is equivalent to an additional 16.8% delay when breaking an enemy’s weak point. But the damage is negligible because Imaginary has the weakest damage.

    Past and Future is also an option, but requires speed adjustments. So for low DPS, I recommend you choose Memories of the Past.

    Honkai Star Rail: Memories of the Past

    Two Playstyles

    As for playstyle, if you want to go all-in you can, and it will work just fine. You can also do a low DPS mix as she gives herself a huge damage output and a crit buff for huge last damage.

    Additionally, her base attacks are also buffed, so she can do a ton of decent damage even though she’s a Harmony unit. Keep in mind that she has low base stats, so this is a dangerous playstyle.

    You’ll also need to run Meshing Cogs or Memories of the Past, to replace the lack of energy rope. But her ego buff should give her some decent damage. You can also abuse the damage since she doesn’t get rid of her own Bowstring stack.

    Break Effect Rope and Memories of the Past can give you 66.24% action delay when breaking enemies, and you will break a lot of imaginary weak enemies.

    Honkai Star Rail: Best Teams For Yukong

    Synergies And Team Comps

    For synergy, I’m going to use Welt and Luocha for mono Imaginary. Welt needs enough Effect Hit Rate to guarantee his debuff uptime and power. So it was fun to get him more Effect Hit Rate and give him those crits and attack buffs.

    Luocha scales with his attack, so any buffs help his Healing. Since he doesn’t need to take turns healing, this means that every attack you make, as long as Yukong is buffed, will be more effective, and emergency skills will heal more.

    The obvious and only mono Imaginary combination right now is Welt, Luocha, Yukong, and Silver Wolf. But Yukong is a Harmony unit, any team can go. I recommend taking a solo sustain and running a main DPS with flex. This could be a hypercarry with sub DPS, or another buffer and debuffer.

    That’s all my analysis of the pre-release Yukong, I hope this helps you understand the character better. All in all, let’s look forward to Yukong.

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  • Updates And Improvements On Lost Ark KR Server! - Lailai Island, PVP Season And More

    Here I would like to introduce some recent updates on Lost Ark KR server. Because many people are curious about KR server status. So, I thought it would be great to share some updates on Lost Ark journey. Come with me now. Here’s everything that’s going to cover this improvement.

    One thing you need to know before you start, here is the roadmap and update on KR with or without any content or future roadmap for global servers. So it’s more like a preview of updates to KR servers and improvements that have been done or are coming on KR.

    Because compared with the global server, KR server has the leading update volume. So, through this content, maybe you can preview or look forward to the future of global servers. Therefore, this new content can serve as a reference for your Lost Ark journey.

    As you can see, we’ve seen no major or noticeable updates on KR for about a month. Maybe they’re busy with this week’s events right now, so I’ve been waiting.

    Lost Ark: Updates And Improvements On KR Server

    Lailai Island

    This new adventure island is called Lailai Island. As you can see in the name itself. This is a concept island of Punika, which includes the same competition content as Monte Island.

    Lailai Island is a small tower defense game island. With this contest, not only can you store more Lost Ark Gold, but you can also earn rewards that might be useful in your Lost Ark journey. Of course, these rewards also include Island Tokens, decoration for your Stronghold, and toy item.

    Lost Ark: Lailai Island

    PVP Season

    The new PVP and Proving Grounds Seasons have already started on June 7, 2023. This might be a bit late news as I’m not such a PVP player. So, if you really want to play Lost Ark on KR, be sure to check out Proving Grounds as well.

    Lost Ark: PVP Season Has Begun!

    Lost Ark Summer Notice

    Finally, for Lost Ark’s summer announcement, perhaps the most anticipated part for all KR players. We are really hungry for new updates or news right now.

    In Lost Ark, you may find some new information about upcoming new classes and new Legion Raids. Since LOA ON always brings us exciting news about Lost Ark. So, I kind of look forward to it.

    In addition, when LOA starts, it means that a new Pass Season is coming. That means new Hyper Express Seasons are coming too. In other words, it’s time to develop a new character.

    Hyper Express Seasons will provide a ton of level-boosting material for your journey to Lost Ark. Also, it will instantly take you to a certain continent, such as South Vern, or Maybe Elgacia. In addition, LOA ON will bring you more useful things through coupons. So, if you play Lost Ark on KR. Now might be a good time to start.

    Lost Ark: Summer Update Notice

    Preview Upcoming Updates

    In fact, this notification is quite recent. In this summer’s update, you may notice an update to the low-level section. More like a system improvement for lower-level characters. So some layers could be integrated or improved in this summer update.

    Currently, Tier 2 gear section has been improved. As the gear level itself goes down, maybe it allows you to move to a continent. Of course, remaining Tier 2 gear on your character can now be swapped out for epic Tier 3 gear.

    Also Read: Lost Ark: You Should Know 8 Things

    No matter what your Honing Level is, it will naturally be replaced by a Level 3 gear set. But if you want to move to the upper layer or the upper continent, you need to complete the previous world or continent tasks before entering, otherwise you cannot enter.

    Also, in Stronghold Farming and Crafting, Tier 1 and Tier 2 materials or elements are now integrated into one part. Therefore, it is now possible to remove tier 2 materials such as flavors or crafting recipes. In other words, most low-level crafting and recipes are now integrated and are no longer available on your crafting or life tabs.

    Meanwhile, Tier 3 gear has also received another improvement. Tier 3 sections are now tuned to levels 1250 to 1490, reducing the burden of Honing Sessions on these sections, and Honing Levels are also more compressed.

    Lost Ark: Gear Honing Beginners Guide

    Before this notice, in most Tier 3 sections, you needed to craft 20 to reach item level 1490. But in this notice, this adjustment will only require 15 pieces of equipment to reach the 1490 item level. This means you can reach the 1490 gear level much faster than previous versions.

    Of course, I didn’t notice the material requirement on the update page. But I think it’s the most impressive update notification, relieving low level players of Honing Sessions.

    Legion Raids gear crafting is now more consistent. For weapons, you now only need Covetous Wing, which is a material that drops from Vykas. And for the helmet, you just need to get Demonic Beast’s Bone dropped by Valtan.

    Also, in Honing on Tier 3, all Harmony Leap Stones are now changed to Tier 1 Leap Stones. We can exchange again the previous Leap Stone through NPC. And they also unified Oreha Fusion Material into a part, which is a rare Oreha Fusion Material.

    Lost Ark: How to Get Simple Oreha Fusion Material?

    As you can see in the notification, the simple Oreha Fusion Material will not be used further. Also, they’re shrinking Shadespire Tower’s floor. The previous version had 50 floors, but as announced in the notice, they will patch it to 20 floors.

    In addition, Sailing Coin and Keys will be divided into two parts. Each Coin and Keys has 5 sections to choose from. But now I don’t think we have to carry too many Coins and Keys in the summer patch.

    Because now all Engravings can be opened upon reaching level 50. Most importantly, all Engravings now start at level 1 when you turn on Engravings feature. In other words, if you reach level 50, as long as you turn on Engravings function, you can fully use all Engravings starting from level 1. This means you no longer need to read those uncommon Engravings books.


    All in all, the above is all the content of Lost Ark update on KR server this time. If you really want to play Lost Ark on KR, then you should definitely not miss this update note.

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