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  • How To Effectively Master Wingplay In FC 24? - Every Variation Explained

    FC 24 is one of the toughest games of the series so far. As far as gameplay goes, we all want to deny the issue of getting bogged down on offense and facing heavy defensive pressure. However, there is one key aspect that frees you up when you use your wings effectively and allows you to reach your full attacking potential.

    In today’s guide, we’ll explore the secrets of wing play in FC 24, different techniques to beat your opponents, and learn how and when to use them to unlock wing play.

    How To Effectively Master Wingplay In FC 24? - Every Variation Explained

    Create Movement

    First, you need to create some movement there. There are multiple ways to do this.

    You can use L1 LB button to send one of your side players around to the wing. You simply point at the player with the left analog stick before briefly tapping L1 LB button. You’ll immediately see the body language change and the player starts running forward.

    Another way to create this type of movement is to pass it. If your player has the ball in his hands, you want to run with the ball and eventually pass it to your teammate. Hold down L1 LB button and after the pass, you’ll see his burst of run on the baseline.

    In both cases, the defensive player may cover the obvious passing lane created by the moving player. So if this is the case, don’t throw the ball directly at the runner. But you can use a third player as a link player to create different passing angles for your goal. Therefore, it is crucial to invest more FC 24 Coins to improve the overall statistics of players.

    So let’s say you create some movement, cutting yourself into one-on-one confrontations to win back. So what do you do? There are many options.


    Let’s start with Cutbacks. First, with Cutbacks method, you pull the ball back to center with a sharp turn and explore your passing options.

    Once your wingers are far ahead, some attacking players will join in from the back and in transition. And the defense has yet to settle, making them perfect passing targets once you run to the end line.

    At this point, make sure to press the button to stop sprinting and then turn sharply toward the center side. You simply move using the left analog stick or with skills and watch the runner behind you find the best position to pass the ball.

    EA FC 24: How To Defend Wing Play & Try Cutbacks?

    If he can move out wide, I see opponents trying to catch me on the run, and that’s what I need to take advantage of. Because I knew he would keep sprinting just to catch me. That’s why I let go of the sprint button and used Ball Roll to make a sharp turn and get him out of the picture.

    Now I see the obvious passing option, but the opponent also sees him. Because I made a fake move to the left, my opponent was a little slow to react. I get the ball on target, clear my front and get a good scoring chance.

    Also, Player Lock is a powerful mechanism that can be used with cutbacks. Player Lock isn’t just for attackers. As a defender, you can also use it to disrupt play and steal the ball from your opponents, reading the game like a seasoned pro.

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    Explore The Goalline

    You will also have another opportunity, and that is to explore goalline. Sometimes your opponent wants you to perform cutbacks, in which case this method works perfectly.

    If the opponent still wants you to turn cutbacks, you can simply go deep into the goal line and watch the players inside to create scoring opportunities. Please note, do not panic when exploring goals. If your opponent is still covering passing lanes, try to find the perfect opportunity.

    Controlled Sprint is a great tool that works perfectly while exploring another excellent mechanic of the game.

    This method is a Driven Pass. If you’re exploring the goalline, your forward can walk directly in front of the goal, which allows you to perform a powerful Ground Pass. Here, hold down R1 RB button to perform a Driven Pass, allowing for a free goal.

    Controlled Sprint in FC 24: Master the Amazing New Speed Boost


    Next, we turn to another method, crossing. Inside the box, this method is underrated but powerful.

    There are two areas where you need to be very careful. The first is the movement of your potential target within the box. If he’s not really covered and is heading toward the goal, then that’s your chance.

    There you have to adjust the power of the passer based on the distance between him and the target, you need to change it.

    If you’re a fan of Crossing, you’ll love Whipped Pass PlayStyle+. Because with Whipped Pass+, we pin the ball between two and three bars of power. This type of Long Ball also works outside of the box.

    EA FC 24: Crossing Guide

    Switching Sides

    When you control the ball to one side of the court, you’ll find that if you stay on the same side for too long, the opposing team will turn to that side. Especially if the opponent uses a high depth formation of Pressure tactics, this will become a problem that needs to be avoided. You need wingers and full-backs on the other side.

    As mentioned before, because the opponent will automatically turn to one side, it will leave the other side open. At this point, switching sides with a winger can create incredible opportunities for you. But how do you use it as an offensive weapon?

    Personally, I sometimes purposely grab the bolt too much on one side so that when the defender closes in on me, I take my attention away from the other side.

    I’m looking for teammates on the other side of the court where I can pass the ball to. I’ll switch sides with Long Ball because my wingers and fullbacks are already active there. I took advantage of the space created by the wing change and perfectly accumulated the power of the winger’s change, giving us an easy chance to score.

    The Effective steps to defend wingplay and stop cutbacks in FC 24

    Attacking Wingbacks

    At the end of the guide, an important section is retained. You may have seen how aggressively I use my wing backs on offense, which will bring another dimension to your offense.

    If your winger is under pressure from two players, your wing backs can easily create a new passing position for the forward. Not only do you get rid of the pressure, but you start a very dangerous attack.

    Next, if your wing backs join the attack, your wing players may move more towards the center between the full backs and forwards. This means you can fill one more position and pass to that additional position.

    You’ll also have a variety of passing options. Assuming your winger has the ball in midfield, it will be a pleasure to defend him if you only have the midfielder passing the ball. But here, things change.

    For example, I see my wing backs push forward and immediately find their free space. If you find there is space in front of you, you can use the wing back. It’s simple, don’t hesitate and rush because most of the time the opponent won’t expect it. This way, you can create excellent scoring opportunities in all aspects.

    Therefore, after adopting these methods, you will become an actual threat from the side and cause real difficulties for your opponents. Use your agile wingers and dominate your game!

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  • How To Crush Diablo 4 Abattoir Of Zir With The New Minmax Ball Lightning Build?

    The new Abattoir of Zir event is very challenging. I spent a lot of time testing different versions of Ball Lightning build and came up with one that I found to be the most fun and efficient to play. With this build, I passed T14 at level 14 and got the new Tears of Blood Glyph.

    This build doesn’t use any Uber Uniques like Harlequin Crest or Melted Heart of Selig. Therefore, this build is perfect for players on a low Diablo 4 Gold budget. You can even just use this build instead of having to farm Uber Boss repeatedly while hoping for a drop.

    In this guide, I’ll cover all the key synergies. Let’s start!

    How To Crush Diablo 4 Abattoir Of Zir With The New Minmax Ball Lightning Build?

    Unlock AoZ

    Before we dive into the build, I wanted to take a quick look at the keys to the new Diablo 4 Abattoir of Zir Dungeon. In order to take part in Abattoir of Zir event, we need to complete all Seasonal Journey Chapters.

    The reward for the last chapter is 3000 Potent Blood points. But this is usually not very useful, since we may have upgraded all of our Vampiric Powers at this point. But we can also use Potent Blood for alt accounts, such as starting a new character.

    Diablo 4: How To Start Abattoir Of Zir?

    The New Tears of Blood Glyph

    The reward of Abattoir of Zir event is a new Glyph, Tears of Blood, which can increase our damage.

    Currently, I’m at glyph level 15, which doubles my overall damage with some additional added damage and damage reduction.

    We should note that the core statistics here include not only Intelligence but also Strength, Dexterity and Willpower. So investing Paragon Points into all stat nodes within the radius gives us the best results.

    The best place to use the new Glyph is on Burning Board, where we get extra damage reduction from burning enemies as a bonus from rare nodes. And damage reduction is very important in Abattoir of Zir event. Because we can die instantly at high levels, resulting in failure without any reward.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Farming 30k EXP Per Hour Tears of Blood Glyph

    Key Synergies

    Next, I’ll cover all the key synergies.

    We use Flickerstep in our builds to maintain Permanent Ultimate. Because each dodge reduces the cooldown of our ultimate ability by up to 10 seconds.

    Since attacking reduces the cooldown of evasion, we can use evasion almost once per second. So as long as we dodge through the enemy a few times within 10 seconds of Ultimate. When it ends, Ultimate will be ready to cast again.

    In addition, Flickerstep can also reduce damage from close enemies to help us survive better.

    Diablo 4: How Good Is This New Flickerstep Unique Boots?

    So what does it mean to have permanent Ultimate uptime?

    First, of course, it increases our damage. Because when Ultimate is active, every Ball Lightning we cast will trigger a random Shock Skill out of these 4 skills.

    The first two are Core Skills, which trigger Accelerating Aspect. The third one is Cooldown Skill and Protection Passive. We just need to cast Ball Lightning to get Barrier.

    Also, we are running Ice Armor in this build. We can maintain Barrier 100% of the time. Not only does this help us survive and face high-level monsters like in T14, but it also ensures that we get 100% of the benefits from Storm Swell Aspect and Conceited Aspect. Both rely on barrier uptime.

    Diablo 4: Ball Lightning Enchantment

    Another key synergy is using Ball Lightning Enchantment, where all critical hits trigger static Ball Lightnings on the ground. This greatly increases our damage.

    An extra note is that our Teleport has a high Lucky Hit Chance. We will be placing a level 5 Teleport in this build to cast Teleport every 1-2 seconds, causing many static Ball Lightnings on the ground.

    Also, we have Shimmering Teleport, which upon use gives us another 30% damage reduction for 3 seconds.

    Since Protection Passive and Teleport are also Cooldown Skills, casting Teleport every 1-2 seconds will maintain the 30% Damage Reduction buff and a 30% Maximum Life Barrier. This helps us tank mobs further head-on in T14 without any issues.

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    For armor we need 3% armor stats for 4 positions. Achieve 13500 armor through maximum stacks of Aspect of Disobedience. This way we can gain 85% armor damage reduction cap against level 155+ enemies in Abattoir of Zir.

    We also use Adept Glyph in Paragon Board, as the 20% extended range is good for both cast Ball Lightnings and static Ball Lightnings in the enchantment.

    Finally, we use Reinforced Glyph to get an additional 15% damage reduction since we have 100% barrier uptime. We also got magic and rare nodes for damage reduction from Burning Board’s elites.

    Diablo 4: Reinforced Glyph

    6 Glyphs vs 7 Glyphs

    I also tested performance between two Paragon Boards. In one there was a board where I removed some nodes from some glyphs so that I could use 7 glyphs and get all the glyph bonuses.

    On the other board, I only used 6 glyphs, but I could max out all the nodes within the glyph radius and get a ton of bonus damage. This is my final result.

    Diablo 4: 6 Glyphs vs 7 Glyphs

    You can see that 6-Glyph is actually better than 7-Glyph. Because even if the monster is considered always under crowd control, the total damage will be higher. In actual combat, monsters are only partially subject to crowd control. Therefore, 6-Glyph will be far superior to 7-Glyph.

    Tips To Push High Tier AoZ

    Here are some tips for pushing high tier AoZ.

    The first tip is to avoid clearing everything we see. We needed to fight a high density of monsters to make the most of the 10-minute timer.

    Many times, we can just clear out the non-elites and move on. In particular, I recommend not fighting ranged elites one by one. They are fleeing from high-density crowds and it is not worth chasing them. Usually I just jump in and clear out the non-elites and move on.

    Another tip is to save Shrine before the boss fights to maximize our combat power against 3 bosses. When the potion runs out, we can always go back to town to refill it.

    Finally, I recommend using +50 Maximum Resource Elixir to trigger more Elementalist’s Aspects. It allows me to gain at least +1 level while pushing Abattoir of Zir.

    Diablo 4: Tips To Push High Tier AoZ

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, Abattoir of Zir event was challenging, but I think it still needs some improvement.

    First, the lack of item rewards is a bit frustrating. Even with stat re-rolls, I couldn’t find a single piece of gear that was of similar quality to what I had equipped.

    Next, the failure and reward systems also need to be redesigned. In AoZ, there are no rewards for death or overtime, and it completely wasted our time. And I feel like the current rewards are not enough and more we need increments to keep players motivated and having fun.

    What I enjoy in AoZ, though, is testing the limits of my builds, iterating on them, and creating a building that has a good balance between damage and survivability to advance to the next level. It comes with a tremendous sense of accomplishment. I hope this guide helps you make your own build and have fun testing it!

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  • How To Master The Best Offensive Scheme In Madden 24? - Spread Offensive Playbook

    If you’re looking for an explosive, fun, unpredictable offensive scheme that will help you win more games in Madden 24, you can’t miss this guide! Without further ado, let’s get started.

    Offensive Scheme Breakdown

    For this scenario, we will use a spread offensive playbook, using Ace Slot Offset formation.

    The tactic we are going to discuss is posts. This tactic has many setups that we can use to defeat man coverage or zone coverage. Therefore, mastering this tactic can help you win games easily and earn tons of MUT 24 coins!

    How To Master The Best Offensive Scheme In Madden 24? - Spread Offensive Playbook

    Man Coverage Tactics

    For man coverage, we have 4 different layouts.

    Deep Ball Setup

    The first layout is a deep ball setup that can bomb any man-coverage. On this play, I like to place the trips side on the short side of the field so that the slant and post have more space to separate themselves from the defender.

    For adjustments, you want to put the slot receiver on the slant, the outside receiver on the post, the two Tight Ends on the flat, and then the running backs on the wheels, and you need to move the running back to the trips side.

    Putting Tight Ends on the flat is just to create better route spacing. You can also put Tight Ends on drag routes.

    Now, if your opponent doesn’t have deep half help, you can leave this running back wheel wide open for a touchdown.

    If the route is not open, you will want to read slant and post. Usually, these routes will handle any man-coverage you may face.

    MUT 24: 4 Man Coverage Setups

    Misdirection & Crossers

    The next man beater in play involves Misdirection and Crossers. All you have to do is put the outside receiver on the post, the slot receiver on the slope, the two Tight Ends on the flat, and then move the running backs on Texas route to the trips side.

    The benefit of this is that this setup looks very similar to the first play we discussed, which will make it difficult for your opponent to predict what you are going to run.

    But please note that instead of taking the running back wheel route, he takes this inverted Texas route, almost like a slant route. And this route is nearly impossible for the user or computer to secure, like what you see here.

    Also note that in this game, both slant and post are wide open.

    Short Yardage

    The next man beater we want to discuss is Short Yardage.

    First you want to make sure the trips side is at the far end of the field, then put the outside receiver on the drag and the inside wide receiver on the zig. Then you have to signal the powerful side Tight End to let him score consecutively.

    What you are mainly reading here is drag and zig. Typically, you’ll see zig open in some easy yards. If these routes are not open, your next destination is Texas route and corner route.

    What makes this play so great is the way your route creates separation on either side of the field, making the user unsure of where to go.

    Best Short Yard Offense In Madden 24!

    Corner Route

    Now let’s review the last man beater. I like to do this tactic between the 10 and 20 yard lines. And again, you want to make sure you set the trips on the remote side.

    What you want to do is put the outside receiver on the slant, leave the slot receiver in the corner, and keep everything else the same.

    The first thing you read here is the corner route, which is great against man coverage, but you have to make sure you throw the ball when the receiver cuts. This will ensure that the defender has no chance to steal the ball.

    Madden 24: Add These Routes to Any Play to Beat Man Coverage

    Zone Beaters Tactics

    Now we want to review the zone beaters in this scheme. We’ll keep the same play and formation, Posts in Ace Slot Offset.

    Posts In Ace Slot Offset

    To start any plan, you need a Flood Concept, which has a deep route, medium route, and short route.

    However, for this play, you need to run Flood Concept on the other side of the field. The way we set it up in this scheme is to place the outside receiver on the vertical. Since you only have to make one adjustment, you can try to overwhelm your opponent so they don’t have time to adjust their defense.

    Now the players you want to read are the two defenders. If the outside corner runs with the vertical, and the slot corner defends a flat route, it will leave the corner route open on the sideline.

    If you feel your opponent is applying pressure, quickly look at Tight End on the flat. If no one is covering the flat at the snap, you can quickly throw to Tight End for a few easy yards.

    Madden 24: Posts In Ace Slot Offset

    Double Mable Beater

    The next play we will discuss is Double Mable Beater. Meta coverage in Madden 24 is Double Mable, with flat zone at 30 yards and curl flat at 5 yards.

    The purpose of the defense is to guard the sidelines. To overcome this coverage, all you have to do is put the slot receiver on the streak. When we spike the ball, you can see this streak taking over the back-line. This opens up space for a post route into the midfield, yielding huge gains. You just have to make sure you throw the ball away before the safety has time to react and interrupt the play.

    MUT 24: How To Beat The Double Mable? - Formations Route Combos RPOs

    Flood Concept

    For the next zone beaters, we will create another Flood Concept by placing the outside receiver in a vertical position. Then we’ll move the running back and put him in a vertical position.

    We made this design for running backs. The goal is to pull any flat or neutral zone defender away from the center of the field. If this happens, the running back will be open. This play style is dominant because it adds an extra component to Flood Concept.

    Another way to set up this tactic is to signal the powerful side Tight End and have him go flat. Then place Tight End on the vertical line.

    Run Plays

    For the last part of this scheme, we’ll review Run Plays.

    The first Run Play we will discuss is RPO Slot Bubble. If you find you have a numerical advantage on the trips side, pass the ball to the bubble, which will help give your best player some easy yardage in space.

    Madden 24: RPO Slot Bubble

    If a player lines up over the bubble receiver, watch the defender. If he stays flat flooded, you can still pass the ball to the bubble.

    If you pass the ball, make sure you don’t hold the right trigger before crossing the line of scrimmage. This will optimize your blocking, allowing more people to miss and gain some easy yardage.

    The final Run Play is called Outside Zone. The key to this style of play is to take the ball outside and, once you see an opening, drive through it. You also need to be wary of any cutback lanes in this play.


    That’s the complete guide to the spread offensive playbook. This formation alone can win you multiple games. So, hurry up and try it out!

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  • How To Build Your Shaman Tanks In WOW Classic SOD? - Runes, Talents, Gear & Professions

    Fellow Farseers and Shamans, the moment we have longed for has finally arrived. Season of Discovery has arrived, and it comes with a whole boatload of new builds, as well as Class, Role, Spec combinations!

    I’m sure some people are excited about the potential for Shaman Tanks to actually become a true spec in WOW Classic variant. With this excitement comes a lot of questions about the initial ideas for builds, runes, talents and gear.

    So I hope I’ve got a good handle on it and provided a lot of information for you to absorb. I’d like to start with a guide on how to Shaman Tanks first, and then we can build on that knowledge to provide subsequent guides for other aspects of the class. Without further ado, let’s get into the guide.

    How To Build Your Shaman Tanks In WOW Classic SOD? - Runes, Talents, Gear & Professions


    Runes are the new feature of this game mode, which allows you to use new abilities not found in Classic Era games. They are either from future expansions or completely new ideas that fit the essence and spirit of WOW Classic.

    These new ability Runes are earned by exploring the world and its various challenges. Runes are easily interchangeable and hot swappable, and just like our talent system in retail WoW, there are many combinations and gear items that will come with it.

    Here we’ll cover Runes you may want to use when tanking Shaman. Please keep in mind that circumstances may change and this guide may be out of date. But if it does happen, I’ll post updates and additional guide content to stay relevant!

    WOW Classic Season Of Discovery: Shaman Runes Discussed

    Shield Mastery

    First, your ideal Chest Rune for Shaman Tanks would be Shield Mastery. Each time you block, you regain 4% of your maximum mana and gain 30% of your maximum armor as armor, stacking up to 5 times.

    Also, you get a 10% increase in block chance and a 15% increase in block value. This is obviously a very good mana regeneration and defense rune, as long as you’re wielding a shield.

    Molten Blast

    Your ideal tank Glove Rune will be Molten Blast. It explodes enemies in a cone in front of you, dealing 46-61 Fire damage. This capability creates a significant threat.

    And Flame Shock periodic damage has a 10% chance to reset the cooldown of Molten Blast. With this ability, we don’t have to worry about mobs resisting our Nature spells. This will also help us maintain aggro against the teams we pull.

    It will also reward players to spread their Flame Shock debuffs to get reset in Molten Blast. This sounds like a very interesting gameplay.

    Way Of Earth

    Our Legs slot Rune will obviously be a Way of Earth. While Rockbiter Weapon is active on your main hand weapon, you cause 100% more threat, have 30% more health, take 10% less damage, and have 6% less chance to be critically hit by melee attacks. And Earth Shock will taunt your target to attack you.

    WOW Classic Season Of Discovery: Shaman Runes Overview & Discussion

    Earth Shock

    Earth Shock now has a separate cooldown from your other Shock spells, but its range is now reduced to melee range. This is Rune that makes Shaman the tank they’ve always wanted to be.

    With increased survivability and Earth Shock’s dedicated taunt button, the only thing we’re missing now is a separate spell for interrupting spell-casting. Since Earth Shock is also an Interrupt in WOW Classic, we can actually use it to solve the problem of interrupting spells in most cases.

    Shamanistic Rage

    Another rune worth trying is Shamanistic Rage. Shamanistic Rage reduces all damage taken by 20% and regenerates mana every second for 15 seconds. Mana regenerated per second is equal to 15% of your attack power, 10% of your spell power, or 6% of your healing power, whichever is greater.

    If you have enough WOW Classic SOD Gold budget, you can place Rune on multiple items in the same equipment slot. Therefore, you can put Shamanistic Rage of a pair of pants to use the ability between pulls or when out of combat to benefit from the mana regeneration buff it provides.

    But before entering the battle, you’ll want to switch back to your Legs slot Rune. Because if you don’t have Way of Earth equipped, you’re in danger of dying.

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    Since the initial level cap of Season of Discovery is 25, Talents we can absorb are also very limited. It’s unclear whether certain talents will also affect Rune abilities, thereby replacing other abilities or enhancing your core spells. And it’s also possible that talents will be updated to improve or interact with your Rune abilities where it makes sense.

    That being said, you have a good idea of what path you should take to get Shaman to level 25, and respec later on when you gain higher levels and more Talent points.

    We’ll mostly stick with Elemental Tree to get the needed damage increase and mana conservation talents.

    In Enhancement Tree, the best value at level 25 is Shield Specialization, although I expect Shaman Tanks to be deeply enhanced as they level up.

    Convection helps us a lot because Earth Shock and Flame Shock are probably some of our most used spells. And reducing the mana cost of these spells would go a long way.

    Concussion will obviously increase our damage, which increases the threat we generate.

    Elemental Focus gives us the opportunity to enter a clear casting state, which allows us to cast the next damaging spell freely.

    Shield Specialization interacts well with Shield Mastery Rune, increasing your block chance and block value. This directly affects our mana regeneration and maintains the defensive stacks generated by this rune.

    WOW Classic Season Of Discovery: Shaman New Runes Talents Gear & Professions


    Typically in WOW Classic, we want to maintain a healthy balance of Strength and Agility as a melee DPS Shaman. While you’ll be wielding a shield, Strength becomes even more important as it directly affects your chances of blocking an attack. Intellect also plays an important role as it increases the size of our mana pool and the chance of getting a critical hit with our spells.

    As a spell-casting tank, Strength and Intellect will be our two most important stats. And, of course, Stamina. However, if our mana regeneration is good enough, we might escape with minimal Intellect gear.

    That being said, once underrated gear types will now become in demand for Shaman Tanks, like Gorilla Gear. Gorilla Gear has both Strength and Intellect. For Shaman Tanks, these items will now be properly utilized.

    Some notable items from the ancient game will drop from Wailing Caverns, including Armor of the Fang. Because it provides Strength, Intellect, Agility and Spirit on its item set, and the set bonus works very well with Shaman Tanks.

    Another item of note is Seedcloud Buckler. Because it will act as a giant shield until you get Commander’s Crest from Shadowfang Keep. This set’s set bonus increases your natural damage, healing, and increases your Intellect.

    WOW Classic SOD: Deep Dive Shaman Tanking Guide


    For professions, I personally would probably choose Leatherworking and Skinning first. Because you can make many notable recipes, to get the advantages of your equipment.

    Since there is currently only a level cap and no professions cap, we can take advantage of the many powerful items obtained from crafting professions.

    Once I got the best items through Leatherworking, like Earthen Leather Shoulders, Deviate Scale Belt and Heavy Armor Kits. I’ll probably give up on Skinning and switch to Engineering to get items like Bright Eye Goggles, Training Dummies and Iron Grenades to help me tank in raids and dungeons.

    In WOW Classic, you can choose any professions you want. They provide some help, but are not ultimately the be all and end all. I just mentioned which professions I think will be most helpful for your Shaman Tanks. But as mentioned before, everything is subject to change, so give it a try!

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  • How To Prepare For The Upcoming ICC 30% Buff In WOTLK Classic?

    Champions of Azeroth, I hope you do well! Today we are discussing the high-level impact of the upcoming ICC 30% Buff in WOTLK Classic.

    Here I want to cover a few things like changes to Raid Composition, changes to the economy, community reaction to buffs, and which alts you should re-roll to. So let’s get started.

    How To Prepare For The Upcoming ICC 30% Buff In WOTLK Classic?

    ICC Buff Explained

    First, let’s talk about our understanding of this buff. ICC Buff will appear by default on December 5th and will be enabled by default for any ICC Raid.

    If you’re worried about being forced to do a simpler version of Raid, you don’t have to worry at all. You can turn off the buff yourself at the entrance to Tirion Fordring.

    ICC Buff will initially provide a 5% buff to health, healing, and damage, and will increase by 5% every two weeks thereafter. This means we will get a 10% gain on December 19th. Then the 15% gain will come on January 2nd, 20% on the 16th, 25% on January 30th, and the final gain of 30% will come on February 13th, 2024.

    Here, we will take a comprehensive and in-depth look at what this buff will bring.

    WOTLK Classic: ICC Buff Explained

    How Does Buff Change Raid Composition?

    So you’ve learned about the buff. Now let’s talk about how it changes everything, like your Raid Composition.

    The first normal Raid adjustment will be to stack more damage than before. The goal will be to drive faster clearing times and higher parse. Instead of running five healers in Heroic mode, guilds will run four, and sometimes even three, depending on the battle.

    The first healers to leave will be Restoration Druid or Holy Priest, and then the next healer will probably be Restoration Shaman. Generally speaking, this will cause the demand for healing and tanking to decrease, while the demand for DPS will increase at the same time.

    Another Raid Composition adjustment some guilds will make is to make tough battles easier. An example would be to run eight healers on Sindragosa so that your damage will be quite high enough that you can afford it.

    You could even run six healers like in Heroic Lich King, but that’s nearly impossible with the current DPS checks.

    The final Raid Composition adjustment that guilds will make is farming bosses like Heroic Lich King. Currently, less than 500 guilds have completed Heroic Lich King. I predict that number will increase fivefold over the next two months due to changes in Raid Composition.

    WOTLK Classic: The Actual Best ICC Raid Composition

    How To Buff Affects Alts?

    If you’re playing a poorly scaled class or healer, one of the best ways to prepare for the new ICC Buff is to play more alts.

    In most cases, buffing level damage will give an advantage to a class that’s already at the top. This is great for your Fire Mage, Survival Hunter, and Feral Druid. The ones heading in the wrong direction are your Warlock, Boomkin Druid, and Death Knight. If you don’t have a decent Warrior alt yet, they’ve been dropping from raids recently, so don’t miss it.

    It’s worth noting that Warrior and Shadow Priest performed very well in some group raids. And with new buffs, equipping your new gear will also be much easier.

    Since normal mode will be very easy, my plan is to skip Gamma mode and spend WOTLK Classic Gold to equip my Mage with BoE gear to go straight into ICC 10-man raid.

    Shifting Group Meta

    When we talk about the new ICC raids, we have to discuss the changes to the group meta.

    As I just said, the barrier to entry for the normal mode group is much lower. I’ve also seen a lot of players worry that raids will be too easy. It has to be said that these concerns are definitely justified.

    I’m hoping to get into the groove with a gear score of 5,300 for the first time on the more intense side of the game.

    We also have speedrunning. No one could speedrun before without clearing Heroic Lich King. But now it’s back on the table for the first time, as speedrunning becomes a more widespread and accessible activity. However, running it again can severely weaken the healer.

    On the other hand, for high-level classes like Fire Mage and Shadow Priest, GDKPs will be more common, with only a few thousand players able to get Heroic Lich King equipment. This means those true BiS weapons will be worth a fortune. Even Invincible’s Reins may eventually start selling and be worth hundreds of thousands in WOTLK Classic Gold.

    If you want to take part in GDKPs and make a lot of money for Cataclysm, then you should get ready now.

    The Buff Also Changes The Economy

    So let’s talk about the impact of this ICC Buff on WOTLK Classic’s economy. Having a buff means increased player demand for BoE gear, especially rare items like Battered Hilt.

    I’m keeping a close eye on items like Wodin’s Lucky Necklace. Whenever I find them for cheap at auction, I absolutely grab it in a heartbeat.

    WotLK Classic: How to get Shadowmourne?

    While BoE is the best way to level up new characters, veteran players will want to consider opting for the cheaper Shadowmourne.

    We know that the number of regular ICC groups will skyrocket and prices will only go down. As we get closer to Cataclysm, you’ll earn bonus items that cost over 50,000 WOTLK Classic Gold, such as Sylvanas’ Music Box. So this is a lot cheaper than it looks.

    As for how the community reacted to this buff. There are definitely two camps. On one hand, people are pushing for the development of Heroic Lich King and they hope to achieve their goals. On the other hand. There are a lot of players looking to get involved in ICC and they are happy that Raid will make it easier to do so.

    I’m curious which camp you fall into and please let me know what your strategy is. With all these tips, you should be able to face the Lich King like never before!

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  • How To Optimize Diablo 4 Ball Lightning Sorcerer With The New Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop?

    The new Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop is exceptional. To do this, I updated my previous Ball Lightning build and got a 90% multiplier damage boost based on my calculations. It has unlimited mana and decent tanking capabilities, and I can fly in T100 without fear of dying.

    I’m very confident that this version will perform well with the new content in patch 1.2.3. This is similar to Greater Rifts in Diablo 3, which launches on December 5th. I also have a further optimized version for the boss. Uber Lilith melts in just 3 seconds and doesn’t even require any elixir.

    Base Build Synergy & Guide

    We can find most of the guides and synergies in the build in this Ball Lightning build. Like why Ball Lightning is so good in Season 2, how to get infinite mana to cast infinite Ball Lightnings, how to create a tank build for T100? If you are interested, don’t miss this guide.

    Diablo 4: New Update Season 2 Endgame Ball Lightning Sorcerer Build Guide

    New Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop optimization

    Unleashing the full power of the new Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop, we’ll deal 4 types of elemental damage. We already have lightning damage from Ball Lightning and fire damage from Firebolt Enchantment. We can also use Ice Blades to deal cold damage.

    Please note that Frost Nova will not trigger any cold damage since there is no cold damage tag on Skill Description. While Ice Blades do exist, Ice Blades also do not consume mana, further increasing the efficiency of Conjuration Mastery.

    We also have 3 points to increase damage by 12% during the ultimate time. Therefore, using Ice Blades is much better than using Frozen Orb or Blizzard.

    The final elemental damage type is poison damage. We use Infection Vampiric Power, which triggers 1 poison damage every 8 hits.

    We get a constant 60% multiplier damage boost for all 4 types of elemental damage.

    Diablo 4 Guide Explained: Is the new Tal Rasha's Iridescent Loop unique ring worth using?

    According to my testing, we can still cast infinite Ball Lightnings even without Recharging Aspect. Because Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop provides resource generation statistics. As long as we have 20% Mana Cost Reduction on the amulet and 10% Mana Cost Reduction on the boots, the level 3 Invigorating Conduit will restore 12 mana every time Cracking Energy is picked up.

    There are also 3 Crackling Energy Generators in the skill tree, 1 from Shock Skills, 1 from Chain Lightning, and 1 from Ball Lightning. If you find that you’re low on mana without Recharging Aspect, another option is to get Crit Chance and Resource Generation on another ring.

    It would be nice to lose one damage stat and replace it with a Resource Generation Stat. Getting unlimited mana first is the most important thing in the build. Also, I keep Skill Points in Lightning Spear but intentionally don’t use it in the skill bar. This way, in the ultimate time, we have Lightning Spear to stun ranged enemies.

    Plus new Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop’s Anticipation Vampiric Power and additional Cooldown Reduction stats. We’re close to 0 Cooldown Ultimate, which we can cast non-stop to stun everything and melt everything.

    Also Read: Diablo 4 Season 2: How To Maximize Damage With This Overpowered Rogue Bug?

    We can also further optimize Paragon Board to increase its damage to bosses by another 15% and increase it by 30%. But if you are coming from a previous version, you will need to upgrade 2 new glyphs.

    One is to replace Reinforced Glyph with Elementalist Glyph, since we now have all 3 elemental damage. This multiplies our damage by another 15%. To compensate for the loss of survivability caused by removing Reinforced Glyph, which reduces damage by 15%, I updated the 1st and 3rd Board to take all 2% max health nodes.

    Another is to move Territorial Glyph to the 2nd Board and replace Control Glyph with Enchanter Glyph. Since we have a lot of Uber Bosses in the endgame, they rarely stagger, so Control Glyph isn’t very useful.

    Also, the additional 90% non-physical damage can be combined with Frigid Fate legendary node for another 9% additional multiplier damage. Also, we gain an additional 5% of maximum lightning resistance, and we take approximately 17% less lightning damage. This helps us survive better in T100 NM dungeons.

    I know upgrading new glyphs takes time, so the previous Paragon Board will work as well. If you have a little extra Diablo 4 Gold budget, switching to the new Paragon Board is great for bosses, especially Uber Lilith.

    If you haven’t upgraded Control Glyph or Reinforced Glyph yet, then use this new version. Because it deals more damage in a balanced way and has similar survivability.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Ball Lightning Sorcerer Build Update +85% Damage

    Uber Bosses Optimization

    I also made an Uber Bosses optimized version of this build to fully melt Uber Bosses, including Uber Lilith. It’s easy to switch between the two versions simply by swapping Chest Armor and Pants.

    We use Raiment of Infinite to further increase damage and more Glass Cannon passive. If your Tibault’s Will has more than 30% damage boost, use it, otherwise using +4 Rank Ball Lightning pants will do more damage.

    I’m still using Aspect of Disobedience on Helm since I don’t have Godslayer Crown or Shako Definitely. Definitely switch to any of this if you have them.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Tal Rasha's Ring Destroying Uber Lilith With Ease!

    Farm The New Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop

    The new Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop is great. But how do we farm it?

    It is dropped by defeating Uber Varshan. We need 4 materials to summon Varshan. All materials are dropped by completing Tree of Whisper bounties. Sometimes when we complete a bounty, we’ll see this fingerprint-like icon on the map, followed shortly by a monster spawning. After melting them we will get another 1-2 materials.

    So when you complete any bounty, check the map and stay longer when you see this fingerprint icon.

    Farming Uber Varshan’s location is just to the left of Tree of Whisper. Most of the time, we have more of one type of material than the other. We can go to Alchemist to bet on these three materials, or exchange Malignant Hearts for the other three materials.

    We can do this by going to “Refine Resources” tab and purchasing these body caches. For example, I got two Trembling Hands from two Blackened Femurs, and the distribution between the 4 types is slightly better.

    Diablo 4: How To Optimize Ball Lightning Sorcerer With The New Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop?

    Final Thoughts

    I love the new Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop, it’s a great addition to the game. It provides a significant damage boost to all Sorcerer Builds. In addition to Ball Lightning, Chain Lightning, Charged Bolt, Fire and Ice builds will all shine on this new ring.

    I highly recommend you spend some time targeting it. This will give your build a huge damage amplifier no matter what build you run.

    Overall, this Sorcerer Build for Diablo 4 Season 2 is a game changer. With incredible survivability, unparalleled damage output, and lightning-fast clear speed, this will be an unstoppable force!

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  • How To Farm Delirium Orbs In Path of Exile 3.22? - The Best Strategies

    Delirium Orb is a special currency in Path of Exile, obtained primarily by completing Delirium Mirrors, and can be applied to the map to add layers of Delirium.

    Adding a layer to a map permanently generates Delirium mechanic within it and also spawns many additional monsters. It also adds a bonus mechanic that drops loot in stages based on the number of monsters you kill in the area.

    Farming Delirium Orbs is considered by many to be the most profitable POE currency farming strategy in the game, and provides some of the most popular items in Path of Exile.

    This guide will cover the basics of farming Delirium Orbs and how to maximize your returns and profitability.

    Path of Exile 3.22: Delirium Orb Map Farming for Huge Profits


    When farming Delirium Orbs, there are many key mechanics you need to pay attention to ensure you get the maximum rewards.

    There are typically up to 5 Delirium Orbs applied to a map, with each additional Orb increasing the difficulty of the map, but also providing additional rewards. This way, you’ll get more loot for each Delirium you reach. Additional layers of Delirium will also increase your chances of encountering 1-2 Delirium bosses.

    While in Delirium map, you will notice that there are bundles of Fungal within the map. Monsters will spawn when players stand on these Fungals, and killing these monsters will increase Delirium reward threshold. The more layers of Delirium there are on the map, the more Fungal will be generated.

    Delirium Bosses have a chance to appear in all Delirium-based content, but adding layers of Delirium to the map will increase this chance. At a certain threshold, you’re bound to encounter 1-2 Delirium Bosses that drop valuable Cluster Jewels and Simulacrum Splinters.

    Path of Exile: Farming Simulacrum Splinters for Tons of Currency Per Hour!

    Be warned, however, that looting the smaller stacks of Simulacrum Splinters is hardly worth your time, as 300 stacks are required to form a Simulacrum. Therefore, consider hiding Simulacrum Splinters with low stack size to speed up your play through.

    Cluster Jewels are a common drop in Delirium map and can be worth a lot of money if rolled correctly. But many Cluster Jewels types don’t even have a chance to be valuable, so you can hide these types to save your Chaos Orbs and make farming more efficient.

    How Does It Work?

    The most efficient way is to apply 4 Delirium Orbs to complete 80% of Delirium map. The 100% Delirium map is too difficult and slow to run, making farming the map inefficient. While lower-level farming of Delirium Orbs can be profitable, we do not consider it efficient.

    When running your Delirium map, you can add additional mechanics such as Breach and Abyss which spawn large numbers of monsters. This will significantly increase the number of Delirium rewards you can expect.

    When running Deliium Orbs strategy, most of your loot will drop from Deliium threshold reward. These rewards do not scale with anything other than additional monsters killed. With this in mind, you can run White or Magic Maps to help us reduce the difficulty and significantly increase the speed of the level.

    POE 3.22: How to Farm Delirium with a League Starter Build?

    How To Maximize Your Loot Earnings?

    First you can increase the number of items, which will not directly affect the rewards provided by Delirium Orbs, but will increase the number of standard drops from Delirium monsters added to the map.

    Second, the item’s rarity does not increase the rarity of Delirium-specific rewards, but does increase the rarity of standard drops from Delirium monsters, allowing for a higher, easier Delirium reward threshold.

    Map level also directly affects the number of Simulacrum Splinters dropped by enemies and the rarity of rewards dropped by Delirium Orbs.

    Finally, Compasses modifier “Delirium Reward Bars fill 100% faster” will give you twice as much progress per monster kill to reach your Delirium reward threshold faster, while also having greater potential.

    Also Read: POE 3.22 Explosive Arrow Ballista Champion Build

    Map Selection

    For maximum efficiency, run Delirium Orbs on maps with the fastest build layouts, which are typically shorter, open maps.

    Every map in the game has a hidden value that interacts with Delirium, which determines it granted how much progress each monster for each Delirium reward threshold. Generally speaking, the fewer monsters on the map, the more progress you can make.

    Normally these maps are balanced around reducing the number of monsters for more progress, but since you can add a lot of monsters through the league mechanic, you can break this feature in your favor.

    POE 3.22: Crimson Temple Map Farming

    Among them, Strand Map has the highest hidden threshold multiplier in the game, provides the simplest Delirium rewards, and also uses a fantastic linear layout that runs quickly.

    Caldera Map is one map with the highest hiding threshold. The layout is quite fast, and the layout is narrow enough, making it very easy to trigger all Fungal on the map.

    Crimson Temple Map has the standard threshold multiplier, but has incredible Divination Card drops that can significantly increase your strategy gains. The weakest of the three, but the most rewarding.

    Overall, with the right build and some practice, you can earn a lot of currency by farming Delirium Orbs in Path of Exile. Good luck!

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  • How To Farm XP Efficiently In Diablo 4 Season 2? - Top Favorite Tips & Tricks Guide

    Currently, I have played Diablo 4 for over 800 hours. Therefore, I have summarized the methods and tips for efficiently getting XP in Season 2 so that everyone can benefit. Without further ado, let’s get started.

    Speed Clear Dungeons

    First off, Movement Speed is one of the most valuable stats in Diablo 4. For example, as you level up in Nightmare Dungeon, you’re constantly doing two things: defeating one set of enemies, or moving on to the next set of enemies. This is also where Movement Speed plays an important role.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: How To Farm XP Efficiently? - Top Favorite Tips & Tricks Guide

    To do this, you need to prioritize equipping boots and necklaces with Movement Speed. But that’s not the only way you can also find Movement Speed in skill tree passives and even on Legendary Aspects that can be imprinted on boots.

    The boots come with inherent affixes that change the way the dodge buttons work. My favorite is the attack that reduces evade cooldown, and the attack that provides 3 Evade Charges.

    In Season 2, one of the easiest Legendary Aspects to use is the Ghostwalker Aspect, which works with almost every class. And most builds will use Metamorphosis Vampiric Power because it’s an easy way to apply vulnerable.

    It makes you unstoppable every time you dodge. This will also activate your Ghostwalker Aspect every time you do this. There’s nothing better than the feeling of zipping through a dungeon and blasting every group of enemies in your path to harvest a massive amount of Diablo 4 Gold.

    Diablo 4: Metamorphosis Vampiric Power

    Biggest Mistake

    To further your level, you’ll need to read every affix and legendary aspect in your inventory, manage your collection to reduce bloats, and talk to any NPCs. But there is a way to reduce your need to do this.

    When we reach level 50 and complete Capstone Dungeons, we need to switch to Sacred Equipment dropped by World Tier 3. I spent about 30 minutes going around Blood Harvest and using Seeker Keys to open as many chests as I could.

    I then spent another 30 minutes looking at every Diablo 4 item, looking for at least 2 of the 4 beneficial affixes. I kept a lot of Legendary Aspects from levels 1-50 and printed them on a new set of gear. After doing this, I never looked at a single piece of gear again during World Tier 3.

    There’s a good reason for this, as there’s only one point where you’re going to get good enough gear. An additional 10% bonus damage on top of 400% will only increase your damage by 2%.

    That’s why the guide recommends looking for affixes that increase the level of core skills and increase your critical chance, rather than dealing 20% extra damage to slowed enemies.

    Diablo 4: Avoid This Mistake And You Can Level Up Quickly In Season 2

    World Tier Transition

    Another issue I’ve heard from other players is that they transition to higher World Tiers too early. I also made this mistake when I first played Diablo 4. There’s nothing more frustrating than running into a group of enemies and getting shot repeatedly.

    This is why in all my leveling guides, I recommend reaching level 50 before entering World Tier 3, as this will actually slow down your leveling.

    In Diablo 4, gaining experience points is about speed, not difficulty. If it takes you twice as long to defeat an enemy, even if it provides double the experience points, you’re just breaking even.

    But they don’t give enough experience points to justify how often you struggle and die while fighting them.

    Also Read: Diablo 4 Season 2 Leveling Is So Amazing! - Best Vampiric Powers & Leveling Tips

    Best Content For XP

    If you want to level up quickly, you need to do the right content. With appropriate content, I also talked about adding variety so that you don’t feel exhausted and bored while playing Diablo 4.

    One thing Season 2 did right was to make all content more competitive to level up. Helltide and Nightmare Dungeons have gained more mob density, and completing Whispers has a double experience gain. They even added extra glyph experience to Nightmare Dungeons. So you can step away from Nightmare Dungeons and enjoy other content without feeling like you’re falling behind.

    Of these, my favorite activity from level 1 to level 50 is Blood Harvest. The mob density in these events feels great, and I never felt like there was a shortage of things to fight. Best of all, when you do this, you’ll also complete Whispers naturally.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Blood Harvest

    Collecting 150 Blood Lures and popping up the event located in the center of Blood Harvest is my favorite thing in Season 2 additions. You’ll want to play Legion Events when they pop up on the map. Because this is one of the highest experience per hour activities you can take part in.

    My favorite leveling quest to do in the endgame is still Nightmare Dungeons. Just make sure to avoid Nightmare Sigils in bad dungeons when doing Nightmare Dungeons, and prioritize Nightmare Sigils in dungeons with the best layout and maximum creature density.

    More Tips And Tricks

    Another tip I think is worth mentioning is that if you are completely new to Diablo 4, you need to complete your renown. The benefits of having an extra 10 skill points, 20 paragon points, and extra paragon points gained by collecting Altars of Lilith are priceless.

    This is because skill points can be used to acquire passive skills in the skill tree. These passive skills provide multiplicative bonuses with time symbols, rather than additional bonuses on things like equipment affixes. Skill points can also be used to reduce the cooldown of high-priority skills or increase multipliers on core skills, etc.

    When you choose an endgame build, first check if it requires unique items in order to work. Some builds can be supplemented by having unique items, while other end-game builds absolutely require unique items to be viable.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Best Farming XP Methods

    Don’t forget to use Elixir when upgrading and then use Incense in the game. Together these will provide a 10% bonus to experience points. Partying with other players will increase the bonus by 10%. Seasonal Realm’s Urn of Aggression will provide a 20% bonus. Campfires in Legion Events provide a bonus of up to 15%.

    If you use Elixir, Incense, Season Blessings, and team up with friends, every 2 enemies you defeat will pretty much give you another enemy’s experience points. This really adds up over the course of defeating a million enemies.

    That’s it, if you’re looking for a more specific way to upgrade, don’t miss this guide. Good luck and have fun.

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  • How To Master Match Coverage In Madden NFL 24 Cover 4 Quarters? - Tips & Breakdown

    Here we’ll cover the basics of how Match Coverage works in Cover 4 Quarters. Cover 4 Quarters is a zone defense that becomes a man defense if the receivers run specific routes toward their respective zones.

    Numbering System

    But before we understand how Match Coverage works, we need to understand Numbering System in order to understand which zone is responsible for which receiver.

    Madden 24: Mastering Man Match Coverage - Tips and Breakdown

    When counting receivers, you need to count from the outside in. So here, we have a 2x2 look, also called “Doubles”.

    So, to mark the receiver, we first start from the outside to the left. So we have No. 1 receiver, No. 2 receiver, and then the running back will be counted as No. 3 receiver. Then, on the right side, we do the same thing. Starting on the outside, we have No. 1 receiver, then No. 2 receiver.

    Here we will also cover Trips formation, 3x1 formation. Therefore, there are No. 1 receiver, No. 2 receiver and No. 3 receiver on the right side. On the left side, we have No. 1 receiver, so the running back will count as No. 2 receiver.

    Madden NFL 24: 2x2 Set or Doubles

    Understanding how to calculate a receiver’s Numbering System is critical to understanding match coverage. This is why in a 2x2 set or Doubles set, if No. 1 receiver runs vertically, the outside zone is responsible for receiving the ball. If No. 2 receiver runs vertically, the inside zone is responsible for receiving the ball.

    So you’ll see that when all receivers are vertical, the outside area becomes man coverage for No. 1 receiver, and the inside area becomes man coverage for No. 2 receiver.

    But when it comes to 3x1 or Trips groups, it’s a little different. On the right side, if he moves vertically, the outside area will be responsible for No. 1 receiver. If he moves vertically on the left side, the inside area will be responsible for No. 2 receiver.

    Madden NFL 24: 3x1 Set Or Trips Formation

    But since we only have two deeps on this side, if No. 3 receiver moves vertically, the weakside safety will be responsible for the coverage. On the weak side, the outside area is responsible for the solo No. 1 receiver anyway.

    So if your opponent runs Four Verticals on the stroke, you’re going to see the guys in the deep zone match up with their designated guys because they’re vertical.

    Now we all know that verticals out of trips is a very popular gameplay in Madden 24, especially this year. And Cover 4 in the game pretty much sealed it. Especially because the deep crossing route hits the defensive player corresponding to the defensive player. Therefore, it is crucial to invest more Madden NFL 24 Coins on our defensive players to improve the player’s overall statistics.

    Madden 24: This Four Verticals Setup Beats Every Coverage

    Match vs Doubles

    Now, what if some receivers don’t run vertically? When a receiver does not run vertically, the deep zone assigned to that receiver will end up functioning as its regular zone until they find a defensive route. This usually ends up being a Double Team or some type of bracket. Bracket is almost just another form of Double Team.

    So here I will put No. 1 receiver on Smoke Screen and No. 2 receiver on the verticals. What you’ll see is that as soon as the perimeter realizes their defender doesn’t have a vertical, they immediately help the verticals.

    Please note that the inside areas are all responsible for guarding the No. 2 receiver. Because No. 2 receiver is vertical.

    Now, another detail you should notice is the two Quarter Flat defenders. Once they realize they can throw the slot receiver into deep territory, they immediately break out of the quick route. The middle area remains in the center of the field to scan the area.

    Now, if we do the same thing with No. 1 receiver, but put No. 2 receiver on the corner route. When we spike the ball, you’ll see the inside area is No. 2 receiver guy because they’re vertical. The outer area then helps by bracketing the corner route below. Quarter Flat reacted to the short line again when they discovered that the short line was not vertical.

    Then let’s talk about the running backs. If the running back runs to the left, the left Quarter Flat will take him one-on-one. If he runs to the right, the right Quarter Flat will take him one-on-one. But because we set the running back up on the left side, he actually starts going vertically. Then react to the running back as the route develops to the right side of the field.

    Also Read: The Best Strategies To Beat Man Defense In Madden 24!

    Match vs Trips

    Now let’s review the formation of Trips. We talk about what happens on the vertical side, but we don’t really talk about what happens on the weak side.

    On the weak side, we have the solo No. 1 receiver, and no matter which route he runs, it will cover this receiver in the outside zone. So here, if I put him on the zig, the quarter zone will follow him on the zig. If he takes a drag route, defenders will follow him across the field.

    Now let’s review the running backs. On the back, we put the running back on the wheel and the wide receiver on the drag. So here, the player defending the running back is a Quarter Flat player. So when the ball is hit, you see Quarter Flat brings the running back to the wheel route.

    Obviously, you need to replace safeties at the linebacker position and lock down wheel routes. Especially if the safeties are on the running back.

    Madden NFL 24: Running Back Routes

    In the last part, we discuss Flood Concept in the 3x1 group. So we put the inside wide receiver on the corner, the slot receiver on the flat, and the outside wide receiver on the vertical. You will see the corner route open up.

    Because the weakside safety is the inside receiver, if he moves vertically, he has to run all the way down the field to defend the route to the outside. Then we have the flat guarded by Quarter Flat, and the vertical guarded by the outer Quarter Flat.

    Now, if your opponent is just sending Flood Concept a lot, then what you can do is simply move the safety over. This way he can defend corners better.

    You’ll notice that his coverage is narrower, so be careful with that. Because if your opponent does some wacky hot route, it can destroy Match Coverage.

    However, there is a less risky way to defend a Flood Concept in a 3x1 match via Match Coverage. That is to use match and man defense hybrid.

    So initially, I’m going to put the weak side safety in the middle third and the strong side safety on Curl Flat. Then I’ll cover the guy running the corner route on Quarter Flat. If you want to get really baffling, you can even put your defensive end on a hard-to-cover flat and shorter route.

    So now we have this hybrid coverage on the right side, while we still have match principals on the left side.

    Madden NFL 24: Hybrid Coverage & Match Principals


    That’s it for the basics of Match Coverage in Cover 4 Quarters, with some advanced tips at the end. Hopefully, these tips on Match Coverage will take your defensive planning to new heights so you can lock down any offense you may face!

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  • How To Optimize Minmax Chain Lightning Sorcerer Leveling Build In Diablo 4 Season 2?

    With all my Sorcerer knowledge from pre-Season and Season 1. I optimized Min-max Sorcerer 1-50 upgrade build for Season 2.

    With this build, I successfully leveled from level 1 to level 37 in 2 hours and completed Enchantment Quest for any Seasonal Power. Let’s not waste time and get started with the skill tree process.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: How To Optimize Minmax Chain Lightning Sorcerer Leveling Build?

    Skill Tree Progression

    We start with Arc Lash and Flickering Arc Lash Passive, which gives us 18% movement speed. Then there’s 5 levels of Chain Lightning, since that’s the major source of damage for our upgraded build. We also want to choose Greater Chain Lightning Passive skill to get direct extra damage.

    Because our critical hit rate is currently very low. So we need to unlock 4 skills first: Teleport, Frost Nova, Hydra and Ice Armor. The order of unlocking doesn’t matter.

    We start by adding Hydra Passive for more damage. I recommend picking up Summoned Hydra since they buffed it in Season 2. Then select Shimmering Frost Nova Passive. When we are surrounded by a group of monsters, it allows us to restore more than half of our mana with a Frost Nova. This results in more Chain Lightning spell-casting.

    It’s important to note that choosing Mana over Vulnerable State early in the game will be more powerful, as Season 2 nerfed Vulnerable State a lot.

    We then use Shimmering Teleport to get 30% damage reduction. It balances our ability to survive. Next we’ll gain 3 levels in Glass Cannon to increase our damage.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Minmax Chain Lightning Sorcerer Leveling Build

    Next we’ll reach level 15, so let’s focus on Fireball. I recommend teleporting out as quickly as possible to complete this Enchantment Quest, as this will significantly increase our damage output.

    We can just target clear mission elites and ignore everything else to speed things up. This way, we can get the special Diablo 4 items directly without going to the second area to fight the boss.

    After completing the task, we put Fireball into Enchantment. This way, one or two Chain Lightnings can temporarily clear the entire screen. We need to keep putting more Diablo 4 Gold in Fireball until we reach level 5.

    Also, I did a test to confirm that Fireball from Enchantment Explosion does not have increased damage radius due to Enhanced Fireball Passive. Casting Fireball increases the range though.

    Next we need to unlock the ultimate part, but we haven’t used Unstable Currents yet because its cooldown is too high at the moment. Instead, we add 3 points to Coursing Currents to increase our critical hit chance, and 2 points to Electrocution to gain damage reduction.

    Now comes the fun part. We’re going to overhaul the entire skill tree to be powered by Crit Chance and Crackling Energy. Because next we can unlock the key passive skill, Overflowing Energy.

    Before choosing, we first change the basic skill from Arc Lash to Spark to get an 8% critical hit rate bonus. Then we can get a critical chance from passive and Coursing Currents. We changed Chain Lightning to Destructive Chain Lightning to get a lot of Crackling Energy. This is what it looks like when we cast our ultimate.

    Diablo 4: Elemental Attunement

    Also, we added 1 point to Elemental Attunement for additional teleportation.

    Let’s remove all Glass Cannon points and Ice Armor. We can put these skill points into Lightning Spear and use Invoked Lightning Spear to stun the monster.

    We then remove all Hydra points and gain Invigorating Conduit, which restores 12 mana per Crackling Energy. Next remove the 2 Electrocutions and get Lightning Ultimate, Unstable Currents.

    Finally, remove a Coursing Current and gain the key passive, Overflowing Energy. We now have considerable reductions in the cooldowns on Teleport, Lightning Spear and Unstable Currents.

    For Ultimate, we cast it whenever we see more than 6 monsters around. We changed Teleport Passive to Mystical Teleport to reduce the cooldown of Crackling Energy and make it more aggressive.

    But not having 30% damage reduction can be very dangerous if you find that your survivability isn’t what you want.

    Next, we will add some passive points to enhance our combat effectiveness. If Courses Currents reaches 3 levels, it will be 1 point. Level 3 Electrocution reduces damage taken by 15%. Level 3 Conduction can increase movement speed by 9%. We should be at level 30 at this point.

    Let’s use Chain Lightning as a second Enchantment to further enhance our ground damage and Crackling Energy.

    After we cast the cooldown skill, Level 3 Protection can gain 30% of maximum life as a barrier. Upgrade Mana Shield by 3 levels to reduce damage by an additional 21%. Finally, upgrading Elemental Dominance by 3 levels can increase Chain Lightning damage by an additional 9%.

    In Season 2, vigorous defense at level 3 is essential, and this passive will make us more tanky.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Minmax Chain Lightning Sorcerer Build Skill Tree

    Initial 10 Skill Points Boost

    Assume that all 10 skill points have been unlocked by completing Renowns in all 5 areas. Because skill point rewards from Renowns will carry over to Season 2. If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend taking the time to farm Renowns to unlock all 10 skill points. It will make your ancient game in Season 2 that much more fun.


    For gear, I think the key is to always increase our Crit Chance Aspect wisely. I recommend getting Recharging Aspect of a ring and Aspect of Disobedience on the pants.

    Although Season 2 armor only reduces physical damage, overall physical damage is still the major source of monster attacks. Having Aspect of Disobedience allows us to survive longer against monster melee and ranged attacks.

    Diablo 4: How To Get Aspect of Disobedience?

    Aspect of the Unbroken Tether is also perfect for this Chain Lightning build. It was a printable Codex in Season 1 and I hope in Season 2 we can put it on an amulet as well.

    Also, I would also recommend using Sapphire on weapons since we have a wonderful source of stun in the build. I had a lot of fun upgrading my sorcerer with this optimized process build.


    Overall, mastering Chain Lightning Sorcerer in Diablo 4 Season 2 has been an exciting journey. Wiping everything becomes easier with Season 2 Vampire Powers.

    From early levels to the endgame, this build offers a unique play style and the best leveling experience. Customize your approach to your liking and enjoy your shelter adventure!

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  • How To Create A Dark Moon Soul Eater In Lost Ark?

    Here, I would like to introduce the newly released Soul Eater class on Lost Ark. I’ll tell you what tips you need when building this class.

    But because they released Soul Eater class not long ago. Therefore, some composition, engraving, combat stat settings can be changed in the future. So please review this guide with that caveat in mind.


    There are two types of Soul Eater identities, namely Soul Stones and Boundary Meter. You can use Soul Stones while using purple skills. For Boundary Meter, it differs from Full Moon Soul Eater, which uses Possession Meter as a class identity. Dark Moon Soul Eater will turn Possession Meter into Boundary Meter, allowing you to transform yourself into Soul Plunder state.

    Lost Ark: How To Create A Dark Moon Soul Eater?

    In addition, Full Moon Soul Eater’s Possession Meter switches identities, while Dark Moon Soul Eater does not switch identities. In other words, when Boundary Meter is full, she will automatically transform and enter Soul Plunder state.

    While in Soul Plunder state, she cannot use purple skills. However, during normal operation, her gray skills will receive a tremendous boost. In other words, Soul Plunder state will increase or give significant benefits to gray skills.

    Class Engraving

    Class Engraving I want to introduce here is Boundary of Dark Moon. As I mentioned in the basics section, her core identity is that of a Boundary Meter.

    For Soul Stones, Dark Moon Soul Eater has simpler mechanics than Full Moon Soul Eater. Based on my personal experience, you need to fill up Soul Stones Meter before using the purple skill.

    The reason is simple. When Soul Stones are full, they will automatically use enhanced purple skills. Boundary Meter it provides is significantly increased over the unfilled purple skill.

    After that, the entire skill cycle needs to be topped up continuously without rest. Because Boundary Meter will slowly decrease. When you successfully fill the entire Boundary Meter, Soul Plunder state will automatically turn on.

    Lost Ark: Boundary of the Dark Moon Class Engraving

    Combat Stat & Engraving

    Because Dark Moon Soul Eater has nothing to do with Specialization attributes, her core combat attributes are Swiftness and Crit. Class Engraving disables identity provision and Specialization effects of her Reaper form and Reaper skills. Therefore, Dark Moon Soul Eater will use Swiftness and Crit as its main combat attributes, showing extremely high efficiency.

    First, her base is half Swiftness and Crit, with a Hallucination gear set. With this build, her critical hit rate can reach almost 70%-80%.

    Nightmare build is the most representative build on KR, Full Swiftness and Crit. It has a better performance in terms of compressed damage handling. If you want excellent Dark Moon Soul Eater damage performance, then choosing a full-crit Nightmare build is definitely better than a Hallucination build.

    However, to be more efficient, you need to spend more Lost Ark Gold to get higher-level cooldown gems. The reason is simple: if you have the higher level Crimson gem, Dark Moon Soul Eater’s main DPS skill can be used twice while Soul Plunder is active.

    Also Read: How To Build Your Punisher Slayer In Lost Ark? - Class Engraving, Skill & Preference

    I think that to see the best efficiency of a Nightmare build. You need at least a level 9 to 10 Crimson gem to perform better than Hallucination. What’s more, high-level cooldown gems can supplement your Soul Plunder. But once you set this up, you may hit the cap easily.

    So, if you want to develop Soul Eater into one of your main characters, then you can try Nightmare build. If you don’t have MVP aspirations and want some decent performance, Hallucination build might be great for you.

    Lost Ark: Dark Moon Soul Eater Class Engraving

    Can & Can’t

    Unlike other quick build classes that are somewhat limited in DPS performance, Dark Moon offers huge and high damage performance. She has a lot of changing skill sets to choose from and a variety of combat stats to build up. Like I said in part one, her damage value in raids is pretty good.

    But as I mentioned before, her Boundary Meter will slowly decrease as the game progresses. So, when you play Dark Moon Soul Eater for the first time, it automatically activates the identity right away, sometimes before you’re even ready. It forced you to use the conversion after a certain amount of time has passed.

    Because of this, you may sometimes miss some skill cycles as mechanics come into play. Speaking of skill cycles, her skill management can change with your skill composition. This can also be a little tricky. However, Dark Moon remains popular among players.

    Core Mechanic

    The core mechanics of Dark Moon Soul Eater are Soul Stones and Boundary Meter. Unlike Full Moon Soul Eater, whose purple skill is the mainstay of damage, Dark Moon Soul Eater’s purple skill has a great supply effect on Boundary Meter.

    The most important thing about Dark Moon Soul Eater mechanism is to fill up Soul Stones, and then use purple skills to replenish Boundary Meter. About 10% will only fill the purple skills of normal attacks up. When fully filled, the identity supply of the purple skills will be enhanced.

    Anyway, fill up Soul Stones, then use the purple skill to fill up Boundary Meter dramatically. The more you use the enhanced version of the purple skill, the faster you will enter Soul Plunder state.

    Lost Ark: Dark Moon Soul Eater Skill Composition

    Skill Composition

    Her skill composition can be classified according to the color of the skills, which are blue, purple and finally gray. Just like Full Moon Soul Eater, blue skills usually serve as a steady supply of Soul Stones.

    The purple skills are Reaper skills. We mainly used Reaper skill for additional damage output, and its major function is to provide identity.

    The last gray skill is Assassins skill. Assassin skills are the backbone of Dark Moon Soul Eater. Gray skills are mostly used to cause damage.


    Most of the time I think Soul Eater, even Full Moon Soul Eater, will use Deathbringer as her Awakening skill. I think the reason is simple: Deathbringer will fill up Soul Stones. Therefore, I highly recommend using Deathbringer for Soul Eater for better skill rotation and damage performance.

    That’s all for this Dark Moon Soul Eater build. Hopefully, this guide will help you get a great score with your Soul Eater! Good luck!

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  • How To Customize The Best Offensive Scheme In Madden 24?

    Today, I’m going to break down the best offensive plays to help you defeat every defense you may face. From one-play touchdowns, zone beaters, man beaters, and all-around explosive plays, I'll show you how your offense can score more points and win more games!

    One Play Touchdown vs Zone

    We’ll get into Bengals playbook. The first play we’ll discuss is the one play touchdown against zone coverage. This tactic is Mesh Spot in Tight Slot Halfback Weak formation.

    This play can run base and perform well against man or zone defenses. But in order to set up a one-play touchdown, you need to get A to score consecutively and signal B’s receiver for a comeback.

    Madden 24: How To Customize The Best Offensive Scheme?

    Against cover three with one high safety and corners eight yards off the ball. The vertical attack will occupy the zone deep in midfield, while the counter route will pull down the zone deep on third down. This creates wide open space for an elite inside route, which turns into a touchdown.

    Short Yardage Play

    But if you only need a few yards, there’s another way to go about this tactic. In this play, I saw that the defense was showing an all out man blitz when it was 3rd and inches. So what I do is I move the running back to the outside along the wheel route and you can see that the wheel route doesn’t flip over.

    This actually becomes a tough route to defend. Especially in man coverage, create enough space for the defense. The route where you want to put B on a flat route. Then you can put X on the zig.

    If you want the safety option, you see when we get the kickoff, the running back runs right down the middle of the field. This automatically creates distance from the defender. Just make sure the user doesn’t have routes lurking in the middle of the field, and you’ll be able to throw and catch to convert short-yardage situations.

    Best Offense in Madden NFL 24 - Gameplay Tips & Tricks

    Bunch Offset

    Now we want to review the three plays of Bunch Offset formation. The first play is PA Dig Fork. All you have to do is make sure we set the bunch side to the boundary or short side of the field. So if you’re in a left hash, you want to put the bunch set on the left. Then you would create the flood concept by placing B on the streak and A on the flat. This concept beats all zone defense in Madden 24.

    In the backfield, you can also put him on a route that is more evasive to defenders, such as a slant or a zig. That way, you have a zone-hitting concept on the right and a defensive concept on the left. If you have enough Madden 24 Coins, you can purchase additional blockers to block the running back, which will give him more time in the pocket.

    Now, in the pre-capture, I actually put the bunch set at the far end of the field and then flip the game to the boundary. I do this to see if they are playing zone or man coverage. Because there was a high safety, I knew it was either cover three or cover one.

    Because there are no defenders following the receiver, when I flip the play, I know it’s a cover three zone. So I built my zone beating concept.

    So when you tee off, your first read will be the corner route. When you see vertical pullbacks, deep defenders, and flat routes pulling down into the arc flat, that will create space to throw lasers into the corners for big gains.

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    And if the corner and vertical are locked, you can also check it by looking at the flat line. This curve is also fatal for defense. In this game against cover, both men have two deep safeties, and B continuously occupies the deep zone away from the corner. When I snap the ball, you can see the deep safety being taken up vertically and the corner route creating separation for an easy touchdown.

    The next play will be Verts Halfback Under, using Bunch Offset formation. This play style of ran base is very suitable against zone defense and man defense. But there are other ways to destroy a defense in this way against man's defense, such as covering one of the deep crossing route. But to make sure that we can pull the deep safeties away from the crossers, we’re going to keep A on offense.

    If the crosser you read the first time is not open, we also need additional options. So we’ll put X slant and keep everything else the same. So we have the running back’s slant route to ensure safety.

    When I spike the ball, you will find user safety has too many routes to defend. This results in passing lanes opening up the field against man defenses.

    Madden 24: Bunch Offset Plays

    The next play we want to discuss is Smash Return in Bunch Offset formation. This game could be a man or zone beater. Against man, put RB on the zig route. Because we have an outward zig route and an inward zig route.

    Against man coverage, read the outward zig first as he will need less time to run his routes as opposed to the inward zig. If the zig outside is open, you can easily hit him to gain some yardage and get an easy first down.

    When facing zone defense, make sure to place the bunch side on the border, just like we did before in PA Dig Fork. We will create another flood concept, but this time it will be different players running different types of routes. This creates unpredictability in your offense. The only adjustment you have to make is to have B score consecutively.

    Now we have a deep vertical route, a unique bend with the tight end out and a zig that will act as a flat route in the flood concept. When I spike the ball, the zig route takes up the user and the curl flat defender, while the vertical route stretches the deep zone. This creates several yards of open grass for the tight end on the corner route for an easy 30-yard gain.

    Unstoppable Chiefs Offensive Scheme in Madden 24!

    One Play Touchdown vs Man

    The next play we want to discuss is Y-Trail in Bunch Halfback Strong formation. Professional Madden players also often play this game.

    In this play, you want the team to be at the far end of the field so you can freely pass the ball away from the safety. So what you do is you put the running back on the wheels. Then place A vertically to keep the safety away from the wheel. Then put RB on the slant and X on the flat surface to create good route spacing.

    The first thing you read will be a wheel route. If you see a running back step on a defender, you’re free to throw the ball up and to the left, away from the safety, over the defender, and make an easy over-the-shoulder catch for a touchdown.

    Madden 24: Y-Trail Play

    RPO Alert Bubble

    For the ultimate play, we will discuss RPO Alert Bubble in Shotgun Doubles Offset Weak formation.

    In this play, you want to read the players arranged above the bubble receiver. If he breaks inside to stop the run, you can easily throw the ball away for a few yards. But if the defender stays put, it’s up to the running back to find an opening to run through. If your opponent can’t stop RPO, he’s going to be in a lot of trouble.


    This is one of the best and most explosive Bengals offensive schemes in Madden 24. Let me know how it works for you. See you later.

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