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  • How To Build A PVP Duelist Strength Build In Elden Ring 1.10? - Poise Damage Explained

    Here, I’ll show you my build of Elden Ring Duelist that will be a game changer in your duels and invasions.

    Before making this build, let’s discuss some of the most important yet complex stats in the game. Because after patch 1.10, the game changed drastically in PVP battles. After that, I’ll walk you through the process of making this build and show everything you’ll need and how to get them.

    Elden Ring 1.10: How To Build A PVP Duelist Strength Build?

    Poise & Hyper Armor

    First step, we need to talk about Poise. This is the primary system that determines your resistance to enemy attacks. At low values, even a single dagger swing will kill your character and you won’t be able to attack or dodge. At high values, you can tank almost any weapon attack.

    But patch 1.10 changed that completely. It has increased poise damage for all weapons and some spells and spells in the latest patch. This means that a one-handed R1 hit from any weapon class except daggers can now break your Poise.

    But it’s not completely useless, it’s just not as effective as it used to be. We consider it the only stat that requires tanks.

    There are two things that need to be elaborated. As I mentioned, in PVP, almost any weapon can break your Poise with just one hit. But not all hits have the same Poise damage. Every hit of the combo breaks Poise. But Poise damage from the last strike is roughly half that of the first strike.

    Next up is Hyper Armor. This allows you to keep attacking while being attacked. What I mean by that is that there are windows during the attack where you or your enemies cannot be interrupted. When you get hit during an attack, if you have enough Hyper Armor, you can continue the attack with this attack.

    Elden Ring: How Does Poise Work?

    I think this is the major factor that gives you the upper hand in PVP battles. Because it directly related Hyper Armor to the weapon you use. There are 4 levels of Hyper Armor based on the attacks you perform. These levels act as multipliers.

    By now you should know that all attacks deal some amount of Poise damage. To tank attack, you need to have the same amount or more of Hyper Armor and Armor Poise.


    Next, let’s build a decent PVP Duelist build. This is a melee building with two heavy weapons. You’ll have a projectile that helps you and a weapon skill that boosts your stats.

    This build mainly focuses on strength, so we upgraded it to level 80. In order to have enough Equip Load and Energy for continuous attacks, we have also upgraded Endurance to level 58.

    Because our weapon damage scales with Dexterity and Strength. So, 55 Dexterity is fine for some players. Finally, there is 11 Mind that allows us to use the weapon skill multiple times while invading. All other properties remain the same.

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    Free Elden Ring Runes And Items Giveaway


    We discussed Poise and how it works. Next we should consider Outfits this build requires. These options are very effective in PVP battles.

    In addition to the helmet, we are using Veteran’s Set here. The suit has very good defensive stats, and with our Endurance, Equip Load won’t be an issue.

    Elden Ring: How to Get Veteran's Armor Set?

    But for a helmet, I recommend Hoslow’s Helm. Compared to Veteran’s Helm, it’s lighter and the difference in defense stats isn’t too big. Using this helmet allows us to invest more in other character attributes.

    To get Veteran’s Set, you must defeat Commander Niall at Castle Sol. Then get the parts you want with Elden Ring Runes from Enia on Roundtable Hold. It’s worth noting you can also get 5% off in with the code “CSCCA”.

    To get Hoslow’s Helm, you must complete Volcano Manor questline. If you equip these parts as I suggest, you will have Armor Poise at 76. It rises to 101 when Bull-Goat’s Talisman is added.

    Attacking Weapons & Tactics

    In this build, we’ll obviously be picking Colossal Weapons. They scale with Dexterity and Strength. Among them, the right hand is Axe of Godfrey, a weapon that can be got by trading Remembrance of Hoarah Loux. Its weapon skill is one of the key foundations of this build.

    Regal Roar increases its attack power by 9.6% for 40 seconds. And after using this skill, Charge Attack is completely different.

    Elden Ring: Axe of Godfrey

    Another weapon is Rotten Staff, which causes Scarlet Rot to pile up. And you can get it after killing Putrid Avatar in Elphael Brace of The Haligtree.

    Next, we’ll tell you how to use these weapons in battle. I recommend using 3 types of attacks and then calculating your resistance to Hyper Armor and Poise damage while performing those attacks.

    The first attack is Chain L1 Standing Attack. With this tactic, you can hit your opponent 3 times in a row. Most players can dodge the first two attacks. As long as you keep your stamina up at all times, a burst final blow can easily kill your opponent.

    The second attack is L1 Jumping Attack. This is a common type of tactic in PVP, where we assign talismans to deal more damage.

    The third trick is Charge R2 Attack after using weapon skills, which also has follow-up attacks.


    Now we need to use some Talismans to maximize the effect of our tactics. From the attack type, it is best to use Twinblade Talisman and Claw Talisman.

    Twinblade Talisman increases the last damage of chain attacks by 45%, which helps maximize the attack power of our first attack tactic. You can find it in Castle Morne's chests. Claw Talisman increases the damage of our second attack type by 7.5%. We can find this talisman on a corpse in Stormveil Castle.

    Elden Ring: Bull Goat's Talisman Location

    Next up is Bull-Goat’s Talisman, which is crucial to this build. Because it reduces incoming Poise damage by 25% and increases Armor Poise by 33.3%. With this amulet equipped, you will always have more Poise than indicated on your character stats.

    The last one is Green Turtle Talisman, which will increase the speed of stamina regeneration by 8 points per second. In order to get this Talisman, you must visit Summonwater Village and find a Stonesword Key.


    If you’ve made it this far by now, you know how Poise works in the patch 1.10. You make the most of it and build a decent PVP Duelist build on top of it.

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  • How To Easily Beat Cave Troll In Dark And Darker Goblin Caves?

    I’ll show you how to beat Cave Troll easily. If you’re a new player, you should probably practice and successfully extract loot in Standard Edition first. There’s no point in defeating Cave Troll if you can’t get out safely with the loot.

    Fighter Class

    I’ll show the strategy from a Fighter’s point of view. Because Fighter has a good balance between damage and movement speed. But be aware that this strategy is similar for most classes.

    Dark and Darker: How To Easily Take On The Cave Troll?


    The first step is to take off all armor except the boots. Because most Cave Troll will attack you with one shot. So you don’t wear any armor that will slow you down. And boots help increase movement speed. You can get super cheap boots from Leathersmith for 5 Dark and Darker Gold.

    However, non-metal gloves won’t slow you down. But it’s not required, just to make your training as cheap as possible.


    For weapons, I’ve found Arming Sword to be the best. Although Falchion does more damage per swing. But with Arming Sword, I could score two headshots after Cave Troll’s overhead attack. This easily does more damage than a slower Falchion hit. Not to mention Arming Sword has a lower movement speed penalty.

    And since Arming Sword is a starting Fighter anyway, this is great for making your initial training cheaper. In order to learn Cave Troll, I suggest you stick with starting Arming Sword. You don’t need to worry about time to kill until you’ve mastered how to avoid Cave Troll’s attacks and figure out your attacks.

    Dark and Darker: Easiest Way to Kill the Cave Troll

    Once you can dodge Cave Troll’s attacks more easily, you can get cheaper damage swords from Weaponsmith for 8 Dark and Darker Gold.

    For this build, you’ll also spend 6 Gold to get the cheap Castillon Dagger and put it in your secondary weapon slot.


    The beauty of this build is that we could take advantage of not having heavy armor by using Slayer Perk. We get five weapon damage bonuses, but we also need to have one weapon in our support slot, Castillon Dagger. We’ll also be dual wielding to increase attack speed, and combo attacks to increase damage during combos.

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    For our skills, we will take Sprint and Second Wind. These are good Perks. Don’t forget that after defeating Cave Troll, you still need to get past other players and mobs and get out alive.

    If your circle is bad, you may take area damage while trying to take out Cave Troll. Players may try to ambush you and steal your loot after your defeat Cave Troll.

    Second Wind is an amazing ability overall for a 50% burst heal. And Sprint is a great movement booster that we sometimes use in and out of combat.

    Dark and Darker: Fighter Guide

    Cave Troll Boss Location

    Now that we are ready, we will enter Goblin Caves. After entering, go to the middle left of the map, go down the stone slope, and open a stone door. Close the door behind you, then run along the wall to the left, toward Cave Troll with the weapon in hand.

    Dark and Darker: Cave Troll Boss Location

    Cave Troll Boss Guide

    This is important because sometimes a Cave Troll will issue a Shout right at the start. If you want to avoid getting hit by Shout, you need to get close to his right. We’ll stay on the right side of Cave Troll, since that’s the easier side of fighting him. There are three attacks he can use here.

    Broad Swing

    He can do a Broad Swing, then he’ll walk away to dodge, then wait half a second. You can use this to turn around and slice his arm once. It’s important to wait half a second before attacking, otherwise he’ll follow up and most likely shoot you.

    I recommend slicing his arm while you’re a novice, although it does less damage. Get your timing right first, and then you can hit his chest for more damage.

    One-Handed Slam

    The second attack is One-Handed Slam. As soon as you hear the thud, turn around and chop off Cave Troll’s head. If you’re new to this, I recommend hitting the head first and then the arms on the exit. Once you get more efficient with your timing, it’s a consistent double hit to the head, which is massive damage.

    Dark and Darker: Farmed The Cave Troll Tips And Tricks

    Two-Handed Slam

    The third attack is Two-Handed Slam. You need to move away from Cave Troll immediately to avoid Slam and Shockwave. But don’t go too far, because he will also give Shout. You go far enough to avoid the slam, but enough time to get back to where you were. This way you won’t get hit by Shout and can even attack him during Shout.

    Troll Shout

    What if you get hit by Cave Troll’s Shout? Put away your weapons now, fire up Sprint and escape from Troll. It was a difficult dodge. So you better not get hit by Shout. Once you’ve defeated Cave Troll, make sure the two stone doors are still closed, and listen to make sure no one is waiting for you to finish to steal your loot.

    Cave Troll Loot

    Then we opened the big stone gate on the west middle side. Pick up all the loot on the ground and loot as many chests as you can. Sometimes there will be locked chests here, and you’ll need a lock-picking tool to unlock them. Don’t forget that you need to evacuate safely.

    Dark And Darker: How To Easily Beat Cave Troll In Goblin Caves?

    Goblin Caves Alternate Extract

    Thankfully, there’s an Alternate Extract not far from Cave Troll. Open the southeast stone gate, go up the ramp, and turn right around the corner. Walk past the spike trap in the middle, go right, and open the door on the left.

    Enter the archway to your left, and you should then see a stone staircase to your left, possibly blocked by a metal fence. When the next white circle is small, the metal fence will open automatically. So as long as someone hasn’t taken Extract yet, causing a rock to block the path, you can use it.

    After defeating Cave Troll, you’ll find that the loot isn’t that great. Because a recent patch nerfed Cave Troll loot. Anyway, I hope this helps you defeat Cave Troll, and good luck with the dungeon.

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  • A Full Guide To Justice System And Its Skill Lines In ESO - Legerdemain, Thieves Guild & Dark Brotherhood

    Here I’ll show you Justice System in ESO and the three main skill lines that affect the system: Legerdemain, Thieves Guild, and Dark Brotherhood skill lines.


    Let’s start with its first skill line, Legerdemain. An easy way to unlock this skill line is by picking a lock. Whether it’s a chest, door, or safe, just press this E key next to the chest to open the lock.

    You can also move the paddle left or right on Tumbler, then hold down the left mouse button to push Tumbler down. Once Tumbler wobbles a little, you can right-click the mouse button to lock it into place. Then repeat the above operation until we picked the lock open.

    ESO: Justice System

    This will unlock Legerdemain skill line. If you press K to get to your skills menu, it’s under the world tab here. After reaching level 20 in Legerdemain skill line, these passive skills that can be unlocked. This improves your skills in Justice System.

    Improved Stealth reduces your Stealth cost by 40%. Light Fingers can increase your chances of successful pick-pocketing by 50%. Trafficker increases the number of Fences interactions you can use per day by 180%. Locksmith will increase your chance to force locks by 70% and save you the time to open chests and locked doors.

    You can level up Legerdemain skill line by selling or laundering items you’ve stolen to push control NPCs to ensure you’re in Sneak mode. Once behind an NPC, the pickpocket icon will display some helpful suggestions.

    A word of caution, don’t pickpocket anything under 90. Because once the icon turns green, your chances of getting caught are increased.

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    Then press E to activate pickpockets. there is one Outlaws Refuges per city per region. Here are some Merchants where you can sell and launder your stolen items on a daily basis.

    Next, I’ll show you one of my best places to steal items. We come to this building near Outlaws Refuges, which is called Scarp Keep. Once inside the building, you’ll find plenty of items to steal, and there are no NPCs around to catch you.

    The first thing you should focus on is the room on the stairs to the left, and then the room on the right. Because there are only two NPCs in the first room on the right, and they don’t care if you’re still there. So you don’t even need to be sneaky, just loot everything undetermined, even white gear off the shelves. Because you can sell any item to Fences. And green quality items, as well as blue and purple quality items, will give you more XP to level up the skill line.

    ESO: How to Level Legerdemain?

    You also get Motifs and some stuff you want. Once that room is cleared, go downstairs to the next room. If the room you choose has NPCs and guards patrolling it, you can skip this room.

    So if you’re new to stealing, I would recommend skipping the rooms in the next hallway. And there are no NPCs in the room at the bottom of the stairs. You can steal as much as you want. Each run will have dozens or even hundreds of items available to steal.

    So once you’ve filled your inventory, load and level the skill line. All I did was log out, then log back in to the same character, and reset the room. But every time I do this, the items decrease. If you need to fill up your inventory before returning to the laundry and fence, it only takes a few minutes.

    Thieves Guild

    The next skill line to increase our power within Justice System is Thieves Guild skill line. Thieves Troves we can find in the world are unlocked at level 12 of this skill line. It’s full of ESO Gold and other goodies that can be sold or laundered.

    Thieves Guild skill line has 6 passive skills, they are:

    • Finders Keepers
    • Swiftly Forgotten
    • Haggling
    • Clemency
    • Timely Escape
    • Veil of Shadows

    Finders Keepers enables you to open Thieves Troves. Swiftly Forgotten will reduce your Bounty and Heat. Haggling will increase the value of stolen items sold to Fences by 10%. Clemency will give the guards leniency when they grab you.

    When you earn a bounty and are fighting, Timely Escape causes a footpad to appear around you. This teleports you to the nearest Outlaws Refuges. Finally Veil of Shadows reduces the detection range of guards and NPCs by 10% to unlock Thieves Guild skill line.

    ESO: How to Join the Thieves Guild?

    Next, you’ll need to head to Hew’s Bane and from there to Abah’s Landing Wayshrine. There you’ll find Thieves Guild NPC, talking to her, unlocks the skill line. You can then level up the skill line by completing her story quests.

    But Thieves Guild daily quests found in Thieves Den are just progress quests. We can only complete once final daily quests per day. So skill lines take of time to level up.

    Dark Brotherhood

    Finally, there is a Dark Brotherhood skill line. This skill line grants you Blade of Woe abilities at level 12. It triggered this murderous event when you press X while sneaking behind an NPC.

    Dark Brotherhood skill line has 6 passive skills. Aides to our judicial system, Scales of Pitiless Justice has reduced murder bounties by 50%. Padomaic Sprint moves 30 faster after using Blade of Woe. Shadowy Supplier in Outlaws Refuges will deliver goodies. Shadow Rider reduces the attack radius of hostile monsters by 50 while mounted. Spectral Assassin has 15 chances to envelope you when using Blade of Woe.

    Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood Ending

    Then we need to go to Gold Coast and from there to Anvil Wayshrine. You can find NPC Amelie Crowe at the docks. She will give you Dark Brotherhood initial quest. Once you complete the quest and talk to Speaker Terenus, you’ll be able to unlock Dark Brotherhood skill line. You can also level up the skill line by doing Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary story quests and daily job quests.

    The above is everything I know about Justice System and its skill lines in ESO. Hope this helps you learn more about Justice System and how to unlock these important skill lines. Hope you have a great day.

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  • How Can I Afford WOTLK Classic Raid Without Farming Any Gold And GDKPs?

    Every WOTLK Classic player will feel very painful when facing this GDKP scene and WoW Token that destroys the server economy. Because the server economy has increased the value of consumables, gems and enchants. But if you don’t take part in these practices at all, you’ll have a hard time affording raids.

    Fortunately, here I will tell you how to get out of this dilemma. You don’t have to join GDKP or get WoW Token to play the game. And you don’t have to farm WOTLK Classic Gold either. You just have to be smart about how to maximize your Gold earnings while playing the game.

    WOTLK Classic: How Do I Afford Raiding Without Farming Gold and GDKPs?

    Convert Currency To Gold

    As we all know, one of the easiest ways to earn Gold in the game is to exchange Currency for Gold. There is also a lesser known way to convert Stone Keeper’s Shard to Wintergrasp Mark of Honor. Then convert them into Honor Points.

    Honor Points will then apparently turn into gems at Orgrimmar or Stormwind PVP vendors. You just have to remember to check the value of the gems and you can take the most valuable gems. Remember that sometimes cheaper gemstones are actually worth more. Because when you don’t need Emblem of Triumph anymore, they cost fewer Honor Points.

    You can also use it to acquire Crusader Orbs. We can also convert Sidereal Essence into Crusader Orbs, so you can actually earn WOTLK Classic Gold for free with it. If you’re on a capable team, you can even earn 500 to 1000 Gold per hour. In the process, you simply farm all Heroic Beta Dungeons. Obviously, this depends on the skill of the players in the team.

    We should note that the server price of Emblem of Conquest converts to 18 Runed Orbs. Now what you have to do is check this against the price of the raw gems you can get with Emblem of Heroism. An easy way to do this is to divide the total coin value by the number of Emblems required.

    WOTLK Classic: How to Convert Emblem of Conquest into Gold?

    Check Runed Orb Prices

    I think many people just grab gems blindly. But their prices are clearly dropping relative to Runed Orb. And I feel like the value of Runed Orb has increased slightly recently. This is only on my server, so it’s important to check the price of a Runed Orb. Because it is a wide range of gemstones.

    A straightforward way to do this is to have Alternator Add-Ons do a quick scan of it. Whenever you hover over items involving Add-Ons, it will display the price.

    WOTLK Classic: Boost Up With Runed Orb

    Craft Raw Gems

    If you have a craft, you can cut it into more valuable gems. This way you can make more Gold with raw gems. But you’ll never be able to get all the recipes through Titanium Powder Quest. Because you don’t have to do it every day. You just give Titanium Powder, which you can trade in your Auction House, and then proceed to turn it in for WoW Tokens. This way you can get the recipe you want.

    Obviously, this will cost you WOTLK Classic Gold. But in the long run, it’s well worth the investment because you’ll earn more Gold with it.

    My personal suggestion is that you can get raw gems from the auction house, then cut and flip them for a bit of very easy Gold. Because all I do is get one gem of each color or each cut at a time. Because sometimes gems take a while to sell. If you hoard a lot of gems, it will weaken your strength.

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    You can cancel the auction and reapply later. The same strategy applies to blue gems. But some people don’t want to plug expensive Epic Gems into their gear. Because they are still preparing replacements and changing gear frequently.

    So you can still earn money on crappy gems, just by flipping them once. You can apply this easily with Alchemy transformations. Then you can easily make a profit just by sitting in the auction house.

    WOTLK Classic: How To Make Gold With Craft Raw Gems?

    Auction Raw Cloth

    Also, it’s definitely worth having a custom replacement for passively crafting Gold. I also customized the character. Whenever I get cloth in WOTLK Classic, I send it to the tailor to make bags. This way you get more Gold from your original cloth. Or you can just auction off the raw cloth, with the caveat that you should never sell it.

    In fact, you can get out of the habit of quickly rendering something like cloth and putting it in the auction house. Because in the long run, something is not worth much. You can do double crafting and cooking every day, and it hardly takes any time. Plus, from it you can collect all the raw gems you need for your daily virtual productions to save even more time.

    WOTLK Classic: How To Setup A Banking Character?

    Bank Character

    A last piece of advice is to have a bank character that you can send all your resources to for the organization. It will tell you the best Gold farming method currently on the server. Because it scans the auction house data on all servers.

    This concludes my Gold farming guide. Hope these methods help you to deal with raid missions without stress. Good luck.

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  • How To Quickly Level Up Necromancer Build In Diablo 4 Season 1?

    Today, we’re taking a thorough analysis into Diablo 4 Season 1’s fantastic Necromancer upgrade method. By now, you’ve probably seen a ton of builds featuring Bone Spear and Minion Sacrifices. But this time, I wanted to take a different route and become a well-rounded summoner.

    The great thing about this build is that you don’t need any unique items to get started. You can find most components in a Codex of Power or Season Journey. Plus, it works with Malignant Hearts, which are super easy to get.

    Diablo 4: How To Quickly Level Up Necromancer Build?


    The gameplay of this build revolves around controlling a massive Minion Army and dealing serious damage with Minions damage spells. The goal is to move from one set of enemies to another, buffing your Minion’s abilities while dropping some Blights. Then watch as everything around you is wiped out.

    Our trump card is Sacrilegious Heart from Season 1. This gem automatically reaps nearby corpses every second. It can also summon Warriors or Mages instantly when they fall in battle.

    It triggers a massive Corpse Explosion that deals with massive area damage and gathers enemies with Corpse Tendrils. These are the three skills that are automatically available to you on your hotbar.

    Your task is simple, to glide from one creature to another, spreading Blight, dealing damage to all enemies. This really captures the essence of Necromancer’s gameplay. Instead of manually handling resummons and corpse management. We just need to focus on dealing damage over time, buffing minions, and increasing their power.

    The higher your level, the more Book of the Dead you’ll unlock and the more Aspects you’ll collect. The more powerful this build becomes, the more Diablo 4 Gold you will earn for killing monsters. Personally, I think this is one of the best ways to level Necromancer.

    Diablo 4: Best Highest Damage Necromancer Leveling Build

    Aspects & How To Get Them?

    In addition to the different Aspects, we will also discuss how to get all of them.

    Starting with helmets, we use Blood Getter’s Aspect. You can loot this aspect randomly in dungeons, which will allow you to have up to two Skeletal Warriors. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right away, it will drop eventually.

    For chest piece, we are going to talk about Aspect of Disobedience. This Aspect increases your Armor for 4 seconds each time you deal damage, stacking according to the number specified by your Aspect. It’s crucial to this build, as it provides notable durability in games. You can find this Aspect in Halls of the Damned in Kehjistan.

    Diablo 4: Aspect of Grasping Veins

    For Gloves, we use Aspect of Grasping Veins. When you cast Corpse Tendrils, this increases your critical strike chance for 6 seconds. It will let you deal with extra critical damage to enemies damaged by your Corpse Tendrils. You can find it in Kehjistan’s Corrupted Grotto Dungeon.

    Moving on to Pants, we’re using Aspect of Hardened Bones. This Aspect gives your Minions increased damage reduction when you have more active Minions. The feature further enhances the abilities of your Minions, enhancing your Summoner builds. This Aspect is a random drop, so you’ll need to extract it from some Diablo 4 Items. You can print it from your pants.

    For Boots, we choose Aspect of the Void. This makes your Blight attract enemies from around the area of effect, which was great for our build. This aspect is also a random drop. You need to extract it from some equipment, and then imprint it on your Boots.

    On the primary weapon, we’re using Aspect of Frenzied Dead. Whenever one of your summoned Minions deals damage to an enemy, their attack speed is increased for 3 seconds, up to a maximum of 30%. You need to extract this aspect from the gear and imprint it on your weapon.

    Diablo 4: Blighted Aspect

    For Amulet we are rolling with Blighted Aspect. After Shadowblight deals 10 passive damage to an enemy, this Aspect increases your damage for 6 seconds. You can get information on this from Akkhan’s Grasp Dungeon in Hawezar region.

    For our first Ring, we will choose Aspect of Reanimation. This increases the damage of your Skeletal Warriors while alive for 10 seconds. You can find this Aspect in Aldurwood dungeon in Scosglen area.

    Finally, for the second ring, we used Aspect of Decay. Each time Shadowblight deals damage to an enemy, it amplifies the damage of the next Shadowblight within 10 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. Like many other Aspects, you’ll need to extract this from Diablo 4 Items and imprint it onto your Rings. It drops randomly, but eventually it will appear in front of you.

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    Book Of The Dead

    Let’s take a deeper look at Necromancer’s Book of the Dead setting next.

    Starting with Skeletal Warriors, we choose Reapers. They have a 15% chance to create corpses from enemies, carving the flesh directly from the enemy. This is very useful to us as it spawns more corpses that we can use.

    Diablo 4: Necromancer's Book Of The Dead Guide

    Also, we’re going to pick Shadow Mages. We’re going to use the middle skill, which will give our Shadow Mages a nice power boost. They will fire an additional Shadow Bolt after every 6th attack.

    Finally, for our Bone Golems, we choose the option on the far right. It has increased our attack speed by 10%, at the cost of the ability to summon Golems gone. Don’t worry though, the increased attack speed can really change our overall performance.

    Talent Tree

    Finally, let’s go straight to Talent Tree. In the basic skills section, we start with one gain point, and another point is the enhanced gain, which is a skill that is absolutely taken for granted.

    Now, talk about core skills. First, we can put a point into Blight, then Enhanced Blight. These abilities add a slow to your Blight, slowing enemies by 25%.

    Diablo 4: Necromancer Build Talent Tree

    We’ll then allocate three points into Unliving Energy, increasing our max Essence by 9%. Then, assign a point to Imperfectly Balanced. This makes your core abilities cost 3% Essence, but they do 5% more damage.

    Finally, invest 3 points in Hewed Flesh. This skill gives your damage a 12% chance to spawn a corpse at the enemy’s location, doubled when facing a boss.

    Our Necromancer build has also reached its finale here. I believe this guide will both inspire and entertain you. Finally, let’s see you in the game!

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  • The Best Way To Build Bronya In Honkai Star Rail 1.2! - Traces, Eidolons, Relics & Light Cones

    Here I will bring you the latest build of Bronya in Honkai Star Rail 1.2. Bronya is an incredible buffer for almost every unit. She has some issues though, and players don’t seem to know how to use her.

    So we’re going to explain it all in this guide. We’ll get to know her Abilities, Traces, Eidolons, best Relics and Light Cones. Then there are her strengths and weaknesses, as well as her rotation and some team composition.

    Honkai Star Rail: The Best Way To Build Bronya

    Basic Attack

    First, let’s take a look at her abilities. Windrider Bullet deals with the normal amount of Wind DMG to a single enemy. In addition, it causes 30 points of Toughness damage, restores 20 points of energy, and increases 1 point of skill.

    Combat Redeployment is her support skill. It first removes debuffs from the chosen ally. That way, they can act as soon as it’s Bronya’s turn.

    If you use it on yourself, you won’t get the action progress part. This skill is Bronya’s niche in Path of Harmony, and it’s what we prioritized when placing Bronya on the team. This skill restores 30 energy and consumes 1 skill point.

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    Her ultimate, Belobog March, is a support ultimate. At level 10, the attack power of all allies increases by 55%, and Bronya’s own crit damage increases by 36%, lasting for 2 rounds. So for a well-committed Bronya, your ultimate will give the team a 49.4% Crit DMG buff.

    Her Technique, Banner of Command, is also a secondary skill. This means you can stack it with other skills, and then you can use attack skills. After use, at the start of the next battle, it will increase the attack power of all allies by 15%, which lasts for 2 rounds. This is a powerful yet simple team buff that can be useful in any fight.

    Honkai Star Rail: Bronya Skill

    Trace Passives

    Now look for Trace. Her first enhanced passive skill is Command, which increases her basic attack critical strike chance by 100%. But this doesn’t enable DPS Bronya, it just gives her more damage when she finally takes those basic attacks.

    The second passive is Battlefield, which increases the defense of all our party by 20% for 2 rounds. Her third passive is Military Might, which increases all friendly damage by 10% while on the field. This is a real winner among her passives, and well worth picking up.

    Her Stacked Eidolons

    Next we look at Bronya’s Eidolons, where E3 and E5 are mostly for skill level ups, so will skip them.

    E1: Hone Your Strength. This will give her a flat 50% chance to restore 1 skill point when she uses a skill, and has a 1-turn cooldown. But it only happens when you restore said skill points. So this means that if you want to recover your skill points. You need to wait until turn three to get another chance.

    E2: Quick March. This will give the target a 30% SPD buff for 1 turn after they take an action. This will help maintain speed parity with allies who don’t have their own speed buff.

    E4: Take by Surprise. When our side uses a general attack on an enemy of wind weakness, Bronya will launch a follow-up attack on the target. And cause 80% of normal attack damage to the target.

    E6: Piercing Rainbow. It will increase the duration of her skill’s DMG buff by 1 turn. It doubles her buff ability while skill neutral and allows her to synergize properly with units like Jing Yuan.

    Honkai Star Rail: Bronya Eidolons

    Pros & Cons Of Bronya

    So let’s talk about the pros and cons of Bronya. Her advantage is that her Hypercarry buffs are powerful. She has the highest DPS buff ability in the game, along with Tingyun. Also, she has some decent use for her cleanse ability, especially for removing damage from Memory of Chaos loop.

    Her talent increases her DPS speed. She also has a very versatile, powerful polishing technique. In the end she belongs to Harmony unit, with an energy rope it is possible to keep her normal rotation while gaining some powerful Light Cones.

    Her downside is also her buff. She can’t buff 2 DPS like Yukong or Silver Wolf. Her Toughness damage is also weak. Compared to other Harmony units, she does lower damage even with free crits.

    Finally, if you’re trying to minimize her and her team’s damage, she has speed adjust annoyances that can be out of control. And she could end up when her skill progression mechanic is actually useless.

    Honkai Star Rail: Bronya Ascension & Trace

    Best Relics & Planar Ornaments

    You can go for Musketeer of Wild Wheat first, but you’ll want to farm the new Messenger Traversing Hackerspace once Honkai Star Rail 1.2 hits. It will increase the speed of all allies, including herself. So doesn’t mess with any speed adjustments and is a gain in every way.

    For Planar Ornaments set, her new sweet spot will be Broken Keel set. It deals with critical damage to all allies throughout the fight and boosts her critical damage buff on her ultimate. Effect RES pairs perfectly with her Trace and will boost more Effect RES stacks on her.

    Honkai Star Rail: Messenger Traversing Hackerspace

    Best Light Cones

    Her best bet is her signature Light Cones, But The Battle Isn’t Over. This can make her skill DMG gain up to 96% in S1. It also regenerates a skill point after every 2 ultimate skills. Past and Future, this will give her better DMG buffs before her S2, and is a great F2P pick.

    For other options, since she can use the energy rope to keep her normal rotation. So you can run any Light Cones on her to buff your ally.

    For Wind DPS, she can run Planetary Rendezvous, giving him more DMG, and doing more damage than her signature Light Cones. For any other team, she can run “Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds” or “Dance! Dance! Dance!

    Honkai Star Rail: Bronya Best Light Cones

    Team Comp Explanation

    For team composition, she only needs a solo sustain. Because Bronya is an excellent buffer for any team. Therefore, Bronya can synergize with most characters in your Honkai Star Rail Account.

    Then preferably a debuffer like Pela or Silver Wolf for maximum DPS. We can replace your solo sustain by two weaker sustains if you want to bring her two DPS. And the free play team will consist of Dan Heng, Bronya, Fire MC and Natasha.

    Bronya is a powerful unit that can be added to almost any team. Anyway, that’s what Bronya is all about. Hope it helps you.

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  • How Does F2P Player Easily Challenge Honkai Star Rail? - Basic Mechanics Explained

    This time I want to explain some basic mechanics to you. I hope it will be helpful for your Honkai Star Rail trip. Honkai Star Rail’s combat system highly rewards preparation and smart play. But to do this properly, you should first understand how it works.

    Before starting a battle, you can form a balanced team against the enemies you’ll be facing, which can make combat much easier. Once we know exactly what we are supposed to do, we can win the challenge more easily.


    Each character in Honkai Star Rail has different techniques, and you can combine different techniques together. You can start a fight with only one attack technique. But you can apply any buffs, debuffs and pre-create a special area to benefit from all these bonuses. This is very helpful in tough fights like Forgotten Hall.

    Honkai Star Rail: Best Things You Can Do As A F2P Account

    Toughness & Weakness Break

    Also, it’s important to always choose the best character to start a fight with. You want to make sure you have characters in your Honkai Star Rail Accounts who can take on the various challenges.

    There are 7 elements in Honkai Star Rail, and by attacking with the element, you will drain their Toughness. Depleting an enemy’s toughness is one of the key ways to gain an advantage in combat. Because once it’s gone, you trigger Weakness Break on them. By doing this, you deal extra damage, delaying your opponent’s next move and increasing the damage they take.

    The additional effect of Weakness Break is determined by the element that triggers it. Each element has its own description of what its Weakness Break does. But either deal extra damage, or slow the enemy down even further.

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    However, one thing you should know is that the only stats that affect these effects are your level and Break Effect. Your other stats don’t matter at all.

    In addition to weaknesses, enemies may have additional Resistances. They have nothing in common with weaknesses. They just reduce the damage of certain elements or reduce the chance of certain debuffs to take effect. So it is very important to check the enemy's details before starting the battle.

    Honkai Star Rail: All Element Weakness Break

    Ultimates And Energy

    Note, however, that the character’s Ultimate ignores these and can be used. It will queue immediately them after the current action animation ends. You can also take advantage of them by healing them between enemy turns.

    To use these abilities, a character needs more Energy. You can generate Energy from almost any action your character performs. It’s worth noting, though, that killing an enemy or even getting hit yields extra Energy, which might not be so noticeable. And using skills also generates more Energy than using basic attacks. Unlike getting hit, it’s something you can control.

    You need to check exactly how much Energy your character has to charge Ultimates with that extra Energy ahead of time and save lives. However, for skills, you also need to understand another important part of the combat system, Skill Points.

    Honkai Star Rail: How to Get More Ultimates? - Complete Energy Guide

    Skill Points

    During combat, you can use basic attacks that generate Skill Points or skills that consume Skill Points. We share skill Points among your party members. But you can’t use them all the time. So you have to have characters who don’t mind using basic attacks to replenish Skill Points for your team, like Tingyun, Natasha, or Seele.

    Her Ultimates will keep your team alive most of the time. So unless you’re in a pinch, she can always generate a lot of Skill Points, too.

    Honkai Star Rail: Skill Point Mangement Guide

    Ideal Teams

    Ideally, for each fight, you want your team to use the opponent’s weaker element, unaffected by enemy Resistances. Balances the generation and consumption of Skill Points and has a way to sustain itself. So you have at least one healer or shield, so it’s important to use your resources wisely.

    Honkai Star Rail: Ideal Teams

    Progression And Resource Management

    Personally, I suggest you can invest in the character’s level and Light Cones first. At worst, you’ll also get more Warps Passes from leveling up, and can simply give those Light Cones to someone else if necessary.

    Also, you want to postpone Relic farming as much as possible. Since they’re so random, most of the time you’ll just waste your Energy. So you’ll have better drop rates at least at higher levels.

    If you can clear all the tough fights and aren’t sure who to upgrade, focus on the support characters. Because they can fit into multiple teams, there’s a good chance you won’t waste resources trying to make them better.

    Finally, don’t forget to fix any major issues you can find. Such as your character keeps dying, or you’re taking too long to break an enemy’s weak point. This way, you’ll know which talents should be upgraded and which stats should be increased.

    Honkai Star Rail: Progression And Resource Management

    Most Importantly

    Don’t forget, the further you progress, the more resources you need to upgrade everything. This means you need more grinding. So don’t invest too much in skippable stuff, and keep stocking those generic materials that you’ll need a lot.

    But most of all, relax and have fun. After all, that’s what playing games is all about. Anyway, that’s all I have prepared for you this time. Wish you a smooth journey and have a nice day.

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  • How To Build A Best Wind Hunt Dan Heng In Honkai Star Rail? - F2P Guide

    Back to Honkai Star Rail again. Here I will bring you a complete Dan Heng guide. As a Wind Hunt unit, Dan Heng can use his skills to slow down enemies and deal with a lot of damage. And this guide can help you understand Dan Heng in all aspects.

    Basic Info & Ability

    Now let’s start with his basic attack, which is just your standard basic attack with two Effect Hits. Nothing special here. His skills can cause 4 wind damage of Effect Hit to a single enemy. And you can easily stack Swordplay damage bonus.

    It also has a 100% base chance to reduce enemy SPD by 12%, which is especially useful for delayed actions. That way, you can get one more hit to break the enemy before they can use their enhanced attack.

    By the way, for those who don’t know what an Effect Hit is, it’s like how many times a character hits when using a basic attack, skill or ultimate.

    Next, Dan Heng’s ultimate can deal massive wind damage to a single enemy. But you better not use his ultimate until the enemy has slowed down, because the amount of damage you lose will be insane.

    Honkai Star Rail: How To Build A Best Wind Hunt Dan Heng? - F2P Guide

    Next, we have his talent, so how does that work? You only need to cast a skill, like AOE like Natasha ultimate or Bailu ultimate. After that, you can get a Wind Resistance Penetration buff.

    Note that this buff cannot be Snapshot. What I mean is, if you cast ultimate directly after casting a skill, your ultimate cannot have Wind Resistance Penetration. The basic information about him is over. Now let’s talk about his Traces and his Traces priority.

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    Traces Info

    The first major Traces is “Hidden Dragon,” unlocked after Ascension 2. Whenever Dan Heng drops below 50% of health, he will be targeted less often. But the reduction in the number of times it targeted him does not mean that he will not be attacked at all, AOE attacks can still damage him.

    His next major Traces are “Faster Than Light,” unlocked after Ascension 4. After launching an attack, there is a 50% fixed chance to increase your speed by 20% for 2 rounds.

    His last major Traces are “High Gale,” which grants 40% increased damage to slowed enemies with basic attacks. Dan Heng kit is all about manipulating the speed of your enemies while increasing your own speed. He does more damage to enemies whose attacks they slow, so this synergizes well with characters who can slow enemies.

    For Traces first, my suggestion is to upgrade his ultimate first, then his skills, then upgrade his talents, and finally his basic attack.

    Honkai Star Rail: Dan Heng Skills And Gameplay

    Light Cones

    For his Light Cones option, your first choice is still In the Night. It gives you a good crit chance, and you get bonus damage with your skills and normal attacks, and your ultimate also gets crit damage. It also has very high base stats compared to other Light Cones.

    Next up, we have Sleep Like the Dead. You can get this from a store exchange or a standard banner. It has high base stats, and it increases your crit damage. When you don’t crit, it increases your crit chance in a round due to your base attack and skills.

    Our third best pick is Swordplay, which has decent base stats and beneficial effects. Because his skills can easily stack Swordplay damage bonus.

    Our next Light Cone is Cruising in the Stellar Sea, and you can get it from Herta store. It has a bit more base stats than Swordplay. When their health is below 50%, you get another 16% crit chance. But in order to maximize the full potential of this Light Cone, you’ll need to defeat enemies first to get the 40% attack damage buff.

    Honkai Star Rail: Dan Heng Light Cones


    Now, let’s talk about his Relics options. For Relics, his best option is the 4 piece Eagle of Twilight Line. Every time you cast an ultimate, you advance by 100%. Especially if Tingyun is the best in your Honkai Star Rail Account, she can help him generate energy faster.

    For other options, you can use 2 PC Musketeer and 2 PC Twilight. Because they can have a bigger boost to Dan Heng’s overall damage.

    And for Planar Ornaments, Space Sealing Station is the best DPS role for you. When your speed exceeds 120, it increases your attack power by 24%. Other than that, Inert Salsotto is also a good option for him as it increases his crit rate.

    Honkai Star Rail: Dan Heng Eagle of Twilight Line


    For Eidolons, his best Eidolon is E4. This just gives him an extra turn when you kill an enemy with his ultimate. Like Seele revived, but without buff, just an extra turn.

    For E1, this is the same as Cruising in the Stellar Sea requires the enemy’s health to be below 50% to get the crit chance bonus.

    For E2, it just adds more damage. Be sure to manage your skill points though, don’t just keep healing him for Wind Resistance Penetration when he’s full of health.

    For E3 and E5, the overall damage is higher, and it increases your base attack, skill, ultimate and talent levels.

    And for E6, it makes the enemy move more slowly. But be aware that if the skill doesn’t land, it’s useless. So that’s why you want to build some Effect Hit Rate on him.

    Honkai Star Rail: Dan Heng Eidolons


    For his Teamcomp, you obviously need a shielder or healer. In the team lineup. You should put Dan Heng on the far right or left, so that the enemy’s AOE will not attack him.

    For healer or shielder options, you can use Natasha, Bailu, Gepard, Fire Trailblazer, and maybe Luocha. After that, you need active support from an SP like Tingyun or Pela. Then another slot is the flex option where you can run anything like Welt, Silver Wolf or a character that helps break down enemy weaknesses. You can make adjustments according to the situation.

    Honkai Star Rail: Dan Heng Teamcomp Guide


    This is the end of this guide about Dan Heng. Hope it helps you understand Dan Heng a bit more. Start your Honkai Star Rail adventure now.

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  • How To Choose The Most Suitable Light Cone In Honkai Star Rail? - 5-Star Standard Light Cones Analysis

    Here is a review of the 5-Star Standard Light Cones. I’ll be looking at them one by one to determine their strength and value compared to other Light Cones options.

    Just remember not to take it at face value. Future characters and content may like the current less expensive Light Cones. Light Cone value will change according to your Honkai Star Rail Accounts or your needs.

    Honkai Star Rail: How To Choose The Most Suitable Light Cone?

    Himeko Light Cones Analysis

    Let’s start with Himeko’s signature light cone Night on the Milky Way. It increases the attack power of each enemy on the field by 9.0%, stacking up to 5 times. In addition, when the enemy’s Toughness bar is broken, the wearer will gain a 30% damage buff for 1 round. This is for synergy with Himeko’s Weakness Break follow-up, and it’s a nice cone of light for her.

    However, both buffs are conditional and annoying to work around. In content against 1-3 enemies, this attack buff will be as low as 9-27%, and Weakness Break condition is not so easy to hit.

    It’s a stunning Light Cone for any Erudition unit. It provides a permanent damage boost to the entire kit based on max energy. While S5 will take a while to hit, S1 already provides Himeko with a 24% kit area damage boost.

    For free players, we have Seriousness of Breakfast. In simple S5, it gives an unconditional 24% DMG buff, which is already better than Night on the Milky Way’s conditional 1 turn buff. For each enemy you kill, you gain up to 3 stacks of 8% Attack Damage, equivalent to a 24% Attack Damage Boost.

    The only downside is that it has relatively low attack power. So I don’t rate this Light Cone highly. Still, it’s a nice stat stick. Next we have Clara’s signature Light Cone, Something Irreplaceable.

    Honkai Star Rail: Himeko Light Cones

    Clara Light Cones Analysis

    This Light Cone is indeed irreplaceable on Clara. Once per round, attack power increased by 24%, two effects can be obtained when being hit or defeating an enemy. Restores the wearer’s attack power by 8% and increases damage by 24% until the end of the next round. Synergizes perfectly with her gear again.

    For low spenders, Nowhere to Run is Destruction’s Battle pass Light Cone. It will provide the same attack damage boost as S1, but with stronger healing. While this won’t proc on hit like Something Irreplaceable does, it will proc every time an enemy is defeated, and isn’t limited to once per turn.

    For free players, we have On the Fall of an Aeon and Woof! Walk Time! On the Fall of an Aeon stacks 16% Attack per hit, up to 64%, and gains 24% DMG buff for 2 turns. For a character who can shred Toughness bars, this will provide more value and damage in S5 than Clara did in S1.

    And Woof! Walk Time! is very limited and only good on Hook, not as good as other free 5-Star options. Next we have the mighty Bronya’s iconic Light Cone, But the Battle Isn’t Over.

    Honkai Star Rail: Clara Full Light Cones Guide

    Bronya Light Cones Analysis

    I think it’s the second best Light Cone, but without Bronya, it’s down. This Light Cone will provide a nice Energy Regeneration Rate buff and skill points whenever you use an ally’s Ultimate. This is one of the few sources of free skill points in the game, and can be triggered quite often during prolonged fights.

    Not only that, but it also gives the next ally to act a 30% damage buff for 1 turn. This is to synergize with Bronya’s advancement skills and high skill point usage. This is a very functional Light Cone, perfect for Bronya in her supercarrier role.

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    For the low spender, we have Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds. The point is that it provides buffs on a wider team scale. Carve the Moon is excellent if you use two Harmony units on a team.

    For the free play option, we have Past and Future. This is a stronger DPS version of Bronya Light Cone, but with much less utility.

    So the best position for Bronya hypercarry setups is her own, then Past and Future. If you love Bronya and want to inspire her, you can choose this one. And for the rest of Harmony's lineup, or less focused hypercarry Bronya, you don’t need it.

    Honkai Star Rail: Bronya Light Cones Analysis

    Analysis Of Welt Yang Light Cones

    Next up is In the Name of the World, which is Welt Yang’s signature Light Cone. It will increase the wearer’s damage against debuffed enemies by 24% and increase the hit rate of their skill effects by 18% and their attack power by 24%.

    Since Nihility units always debuff enemies, this is an almost permanent 24% damage buff, and their skills get a nice hit rate and attack damage boost. Great for Welt’s slow and multi-hit abilities to amplify its damage.

    The way this Light Cone works is that Attack, and it turned Effect Hit Rate buffs on at the beginning of the skill use and turned off immediately after use. You can’t buffer the ultimate and abuse the buff, or do anything with it outside of your abilities. And Welt has a lower base chance to slow his skills, so this works well for him.

    For low spenders, We Will Meet Again is one of the best Light Cones, which provides a onetime bonus damage effect on a basic attack or skill. Good Night and Sleep Well is a gacha Light Cone, but very effective damage against Nihility units initially.

    For free-to-players, we also have Fermata, which only works with Sampo, and maybe Kafka. So not really relevant here, and Welt’s Light Cone will beat it on other Nihility units.

    If you want a Light Cone with some free stats, and don’t want to sacrifice utility for pure damage. Then Welt’s Light Cone is a good choice for both Welt himself and Sampo.

    Honkai Star Rail: Welt Yang Best Light Cones

    Bailu Light Cones Analysis

    Finally, we come to Bailu’s iconic Light Cone, Time Waits for No One. It will give you some health and output healing, very useful for both Natasha and Bailu. It then records the healing you’ve done and gives the next instance of ally damage some extra damage based on the recorded healing.

    Post-Op Conversation is very active for low consumers as it increases Energy Regeneration Rate. It also provides additional healing when using Ultimate. Quid Pro Quo is one such amazing free Light Cone and one of the best free 4-Stars for free players.

    Honkai Star Rail: Bailu Light Cones List

    Tiny Summary On The Best

    Regardless, I think Moment of Victory is the best because of its raw power. The battle will not end as long as you have Bronya. The rest depends on your account and character.

    Getting a new limited character or Light Cone should prove even more valuable. Like our Light Cone from Incessant Rain and Welt and OP Light Cone from Seele and Jing Yuan. All in all, that’s my Standard Light Cones review. Hope it helps you find the best Light Cone for you.

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  • Genshin Impact: How To Create The Best Yelan Build? - Artifacts, Weapons & Teams

    Welcome to my Yelan guide for Genshin Impact! Yelan is a terrific support that applies Hydro while dealing a lot of damage, all while buffing the damage of the entire team. Anyway, I’ll cover everything you need to know about Yelan.


    First, let’s talk about Yelan’s Talents. Her basic attacks are mediocre, the one to really watch out for her Breakthrough Barb. It is a variant of Yelan Charged Attack that scales with her MAX HP. After getting “Breakthrough” status on Yelan, you can use her Breakthrough Barb.

    Genshin Impact: Best Yelan Build Guide

    We can know whether Yelan is in “Breakthrough” state by observing whether Yelan’s bracelet is glowing. So how to make the bracelet shine? There are two ways to do this. One is out of combat for 5 seconds or more. The second way is to link enemies to her elemental skills.

    Enter Yelan’s Elemental Skill, Lingering Lifeline. Lingering Lifeline puts Yelan in a sprint state where she can mark enemies to explode after the skill ends and do a Hydro DMG based on her MAX HP.

    This skill has press and hold variants, both have the same cooldown. If pressed, she will travel a certain distance and end the ability immediately. If you hold it down, she enters a continuous run state, in which case she increases interrupt resistance and can run for up to three seconds.

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    Now let’s review Yelan’s Elemental Burst, Depth-Clarion Dice. When cast, it deals with AOE Hydro damage based on her MAX HP and summons a Dice named Exquisite Throw. Exquisite Throw will fire three arrows whenever your active character uses a normal attack or uses her skills to cause an enemy to explode. These arrows also deal with Hydro DMG based on her MAX HP.

    While the burst itself costs 70 energy, Exquisite Throw will remain active for 15 seconds and has an 18 second cooldown to cast again.

    Talent Priority

    Now that you know what Yelan’s Talent does, which one should you practice first? I recommend you start with her Elemental Burst first, as this is the biggest boost to her personal damage. This is followed by her skills and her Normal Attack lastly.

    Genshin Impact: Yelan Talents And Skills

    While Breakthrough Barb scales on Normal Attack, it doesn’t deserve a higher boost than the other two abilities and provides an inconsistent source of damage.


    Before we delve into her Artifacts and stats, upgrading her to level 90 is the first thing you should do if you want to maximize Yelan’s damage as much as possible. Since Yelan primarily scales through MAX HP, this will be the largest increase at the base level. Now, let’s actually get into Artifacts.

    Yelan’s overall best set is Emblem of Severed Fate. Not only does this set help with her energy recharge needs, but the more recharge she has, the more damage she does. You can build your team to better help Yelan recharge, which is still a powerful set for her.

    Still, it depends on how you use her and your team rotation, though. Now that you have a good understanding of Yelan’s Artifacts, what weapon should you use?

    Genshin Impact: The Best Artifacts For Yelan


    Yelan prefers weapons with ER, Crit or HP. Our first choice is Favonius Warbow. Not only does Favonius Warbow provide a 61.3% Energy Recharge substat at level 90, but it also grants additional Energy Particles when you critically strike.

    This weapon greatly satisfies Yelan’s energy needs. Not only that, but they gave this weapon away for free after completing Mondstadt Archon Quest, which all makes it one of the best weapons in Yelan.

    For a 3-Star option, Recurve Bow and Slingshot isn’t bad. Recurve Bow can be obtained from chests in Mondstadt, and provides an HP substat. And Slingshot can provide Yelan with a nice crit boost.

    As for other 4-Star options, we have Sacrificial Bow, Stringless, and Mouun’s Moon. Sacrificial Bow lets you use her skill twice to tackle her Energy hunger, but ends up being worse than Favonius Warbow.

    Stringless enhances Elemental Skill and Burst damage, which increases her overall damage. Mouun’s Moon has a useless secondary stat against Yelan, but increases burst damage based on the total energy drain of the party burst.

    Go to the 5-Star option and you have Aqua Simulacra and Elegy for the End. Both are very comparable, but it will ultimately depend on how you look at them.

    Genshin Impact: Yelan Best Weapons

    In terms of Yelan’s one-man damage, Aqua Simulacra would be Yelan at his best. Aqua Simulacra will give Yelan the highest damage output, and if you can use her Burst on cooldown, it will be her best weapon.

    Elegy for the End is about as good as it’s worth. It has a high energy supply secondary stat. After you hit an enemy 4 times with an Ability or Burst, your team gains an Attack and Elemental Mastery buff for 12 seconds.

    Energy Tips

    Before I dive into the teams that Yelan excels at, let’s talk about how to energize her. I said before that if you don’t pay attention to how you build or use Yelan, she can have a lot of energy issues. Here’s a small workaround.

    You can prepend power into Yelan by using her ability and using her Burst immediately afterwards. This is a common good practice for most characters, but saves Yelan in particular. Now, this doesn’t mean you don’t need to build any supplies on her, but it can be a helpful tip to keep in mind for a smoother rotation.

    Genshin Impact: How Much Energy Recharge Does Yelan Need?


    Yelan is a Hydro character. This means she can be very flexible with the teams she excels at. These teams include, but are not limited to: Vaporize, Double Hydro, Bloom, Hyperbloom, Burgeon, Taser, and Freeze.

    In terms of Dendro related teams, Yelan would fit nicely into any Bloom, Hyperbloom or Burgeon team. So if you want to try more teamwork, maybe you can try a Genshin Impact Account.

    Yelan can also play Freeze archetype, not the best option, but she can still work on it. Overall, Yelan, being Hydro, is very flexible and can fit into most, if not every team.

    Genshin Impact: Yelan Teams


    We know Yelan as one of the best characters in Genshin Impact. With Hydro related reactions enabled, Yelan has a broad team that she can fit into.

    She has a very simple build process as she scales purely with HP. Although she can be very demanding of energy in some situations, you can usually compensate for this weakness quite easily. Not only that, but Constellations can be a valuable upgrade for her, making her even more powerful in her role.

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  • How To Create Ultimate PVE Crit White Shadow Build In Elden Ring? - Weapons & Skills

    White Shadow is an extremely aggressive mid-range building from Elden Ring. It can defeat enemies by utilizing a variety of weapon arts, while also giving you the option to use other parts of the building to deal massive damage.

    So this build doesn’t just rely on critical strikes, but treats critical strikes as an extension of dealing damage. The ideal class for this build is Prisoner, just as White Shadow is a prisoner of her own power.

    Elden Ring: How To Create Ultimate PVE Crit White Shadow Build?

    Ice Spear & Impaling Thrust

    For the core of the build, I’ll be running Ice Spear as my remote option. This also helps us apply Cold and Impaling Thrust for faster high Poise damage melee options. This option also handles shields, as well as Glintblade Phalanx as Poise break support, as a tool when we break away from bosses to set up Poise break combos.

    Previously, Flame of the Redmanes build required pretty much only Misericorde. So it allows you to choose any other main hand weapon you want to complement your build. Obviously, you can also just use Dagger and spam Redmanes. That’s why this build is so powerful.

    Elden Ring: Impaling Thrust Buffed

    Why Choose Clayman’s Harpoon For Powerstance Spear?

    Since we’re running Ice Spear and Impaling Thrust for White Shadow, our options are even more limited. With limited options, I chose Clayman’s Harpoon for Powerstance Spear.

    Because Powerstance Spear’s Running Heavy Attack and basic Powerstance attacks are fast. It helps clear out mobs without needing to use weapon arts.

    Not only does it give you an extra option for close range damage, but it also has slightly higher base Poise damage. This is one reason I use Clayman’s Over Powerstance Lance. In comparison, Powerstance Greatspear Moveset is not as good.

    Additionally, Ice Spear’s projectiles have a constant 25 Poise damage regardless of the weapon’s base Poise damage.

    Another important reason we build as Intelligence can amplify the damage of Ice Lance and Phalanx to Magic Infusion. And, as you probably know by now, Clayman has a pretty good Magic Infusion, thanks to his base magic damage and scaling.

    You can indeed switch to a Cross-Naginata for extra range and blood damage, or a Lance for more Poise damage in future games. However, without investing in a certain amount of Elden Ring Runes, you can only get one of them in a single play through. But don’t worry, because you can get 5% off at with the code “CSCCA”.

    The other thing is that Clayman has lower stat requirements and weight, so it’s definitely the best way to build without being top level, because we can focus our investments better.

    Elden Ring: Clayman’s Harpoon

    Advantages Of Ice Spear

    Some people wonder why we use Magic Infusion for Ice Spear instead of Cold Infusion. This is because Magic Infusion allows you to do more damage with Ice Spear.

    Although we lose the cold buildup of Ice Spear spin section without Cold Infusion. But we mostly use Ice Spear as our long-range option, so the benefits outweigh the costs. Because Ice Spear’s projectiles always apply 160 Frostbite buildup regardless of Infusion.

    However, you have the option to use Impaling Thrust on Spear for Cold Infusion. Or you can also do Cold Infusion at a higher level when Cold Infusion’s attacks are harder than Magic Infusion. Also, Clayman’s Harpoon loses its advantage over Cross-Naginata if your character is higher level.

    Elden Ring: Ice Spear

    Wing Of Astel

    Wing of Astel is also a bonus weapon art that you can choose to spam certain large bosses. Since other weapons don’t use Somber Smithing Stones, you might as well find a place to use them.

    However, I use it almost infrequently. That’s why it’s in the secondary offhand slot. This is the slot we use least often, as its Poise damage depends heavily on how many explosions you can land.

    Elden Ring: Wing Of Astel

    Other Weapons

    Speaking of the other weapons, they’re set up in such a way that you can easily switch to any of the three weapons with a single command. This is a very important layout. Your dominant hand is Misericorde, since you can easily set up Phalanx. Then go back to Powerstance Spear. When you pick Ice Spear in the offhand, you can easily pick your Dagger crits.

    It takes some practice, but once you get used to it, you’ll be able to switch to the correct settings quickly and quickly in the heat of battle. Impaling Thrust just gives you another close range, high stagger option that you can weave into your attacks.

    If you don’t find yourself using Impaling Thrust a lot, I would insert Ice Spear in the dominant hand. This way you can also switch weapons more easily, since you only need to change your primary hand. This is a much wider build and you’ll find yourself switching back to Phalanx more often to combine with Ice Spear. I leave the choice up to you.

    Also Read: Elden Ring Rune Arcs Basic Info

    Armor, Talismans, And Physick

    Finally, Armor, Talismans, and Physick are all pretty standard. All I did was keep Armor above 50 Poise at the breakpoint.

    As for Talismans, Magic Scorpion Charm works well, since most of our damage is magic damage. We can also use Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman to make up for the lack of Magic Scorpion Charm. Shard of Alexander is also important to our damage as we use weapon arts a lot.

    Elden Ring: Magic Scorpion Charm

    Finally, Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger is better for early game maintenance when you don’t have that many Flasks.

    If you have max Flask charges or you are upgrading to build level 150. I’d definitely replace it with something like a Dagger Talisman for more damage. Assassin’s Crimson Dagger also gives you more support in battle. And, pretty standard Physick helps us do less damage and do more.

    How To Use This Build To Challenge The Boss?

    The way to challenge the boss with this build is to use Phalanx to get into Ice Spear spam. This allows you to cold apply first so that the applied debuff deals 20% more damage. After that, it all depends on the situation as you find the perfect range to fight the boss.

    You can go for the safer spam of Phalanx and Ice Spear, or you can go for a more aggressive close-range combo of Impaling Thrust and your raw damage, Powerstance Spear. Then, just add Wing of Astel to the mix.

    All in all, that’s my detailed guide for White Shadow build. Hope this guide will be helpful to you. A new crit build has been born, give it a try.

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  • Honkai Star Rail: How To Complete Hacking Reality With Silver Wolf?

    Many players have been waiting for Silver Wolf since its release, just like me. Before you start Hacking Universe, I have some information for you to get the most out of Hacking Reality with Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail.

    Silver Wolf is a Quantum type Path of Nihility released by the first Banner of Honkai Star Rail1.1 patch. She is a very worthy character. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can try it out by getting an appropriate Honkai Star Rail Account.

    Honkai Star Rail: How To Complete Hacking Reality With Silver Wolf?


    Let’s review her abilities first so you can get a good idea of what exactly she does for your team. Her Talent gives Silver Wolf a chance to plant one of three bugs based on Trace level when attacking enemies. These bugs can debuff attack, defense or speed. Once implanted, bugs persist for three rounds.

    Like most other characters, her basic attack deals Quantum damage equal to her attack stat based on Trace level, and also has a chance to plant bugs from her Talent.

    Her abilities have a chance to give the target a random type of weakness to your party member based on Trace level and reduce their damage resistance to that type by 20% for 2 turns. If it is not possible to implant a weakness into an enemy, it will not reduce damage resistance. For example, if you have Lightning and Quantum types of characters, then the target already has both Lightning and Quantum weaknesses.

    In addition, within 2 rounds, there is a chance to reduce the target’s All-Type Resistance by a certain percentage according to Trace level. On top of that, it also does the same amount of Quantum damage based on Trace level.

    Honkai Star Rail: Silver Wolf Gameplay Showcase

    A really pleasant aspect of this ability is that if she implants a Quantum Weakness on a target, it can weaken many enemies at once. In my opinion, this is one of the most versatile and useful abilities in the entire game.

    Her Ultimate, User Banned, has a chance to reduce the target enemy’s defense for 3 rounds according to Trace level. It also does a certain amount of Quantum damage based on Trace level.

    Also Read: Honkai Star Rail VS Genshin Impact - What Aspects Does Honkai Star Rail Do Better Than Genshin Impact?

    How To Maximize Silver Wolf’s Damage?

    If you build Silver Wolf correctly, you’ll be able to use her ult a lot. Her ultimate move will deal damage equal to 80% of the attack power of all enemies and deal toughness damage to all enemies regardless of the type of weakness.

    Enemies that get Weakness Break Effect from it will always get Quantum Weakness Break Effect, even if they don’t have a Quantum Weakness. This technique is very useful and will help you prepare for the fight and deal good damage to most enemies at the beginning of the fight.

    Overall, I think her outfit is pretty good at the basics. Even if I’m not managing a mono or dual type team, she has a lot of Utility. This allows her and your other characters to successfully deal massive damage and create opportunities for your heavy hitters.

    Honkai Star Rail: How To Maximize Silver Wolf’s Damage?

    At the same time, she becomes the most important support character on your team, allowing Seele to deal more damage to enemies who encounter Quantum’s weak point. I think any Hunt or Erudition unit would greatly benefit from the presence of Silver Wolf, even outside of the ability to grant weaknesses.

    In the short time I’ve had Silver Wolf, she’s had an enormous impact on my team. When I needed the flexibility of choice for a two-team setup in Forgotten Memory and Memory of Chaos, she was an instant lock.


    Now let’s look at her Traces. It extends the duration of bugs implanted by Silver Wolf by 1 turn. Every time Silver Wolf kills an enemy, there is a 65% chance to plant a random bug on the enemy.

    Silver Wolf already distributes the debuff left and right, so considering her Technique has a good chance of crushing enemies at the start of combat. Inject increases the duration of her ability Weakness Inject by 1 turn.

    If 3 or more debuffs affect the target, her last Trace ability reduces all type resistances by an additional 3%. 3% doesn’t seem like a lot, but it could be the difference between winning a melee fight and having to redo the same melee fight.

    Honkai Star Rail: Silver Wolf Amazing Debuffer


    Moving on from her Trace ability, let’s take a look at her Eidolons.

    E1: Social Engineering. This Eidolon provides Silver Wolf with 7 Power for each debuff the enemy has. This effect stacks up to 5 times for a total of 35 Power each time she uses Ultimate.

    E2: Zombie Network. Reduces effect resistance by 20% when an enemy enters combat.

    E3: Payload. It adds 2 levels to skills and talents, up to a maximum of 15 levels.

    E4: Bounce Attack. 20% more Silver Wolf attack damage per debuff on the target. This effect stacks up to 5 times, increasing the total damage potential to 100% of Silver Wolf’s attack stat.

    E5: Brute Force Attack. This increases her Ultimate by 2 levels, up to a maximum of 15. It increased her Basic Attack by 1 level, up to a maximum of 10 levels.

    E6: Overlay Network. Silver Wolf deals 20% more damage to the target for each debuff the target has, capped at 100%.

    Honkai Star Rail: Silver Wolf Eidolons

    If you have Eidolon 6 Silver Wolf, you can do a lot of damage as long as you can inflict enough debuffs on enemies. Eidolons don’t specify what type of debuff it is. So if you can get a couple of debuff units, how much damage potential Silver Wolfs could have with her ult. But I’m not sure if the result of doing this is necessarily suitable for all supporting roles.

    Her damage is already pretty good at E0, so I wouldn’t worry about trying to get her Eidolons. Unless you really want to run her as the main DPS.

    Relic Sets

    As far as Relic Sets go, right now I’d go with Musketeer of Wild Wheat, since it adds both attack damage and speed. If you use Seele and Silver Wolf, you will consume skill points. So making Silver Wolf the fastest unit on the field means you can generate a lot of skill points, displacing her and Seele’s skills.

    Honkai Star Rail: How to Play Silver Wolf?

    In terms of Planar Ornaments, I would go with Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise set. Because it both increases your Effect Hit Rate and gives you an attack bonus based on your Effect Hit Rate.

    I think it’s worth digging out good gear for Silver Wolf. She’s a good enough character to warrant the work you put into Relic. I don’t have the best settings yet, but I’ll be using all of my Trailblaze power over the next few weeks to get a better one.

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