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  • WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2.5 Seeds Of Renewal Update Notes

    Recently, the developers announced WOW Dragonflight patch 10.2.5, titled Seeds of Renewal.

    This patch bridges the gap between ongoing major content patches and the next patch for the game. This means there won’t be as much content as Patch 10.2, which was released on November 7th. But players still can take part in various developments of World of WarCraft’s overall story and gameplay.

    While patch 10.2.5 won’t be Dragonflight’s last patch, it will kick off the expansion’s ending while still allowing World of WarCraft to transition into the next era as The War Within begins.

    In this guide, we’ll talk about some of the key updates in WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2.5 and their impact. Without further ado, let’s get started.

    WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2.5 Seeds Of Renewal Update Notes


    In patch 10.2.5, Dragonriding is coming to all of Azeroth. Since the start of the expansion, players have only been able to use their Dragonflight Mounts in Dragon Isles. But in the next patch, you’ll be able to soar across Azeroth’s preexisting continents with all the new mounts you earned in this expansion.

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    In patch 10.2, we can use traditional flying mounts in Dragon Isles, and in the next patch, the reverse will also be true. Dragonriding is available throughout Azeroth, but is limited to a maximum Dragonriding speed of 80%.

    WOW Dragonflight Dragonriding Updates Coming in Patch 10.2.5!


    Gilneas is one of the most forgotten zones in World of WarCraft. In the new patch, it will become the centerpiece of a new storyline that allows players to take back the city in the name of Alliance.

    Although Gilneas was introduced to World of WarCraft in 2010 as the starting area for the then-new Worgen race, it has been largely unused since then.

    However, in patch 10.2.5, we will be fighting alongside the former Gilnean King, Genn Greymane. He will lead his troops back to his homeland in an effort to regain his homeland.

    It’s worth noting that Reclaiming Gilneas will not be testable on PTR.

    WOW Dragonflight Gilneas Return Confirmed

    The End Of Dragon Isles Story

    Because the story that takes place in Dragon Isles will end next year, patch 10.2.5 will probably bring an end to what we played in Dragonflight last year.

    Since the next patch will allow players to progress through Epilogue chapter of Dragonflight story, this will probably resolve outstanding issues across all areas of Dragon Isles.

    Players will also be able to discover some additional Dragon Isles content through Azerothian Archives. Players can learn about how this continent existed before Dragonflight incident through weekly public events held in Azure Span.

    WOW Dragonflight: Azerothian Archives Complete Overview

    Follower Dungeons

    World of WarCraft Dungeons is getting a new system that lets you complete dungeons with AI-controlled NPC companions.

    This new feature, called “Follower Dungeons,” will focus on helping new players learn the mechanics of Dragonflight dungeons. But seasoned veterans can also practice their mechanics and team composition.

    However, Follower Dungeons are only available in Dragonflight dungeons in normal mode. Players can choose to queue alone or enter the dungeon with up to four other players. Once they’re inside, NPC followers will fill in any missing roles. When using NPC followers, all players will still receive the same rewards as a normal dungeon with a full party.

    WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2.5 Follower Dungeons First Look!

    Outland Cup

    While you’re dragonriding outside Dragon Isles, why not test your skills in Outland Cup?

    You can take part in 13 games spread across Outland on Public Test Servers. You don’t even need to unlock Dragonriding, just rent a dragon to take part. Most importantly, taking part and winning the competition will also be rewarded with rich WOW Dragonflight Gold and loot.

    WOW Dragonflight Outland Cup: Dragonriding Event in 10.2.5 with New Rewards

    More Customization Options

    The developers are continuing to add more customization options to another batch of WoW races. Among them, Draenei, Warlock Tyrant, and Darkglare demons will receive unique customization, and Trolls will see five new hair colors. Most importantly, this will provide completers with dedicated Customization Achievements.

    Dragonflight is friendly to players who want to expand their character’s appearance. Multiple races and classes have received updated models and new customization features.

    The vast amount of customization that Dracthyr Evokers enjoyed when they were added to the game at the start of Dragonflight set the standard for the entire expansion. However, the rest of the current races in the game are continuing to catch up.

    WoW Dragonflight: New Customization Options Coming in Patch 10.2.5

    Class And Race Changes

    • Dracthyr: All Dracthyr races are now given Soaring ability. This means they can now fly like Dragonriding, with energy and all their other abilities.
    • Evoker: Preservation evokers who have trouble maintaining Reversions may like the fresh change as it makes rotations feel smoother. Essence Burst can now be triggered when casting Reversions. Unfortunately, the mana cost of most spells has been increased by 10%.
    • Monk: Dance of the Wind’s dodge chance increases by 10%, and increases by an additional 10% every four seconds until the player dodges the attack. Ancient Teachings now increase Stamina by an additional 5%.
    • Shaman: When Shaman uses Earth, Fire, and Storm Elementals, they appear smaller than allies and enemies. To Shaman, they will still appear larger.

    WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2.5: Class And Race Changes

    The above are all the key contents of this patch 10.2.5. As expected, they will release the patch before the end of January. But according to the developers, Seeds of Renewal will be launched on Tuesday, January 16, 2024, although there is still no exact release time.

    Regardless, this new content has a lot of players excited. Let us look forward to its arrival!

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  • Everything You Need To Do Before WOW Classic SOD Phase 2 Begins!

    On December 19, WOW Classic’s 2024 roadmap was released. It claims that Season of Discovery Phase 2 will arrive in the winter. So it should launch sometime between January and March.

    Before Phase 2 officially launches, there are a few things you can do in Season of Discovery to prepare for Phase 2.

    Everything You Need To Do Before WOW Classic SOD Phase 2 Begins!

    Flight Points

    First, the most time-consuming task in WOW Classic is always running under the new level cap. And in Phase 2, we’ll be entering new leveling zones, which means collecting Flight Points to these locations before Phase 2 will make your life a lot easier.

    Now, for Alliance, we want to consider capturing Menethil Harbor in Wetlands, which you most likely already have. Alternatively, you can choose from Darkshire in Duskwood, Southshore in Hillsbrad Foothills, Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale and Thonar in Feralas.

    You can do anything you need to do at Thousand Needles and Nijel’s Point below, as well as at Refuge Pointe in Arathi Highlands.

    Now for Horde side, we want to make sure we capture Tarren Mill in Hillsbrad Foothills, Freewind Post in Thousand Needles, Shadowprey Village in Desolace and Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale.

    Last but not least, more people in Arathi Highlands may have run to Shadowfang Keep by now. But like Southshore, this still needs to be done for Scarlet Monastery and for us at Alliance.

    I think Arathi Highlands is very important for both factions because Arathi Basin will be the next PVP representative.

    WOW Classic SOD: Flight Points Locations

    Complete Level 25 Area Quests

    It does seem possible that there will be some sort of event happening in Arathi Highlands itself as you run around grabbing these Flight Points.

    Now you can even start completing some of these level 25 area quests to fill up your quest log. Because you definitely don’t want to hand them over before Phase 2 is released. And by doing this, you will be ahead of everyone else. Because these Starting Zones will definitely be flooded by then.

    Going from level 25 to 26 requires 27,886 XP. Because each level 25 quest provides an average of 1,400 XP, a new full quest log will get you started on level 26 right away on Phase 2 launch day. Not to mention that, on average, each mission can help you earn 1.2-1.3 WOW Classic SOD Gold.

    WOW Classic SOD: Don't Miss These Area Quests

    Select Professions

    We know that Leatherworking, Tailoring, and Blacksmithing can get you some great gear. But with the release of Phase 2, the character level cap has been raised to level 40. We will also see the next level of professions.

    The profession cap for traditional expert training is level 225, but can be trained at level 20. It widely expected this to be the new professions cap for Phase 2.

    And Phase 2 will release new recipes, including potential new epic recipes for professions. Engineering will get recipes such as Parachute Cloak. Tailoring will craft Mageweave Bags. Enchanter can place Snowflakes on our weapons. Therefore, planning ahead and choosing the right professions is crucial.

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    Reach The Fishing Level Cap Standard

    Next we explore Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Extravaganza tournament, which is sure to be a hotspot. So make sure your fishing is up to par for the new level cap.

    Accumulate Gold

    Finally, the walking simulator is coming to an end as we will now be able to get mounts. While costs have obviously been slashed, 50 Classic SoD gold still needs to be accumulated to achieve this huge quality of life improvement.

    Therefore, we can sell excess quest items as we go to collect, and complete other quests to speed up the process of getting mounts.

    By the way, pack your bags so you can easily and cheaply replace those six slots before your new grind begins. Whether it’s Azeroth Commerce or Durotar Supply, even your local Supply Officer sells 12 slots bags just to be friendly.

    How To Make Gold At Level 25 Season of Discovery Classic WoW?

    Reach Honor Level Cap

    While PVP reputation may change from Ashenvale and Warsong Gulch, Azeroth Commerce and Durotar Supply reputation will most likely remain. Its significance lies because the level cap is raised from Honor to Revered, and the rewards that come from this new stage are countless.

    At present, the most important thing is to get yourself to at least reach the current honor limit. So most people find themselves with absolutely nothing to do after their raids, reset professions and reputations to the maximum Honor level cap, and the runes are all discovered. So this is the perfect time to level up your alts.

    WOW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 Changes

    Learn About New Changes

    But Season of Discovery keeps changing. Not long ago, they released a recent wave of class patches.

    In this new patch, they made changes to Mage, Paladin, Rogue and Shaman. In Mage class we have Living Flame, which consumes and benefits from Arcane Blast.

    In Paladin, Avenger’s Shield movement slowness is now correctly treated as a trap, and we can remove it by removing the effects of movement and pairing effects. Additionally, Seal of Martyrdom grants increased mana to party and raid members, and increases the damage done by all party and raid members by 20%.

    Rogue Blade Dance has now been updated to grant 10% Parry at all levels, rather than increasing Parry chance per combo point.

    For Shaman, the mana granted it has increased to party and raid members by Shamanistic Rage by 20%. Just like Paladin’s Seal of Martyrdom.

    As Season of Discovery progresses, changes continue to occur. We need to work hard to master them as much as possible and summarize them when the new version is released, to get a better start when Phase 2 arrives. I hope to see you in the game!

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  • Discussion Of Future New World Plans - Artifact Drop Rate & Perk Adjustments

    Recently, we got a lot of new information about New World in terms of upcoming plans, such as weapon changes and many other things. Some of these updates are recent, some are slightly older, and I wanted to include them as well.

    With seasonal updates and fix upgrades coming, it’s time to unravel the mystery surrounding New World’s upcoming plans. From Artifact tweaks to Perk changes and a grand vision for the future of the game, we have a ton of information to share. So, grab your gear and let’s get started!

    Discussion Of Future New World Plans - Artifact Drop Rate & Perk Adjustments

    PVP Perks On PVE Drops

    In Perks realm, issues surfaced regarding PVE failures and the deliberate exclusion of Perks like Burdening Smite. Whispers from the developers confirm that Burdening Smite is not present in PVE, consistent with its PVP-only nature.

    Meanwhile, the less-than-pleasant feeling brought about by the drop in Critical Retribution in PVE has not gone unnoticed. Because traditionally a lot of the good drops in PVP still come from PVE.

    Regardless, I’m not sure how far this transition should go. Likewise, you can get some significant items from PVP that are very useful. So I don’t necessarily understand why the exclusion is needed here, but we’ll see how they plan to move this forward further.

    BoE Crafting Gear

    As you may know, there are currently various bind on equip items that may be dropped. In one state, you can’t actually trade them with other players. Either appear as BoP immediately when picked up, or appear as BoP on the equipment and cannot be sold for New World Coins.

    So they did intentionally change the frequency of BoE and BoP gear. But that doesn’t necessarily mean targeting those items. For example, while they’ve always tied Chef Shirt to gear, plans are in the works for other items that promise a smoother trading experience.

    Solo Trials & Resource Nodes

    But players’ love for solo trials remains strong. We are also happy with the new node count and resource allocation. With more PVE content coming soon, be ready for the challenge!

    New World: PvP Track & Rewards Explained

    PVP Items From PVE

    Also, the debate between PVP and PVE rewards continues. PVP players often need to do PVE content for specific good equipment. But it’s just part of being an MMO. You’ll be forced to engage in activities you don’t necessarily want to do, which is your primary way of obtaining specific gear.

    The developers have no plans to change the source of some rewards on PVP track. There are currently a ton of rewards for PVE content that you can earn specifically from these activities. Since PVP hasn’t had much variety in terms of gear for a long time, you pretty much have to either farm everything in PVE.

    Therefore, the developers’ focus in Season 4 is to enhance PVP track rewards and ensure that PVP-focused players enjoy armor, weapons, and cosmetics. This allows players to achieve a balance between the thrill of combat and loot.

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    LuckSafe For Artifacts/Increased Drop Chance

    Also, there is a very important question, and that is whether we will get an update for Bad Luck Protection for Artifacts. The developers stated that they originally planned to provide Bad Luck Protection in Season 4, but they had to postpone that plan due to other priorities.

    Meanwhile, they increased the drop rate of artifacts from 10% to 20%. Artifacts’ Bad Luck Protection remains on their radar and internal roadmap, and they promise to provide more information in future seasons.

    Considering they’ve used Bad Luck Protection in events in the past, I’m really not sure what the difference this confirmed 20% drop chance actually is.

    New World: LuckSafe for Artifacts

    Influence Race Adjustments

    Once we get some information about Influence Race, we will group together Races Territorial on the schedule.

    Territorial cycles are 3 days, which will make it more difficult for teams to hold more than 3 Territorials without risking double declarations. Each Territorial has a six-day influence race cycle.

    They can adjust some area groupings based on feedback. I don’t think it’s necessarily as simple as putting all the highest value areas on the same day. Because then you also face the problem of having to push two Territorials at the same time in the new system. So I’m not really sure how they’re going to solve this problem.

    New World: Influence Race Adjustments

    Weapon Reworks

    Weapon rework is coming and we have to revisit and update old weapons with a focus on playability and quality of life. Boltcaster Artifact may look a little strange, but don’t worry, it was designed to redefine gaming style, and future artifacts will be aiming to do the same.

    Group Finder Update & Bug Fix For New World

    Group Finder & DPS Meters

    There will be future improvements to Group Finder system to ensure that queuing with a full group does not become a disadvantage. Also, while there are no immediate plans, the possibility of a DPS meter is on the horizon. If it does come to fruition, it will probably be an opt-in feature that respects the privacy of those who prefer to keep their statistics private.

    As we plot our course into the unknown, the promise of more information on reworks, changes, and grand visions of a new world hangs in the balance. Stay tuned, brave adventurers, because the journey has just begun!

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  • 5 Best PlayStyles For Different Positions In EA FC 24!

    Have you ever wondered how an ordinary shot can magically turn into a Banger? Or do you want to breeze past your opponent with a perfect dribble? The newly launched PlayStyles can help you achieve this. But not every player is suited to the same PlayStyles.

    So here we’ll reveal its secrets and give you the top five PlayStyles for each location. That way, you won’t have any hesitations about your choice of FC 24 players and PlayStyles at the end of this guide.

    Center Backs

    Let’s start with Center Backs. These players need to be rock solid and they need to stay sharp with their strongest defensive style.

    Fifth, you have an Aerial Playstyle. Players using this style of play can jump higher, and their aerial physical presence also increases. So this means you can end up stopping opponents who are trying to get past the ball, or knocking your defender off with a perfect ball.

    But it’s not just the aerial opponents we have to deal with, our ground players also need some strengthening, which is why we’re adopting Intercept Playstyle. This way you can get your center backs back between passing lanes and cut them off easily.

    As a player, you also need to have a good defensive stance, which is possible with a Jockey Playstyle. But Jockey Playstyle might slow you down. However, even in this case, you will be fast. This can make a vast difference, especially in one-on-one situations where you need to stay directly in front of your opponent. Since you have multiple angles to cover, you don’t always have to cut off passes or blocking shots.

    If you like Shoulder Challenges, then you need Bruiser Playstyle. Because it gives you a huge physical advantage over your attacker. If you have more FC 24 coins in your budget, improving your players’ overall attributes can help you be unstoppable on the field.

    If you want to press X when your defender is close to the attacker or use advanced defense, then Anticipate Playstyle is for you. This style of play allows you to have a higher success rate on standing tackles, with the ball landing directly at their feet. If you have this Playstyle, don’t be afraid of tackling. After building a Fortress with Center Backs, you will gain back possession.

    The Top 5 Playstyles For Each Position In FC 24!

    Wing Back

    Let’s take a look at Wing Back.

    Anticipate Playstyle is again very useful for Wing Back. Because we rarely want to go against Wingers when we’re tackling. So improving your tackle with this playstyle could be an immense help.

    We’ve only been talking about defensive plays. So now it’s time to launch a quick attack on the offensive Wing Back. With Rapid Playstyle, your players can reach higher sprint speeds. And you have a hard time getting caught by Raphael.

    Next, we use Bruiser Playstyle again. This time for Wing Back, you will face Wingers with lower overall attributes. Therefore, it is important to let them know your physical strengths. Wing Back with Bruiser Playstyle can easily crush attackers on the wing and then return to the attacking part.

    We have another Playstyle that affects player speed, and that’s Quick Step. With this, your players will get a boost on their first move. This can help him easily find players that are important to Wing Back.

    Finally, we have a very dominant Playstyle, Whipped Pass. Do you want to see the ball reach its target faster, more accurately, and with more curve? Then this is the exact Playstyle you need. Defeat the attacking Wing Back and join the attack from behind, which can easily give you a scoring opportunity.

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    For our CDM defensive position, Relentless Playstyle is an excellent choice. This Playstyle represents a player that covers a larger area of the court than anyone else. Relentless is a great option to use in CDM to cover the entire court and frustrate your opponents.

    When the opponent is running towards us, we need to clear the ball. Long Ball Pass Playstyle will become very convenient. So switch sides safely or pass the ball forward to your CDM, who can pick it up from behind and you can start your own attack.

    Now, we bring up Anticipate Playstyle for the third time because its defensive value is too high to ignore. This brings us once again to the expectation that your CDMs will gain enhanced tackling capabilities with this much needed Playstyle of Center Backs.

    The next Intercept Playstyle will be very effective, especially for CDMs. Most of you probably know the directive specified for CDMs, namely Cut Passing Lanes. Combining these two will give you the ultimate pass intercepting midfielder.

    For CDMs, physical fitness is very important. If you have Bruiser Playstyle, your defensive midfielder must show some dominance. You can easily regain possession by simply engaging your attacker physically and taking a step forward.

    EA FC 24: Best PlayStyles for each position


    As CM players, they need to play both sides of the game, and they need both offensive and defensive styles.

    Bruiser is once again a very good Playstyle. Because midfield always requires physicality. This way, you are not giving control of the area when your opponent wants to get physical.

    However, if you try to apply pressure in a certain area, you may get stuck. Then you need Long Ball Pass Playstyle and change the direction of play safely.

    If you want to dodge defenders coming towards you, you can do this by using a Controlled Sprint. And Technical Playstyle can enhance Controlled Sprint, and your players can reach higher speeds through it. He can also swerve around defenders without getting tackled, which is fun to watch and effective.

    If you think about your CMs regulating passing traffic through the centre, their passes need to be precise and powerful. At this time, Pinged Pass Playstyle will make the ground pass more accurately without affecting the difficulty of the receiver.

    We also have Incisive Pass Playstyle, which makes the pass more accurate. Incisive Pass is great if you’re always looking for runners behind the defense and like to play through passes.


    Now it’s time for my favorite location. The player in CAM position is a master of attack, so he needs to be efficient in creating finishing opportunities.

    Whenever your player receives the ball outside the box and passes it towards his weak foot, you can avoid your weak foot and score a great goal by using Trivela Playstyle.

    But we don’t want to be so selfish with our camp and shoot the ball all the time, so Pinged Pass Playstyle is also very important. Because the camp player is the bridge between the midfielder and the striker, he needs to provide key ground passes through the pinged pass. This will ensure you find your target without being intercepted.

    You’ll also see defenders and forwards making runs behind the defence, acting as a bridge for the attacking build-up. Incisive Pass Playstyle once again allows you to reward them in a more precise way.

    Plus, Finesse Shot PlayStyles are really strong this year. After your CAM passes the ball outside the box, you will have many opportunities to shoot from a distance. And Finesse Shot makes it easy to score even from long distances.

    Finally, there is Technical Playstyle. Agile players in camp positions using Controlled Sprint can create huge scoring opportunities. The technical improvement will be far beyond your imagination.

    Best Meta PlayStyle+ in each Position EA FC 24


    Let’s not forget about our Wingers players who will blow past defenses with their speed and agility.

    This is why Rapid is a great Playstyle. Reaching higher speeds is extremely important for Wingers, especially in open situations. With Rapid Playstyle, you can explore wider space after exploring that space.

    You may see players in the box eager to make crosses extremely powerful with Whipped Pass. As Wingers, this Playstyle is very important, don’t underestimate its power.

    The question now is whether we are only prepared to shoot. For other Wingers, Finesse Shot PlayStyles will not work for them. But when you use the counter-foot tactic, it allows you to take a step with your powerful foot and then slam it hard from a distance.

    But it’s not always easy to set up for a shot if your defender is close to shooting. With Technical Playstyle, you can use Controlled Sprint more efficiently in any way while also making great cuts at the goal line. You’ll find yourself scoring goals with ease.

    The most important thing is Quick Step. Bursts of speed are much needed when probing Wings and breaking through defenders. Most of the time, Quick Step can give you an immense advantage over the defender. So this is a must-have Playstyle for Wingers.


    For Striker, Trivela is an important Playstyle for your players to score goals. It triggers “outside of the foot” passes and shots depending on the situation. When shooting from outside the box, Trivela Playstyle is a brilliant choice.

    When you are going one-on-one with a heavy defender, you may want to use your agility to dribble past him. And Technical Playstyle is what it’s designed for, as it uses Controlled Sprint to get past heavy defenders and score goals.

    Agility is also very important for heavy defenders who accelerate early, which is why we ranked Quick Step in third place. With its influence, you can reach maximum speed earlier and gain an enormous advantage over the defender.

    As a striker, be careful after your teammates pass the ball. You need to create the perfect shooting opportunity. That’s why you want to eliminate the complications of catching the ball. Therefore, we have First Touch Playstyle as the runner-up, which can create incredible scoring opportunities with the help of gorgeous ball control.

    Last but definitely not least, Finesse Shot PlayStyles. This is also the best way to finish the game inside the box. There is no doubt that your striker needs it. Take advantage of the shooting curve it gives you and scores unstoppable goals.

    Today we bring you a lot of information about PlayStyles to help you choose your players correctly and use them wisely. I’m enjoying PlayStyles and scoring incredible goals. It gives you every technique to score in FC 24.

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  • All The Changes With The New 30% ICC Raid Buff In WOTLK Classic Phase 4

    Here today I want to talk about something very interesting and that is the upcoming 30% ICC raid buff. We found this to be a buff that changes everything.

    I want to talk about the timeline for this buff. When we see it, you know exactly how it’s going to scale. And then I also want to talk about something that no one has considered yet, like what’s happening with Raid Composition? How many healers are there? What do you give up when you have this buff? How has your tank changed? What changes have occurred to DPS? I want to cover everything.

    WOTLK Classic Phase 4: All The Changes With The New 30% ICC Raid Buff

    ICC Buff Explained

    So, before discussing timelines and Raid Composition changes, let’s get down to business. We should probably cover what the actual buff is.

    So imagine entering ICC with a really outstanding magic boost that makes you stronger and all the healing you receive better. For example, you have a Protection Paladin Tank with 50,000 health, with this buff your health will rise to 65,000. This makes it easy for you to survive Lich King’s attacks.

    By analogy, your Holy Paladin will rise from 13,000 Holy Light points all the way to 177,000 points. And your excellent Fury Warrior will jump from 14,000 DPS to 18,000 DPS.

    But there’s a problem, the developers aren’t letting go of this exceptional buff in the next 5 months. Instead, it scales up every few weeks until it reaches 30% damage healing and health. So you might ask, while most people are referring to the upcoming ICC changes as “buffs,” what are the actual effects on gameplay?

    This is really just Nerf done differently than Nerf of the past. This new and exciting way to actually enhance player abilities has some positives and some controversial negatives.

    There’s always been a suspicion that ICC’s actual raid balance was designed around 30% buff combat, much like Heroic Lich King’s extremely punishing one shot mechanics.

    Because there are currently only 175 guilds that have cleared Heroic Lich King. If anyone has already obtained Invincible’s Reins or powerful 284 weapons, it will bring a 30% buff, so ordinary players can also clear the battle easily. Lich King will eventually be available to thousands of guilds.

    To be honest, I’m a little wary of this buff myself. Because I know this will weaken players’ enthusiasm for guild activities. But I know that a lot of players seem to be very excited about this buff so far. Therefore, this may also make some players more motivated to complete ICC raids.

    WOTLK Classic Phase 4: ICC Buff Explained

    ICC Will Be Easier

    Another controversial change is that when we finally get the 30% buff, ICC becomes extremely easy for normal mode groups. Because a 5,000 gear score character should be able to handle ICC with ease.

    I fully support this change. If I can take my warriors into a normal ICC team to get those powerful items, it will motivate me to be more prepared for Cataclysm.

    The Buff Affects Other Raids

    But what we have to note is that when people do 20,000 damage in ICC, they go to Ruby Sanctum to just do less damage and eventually even remove people’s damage. This makes the player’s gaming experience so bad.

    So the developers must at least agree that raids like Firelands have completely different Nerf systems so that players don’t become too passive here.

    But if you’re struggling in Professor Putricide’s Heroic Mode and you know you’re getting a 5% damage and health buff next week, a lot of guilds are really going to lose some momentum the week before the patch is due to release.

    WOTLK Classic Phase 4: Professor Putricide's Heroic Mode

    When Is The Buff Coming?

    Now let’s talk about the timeline and what to expect from this ICC buff. Tim Jones mentioned in a recent podcast that the first ICC buff may not be more than two months after launch. But we don’t know if this news is reliable.

    While we can mark the calendar as December 5 based on the 8-day timeline released on October 12, we really can’t know for sure.

    The raid is a tough nut to crack, much more difficult than most of us imagine. This could mean we’ll see the 5% raid buff even sooner, perhaps even beckoning us in mid-November. Because we need to polish those buffs that come out every few weeks.

    If this pattern continues, though, we could see the buff rise fairly steadily by 10% by mid-December and 15% by the new year. But remember, this is where the pattern holds. So let’s not rush things, keep your strategy more flexible and your WOTLK Classic Gold stocked up.

    How The Buff Affects Guilds?

    So let’s hear your battle plan. Are you preparing for earlier buffs? More guilds may use this new buff to clear Lich King. We also have some very good data from the past that explains exactly what would have happened in the past.

    When buffed by 5%, Professor Putricide’s kill count jumped by almost a thousand. This happens in almost every fight, like Lich King, Blood-Queen Lana’thel and even Syndicate, and then progression levels off again. As you’d expect until the next buff.

    While the strategy will be completely different in almost every battle, it’s not just the kill count that’s affected. Once the buff is implemented on Maraudon, you can actually pump DPS directly, even during Bone Storm. But it means there will be some serious team changes as well.

    WOTLK Classic Phase 4: ICC Raid Comp Shifts

    ICC Raid Comp Shifts

    The best scaling level 8/14 only scales better on buffs. But it’s entirely possible that Gargoyle won’t get the buff, which would put them at a tremendous disadvantage.

    It’s not just DPS that will change, it will also be the play style of tanks. For example, Protection Warrior may return with more health as a healer. While this is indeed bad news, most guilds will want to get the heals down to four as it will make Infest more manageable.

    When Raid Comp changes, the level type itself will also change. We will see more GDKP running with buffs. Now, you can probably clear a full normal raid with 20 players instead of 25.

    Overall, this has a tremendous impact on the game. Because of the ICC nerf, you may be wondering how to best prepare for this game-changing buff. to maximize your team’s full potential and take full advantage of buffs. I definitely recommend you start brainstorming how you can adapt to these changes. So you don’t miss the huge new ICC Nerf preparation guide and let’s conquer Lich King Fortress together.

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  • How To Farm XP Efficiently In Diablo 4 Season 2? - Top Favorite Tips & Tricks Guide

    Currently, I have played Diablo 4 for over 800 hours. Therefore, I have summarized the methods and tips for efficiently getting XP in Season 2 so that everyone can benefit. Without further ado, let’s get started.

    Speed Clear Dungeons

    First off, Movement Speed is one of the most valuable stats in Diablo 4. For example, as you level up in Nightmare Dungeon, you’re constantly doing two things: defeating one set of enemies, or moving on to the next set of enemies. This is also where Movement Speed plays an important role.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: How To Farm XP Efficiently? - Top Favorite Tips & Tricks Guide

    To do this, you need to prioritize equipping boots and necklaces with Movement Speed. But that’s not the only way you can also find Movement Speed in skill tree passives and even on Legendary Aspects that can be imprinted on boots.

    The boots come with inherent affixes that change the way the dodge buttons work. My favorite is the attack that reduces evade cooldown, and the attack that provides 3 Evade Charges.

    In Season 2, one of the easiest Legendary Aspects to use is the Ghostwalker Aspect, which works with almost every class. And most builds will use Metamorphosis Vampiric Power because it’s an easy way to apply vulnerable.

    It makes you unstoppable every time you dodge. This will also activate your Ghostwalker Aspect every time you do this. There’s nothing better than the feeling of zipping through a dungeon and blasting every group of enemies in your path to harvest a massive amount of Diablo 4 Gold.

    Diablo 4: Metamorphosis Vampiric Power

    Biggest Mistake

    To further your level, you’ll need to read every affix and legendary aspect in your inventory, manage your collection to reduce bloats, and talk to any NPCs. But there is a way to reduce your need to do this.

    When we reach level 50 and complete Capstone Dungeons, we need to switch to Sacred Equipment dropped by World Tier 3. I spent about 30 minutes going around Blood Harvest and using Seeker Keys to open as many chests as I could.

    I then spent another 30 minutes looking at every Diablo 4 item, looking for at least 2 of the 4 beneficial affixes. I kept a lot of Legendary Aspects from levels 1-50 and printed them on a new set of gear. After doing this, I never looked at a single piece of gear again during World Tier 3.

    There’s a good reason for this, as there’s only one point where you’re going to get good enough gear. An additional 10% bonus damage on top of 400% will only increase your damage by 2%.

    That’s why the guide recommends looking for affixes that increase the level of core skills and increase your critical chance, rather than dealing 20% extra damage to slowed enemies.

    Diablo 4: Avoid This Mistake And You Can Level Up Quickly In Season 2

    World Tier Transition

    Another issue I’ve heard from other players is that they transition to higher World Tiers too early. I also made this mistake when I first played Diablo 4. There’s nothing more frustrating than running into a group of enemies and getting shot repeatedly.

    This is why in all my leveling guides, I recommend reaching level 50 before entering World Tier 3, as this will actually slow down your leveling.

    In Diablo 4, gaining experience points is about speed, not difficulty. If it takes you twice as long to defeat an enemy, even if it provides double the experience points, you’re just breaking even.

    But they don’t give enough experience points to justify how often you struggle and die while fighting them.

    Also Read: Diablo 4 Season 2 Leveling Is So Amazing! - Best Vampiric Powers & Leveling Tips

    Best Content For XP

    If you want to level up quickly, you need to do the right content. With appropriate content, I also talked about adding variety so that you don’t feel exhausted and bored while playing Diablo 4.

    One thing Season 2 did right was to make all content more competitive to level up. Helltide and Nightmare Dungeons have gained more mob density, and completing Whispers has a double experience gain. They even added extra glyph experience to Nightmare Dungeons. So you can step away from Nightmare Dungeons and enjoy other content without feeling like you’re falling behind.

    Of these, my favorite activity from level 1 to level 50 is Blood Harvest. The mob density in these events feels great, and I never felt like there was a shortage of things to fight. Best of all, when you do this, you’ll also complete Whispers naturally.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Blood Harvest

    Collecting 150 Blood Lures and popping up the event located in the center of Blood Harvest is my favorite thing in Season 2 additions. You’ll want to play Legion Events when they pop up on the map. Because this is one of the highest experience per hour activities you can take part in.

    My favorite leveling quest to do in the endgame is still Nightmare Dungeons. Just make sure to avoid Nightmare Sigils in bad dungeons when doing Nightmare Dungeons, and prioritize Nightmare Sigils in dungeons with the best layout and maximum creature density.

    More Tips And Tricks

    Another tip I think is worth mentioning is that if you are completely new to Diablo 4, you need to complete your renown. The benefits of having an extra 10 skill points, 20 paragon points, and extra paragon points gained by collecting Altars of Lilith are priceless.

    This is because skill points can be used to acquire passive skills in the skill tree. These passive skills provide multiplicative bonuses with time symbols, rather than additional bonuses on things like equipment affixes. Skill points can also be used to reduce the cooldown of high-priority skills or increase multipliers on core skills, etc.

    When you choose an endgame build, first check if it requires unique items in order to work. Some builds can be supplemented by having unique items, while other end-game builds absolutely require unique items to be viable.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Best Farming XP Methods

    Don’t forget to use Elixir when upgrading and then use Incense in the game. Together these will provide a 10% bonus to experience points. Partying with other players will increase the bonus by 10%. Seasonal Realm’s Urn of Aggression will provide a 20% bonus. Campfires in Legion Events provide a bonus of up to 15%.

    If you use Elixir, Incense, Season Blessings, and team up with friends, every 2 enemies you defeat will pretty much give you another enemy’s experience points. This really adds up over the course of defeating a million enemies.

    That’s it, if you’re looking for a more specific way to upgrade, don’t miss this guide. Good luck and have fun.

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  • Immortal All Rounder Build In POE 3.22! - Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder

    Hello, Exile! Welcome to my Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder build guide for the all-rounder edition!

    This build is an all-around beast. It has amazing clearing speed and you can kill any Uber Bosses without any problem. You can even tank them while standing there. Without further ado, let’s get started!

    POE 3.22: Immortal All Rounder Build! - Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder

    Single Target Skill

    We build using 2 Active Skill Gems. One for mapping and one for dealing with Uber Boss.

    Our boss skill is Toxic Rain. You can fire a projectile with your bow, which will spawn Spore Pods where it lands. Over time, these scattered Spore Pods will deal chaotic damage to enemies in an area, and their damage can overlap with each other.

    You need to hit a certain threshold of increased area to get a maximum overlap of 39%. All Pods will overlap. We achieved this with Bow Mastery on Passive Tree.

    Currently, the quality of Toxic Rain is 10%. If you have enough POE Currency budget, you can also get the remainder from Crafting Bench’s Simple Glove Craft to increase our area effect by 39%.

    POE: Toxic Rain

    Clear Skill

    Our Clear skill is Caustic Arrow. When you fire a bow, we create Caustic Ground where the projectile lands. This can also cause chaos DOT.

    But this skill alone is not suitable for clearing the level. Therefore, we added Arrow Nova Support. With this combination, our clearing speed will be much faster. Don’t worry, you won’t be switching skills on map bosses. Because even with Caustic Arrow and some other stuff, this build can handle it.

    POE: Caustic Arrow

    Scaling Damage

    Our biggest and best multipliers come from secondary sources using Ballista. We can have 5 of these and they will help stack Wither on the boss, which will increase Chaos damage by 90% by default. They also deal with a lot of damage.

    In addition, we also get an Ascendancy node, which will increase this Wither effect and give us the opportunity to cause a Wither.

    The other big damage increase is skill effect duration. Because Spore Pods will stay in the fight longer and deal damage for a longer duration. Thanks to tattoos in POE 3.22, we can reach very high skill effect duration percentages.


    On the defensive side, we convert 91% of the physical damage we take into elemental damage. Among them, the use of Lightning Coil alone accounts for 50%, while the use of Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask accounts for 23%. Because we added the flask effect node allocated on Passive Tree. Another 10% comes from Watcher’s Eye, and 8% comes from our helmets.

    Because we can convert physical damage into elemental damage. So we can reduce the converted elemental damage by using some elemental damage reduction flasks. For example Topaz, Ruby and Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask.

    POE: Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask

    Also, we have Elemental Ailment Immunity because we use unique jewel Ancestral Vision. Spell Suppression also applies to the chance of avoiding Elemental Ailment, accounting for half of its value.

    If you haven’t used this Aura before, using Petrified Blood will prevent us from recovering more than 50% of health without Life Flasks. But when we take damage from a hit, it prevents less than half the health loss. Health loss prevented in this way then disappears within 4 seconds.

    Finally, we can also get insulin recovery from Ascendancy. Because we use Pathfinder, we can use Master Surgeon node, which will keep our Life Flask active if our life reaches full.

    Also Read: The Fastest Build In POE 3.22! - Cptn_Garbage’s Tornado Warp Deadeye


    Since we use Eldritch Battery, we need to use Evasion and Energy Shield bases and a Pure Energy Shield base helmet to spam the enemy.

    Next, target your weapon for +1 Socketed Bow Gems DOT attack speed for increased chaos damage. Then craft +2 Support Gems to increase Chaos damage multiplier over time.

    On your Quiver, multipliers for normal and chaos damage increase bow and attack speed damage. On your amulet, all Chaos Skill Gems have +1 damage overtime.

    It’s worth mentioning that we used 2 Vermillion Rings with high health and attributes. Because I wanted to switch all the small attribute nodes to other useful POE items.

    Also, Belt is an excellent piece of equipment for this build. It has the effect of increasing the flask effect for you, and the mod also makes Energy Shield regeneration based on this.

    POE 3.22: A Guide to Basic Vermillion Ring Essence Crafting


    Before we get started with the flasks portion of Pathfinder, you don’t have to limit resistance with your gear. Because resistance flasks will have 100% uptime, you don’t have to worry about limiting your resistance with gear.

    The flasks we use are Topaz, Ruby, Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask, Silver Flask and Divine Life Flask.

    On Utility Flasks, you need these two modules: Reduced Duration and Incresed Effect. Be careful when you roll your flasks, as there are many mod combinations of these two. But its duration will be reduced so your flask won’t have 100% uptime. The major functions of these two sub-modules are to reduce the mana cost of skills and provide additional resistance.

    On Silver Flask, you need to enable this mod to add charge recovery and reduced effect. Because you get better uptime in boss battles with this combo compared to other setups.

    On Divine Life Flask, this mod increases the amount recovered and reduced recovery rate. And you will gain Stun Immunity during the effect to avoid being stunned.

    Path of Exile 3.22: How to Play Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder?


    That’s all for this all-rounder edition Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder build. This build provides you with an exciting and engaging gaming experience in POE 3.22.

    Although it may not be as flashy as some other builds. But over time, its sustained poison damage makes it a sound choice for map clearing and boss fights. With a well-balanced defense, utility flasks, and careful gear selection, you’ll find yourself clearing out enemies while maintaining a high level of survivability.

    Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned Exile, this build can help you deliver a powerful, easy-to-use, and enjoyable adventure in the world of POE 3.22!

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  • Lords Of The Fallen Update 1.1.224 Patch Notes! - NG+ Vestiges & Progression

    As we all know, Lords of the Fallen have been well-received since its release on October 13 of this year, but its release hasn’t been as steady as players had hoped.

    In addition to cross-platform connectivity issues, players also encountered save glitches, balancing issues, and various other issues. This PC version of Lords of the Fallen even suffers from performance issues such as stuttering and input lag.

    In response, Hexworks and CI Games released the latest update for Lords of the Fallen, Patch 1.1.224, on October 23. This patch addresses various issues and bugs, including fan-requested New Game Plus tweaks.

    Here I will summarize all the important content in this patch. If you’re wondering what exactly has changed in this Dark Souls-style action RPG, you can’t miss this explanation.

    Lords Of The Fallen Update 1.1.224 Patch Notes! - NG+ Vestiges & Progression

    Enemy Density Lowered

    First, one of the most significant changes in Lords of the Fallen Patch 1.1.224 is that enemies will stop chasing early. This update limits enemies’ leashing abilities, making them more likely to return to their spawn point earlier than before. This helps prevent large numbers of enemies from relentlessly pursuing the player as they rush through the level.

    Previously, there was the risk of multiple enemies pursuing you fiercely, stalking you until they exacted their bloody revenge. Now, as Hexworks said, they are improving our “Leashing” system. Enemies will no longer relentlessly pursue players, but will instead be limited in how far they can travel from the initial spawn area.

    The developer says it will make further improvements to this in Thursday’s patch, including reducing the number of enemies in the most difficult areas for players. It will remove these enemies from your original play through, but will remain in NG+ in line with the more challenging experience players are looking for.

    In addition, crowd behavior has also been adjusted. This way, enemies won’t swarm as often. Moreover, in the most difficult areas for players, the number of enemies will be reduced and their aggressiveness will be relatively weakened.

    Also Read: 3 Best Starting Classes In Lords Of The Fallen

    NG+ Vestiges

    In addition, Hexworks has also introduced some fundamental changes to ensure that every player has a better NG+ experience. Including those who enjoy the challenge of No-Vestiges and those who wish they still existed in the world.

    In Patch 1.1.224, when you complete the initial game, you will see a new option before starting the next one. You can choose to go directly to the next consecutive NG. For example, if you just finished NG+1, you will move on to NG+2.

    Or you can choose to replay the current NG with the same difficulty. It will retain your Lords of the Fallen Items, characters, and progress, but reset the entire world, including NPCs and quest lines. This will allow trophy hunters and completionists to seek out any outstanding quests without having to deal with increased difficulty, if they so choose.

    Also, in a further patch this Thursday, you’ll see further updates to NG+ mode. NG+1 will not remove all traces. You will only see some disappear while leaving key locations intact.

    In NG+2, more parts disappear. Then in NG+3, all but the main hub Skyrest Bridge and Shrine of Adyr Vestige will disappear. This way, our original vision remains the same, but more of a gradual adaptation awaits those looking for a higher level challenge.

    Finally, as a follow-up to last week’s hot announcement during the livestream, we can confirm that the developers have begun work on “NG+ modifier system.” This allows players to customize their NG+ experience. Whether you keep all traces, just some, or obliterate them.

    It will also include other interesting modifiers such as hardcore mode, item randomizers, enemy randomizers and more.

    The feature set is not fully defined yet, but the developers say they will release the new NG+ modifier system before the end of this year.

    Lords of The Fallen: Huge Game-Changing Patch 1.1.224 - NG+ Vestiges, Mob Density, Progression Loss, Performance & Stability

    Crossplay Back

    In this Q&A stream, the developers stated that they would deploy this feature to all platforms as soon as possible. But before that happens, PC gamers need to make sure their GPU stability reaches a certain level.

    Performance & Stability

    Essentially, Hexworks has been listening to players and adjusting Lords of the Fallen accordingly. The patch also aims to address performance issues experienced by some players.

    The data shows that developers’ continued efforts to improve GPU stability are paying off. Currently, the number of players affected by GPU stability has dropped significantly from launch to less than a third of day one, but it still affects 4% of players every hour.

    The developers are still trying to roll out many key improvements until it released the next patch, which will bring these numbers down even further.

    Progression Loss

    For those who lost level progress due to corrupted saves or co-op-related issues in Patch 1.1.215, the developers say they are working hard to find a solution for you.

    They are forming a team so that you can send corrupted saves or downgraded characters to the team. The team will respond by providing your save with the required LotF Vigor to restore your character to the level it was at prior to the glitch.


    Finally, this patch also fixes fog card artifacts in locations such as Manse of the Hallowed Brothers when frame generation is enabled.

    The above is the update instructions for the latest Patch 1.1.224 of Lords of the Fallen. What do you think of these improvements? See you next time!

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  • How To Optimize Minmax Chain Lightning Sorcerer Leveling Build In Diablo 4 Season 2?

    With all my Sorcerer knowledge from pre-Season and Season 1. I optimized Min-max Sorcerer 1-50 upgrade build for Season 2.

    With this build, I successfully leveled from level 1 to level 37 in 2 hours and completed Enchantment Quest for any Seasonal Power. Let’s not waste time and get started with the skill tree process.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: How To Optimize Minmax Chain Lightning Sorcerer Leveling Build?

    Skill Tree Progression

    We start with Arc Lash and Flickering Arc Lash Passive, which gives us 18% movement speed. Then there’s 5 levels of Chain Lightning, since that’s the major source of damage for our upgraded build. We also want to choose Greater Chain Lightning Passive skill to get direct extra damage.

    Because our critical hit rate is currently very low. So we need to unlock 4 skills first: Teleport, Frost Nova, Hydra and Ice Armor. The order of unlocking doesn’t matter.

    We start by adding Hydra Passive for more damage. I recommend picking up Summoned Hydra since they buffed it in Season 2. Then select Shimmering Frost Nova Passive. When we are surrounded by a group of monsters, it allows us to restore more than half of our mana with a Frost Nova. This results in more Chain Lightning spell-casting.

    It’s important to note that choosing Mana over Vulnerable State early in the game will be more powerful, as Season 2 nerfed Vulnerable State a lot.

    We then use Shimmering Teleport to get 30% damage reduction. It balances our ability to survive. Next we’ll gain 3 levels in Glass Cannon to increase our damage.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Minmax Chain Lightning Sorcerer Leveling Build

    Next we’ll reach level 15, so let’s focus on Fireball. I recommend teleporting out as quickly as possible to complete this Enchantment Quest, as this will significantly increase our damage output.

    We can just target clear mission elites and ignore everything else to speed things up. This way, we can get the special Diablo 4 items directly without going to the second area to fight the boss.

    After completing the task, we put Fireball into Enchantment. This way, one or two Chain Lightnings can temporarily clear the entire screen. We need to keep putting more Diablo 4 Gold in Fireball until we reach level 5.

    Also, I did a test to confirm that Fireball from Enchantment Explosion does not have increased damage radius due to Enhanced Fireball Passive. Casting Fireball increases the range though.

    Next we need to unlock the ultimate part, but we haven’t used Unstable Currents yet because its cooldown is too high at the moment. Instead, we add 3 points to Coursing Currents to increase our critical hit chance, and 2 points to Electrocution to gain damage reduction.

    Now comes the fun part. We’re going to overhaul the entire skill tree to be powered by Crit Chance and Crackling Energy. Because next we can unlock the key passive skill, Overflowing Energy.

    Before choosing, we first change the basic skill from Arc Lash to Spark to get an 8% critical hit rate bonus. Then we can get a critical chance from passive and Coursing Currents. We changed Chain Lightning to Destructive Chain Lightning to get a lot of Crackling Energy. This is what it looks like when we cast our ultimate.

    Diablo 4: Elemental Attunement

    Also, we added 1 point to Elemental Attunement for additional teleportation.

    Let’s remove all Glass Cannon points and Ice Armor. We can put these skill points into Lightning Spear and use Invoked Lightning Spear to stun the monster.

    We then remove all Hydra points and gain Invigorating Conduit, which restores 12 mana per Crackling Energy. Next remove the 2 Electrocutions and get Lightning Ultimate, Unstable Currents.

    Finally, remove a Coursing Current and gain the key passive, Overflowing Energy. We now have considerable reductions in the cooldowns on Teleport, Lightning Spear and Unstable Currents.

    For Ultimate, we cast it whenever we see more than 6 monsters around. We changed Teleport Passive to Mystical Teleport to reduce the cooldown of Crackling Energy and make it more aggressive.

    But not having 30% damage reduction can be very dangerous if you find that your survivability isn’t what you want.

    Next, we will add some passive points to enhance our combat effectiveness. If Courses Currents reaches 3 levels, it will be 1 point. Level 3 Electrocution reduces damage taken by 15%. Level 3 Conduction can increase movement speed by 9%. We should be at level 30 at this point.

    Let’s use Chain Lightning as a second Enchantment to further enhance our ground damage and Crackling Energy.

    After we cast the cooldown skill, Level 3 Protection can gain 30% of maximum life as a barrier. Upgrade Mana Shield by 3 levels to reduce damage by an additional 21%. Finally, upgrading Elemental Dominance by 3 levels can increase Chain Lightning damage by an additional 9%.

    In Season 2, vigorous defense at level 3 is essential, and this passive will make us more tanky.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Minmax Chain Lightning Sorcerer Build Skill Tree

    Initial 10 Skill Points Boost

    Assume that all 10 skill points have been unlocked by completing Renowns in all 5 areas. Because skill point rewards from Renowns will carry over to Season 2. If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend taking the time to farm Renowns to unlock all 10 skill points. It will make your ancient game in Season 2 that much more fun.


    For gear, I think the key is to always increase our Crit Chance Aspect wisely. I recommend getting Recharging Aspect of a ring and Aspect of Disobedience on the pants.

    Although Season 2 armor only reduces physical damage, overall physical damage is still the major source of monster attacks. Having Aspect of Disobedience allows us to survive longer against monster melee and ranged attacks.

    Diablo 4: How To Get Aspect of Disobedience?

    Aspect of the Unbroken Tether is also perfect for this Chain Lightning build. It was a printable Codex in Season 1 and I hope in Season 2 we can put it on an amulet as well.

    Also, I would also recommend using Sapphire on weapons since we have a wonderful source of stun in the build. I had a lot of fun upgrading my sorcerer with this optimized process build.


    Overall, mastering Chain Lightning Sorcerer in Diablo 4 Season 2 has been an exciting journey. Wiping everything becomes easier with Season 2 Vampire Powers.

    From early levels to the endgame, this build offers a unique play style and the best leveling experience. Customize your approach to your liking and enjoy your shelter adventure!

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  • Diablo 4 Season 2 Huge Patch 1.2.0 Is Coming! - Redemption Or Final Nail?

    In preparation for the release of Diablo 4 Season 2, the full patch notes for Update 1.2.0 have been released. But the actual update won’t be released until October 17th.

    This is the largest batch of patch notes yet. The developer recently highlighted the most important of these changes during a Diablo 4 Season 2 campfire chat.

    Much of the patch will focus on gameplay, experience, and balance updates, as well as a host of bug fixes. Also, this patch will add new Unique Items, Legendary Aspects, and Paragon Glyphs.

    Here I’ll walk you through some of the most important parts of the patch notes to help you get up to speed on what this update is all about.

    Diablo 4 Season 2 Huge Patch 1.2.0 Is Coming! - Redemption Or Final Nail?

    Unique Items

    First, let’s talk about the new Diablo 4 items in Patch 1.2.0.

    Tassets of The Dawning Sky (Generic Unique Pants): When you take damage from a non-physical damage type, your maximum resistance to that damage type is increased by 6-10% for 6 seconds. However, this effect can only apply to one damage type at a time.

    Tuskhelm of Joritz The Mighty (Barbarian Unique Helm): When you gain Berserk while already enraged, you have a 40-60% chance of becoming more enraged. It also increases damage by 15%, generates 2 Fury points per second, and reduces cooldown by 10%.

    Dolmen Stone (Druid Unique Amulet): Casting a Boulder while Hurricane is active will cause your Boulder to spin around you.

    Scoundrel’s Leathers (Rogue Unique Chest): Although you have unlimited energy from Inner Sight. But your core skills have a 60-80% chance of producing Caltrops, Poison Trap, or Death Trap.

    Blood Moon Breeches (Necromancer Unique Pants): Your minions have a 3-7% chance to curse the enemy. Enemies affected by at least 1 of your curses take 70% increased overpower damage.

    Blue Rose (Sorcerer Unique Ring): After a Lucky Hit, there is a 30% chance of forming explosive Ice Spikes when damaging the enemy, causing 0.25-0.35 points of cold damage. If the enemy is frozen, it tripled this chance.

    Godslayer Crown (Generic Unique Helm): When you Stun, Freeze, or Immobilize an elite enemy, it attracts nearby enemies. It increased your damage against them by 30-60% for 3 seconds. Note that this effect can only occur once every 12 seconds.

    Flickerstep (Generic Unique Boots): Each enemy you dodge reduces the cooldown of your active ultimate by 2-4 seconds, up to a maximum of 10 seconds.

    Tibault’s Will (Generic Unique Pants): You deal 20-40% more damage while Unstoppable and for 4 seconds thereafter, and gain 50 Primary Resource.

    X’Fal’s Corroded Signet (Generic Unique Ring): After a Lucky Hit, your continuous damage effect has a 50% chance of bursting out, causing 5.0-6.0 points of damage of the same type to nearby enemies.

    Soulbrand (Unique Generic Chest): Your Healing Potion no longer heals immediately, but provides a barrier that provides 200% healing for 4 seconds. When you have a barrier, you gain 10-20% damage reduction.

    Banished Lord’s Talisman (Unique Generic Amulet): After you spend 300 points of Primary Resource, it guaranteed your next core skill to produce an overwhelming critical hit, increasing the damage by 80-120%.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: All New Unique Items Coming With Patch 1.2.0

    Legendary Aspects

    We can find the following these Aspects on Boots and Amulets.

    Aspect of Slaughter (Generic Mobility Aspect): You gain 20% movement speed. We lose this bonus within 2.5-5 seconds after taking damage.

    We can find the following Aspects on Amulets, Gloves, Rings, and Weapons.

    Aspect of Elements (Generic Offensive Aspect): You gain 20-30% additional damage and a set of damage types for 7 seconds. This effect alternates between 2 sets of damage types:

    • Fire, Lightning, and Physical
    • Cold, Poison, and Shadow

    Wanton Rupture Aspect (Barbarian Offensive Aspect): Your Rupture does not eliminate blood damage caused by enemies. This happens every 30-40 seconds.

    Raw Might Aspect (Druid Offensive Aspect): After you hit 15 enemies with Werebear skill, your next Werebear skill will deal 30-50% damage and stun the enemy for 2 seconds.

    Aspect of Artful Initiative (Rogue Offensive Aspect): When you spend 100 energy, you release an explosive cluster of Stun Grenades, dealing 0.2-0.3 total physical damage and stunning enemies for 0.5 seconds. Your Grenade ability deals 15% increased damage.

    Aspect of The Long Shadow (Necromancer Offensive Aspect): After a Lucky Hit, your Shadow DOT effect has a 10-30% chance of generating 3 essences. The damage caused by Shadowblight Key Passive will always generate 2 essence.

    Battle Caster’s Aspect (Sorcerer Offensive Aspect): After a Lucky Hit, when your Conjuration skill hits an enemy, you have a whopping 30-40% chance of gaining +1 level to your Conjuration skill for 12 seconds. Can be stacked up to 3 times.

    Diablo 4 Season 2 Patch 1.2.0: All New Legendary Aspects Coming

    Paragon Glyphs

    The value ranges provided for Paragon Glyphs below reflect their damage at level 1 and up to level 21.


    Twister: Your Dust Devils deal 13.2-39.6% more damage for every 5 points of strength purchased within range. After creating Dust Devils, you deal 13% increased damage for 4 seconds.

    Rumble: Your Earthquakes deal 13.2-39.6% more damage for every 5 points of strength purchased in range. Also, each time Earthquakes are active, you deal 10% increased damage to Crowd Control enemies and bosses.

    Also Read: Major Changes Coming To Diablo 4 Season 2 - In Depth Community Discussion


    Electrocution: Your Lightning Bolts and Dancing Bolts deal 13.2-39.6% more damage for every 5 points of Willpower purchased within range. Enemies damaged by your Lightning Bolts and Dancing Bolts take 20% increased damage for 5 seconds.

    Tectonic: For every 5 points of Dexterity purchased within range, your Earth skills gain 3.0-14.9% critical damage. Meanwhile, you can also get 15% Lucky Hit Chance.


    Exhumation: For every 5 Intelligences purchased within range, the damage done by your Corpse skills is increased by 3.3-13.9%. Consuming a corpse increases your maximum health by 4% and reduces damage taken by 4% for 4 seconds.

    Desecration: Your Desecrated Ground deals 19.8-59.4% more damage for every 5 points of Willpower purchased within range. While you are standing on your Desecrated Ground, you deal 15% more Shadow damage.


    Explosive: Your Stun Grenades deal 13.2-39.6% more damage for every 5 points of Dexterity purchased within range. Casting Stun Grenades reduces your damage by 10% for 2 seconds.

    Nightstalker: For every 5 Intelligences purchased within range, Shadow damage you deal increases by 2.0-9.9%. Reduces Shadow Imbuement’s active cooldown by 4 seconds when you enter Stealth state.


    Stalagmite: Your Ice Spikes deal 2.0-9.9% more damage for every 5 Intelligence purchased within range. Your Ice Spikes also gain an additional 10% critical strike chance.

    Invocation: For every 5 points of Dexterity purchased within range, your Conjuration skill will gain 7.9-27.7% critical damage. Enemies damaged by your Conjuration skill will take 1% less damage to you for 6 seconds, stacking up to 12%.

    Diablo 4 Season 2 Patch 1.2.0: Paragon Glyphs Update

    Gameplay Updates

    This update adds more cursor icon options, including higher contrast icons. Players can find this in this Accessibility Options menu.

    Items can now be marked as favorites. Items marked in this way cannot be sold or recycled to earn Diablo 4 Gold.

    Items in the storage room can now be marked as trash or favorites. Players can now search and filter storage rooms to find items faster. We can group together extracted Aspects with the same Legendary Power when sorted in inventory and stash.

    Also, additional options to hide combat text are now available in settings, and auto-run has been added. When the bound button is pressed, the player will continue to move in the direction they or the mouse cursor is facing until another movement action or skill is initiated.

    They have added three new icons to Helltide Chests map, representing Jewelry, Armor, and Weapons. Also, two additional character slots have been added here, for 12.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Enchant Costs Reduced

    Finally, enchantment costs are now determined by coefficients from the base item power and item type, rather than the item’s sales value. For rare items, this usually results in a higher initial enchantment cost. However, subsequent enchantments will continue to level up at a significantly slower rate than before.

    The enchantment costs for legendary items are often reduced across the board. Also, imprinting, adding sockets, or upgrading will no longer increase enchantment costs.

    That’s most of the update notes for Diablo 4 Season 2 Patch 1.2.0. The patch addresses many of the community’s concerns, particularly regarding endgame content and the overall gameplay experience.

    In the meantime, developers are listening to feedback and making necessary adjustments. The introduction of new bosses, unique items and Paragon Glyphs add depth to the game and ensure players stay engaged.

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  • How To Customize The Best Offensive Scheme In Madden 24?

    Today, I’m going to break down the best offensive plays to help you defeat every defense you may face. From one-play touchdowns, zone beaters, man beaters, and all-around explosive plays, I'll show you how your offense can score more points and win more games!

    One Play Touchdown vs Zone

    We’ll get into Bengals playbook. The first play we’ll discuss is the one play touchdown against zone coverage. This tactic is Mesh Spot in Tight Slot Halfback Weak formation.

    This play can run base and perform well against man or zone defenses. But in order to set up a one-play touchdown, you need to get A to score consecutively and signal B’s receiver for a comeback.

    Madden 24: How To Customize The Best Offensive Scheme?

    Against cover three with one high safety and corners eight yards off the ball. The vertical attack will occupy the zone deep in midfield, while the counter route will pull down the zone deep on third down. This creates wide open space for an elite inside route, which turns into a touchdown.

    Short Yardage Play

    But if you only need a few yards, there’s another way to go about this tactic. In this play, I saw that the defense was showing an all out man blitz when it was 3rd and inches. So what I do is I move the running back to the outside along the wheel route and you can see that the wheel route doesn’t flip over.

    This actually becomes a tough route to defend. Especially in man coverage, create enough space for the defense. The route where you want to put B on a flat route. Then you can put X on the zig.

    If you want the safety option, you see when we get the kickoff, the running back runs right down the middle of the field. This automatically creates distance from the defender. Just make sure the user doesn’t have routes lurking in the middle of the field, and you’ll be able to throw and catch to convert short-yardage situations.

    Best Offense in Madden NFL 24 - Gameplay Tips & Tricks

    Bunch Offset

    Now we want to review the three plays of Bunch Offset formation. The first play is PA Dig Fork. All you have to do is make sure we set the bunch side to the boundary or short side of the field. So if you’re in a left hash, you want to put the bunch set on the left. Then you would create the flood concept by placing B on the streak and A on the flat. This concept beats all zone defense in Madden 24.

    In the backfield, you can also put him on a route that is more evasive to defenders, such as a slant or a zig. That way, you have a zone-hitting concept on the right and a defensive concept on the left. If you have enough Madden 24 Coins, you can purchase additional blockers to block the running back, which will give him more time in the pocket.

    Now, in the pre-capture, I actually put the bunch set at the far end of the field and then flip the game to the boundary. I do this to see if they are playing zone or man coverage. Because there was a high safety, I knew it was either cover three or cover one.

    Because there are no defenders following the receiver, when I flip the play, I know it’s a cover three zone. So I built my zone beating concept.

    So when you tee off, your first read will be the corner route. When you see vertical pullbacks, deep defenders, and flat routes pulling down into the arc flat, that will create space to throw lasers into the corners for big gains.

    Also Read: How To Achieve The Perfect Passing In Madden 24? - 4 Passing Tips

    And if the corner and vertical are locked, you can also check it by looking at the flat line. This curve is also fatal for defense. In this game against cover, both men have two deep safeties, and B continuously occupies the deep zone away from the corner. When I snap the ball, you can see the deep safety being taken up vertically and the corner route creating separation for an easy touchdown.

    The next play will be Verts Halfback Under, using Bunch Offset formation. This play style of ran base is very suitable against zone defense and man defense. But there are other ways to destroy a defense in this way against man's defense, such as covering one of the deep crossing route. But to make sure that we can pull the deep safeties away from the crossers, we’re going to keep A on offense.

    If the crosser you read the first time is not open, we also need additional options. So we’ll put X slant and keep everything else the same. So we have the running back’s slant route to ensure safety.

    When I spike the ball, you will find user safety has too many routes to defend. This results in passing lanes opening up the field against man defenses.

    Madden 24: Bunch Offset Plays

    The next play we want to discuss is Smash Return in Bunch Offset formation. This game could be a man or zone beater. Against man, put RB on the zig route. Because we have an outward zig route and an inward zig route.

    Against man coverage, read the outward zig first as he will need less time to run his routes as opposed to the inward zig. If the zig outside is open, you can easily hit him to gain some yardage and get an easy first down.

    When facing zone defense, make sure to place the bunch side on the border, just like we did before in PA Dig Fork. We will create another flood concept, but this time it will be different players running different types of routes. This creates unpredictability in your offense. The only adjustment you have to make is to have B score consecutively.

    Now we have a deep vertical route, a unique bend with the tight end out and a zig that will act as a flat route in the flood concept. When I spike the ball, the zig route takes up the user and the curl flat defender, while the vertical route stretches the deep zone. This creates several yards of open grass for the tight end on the corner route for an easy 30-yard gain.

    Unstoppable Chiefs Offensive Scheme in Madden 24!

    One Play Touchdown vs Man

    The next play we want to discuss is Y-Trail in Bunch Halfback Strong formation. Professional Madden players also often play this game.

    In this play, you want the team to be at the far end of the field so you can freely pass the ball away from the safety. So what you do is you put the running back on the wheels. Then place A vertically to keep the safety away from the wheel. Then put RB on the slant and X on the flat surface to create good route spacing.

    The first thing you read will be a wheel route. If you see a running back step on a defender, you’re free to throw the ball up and to the left, away from the safety, over the defender, and make an easy over-the-shoulder catch for a touchdown.

    Madden 24: Y-Trail Play

    RPO Alert Bubble

    For the ultimate play, we will discuss RPO Alert Bubble in Shotgun Doubles Offset Weak formation.

    In this play, you want to read the players arranged above the bubble receiver. If he breaks inside to stop the run, you can easily throw the ball away for a few yards. But if the defender stays put, it’s up to the running back to find an opening to run through. If your opponent can’t stop RPO, he’s going to be in a lot of trouble.


    This is one of the best and most explosive Bengals offensive schemes in Madden 24. Let me know how it works for you. See you later.

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  • How To Build Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist In POE 3.22 League On A Low Budget?

    Fellow Exiles, I’m back with my low-budget version of Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist. This build is possible for both Solo Self Found and Hardcore POE.


    Explosive Arrow produced by each fuse of Ballista Totem produces an extremely powerful ignition. This allows the build to deal massive damage to a single target. It takes very little manual skill to smash some of the toughest bosses in the game. The overall play style is simple and consistent, with very little reliance on Flask for damage output.

    Defensively, the build is quite durable, with its ability to engage safely from a distance. That, coupled with the ease of dealing damage over time, makes it capable of handling most content with ease. It has high spell suppression, and combined with Grace and Haste, can convert physical damage into elemental damage.

    Path Of Exile 3.22: Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist Build Guide

    With a significant layer of defense, this should be feasible in hardcore games. And equipping unique POE items is also optional, making it suitable for Solo Self Found as well.

    Also, there will be 2 versions of this build, one for the league start and another for the endgame Uber version. You can improvise or swap at will based on POE Currency you accumulate during the league.

    Core Mechanism

    Now let’s start looking at the core mechanics. We will use Explosive Arrow for clearing and bosses. It applies intense ignition based on the number of arrows or fuses on the target enemy. This requires you to have a faster attack speed, a moderate skill effect duration, and expand the total number of Ballistas that can be used.

    We should note that because we use Elemental Equilibrium keystone. Therefore, we cannot use any external modifiers in the build settings to flatten fire damage.

    POE 3.22: How To Build Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist On A Low Budget?


    Normally, fire damage is only ignited when you land a critical hit or there is an opportunity to ignite in your build. However, our first Ascendancy node, Shaper of Flames, gives us a 100% chance of igniting.

    Through our second Ascendancy node, Mastermind of Discord, we can do Multiple Exposures. This reduces the enemy’s resistance by 50%. Combined with our Flammability Curse, it will significantly reduce the monster’s fire resistance.

    With the help of our third Ascendancy Heart of Destruction, we gained massive AOE during mapping and increased the damage of single target bosses by 30%.

    POE 3.22: Mastermind of Discord & Heart of Destruction

    And Mastermind of Discord and Heart of Destruction are by far the best options for building elemental fire damage. Once you clear out the last Uber, you gain a massive layer of defense that works similarly to Ward.

    Primal Aegis combined with our Spell Suppression, will give you a smoother map experience among monster hordes.

    Also Read: A Full Guide To Vengeance Cold Conversion Build In POE 3.22 League

    General Gameplay

    During general gameplay, this build often keeps moving in Flame Dash. Avoid turning back too quickly to cause death effects and delayed attacks. Meanwhile, we need to keep a safe distance as much as possible, and can even shoot off-screen to eliminate threats ahead.

    POE 3.22: Skill Tree Gem Setups

    We apply Flammability and Flame Surge through Arcanist Brand, while occasionally maintaining Frenzy Charge through Frenzy skill. I would suggest that you can use a gem setup like this as a caster to level up your build.

    Although you can use Burning Arrow to level up or switch after unlocking the library for a smooth experience. But I recommend that most players complete these actions first before switching directly to as many core endgame items as possible. This is our progress in upgrading the skill tree.

    POE 3.22: Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist Skill Tree

    Skill Gem

    For skill gems, I will start with our 6-Link. Explosive Arrow slots directly into our main hand weapon. Explosive Arrow can be associated with Ballista Totem Support, Ignite Proliferation, Lesser Multiple Projectiles, Burning Damage, and Unbound Ailments.

    For a single target, you can switch from Lesser Multiple Projectiles to Swift Affliction Support. But getting this Color of Socket can be a difficult thing. I recommend using Crafting Bench to get 3 colors.

    If you are stuck with the remaining 3 Green Sockets, I recommend using Swift Affliction Support instead of Unbound Ailments or Burning Damage. When you accumulate enough Divine Orb, you can upgrade it to Awakened Support.

    Our halo setup includes Grace and Haste and supports level 8 Clarity Support. If you want to sacrifice an entire layer of defense for damage, you can swap Grace for Malevolence.

    POE: Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist Skill Gem Choice

    Gear Selection

    It’s finally time to explain the gear of this build. Let’s start with our bow.

    If you switch to Explosive Arrow early, you can run these affordable Uniques first, which can take you through historic missions. Ideally, look for a rare bow with high attack speed, gem level, and damage multiplier over time before upgrading.

    You can use cheap unique items like Skirmish, which gives you an extra Ballista Totem best suited for a single target, or any rare quiver. This increases attack speed and causes damage multiplier mods.

    Our helm is a rare item that focuses on health, resistance, chance to suppress spell damage, and crafted physical damage as elemental damage. You can get it from Eater of Worlds.

    Path of Exile: Uniques Eye of Malice Mechanics Explained

    You can also use cheaper alternatives such as Eye of Malice or Elevore. Eye of Malice can further reduce the monster’s resistance. And Elevore is a great low-budget gear choice for a defensive core build setup.

    Our body armor can be any rare item with modifiers like health, resistance, and spell suppression. If you have Gravicius mod unlocked, this mod treats physical damage as elemental damage.

    If this is your league starter, you can use the rare boot, Storm Stride, which has movement speed, health, spell suppression, and resistances. Once you enter the league, your best choice of boots will always be Legacy of Fury, which drops from Maven. Because this is very effective against bosses and clears.

    Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist build offers a fast-paced, dynamic play style. You can clear the map quickly and take on bosses effectively by choosing gear carefully, understanding breakpoints, and optimizing your skill tree. Experiment, tweak and customize the build to suit your play style for an exciting POE gaming experience.

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  • New Features & Changes In Elder Scrolls Online Update 40!

    Elder Scrolls Online is gearing up for a massive Update 40 patch packed with exciting new features and content. In a recent preview, the developers showed off what players can expect from this update, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

    Here, I will take you to review the live preview of this update. Includes new Crafting Stations, Jewelry Crafting changes, improved Group Finder tools, the highly expected Endless Archive, and upcoming in-game events. Without further ado, let’s get started!

    ESO Update 40 Overview - Grand Master Crafting Station, Jewelry Crafting Rebalance, Endless Archive

    Release Date

    First up, they will release ESO Update 40 base game patch on October 30th for PC/Mac and November 14th for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. In addition, PTS for Update 40 was launched on Monday, September 18th.

    In addition to this Endless Archive PVE campaign, this update also introduces many new features and additional content. These are completely free for all existing ESO players, with no additional purchases required.

    ESO Update 40 Preview: A First Look At The Endless Archive & Other New Features

    Grand Master Crafting Stations

    Grand Master Crafting Stations, one of the long-awaited features of many old ESO players, was finally unveiled in the form of concept art during this live broadcast. These sites were created to solve the problem of limited furniture locations in Guild and Crafting Halls.

    Previously, players were required to provide four Attunable Station Furnishings for each craftable set, including Clothing, Blacksmithing, Woodworking, and Jewelry.

    With GMC Stations, it solved this problem. Because each Crafting skill-line will have a unique GMC Stations. Players can import Attunable Stations into their GMC Stations. This way, players only need four GMC Stations instead of hundreds of Attunable Stations. As they enter more adjustable parameters, GMC Stations visually upgrade themselves.

    Players can purchase GMC Stations with Rip Vouchers. This is also good news for Guild Masters, as they are now no longer limited by the number of available furniture slots.

    ESO Update 40: Class Sets, Grand Master Crafting Stations and More!

    Jewelry Crafting Rework

    Initially, Jewelry Crafting was primarily designed for endgame players. In Update 40, the developers aim to make it more accessible to all players through rebalancing.

    In this live preview program, we learned some changes in Jewelry Crafting. First, Grains are expunged from the system, and all Grains in players’ inventories will be converted to Ancient Grains. Next, they renamed Platings to Ancient Platings, but the nature of the items did not change.

    We should note that the conversion ratio of Grains to Platings is 1:1. The conversion ratio between Platings and Ancient Platings is 1:10.

    In addition, the developers have adjusted the cost of upgrading Jewelry to ESO Gold to be more in line with other Crafting skill-lines. For example, when all improvement perks are applied, eight Chromium Plating sessions will be required.

    Finally, and most regrettably, Red Jewelry Crafting will be removed from the game.

    Also Read: Elder Scrolls Online: A Complete Guide To Dungeon Crawling

    Improved Group Finder Tool

    The most requested feature by the player community, the improved Group Finder tool, finally appears in Update 40.

    The new tool allows players to create or join lists in various content categories, including custom content such as Trials, PVP, Zone Content or ERP. Players can apply to join these groups, and group leaders can accept invitations. We expect this change to reduce foot traffic at Craglorn, as many players have previously AFK here while looking for trial groups.

    Elder Scrolls Online: New Group Finder In Update 40

    Endless Archive

    Endless Archive is a systematic endless PVE Arena available to all ESO players who own the base game. Of course, it can also be done with a companion or friend.

    The core content in this Update 40 is Endless Archive, which will provide players with a procedurally generated PVE arena experience.

    It tasked players with entering Endless Archive and hunting down a powerful Daedra named Tho’at Replicanum. It will create chaos by spawning various monsters.

    This Archive consists of Stages, Cycles and Arcs. Completing Stages and Cycles will open a boss battle and reward you with a unique class set item.

    There are over 60 different bosses in Endless Archive from different aspects of the game, including story bosses, public dungeon champions, world bosses and more.

    Also, you can choose buffs and bonuses called Verses and Visions here to enhance your gameplay and enrich your gaming experience.

    After winning in Endless Archive, players can earn Archive Fortunes. This is a unique currency. Players can use it to purchase furnishings, gold materials, taut deck fragments, account unlocks and curated or uncurated class sets.

    Elder Scrolls Online Free Update 40 Brings PVE Challenge Endless Archive

    Upcoming In-Game Events

    Secrets of the Telvanni: This is a celebration that encourages players to take part in an Overland content of Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha. Completing event goals will earn your Event Goodies and Tickets.

    Challenge Meter: When players complete specific tasks, a special daily event task challenge meter will populate. Reaching a certain level will reward players with rewards such as Ebony Scarab Pet, Nightmare’s Nest Body Markings, and Kelesan’Ruhn House.

    Witches Festival: October’s Witches Festival will feature town decorations and traditional holiday celebrations.

    Gates of Oblivion Event: This event will take place this November, and players can look forward to festivities related to Gates of Oblivion storyline.

    New Life Festival: This year’s events concluded with this New Life Festival, once again bringing a joyful atmosphere to Tamriel.

    Elder Scrolls Online Update 40 Preview & First Impressions

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, they packed Update 40 with exciting changes and content, from the convenience of GMC Stations to the endless challenges of Endless Archive. With these new features and events, ESO players have a lot to look forward to in the coming months!

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  • The Best Strategy To Complete POE 3.22 Trial Of The Ancestors Tournament! - Full Run & Strategy Guide

    Today I’m going to show you the complete process of this Trial of the Ancestors and how I won the tournament. Trial of the Ancestors can be challenging, but it’s very fun and rewarding once you know the correct way to defeat your opponents.

    With an excellent strategy, you can win every game and maximize your POE Currency earnings. But it’s important to note that it’s important to strike a balance between the effort you put in and the benefits you get. Without further ado, let’s get started.

    Path of Exile: How To Win All Tournaments in Trial of the Ancestors?

    Best Strategy

    As for my strategy, I always prioritize attackers and flankers, especially flankers. When the game started and I didn’t have many warriors, my role was as a midfielder and defender. Therefore, getting good flankers and attackers is crucial because I have to rely on them to do the job for me.

    Before I officially get down to running, I want to show you the warriors I use in each position. In the first round, I always prioritize getting a good flanker for the next round.

    Best Flankers

    These are good flankers. And Sunset Sage is the best flanker because she is the only ranged flanker. But if you don’t have a better choice, we can also use Tuatara as a flanker. And the green ones are cheap and easiest to buy since they are always available.

    So, in the first round, I always prioritize Favors of these four tribes: Valako, Tawhoa, Rongokurai, and Ramako. Among them, Tawhoa is the lowest priority among the four tribes, and I will tell you why in a moment.

    POE 3.22: Best Flankers

    Best Attackers & Defenders

    Now, if you look at the tribes, you’ll see that Rongokurai and Valako also provide excellent attackers and defenders. But Tawhoa doesn’t offer anything other than a flanker, and their flanker isn’t even the best. Warriors with both offensive and defensive capabilities include:

    • Goliath of Night from Rongokurai tribe
    • Caldera Ravager from a Ngamahu tribe
    • Tidecaller from Arohongui tribe

    Rongokurai, Valako, Ramako, Ngamahu and Arohongui are the most useful tribes. Just mix and match between these tribes and you will win the tournament.

    POE 3.22: Best Attackers & Defenders

    Start Run

    In the first round, our opponent was Kiloava. If you want to get Exalted Orb, you need to examine the enemy warriors and choose which direction you want to focus on.

    First Round

    I would choose the bottom area because I feel it would be easier for my flanker to reach the enemy totems. So, I would put Tuatara and Fieldmaster here. Fieldmaster is an excellent flanker. Because he can build walls while channeling the totem, to stop enemies from interrupting him.

    As for Warcaller, he is an excellent attacker who can provide Onslaught buffs to teammates. I would put him in an attacking position near the center. We usually choose 4 attackers and 2 flankers, or 3 attackers and 3 flankers.

    When the game starts, I will quickly place the totem here to spawn Aggro to attract the opponent’s attackers. I don’t care if I can kill them. The goal is to waste their time to create opportunities for my attackers and flankers to penetrate deep into the enemy base.

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    Mini maps are essential during matches, as you need to know if your attackers and flankers are doing their jobs well. As you can see, the red one is the enemy’s totem, and if there is a blue light, it means the totem is being guided by a teammate.

    Now, you need to observe, and if the blue light does not last for a long time, you need to provide aid to your attacker and flanker. Here, both our attacker and flanker did a great job, and most of the enemy’s totems were down.

    We have some Favors now, so we want to get more warriors. I try to get as many warriors as possible early on before leveling them up, unless the warrior is pretty useless. I only kept one as a flanker and sold the rest to accumulate more Chaos Orbs.

    POE 3.22: Trial Of The Ancestors Tournament

    Second Round

    In the second round, I want to get more flankers or attackers. Of course, the best-case scenario is that both parties benefit.

    This time I chose Utula as my opponent because it has significant benefits. But Frenzymonger is very dangerous because he deals with a lot of damage. So this time, to avoid him, I’ll also prioritize the bottom area.

    Even though Fieldmaster is a great flanker, I only use a maximum of 2 flankers per game. This is because too many Fieldmasters can even impede your movement.

    Also, never stay in the same area during a match, always move around to avoid getting hit. I try not to get killed because I’m usually the chief defender on the team. My priority is to protect our totems.

    Don’t forget to focus on your own totems. If you see an “X,” it means your totem is being channeled. You just put the totem there to stop the enemy. And Thunderbird is an excellent flanker. It can teleport instantly and reach enemy totems.

    By the way, here you will find Navali, who sells some of the POE items that will be very useful for your warriors.

    Third Round

    In the third round, there are no suitable rewards. I can once again compete with my opponents with the greatest Favors. This time, I’m going to focus on the bottom part again.

    Now that we have more fighters, I will fill all the attackers and flanker positions. But Caldera Ravager is extremely dangerous, so be sure to stay away from him.

    PoE 3.22: A Beginner's Guide to Trial of the Ancestors

    Fourth Round

    In the fourth round, I want to focus on some good Favors. Valako, Ramako and Ngamahu are all great. They have a Lunar Turtle there. It’s slow, but its Cold Breath can kill in one hit. So I adjusted Tidecaller’s position, hoping to repel Lunar Turtle and prevent it from approaching our base.

    Now that I have more warriors, I fill all the defender slots. As you can see from the mini-map, the enemy totems in the bottom area are being guided, so our strategy of focusing on a specific area is effective.

    It helps our flanker sneak into enemy bases more easily and destroy their totems. And destroying their totems is the fastest way to widen the damage gap between you and your enemy. Once their totem is destroyed, fewer warriors can regenerate. It was impossible for us to lose the game at this point.

    Best Rewards

    After we won the tournament, this Ramako tribe gave the best reward, Tattoo of The Ramako Makanga. It allows the skill to fire additional projectiles, so try not to eliminate them too early.

    POE: Tattoo of The Ramako Makanga

    In addition, Hinekora and Arohongui tribes have wonderful rewards. Of course, you can also intentionally abandon the game to regain better rewards. For example, you’re facing Ahuana as the last opponent, but the rewards are terrible. If you haven’t lost a game yet in this tournament, you can lose to Ahuana on purpose. This way you can take on Ahuana again and hopefully get better rewards this time.

    The above is completing the challenge of my Trial of the Ancestors tournament. Dear Exiles, how is your Trial of the Ancestors going? If you have an alternative strategy that works for you, don’t forget to let us know. Looking forward to seeing you in the game!

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