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  • The Best Strategy To Complete POE 3.22 Trial Of The Ancestors Tournament! - Full Run & Strategy Guide

    Today I’m going to show you the complete process of this Trial of the Ancestors and how I won the tournament. Trial of the Ancestors can be challenging, but it’s very fun and rewarding once you know the correct way to defeat your opponents.

    With an excellent strategy, you can win every game and maximize your POE Currency earnings. But it’s important to note that it’s important to strike a balance between the effort you put in and the benefits you get. Without further ado, let’s get started.

    Path of Exile: How To Win All Tournaments in Trial of the Ancestors?

    Best Strategy

    As for my strategy, I always prioritize attackers and flankers, especially flankers. When the game started and I didn’t have many warriors, my role was as a midfielder and defender. Therefore, getting good flankers and attackers is crucial because I have to rely on them to do the job for me.

    Before I officially get down to running, I want to show you the warriors I use in each position. In the first round, I always prioritize getting a good flanker for the next round.

    Best Flankers

    These are good flankers. And Sunset Sage is the best flanker because she is the only ranged flanker. But if you don’t have a better choice, we can also use Tuatara as a flanker. And the green ones are cheap and easiest to buy since they are always available.

    So, in the first round, I always prioritize Favors of these four tribes: Valako, Tawhoa, Rongokurai, and Ramako. Among them, Tawhoa is the lowest priority among the four tribes, and I will tell you why in a moment.

    POE 3.22: Best Flankers

    Best Attackers & Defenders

    Now, if you look at the tribes, you’ll see that Rongokurai and Valako also provide excellent attackers and defenders. But Tawhoa doesn’t offer anything other than a flanker, and their flanker isn’t even the best. Warriors with both offensive and defensive capabilities include:

    • Goliath of Night from Rongokurai tribe
    • Caldera Ravager from a Ngamahu tribe
    • Tidecaller from Arohongui tribe

    Rongokurai, Valako, Ramako, Ngamahu and Arohongui are the most useful tribes. Just mix and match between these tribes and you will win the tournament.

    POE 3.22: Best Attackers & Defenders

    Start Run

    In the first round, our opponent was Kiloava. If you want to get Exalted Orb, you need to examine the enemy warriors and choose which direction you want to focus on.

    First Round

    I would choose the bottom area because I feel it would be easier for my flanker to reach the enemy totems. So, I would put Tuatara and Fieldmaster here. Fieldmaster is an excellent flanker. Because he can build walls while channeling the totem, to stop enemies from interrupting him.

    As for Warcaller, he is an excellent attacker who can provide Onslaught buffs to teammates. I would put him in an attacking position near the center. We usually choose 4 attackers and 2 flankers, or 3 attackers and 3 flankers.

    When the game starts, I will quickly place the totem here to spawn Aggro to attract the opponent’s attackers. I don’t care if I can kill them. The goal is to waste their time to create opportunities for my attackers and flankers to penetrate deep into the enemy base.

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    Mini maps are essential during matches, as you need to know if your attackers and flankers are doing their jobs well. As you can see, the red one is the enemy’s totem, and if there is a blue light, it means the totem is being guided by a teammate.

    Now, you need to observe, and if the blue light does not last for a long time, you need to provide aid to your attacker and flanker. Here, both our attacker and flanker did a great job, and most of the enemy’s totems were down.

    We have some Favors now, so we want to get more warriors. I try to get as many warriors as possible early on before leveling them up, unless the warrior is pretty useless. I only kept one as a flanker and sold the rest to accumulate more Chaos Orbs.

    POE 3.22: Trial Of The Ancestors Tournament

    Second Round

    In the second round, I want to get more flankers or attackers. Of course, the best-case scenario is that both parties benefit.

    This time I chose Utula as my opponent because it has significant benefits. But Frenzymonger is very dangerous because he deals with a lot of damage. So this time, to avoid him, I’ll also prioritize the bottom area.

    Even though Fieldmaster is a great flanker, I only use a maximum of 2 flankers per game. This is because too many Fieldmasters can even impede your movement.

    Also, never stay in the same area during a match, always move around to avoid getting hit. I try not to get killed because I’m usually the chief defender on the team. My priority is to protect our totems.

    Don’t forget to focus on your own totems. If you see an “X,” it means your totem is being channeled. You just put the totem there to stop the enemy. And Thunderbird is an excellent flanker. It can teleport instantly and reach enemy totems.

    By the way, here you will find Navali, who sells some of the POE items that will be very useful for your warriors.

    Third Round

    In the third round, there are no suitable rewards. I can once again compete with my opponents with the greatest Favors. This time, I’m going to focus on the bottom part again.

    Now that we have more fighters, I will fill all the attackers and flanker positions. But Caldera Ravager is extremely dangerous, so be sure to stay away from him.

    PoE 3.22: A Beginner's Guide to Trial of the Ancestors

    Fourth Round

    In the fourth round, I want to focus on some good Favors. Valako, Ramako and Ngamahu are all great. They have a Lunar Turtle there. It’s slow, but its Cold Breath can kill in one hit. So I adjusted Tidecaller’s position, hoping to repel Lunar Turtle and prevent it from approaching our base.

    Now that I have more warriors, I fill all the defender slots. As you can see from the mini-map, the enemy totems in the bottom area are being guided, so our strategy of focusing on a specific area is effective.

    It helps our flanker sneak into enemy bases more easily and destroy their totems. And destroying their totems is the fastest way to widen the damage gap between you and your enemy. Once their totem is destroyed, fewer warriors can regenerate. It was impossible for us to lose the game at this point.

    Best Rewards

    After we won the tournament, this Ramako tribe gave the best reward, Tattoo of The Ramako Makanga. It allows the skill to fire additional projectiles, so try not to eliminate them too early.

    POE: Tattoo of The Ramako Makanga

    In addition, Hinekora and Arohongui tribes have wonderful rewards. Of course, you can also intentionally abandon the game to regain better rewards. For example, you’re facing Ahuana as the last opponent, but the rewards are terrible. If you haven’t lost a game yet in this tournament, you can lose to Ahuana on purpose. This way you can take on Ahuana again and hopefully get better rewards this time.

    The above is completing the challenge of my Trial of the Ancestors tournament. Dear Exiles, how is your Trial of the Ancestors going? If you have an alternative strategy that works for you, don’t forget to let us know. Looking forward to seeing you in the game!

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  • An Exploration Guide For Dark And Darker High Roller Goblin Cave Map

    Here, we’ll give you a brief overview of all the features of High Roller Goblin Cave in Dark and Darker map tour. I know many of you are preparing for next season’s rankings. So this will be a useful guide to give you a basic understanding of the map.

    I will break down this map module in a clockwise direction, starting from the north side according to the distribution of loot sources in Goblin Cave Map. So let’s get started.

    Dark and Darker: HR Goblin Caves Map Tour

    North Module

    North module is the most open module in HR Goblin Cave. They divided it into three levels, the top two being Prison Cells, which may contain enemies. Any levers switch will turn on all Prison Cells in that layer.

    I definitely recommend using ranged weapons in this room. It makes it easier for you to deal with PVE and PVP. Because there are not more sources of cover at the bottom of this module.

    Here you’ll find a small group of Goblins, one of the three Shrines of Health on the map, some Skeletons, and a Medium Chest protected by some Fire Traps and Mummy.

    There are also a lot of stacked crates under each top staircase that you can clear out if you have time. There are certainly plenty of sources of loot in this room. But none of them will really be of high value. Because it mainly comes from Small Chests and basic enemies. If you’re pressed for time, you can skip this room entirely.

    Northeast Module

    Next, let’s take a look at northeast module, which has only one level and mainly contains Goblins and Worm. There are some scattered chests and destructibles along the walls of this level, as well as a large hidden storage room in the center.

    Dark and Darker: Goblin Caves Map Tips

    And the central loot room simply pulls the levers on either side to break the barricade. That’s what makes this room special. While Static Stair Escape will randomly open later in the game, be careful of Mummy that spawns there. Because it has the potential to stop you from.

    East Module

    Then we get to the east module, which we can only enter from the top floor of the adjacent module here. You’ll find a ring of Goblins guarding two large chests at either end of the module.

    If you decide to go through them, you’ll find a small room nearby. There’s a Shrine Of Health, some Goblins and an Elite Giant Centipede in here. You can use the same strategies as this Centipede as with its normal variant. It just has more health, so you need to plan your time accordingly.

    There is a Lion’s Head Chest in this room, which is also the entrance to Worm room. I actually avoid this room often. Although there is another Lion’s Head Chest at the end of this room, these Worms take quite a while to kill. They will constantly burrow and block each other with their bodies. So I suggest you skip them.

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    Southeast Module

    Getting to the southeastern module, I didn’t really find much loot on the upper levels. But this is the outer boundary which will lead you past some Goblins and chests. You can access the next level through the trapdoor triggered by the statue here. There will be more chests and basic enemies here.

    South Module

    Next we enter the south module, which is also a Worm-intensive room divided into two floors. There are some Goblins and chests on the top level, which are fairly easy to navigate. The bottom floor contains twice as many chests, but is a bit more difficult to navigate. You can get there by jumping over the center or taking the ramp on the west side of the bottom.

    Here you’ll find another Giant Centipede, some Spider Pots, and many Ore Deposits. It’s the most organized module in the entire game. When you’re done here, you can take the middle elevator back.

    Dark and Darker: Is High Roller Goblin Caves worth?

    Southwest Module

    Now enter the southwest module, which also has two floors. The top level is where you spawn in this module and is really just a series of rooms and Skeletons that spawn.

    This is a very basic area. But be careful as the corridor is narrow. So if you navigate to the center of a module, there’s a good chance you’ll get stuck.

    You’ll find a one-way descent here. You’ll find a Skeleton Mage and plenty of melee Skeletons. There is also a Mystical Gem room here, which will yield a bunch of loot and many large chests. You can earn tons of Dark and Darker Gold by selling these loot.

    Once you’re done here, you can toggle this lever to reveal the exit, and then go up the ramp, which brings us to the west module.

    West Module

    The west module also has two levels of modules, and the upper level is just a circle of Small Chests and Goblins. You can toggle this lever on the east side and pull down. There are some Skeletons here and a ton of Spike Traps. So be sure to bring a flashlight, as navigating here can be difficult.

    If you want to get to the center module, I recommend clearing the upper level beforehand. Because the number of Goblins in the west is a bit overwhelming. If you don’t leave that much time for yourself.

    Northwest Module

    Next, we arrived at the northwest module. In fact, you don’t need to spend too much time on this module, because it is difficult to find any profitable items here. But there are a lot of floor treasures for you to pick up, but they are not valuable.

    There are also monsters that spawn pressure plates if you’re looking for them. Such as a spider that drops in the middle of the room, and a Skeleton Champion that spawns in the northeastern room.

    Dark And Darker: An Exploration Guide For High Roller Goblin Cave Map

    You’ll also find that the last Shrine Of Health on the map is also surrounded by some floor treasures in the center of the room. You’ll find an underground tunnel here that connects to the other end of the module.

    Center Module

    Finally, we get to the center module, which is very similar to the west module in the regular Goblin Cave, and houses quite a few Goblins on the ground floor. You can find Ore Deposits, Small Chests, and Goblin Mage loot rooms here. But, it’s not really producing much at the moment.

    At the top you can find another loot room and some Ore spawn points. The most important thing is that the mining capacity in High Roller is twice that of the normal map. Therefore, instead of getting three Ores per node, you can mine up to six Ores.

    But, I wouldn’t spend too much time looting it. Since this is usually where PVP happens, I just show up with that goal in mind.

    I hope this gives you a good idea of the layout of High Roller Goblin Cave Map. Hopefully, this guide will help you get off to a better start heading into next season. Looking forward to seeing you again in the game!

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  • The Best Survival Strategy In Elden Ring Waypoint Ruins Area! - Complete Sorceress Sellen Questline

    Welcome back to my Elden Ring guide. Today we’ll be exploring Waypoint Ruins and the area to the south. We will fight all enemies, find all items, and show you the best survival strategy.

    To Waypoint Ruins

    Ride south from Mistwood Outskirts Site of Grace, along the dirt road, and you’ll come across this group of Foot Soldier marching. After defeating them, ride southeast to the nearby high ground. There is another set on Foot Soldier at the top, and they rest under Tarnished, who was crucified. You need to kill them all and collect Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot.

    Elden Ring: Witch of the Waypoint Ruins Walkthrough Guide

    Continue south to find Waypoint Ruins. It filled the ruins with Miranda Sprout enemies that spew poison gas clouds. So stay on the torrent and ride through the ruins, killing Miranda Sprouts quickly while avoiding poisoning.

    Giant Miranda Sprout

    It’s important to note that there is a Giant Miranda Sprout in the center, which casts an area attack spell. So avoid it until you’ve wiped out most of the smaller Miranda Sprouts.

    If you are poisoned, you can get Neutralizing Boluses from the merchant via Elden Ring Runes to heal yourself. Otherwise, your health will slowly drain, so focus on your red gauge and heal yourself as needed. Note that you can also get a 5% discount at with the code “CSCCA”.

    There is a large Ancient Temple behind the ruins. You can ride a Torrent to climb up to collect some items. Then from here, you can descend to the wall of the ruins below, where there is a corpse, and on him you can find a Trina’s Lily. But it might be easier to get here on foot.

    Elden Ring: Waypoint Ruins Location

    Mad Pumpkin Head

    Near the location of Giant Miranda Sprout, you’ll find the stairs leading to Mist Wall. You can use your Flask of Wondrous Physick to cure any poisons and prepare to summon Lone Wolf Ashes.

    Because here you will encounter the initial attack of Mad Pumpkin Head. And your summoned Lone Wolf Ashes can distract it and hit it with powerful attacks full of energy.

    Sadly, this boss won’t drop anything, but a Site of Grace will appear. Here you can rest and level up.

    Elden Ring: Mad Pumpkin Head Boss Fight

    Sorceress Sellen Questline

    Next, we open a nearby door to find Sorceress Sellen and introduce ourselves. Sellen isn’t as bad as she sounds. She teaches various Glintstone Sorceries that can be used by Astrologer builds with high intelligence.

    After exiting the menu, she will give you Nod in Thought Emote. After talking to her again, the long questline for Sorceress Sellen will start whether you’re an Astrologer or not.

    Exit Waypoint Ruins Cellar and ride south out of the ruins. You’ll find a lone sorcerer wandering behind the tall ruins. After killing him, you’ll find a Glintstone Staff on his corpse.

    Continue south and fight a pack of wolves. Then raid nearby cemeteries for Golden Runes of various values. Go down the slope northwest of the cemetery and you’ll find a Red Beetle. Killing it refills your Flask of Crimson Tears.

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    Continue south and you’ll notice a group of traveling nobles descending from a nearby hill. Climb the hill, go to Godric Soldier camp, and challenge Kaiden, who is guarding the entrance on horseback. Note that there are two sorcerers casting Glintstone spells on two nearby prime points. The best strategy is to lead Kaidens down the hill, out of range of Sorcerer.

    After Kaiden is dead, your next priority is to eliminate sorcerers on top of the ruins on the left and right. You can ride the torrent quickly through the camp, ignoring all other enemies, double-jump onto the ruins, and take out the sorcerer one at a time. You can get Royal House Scroll from the corpse near Sorcerer on the east side.

    Elden Ring: Sorceress Sellen Questline

    Now you can take out the remaining Godric Soldier and Wandering Nobles in the camp. When the camp is cleared or mostly cleared, you can dismount and open this chest here to get Great Epee.

    Before leaving, don’t forget to search around this strange monument on the southeast ledge for Starlight Shards. Use them to restore FP later in the game or as currency.

    On the ledge to the southwest, you’ll find another Tarnished crucified and a Golden Rune [1]. Quickly return to Waypoint Ruins Cellar Site of Grace, talk to Sellen again, and give her Royal House Scroll. She’s willing to teach you two other Sorceries right now: Glintblade Phalanx and Carian Slicer.

    Defeat Moving Caravan

    Then, after we exit Waypoint Ruins, on the road you will see a Moving Caravan being pulled by two Giant Trolls. We can attack Caravan from the rear and eliminate the remaining soldier and Wandering Nobles.

    Elden Ring: Waypoint Ruins Caravan

    Then we ride behind Trolls and attack one leg. They have been weakened by being pierced by large spikes. So use a fully charged attack to knock them down and deliver a fatal blow. Last close to their legs to avoid provoking their stronger attacks.

    Another point of note is that Night’s Cavalry boss replaced Kaiden Rider on the nearby bridge. So, in the early stages of the game, it’s best to escape via torrent and deal with this boss at a higher level.

    When Boss meter disappears from the screen, return to the abandoned wagon and open the chest on the back to get Greataxe. This concludes this Waypoint Ruins guide. I hope you find it useful. Have a beautiful day!

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  • Elder Scrolls Online Update 39 Base Patch Notes! - Changed & Nerfed

    Elder Scrolls Online developers held a live event on July 10th and previewed the upcoming Update 39 base game patch notes. During this livestream, the developers shared some of the new features, improvements, and tweaks in the patch.

    Therefore, we will talk about the improvements and changes in this new patch here. Players who want to know how Update 39 will change your life in Tamriel must not miss it. This will cover everything you need to know about this livestream.

    Elder Scrolls Online: Update 39 Base Patch Notes

    Damage To Monsters

    First, let’s delve a little deeper into our damage output changes. Now, our damage effects on monsters will affect the proc damage. So now Relequen, Zaan and Pillar of Nirn and Burning status or Poisened status will be affected by Bahsei, Ansuul, Major and Minor Slayer.

    Dragonknight Nerf

    Additionally, Dragonknight’s burn damage has been slightly nerfed, with a damage loss but little change. Dragonknight is still cheaper to run than S-Class Necromancer Colossus and also has a longer Vulnerability duration.

    ESO: Big Balance Changes Are Coming in Update 39

    Necromancer Buff

    It’s a pretty baffling change, but sadly it makes Necromancer’s DPS much weaker. Because you can now take care of Major Vulnerability uptime yourself. But as Support Necromancer or Tank Necromancer, we only need Nazaray and Pillager’s Profit Set. So you have no reason to bring Necromancer to your team.

    We can only hope ZoS reverts some nerfs to Blastbones, Siphoning, Archer, Execute Passive, DOT Passive, Boneyard, Boneyard Synergy, Orb. Necromancer set is pretty bad right now. I find it baffling that they didn’t even restore Execute Passive to what it was when Templar Beam was present.

    Merciless Resolve & Bound Armaments Change

    Nightblade’s Merciless Resolve and Bow proc both get a sizeable buff. This ability now relies entirely on passives. So you don’t have to spend more ESO Gold on this skill to activate it again. This is a pleasant quality of life boost and damage output buff for Nightblade.

    Meanwhile, Sorcerer’s Bound Armaments have similar changes. But the skill was nerfed to the ground way back during Update 35. So even with this change, it still sucks.

    We have very little damage penalty for pressing this ability on a normal Sorcerer setup, since it does less damage than Spam. I didn’t even talk about the fact that you need to remove the pet to insert it, because pointless.

    ESO: Update 39 Patch Notes All Tank Changes

    Weapon Passive Changes

    In addition, the passives of many weapons are changing, such as Bow Range Passive. Instead of dealing 12% damage to the targeted enemy with Bow skills, it will now deal 5% critical damage to all enemies within screen range. 6% crit if you stand far from the target. It makes Bow's skill stronger. Excitingly, Templar also gets a 5% damage boost on Beam.

    Even though Fire Staff now has an increased Status Effects of 500 initial hit, it still doesn’t change the fact that it is weakened to the ground. It’s ridiculous that I tried it on a dummy and Fire Staff damage was so weak I couldn’t even notice the difference between the new passive and no passive.

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    But Lightning Staff is properly enhanced. Your damage output, or damage over time, is now increased by 12%. And its mini Deadly Strike is also powerful, with a very large damage buff to Templar and Arcanist. Because it enhances skills like Biting Jabs, Jesus Beam, and Dragon Ball Beam.

    But from my tests, it’s still weaker than Daggers. Penetrating Magic Passive can cause over 3k crit damage. But it still doesn’t work for Staff ability.

    Tri Focus & Oakensoul Builds Nerf

    Tri Focus has also undergone some changes. Its Fire Heavy Attack cooldown is now adjusted to 20 seconds. This means you now need to stock up on Fire Heavy Attack before pulling the boss.

    ESO: Tri Focus Block Bug

    Shock Staff Heavy Attack will only be allowed to players at the end, which is a huge nerf to Oakensoul build. This 2H passive skills have also been weakened, but only a little weaker than before. Dual Wield Passive skill is nerfed, Daggers lose 1% crit chance, but it’s still the best front bar weapons.

    Maelstrom 2H Big Buff

    Maelstrom 2H is getting a huge buff. When you cast Stampede, they buff all your 2H abilities like Wrecking Blow, Carve, Executioner Skill. It’s very powerful. I got almost 133k DPS on a Nightblade made by stacking 2H abilities.

    Azureblight Buff & Nerf

    Azureblight is getting a buff and now has a 0.5 second cooldown reduction per explosion. But correspondingly, you can already build the next explosion stack, and the explosion is stronger than before, so it should be better now.

    But it has also weakened and can no longer crit. Since this kit pretty much gives you a crit line, it’s pretty bad as it stands.

    ESO: All the DPS Changes

    Comparison for better understanding, I put 10 dummies in one place to create the best scene for Azureblight. But the weakest point in the game, Caltrops spoil it. I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but hopefully they will change that.

    Pillager’s Profit Fix

    Also, Pillager’s Profit is being fixed. It took 4 months, but now at least we can look forward to another raid.

    That concludes the patch notes for ESO Update 39. Please let me know what you think of the patch and if you have any ideas to test.

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  • Honkai: Star Rail Pre-Registration Reward Goals

    Today, I just want to talk about how we actually hit the pre-registration bonus goal in Honkai: Star Rail, which is really good.

    We will be able to get all rewards from pre-registration. The most important thing is that we will get 20 Star Oil Passes and 4 Star characters to serve the team. Also, I think Servall is an excellent character. She’s pretty good at early game, and if you build her a certain way, she can definitely be a great addition to your team.

    As for the reason why Star Rail Passes are so important, mainly because these Star Rail Passes will be used for Standard Banner. Also, there was a Beginner Banner in the last closed beta, where there were basically only 40 pulls to guarantee 5 stars.

    If we get 20 pulls, we’re halfway there until the game starts. We’ve got those sign-up bonuses you’ve already done halfway through, with the added bonus of getting your first five-star.

    5 million Pre-Registrations

    If there were indeed more goodies in the rewards, basically we could even guarantee five stars almost immediately. I think it’s really good for those who want Re-roll.

    Basically, even Re-roll wouldn’t be that bad if we could get 40 Passes. You might think that’s unwarranted, but at least from what I experienced the last time I closed beta 3, it did take a while to get Seller Jade. This is also the currency of Primo Gems in Honkai: Star Rail. It takes a while to get those Seller Jades, and you need to get a lot of Passes to actually get five stars.

    I mean, if you play for hours on day one and manage to break through a lot, you’ll probably still get five stars afterward. However, the only problem is that if you are doing this for re-roll, it will take a very long time to re-roll, and I think doing re-roll is very ineffective and pointless.

    If you still want to do it, that’s perfectly fine. But I would definitely recommend using multiple devices. For example, maybe running an emulator on your computer, or maybe just running a game on your computer, you can also run a game on your phone. If you also have an iPad running the game on it, it basically guaranteed you to have multiple devices running at the same time.

    But let’s assume we get those Passes, and we also get rewards for the week. Whatever it is, because I know a lot of games, they give you a pre-registration bonus. Honkai: Star Rail will also give players a lot of rewards on the first day to celebrate the release of the game.

    Assuming we get the 40 Passes Re-rolling to work really well for this game, it won’t last long. But I would still recommend multiple devices. I think Re-roll will probably only take 30-40 minutes at most.

    Honkai Star Rail Final Closed Beta Sign-Up Now Open

    I know if we could skip those opening cut scenes because those cut scenes take quite a while. I feel like this is the problem with why Re-roll took so long to start.

    But if we get a lot of good stuff, then I think we’ll be able to effectively re-roll. I’d probably recommend people re-roll to get 5 stars that they really want to start with.

    Because it’s not easy to get those standard 5 star characters, and there’s a system that guarantees 100 pulls for one of those 5 star characters, it takes a while, and it’s really passive. So basically when you hit 300 pulls, you’ll be playing the game for a long time.

    Because when you reach 300 pulls on Standard Banner, Beginner Banner will disappear once it runs out. Then you can choose any 5 star you want, personally I would go with Brawny. If I didn’t have her already, it would take a long time, is 300 pulls.

    Yes, you can technically pick five stars of your choice, and you’ll still get them for free.

    Technically, when you get 300 pulls, it’s not that you feel sorry, you get them straight away, but it takes a long time to get to that point. So assuming we get a lot of good stuff, I really hope we do and then Re-roll.

    Honkai Star Rail Pre-Registration now open

    I think it’s really worth it and I’d definitely recommend it to you guys. Let’s see when the game comes out. I’ll probably make a Re-roll guide for the first week of the game to get you guys through as quickly as possible.

    Overall, I hope you’re all excited about Hawkeye sorrow, which is expected to release at the end of April. According to Apple Store, it’s expected to launch on April 26, so we expect it to launch around that time as well.

    Personally, I think it would be pretty complete by the time it gets to the final beta. Looks to be going well, with only some story and scene stuff that didn’t make it into the final closed beta.

    Overall, I feel like a lot of things look really complete, and I feel like the game is really very close or actually ready for release. At least from my gaming perspective, I’m not a game designer or a game developer, so I don’t know everything about it personally, but I’m just saying the game plays really smooth.

    If you also want to try some new characters in Honkai: Star Rail, you can help you have a new gaming experience by getting some Honkai: Star Rail Accounts. I hope you all have a great time.

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  • RuneScape: Popular For The Reason

    In recent years, Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3 are actually still very popular with players, even in MMORPGs where new games are emerging one after another. They also have a loyal player base.

    Some would argue that RuneScape is only surviving on player nostalgia right now. Yes, this is indeed part of the reason. 

    But RuneScape wouldn’t have survived so long if it had relied solely on nostalgia. If you can start the game from a new account in 2023 and review the game from the perspective of a new player, you will know the secret of RuneScape’s survival for so long.

    High Degree Of Freedom

    One of the things that players like most about RuneScape is that it doesn’t impose any hard requirements on your gaming habits, and is limited to a certain “class”. You can choose Melee, Ranged, and Magic at random, and players can play as much as they want. 

    While Class Systems are often helpful in games, a game that doesn’t limit what you can do is very appealing.

    New To Playing RuneScape

    Although the high degree of freedom of the game is very good, but because of this, the combat missions of RuneScape are not so brilliant. It’s common for players to find that clicks and animations are often out of sync during combat, but most blame lag issues for this. 

    Project Combat seriously explained this problem last year, and only then did many players realize that this is a loophole in game design.

    This problem aside, players can randomly choose a character to master Melee, Ranged, and Magic. All three play styles are applicable, and as you play more and more and you get to know each style better, you can switch training styles at any time. 

    Rich Content

    Whenever you arrive in a new place, you will have things to do. If you are a new player, you don’t have to worry about running out of targets in RuneScape. It’s an infinite loop. You can choose the mission yourself and start the exploration journey.

    RuneScape is different from most MMORPGs in that you can’t directly initiate battles here. If you like to do some content-rich side quests, I believe this will be very suitable for you. It’s full of tough challenges and puzzles, and it’s a lot of fun to learn more about the different things in each world.

    Runescape Review

    We recommend that you do not skip talks in RuneScape. These early dialogues are very interesting, and they also give the player a brief introduction to the general situation of the world. In particular, the speaking style of RuneScape deploys is very humorous but feels very old-fashioned.

    Rich In Activities

    As the player’s mission progresses, you need to get more RuneScape Gold and supplies to kill monsters. At the same time, don’t forget to get a steady source of food to maintain the character’s health

    You can master various skills in RuneScape to help you win the battle. These skills can help you improve the efficiency of completing tasks, while greatly improving your game experience.

    You don’t have to worry about your gear being out of date, because RuneScape’s Seasonal Activities, Battle Passes, and Limited-time Events are frequent, so you can enjoy the game process to the fullest.


    RuneScape is actually like a partner that grows with you. Even after decades, you will still feel comfortable. Although MMORPG has continued the tradition created by RuneScape in many games, the interesting content of RuneScape is still unmatched by other games. If you don’t mind RuneScape’s old game mechanics, RuneScape is still a MMORPG worth trying.

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  • Genshin Impact: Aloy’s Weapons Guide

    Aloy, as the protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn, is one character currently available to players in the world of Genshin Impact. Aloy is a 5-star cryo archer with a unique set of abilities all his own, making him an indispensable, versatile support and powerful supplementary character on the team. 

    Genshin Impact players have been eagerly expecting its introduction, as Aloy is the first and only Genshin Impact character to date that has been given to players for free, even though it can’t get any Constellations.

    Although Aloy is not one of the strongest or most popular characters in Genshin Impact, Aloy still has a clear role, and can find a position in the team as a main DPS or auxiliary DPS of Cryo

    Aloy also has a lot of options in terms of weapons, including 4-star and 5-star weapons, each with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Players can choose different weapons for Aloy according to their game preferences and usage habits, while knowing which weapons are most suitable for Aloy.

    Predator Bow

    Predator Bow is one of Aloy’s signature weapons, and was available from PlayStation from patch 2.1 to patch 2.3. Due to platform restrictions, many Genshin Impact players on other platforms cannot get Predator Bow unless they use the cross-save method. 

    the Weapon Predator Bow For Aloy Genshin Impact

    However, if you gained Predator Bow on PC or mobile, you may not activate its special effects, as this is exclusive to PlayStation users. Players who haven’t got Predator Bow don’t need to worry too much, because there are better 4-star or 5-star weapons for you to choose from in the game.

    King's Squire Bow

    King's Squire Bow is usually one of the favorite weapons of F2P players, as it is one of the few craftable weapons in Genshin Impact. For some players who want to use Aloy as the secondary DPS and main DPS in the team, King's Squire Bow will be a very suitable weapon. 

    For some players who haven't found much during the expedition, Prototype Crescent may be a F2P craftable weapon for you. Its main function and secondary attributes are the same as Predator Bow, but it will have a different use effect. It can increase Aloy's speed and damage output again after Aloy hits the enemy, and it can get twice the result with half the effort when used properly.

    Polar Star

    For bow users who are secondary DPS and primary DPS in a team and prefer Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst, Polar Star is your weapon of choice. You'll see the full potential of this weapon at 4-Stacks. However, even with 2-Stacks, the damage output that Polar Star brings to enemies is enormous. 

    However, before using Polar Star, players need Build Up Stacks to maximize the effect of the weapon. Therefore, if the player does not have the necessary conditions to activate Polar Star, it is not recommended to choose Polar Star first compared to other weapons.


    For some secondary DPS characters who pursue strong output and rely heavily on Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst, Stringless is usually one of the most popular weapons in Genshin Impact. Stringless is a great fit for characters who are used to using Elemental reactions, and is easily accessible to players in gacha pulls. 

    Genshin Impact Aloy build and weapons

    On top of that, Stringless doesn't have to be active to be effective, making this weapon ideal for players who want to use Aloy for Elemental reactions. Even though Stringless is at Refinement Level 1, it provides players with pretty good damage output.

    Skyward Harp

    Skyward Harp is one of the most commonly used weapons for every bow character. Although compared to Polar Star, Crit Rate of its skill attribute is not high, but its basic ATK attack attribute and the additional effect of Critical Damage are very brilliant

    Skyward Harp isn’t a weapon that relies solely on Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst. It continuously improved the additional effects of Skyward Harp and Crit DMG with the upgrade of the character. Therefore, he has also become one of the best choices for DPS Aloy players.

    Thundering Pulse

    Thundering Pulse is usually associated with Yoimiya by players. But if players want to use Thundering Pulse as Aloy’s main damage output weapon, it can also be one of Aloy’s best Bow choices. 

    Genshin Impact Aloy Guide

    Thundering Pulse needs Build Up Stacks to reach its full potential, but Aloy is usually easy to Build Up Stacks as the main DPS on the team. 

    Because Thundering Pulse’s main stat is Crit DMG, and Aloy as a Cryo character will usually get Crit Rate easily when using Cryo Resonance skill. Therefore, Thundering Pulse can also use its own attributes and effects to increase its damage output for Aloy.

    I believe players can choose the most suitable weapon for Aloy according to their usage habits after understanding. If you also want to try the role of Aloy, you can experience it by obtaining a suitable Genshin Impact Account. I hope you can enjoy the game.

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  • Final Fantasy 14: Dungeon Guide

    Final Fantasy 14 has nearly 100 different dungeons in the four expansion packs updated in the past ten years. They only used some of the dungeons as game scenes, while other dungeons are part of side quests that players can choose, including some difficult patches.

    No matter how long players have played Final Fantasy 14, dungeons are the most impressive places for most players.

    Among these dungeons, several dungeons are the most popular among players. Whether it’s the difficult quests, impressive stories, or eerie atmosphere, these dungeons all have their place in Final Fantasy 14’s dungeon quest history. Many players agree that these are some of their favorite or least favorite dungeons in Final Fantasy 14.

    A Realm Reborn: Praetorium

    A Realm Reborn has a total of 31 dungeon quests, covering a third of the dungeons. A Realm Reborn is one player’ favorite MMORPG landing spots.

    Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn The Praetorium Dungeon Guide

    Mainly because Final Fantasy 14 has seen fewer and fewer new dungeons in patches over time with each update. Therefore, players will inevitably choose Praetorium, the most iconic dungeon task in A Realm Reborn in Final Fantasy 14.

    Praetorium is the last dungeon quest in A Realm Reborn. As a story game, Final Fantasy 14 rarely lets the player skip the cutscenes before each dungeon mission, even if the mission has been completed.

    A Realm Reborn also has dungeons that other players have impressed with. Among them, Lost City of Amdapor is not only one of the most beautiful dungeons in Final Fantasy 14, but also the first future dungeon to add a repetitive static soundtrack.

    Then there’s Aurum Vale, the most hated dungeon among players, which remains frowned upon even after the pared-down cutscenes.

    Heavensward: Vault

    In any case, Vault in Heavensward is the most memorable dungeon for players. The lighting, music and atmosphere in the dungeon are the most fantastic, constantly driving players to continue exploring Archbishop Thordan, fighting Heavens’ Ward knights on the way.

    Final Fantasy 14’s quest system also makes players prefer this dungeon, as it allows players to fight with their Haurchefant Fortemps.

    FFXIV OST The Vault Theme

    Other dungeons in Heavensward also bring unique experiences to players. The reversal of the players’ fight against Nidhogg in The Aerie with Estinien has always been impressive.

    Although the challenges players faced at the beginning of Final Fantasy 14 were very difficult, none of these seemed worth mentioning compared to the touching storyline in Vault.

    Stormblood: Doma Castle

    When players enter Doma Castle, they will be very excited. Because the soundtrack of Yanxian theme will always stimulate the player, allowing the player to fight Garleans for the first time in Stormblood. Doma Castle has always done a good job of creating a sense of tension and conflict.

    Doma Castle, like Vault, also has some cutscenes, and players remember some classic lines. Stormblood expansion pack presents players with all the content of Doma Castle in detail.

    FINAL FANTASY XIV Stormblood

    In comparison, the other dungeons in Stormblood seem not worth mentioning. However, the secaond boss players encounter in Bardam’s Mettle is still impressive.

    Because this challenge isn’t a regular fight at all, but ends the expansion, especially with an NPC trust system that players are adding in Shadowbringers. Therefore, most players still think that the most representative dungeon in Stormblood is Doma Castle.

    Endwalker: Ktisis Hyperboreia

    Endwalker’s portrayal of the story is deep, full of emotional tangles and plot twists. At the same time, the monsters here, the sense of hopeless atmosphere, and the deeply terrifying dungeon scenes are all different in Endwalker expansion.

    Ktisis Hyperboreia’s twisted and deformed environments, its trapping environments and eerie soundtrack make players feel like it’s one of the best dungeons in Endwalker.

    Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Dungeon Ktisis Hyperboreia

    Perhaps the reason Ktisis Hyperboreia is most popular among players is that there are characters that accompany the player in the dungeon set by the system. Players can choose to enter the dungeon with one of the three most popular Final Fantasy 14 characters, Emet-Selch, Venat, and Hythlodeus, to complete quests.

    Of course, the dungeons of Aitiascope and Dead Ends in Endwalker are also liked by many players. Aitiascope brings players a different retrospective experience, allowing players to explore the dungeon in depth, challenge to kill different enemies, and get FF14 Gil rewards they drop.

    At the same time, Dead Ends brought the first release of Final Days, giving players a unique experience. With such fierce competition, Ktisis Hyperborei is still frequently considered by players to be one of the most iconic dungeons in Endwalker. Even patch 6.4 or 6.5 of Final Fantasy 14 next year will release a more iconic dungeon.

    All in all, different dungeon missions bring players a richer gaming experience and prolong the life of Final Fantasy 14. Hopefully, there will be more iconic dungeons in the future as well. Hope you can have fun in the game.

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  • Final Fantasy 14: The Latest Eorzea Rescue Event Launch

    Parts of Turkey and Syria were devastated by an earthquake last month, killing thousands and causing widespread damage. It could be one of the most damaging earthquakes in modern history. Many people have raised money and helped in this devastated area, and Final Fantasy 14 is no exception.

    In Eorzea, there are many kind-hearted people who want to inspire others to donate to the victims. FFXIV Bards & Bands, a well-known promotional band and community group in Eorzea, organized a special charity event, Eorzea Rescue, for the victims.

    The event will be held as scheduled at European and North American Data Centers. With 30 bands already signed, the event promises to be one of the biggest in-game music events to date.

    Players can take part in this event in any way, whether they want to donate. Even players who can spread the word and show support for the event are very welcome.

    You can also follow the latest progress of this event on Discord if you want. At the same time, they will also announce the details on their Partake page. We will conduct this charity event through Tiltify, and they will donate all proceeds to Doctors Without Borders.

    Launch Of Eorzea Rescue Campaign

    The charity event was originally started by U’whalon Sthah of Cashalations band. U’whalon also said that it was because of their good friend Rese in Turkey that they also paid close attention to this charity event.

    U’whalon stated that he was talking to Rese in-game when the earthquake happened. When Rese first mentioned the earthquake to him, U’whalon was terrified, however, U’whalon didn’t believe that the earthquake would be as bad as it turned out to be.

    Bard Charity Concerts for Turkey and Syria

    Fortunately, Rese was far from the center of the epicenter and was not injured. But it was still a horrible experience. U’whalon was in touch with Rese all night. U’whalon wanted to know the actual news of the earthquake from people who actually experienced the disaster, not from a third party.

    “I want to know some ways to help them. I thought of using the band to hold some charity events or even concerts to raise funds, like Live Aid. I contacted two bands on the server. One of them is Fus, and I told them in detail why I did this event. Originally, I just wanted to hold a small charity concert to provide some help to the victims of this disaster. But as you can see, now it I am very pleased with the fact that the scale is getting bigger and more people want to join,” U’whalon explained.

    The Composition Of Eorzea Rescue Event

    U’whalon started planning the event with the help of FFXIV Bards & Bards founder Sam Skyfall and some veteran members of the gaming community. Community manager Kiwi said it started off as a simple charity concert like previous events. They randomly selected a server, and some bands appeared every two weeks. Bards used the competition method to please passers-by and raise money for charity.

    The team spent several weeks planning the event. At the beginning, we wanted to hold it as soon as possible, but with more and more people joining and different ideas about this event, Eorzea Rescue has also become a game music festival on a historic scale.

    FFXIV bards throw Live Aid gig to raise funds for earthquake relief

    With the joint efforts of the team, Flash Mob event will be renamed and try an easy-to-understand concept for players to easily identify. With the help of FFXIV Bards & Bands photographer Rey Ornitier, he created unique concepts for each band, like Similars Scrubs.

    Kiwi encourages all players to take part in this event in any way. You can wear specific uniforms in the game and take part in events. It would be great to add the hashtag #EorzeaRescue, which will help spread the word about this event.

    Other Benefit Concerts By FFXIV Bards & Bands

    As the initiator of this event, U’whalon is very grateful to those who helped or taken part.

    U’whalon said, “Without everyone’s joint efforts, this event would have been difficult to carry out on such a large scale as it is today. Actually, I was very new to the gaming community at the beginning, so I had brief contact. I am very grateful to Fus And Sam inspired other community members to get involved, and that was the starting point for this event to take off quickly.”

    Besides playing, they also distributed yellow and blue dye to different audiences, so that different audiences can get to know each other and improve the atmosphere of the entire event.

    Don’t forget to take part in Eorzea Rescue event this weekend. If you want, you can also help this charity event by getting enough FF14 Gil, or spreading relevant information. Looking forward to your participation.

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  • Genshin Impact: Mika Team Roster Selection Guide

    Team lineups for different Mika in Genshin Impact can vary greatly. Because Mika can usually play two different supporting roles on the team. One is a buffer that increases team damage output, and the other is a new Cryo healer. Sometimes Mika can even act as a hybrid of the two, using skills from both at the same time.

    Mika represents a typical character in the second phase of Genshin Impact 3.5. Mika is often complementary to the mix of different DPS roles on a team. Because Mika itself has a variety of auxiliary abilities, it is not difficult for players using Mika to find a suitable team in Genshin Impact, and you will have a variety of options.

    Team Selection When Mika Is Used As A Damage Buffer

    When Mika is only used as a damage buffer, Mika’s team is mainly composed of Cryo DPS characters, and they will focus on the ability to use of Melt and Superconduct Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact.

    Mika Team Roster Selection Guide

    Players can try some Cryo-type characters, including but not limited to Ayaka Kamisato, Ganyu, Eula, etc. Mika’s damage and Elemental Skill will increase ATK Speed boosts of these characters. At the same time, they will also trigger Cryo Resonance, which will increase the player’s damage output value against enemies hit by Frozen.

    For some secondary DPS characters, GameWith suggested that Mika’s team can try to choose Raiden Shogun, because this will cause them to trigger Superconduct reactions outside the field, causing substantial damage to the enemy.

    At the same time, players can also choose Yelan or Xingqiu as their alternatives. We can use both characters as Hydro enablers to help DPS and Mika freeze the enemy smoothly.

    Because of the lack of Mika’s medical skills, we recommend that the skills of auxiliary characters in Mika’s DPS team in Genshin Impact should be based on shields as much as possible. While there are many shield roles to play as Cryo Resonance, Zhongli might be a better choice for you.

    The composition of Mika’s DPS team should be chosen based on the reaction that can trigger Cryo, including but not limited to Yoimiya, Hu Tao, Cyno, etc. However, you should always pay attention to adjusting the data changes of other members of the team to get the desired Cryo Resonance and Cryo Elemental Reactions.

    Mika’s Team Choice As A Healer

    The choice of a Healer can also consider some four-star characters as an option for buffer build, but this will also have a great impact on the overall damage value of Mika’s team.

    When Mika is the Healer in Genshin Impact, it usually uses Energy Recharge or acts as an auxiliary battery as its fundamental skill. You can use DPS characters such as Ayaka, Eula, and Ganyu, which can get bonuses from Mika’s Elemental Skill, and Cryo reactions are not a problem. Of course, you can also use other characters, such as Pyro or Electro DPS are also good.

    Mika Skills, Materials, Talents, and More

    Many players prefer to use Mika as a healer. The main reason is that it allows other players in the team to focus on pursuiting damage output and improve the overall efficiency.

    Therefore, choosing a shield character is very necessary in Genshin Impact’s Mika team. The shield character can take damage and then restore it with Mika. Then Mika team will have a good protective barrier, improving the team’s defense.

    For the selection of a Healer on Mika’s DPS team, you can prioritize Raiden Shogun, Yelan, Xingqiu, Xiangling, Venti, and Kazuha. These characters fit well with Mika’s skills and can help the team deal with secondary damage to the enemy. Of course, the choice here depends entirely on the player’s own preference and understanding of these characters.

    Best F2P Team Selection

    Although Mika’s F2P team role is not that powerful, it is still very important for ordinary players. As GameWith suggested, Mondstadt’s Kaeya is often the best partner for Mika on F2P teams. Kaeya can get a huge Attack damage and Attack Speed buffs boost from Mika, and together, they can also cause Cryo Resonance.

    You can also try to choose some DPS to match output with Kaeya in Mika’s F2P team to complement each other. Players have several good options. Xiangling, for example, is often used as a secondary DPS because it can deal a lot of damage to enemies in a short period, and its Pyro application is also very reliable.

    Mika Build Guide Best Weapons, Artifacts  Team in Genshin Impact

    If the player selects it, the player can still trigger Melt while Kaeya and Mika are using Cryo app together. Xiangling can also increase Attack damage through the bonus of Guoba’s chili skill, further helping Mika’s F2P team to increase the overall damage output.

    In F2P teams, additional Energy Recharge is often required to ensure that Mika can act as both a healer and a buffer stably.

    GameWith also stated that players can try to use Lisa in this situation. Its fundamental skill is to reduce the opponent’s Defense in the process of Elemental Burst. Also, it can use Electro. This will ensure that Mika’s Overload Elemental Reactions will work properly.

    At the same time, players can also use Yun Jin, which can further enhance the team’s attack power, and can also act as a shield, improving the freedom and flexibility of Mika’s team.

    If you want to try Mika or other new characters, you can try it out by getting the new Genshin Impact Accounts in Try it.

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  • RuneScape: Into RPG Guide

    Like other open-world MMOs, RuneScape also lets players explore Gielinor to their liking. During this process, players don't need to worry too much about specific progression rules.

    This also shows that players can pursue traditional adventure paths with roles such as farmers or bakers, and at the same time, the fighting style will be completely out of the norm. To take this approach to an extreme, some RuneScape players consider role-playing.

    Players role-play through which they can pretend to be real citizens of Gielinor. Players role-play in the game session, just like RuneScape is a real independent world, not just a virtual game. Players who find this concept interesting may want to consider investigating ways to maximize the utility of these role-playing practices.

    Learn About Role-Playing Methods

    Although most players will chat to explain the reason for their actions. But a better approach requires looking at the more popular roleplaying players.

    Tips To Get Into Roleplaying

    RuneScape community provides RPG mechanics for all players to follow with which they are most familiar. Especially when performing specific actions such as performing actions, chatting with each other, whispering and shouting, players can give priority to their more familiar role-playing methods. In the community, there is also a role-playing and related storyline section, which is convenient for players to tell specific story content outside of the game.

    Rich Character Personality

    Creating a character's personality is one of the most important elements in role-playing, especially in an extremely open game like RuneScape. Although a character can only exist in the player's game, creating a full-fledged character can help the player create a more meaningful story in the game experience.

    Fusing Characters With Gielinor

    Every MMO game needs a setting, and this is especially true for a game like RuneScape, which tries to provide players with a completely open world. RuneScape is based on Gielinor, modeled on a typical fantasy land, with different biomes and villages, and a fantasy kingdom where cultures and political factions blend.

    Players will have to integrate their character’s background with Gielinor’s many stories if they want to find the best way to roleplay in RuneScape.

    Here, the player is not a simple farmer or absent from work, but a free citizen, visiting all villages and towns in Gielinor, looking for jobs and tasks that suit him and interest him.

    They may become bankers or merchants in Varrock near the various Grand Exchanges, or Scouts who can protect weaker adventurers from the threats in Wilderness. Digging further into the story, this character could be a loyal defender of one of Gielinor’s many kingdoms, or a worshiper of the gods.

    Understand Skills

    Although in RuneScape, players who use role-playing as their main gameplay can do almost everything they want. However, if they want to invest in certain skills, it will not have an immediate effect, but will help them in the long run.

    When players decide to start their role-playing journey, they should pay more attention to which RuneScape Artisan Skills, so that players can understand their development and progress in the game.

    Classic MMO RuneScape is getting tabletop RPG

    In the long run, this strategy certainly works, especially if the player is clueless about some story line. A simple Farming Skills upgrade can turn a player’s initially inclined agricultural character into an explorer before the player goes off to collect resources in other regions.

    Of course, this simple training journey can turn into an adventure if players have the exact knowledge and understanding of the type of Skills they plan to improve. It’s great for both quest completion and successful role-playing.

    Be Prepared

    In an open world like RuneScape, it is very important for some role-playing players to be fully prepared in the face of some unexpected situations or plot points during the game.

    For example, when interacting with other players, the player may suddenly receive a message to go to a certain place to complete the task. Many players will not have enough RuneScape Gold to maintain their original role-playing habits when encountering this situation. They can only successfully complete the mission by acquiring enough RuneScape Gold from the innkeeper to maintain the character.

    Join A Clan

    Although players can complete their perfect role-playing tasks alone in a RP server, interacting with other role-playing players in RuneScape is still very interesting and popular among players.

    Players only need to enter the world chat box, find interested role-playing players and start chatting. You can also find active Clans and even RP Clans in RuneScape’s community. Including Quest Collective, they are one of Clans who are often active in the world of Gielinor running various stories.

    Of course, if you can’t find suitable RuneScape players to take part in role-playing, you can also choose to create a role-playing tribe yourself. Creating a clan in the open world of an MMO is easy.

    At the same time, by using this method, players can find more fellow role players, allowing players to set standards and restrictions for selecting role players in Clan according to their wishes and the type of story.

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  • FF14: FishFest latest event guide

    Final Fantasy 14 players joined avid fish lovers in Eorzea this past weekend to celebrate FishFest. This festival was first created by Eorzean Museum Network, and many FF14 players put forward a lot of good ideas for this water-themed event, making this event even more exciting. 

    As long as there are fish panels, educational venues, dance shows, competitions, and scavenger hunts, I believe many players will be interested in this event.

    There are different locations and events in multiple worlds of North American Data Center. But the main venue for this event is still located at Eorzean Aquarium in Malboro.

    Players’ recognition of this event can be seen from the turnout rate this time. So even putting in a lot of time and effort to prepare for the festival is worth it. FishFest has been in the works for 10 months. In fact, the earliest group discussions on related activities started in June-July, and most of the work was completed in October-November. 

    Fruity said that the original intention of FishFest event was actually to hold a large-scale global event to encourage players to go fishing. But after Fruity tried his best to persuade, it didn’t treat it as a global event, and just went online in North America.

    FFXIV FishFest 2023 Esprit Public Show

    In fact, this event was very good. Although there were numerous players gathered in different places, there was no sign of losing control during the event. All staff are wearing clearly turquoise wetsuits, which will make it easy for players to know who to turn to for help. 

    At the same time, share reminder messages about event locations during player chats, give players enough FF14 Gil rewards after completing tasks, and use Party Finder to bring players together to complete tasks. This kind of community spirit and contagious teamwork are the highlights of this event, which left a deep impression on many players.

    Many players have never tried similar activities at first and often feel at a loss. But don’t worry, you’ll be doing it with some experienced players. The staff will also distribute bait and consumables to players in need, and provide guidance throughout the process, teaching everyone which bait needs to be used in which area and which fish species are most suitable.

    Since Aquarium is often packed with players, it’s no surprise that every game is packed. An average of 30-40 players will take part in each Fishing Train, and most will try to use their aquatic-themed mounts to create a great fishing area. 

    This time, Ocean Fishing voyage will send a total of six boats. I believe that no matter you are a novice or a veteran, you can return with a full load. Fishing Train is usually busier on weekends, even reaching 90 players.

    Esprit’s dance performance will be another highlight of this FishFest event. These performances are all water-themed and include pirates, sea shanties, your favorite aquatic Disney songs and more. Even Cytube echoes this theme. 

    The pirate-themed detailed sets also amaze players, who enter only to find themselves trapped in a pirate vault before finding their seats. There’s a Splatoon number starring Callie and Marie, but Shenpai is one of the main characters.

    Ultimate FFXIV ocean fishing guide

    The troupe has put a lot of effort into every performance, not even letting go of every detail. All performers’ costumes, dances, facial expressions and stage special effects, songs can be perfectly matched. The water effect is from the side of the stage, with Calamari Inkatation 3mix painted expressions. Also, Shiny from Moana has a lot of glowing weapon abilities. You can also follow their amazing FishFest results on YouTube. 

    There were also two great panels on FishFest over the weekend. Ocean Fishing (Savage) by Tyo’to Tayuun and A Realm Reshelled by Innis’a Bvalvah bring more knowledge about molluscs to all players. If you have time, you can learn about them carefully.

    Fruity and Eorzean Museum Network are planned. FishFest 2024 patch has also been confirmed. The team will use this player feedback on the event to refine next year’s new patch. Of course, there are many other activities that players are looking forward to, and Fruity also said that there are many other plans in progress.

    Fruity said that Aquarium and EMN plans have been launched for a year, and players have high expectations for him. As for EMN’s first EU-only event, including the upcoming aquarium’s anniversary event in May, specific dates have been confirmed. Although the specific content has not been determined, it is already a rough plan for the team in 2024.

    In addition, players’ enthusiasm and support for FishFest 2023 is an important reason for it to appear in front of more players. Fruity said that next year will provide more activities for the community. I hope players can continue to like this game.

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  • Elden Ring: Why Is Stormveil Castle Still Popular In 2023?

    Elden Ring has always been full of mystery. On the day after the one-year anniversary of its initial release, Elden Ring fans began digging through almost every From Software title, trying to find clues about when DLC would be released

    Although a year has passed, players’ evaluation of Elden Ring is still the same as when it was first released: scary and mysterious.

    Even when the player enters its first level, “Real”, it’s not that easy. You need to have a giant ogre with a British accent knock your head out with a shillelagh. If Elden Ring players beat the gatekeeper Margit The Fell Omen, they will find that they are not at their best in the game’s obscure and belligerent patch, so they will become even stronger.

    There are plenty of players who agree that Elden Ring’s first dungeon, Stormveil Castle, isn’t just one of the best monster-filled castles that From Software has ever made. More importantly, it is also a milestone in horror monster-filled castles games. 

    Elden Ring Stormveil Castle Exploration Gameplay

    This also shows that From Software has always adhered to the most successful game design formula, and did not abandon the original design concept because of the company’s elaborate Dark Souls.

    But they disappointed many players when they played the first public beta of Elden Ring. It’s desperation to see a shift in design philosophy, and none of the dungeons feel strange to the player. 

    Although the huge world structure in the game can still shock players, the howling of wild beasts is accompanied by the harsh natural environment, and the horror factor soars instantly at this moment. But the lack of any From Software-related level design makes players feel a little disappointed.

    However, Stormveil, now hidden behind a berserk Brit, has renewed interest among players. He wants to use the player’s Tarnished skull as its Golf ball. 

    When the player enters the castle, he sees the crumbling walls of the castle and sees the top and bottom of the castle. I believe that players’ doubts about Elden Ring will be cleared up. It does not mean these expansive open worlds to replace the original design, but rather to be the thread that connects them to each other.

    When you first choose to explore and approach the gates of the castle, the castle gates are closed and the walls stand tall and intimidating. You’ll see a janitor lounging by, and he’ll ask if you want to open the gate for you. But it will also tell you that if it does, it will tear you to pieces by a ballista fire

    Just when you are hesitating, it will give you another suggestion. You can climb the broken wall in the castle by going back, and sneak in through the gap in the bevel

    Elden Ring How To Get Through Stormveil Castle

    Sure, that’s good advice, but it could also be an obvious murder plot. Any bird with a blade on its foot could kill you as soon as you tried to climb the broken castle walls, and even the crumbling road could kill you at any moment. And the janitor can use your dead body to build stairs without breaking a sweat.

    This kind of complex level combining "trap" and "path" is usually one of the characteristics of Elden Ring. There's a lot of running and jumping involved as the player climbs up Stormveil's walls. The jumping ability introduced from From's oddball Sekiro will greatly improve the player's ability to avoid hazards in hidden spaces. 

    Of course, you can also stick to some off-the-beaten-path trails, and the occasional hordes of Soldiers and Trolls will become your threat. But there will also be some multi-limbed dude spiders out there to wipe out almost all Stormveil. 

    Whenever you can break through the enchantment and complete the task, Elden Ring Runes rewarded by the system will also drop at any time. Whether it's rewards, safer paths to avoid danger, or the game's terrifying secrets, players continue to dig and explore.

    Elden Ring has always been good at building castles, from Demon’s Souls’ iconic and decrepit Boleteria Palace to a gilded spires of Dark Souls’ shining Anor Londo. But Stormveil is very different. 

    Here, your Tarnished will have a full expanse of medieval living space, passing through a church and library, all the way to a courtyard full of soldiers. Here will be the last threat for you and the castle master Godrick The Grafted. When you're up against swarms of flying birds with knives and dynamite strapped to their feet, you know it's going to be a tough challenge.

    Elden Ring The Secret of Stormveil Castle

    Something lurking beneath the castle will hint at the player and drive the quest forward, and only by completing the quest can it can reward the player, which is the spirit of Elden Ring.

    What’s unique about Stormveil is that it’s not the best savage maze in the various “Legacy Dungeons” in Elden Ring’s sprawling map. It’s an exploration-focused castle

    Relatively speaking, Stormveil is actually a test patch for the more elaborate royal capital Leyndell. It would be the same trick to create a richer, unique living space. At the same time, larger palaces often hide the dirtiest secrets in the deepest part.

    Stormveil represents the balance that Elden Ring has done in the past and the present. There is no wilderness of From’s style here at all, but full of majestic and magnificent architectural landscapes. 

    Stormveil also showed their unique design concepts to many designers in the industry, and combined some wonderful game moments, gameplay and the wider natural world to further improve and create more innovative storylines and game effects. Therefore, many players still love Elden Ring after a year.

    In addition, if you want to quickly clear Stormveil Castle, it is very necessary to accumulate equipment in the early stage and practice upgrading. You can also do it by getting enough Elden Ring Runes on Here you can also get 5% off with the code “CSCCA”, try it out.

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  • Genshin Impact: Luhua Landscape Quest Rookie's Guide

    When Genshin Impact players start exploring Liyue, especially when they encounter Traveling Painter Vermeer near Luhua Pool, they may find various ruins on the banks of Qiongji Estuary.

    Vermeer asks players to complete Luhua Landscape Questline to unravel the mysteries of Luhua Landscape.

    Because Luhua Landscape Questline is only a small part of World Quest series of Liyue, players will have difficulty completing all the puzzles and requirements of multiple NPCs and multiple questlines.

    Genshin Impact Luhua Landscape Quest Guide

    But fortunately, players follow the prompts and understand what they need in the exploration process, where they need to go, and where they can find what they need.

    Luhua Landscape Questline Rewards

    Genshin Impact players can use Luhua Landscape Questline rewards to decide whether they want to take the risk and whether the adventure is worth it. This is a very efficient way to do tasks for some players with self-planning.

    Surprisingly, players can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of Liyue world in Luhua Landscape Questline, but also help players clarify the main line of the story.

    After completing this quest, players will receive Adventure XP x 450, Raw Gem x 50, Hero Wisdom x 2, and 30,000 Genshin Impact Accounts. These rewards will be of great benefit to players developing their character skills.

    Find Vermeer

    Because Vermeer is the publisher of Luhua Landscape Questline, it is very important for players to know the specific location of Vermeer. Vermeer is southwest of Luhua Pool, near Geo Elemental Puzzle.

    This will require the player to know Genshin Impact map very well, otherwise it will be difficult to find.

    Genshin Impact Luhua Pool Puzzle Solution

    Of course, there is an easy way to find Vermeer. Just find Luhua Pool on the map, jump over the bluestone slab below, and find the gigantic crack under the cliff near the southwest. They always mark this in the nav bar on the map, but players can also manually mark it, just in case.

    Vermeer’s Mission

    When the player finds Vermeer, Vermeer will share with the player his inspiration for painting. But when he arrived at Luhua Pool, he found he had lost his paintbrush.

    Genshin Impact quest starts when Vermeer asks the player to help him find the paintbrush. At the start of the quest, Vermeer will give the player two drawings, each of which is a landscape shot from where the brush was lost. And these two photos can see the heights of Luhua Pool, which means that these two photos are likely to be taken from the cliff.

    Players can go to the right of Luhua Pool, which is the highest place in this area. Players can successfully locate the brush using Gold Dust Sparkle Indicator.

    They place another brush just across the cliff, near another high mountain to the left of Luhua Pool. Likewise, players can easily find brushes using Gold Dust Sparkle Indicator.

    When the player returns the brush to Vermeer, they discover Vermeer didn’t leave here as planned. In fact, besides painting, Vermeer wants the player’s help for two things.

    Legend has it that the statues in Genshin Impact have eyes, and when these eyes are lit, they can be seen from a great distance. But unfortunately, Vermeer couldn’t find the eyes. Players still need to help Vermeer find the eyes.

    After players leave Vermeer, they need to find Strange Stone. This is the rock area not far from Vermeer, and they can find Strange Stone in the center of the rock area.

    But there are many enemies around Strange Stone, and the player must defeat them. It’s actually quite simple, players just need to use Noelle’s shield in Genshim Impact to ensure their survival.

    When the player asks Vermeer why he still doesn’t get the eye after finding Strange Stone. There may be other similar stones nearby, Vermeer said, and they all need to be collected.

    Luhua Landscape Quest Walkthrough

    After the player collects Strange Stone, a notification will be activated. Vermeer will have the player place these stones on each statue to check for other reactions.

    While players are used to Genshin Impact quests, Luhua Landscape Questline will also end in a surprising way. When the player gains two Strange Stones and places the stones in front of the statue, Vermeer will open the nearby Geo Elemental Totem to activate the ultimate puzzle.

    Final Task

    As players attempt to unlock Geo Elemental Totem, they need to defeat three Abyss Mages in a row within 90 seconds. For some novice players, this battle will be a bit tough, because they need to fight Pyro, Cryo, and Hydro Abyss Mage at the same time.

    If possible, they recommended you seek help from a friend. You can defeat Abyss Mages in Genshin Impact co-op mode. If you want to challenge single-player clearance, they also recommended that you choose some high-attack characters.

    At the same time, you can also get enough Genshin Impact Accounts to improve equipment and character combat power, so that you can pass the level as soon as possible. Hope you have fun.

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