Lords Of The Fallen Update 1.1.224 Patch Notes! - NG+ Vestiges & Progression

As we all know, Lords of the Fallen have been well-received since its release on October 13 of this year, but its release hasn’t been as steady as players had hoped.

In addition to cross-platform connectivity issues, players also encountered save glitches, balancing issues, and various other issues. This PC version of Lords of the Fallen even suffers from performance issues such as stuttering and input lag.

In response, Hexworks and CI Games released the latest update for Lords of the Fallen, Patch 1.1.224, on October 23. This patch addresses various issues and bugs, including fan-requested New Game Plus tweaks.

Here I will summarize all the important content in this patch. If you’re wondering what exactly has changed in this Dark Souls-style action RPG, you can’t miss this explanation.

Lords Of The Fallen Update 1.1.224 Patch Notes! - NG+ Vestiges & Progression

Enemy Density Lowered

First, one of the most significant changes in Lords of the Fallen Patch 1.1.224 is that enemies will stop chasing early. This update limits enemies’ leashing abilities, making them more likely to return to their spawn point earlier than before. This helps prevent large numbers of enemies from relentlessly pursuing the player as they rush through the level.

Previously, there was the risk of multiple enemies pursuing you fiercely, stalking you until they exacted their bloody revenge. Now, as Hexworks said, they are improving our “Leashing” system. Enemies will no longer relentlessly pursue players, but will instead be limited in how far they can travel from the initial spawn area.

The developer says it will make further improvements to this in Thursday’s patch, including reducing the number of enemies in the most difficult areas for players. It will remove these enemies from your original play through, but will remain in NG+ in line with the more challenging experience players are looking for.

In addition, crowd behavior has also been adjusted. This way, enemies won’t swarm as often. Moreover, in the most difficult areas for players, the number of enemies will be reduced and their aggressiveness will be relatively weakened.

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NG+ Vestiges

In addition, Hexworks has also introduced some fundamental changes to ensure that every player has a better NG+ experience. Including those who enjoy the challenge of No-Vestiges and those who wish they still existed in the world.

In Patch 1.1.224, when you complete the initial game, you will see a new option before starting the next one. You can choose to go directly to the next consecutive NG. For example, if you just finished NG+1, you will move on to NG+2.

Or you can choose to replay the current NG with the same difficulty. It will retain your Lords of the Fallen Items, characters, and progress, but reset the entire world, including NPCs and quest lines. This will allow trophy hunters and completionists to seek out any outstanding quests without having to deal with increased difficulty, if they so choose.

Also, in a further patch this Thursday, you’ll see further updates to NG+ mode. NG+1 will not remove all traces. You will only see some disappear while leaving key locations intact.

In NG+2, more parts disappear. Then in NG+3, all but the main hub Skyrest Bridge and Shrine of Adyr Vestige will disappear. This way, our original vision remains the same, but more of a gradual adaptation awaits those looking for a higher level challenge.

Finally, as a follow-up to last week’s hot announcement during the livestream, we can confirm that the developers have begun work on “NG+ modifier system.” This allows players to customize their NG+ experience. Whether you keep all traces, just some, or obliterate them.

It will also include other interesting modifiers such as hardcore mode, item randomizers, enemy randomizers and more.

The feature set is not fully defined yet, but the developers say they will release the new NG+ modifier system before the end of this year.

Lords of The Fallen: Huge Game-Changing Patch 1.1.224 - NG+ Vestiges, Mob Density, Progression Loss, Performance & Stability

Crossplay Back

In this Q&A stream, the developers stated that they would deploy this feature to all platforms as soon as possible. But before that happens, PC gamers need to make sure their GPU stability reaches a certain level.

Performance & Stability

Essentially, Hexworks has been listening to players and adjusting Lords of the Fallen accordingly. The patch also aims to address performance issues experienced by some players.

The data shows that developers’ continued efforts to improve GPU stability are paying off. Currently, the number of players affected by GPU stability has dropped significantly from launch to less than a third of day one, but it still affects 4% of players every hour.

The developers are still trying to roll out many key improvements until it released the next patch, which will bring these numbers down even further.

Progression Loss

For those who lost level progress due to corrupted saves or co-op-related issues in Patch 1.1.215, the developers say they are working hard to find a solution for you.

They are forming a team so that you can send corrupted saves or downgraded characters to the team. The team will respond by providing your save with the required LotF Vigor to restore your character to the level it was at prior to the glitch.


Finally, this patch also fixes fog card artifacts in locations such as Manse of the Hallowed Brothers when frame generation is enabled.

The above is the update instructions for the latest Patch 1.1.224 of Lords of the Fallen. What do you think of these improvements? See you next time!

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