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  • Changes To PVP Damage Mechanics In Elden Ring Patch 1.10 - Nerfs & Buffs

    Elden Ring patch 1.10 was released not long ago. Although it looks short, it actually has quite a lot of changes for PVP. Therefore, here I will introduce the weakening and changes in this patch for PVP.

    PVP Damage Adjustment

    Let’s start with PVP exclusive adjustments. They have increased poise damage for all weapons in the new patch. And the damage of certain spells and spells in PVP has also been increased. Here is the relevant damage data table so that we can compare poise damage in patch 1.09 and 1.10.

    Elden Ring: Patch 1.10 PVP Damage Adjustment

    Overall, poise damage increases a lot, but there is no simple pattern of increase. However, aside from outliers like Daggers, you’ll find that the first attack of a weapon’s light attack chain tends to have a higher poise damage gain than subsequent attacks.

    I’m guessing the devs did this to make it easier for certain weapons to combine to hit 2 after hitting 1, but not combining to hit 3 after hitting 2.

    Elden Ring: Motion Values and Attack Data

    Thrusting Swords

    For example, let’s look at Thrusting Swords. Two-Hand Thrusting Swords R1 do 140.4 damage. Even enemies with a full Bull-Goat Set equipped with Bull-Goat’s Talisman will be stunned if the enemy does not have Hyper Armor.

    However, that doesn’t mean passive poise is useless right now. Because if you don’t have enough poise damage, you’ll be in trouble again on the second hit.

    This change makes the active Hyper Armor stronger. Though Thrusting Swords isn’t even a weapon class with high poise damage. But it also makes a strong power combo with decent range and speed but not high poise damage deadlier.

    Elden Ring: PvP Heavy Thrusting Swords Nerfed?

    Power Stance Spears & Straight Swords

    Normal L1 attacks from Power Stance Spears deal 150 damage. Even if you were to replace this move with Hyper Armor, you’d still take a lot of damage and counter damage.

    Power Stance Straight Swords is very strong, and it’s long because it’s involved. This setup now also deals over 150 damage. However, the two weapons can still be swapped without passive poise. Because they can’t hold the poise in most attacks and out speed you.

    Hyper Armor

    Technically, with Hyper Armor, you can move on to the next attack while enemies stagger. Only time will tell how this change in poise will play out.

    As for Spells and Incantations, not all poise values change. And most of these changes don’t make much sense. As they appear to be changes made only to compensate for the addition of Hyper Armor.

    Poise Changes

    Next, patch 1.10 also adds poise when players attack with certain skills, spells and incantations, and weapon types that generate poise. They also added damage reduction to these actions. And those moves are the ones that give you Hyper Armor.

    Luckily, I have a way to simplify how much Hyper Armor bonus is given. I’ll use this Two-Hand Hammers movement group as an example. You can see that there are 2 new entries: unk1 and Final Damage Rate.

    Elden Ring: unk1 and FinalDamageRate

    Let’s first talk about unk1, a PVP-only Hyper Armor multiplier. What unk1 actually does is reduce poise damage from PVP sources by 50%. This means that Hyper Armor is double for all damage.

    What’s more, reducing incoming poise damage also means that the higher your base poise, the more poise you get. The logic here is easy to understand. Because reducing incoming poise damage means you have twice the base poise in Hyper Armor frame.

    Next, Final Damage Rate is the damage reduction given when you have Hyper Armor. In my Hammers example, 0.925 means you do 7.5% less damage.

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    Free Elden Ring Runes And Items Giveaway

    While Endure, Stamp and Reaper weapon classes have more poise damage resistance. While Endure and Stamp already have damage reduction due to their effects, these Hyper Armors don’t get the damage reduction benefit. There are also some weapon arts with Hyper Armor that don’t have a reduced buff for taking damage.

    Of all weapon classes, only two Colossal Weapons classes have base Hyper Armor damage reduced by 17.5%. The rest of the weapon art entries here look like slow but powerful skills. So thematically and practically, I believe it’s very effective. Everything else gets 7.5% damage reduction, which includes all other weapon types, spells and incantations, and weapon arts.

    Key Attack Angles Extended For PVP

    Also, the critical attack angle for PVP has been extended. Critical angle increased from 120 to 135 degrees. You don’t actually have a longer Backstab distance, but you have an easier Backstab Fish. I’m sure any Backstab fan who’s done PVP after the patch can feel it.

    Elden Ring: Bloodhound's Step Invasions

    Next, they also have Quickstep and Bloodhound’s Step in PVP. But their movement distance is still longer than dodge. Unlike the dodge roll, these two actions have a directional bias, meaning they have different frames depending on which direction you dodge.

    Weakened Damage Reduction

    Finally, the only change to the last PVP is that they reduced the damage reduction of some skills and consumables. This also means you’ll probably need to invest more Elden Ring Runes in this. Note that you can also get 5% off with the code “CSCCA” at

    For weapon art changes, the only thing that changes is that Oath of Vengeance. It now has a 20% PVP damage reduction instead of 40%. Weaker barriers in PVP nerfed from 35% to 10%.

    Also, Protection of the Erdtree currently grants you a 30% negation of all elemental damage, but also modifies it to 10% for PVP damage.

    Elden Ring Patch 1.10: Changes To PVP Damage Mechanics

    For bigger obstacles, it was nerfed from 60% to 20%. Especially against magic damage. Since the Intelligence build doesn’t really have much element selection, the nerf definitely makes sense.

    As for Black Flame’s Protection, nothing has changed. I’m guessing it’s because it’s a little different from the other, bigger obstacles, and it also dents your health. As for consumables, they reduced these to 10% in PVP.

    These are the changes to this PVP content I learned about in Elden Ring patch 1.10. Hope this description can help you to be more clear about the damage mechanism in the new patch. Anyway, see you in the game.

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  • A Summary Of Recent Lost Ark Updates And Improvements On KR Server- New Contents & Class

    For your comfortable Lost Ark experience, here I would like to introduce recent and future updates on KR servers. Because news and updates on KR server are always ahead. So I thought it would be helpful to share and preview some of this information on your Lost Ark journey.

    Before starting this update instructions, you need to know that this update is based on a KR server. Therefore, only improvements and updates regarding KR are included here. It does not contain any global roadmap and latest updates.

    Since this KR server is relatively ahead of the global server, some information can see the future trend of change. So, it’s more like a sneak peek at the updates and status of KR server right now, and a preview of some future structural updates for the global server. Therefore, you can use this as a reference for your Lost Ark trip.

    Lost Ark: A Summary Of Recent Updates And Improvements On KR Server

    Added Emoji Panel

    First, the developer added an Emoji Panel to the interaction section. From now on, you don’t have to search everywhere for Emoji you want, or scroll through battle items presets to search for an Emoji. You can use "Alt + R" click to display that Emoji Panel for even faster interaction.

    New Class - Soul Eater

    They have released the new job Soul Eater on July 19, 2023. She is an Assassin, uses Scythe as a weapon, and has Dead and Reaper abilities. Since this class was released so soon, the class itself is still being researched. But I think I think her Class Engraving has entered the formalization stage.

    To be honest, the whole thing about Soul Eater is pretty entertaining. She’s a new class, which means we still have a lot to test in the actual game.

    Lost Ark: New Class - Soul Eater

    Class Engraving

    For her Class Engraving part, there have been more upgrades to Express Pass’ Engraving support in previous patches. For the 4x3 Engraving support of Express Pass in the previous patch, there is now 5x3 Engraving support.

    Since this KR server has higher requirements for party participation or raids. So Lost Ark developers decided to expand Engraving for a better gaming experience.

    New Avatar Packs

    With summer on the horizon, new Avatar Packs are live on KR. Since the developer promises to provide skins for every player, try not to miss these packs if you play on KR server. Of course, if you missed it, you can also use Lost Ark Gold to get it.

    Plus, this skin can be Dyed like any other. So if you are playing KR, try not to miss these gift packs if you are interested.

    Lost Ark: New Founders Packs Info & New Legendary Avatar

    Raid Team

    Another important change is that from now on, surrendering a squad leader in a raid will not change the squad size. It’s more like handing over the squad leader no longer changes the order of the raid squad.

    I think it’s a delightful change. So from now on, you don’t have to be confused by rearranged queues anymore. You also don’t have to change your assigned position due to a change in team leadership.

    Also, in the song category, you can now select an additional option from UI. More like a simplified version of the song UI.

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    Structural Change

    What follows is the main part of this update roll up. In the latest official stream, the developers promised some improvements to Lost Ark. This is more like a structural change scheduled or planned for this week. They will be making changes and adding more on Vertical progression and Dailies mechanic.

    So in this category, if you’re actually playing on KR, you’ve been able to see some improvements and updates lately. As they promised in previous streams, some mechanical changes are coming this week.

    Chaos Dungeons

    In addition, many players reported that Chaos Dungeons have some problems. Things like enemies being too far away, Boss Gate being too annoying for support, and enemies being too spread out across the map.

    Lost Ark: Chaos Dungeon Endgame Daily

    Since this Lost Ark team is indeed aware of this, the developer also stated that they will adjust these issues in the next update. He mentioned this Chaos Dungeon’s mechanical issue during the actual official stream.

    But I don’t think they will change the daily tasks. I mean they don’t change Chaos Dungeons every day. But they can be tweaked by changing play times, drops or rewards, and overall mechanics, such as enemies reacting from farther away.

    Guardian Raids

    Regardless, new improvements will be rolling out in new Guardian Raids. Of course, this is also the developer’s adjustment to the tasks in Guardian Raids. Because I think Guardian Raids’ daily quests are too heavy for current players.

    Lost Ark: Guardian Raids Explained

    But as the developer says, they are also aware of these problems. They will be discussed and patched on the same dates as Chaos Dungeons revisions.

    Surprise Events

    If you played the game in KR, you might find these clues easily in Surprise Event. From this incident, we can glimpse the development of Lost Ark. These include Guardian Raids. There are also new Surprise Quests in the event. Its rewards include some adorable Pets, Stronghold background music, and Lobby Wallpapers.

    Lost Ark: Surprise Events

    Extreme Valtan

    Also, Extreme Valtan update is scheduled for August 2, 2023. Extreme Valtan contains two mods, accessible on 1580, 1620. Of course, it also lowers the rewards. We will not know the specific rewards until the official launch.

    As the developer briefly explained in the livestream, this Extreme Valtan is more like an uncapped Hell Modes. So you can actually experience the full performance of the character.


    The above is the whole content of the recent Lost Ark updates. I hope this is a little help for your Lost Ark journey. Finally, expect to see these new updates and improvements on global servers soon.

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  • Inferno Staff Gets Buffed In Update 39 Elder Scrolls Online? - Week 4 PTS Patch Notes

    In the latest ESO PTS patch notes, we've made various small changes to the new features of Free Update 39, which players will receive as part of the base game.

    The new features in the upcoming Update 39 will be free to all players, ESO ZOS team took the time to polish and clean up many large and small features in the game, and also added some small new features and quality improvements. Update 39 will be released on PC/MAC on August 21st and on consoles on September 5th.

    Elder Scrolls Online


    Week 4 PTS patch notes are here, and as usual there aren't too many changes. Week three is usually where we see the last of the majority of combat and balance tweaks, but we do have a couple of things here.

    Oakensoul Interaction Change

    First off fixed an issue where slotted passive effects that persisted through bar swap, such as Grim Focus, could benefit targets under the influence of ESO Oakensoul or Werewolf.

    Elder Scrolls Online Oakensoul

    This was an interesting little interaction with some of those new buffs that persist on both bars, you could actually slot stuff on your back bar, like Bound Aegis for example, and benefit from that 8% max Magicka, while you were using Oakensoul on the other bar.

    So this is a bit of a Nerf, but it does make sense.

    Oakensoul's design is with the intent of limiting you to one bar. So allowing a skill on your back bar to still have an effect, I can understand why they're not allowing that, but it will still work as a back bar option on two bar builds.

    Flame Staff Buff

    The next change is to Inferno Staves. Let's do a quick recap of Inferno and Lightning Staves over the course of PTS. For week one, Inferno Staves we're going to add 500 flat damage to the first tick of each status effect that you deal damage with, and Lightning Staves we're going to add 12% to channeled and damage over time abilities. With the increased damage, we can get some ESO Gold faster.

    In week three, they changed those up a bit Lightning Staves were given channeled and direct damage abilities instead of the damage over time, and Inferno Staves were given a 12% boost to damage over time, instead of the status effect damage.

    Elder Scrolls Online Update 39

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    My Analysis About The Changes

    One of my initial points of feedback over that was Lightning Staves were given a main damage type to improve, which is direct damage and then a more Niche damage type the channeled damage. While Inferno staves were only given a main damage type in the damage over time, so they have addressed that now with week four, they're adding 12% status effect damage as well to Inferno Staves. However there is one main problem with this and that is for most setups 90% or more of the status effect damage you are getting is coming from Burning, Poisoned and Bleeding, which was already boosted in last week's ESO version of this, since those three are dots.

    You already had the 12% boost there, so really compared to last week's version you're only gaining 12% to the other five status effects over Charged, Concussed, Chilled, Diseased and Sundered and these don't really typically account for much of your total damage. So 12% to those, I don't think that's really going to make a noticeable difference over last week's version of Inferno Staves.

    Now for Wardens, this could be interesting with their increased Chill damage since that procs so often 12% more to that sounds nice, but many Wardens are already running an Ice Staff not an inferno to benefit from their class passive that boosts damage when using an Ice Staff.

    Elder Scrolls Online Ice Staff

    Then we have ESO Nightblades, who can get a fair amount of overcharge damage, but even that boosting by 12% in this example here, it's only adding about 270 DPS almost nothing, and Inferno Staves really isn't going to synergize well with Nightblade, anyways since they are mostly direct damage, and would do better with Daggers, Bow or a Lightning Staff.

    What I think they should have done is add back on that flat status effect damage boost, if they're going to go this route instead of the 12% and that way the three main damaging status effects Burning, Poisoned and Bleeding would also see an additional bump from the week three to four changes.

    Maybe not the 500 that was initially proposed, maybe that's a little too high with both of these bonuses here. But something that boosts the flat damage of the ticks instead of having it percent based. We are pretty late into ESO PTS at this point though, so we'll see if anything further can be adjusted with this.


    That is it for the week 4 changes, you will think these are just my initial reactions, so it's always possible that I overlooked some usage.

    Thanks for your reading!

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  • Diablo 4 Season 1 Patch 1.1.0a Update Notes! - All Fixes & Nerfs

    Welcome back to another update for Diablo 4. Diablo 4 is getting a series of updates to its Season 1 - Season of the Malignant. And a major patch 1.1.0a was released to prepare for the many changes to come.

    This patch is 1.1.0a appears to be a general restriction on the powers of each class in Diablo 4. Right now, Barbarian with Whirlwind and Hammer of the Ancients is a community favorite. The same goes for Sorcerer using Devouring Blaze.

    It now appears that Blizzard has indeed done a lot of Nerfing in these classes and builds. If you’ve been fighting hard just to win and take the lead in this game, the nerfs in this patch will disappoint you. Next, we will give you a detailed introduction to all the fixes and weakenings of this patch 1.1.0a.

    Blizzard made some adjustments to all new unique items and Legendary Aspects. You can use them to enhance your character in Eternal and Seasonal Realms. We can get these unique Diablo 4 Items and Legendary Aspects by killing the bosses of World Tier 4 bosses. Of course, there are reward drops for killing monsters in any World Tier.

    Diablo 4: Season 1 Patch 1.1.0a Update Notes

    New Unique Items

    There will be half a dozen unique items being put into this game. But Ahavarion Spear of Lycander has not been assigned to any category. This is an Uber Unique Staff in World Tier 4. After you kill an elite enemy with this Staff, you will get a random Shrine effect for 10 to 20 seconds.

    Next, for our Barbarian, Azurewrath Unique Sword’s Lucky Hit gives your core skills a 20% chance to freeze enemies for three seconds and deal them 0.75 to 1.5 times cold damage.

    Then there’s Druid’s Fleshrender, a unique One-Hand Mace. And it’s Debilitating Roar and Blood Howl skills will deal 0.5 to 1 times the damage to nearby poisoned enemies.

    Lidless Wall of Necromancer is a unique shield. It triggered a Lucky Hit when you have an active Bone Storm hitting an enemy outside of Bone Storm. It has a whopping 5% to 25% chance to spawn an additional Bone Storm in their place. And each active sacrifice bonus increases the chance by 25 and increases the damage of Bone Storm.

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    Eaglehorn is a unique bow for Rogue that has a strong piercing power, with a 30% to 80% chance of shooting arrows. Note that arrows will bounce off walls and scenery. Hitting an enemy from behind with a Penetrating Shot is said to make them vulnerable for three seconds.

    Finally, the class that has changed the most in patch 1.1.0a is Sorcerer. Most people play Sorcerer with Oculus, which is a unique wand. You can get the effect of Teleport Enchantment for free with it. When you dodge using the Teleport Enchantment, it will take you to a random location.

    Diablo 4: 6 New Uniques And 7 New Aspects In Season Of The Malignant

    New Legendary Aspects

    For the newly added seven Legendary Aspects. First, Audacity Aspect is a utility aspect that can stun at least five melee enemies for two to four seconds, but this can only happen every 20 seconds. Craven Aspect is a movement aspect that increases your movement speed by 20% to 40% when you stay away from slow or chilled enemies.

    Also, Barbarian has Ancestral Charge Aspect, and Druid has Subterranean Aspect. Necromancer has Gore Quills Aspect, Rogue has Pestilent Points Aspect, and Sorcerer has Searing Wands.


    In terms of co-op play, they fixed some issues. Including the camera not working properly and players being far away in a local co-op. They also addressed issues with characters and character abilities. These will be in the patch notes, and I’ll cover them quickly.

    They also fixed several issues in the dungeon where players could not get enough Animus to get through Hallowed Ossuary dungeon. There is also an issue where Bastion of Faith is sometimes impossible to complete.

    Also notable is a fix for Blood Boil not spawning correctly in Kor Dragan Barracks. Finally, I noticed that they also fixed a noteworthy issue where Awakened Glyphstone would sometimes not spawn properly.

    Diablo 4: Season 1 Patch 1.1.0a Fixes and Nerfs

    In terms of gameplay, the developers fixed an issue where Barbarian was not showing the number of enemies to defeat when challenging Masters Of Battle Quest. They also adjusted how long you can cast a War Cry.

    For Druid, they fixed Earth skill and Pulverize skill, consuming two super buffs. They also fixed an issue where Pulverize buff worth enhancing wouldn’t remove itself when in town.

    Also, minions of Necromancer will deactivate their Life Affixes when they are in town. There is also an additional bug fixed by Rogue. Twisting Blades doesn’t return immediately when he kills a Bloated Corpsefiend with an ability.

    They fixed multiple cases where players could not unnaturally teleport when encountering a boss. Also, Diablo 4 Gold and XP rewards for killing monsters higher than the player’s level have been adjusted pre-season. They then lowered Malignant rate for playoffs to 1.5% per level, and the overall loot quality for Silent Chest has improved significantly.

    These patches make huge tweaks to UI and all classes. Hopefully, this patch will bring more possibilities to our gameplay. We’ll see you in the game.

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  • Elder Scrolls Online Update 39 Base Patch Notes! - Changed & Nerfed

    Elder Scrolls Online developers held a live event on July 10th and previewed the upcoming Update 39 base game patch notes. During this livestream, the developers shared some of the new features, improvements, and tweaks in the patch.

    Therefore, we will talk about the improvements and changes in this new patch here. Players who want to know how Update 39 will change your life in Tamriel must not miss it. This will cover everything you need to know about this livestream.

    Elder Scrolls Online: Update 39 Base Patch Notes

    Damage To Monsters

    First, let’s delve a little deeper into our damage output changes. Now, our damage effects on monsters will affect the proc damage. So now Relequen, Zaan and Pillar of Nirn and Burning status or Poisened status will be affected by Bahsei, Ansuul, Major and Minor Slayer.

    Dragonknight Nerf

    Additionally, Dragonknight’s burn damage has been slightly nerfed, with a damage loss but little change. Dragonknight is still cheaper to run than S-Class Necromancer Colossus and also has a longer Vulnerability duration.

    ESO: Big Balance Changes Are Coming in Update 39

    Necromancer Buff

    It’s a pretty baffling change, but sadly it makes Necromancer’s DPS much weaker. Because you can now take care of Major Vulnerability uptime yourself. But as Support Necromancer or Tank Necromancer, we only need Nazaray and Pillager’s Profit Set. So you have no reason to bring Necromancer to your team.

    We can only hope ZoS reverts some nerfs to Blastbones, Siphoning, Archer, Execute Passive, DOT Passive, Boneyard, Boneyard Synergy, Orb. Necromancer set is pretty bad right now. I find it baffling that they didn’t even restore Execute Passive to what it was when Templar Beam was present.

    Merciless Resolve & Bound Armaments Change

    Nightblade’s Merciless Resolve and Bow proc both get a sizeable buff. This ability now relies entirely on passives. So you don’t have to spend more ESO Gold on this skill to activate it again. This is a pleasant quality of life boost and damage output buff for Nightblade.

    Meanwhile, Sorcerer’s Bound Armaments have similar changes. But the skill was nerfed to the ground way back during Update 35. So even with this change, it still sucks.

    We have very little damage penalty for pressing this ability on a normal Sorcerer setup, since it does less damage than Spam. I didn’t even talk about the fact that you need to remove the pet to insert it, because pointless.

    ESO: Update 39 Patch Notes All Tank Changes

    Weapon Passive Changes

    In addition, the passives of many weapons are changing, such as Bow Range Passive. Instead of dealing 12% damage to the targeted enemy with Bow skills, it will now deal 5% critical damage to all enemies within screen range. 6% crit if you stand far from the target. It makes Bow's skill stronger. Excitingly, Templar also gets a 5% damage boost on Beam.

    Even though Fire Staff now has an increased Status Effects of 500 initial hit, it still doesn’t change the fact that it is weakened to the ground. It’s ridiculous that I tried it on a dummy and Fire Staff damage was so weak I couldn’t even notice the difference between the new passive and no passive.

    Also Read: Ultimate Build & Skill Guide For The Arcanist Class In Elder Scrolls Online Necrom

    But Lightning Staff is properly enhanced. Your damage output, or damage over time, is now increased by 12%. And its mini Deadly Strike is also powerful, with a very large damage buff to Templar and Arcanist. Because it enhances skills like Biting Jabs, Jesus Beam, and Dragon Ball Beam.

    But from my tests, it’s still weaker than Daggers. Penetrating Magic Passive can cause over 3k crit damage. But it still doesn’t work for Staff ability.

    Tri Focus & Oakensoul Builds Nerf

    Tri Focus has also undergone some changes. Its Fire Heavy Attack cooldown is now adjusted to 20 seconds. This means you now need to stock up on Fire Heavy Attack before pulling the boss.

    ESO: Tri Focus Block Bug

    Shock Staff Heavy Attack will only be allowed to players at the end, which is a huge nerf to Oakensoul build. This 2H passive skills have also been weakened, but only a little weaker than before. Dual Wield Passive skill is nerfed, Daggers lose 1% crit chance, but it’s still the best front bar weapons.

    Maelstrom 2H Big Buff

    Maelstrom 2H is getting a huge buff. When you cast Stampede, they buff all your 2H abilities like Wrecking Blow, Carve, Executioner Skill. It’s very powerful. I got almost 133k DPS on a Nightblade made by stacking 2H abilities.

    Azureblight Buff & Nerf

    Azureblight is getting a buff and now has a 0.5 second cooldown reduction per explosion. But correspondingly, you can already build the next explosion stack, and the explosion is stronger than before, so it should be better now.

    But it has also weakened and can no longer crit. Since this kit pretty much gives you a crit line, it’s pretty bad as it stands.

    ESO: All the DPS Changes

    Comparison for better understanding, I put 10 dummies in one place to create the best scene for Azureblight. But the weakest point in the game, Caltrops spoil it. I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but hopefully they will change that.

    Pillager’s Profit Fix

    Also, Pillager’s Profit is being fixed. It took 4 months, but now at least we can look forward to another raid.

    That concludes the patch notes for ESO Update 39. Please let me know what you think of the patch and if you have any ideas to test.

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  • WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5 Fractures In Time Coming! - All The Changes You Want To Know

    The next installment of WOW Dragonflight expansion patch 10.1.5 Fractures in Time will go live on July 11th, and there’s a lot to look forward to.

    There’s a brand new Mega-Dungeon to explore and loot, a brand new Evoker class. There’s also new open world content with Time Rifts, as well as a Whelp Daycare questline and daily events. So, let’s review everything in WOW Dragonflight patch 10.1.5.

    WOW Dragonflight: Patch 10.1.5 Fractures In Time Coming

    New Mega-Dungeon: Dawn Of The Infinite

    First up is the new Mega-Dungeon, Dawn of the Infinite. Infinite Dragonflight has long pursued the rise of their leader, Murozond. But, for that to happen, Aspect of Bronze Dragonflight Nozdormu has to go mad.

    That’s what Infinite Dragonflight is trying to achieve in this new Mega-Dungeon, and it’s what we’re trying to prevent. We need to straighten out the timeline and save Nozdormu from his so-called fate. And collect some really shiny loot along the way.

    Dawn of the Infinite also drives Dragonflight’s story forward. Primal Incarnate of Earth Iridikron is scheming behind the scenes. But why is he joining forces with Infinite Dragonflight? And how does all of this affect Avatar’s plans for that Dragon Isles? Here’s another mystery we’ll have to unravel as we explore Mega-Dungeon.

    WOW Dragonflight: New Mega-Dungeon Dawn Of The Infinite

    Augmentation New Evoker Specialization

    Dragonflight 10.1.5 patch is also the first time we’ve seen the new Specialization in a patch. Augmentation Evokers will focus on providing special rewards to your various allies.

    There are general buffs. Such as multiple player key stats increased to increase damage throughput of your team members. There is also increased versatility in some allies. You can also reduce threat spawns so you can teleport to each other. It can even reduce the cooldown of an ally’s main offensive ability.

    They also provide various approaches to crowd control. Also deal damage with impressive new spells like Eruption, Upheaval, and Breath of Eons.

    Plus, there’s an optional Evokers-specific questline here. It answers some leftover questions from previous patches. And explains how the Evokers gained the ability to use more Black Dragonflight magic. And combine it with Bronze Dragonflight magic to power the new Augmentation Specialization.

    WOW Dragonflight: Augmentation New Evoker Specialization

    New Public Event: Time Rifts

    With the big move of Infinite Dragonflight, the timeline is all warped and Time Rifts start appearing all over Dragon Isles. These Time Rifts brought us new outdoor world content to explore.

    To ensure our timeline remains stable, these Time Rifts need to be fixed. We need to fight off mysterious invaders from different versions of Azeroth and collect Temporal Essence. Then go into Time Rifts again and find out what’s causing these fragments.

    The more Essences you collect, the better rewards you get. Many of the bosses within Time Rifts also have tons of shiny loot and WOW Dragonflight Gold for you to pursue.

    Plus, taking part in Time Rifts events will earn you Paracausal Flakes as well. You can use these Flakes at different vendors and get rewards that match the themes of the different alternate timelines.

    WOW Dragonflight: New Public Event Time Rifts

    There are also some new Mounts, Transmogs, Battle Pets, and some new chase gear options waiting for you to collect. There are also some special New Paracausal Fragment Trinkets. They have powerful effects, and these ancient legendary weapon fragments will be very useful in future battles.

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    Whelp Daycare New Quests And Daily Activities

    There are also new questlines and daily activities available in Whelp Daycare. We packed Ruby Life Pools Dungeon with new Whelps, but too many to handle alone. So they need the expertise of Valdrakken Whelp Daycare.

    You can help Whelp Daycare clean up the area, providing treats and materials for the habitat. You can take turns working with each Whelp to create a suitable lair for each Dragonflight.

    We’ll also learn a little about each Dragonflight and its history. After helping each Whelp, you’ll unlock them as battle pets. You’ll also get new daily quests and various perks like Flight Stones, Pet Charms, and more.

    WOW Dragonflight: Whelp Daycare New Quests And Daily Activities

    Kalimdor Cup New Dragonriding Event

    Dragonriding has received another major update. There is a new tournament coming up called Kalimdor Cup. During this event, you can find dragonriding races in most areas of Kalimdor.

    Each track has standard, advanced and reverse options for you to test your dragonriding abilities. You also get a new currency, Riders of Azeroth Badges. You can trade these Badges to new vendors in Valdrakken to unlock new Dragonriding customization options and Dragonrider Transmog Set.

    WOW Dragonflight: Kalimdor Cup New Dragonriding Event

    Warlock Updates New Race Options And Demon Customization

    Finally, Warlock Class has received some major updates as well. First off, every race except Dracthyr can now play as Warlock Class. This gives us more class combinations to explore.

    Warlock will also have new customization options for their Demon Pets. This way you can customize your Demon according to your own personal style.

    A special Warlock questline will reward you with Grimoire for unlocking these options and changing your Demon’s appearance. Just visit a barbershop and you’ll have all the customization options unlocked there. It’s not just Warlock, though.

    There’s a lot to look forward to here with class and talent changes, UI updates, tons of quality-of-life additions, and cross-realm trades. So even if your friends are playing on different servers in the same region as you. You can trade items and WOW Dragonflight Gold with them.

    WOW Dragonflight: Warlock Updates New Race Options And Demon Customization

    Plus, there are new in-game events, additions to the gear upgrade system, and a new questline in Eon’s Fringe area.

    With so much content on the horizon, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the next chapter of World of WarCraft Dragonflight. But that’s all in patch 10.1.5 Fractures in Time. Good luck and have fun.

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  • Necromancer Changes In The New Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.3! - Huge Buffs & Fixes

    I believe many players know that Blizzard released a new Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.3 on June 27. Importantly, Necromancer is full of amazing changes in the new patch.

    Skill Improvement

    First off, we can be thankful that the improved Blighted Corpse Explosion no longer blinds us completely. We can now see ground effects, enemies, corpses, and more. Not only is it great for us, but it’s also great for team play. So others are now more willing to team up with Necromancer as well.

    Corpse Tendrils

    Another hidden patch note is that Corpse Tendrils seem to work more consistently now. It’s always powerful, but often fails to draw some enemies, or doesn’t draw it far enough.

    It will now be easier to group enemies, which will make managing advanced Nightmare Dungeons easier for many builds. They have buffed our basic abilities across the board, dealing more damage and giving more Essence.

    Diablo 4: New Necromancer Patch Notes 1.0.3 Explained


    They also made a significant improvement to Reap, so that it can provide corpses more frequently. It feels great if you use this to make sure you have corpses ready for Corpse Tendrils. Also, Diablo 4 servers are getting some much-needed damage improvements. While it still struggles to take damage from builds, it’s a nice boost.

    Blood Lance

    Supernatural Blood Lance got a huge buff in this patch. It will now guarantee to cast Overpower after every 7th cast, instead of reaching the 9th cast. But the higher your level, the shorter the casting cooldown. So I suggest that you can choose Diablo 4 Boosting Service to increase the level as soon as possible to achieve the purpose of fast casting.

    Blood Lance is a weird ability, and for most of Diablo 4 it’s completely useless. Especially compared to Blood Surge, it feels like Blood Surge does the same thing, but its attack range is facing the whole screen.

    Also Read: The Fastest Way To Get Any Legendary Aspect In Diablo 4 - Doing Helltides Properly

    But before that buff, Blood Lance was a strong option for Overpower builds once you had enough Essence cost and attack speed. This is because it has a higher Overpower modifier. It impales the target and can give it a chance to split Aspect. You can apply the effect to all enemies around and deal more Overpower damage than Blood Surge.

    Plus, with increased consistency for Corpse Tendrils, it will be easier than ever to spread Blood Lance against tightly grouped stacks. I’m not yet sure if I’m going to try it properly, but I expect Blood Lance will probably outpace Blood Surge in pushing Nightmare Dungeons’ Overpower builds. Because it provides higher burst damage for tough Elite Packs.

    Diablo 4: Necromancer Blood Surge & Blood Lance

    Bone Prison

    Bone Prison’s Cooldown Reduction, that’s a delicate touch. But you may still want to reduce Lucky Hit or your gear to Cooldown Reduction to make better use of this ability. But those 2 extra seconds make the ability to feel more useful, anyway. The defense buff is also almost doubled, which is outstanding.

    You can now fill your defenses fairly reliably with just Bone Prison. Corpse Tendrils in particular are grouped more tightly to accommodate as many enemies as possible in effect.

    Iron Maiden

    Necromancer’s Iron Maiden ability has been greatly enhanced. But I’m still skeptical that the skill will be of much use. It needs some stronger aspects or interactions to really deserve a place in your skill bar.

    It’s good to have more Blood Orbs on Corpse Tendrils, especially if your build doesn’t use Vulnerable. Because you’re in an Overpower build, or you can get Vulnerable from another skill.

    Bone Spike

    Bone Spike is our Dismount attack, which has also been buffed. Although this doesn’t make a good deal of sense for most of our gameplay. Because minions will now always attack the target with Curse. Right now our Curse is AOE, so having them directly attack what you want doesn’t seem like a useful approach.

    Overall, this seems like a positive change, and we’ll just have to see how much of an impact it really has over the next few days.

    Diablo 4: Necromancer Buffs & Skills Improvement

    Kalan’s Edict

    Kalan’s Edict has been greatly buffed. While throughput remains the same, the frequency of its activity will be much higher than ever. Overpower builds can be delighted by this massive Rathma’s Vigor buff. Because the guaranteed Overpower advantage every 12 seconds can go a long way.

    If you’re used to having it around tier 13, you’ll need to adjust to notice when it hits tier 10. That way, you don’t waste more Diablo 4 Gold on the wrong ability or in situations like a single remaining normal creature.

    Buffing our Thorns passive is nice, but it’s still largely a dead talent for Necromancer.

    Aspect Improvements

    Aspect of Bursting Bones isn’t something I’ve actually used before, and the tooltip damage is still horribly low. Maybe there’s something I don’t know. Of course, if you think this is a meaningful change and Aspect, you can also try to use this Aspect.

    Also, Flesh-Rending Aspect got a huge buff, but it’s still a horrible aspect. Fastblood Aspect has just been greatly enhanced, which is very exciting to me.

    Diablo 4: Aspect of Bursting Bones

    Mechanism Improvement

    For builds using Bone Storm, they already have enough Cooldown Reduction to achieve near-permanent uptime. So this Aspect seems more suitable for improving your Blood Wave and Army of the Dead.

    With enough Lucky Hit, Cooldown Reduction, and Blood Orb Generation. We might even see almost permanently functioning buildings on Unyielding Commander’s Aspect. This allows near-immortal pets to attack with incredible speed.

    Overall, these patch notes are significant for Necromancer players. The improvements to Corpse Tendrils and Corpse Explosion visibility are already valuable changes. Even if our power doesn’t explode from them.

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  • Updates And Improvements On Lost Ark KR Server! - Lailai Island, PVP Season And More

    Here I would like to introduce some recent updates on Lost Ark KR server. Because many people are curious about KR server status. So, I thought it would be great to share some updates on Lost Ark journey. Come with me now. Here’s everything that’s going to cover this improvement.

    One thing you need to know before you start, here is the roadmap and update on KR with or without any content or future roadmap for global servers. So it’s more like a preview of updates to KR servers and improvements that have been done or are coming on KR.

    Because compared with the global server, KR server has the leading update volume. So, through this content, maybe you can preview or look forward to the future of global servers. Therefore, this new content can serve as a reference for your Lost Ark journey.

    As you can see, we’ve seen no major or noticeable updates on KR for about a month. Maybe they’re busy with this week’s events right now, so I’ve been waiting.

    Lost Ark: Updates And Improvements On KR Server

    Lailai Island

    This new adventure island is called Lailai Island. As you can see in the name itself. This is a concept island of Punika, which includes the same competition content as Monte Island.

    Lailai Island is a small tower defense game island. With this contest, not only can you store more Lost Ark Gold, but you can also earn rewards that might be useful in your Lost Ark journey. Of course, these rewards also include Island Tokens, decoration for your Stronghold, and toy item.

    Lost Ark: Lailai Island

    PVP Season

    The new PVP and Proving Grounds Seasons have already started on June 7, 2023. This might be a bit late news as I’m not such a PVP player. So, if you really want to play Lost Ark on KR, be sure to check out Proving Grounds as well.

    Lost Ark: PVP Season Has Begun!

    Lost Ark Summer Notice

    Finally, for Lost Ark’s summer announcement, perhaps the most anticipated part for all KR players. We are really hungry for new updates or news right now.

    In Lost Ark, you may find some new information about upcoming new classes and new Legion Raids. Since LOA ON always brings us exciting news about Lost Ark. So, I kind of look forward to it.

    In addition, when LOA starts, it means that a new Pass Season is coming. That means new Hyper Express Seasons are coming too. In other words, it’s time to develop a new character.

    Hyper Express Seasons will provide a ton of level-boosting material for your journey to Lost Ark. Also, it will instantly take you to a certain continent, such as South Vern, or Maybe Elgacia. In addition, LOA ON will bring you more useful things through coupons. So, if you play Lost Ark on KR. Now might be a good time to start.

    Lost Ark: Summer Update Notice

    Preview Upcoming Updates

    In fact, this notification is quite recent. In this summer’s update, you may notice an update to the low-level section. More like a system improvement for lower-level characters. So some layers could be integrated or improved in this summer update.

    Currently, Tier 2 gear section has been improved. As the gear level itself goes down, maybe it allows you to move to a continent. Of course, remaining Tier 2 gear on your character can now be swapped out for epic Tier 3 gear.

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    No matter what your Honing Level is, it will naturally be replaced by a Level 3 gear set. But if you want to move to the upper layer or the upper continent, you need to complete the previous world or continent tasks before entering, otherwise you cannot enter.

    Also, in Stronghold Farming and Crafting, Tier 1 and Tier 2 materials or elements are now integrated into one part. Therefore, it is now possible to remove tier 2 materials such as flavors or crafting recipes. In other words, most low-level crafting and recipes are now integrated and are no longer available on your crafting or life tabs.

    Meanwhile, Tier 3 gear has also received another improvement. Tier 3 sections are now tuned to levels 1250 to 1490, reducing the burden of Honing Sessions on these sections, and Honing Levels are also more compressed.

    Lost Ark: Gear Honing Beginners Guide

    Before this notice, in most Tier 3 sections, you needed to craft 20 to reach item level 1490. But in this notice, this adjustment will only require 15 pieces of equipment to reach the 1490 item level. This means you can reach the 1490 gear level much faster than previous versions.

    Of course, I didn’t notice the material requirement on the update page. But I think it’s the most impressive update notification, relieving low level players of Honing Sessions.

    Legion Raids gear crafting is now more consistent. For weapons, you now only need Covetous Wing, which is a material that drops from Vykas. And for the helmet, you just need to get Demonic Beast’s Bone dropped by Valtan.

    Also, in Honing on Tier 3, all Harmony Leap Stones are now changed to Tier 1 Leap Stones. We can exchange again the previous Leap Stone through NPC. And they also unified Oreha Fusion Material into a part, which is a rare Oreha Fusion Material.

    Lost Ark: How to Get Simple Oreha Fusion Material?

    As you can see in the notification, the simple Oreha Fusion Material will not be used further. Also, they’re shrinking Shadespire Tower’s floor. The previous version had 50 floors, but as announced in the notice, they will patch it to 20 floors.

    In addition, Sailing Coin and Keys will be divided into two parts. Each Coin and Keys has 5 sections to choose from. But now I don’t think we have to carry too many Coins and Keys in the summer patch.

    Because now all Engravings can be opened upon reaching level 50. Most importantly, all Engravings now start at level 1 when you turn on Engravings feature. In other words, if you reach level 50, as long as you turn on Engravings function, you can fully use all Engravings starting from level 1. This means you no longer need to read those uncommon Engravings books.


    All in all, the above is all the content of Lost Ark update on KR server this time. If you really want to play Lost Ark on KR, then you should definitely not miss this update note.

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  • New World Update 1.9.5 Patch Notes! - Fireworks, Good Fixes & Brimstone Sands

    I believe many players know the news of the recent New World patch 1.9.5 update. Here I will take you to detail the content of this update and my thoughts on it. Let’s start.

    Patch Overview

    This update, in addition to various bug fixes, now allows free access to Brimstone Sands for players of all levels. But there is still an insignificant problem. This bug affects the player’s first use of all emotes in the game.

    But I’m not sure, they actually look cool, though maybe a little different issue. So let me show you the patch notes here, and then we’ll talk about it at the end.

    As you’d expect from these patches. They started the downtime update on June 13th at 11pm PT and lasted for an hour. But depending on where in the world you are, standard rates and times apply.

    New World: Update 1.9.5 Patch Notes

    Firework Emote

    The patch notes have some interesting stuff, and I’m really curious about what you guys think. The flip side is that the first part of this patch note feels like an ad that usually comes with updates. We see them adding new stuff to the store. But as we’re just scrolling through it, you’ll notice that this update adds a lot of different emotes.

    These Emotes are all Fireworks based and have no problem at all for me. Therefore, the main content of this update is Fireworks. I mean you heard me right, they’re going to put Fireworks.

    A single Firework costs up to 1000 Marks of Fortune, or you can get a pack of 10 Fireworks for 10000 Marks of Fortune. I mean, it’s literally the same thing, same price. It doesn’t matter if there is no discount. But they have several Fireworks, including:

    • Flower Firework Emote
    • Dynasty Firework Emote
    • Dryad Firework Emote
    • Ancient Firework Emote
    • Shooting Star Firework Emote

    New World: Firework Emote

    These Emotes are not individual, it is a whole Pack. This differs from getting 10 Fireworks directly. It’s actually a separate thing. You actually need to spend at least 25,000 Marks of Fortune for this.

    But if you want to get all 5 Fireworks, there is still actually a discount. If you’re thinking about getting those Fireworks, I’m pretty sure there’s only one use for that. On top of that, you won’t be able to use it for free all the time, as you’ll still have to spend 1000 Marks of Fortune every time you use it. So these Fireworks are for really rich people who just want to show off.

    I’m assuming so, because there’s no reason to get a pack of five if you’re only using it once. Even if you know people might like it. At the end of the day, it’s just a cosmetic thing. It doesn’t actually affect gameplay in any meaningful way that you know of.

    Of course, if you’ve eliminated Fury of the Spriggan, throwing on some Fireworks to celebrate might make you happier. I kind of wish you could make it in a game, but I don’t really care.

    Also Read: How To Get Free Human Bane And Ward Gear In New World?

    Unlock Brimstone Sands

    Then there’s also the notable opening here of Brimstone Sands. Many players indicated that this was unlocked as far back as New World patch 1.9.4. But they’re only now starting to mention it. I guess better late than never. I’m glad they’re making this change, and to be honest, my concern with the game in the long run is that it puts too much emphasis on vertical stuff.

    You have to do X before you can do Y before you can do Z. At some point, they have to make X and Y easier. Because everyone you know well and has passed. So no one is doing it, so these are design issues and challenges. The team will have to face the future, but ultimately open this up as an open area.

    New World: How To Unlock Brimstone Sands?

    Bug Fix

    Then they also made fixes for some of these noteworthy issues. First, they fixed a very controversial issue that at least caused Leyson Reese not to appear in the designated location, thus blocking MSQ process.

    Second, there was also an issue that resulted in Yonas not appearing on players who had not completed Ritual Quest prior to the release of Brimstone Sands has also been successfully fixed.

    They also fixed an issue with Yonas’ idle animation, that would often trigger incorrect tool animations. Also, a bug that was very disruptive to gameplay has been fixed, which often prevented players from exchanging Fury of the Spriggan gear for New World Coins.

    They also fixed an issue that was preventing players from completing Season Tasks related to non-repeatable quests. They fixed an issue that was preventing players from previewing Gryphon Item skins. As well as they fixed an issue that caused players to no longer see their character when switching screens on the main menu.

    New World: Bug Fix Patch

    Final Thoughts

    So aside from the fact that they added these Fireworks, it doesn’t look like a big patch this time around. We’re getting a lot of cool Firework Emotes from this update patch. Although many people don’t like these Fireworks, but it may be a nice decoration, if you don’t mind that it is a onetime use.

    Finally, according to the devs, at least Season 1 will roughly end here for the next 22 days, so we’re ready to go into Season 2 anytime.

    Needless to say, I’m eagerly awaiting more expansion packs, news and information. Plus, there’s some cool stuff rolling out to PTR this week, so we’ll keep testing it to keep you guys updated with all the latest short patch notes.

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  • Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.2d Update Notes! - Changes & Nerfs

    Here we’ll be looking at the update notes for Diablo 4 Patch 1.0.2D. This is the first major balance update for Diablo 4, and it changes some builds.

    So far, we’re not surprised that some of these builds are overtuned. But I didn’t expect it to be balanced at launch and make changes so quickly. Let’s take a look at what’s changed in this patch. First let’s take a look at Barbarian.

    Diablo 4: Huge Nerfs in Patch 1.0.2D

    Barbarian Changes

    This update reduces the damage reduction benefit of their challenging Shouts ability from 4% to 2%, which is a pretty significant nerf. And several areas have been nerfed, specifically affecting Whirlwind Builds.

    Also, their unique item, Gohr’s Devastating Grips, has been nerfed. So basically the Whirlwind Barbarian changes are pretty dramatic. I don’t think we should terribly surprise anyone because level 100 Barbarian definitely limits endgame content.

    Diablo 4: New Game changing Class Balance Patch

    Druid Changes

    You may be a little disappointed when you enter Druid profession. First of all, here it has reduced Lucky Hit Chance from 33% to 25%. Spirit Boon Obsidian Slam you used to gain extra suppression, increases its requirement from 10 to 20 kills. So it’s about half as effective as it was before.

    So when you use it, Pulverizes sends out a Shockwave, which does less damage. So basically, Bearer endgame build is heavily nerfed.

    Obsidian Slam changes are a tough one for these builds. But it’s not all bad news for Druid. While Calm Before Storm's passive has reduced its Lucky Hit Chance from 15% to 10%, Lightning Storm’s damage has been increased from 32% to 40%. Diablo 4 Gold and experience it drop after hitting has been increased. So Lightning Gauge will get a little boost.

    Diablo 4: Patch 1.0.2d What The Changes Mean For Your Class?

    Necromancer Changes

    But Lightning Drew has some buffs on Necromancer, keeping nerfs away from Necromancer.

    The first Grim Harvest passive has been reduced, but you can gain 9 Essences by consuming corpses at Max level. Serration used to give you 1.5% crit chance per 10 Essence when you cast Bone skills. But now at Max level it will drop to about 0.9%, so basically Bone skill will reduce the critical hit.

    So basically this is Nerf to any build that uses Corpse Explosion you know and any Bone Necromancer build. However, that’s where Necromancer Blood Lance damage nerfs ends up increasing the damage of Army of the Dead and reducing the cooldown by 20 seconds.

    This way, your minions cannot consume more than 30 max health at a time. This guarantees that they won’t be killed easily. Most of the time, you will probably heal them before they die. So basically what we’re saying here is that Bone Necromancer and Corpse Explosion Necromancers have been slightly nerfed.

    Diablo 4: New Update Just Changed Everything

    Rogue Changes

    Rogue Twisting Blades have been significantly nerfed. The cooldown of each enemy has been significantly reduced. As a result, Twisting Blades will be a bit less effective than before, and Dark Shroud will gain about 50% less Shadow from skill levels. It has reduced the critical damage bonus of enemies you hit with Dash by 5% and affects critical chance.

    When you knock down an enemy, you get roughly 20% less benefit. I think it’s mostly getting knocked out by poison traps or something like that. So they hit most of Trapper and Twisting Blade’s builds.

    It’s not all bad news, they have buffed although Rapid Shot. So now it seems to be more effective in mixed melee range builds. I don’t think you can just use Rapid Fire in builds, and our bonus damage increases from 30% to 40%.

    Diablo 4: Patch 1.0.2D Update Notes

    Sorcerer Changes

    Finally, we come to Sorcerer. Its Arc Lash Lucky Hit Chance has been nerfed, from 30% to 14%. Also, the cooldown of Arc Lash has been reduced from 0.25 seconds to 0.15 seconds. It changes Shimmering Teleport damage reduction from 5 seconds to 3 seconds, almost halving the duration of the damage reduction.

    A small amount has reduced Aspect of Control’s bonus damage. So this will mostly affect the cross Sorcerer.

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    General & Paragon System Changes

    Reduced maximum damage taken over time per damage instance from 2% to 1% of maximum health. For Paragon system, they basically nerfed most of Glyphs in Paragon system. This doesn’t affect too many people right away. But once they end the game, this will affect those who have reached level 50.

    Diablo 4: The new Paragon System Changes

    Final Thoughts & Full Patch Notes

    So this is a very interesting patch. I haven’t seen a game launch with so many balance changes since Pillars of Eternity. We could make some baffling strong builds in that game, most of which got nerfed within the first few weeks.

    It wasn’t all bad news though, and while most of the class took a hit, they weren’t hit too hard. Regardless, nerfs will move as fast as any future patches will. I hope to see another patch with more balance in the future.

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  • Elden Ring 1.09.1 Update Patch Notes

    FromSoftware deployed a brand new Elden Ring patch update on all supported platforms, bringing the game to the patch 1.09.1. At the same time, we have made adjustments in response to some comments made by previous players.

    But players should not expect this patch to bring any major changes to the game. The focus of this patch 1.09.1 update is to fix a bug. This bug caused certain Skills, Incantations, Items and weapons’ attack power increases to not apply when the player actually casts them. 

    In addition, the previously controversial Jellyfish Shield’s Contagious Fury Skill has also been successfully repaired. As a result, players no longer consistently increase their attack power while unequipping or switching weapons.

    Since the game’s official release in February 2022, FromSoftware has released several update patches for Elden Ring, many of which are aimed at fixing bugs, maintaining the balance of the game, and making the overall content of the game story self-consistent.

    Elden Ring Patch Notes Version 1.09.1

    This patch 1.09.1 fixes some bugs, including that the system can automatically enable Ray Tracing if the player wants to enable it. The developers have made some tweaks to address this issue, as well as some additional workarounds.

    According to FromSoftware, once it enabled Ray Tracing, some players with less powerful computers will need to make sure their hardware meets the minimum system requirements if they want to use the same skill. They added Ray Tracing effect to Elden Ring in the last major update released late last month.

    After the last update, the developers found that Cursed-Blood Slice’s Poise damage seemed a bit too good to be less effective after this update. After patch 1.09, default in “some circumstances” may enable Ray Tracing and affect the player’s overall performance in combat. Therefore, FromSoftware recommends that players go into the settings to turn it off.

    Additionally, if the game is unstable or does not function properly with Ray Tracing enabled, PC players should update their GPU drivers and ensure they meet the minimum and recommended system requirements. Unfortunately, there is no word on whether it will be improved or expanded in the future. As always, we will have to wait for changes to appear in subsequent updates.

    This Elden Ring patch also adds some new features to the game, such as a massive Colosseum update that opens up the various arenas that exist in the world for PVP combat. 

    Elden Ring Patch Notes Version 1.09.1 bleed mage

    At the same time, a small adjustment has been made to Ray Tracing in this patch. Many players may not have discovered the problem of this function before. But anyway, FromSoftware has now rolled out a relatively minor change to Ray Tracing with a new set of changes.

    As previously explained by Bandai Namco, this Elden Ring 1.09.1 patch update includes hotfixes and a balance change, as well as adjustments and instructions for PC players when using Ray Tracing. Finally, the latest Elden Ring update also reduces the balance damage of Morgott’s Cursed Sword. Players will feel the changes during use.

    Bandai Namco mentioned that if players experience any issues with Ray Tracing feature in Elden Ring, users can turn it off from the in-game menu. At the same time, he also said that users need to meet the minimum system configuration they require when using it, and update the graphics driver at the same time. 

    The 1.09.1 patch for Elden Ring is pretty small this time around compared to some of the other updates, but hopefully fans will experience fewer bugs while playing the game.

    There is another news in this update that deserves players’ attention. There isn’t much information about this DLC other than it’s currently in development, so fans will have to wait for information on its price and the amount of content on offer. By the time it’s released, players will probably see more changes coming to Elden Ring. I believe that these will definitely meet the expectations of players.

    Elden Ring 1.09.1 Patch Notes

    Elden Ring 1.09.1 update patch notes are as follows:

    1. Gameplay changes and bug fixes.
    2. The previously Jellyfish Shield’s Contagious Fury Skill has also been successfully repaired.
    3. Fixed a bug where Skill Contagious Fury from Jellyfish Shield would keep increasing attack power when removing the shield or switching to an unfamiliar weapon.
    4. Reduced the balance damage of Cursed-Blood Slice Skill.
    5. If Ray Tracing ever turns on suddenly during your gameplay, you can avoid this by setting Ray Tracing to Off after going to System from the title menu.
    6. If there is no smoothness or instability when using Ray Tracing in the game, you can try the following two ways to solve it:
    • Before using Ray Tracing, please check whether your PC configuration meets the minimum requirements for successful operation.
    • Update your graphics card driver and make sure it runs with the latest patch.

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    Elden Ring fans are still eager to learn more about the game’s upcoming expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree. There is currently no release date for this DLC, and we know almost nothing about it so far. It remains to be seen how the story of this new DLC will develop, and what we can expect from new areas to explore and new bosses.

    In any case, this patch is constantly improving the player’s overall gaming experience. While waiting for the arrival of Shadow of the Erdtree, don’t forget to continue to upgrade and build. 

    Players can get enough Elden Ring Runes in to help them upgrade their equipment, so that they can have a better start when entering the game. In addition, you can also use the code “CSCCA” to get a 5% discount. Come and try it out!

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  • WOTLK Classic: Blizzard Reverted The Changes - Feral Druid Nerfed Already!

    Recently, this Feral Druid build has been enhanced to become one of the most powerful classes in WOTLK Classic. They actually technically seem to be the highest DPS class for a single target at the end of ICC. So they will also be Giga Chads in WOTLK Classic.

    No one really saw it coming at all. But with today’s changes, there’s a hotfix that’s gone live that has crippled them to where they were before. However, it will still be a little stronger than before, and still maintain a smoother play style. But I’m going to break it all down for you guys very quickly.

    Changes To Faerie Fire

    First off, maybe you didn’t know that the change that happened last week was a clear harbinger, which it was about to change Faerie Fire. This now means that Feral Druid builds won’t have to transition from Cat Form to other forms or go straight to Bear Form during the actual DPS rotation.

    Since it still regenerates energy whenever they run out of energy, or when they break out of Feral Form or break out of Cat Form, that means Bear Form is probably the main playstyle for this build.

    Feral Druid Nerf came too soon

    If you also want to do more damage to your enemies, it’s something to do when you’re out of energy. You can think of the enemy as a Rogue. But that will drain all of your energy, and you won’t be able to use any of the attacks you’ve been able to change form in the past.

    Then, buffing with Mark of the Wild or Gift of the Wild is all you really need to do throughout the raid. There’s also a clear harbinger that follows, letting you go back to Cat Form and freecast, which is basically a clear cast for your next ability as well. Pharaoh seems ridiculously expensive due to this change, but players have to use WOTLK Classic Gold to get it, in order to boost the build.

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    Feral Druid Build DPS Changes

    As I mentioned before, at the end of the game, they assume the highest DPS spec in the signal target. This is actually an early sim, but that’s not true. They tend to get anywhere from four to six hundred DPS in a three-minute fight. This is a full Shadowmourne or Fury Warrior reference when using items from Ruby Sanctum.

    So use items from Ruby Sanctum just to try to get more DPS. These Fury Warriors will still be behind them, and that’s what happened to Feral Druid today.

    Feral Druid Nerfed Already

    Physical Damage Nerf

    There’s a talent called Naturalist, it’s one of the talents in the tree, it gives you 5% more physical damage. There are some changes here. In the past, it would give you 10% more damage. So every actual skill point you put in here, the 2% increase is actually what we had before.

    This is a 5% Nerf to the raw damage done by all physical attacks. It’s not just a DPS reduction to those Feral Cats. But that means all of your Feral Druid off-tanks do 5% less damage, which also means more fighting threats and big changes.

    Actually, Feral Druid is already pretty strong in PVP, but a 5% damage reduction is a huge Nerf for the class. This will hit them hard. Despite only seeing a 5% reduction in static damage, this was really only noticed in live realms.

    It has now been reported on the official website. I’m sure we’ll have a Blizzard post about it soon. But the hotfix is already live. So if you’ve re-selected Feral Druid, or we’re planning to return your referrals, please be aware of this change.

    Blizzard just stealth nerf feral

    Just to quickly break down the amount of DPS change before updating sims. You’ll obviously see that it should be a fixed 5%. But if you want to check for yourself how much DPS you will lose with this change. You can try dropping a Naturalist down to 2% and it will give you a fairly general idea of what to expect in a three-minute fight. You’ll lose about 270 to 300 DPS.

    This obviously drops off exponentially as we get into the later stages, especially as we’re seeing people in sims apparently lose about 600 to more DPS. But I’m sure it won’t be long before sims will continue to be updated with these changes.

    I know that players who choose Feral Druid may be very angry about this. This is an enormous change, especially one that happened without announcing it. But I’m still looking forward to what’s going to happen next.

    All in all, that’s all I have to say about Blizzard reverting changes, Feral Druid build Nerfed events. There might be more to come. If you have other ideas or find a way to fix the build, you are welcome to discuss it in the community. Good luck to all players.

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