WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2.5 Seeds Of Renewal Update Notes

Recently, the developers announced WOW Dragonflight patch 10.2.5, titled Seeds of Renewal.

This patch bridges the gap between ongoing major content patches and the next patch for the game. This means there won’t be as much content as Patch 10.2, which was released on November 7th. But players still can take part in various developments of World of WarCraft’s overall story and gameplay.

While patch 10.2.5 won’t be Dragonflight’s last patch, it will kick off the expansion’s ending while still allowing World of WarCraft to transition into the next era as The War Within begins.

In this guide, we’ll talk about some of the key updates in WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2.5 and their impact. Without further ado, let’s get started.

WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2.5 Seeds Of Renewal Update Notes


In patch 10.2.5, Dragonriding is coming to all of Azeroth. Since the start of the expansion, players have only been able to use their Dragonflight Mounts in Dragon Isles. But in the next patch, you’ll be able to soar across Azeroth’s preexisting continents with all the new mounts you earned in this expansion.

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In patch 10.2, we can use traditional flying mounts in Dragon Isles, and in the next patch, the reverse will also be true. Dragonriding is available throughout Azeroth, but is limited to a maximum Dragonriding speed of 80%.

WOW Dragonflight Dragonriding Updates Coming in Patch 10.2.5!


Gilneas is one of the most forgotten zones in World of WarCraft. In the new patch, it will become the centerpiece of a new storyline that allows players to take back the city in the name of Alliance.

Although Gilneas was introduced to World of WarCraft in 2010 as the starting area for the then-new Worgen race, it has been largely unused since then.

However, in patch 10.2.5, we will be fighting alongside the former Gilnean King, Genn Greymane. He will lead his troops back to his homeland in an effort to regain his homeland.

It’s worth noting that Reclaiming Gilneas will not be testable on PTR.

WOW Dragonflight Gilneas Return Confirmed

The End Of Dragon Isles Story

Because the story that takes place in Dragon Isles will end next year, patch 10.2.5 will probably bring an end to what we played in Dragonflight last year.

Since the next patch will allow players to progress through Epilogue chapter of Dragonflight story, this will probably resolve outstanding issues across all areas of Dragon Isles.

Players will also be able to discover some additional Dragon Isles content through Azerothian Archives. Players can learn about how this continent existed before Dragonflight incident through weekly public events held in Azure Span.

WOW Dragonflight: Azerothian Archives Complete Overview

Follower Dungeons

World of WarCraft Dungeons is getting a new system that lets you complete dungeons with AI-controlled NPC companions.

This new feature, called “Follower Dungeons,” will focus on helping new players learn the mechanics of Dragonflight dungeons. But seasoned veterans can also practice their mechanics and team composition.

However, Follower Dungeons are only available in Dragonflight dungeons in normal mode. Players can choose to queue alone or enter the dungeon with up to four other players. Once they’re inside, NPC followers will fill in any missing roles. When using NPC followers, all players will still receive the same rewards as a normal dungeon with a full party.

WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2.5 Follower Dungeons First Look!

Outland Cup

While you’re dragonriding outside Dragon Isles, why not test your skills in Outland Cup?

You can take part in 13 games spread across Outland on Public Test Servers. You don’t even need to unlock Dragonriding, just rent a dragon to take part. Most importantly, taking part and winning the competition will also be rewarded with rich WOW Dragonflight Gold and loot.

WOW Dragonflight Outland Cup: Dragonriding Event in 10.2.5 with New Rewards

More Customization Options

The developers are continuing to add more customization options to another batch of WoW races. Among them, Draenei, Warlock Tyrant, and Darkglare demons will receive unique customization, and Trolls will see five new hair colors. Most importantly, this will provide completers with dedicated Customization Achievements.

Dragonflight is friendly to players who want to expand their character’s appearance. Multiple races and classes have received updated models and new customization features.

The vast amount of customization that Dracthyr Evokers enjoyed when they were added to the game at the start of Dragonflight set the standard for the entire expansion. However, the rest of the current races in the game are continuing to catch up.

WoW Dragonflight: New Customization Options Coming in Patch 10.2.5

Class And Race Changes

  • Dracthyr: All Dracthyr races are now given Soaring ability. This means they can now fly like Dragonriding, with energy and all their other abilities.
  • Evoker: Preservation evokers who have trouble maintaining Reversions may like the fresh change as it makes rotations feel smoother. Essence Burst can now be triggered when casting Reversions. Unfortunately, the mana cost of most spells has been increased by 10%.
  • Monk: Dance of the Wind’s dodge chance increases by 10%, and increases by an additional 10% every four seconds until the player dodges the attack. Ancient Teachings now increase Stamina by an additional 5%.
  • Shaman: When Shaman uses Earth, Fire, and Storm Elementals, they appear smaller than allies and enemies. To Shaman, they will still appear larger.

WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2.5: Class And Race Changes

The above are all the key contents of this patch 10.2.5. As expected, they will release the patch before the end of January. But according to the developers, Seeds of Renewal will be launched on Tuesday, January 16, 2024, although there is still no exact release time.

Regardless, this new content has a lot of players excited. Let us look forward to its arrival!

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