The Almost Game-Breaking Class Tier List In WOW Classic SOD Phase 1

Now that Season of Discovery Phase 1 is coming to an end, let’s take a look back to determine which class nearly broke the game on this SOD Class Tier List.

Class Tier List

We will evaluate these classes from various angles, from DPS to WOW Classic SOD Gold production to PVP. It will help you decide which classes to make, and it will also tell us which class is likely to snowball into the best class in Phase 2. So let’s get started.

The Almost Game-Breaking Class Tier List In WOW Classic SOD Phase 1

B Tier

First, we’ll rank each class based on their overall progress in Season of Discovery and their performance at the endgame level.


If we want to start from Tier C, our choice must be Priest. The first is because Priests are bad in PVE and people won’t even consider taking them to raids.

But I have to admit that Priest is the best healer in Season of Discovery, just like in Vanilla, although Shadow spec leaves a lot to be desired.

Playing as Shadow Priest is much better than in the base game thanks to abilities like Mind Sear and Homunculi. But it’s still not as powerful as other Ranged or Magic DPS Classes. And usually, a priest is more effective as a healer in a team. This means it’s faster to be invited to join the group.

If you want to play one of the best healing classes in the game, choose Priest to easily be invited to PVE groups. Those who want to play Shadow Priest will enjoy the class changes and new Runes, which will probably be enhanced in future stages. Therefore, for the final strength ranking of Phase 1, I still choose to place Priest in B Tier.


For B Tier, we also have Shaman. Shaman is in a better position overall than before thanks to a pleasant set of Tanking Runes, as well as other stuff that buffs Shaman’s specs.

However, like Druids, Shaman is good at many things but not good at any one thing. Indeed, Shaman tanks are far from the worst in SOD, and they are now becoming decent healers.

Shaman are easy to level up and relatively easy to play, but in the endgame they struggle to achieve high damage output. Shaman is also a good choice if you want to play any role in dungeons but don’t mind being slightly outclassed by more powerful classes in SOD.

DPS Class Tier List Ranking for WOW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 1

A Tier

The first class in A Tier will be Warlock.


Warlock can bring a lot of utility to the team. He can summon party members to their locations and get Soulstones and Healthstones.

In SOD, Warlock can also try a new specification through Metamorphosis Rune. Warlocks have proven to be decent tanks, and their damage output has the potential to be great.

Demonology and Destruction Warlocks have great new tools in SOD, but Affliction Warlocks are somewhat left behind. Combined with the summoned Demon pet, Warlock quickly becomes a more complex class than most other classes.

With the right rotation and pet management, it can become a powerhouse and almost never die.


So the next class to enter A Tier is a Mage. Mage class is one of the most popular classes in WOW Classic for several important reasons.

It has many uses for groups, as it can summon Portals to quickly travel across continents. Mage can also summon Water and Food for the team for free. And their ability to control their enemies is nearly unparalleled.

Mage in SOD and Vanilla are good at AOE damage and PVP. They’re also able to take on the role of healer in SOD, with three new Runes turning Mage into an Arcane healer and damage-slinging machine. It's difficult to reach maximum DPS, but a skilled Mage player can bring a lot to the party.

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The next class is Druid. Druids, like Shaman, can play all three standard group roles, but they’re not the best choice for anyone. Unlike Shaman, Druid now gets Windfury via Wild Strikes Rune.

For DPS, Feral Druids are great in both PVP and PVE, but aren’t top tier yet. Guardian Druids are excellent tanks, but Paladin is still better than them.

As for Restoration Druids, the focus on healing over time is unique, but not as powerful as Priest or Paladin’s emergency healing options. Balance Druids are also in a better position than Vanilla, but they are not as competitive as other DPS specs in SOD.


We also can’t forget about Paladin, a powerful class in Phase 1 raids. While Paladins can be just as good at healing as Priests and are some of the best tanks in the game, Retribution Paladins still can’t compete with other melee DPS classes.

Paladins are more fun to play in SOD, thanks to new Runes that shake up their relatively boring rotation, like the level 2 Crusader Strike. But this is not the class a player who wants to stick to DPS should choose.


We arrived at the last class of A Tier, Warrior. At its highest level in Phase 1, Warrior performs well as a tank and DPS. But until they have good gear, the level will suffer.

Warrior is a class that relies heavily on auto-attack, although they did get some new Runes, changing up Vanilla’s rotation a bit.

While Warriors may be difficult to level up and have to reach max level to become good, they top the new Raid leaderboards for both DPS and tank roles in BFD and dungeon content.

So if you want to play a standard melee damage dealer with a rotation that isn’t as complex as other classes, and don’t mind spending time leveling up, choose Warrior. What they lack in leveling and PVP, they make up for in endgame PVE content.

WOW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 1 DPS Rankings

S Tier

We finally arrived at S Tier. If you regularly check WOW Classic logs and data, you’ll see that Rogue is definitely the top melee DPS in the game.


Rogue in WOW Classic SOD gets some nifty new Runes and the ability to tank with Just A Flesh Wound Rune.

Rogue, like Warrior, will have difficulty in the early levels because they don’t have many powerful abilities. But when the player gets Poisons and Vanish, Rogue starts to destroy the damage meter.

While Rogue is good for PVP, with a maximum level cap of 25, the class doesn’t have core parts of PVP toolkit, such as Blind and Cheap Shot.

Rogue Tanking is fun, but managing Combo Points while relying on evasion stats instead of armor can make things tricky.

If you want to try a new tank style, or if you like to quickly rotate and clear everything with extremely high DPS output, choose Rogue, just don’t take the battlefield lightly.


Finally, let us enter the last class of Phase 1, Hunter. Hunter was so far ahead of the other classes in SOD that the class received multiple nerfs within the first week of the season.

The class is now closer to other classes in SOD, but still tops the list in PVP and PVE.

One drawback of Hunter is that its rotation is not much different from Vanilla. Its new Runes add some variety, but players still have to follow Aspect of the Lion meta.

Although Hunters are unmatched in PVP and excellent in PVE, they are not as easy to master as some players think. And we expect that as Season of Discovery continues, this class will be further weakened.

WOW Classic SOD Phase 1 Class Tier List

Final Thoughts

In short, there is no best class or worst class in Season of Discovery. Each class has its own fun. But some simply deal more damage, are more effective tanks, provide more healing, or simply have fewer drawbacks than other SOD classes.

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