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  • These Tips Are Worth Noting As You Enter Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC!

    As Shadow of the Erdtree DLC gets closer, I started to ask myself today what do I actually need to do to get into DLC every other Souls like we’ve seen usually have some kind of prerequisites to get into DLC.

    So after thinking through the requirements to get in, I started thinking through kind of housekeeping things. What do I want to do before I go into DLC? So I started making a list, this will be very beneficial to us.

    Having plenty of Elden Ring Runes ready will allow us to have plenty of fun in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

    These Tips Are Worth Noting As You Enter Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC!

    How To Get Into DLC?

    Along the Look To Stars way to start off, let’s talk about what is mandatory to get into DLC. I love what From Software has done here. They’ve taken two bosses that are optional in the game. To finish the main storyline and made them now mandatory to access DLC. First we start with Starscourge Radahn.

    That is hard to say, Starscourge Radahn he in the game is optional. He’s the dude that flies up and blows you up like a comet. He’s holding the stars in the sky. It’s so cool.

    So here is some b-roll of me getting clapped out by other bosses and monsters in Elden Ring, but the first thing you’re going to have to do is go make your way to Starscourge or Dawn to kill him.

    And that is step one Blood And Bone. Next up on our list of mandatory things you need to do to get into he Shadow the of Erdtree DLC is to make your way to Mohgwyn Palace.

    Fight With Mohg

    After you’ve made your way to MN Palace, head up to Mohg and kill him, he can be quite challenging well. I think this boss fights is one of my favorite in the entire game. I don't like the way he's approached. This is one of my least favorite zones in the whole game.

    In Mohgwyn Palace, there are bloody monsters and invaders everywhere. While the aesthetics are incredible, but don't look down because that's where all those scary monsters are.

    But once you make your way to Mo fight him, he’s challenging, like I said earlier. But there are some ways to ease up that challenge. You can go get Mohg Shackle which is an item kind of like Margit’s Shackle which allows you to slam him to the ground once stunning him and allowing you to get some good hits in.

    Secondly, to counteract M’s blood curse. I think it’s called a bloodboon or something like that. You’re going to want to go get the purifying Crystal Tear about what it does. It puts a barrier around you, essentially, which greatly reduces the damage you take from it. It will greatly reduce the healing he gets from this move and it does not allow any stacking of hemorrhage on you.

    It’s awesome my first playthrough of this game. I didn’t know that this item existed. So I thought this boss was impossible so what I ended up doing was just respecting to massive amounts of health. And then anytime this move happened, I would just slam heal this Crystal Tear, make it so much easier go get it ascend.

    Necessary Things For Boss

    Now that we’ve covered all the mandatory things, here are some things that I’m going to be doing in preparation for DLC and I highly recommend you do as well.

    And the first of that is to get to anywhere between level 130 to 150. Most people end the game somewhere.

    Between 100 and 150 level , relying on how much places they explore, how many bosses they kill, how much farming they do. Every From Software DLC has began at a higher level or somewhere mid to end game. This one has been stated it’s an endgame DLC, especially since Mohg himself is a kind of endgame boss.

    So my first recommendation, like I said, would be got to go somewhere between 130 and 150.

    I think I’m going to get to 150 and then just leave it there gross. wants new content inevitably means new weapons, spells and gear to try. And in order to try all those things out, you might need to resp a time or two.

    I’m someone that is almost incapable of doing one full playthrough of Elden ring with one single spec. I respect all the time and so my recommendation and something I’m doing is running around everywhere .

    Getting all Larval Tear, I know that these are a finite resource in this game. I think there’s about 18 in total you can get per playthrough chances are. They’ll add more in DLC.

    I don’t know for sure, but it just seems like something they would do given the fact that there’s going to be a lot more gear.

    So if you’re interested in trying out all the new stuff with DLC, I would highly recommend going and collecting as many Larval Tear as you can find.

    When you’re trying to get refine them, I know that in my last point;I talked a lot about how there’s probably going to be lots of new weapons and spells to try out and to use. That’s true, but you’re also going to want something to clear the content with.

    First, until you find those new weapons and spells, my advice is to bring whatever weapons you have. Since I feel like you won't be constantly upgrading the spells you're always using, carrying a variety of weapons will open up more possibilities to your fights.

    Currently, I'm at the stage where I can buy any gemstone. I need except for the final Tear from Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold. It’s great I’ve been leveling up lots of different weapons.

    I tried a lot of situations like Poison Katana and Lightning Katana which I had never used before and it was a lot of fun to use them against Mohg.

    About Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC something you need to know

    Upgrade Your Weapons

    Last but certainly not least is something that is to go level up your gather weapons.

    And that’s just to go stock up on materials if there’s one thing that in my mind. I am 1,000% convinced of that’s the idea that there will be some kind of horrible poison.

    Scarlet Rot horrible place in DLC it’s going to happen. I know it’s going to happen if I do not go stock up on materials. I’m going to find myself in a situation where I have no items to counteract any of that stuff.

    It’s miserable but I know it’s going to be a key thing, so I will make sure that when I go into DLC, I have plenty of items to counteract. Those horrible affixes that Miyazaki seems to love putting in his game.

    The above are some of my friendly tips for everyone in the game. I hope you can be happy during the game.

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  • These 3 Overwhelming Strength Builds Will Be Invincible In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC!

    With Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC coming soon, I’m here to give you the 3 best Strength Builds. Not only are these builds devastating, they’re also early game compatible, ensuring you can start your journey to greatness right from the get-go.

    Before you begin, don’t forget to prepare some Elden Ring Runes to dominate the unforgiving land of Elden Ring with unparalleled ferocity and power!

    These 3 Overwhelming Strength Builds Will Be Invincible In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC!

    Raging Wolf

    Number one is Raging Wolf. The best starter class for this build is Hero class.

    In this build we are using the most famous weapon in Elden Ring, the well known Guts Sword. Despite its name, this is actually a Greatsword. Greatsword has slow, large sweeps that can hit multiple enemies and cause them to recoil.

    It also has a powerful Guard Boost that’s better than many shields in the game. You should definitely take advantage of this and increase your Guard Boost further with items like Greatshield Talisman.

    Most Strength weapons are easy to obtain from early in the game, but Greatsword is probably the easiest. It can be found behind a carriage west of Caelid.

    Ash of War we’re using here is Braggart’s Roar. This is a weapon buff that increases your stamina recovery and physical damage and damage negation. It also changes your two-handed heavy attack and charged attack into stronger attacks.

    Elden Ring: Raging Wolf Build

    Braggart’s Roar also gives us the opportunity to increase the damage of our charged attacks with powerful items like Roar Medallion and Highland Axe.

    It is worth mentioning that although Braggart’s Roar will increase all your physical damage by 10%, Roar Medallion and Highland Axe can only enhance your two-handed heavy attacks and charged heavy attacks after using Braggart’s Roar.

    For Weapon Affinity, you can use Heavy Affinity to further improve Greatsword scaling with strength.

    However, I really recommend you give Blood or Cold Affinities a try. The first reason is that Braggart’s Roar allows you to easily trigger these status effects with one of Greatsword’s charged heavy attacks.

    The second reason is that weapon buffs in Elden Ring only apply to weapons with Physical Affinities, such as Keen, Quality, or Heavy. However, Braggart’s Roar is the only weapon buff type that works on weapons with Blood or Cold Affinities.

    To obtain Braggart’s Roar, you can defeat Blackguard or complete his quest chain and loot Iron Ball, which has Ash of War on it.

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    Iron Pumpkin

    The second build is definitely a Stance Breaking mechanic, Iron Pumpkin.

    In this one, we use Iron Ball weapon and Ash of War Cragblade. The best thing about Claw and Fist weapons is that when you use them with both hands, it puts a duplicate weapon in your off-hand, so there’s no need to use another weapon to provide a power-stance to two of them.

    This is a powerful feature because when you apply a weapon buff like Bloodflame Blade, you end up with two weapons in each hand with the same buff. And they’re also lightweight, which gives you more room to wear heavier armor for better protection.

    The charged heavy attack of this weapon is an absolute beast. It’s relatively fast, causing you to attack with both hands while dealing with the damage of each weapon. This is probably the strongest attack you should focus on when fighting a boss.

    Since you attack quickly with this weapon, you can utilize items like Rotten Winged Sword Insignia and Thorny Cracked Tear to increase the attack power of each consecutive attack.

    Elden Ring: Iron Pumpkin Build

    To further enhance the power of this weapon, we use Ash of War Cragblade with Heavy Affinity. This is a weapon buff that increases your physical damage by 15% and your stance damage by 10% for one minute.

    This will enhance Iron Ball’s physical and poise damage easily breaking enemies’ stance and making them vulnerable to more damage. With this combo, you’ll absolutely destroy every boss in the game.

    But the only drawback is that Iron Ball’s range is too short. If you’re not standing very close to your target, you can easily miss the attack. So keep this in mind.

    Gods Crusher

    Last but not least is Gods Crusher, a build that uses one of the most iconic strength weapons in Elden Ring, Giant-Crusher.

    Giant-Crusher has a unique R2 that spins your character forward, then slams down the hammer to crush your enemies. This looks very similar to Ash of War Lion’s Claw. You can slam attack Giant-Crusher, dealing approximately 27% additional damage.

    So, you should focus most of your heavy attacks, which will not only deal extra damage but also activate important items like Axe Talisman and Spiked Cracked Tear, which will increase your charged attacks by an additional 26%.

    Many guides will recommend that you inject Heavy Affinity into Giant-Crusher. However, if you want to change it from a Giant-Crusher to a Gods Crusher, you have to use Occult Affinity, not Heavy Affinity.

    Elden Ring: Gods Crusher Build

    Giant-Crusher with Occult Affinity delivers the highest non-split AR damage in the entire game.

    While it has the potential to be the highest AR weapon in the game, it is also the heaviest weapon in the game. This means you’ll need to invest well in stamina and take advantage of items like Great-Jar’s Arsenal to lower your equipment load in order to use this weapon effectively.

    Additionally, it requires 60 Strength to use, but obviously, at least early in the game, you don’t need that much Strength. In fact, two-handing any weapon will multiply your strength score by 1.5. This means you only need 40 Strength to start using Giant-Crusher.

    Ash of War we’re using in this build is Royal Knight’s Resolve. Activating it will increase the damage of your next attack by 80%. The buff disappears after 10 seconds or after you hit it once.

    We can do massive physical damage in one attack by using Royal Knight’s Resolve and then charging Giant-Crusher heavy attack.

    You can also take advantage of it to enhance your jumping attack by applying Royal Knight’s Resolve buff to both of your weapons. While you’ll need to get Ash of War again to achieve this, the damage potential is even greater than charging the heavy attack on a single Giant-Crusher.

    If you want to use Dual Hammer in your first pull-through, but can’t get the second Royal Knight’s Resolve, you can use Ash of War Determination instead. It behaves exactly like Royal Knight’s Resolve, but does slightly less damage.

    These are the 3 best Strength Builds I would like to introduce. They will redefine your gaming experience. What is your favorite Strength Build in Elden Ring? I hope you try these builds on your next play through. Have a great day.

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  • Everything You Need To Do Before WOW Classic SOD Phase 2 Begins!

    On December 19, WOW Classic’s 2024 roadmap was released. It claims that Season of Discovery Phase 2 will arrive in the winter. So it should launch sometime between January and March.

    Before Phase 2 officially launches, there are a few things you can do in Season of Discovery to prepare for Phase 2.

    Everything You Need To Do Before WOW Classic SOD Phase 2 Begins!

    Flight Points

    First, the most time-consuming task in WOW Classic is always running under the new level cap. And in Phase 2, we’ll be entering new leveling zones, which means collecting Flight Points to these locations before Phase 2 will make your life a lot easier.

    Now, for Alliance, we want to consider capturing Menethil Harbor in Wetlands, which you most likely already have. Alternatively, you can choose from Darkshire in Duskwood, Southshore in Hillsbrad Foothills, Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale and Thonar in Feralas.

    You can do anything you need to do at Thousand Needles and Nijel’s Point below, as well as at Refuge Pointe in Arathi Highlands.

    Now for Horde side, we want to make sure we capture Tarren Mill in Hillsbrad Foothills, Freewind Post in Thousand Needles, Shadowprey Village in Desolace and Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale.

    Last but not least, more people in Arathi Highlands may have run to Shadowfang Keep by now. But like Southshore, this still needs to be done for Scarlet Monastery and for us at Alliance.

    I think Arathi Highlands is very important for both factions because Arathi Basin will be the next PVP representative.

    WOW Classic SOD: Flight Points Locations

    Complete Level 25 Area Quests

    It does seem possible that there will be some sort of event happening in Arathi Highlands itself as you run around grabbing these Flight Points.

    Now you can even start completing some of these level 25 area quests to fill up your quest log. Because you definitely don’t want to hand them over before Phase 2 is released. And by doing this, you will be ahead of everyone else. Because these Starting Zones will definitely be flooded by then.

    Going from level 25 to 26 requires 27,886 XP. Because each level 25 quest provides an average of 1,400 XP, a new full quest log will get you started on level 26 right away on Phase 2 launch day. Not to mention that, on average, each mission can help you earn 1.2-1.3 WOW Classic SOD Gold.

    WOW Classic SOD: Don't Miss These Area Quests

    Select Professions

    We know that Leatherworking, Tailoring, and Blacksmithing can get you some great gear. But with the release of Phase 2, the character level cap has been raised to level 40. We will also see the next level of professions.

    The profession cap for traditional expert training is level 225, but can be trained at level 20. It widely expected this to be the new professions cap for Phase 2.

    And Phase 2 will release new recipes, including potential new epic recipes for professions. Engineering will get recipes such as Parachute Cloak. Tailoring will craft Mageweave Bags. Enchanter can place Snowflakes on our weapons. Therefore, planning ahead and choosing the right professions is crucial.

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    Reach The Fishing Level Cap Standard

    Next we explore Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Extravaganza tournament, which is sure to be a hotspot. So make sure your fishing is up to par for the new level cap.

    Accumulate Gold

    Finally, the walking simulator is coming to an end as we will now be able to get mounts. While costs have obviously been slashed, 50 Classic SoD gold still needs to be accumulated to achieve this huge quality of life improvement.

    Therefore, we can sell excess quest items as we go to collect, and complete other quests to speed up the process of getting mounts.

    By the way, pack your bags so you can easily and cheaply replace those six slots before your new grind begins. Whether it’s Azeroth Commerce or Durotar Supply, even your local Supply Officer sells 12 slots bags just to be friendly.

    How To Make Gold At Level 25 Season of Discovery Classic WoW?

    Reach Honor Level Cap

    While PVP reputation may change from Ashenvale and Warsong Gulch, Azeroth Commerce and Durotar Supply reputation will most likely remain. Its significance lies because the level cap is raised from Honor to Revered, and the rewards that come from this new stage are countless.

    At present, the most important thing is to get yourself to at least reach the current honor limit. So most people find themselves with absolutely nothing to do after their raids, reset professions and reputations to the maximum Honor level cap, and the runes are all discovered. So this is the perfect time to level up your alts.

    WOW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 Changes

    Learn About New Changes

    But Season of Discovery keeps changing. Not long ago, they released a recent wave of class patches.

    In this new patch, they made changes to Mage, Paladin, Rogue and Shaman. In Mage class we have Living Flame, which consumes and benefits from Arcane Blast.

    In Paladin, Avenger’s Shield movement slowness is now correctly treated as a trap, and we can remove it by removing the effects of movement and pairing effects. Additionally, Seal of Martyrdom grants increased mana to party and raid members, and increases the damage done by all party and raid members by 20%.

    Rogue Blade Dance has now been updated to grant 10% Parry at all levels, rather than increasing Parry chance per combo point.

    For Shaman, the mana granted it has increased to party and raid members by Shamanistic Rage by 20%. Just like Paladin’s Seal of Martyrdom.

    As Season of Discovery progresses, changes continue to occur. We need to work hard to master them as much as possible and summarize them when the new version is released, to get a better start when Phase 2 arrives. I hope to see you in the game!

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  • Discussion Of Future New World Plans - Artifact Drop Rate & Perk Adjustments

    Recently, we got a lot of new information about New World in terms of upcoming plans, such as weapon changes and many other things. Some of these updates are recent, some are slightly older, and I wanted to include them as well.

    With seasonal updates and fix upgrades coming, it’s time to unravel the mystery surrounding New World’s upcoming plans. From Artifact tweaks to Perk changes and a grand vision for the future of the game, we have a ton of information to share. So, grab your gear and let’s get started!

    Discussion Of Future New World Plans - Artifact Drop Rate & Perk Adjustments

    PVP Perks On PVE Drops

    In Perks realm, issues surfaced regarding PVE failures and the deliberate exclusion of Perks like Burdening Smite. Whispers from the developers confirm that Burdening Smite is not present in PVE, consistent with its PVP-only nature.

    Meanwhile, the less-than-pleasant feeling brought about by the drop in Critical Retribution in PVE has not gone unnoticed. Because traditionally a lot of the good drops in PVP still come from PVE.

    Regardless, I’m not sure how far this transition should go. Likewise, you can get some significant items from PVP that are very useful. So I don’t necessarily understand why the exclusion is needed here, but we’ll see how they plan to move this forward further.

    BoE Crafting Gear

    As you may know, there are currently various bind on equip items that may be dropped. In one state, you can’t actually trade them with other players. Either appear as BoP immediately when picked up, or appear as BoP on the equipment and cannot be sold for New World Coins.

    So they did intentionally change the frequency of BoE and BoP gear. But that doesn’t necessarily mean targeting those items. For example, while they’ve always tied Chef Shirt to gear, plans are in the works for other items that promise a smoother trading experience.

    Solo Trials & Resource Nodes

    But players’ love for solo trials remains strong. We are also happy with the new node count and resource allocation. With more PVE content coming soon, be ready for the challenge!

    New World: PvP Track & Rewards Explained

    PVP Items From PVE

    Also, the debate between PVP and PVE rewards continues. PVP players often need to do PVE content for specific good equipment. But it’s just part of being an MMO. You’ll be forced to engage in activities you don’t necessarily want to do, which is your primary way of obtaining specific gear.

    The developers have no plans to change the source of some rewards on PVP track. There are currently a ton of rewards for PVE content that you can earn specifically from these activities. Since PVP hasn’t had much variety in terms of gear for a long time, you pretty much have to either farm everything in PVE.

    Therefore, the developers’ focus in Season 4 is to enhance PVP track rewards and ensure that PVP-focused players enjoy armor, weapons, and cosmetics. This allows players to achieve a balance between the thrill of combat and loot.

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    LuckSafe For Artifacts/Increased Drop Chance

    Also, there is a very important question, and that is whether we will get an update for Bad Luck Protection for Artifacts. The developers stated that they originally planned to provide Bad Luck Protection in Season 4, but they had to postpone that plan due to other priorities.

    Meanwhile, they increased the drop rate of artifacts from 10% to 20%. Artifacts’ Bad Luck Protection remains on their radar and internal roadmap, and they promise to provide more information in future seasons.

    Considering they’ve used Bad Luck Protection in events in the past, I’m really not sure what the difference this confirmed 20% drop chance actually is.

    New World: LuckSafe for Artifacts

    Influence Race Adjustments

    Once we get some information about Influence Race, we will group together Races Territorial on the schedule.

    Territorial cycles are 3 days, which will make it more difficult for teams to hold more than 3 Territorials without risking double declarations. Each Territorial has a six-day influence race cycle.

    They can adjust some area groupings based on feedback. I don’t think it’s necessarily as simple as putting all the highest value areas on the same day. Because then you also face the problem of having to push two Territorials at the same time in the new system. So I’m not really sure how they’re going to solve this problem.

    New World: Influence Race Adjustments

    Weapon Reworks

    Weapon rework is coming and we have to revisit and update old weapons with a focus on playability and quality of life. Boltcaster Artifact may look a little strange, but don’t worry, it was designed to redefine gaming style, and future artifacts will be aiming to do the same.

    Group Finder Update & Bug Fix For New World

    Group Finder & DPS Meters

    There will be future improvements to Group Finder system to ensure that queuing with a full group does not become a disadvantage. Also, while there are no immediate plans, the possibility of a DPS meter is on the horizon. If it does come to fruition, it will probably be an opt-in feature that respects the privacy of those who prefer to keep their statistics private.

    As we plot our course into the unknown, the promise of more information on reworks, changes, and grand visions of a new world hangs in the balance. Stay tuned, brave adventurers, because the journey has just begun!

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  • An In-Depth Analysis Of Diablo 4 Season 3 Expansion Leaked Information - Classes, Raids, Mercenary And More

    Are you ready for some exciting news? The first expansion for Diablo 4 seems to have leaked a lot of very interesting information. The leak could reveal some details about Diablo 4’s upcoming expansion and Season 3.

    Based on this information, we will discuss Diablo 4 Season 3 release date, new classes, raids, items, and mercenary.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Leaks

    As it stands, the leaks come from two different sources and are related to each other. One group of people could get some files from SteamDB that show some of the information we may have had in the first expansion.

    The second one appears to come from a group of people who could download some beta versions of Diablo 4. While they couldn’t play it, they could get some additional information about future expansions and possibly Season 3.

    The leak also reveals more details about Diablo 4 Season 3, which will reportedly be called “Dreamscape.” Also, it was revealed that many new features and content will be added to the new season.

    While we should take leaks with a grain of salt, this one seems more believable due to the presence of actual data file names. While we await the official announcement from BlizzCon 2023, let’s dive into the details provided by this leak.

    Diablo 4: An In-Depth Analysis Of Season 3 Expansion Leaked Information - Classes, Raids, Mercenary And More

    Release Date

    Since BlizzCon 2023 will be held on November 3-4, 2023, we are guessing Season 3 will also be arriving in the near future and should launch in January.

    Meanwhile, because each season lasts about three months, it is also quite credible that the release date of Diablo 4 Season 3 is expected to start in January 2024. But we still don’t have firm information on this.

    New Expansion Locations

    Based on leaked information, we’ve learned that the upcoming Diablo 4 expansion will be called Nahantu and will take place in Teganze Plains and Torajan Jungle locations.

    Nahantu is similar in size to the other five zones, filled with untamed wilderness and ancient secrets waiting to be discovered. Nahantu is a land of contrasts, from Restless Canopy’s verdant foliage to the barren expanses of Teganze Plateau.

    This is the home of Field of Giants, lingering hatred, and the dark depths of Kurast Sewers. Each location presents unique challenges and opportunities for Spiritborn, and it will test their connection to nature like never before.

    This area contains new quests that will take players through Nahantu’s many dungeons. From the terrifying Forge of Malice and Sleepless Hollow to the haunting Forgotten Remains and Ruined Wild, each dungeon holds equal parts danger and treasure. This also means there are more areas in the game for players to explore and farm for Diablo 4 Gold.

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    Season 3 campaign will take players through Durance of Hate to Gates of the Necropolis. Then enter Ethereal Spirit Realm and finally reach Tribe of the Five Hills. Each step will reveal more of Nahantu’s connection to Spiritborn.

    The pinnacle of Nahantu challenge is a new raid centered around Khazra. With five wings to conquer, this raid will challenge even the most seasoned adventurers to their limits.

    Diablo 4: Expansion Leaked & New Spiritborn Class

    New Class

    If the news is true, Diablo 4 Season 3 will introduce a new profession called “Spiritborn.” These characters will harness the power of nature, expanding players’ choice of classes and adding depth to the game.

    Spiritborn’s unique abilities and play style provide new strategies for meeting Nahantu’s challenges. Whether it’s Restless Canopy or the dark depths of Kurast Sewers, Spiritborn brings you an adventure like no other.

    Spiritborn is a class rooted in natural elements and spiritual realms. Their weapon of choice is Glaive, a symbol of their connection to the physical and spiritual realms. Glaive is not only a weapon but also a channel through which they transmit their power.

    Spiritborn’s power comes from two sources: Vigor and Allegiance. Vigor represents their physical vitality and endurance. It enhances their physical capabilities, allowing them to exhibit agility and strength beyond their normal capabilities.

    Allegiance, on the other hand, represents their spiritual connection with nature and its creatures. Through Allegiance, they can call upon the Spirits of Nature for help.

    When they summon Spiritual Power, the surrounding air becomes filled with raw elemental energy. Whether you’re attracted to their unique blend of physical strength and mental power or not, Spiritborn will give you a truly unique experience.

    Diablo 4: New Class Spiritborn Leaked

    New Items

    We expect season 3 to bring new Diablo 4 items to the in-game store. Most notably, the leak mentions a “Riding Cat,” sparking curiosity about this unique mount. However, specific information must wait for official confirmation.


    An exciting fresh addition mentioned in the leak is the introduction of a Mercenary mechanic in the new season. Players will recruit and customize Mercenary with unique names, including Berserker Crone, Bounty Hunter, Cursed Child, Maiden Mongrel, Scholar, and Shield Bearer. These Mercenaries will come with their entire inventory, allowing players to manage their gear and enhance their gaming experience.


    The leak also hints at the possibility of a new Runestone appearing in Season 3. This is similar to Vampiric Powers introduced in Season 2. These Runestones can provide players with unique abilities and customization options, adding new layers of complexity to character building.

    While this content is still unofficial, it’s exciting to see the debut of Diablo 4’s potential first expansion. Of course, this information is just speculation until official details are confirmed. But this still leaves us with great expectations for the new season.

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  • RDF Is Coming Soon In WOTLK Classic! - Affects & Issues

    As we all know, this Icecrown Citadel patch for WOTLK Classic is coming soon. And Random Dungeon Finder will definitely be in this patch. So it’s time to talk about the consequences RDF will have on games.

    RDF Pros

    I’m guessing most people see nothing wrong with Random Dungeon Finder. Even most people are actually looking forward to its arrival because it simplifies and speeds up the process of finding groups. It also makes it easier to find a group when your gear score is low, such as when you’re Alt ready.

    Obviously, when you’re not doing raid recording, it gives people content that actually does. It makes it easier to find groups and experience dungeon content as you level up, which is a positive.

    WOTLK Classic: RDF Finally Confirmed

    RDF Cons

    But it’s also important to discuss other negatives when implementing Random Dungeon Finder. It completely kills the open world of World of WarCraft, especially during the leveling journey.

    When the functionality is fully cross-server, all people can do is stay with Stormwind Orgrimmar and RDF. It also meant that the social community aspect of the game simply wasn’t there. Because you don’t even bother to interact with people on the server while you’re leveling. This makes the social function of the game completely meaningless.

    As I talked about recently, I’ve started upgrading on the new server. I’ve been doing group quests with people in the open world and adding people to my friends’ list for dungeons later.

    I actually ran into this group of friends who were just back in the game planning a raid after level 80. If they wanted to use Random Dungeon Finder in the game today to create a dungeon, such cozy community moments would never happen again. Because most people just pull and dump RDF without talking. But sadly, most people don’t care about that at all these days.

    WOTLK Classic: RDF is Coming! - Is This Good for the Game?

    Cause Of The problem

    It’s clear that WOTLK Classic players will go back to Vanilla when the growing popularity of WOTLK Classic servers and the popularity of GDKP in Ralph classic. And Retail Expansion players are taking over the game.

    They actually touched on GDKP in a recent interview. And said that even if they wanted to ban it, they couldn’t do it. It says a lot about how much a company cares about WOTLK Classic.

    So WOTLK Classic isn’t Classic anymore, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But as WOTLK Classic is getting closer to Retail Expansion. I mean, when the game becomes more like Retail Expansion, it appeals to a more Retail-minded audience and distracts Classic audience.

    Also Read: Why You Need More Gold Before WOTLK Classic Phase 4? - Gold Farming Guide

    As Classic progresses, the game gets better or worse, in the minds of different players, for different reasons. It’s just a unique product. It’s not a comfortable old MMO anymore.

    I don’t think it’s the end of the world, because in the end we have servers for Classic. And we hope for better Seasonal Vanilla Servers in the future, and even better Classic Plus Private Servers. Honestly, they do a better job than Blizzard.

    Impact Of RDF

    Back to the topic of RDF. My fear is that the open world will die as it gets applied to games. Because the urge to press this RDF button is too strong for the player.

    WOTLK Classic: How RDF Should Work?

    When leveling, since it’s a very convenient and easy way to level up, you could limit the extent to which you can use RDF tools. Similar to Hardcore Servers’daily cap on dungeons, unless you reach max level. Otherwise, players wouldn’t even bother going into the open world.

    It’s even more tragic when you consider Cataclysm Classic. Because by then those areas would have been remodeled and people wouldn’t even be able to see the content.

    How To Improve?

    Levels in the open world should also have some WOTLK Classic Gold or XP rewards. That way, some open worlds don’t die like Joyous Journeys.

    Even just a 50 experience reward would make this permanent quest be added to new world events in the open world. Such as Scourge Invasion and World Bosses. Rather than just implementing the ability to skip open world content.

    Why not rework the animations to improve the open world? Because Blizzard made larger changes to Endgame and Raffle of The Lich King, adding more difficult dungeons.

    WOTLK Classic: The Great Return - RDF & Joyous Journeys

    Why not extend these changes and ideas to the leveling journey as well? Because if the leveling process sucks, a person might not play the game. And two people who get bored at level 50 won’t stick around to win the game and become long-term players of the game.

    So I think it’s important to have a variety of different types of content for leveling up and open world content, including dungeon content and PVP.

    And my biggest fear is that when RDF becomes our norm, a certain percentage of players will constantly spam RDF. Instead of going into the open world, make friends and go on adventures. And that turns out to be the exact opposite of what a proper MMO should do.

    Anyway, I wanted to get your thoughts on Random Dungeon Finder. Looking forward to meeting you again in the game.

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  • Upcoming 5-Star Imaginary Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae In Honkai Star Rail! - Best Builds, Teams And More

    Today, we’re going to talk about the upcoming new character 5-Star Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae. As always, keep in mind that Dan Heng is still in beta, so his stats may change before the official release.

    In this guide, we’ll examine his talents and abilities, as well as some advice on pre-farming and building him. This guide will help you prepare to fully build him and assemble his best team to unleash his full DPS potential. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

    Talents & Abilities

    Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae is an Imaginary 5-Star Destruction character. His base attack is just a 2-hit attack, dealing Imaginary DMG to a single enemy target.

    Once we buffed his base attack on Transcendence, Divine Spear, or Fulgurant Leap. Every build you use changes his base attack and can stack with some type of damage from his ultimate.

    Honkai Star Rail: Upcoming 5-Star Imaginary Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae

    After pressing this skill once, it will transform the basic attack into Transcendence and consume 1 skill point. Use it twice to transform into a Divine Spear, and consume 2 skill points to release an Imaginary DMG with 260% of Dan Heng’s attack power. And launch 5 combos, causing an Imaginary DMG equivalent to 380% of Dan Heng’s attack power to a single enemy.

    And starting from the fourth hit, an Imaginary DMG with 60% of Dan Heng’s attack power will be dealt to adjacent targets.

    Tapping it 3 times will convert his base attack damage to Fulgurant Leap. And trigger a seven-hit combo, causing a large amount of Imaginary DMG equivalent to 500% of Dan Heng’s attack power to a single enemy target. This is almost on a par with the damage multiplier of most other character ultimates.

    Also Read: Honkai Star Rail: The Most Insane Teams You Can Build With Kafka! - Meta Analysis Of Kafka Build

    When casting Divine Spear or Fulgurant Leap, he gains a stack of Dominating Roar before each attack. Dan Heng’s Critical Strike Damage is increased by 12% per stack, up to a maximum of 4 stacks. These stacks last until the end of his turn. Makes his enhanced attacks do more damage.

    His ultimate is a powerful 3-hit attack that deals Imaginary DMG to a single enemy target and its neighbors. It also grants him 2 stacks of Squama Sacrosancta. Dan Heng can spend these stacks as skill points to boost his base attack.

    So, your priority should be to use his ultimate as soon as possible to avoid wasting too many skill points and ensure a smoother rotation.

    Honkai Star Rail: Dan Heng IL Updated Kit & Abilities


    Eidolons by Dan Heng IL is also very good. Since its E3 and E5 are only for his skill boosts, I’ll skip them here.

    E1 - Tether the Sky: Righteous Heart has 4 more stacks. Each attack gains 1 stack per hit. Each stack increases his DMG by 10%. This makes his boosted attacks do more damage, and it boosted all of his hits.

    E2 - Banners of Dominion: After using the ultimate, Dan Heng’s moves will advance by 100% and gain 1 extra SS stack. And you’ll get another free max boosted base attack.

    E4 - Outbound Dragonling: This causes Dan Heng's buff from Dominating Roar to last until the end of the next turn.

    E6 - Divine Dragon Returns: Dan Heng’s next Fulgurant Leap attack gains 20% Imaginary RES PEN after any other ally uses an Ultimate, stacking up to 3 times.

    Honkai Star Rail: Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae Skills and more

    Best Relics

    Wastelander of Banditry Desert is a really nice farm set for Imaginary characters. It will increase your Imaginary DMG by 10%. And when attacking debuffed enemies, Dan Heng’s critical strike rate will increase by 10%.

    And his Fulgurant Leap has 120 units of Weakness Breaks on a single target and 60 units of Weakness Breaks on adjacent targets. This system works even better if you run a Mono Imaginary team.

    Also, this Longevous Disciple set of 4 is not bad. Because he is a Destruction character, they will attack him a lot. When he is hit or an ally drains his life, it increased his critical strike chance by 8% for 2 rounds.

    Pairing with Rutilant Arena will also increase Dan Heng’s crit rate by 8%. When Dan Heng’s current crit rate reaches over 70%, the basic attack power and skill damage increase by 20%. Since Dan Heng only gets 24% crit from his Relics and his Light Cones, you can easily reach 70%.

    Best Light Cones

    Dan Heng’s best Light Cone slot is obviously Light Brighter Than The Sun. It significantly increases his critical strike chance by 18%, making his attacks do more damage. Each normal attack will superimpose 1 layer of Dragon’s Call, which lasts for 2 rounds, with a maximum of 2 layers.

    Honkai Star Rail: Light Brighter Than The Sun

    These stacks increase his Attack by 18% and increase his Energy Regeneration by 6%. If your goal is to take Dan Heng to the next level, use this Light Cone. Especially if you want to unlock his E1 or E2. I highly recommend it.

    Alternatively, 5-Star Light Cones from Herta Store are another solid pick from Dan Heng. Whenever Dan Heng attacks, his attack power increases by 8%, stacking up to 4 times. Also, when he inflicts Weakness Breaks on enemies, his damage is also increased by 12% for 2 rounds.

    Nowhere to Run is also another solid option. This Light Cone increases his attack power by 24%, and every time he defeats an enemy, he regains 12% of his attack power as health. If you don’t have a wonderful healer, this Light Cone comes to the rescue, making sure he can sustain himself and stay in the fight longer.

    Finally, Under The Blue Sky will increase Dan Heng’s attack power by 16%, and the critical strike rate when knocking down enemies will increase by 12%, lasting for 3 rounds. This Light Cone is great for AoE combat. It would give Dan Heng a unique edge in the right scenario.

    Dan Heng is without a doubt one of the best DPS characters in the game so far. His self-sufficiency and unique ability to empower and support himself sets him apart. If you’re looking for a strong DPS, I think he’ll definitely provide great value for your Honkai Star Rail Account.

    Team Synergies

    Finally, let’s examine some team compositions to maximize Dan Heng’s full potential. It turns out that Tingyun is the ultimate partner for Dan Heng. With her support, Dan Heng’s attack has been greatly improved. She makes sure Dan Heng has a steady stream of energy to cast his ultimate and get those precious SS stacks.

    Bronya is also a good pick. She has a skill buff and an extra Dan Heng turn. Also, her ultimate also grants him critical strike damage, enhancing his destruction attack.

    Honkai Star Rail: Dan Heng IL Team Synergies

    For focused single-target encounters, Silver Wolf is the best choice. Her precise defense is lowered, her damage is higher, and she can also inflict Weakness Breaks on enemies and reduce their damage. This makes her a great addition to Dan Heng’s team.

    For the last position, any Preservation characters would be fine. But preferably one that’s skill point positive, so it’s easier to manage skill points to keep the damage flowing without interruption. And Gepard is one of the best options to use with him.

    Closing Thoughts

    Anyway, Dan Heng is one of the best damage dealers in the game. He outperforms even top contenders like Seele thanks to his powerful attack and ability to support and empower himself.

    The only problem I see right now is that he doesn’t work for Auto Battle players. Because his hit rate is improved alone. But whether you are an old fan or a novice, Dan Heng’s power will definitely impress you.

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  • Aeromancer Class Is Coming In Lost Ark! - Engraving, Mechanism, Preference And More

    Here I would like to introduce Aeromancer class. As indicated in Lost Ark global roadmap, they will release Aeromancer in August of this year. I thought it would be great to first understand Aeromancer’s mechanics and preferences on your Lost Ark journey.

    Before I start this guide, you must know one thing. This guide is based on a KR server and is based on KR statistics and current general experience. Since Lost Ark has been working hard to restore the balance between the various occupations. Therefore, the composition of some skills in the future can also be changed.

    Lost Ark: Preview Your Aeromancer


    Aeromancer is actually a fairly old profession in Lost Ark. However, after KR PTR Balance Patch, her damage performance was nerfed. Especially her Weather Concept Engraving. Probably most players will be more familiar with Drizzle.

    Her Identity Skills are Sun Shower. Her Identity Skills are fairly passive and also affect other players’ damage performance and her own. But during the normal run of her Identity Skills, she gives you and your teammates a very useful buff.

    But as far as her personal experience is concerned, her positioning is quite vague. She’s not as powerful a DPS class, but also has a bit of vague synergy. Maybe you will feel more different.

    Class Engraving

    Let’s start with the coverage of Class Engraving. Class Engraving I used in this guide is Storm’s Fury. This Class Engraving not only changes Aeromancer’s fighting style but also her Synergy and Identity Skills effects.

    Lost Ark: Class Engraving Guide

    Storm’s Fury will remove effects that affect enemies and reduce Drizzle’s uptime and area. But it grants attack and movement speed buffs to you and your allies. And to increase your crit chance, your crit damage will increase by percentage based on your movement speed.

    Combat Stat

    Speaking of combat stats, I think Aeromancer has a lot of variations to choose from. But let’s put those changes aside, and I’ll show you the most representative battle stats setup for Aeromancer from Lost Ark Journey.

    The most iconic build of KR today is Storm Fury Aeromancer. Because she has the highest combat stats by far. With Hallucination Set, Combat Attributes, Engraving and Identity Skills, they almost guaranteed that she has a 70% to 80% crit rate. So most of the time we use the full speed build for smooth gameplay.

    In fact, there isn’t much to comment on about this build. Since she’s quite capable, well behaved, and fast, she’s easy to pick up and use even for beginners. Lost Ark doesn’t have a back attack type class. Therefore, Storm Fury Aeromancer is easier to access and control the complete team or the interior of many content.

    If you find her Swiftness Accessories a little pricey, you can mix it with Critical Accessories, but I don’t recommend it. We call this build a half Swiftness and Critical build.

    Lost Ark: Aeromancer Combat Stats Explained

    One problem though is that this build is depend on critical damage, aka the yellow number. From my personal experience, when the white numbers appear, we die. So, if you’re really missing Pheons and Lost Ark Gold, or you just want to try Aeromancer in other trumpets, I recommend this build.

    One thing I know for sure about Aeromancer is that she has a fairly modest build in everything. And she has a good control experience and skill mechanism, as well as a moderate performance in the team.

    Her mechanics are not as difficult to understand as other classes. No matter what you do with Aeromancer, she’ll make for a moderate or decent experience on your trip to Lost Ark.

    Also Read: What Adjustments Does Lost Ark Need To Make To Change The Current Depressed State? - 9 Solutions


    If you’re expecting some strong damage-handling classes from Aeromancer, then this class probably isn’t for you. Because the positioning of Aeromancer is more like sub-damage, synergy class.

    If you’re expecting some strong damage output like Punisher Slayer or Igniter Sorceress, like I said, this isn’t for you.

    Aeromancer can also build more variations. She has excellent and fluid controls and is easy to use with her skill set. Her skills and mechanics are more structured than other speed-based characters.

    As I’ve always mentioned, she can not deal with massive damage, but is a dominant class to deal with sub-damage and synergy dealer. So, if you were expecting an Aeromancer like Igniter Sorceress, you can’t get what you want from here.

    Lost Ark: Storm Fury Aeromancer Guide

    Why Is Aeromancer Still Popular?

    I think Aeromancer’s preference might be summed up like this. One, you can use any configuration you want. Two, there isn’t that much desire to occupy a MVP screen, and there are some middling damage performances. Third, excellent control experience and good skill practicality.

    So, if you want some gentle character but don’t want to be a support and can adapt to control and raid gimmicks, then this role is for you. So, what’s at the heart of Storm’s Fury’s mechanics?

    Lost Ark: New Class Aeromancer All skill effects


    First, Storm’s Fury will produce Airflow and cast Reflux. This second skill belongs to the suit and becomes Aeromancer’s shield. When the shield is generated, use both Reflux and the current skill. While the shield is functioning normally, it increases the damage of Reflux skill. Therefore, it is more like the connection between the instant damage plus damage skill and the fundamental skill.

    Anyway, that concludes today’s preview and discussion of Aeromancer class and related builds. Hope to see this alternative course globally soon. Also hope this guide is a little helpful for your Lost Ark journey.

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  • WOTLK Classic Call Of The Crusade Coming! - Crusaders’ Coliseum, Isle Of Conquest & Onyxia’s Lair

    Today let’s talk about an exciting new phase of WOTLK Classic Call Of The Crusade.


    In order to prepare for the last attack on Lich King. The union of Holy Warriors in Order of The Silver Hand and Argent Dawn decided to establish a base near Icecrown Citadel. This makes it possible to gather resources and identify warriors who will serve in Vanguard of their army.

    Highlord Tirion Fordring organized a contest to test the potential heroes of Horde and Alliance. But Scourge Invasion soon appeared and spoiled the event. Undead’s attack ended with the appearance of the monstrous Crypt Lord Anub’arak. He attempted to destroy Tyrion’s elite force before it could gather.

    WOTLK Classic: Call of the Crusade Overview

    New Function

    We’re getting to know a lot of exciting new features. Includes new dungeons: Crusaders’ Coliseum, a new battleground Isle of Conquest, the rerelease of Onyxia’s Lair, Tier 9 set pieces and more. So let’s get started.

    Crusaders’ Coliseum

    One of the most exciting features of this phase is the new Crusaders’ Coliseum. It is located on Argent Tournament grounds at Icecrown Citadel.

    There’s a brand new raid inside Coliseum: Trial of the Crusader and a new five-player dungeon, Trial of the Champion. Formidable Horde and Alliance Champions, a pack of monsters, and Scourge Invasion are some encounters you’ll face in this Gladiatorial arena.

    Best of all, there are no trash mobs here. You can just step in, start each encounter, and move on to the next. Horde, Alliance, and Argent Crusade are all represented within Coliseum.

    On Alliance side, you’ll find King Varian Wrynn in attendance alongside Lady Jaina Proudmoore. On Horde’s side are Warchief Thrall and Overlord Hellscream.

    WOTLK Classic: Crusaders’ Coliseum

    Trial Of The Champion

    Let’s start by reviewing five-player dungeon: Trial of the Champion. How did you enjoy all these daily jousting while Coliseum was being built? The first encounter in Trial of the Champion is another rivalry. Depending on which faction you are in, you will face off against the champion of the rival faction.

    For the second encounter, you’ll face one of two randomly selected, either Eadric the Pure, or Argent Confessor Paletress. Each boss has its own mechanics and specific loot, but there will also be shared loot in your cache rewards.

    Finally, you’ll face Black Knight. So if you haven’t done any daily jousting, you might want to start so you can get some practice.

    WOTLK Classic: Guide to Trial of the Champion

    Trial Of The Crusader

    Next, let’s move on to Trial of the Crusader raid. This is a brand new 10-man and 25-man raid copy. It features exciting new boss encounters, mechanics and loot. Including: Beasts of Northrend, Lord Jaraxxus Faction Champions, Twin Val’kyr, and Anub’arak.

    There are four different versions of this WOTLK Classic raid: 10-player, 25-player, 10-player hero, and 25-player hero. Regular 10-man and 25-man battles appear in Trial of the Crusader, while Heroic version is called Trial of the Grand Crusader.

    Both 10-player and 25-player instances of Crusader’s Coliseum will drop a new Emblem of Triumph. Heroic dungeons daily quest will award two Emblems of Triumph, and your currency and achievement tabs will update accordingly.

    How To Get New Equipment?

    If you’ve started your Argent Tournament daily, you’ll also get Champion’s Seal. Champion’s Seal is used on Tabards, Pets, Mounts, Gear, Heirlooms and more. They also drop from Trial of the Champion Heroic mode.

    WOTLK Classic: The Argent Tournament Guide

    Other forms of currency include Emblems of Triumph, Trophy of the Crusade and Crusader Orb, all of which will be redeemable for gear like new tier sets.

    The release of the new raid will offer nine tiers of items. Outside Crusader’s Coliseum, you’ll find vendors who trade in all level nine gear. So you need to prepare enough WOTLK Classic Gold and other currencies. Once you’re there, you can look around, talk to NPCs, and you’ll see who trades which Emblems for which level.

    Related: 7 New Changes To Expect In WOTLK Classic Phase 3 Call Of The Crusade

    Isle Of Conquest

    Next, let’s move on to the new battleground Isle of Conquest. If you like the vibe of Alterac Valley, then you might like Isle of Conquest. Same size, it can hold up to 80 players, 40 players per faction.

    Its primary goal is to win by defeating the opposing faction’s generals or by losing resources. Just like in Alterac Valley. But players will also find secondary objectives. There are five captureable locations here, each offering its own benefits to the faction that controls it. Each secondary objective, each has its own details and complexities.

    WOTLK Classic: Isle Of Conquest

    Onyxia’s Lair

    Finally, let’s talk about Onyxia’s Lair. Originally introduced in the vanilla version of World of WarCraft as a 40-man raid. It quickly became a fan favorite thanks to its challenging mechanics, epic loot, and noteworthy memes.

    But as we mentioned before, Onyxia’s Lair was re-released as 10 and 25 player raids. The re-release of Onyxia’s Lair comes as part of the run-up to World of WarCraft Cataclysm’s release, and it brings many changes to the game’s world.

    WOTLK Classic: Onyxia’s Lair Raid Guide

    To accompany the expansion, they’ve re-released Onyxia’s Lair encounter with an improved storyline and updated loot. The 10-player version of Onyxia’s Lair is designed to be accessible to a wider range of players, while the 25-player version offers greater challenges and more powerful loot.

    That’s all I want to cover. I mainly want to cover everything included in Call of the Crusade patch. Hope this guide can help you better understand this new content and have a better start. Good luck.

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  • WOTLK Classic Phase 3: Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Argent Tournament

    Do you want a way to remotely access your bank at any time of the day? Do you want a unique and visually stunning map? This is something no one else in the game has.

    Sunreaver & Silver Covenant

    As we enter Phase 3, Argent Tournament 3.0 update makes it the place to be with new quest rewards and vendors. I’ve got all the information you need about Phase 3 Argent Tournament’s massive new update.

    First, there are the new Sunreavers or Silver Covenant Agent NPCs, depending on your faction. These NPCs will be added to your daily quests. These NPCs include new quest givers and a vendor who will trade you for brand new rewards.

    WOTLK Classic: Update coming to the Argent Tournament

    Shimmering Wyrmling Pet & Argent Warhorse

    These rewards include two new maps for Sunreaver and two new maps for Silver Covenant, each with 100 and 150 Champion’s Seal. There’s also Shimmering Wyrmling Pet, which is visually stunning.

    But that’s just the beginning of the new rewards, as there’s a new NPC in Trial of the Crusader 10-man just west of Argent Tournament. Nikki will only talk to you if you are Exalted Champion of Alliance and Horde.

    She has brand new Argent Warhorse, worth 100 Seals. These also pair perfectly with the new Argent Crusader’s Banner.

    There’s also the new Tabard of Argent Crusade, which teleports you to Crusader every 30 minutes. It costs 50 Seal and is a moderately useful change.

    You can get all PVE Heirlooms from Squire David and Nikki. But the really exciting item is still Argent Pony Bridle. This is a direct upgrade to your Argent Squire or your Argent Gruntling, and it costs 150 Seal.

    It gives you the option of a four-hour cooldown. You can access the supplier’s bank or mailbox, which is the only way for non-engineers to remotely access the bank.

    WOTLK Classic: Argent Tournament Guide

    How To Access These NPCs?

    So you might be wondering how to access these new NPCs to access Sunreaver or Silver Covenant vendors. You just need to get promoted in their faction. You must also support at least one other city. This means you’ve completed five days of daily quests and earned 25 Valiant’s Seals.

    If you want to visit the new NPC that trades Argent Pony Bridle and Heirlooms. You must be the honorable champion of your faction. This means you’ll have to earn Argent Tournament in each city by completing basic Daily until you’ve earned 25 Valiant’s Seals in each city.

    But that’s not the case, you have to earn enough Reputation in each major Classic city to get all the dropped WOTLK Classic Gold rewards. And the best way to maximize your city rewards is to turn Runecloth and Leatrix Plus. It can automate the entire process or speed up an add-on. The problem is that Runecloth is too expensive.

    So, right now I’ve been turning to early game quests for Reputation as well. Argent Tournament's daily quest is also a must as you get Champion Rises. Each mission has 500 Reputation points.

    I’ve suggested looking for Champion’s Purse in the past, but Bogling Root has to be less than seven silver for Champion’s Purse to be any better. Unfortunately, Faerlina costs over 20 silver on my server.

    So now we have access to all new suppliers. But can we also get Champion’s Seal for rewards like before doing Arjun? Argent Tournament Daily Quests are still the best way to earn Champion’s Seal. But the good news is that they’ve added a ton of new Daily Quests, and they’re much easier than the old ones.

    WOTLK Classic: The Sunreavers Reputation

    New Daily Quests

    I’ve compiled everything in my full Argent Tournament 3.0 cheat sheet, refer to that if you need any more hints on the map or each quest for an in-depth exploration of the brand new Sunreaver and Silver Covenant Daily Quests.

    These Daily Quests each provide a Champion’s Seal. So they are always worth doing. Narasi Snowdawn provides two quests per day.

    One of these quests is required to find Reckless. He’s near Doctor Kohler, west of Argent Tournament camp. You just have to kill the call test nearby to get the key. You can open the four cages and unlock Cole’s cage above.

    Also Read: My Analysis Of The Current Situation With Official Hardcore Servers For WotLK Classic

    The second quest is one of four options. One option is A Leg Up, where you need to get tall Nexus-Strider Legwraps all over Hrothgar’s Landing. The island is just north of Argent Tournament, where most of your day-to-day work will take place.

    Back in the quest you can also get a random quest rescue at sea, you just have to go north to your faction ship and kill Berserkers and Harpooners. If your faction votes too crowded, you can fight on the opposite faction’s ship. But you will attract extra mobs.

    Another option is to fly to Light’s Mercy and find Harggan. Then click Prayerbook on the villager in this alley. If you’re tired of putting random items on your hotbar, My Macros and Cheat Sheets combine all items into one slot.

    Then the fourth Daily Quests option is Stop The Aggressors. This is a peaceful island 10 Cavalry kill mission. There is also an NPC that offers Sunreaver and Silver Covenant Daily Quests.

    WOTLK Classic: Argent Tournament Daily Quests

    Sylvanas Windrunner and Tylos Dawnrunner will randomly offer one of three daily quests. First Goramosh wants Snowball, this quest sends you to K3 to net Snowball. I have a great Macro that you can spam.

    Another option is Breakfast Of Champions, and the quest requires you to use Earthshaker Drum near Dirt Mound, north of Brunnhildar Village.

    Another quest is to acquire Kraken. This is a bombing mission, and you can start by simply riding Hippogryph outside the western tent. Wait until you get close to Kraken and spam your Macros to do this quickly.

    These new big changes to Argent Tournament are great. So please look forward to the upcoming new content. I believe we will not be disappointed.

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  • Diablo 4: Is The New Trailer Worth Looking Forward To In 2023?

    The release of the new Diablo 4 trailer illustrates the beauty of darkness in the game world Sanctuary, as well as telling players it will release what new events this time, including exploring Dungeon shown in the game’s announcement movie. 

    This trailer will break down and explain the entire exploration environment of the players in the game one by one. As Diablo 4’s release date approaches, there will be a lot of publishers making a lot of promotional material for the trailer.

    The main content of this trailer is to analyze all the activities that players can take part in during their adventures in Sanctuary world. Lilith’s Hidden Altars will have a chance of being discovered by players around the world. This will permanently unlock account-wide stats. 

    At the same time, players may also find world leaders or enemy strongholds during their journey. But it’s also possible that players will receive a simple side quest to escort the ghost of a child. Through these simple side tasks, players can also get Diablo 4 Gold, which can upgrade their own equipment and increase game playability.

    Many developers of ARPG to be launched by Blizzard also shared with players how to design the appearance of Sanctuary, as well as their ideas and concepts when designing. Harrison Pink, a senior designer on the project, said their goal was to make the game feel like a painting.

    Diablo IV Official Release Date Trailer

    The production of Diablo 4 was very long, and the designers encountered many unbelievable difficulties during development. They released the predecessor of Diablo 4 in 2012. For a long time, publishers only focused on immediate interests, and were only satisfied with updating the game with new materials to keep players returning. 

    At the moment, Diablo 3 is preparing for its 28th season, and this is likely to be the last season, because all development resources will be tilted towards its successor, Diablo 4. Now, players can also get an earlier and more comprehensive understanding of Diablo 4 and the new world they are about to venture into.

    The publisher announced the public beta date of Diablo 4 at the beginning of this month, and also released new promotional materials for Diablo 4. Players can also know through reports that the development of Diablo 4 has fallen into a bottleneck period and has stagnated for a while. The various versions of the game revealed in the developer’s announcement message even include a premium version that doesn’t include the game. Even though there were various problems in the development process, the company still did not give up, and continued to push forward with this project, while ensuring that they could successfully complete it before the release date.

    Today, Activision Blizzard released a new video about the challenging Sanctuary world. The video mainly wants to introduce the game itself. It mainly divided Diablo 4 into 5 different areas

    Diablo IV cinematic trailer revealed and open beta test date

    One is said to be based on the desert, the other is influenced by Scottish culture, and the third is inspired by Carpathian Mountains. There is another area whose description sounds like a combination of highlands and deserts, and the last one is a swampy area in the south. Activision Blizzard then took the trailer to break down the new enemies players will face and what players can do around the world.

    Blizzard also explained that Diablo 4 has a different pace than previous games in the series. It not only has simple but interesting side missions but also has long battled lines and relatively strong storyline combat missions

    In one such varied quest, the player sees Dungeon in “By Three They Come” movie. Among them, Lilith, the major enemy of Diablo 4, will also be called to Dungeon to fight with players. Players can also harvest Diablo 4 Gold drops by killing enemies.

    For the first time, players can explore the world of Diablo 4 without long waits for screens to load. The team also specifically emphasized that the transition of the guaranteed area is a situation that seems reasonable. 

    Diablo IV Gameplay Trailer

    For example, the water flowing from the snow-covered Fractured Peaks area to Hawezar swamp area is a waterfall formed by melting glaciers. Each region has its own unique dungeons, and even the enemies found in them are different. For example, Goat man's enemies will be covered in fur when encountered in Fractured Peaks area. However, there are other appearances in other areas.

    Diablo 4 will have two open beta weekends in March. The full game won’t be released until June 6, 2023, and the road ahead is still long and difficult.

    This information allows players to have a more comprehensive and specific understanding of the main content of Diablo 4. Players now know what world they’ll be exploring and what to expect from the different side quests in each region. However, whether Diablo 4 is worth the long wait for players remains to be seen.

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  • Four Games You Can Look Forward To In 2023

    2022 has passed, and the games released this year are still a little insufficient. Except for top masterpieces such as Elden Ring and God of War: Ragnarok, the quality of other games still has not met the expectations of fans.

    As a result, more fans began to put more expectations in 2023. However, I have to say that 2023 may be able to restore the decline of the game circle in recent years. After all, there are many masterpieces this year. If the release time of these new games is not delayed due to some accidents, then there will be very fierce competition among the games that will be launched this year.

    Today, let's summarize the game masterpieces worth looking forward to in 2023, and see if there is something you like?

    1. Tears of the Kingdom

    There is a popular saying in the game circle, "P5 is the number one game in the world, and Zelda is the toppest", which shows how high the status of The Legend of Zelda is in the game circle. And Tears of the Kingdom, as a sequel, is also in the limelight.

    Tears of the Kingdom

    Originally, Tears of the Kingdom was also a strong contender for the Best Game of the Year. But unfortunately in May 2022, the producer announced that the release would be postponed to May 12, 2023.

    Judging from the current trailer, the game is already very complete, and the locations that players can explore are not limited to land, and locations such as Sky Island have begun to appear. And it is unlikely to be delayed again. I hope the game will live up to the expectations of fans.

    2. Final Fantasy XVI

    The Final Fantasy series has always been the golden signboard of Japanese RPG, such as Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 14 are classics among the classics.

    In the new work, the player will play the role of prince Clive Rosefield, and his younger brother Joshua, who is the manifester of the summoned beast Phoenix, will be involved in the vortex of war, and the reason why the kingdom is protected by Mother Crystals will also be revealed.

    Final Fantasy XVI

    Judging from the announced content, it will be a style combining medieval and high-tech elements, and it will make real-time combat. What's more, the refreshment will also definitely be improved compared with the past.

    Fortunately, the performance of this series is still very stable, and it will basically not disappoint the expectations of fans, so stay tuned!

    3. Assassin's Creed Mirage

    The game is actually another classic series. The name "Assassin's Creed" is well known, and even some people who don't play games may have heard of it.

    Assassin's Creed Mirage

    Assassin's Creed Mirage will be the 13th game in the Assassin's Creed series. It is rumored that this game will return to the original intention of "Stealth" and "Assassination", which makes many players breathe a sigh of relief.

    I hope that Ubisoft can focus on the game mechanism this time, and stop being just a landscape browser.

    4. Hogwarts Legacy

    Harry Potter is probably the memory of many people's childhood. The "Harry Potter" series of movies also has countless fans, and countless children and adults are immersed in the cool magical world.

    Hogwarts Legacy

    The story of this game is set in Hogwarts in the 19th century, and the timeline is before Harry Potter and others. The player will play a student in Hogwarts, and can fully experience the potion class and choose his own wands, taming magical creatures, and more.

    Overall, there are quite a lot of masterpieces in 2023. Let's look forward to them together!

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