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  • 3 Best Ways To Farm Gold In New World With Harvesting Skill Line!

    In this guide, we’ll look at how to use Harvesting Skill Line in New World to earn tons of gold while leveling up your Harvesting skills.

    We will compare the results using three different methods and provide you with the market prices for all items on my server. Therefore, you can decide which method is most profitable for your server based on the price.

    3 Best Ways To Farm Gold In New World With Harvesting Skill Line!


    Before we get into the first method, a quick disclaimer. I use a full set of Harvesting Equipment with 700 gear score, a very good Sickle, top level Harvesting Trophy, Powerful Proficiency Boost, and 350 Intelligence to complete all these methods. And I also have a PVP Flag to really maximize my New World Coins earnings.

    While grinding, you can even get the most lucrative Music Buffs and top-tier packs on your sickle if you want to take your character to another level on the fly.

    Let’s take a quick look at the current prices of all the different Fibers and Threads on my server Maramma. This way you can see how they compare to your server.

    As you can see, they are all reasonably priced, but Silk Thread is clearly the most expensive. I’ll provide a different approach in case this isn’t the case with your server. Without further ado, let’s get started!

    New World: Current prices of different types of Fibers and Threads in the server Maramma

    Method 1: Hemp Farm

    But now let's get into the first method, which is farming Hemp. This is a very simple method that can be done in many places.

    But the reason I would love to redo this area of Windsward is because I really like the aesthetic of this area. There is also a Fast Travel Point here. You can collect a lot of Hemp as quickly as possible, and eventually accumulate a lot of New World Coins.

    Feel free to search New World map for a location that suits you. You need to make sure there are enough eggs laid and you never run out of pickings.

    You can even look for locations with lots of other resources to get the various items found on locations like Restless Shore. Even though there are usually more people here, you should still get excellent results running back and forth here.

    Once you’ve chosen your location, feel free to use any of the previously mentioned items. Then throw your gear together to pop Powerful Proficiency Boost.

    I like to use a Fire Staff and a Great Axe or Rapier when doing this to speed up my running between plants, and using a Sickle can really help speed up collecting those gains.

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    Let’s see what we can expect from an hour of sanding this area.

    I ran Windsward for 30 minutes and went to Trading Post and sold everything, leaving me with 2,223 gold. Most of it came from Fiber, which ultimately brought 1,850 gold coins.

    This means that if I multiply that by 2, you can expect to earn approximately 4,447 gold per hour through this method, not to mention your Aptitude Crates.

    Currently, each Fiber is worth 25 gold on my server. So compare the prices, maybe it will be more profitable on your server.

    New World: The Best Hemp Farming Route! - Over 5000 Fibers Per Hour

    Method 2: AFK

    Next, we have the second method, which is AFK.

    This method is useful when you want to get some extra gold, but don’t want to constantly run around the game testing.

    I use this brilliant method with Cutlass Keys Map. You can use it here as well, or just look for any area on New World map that has a large amount of the resource you want to target.

    So, for example, if Silk Thread is top-priced on your server, look for a place that has a few Silk Thread spawns in an area, and then surround it with some other nice resources as a bonus.

    The great thing about this place is that it not only has Silk Thread and Wirefiber but also Spinfiber and even some Wyrdwood Tree and Runewood Tree. There were a few Hemp plants nearby, but I jumped over them during the grind to minimize running around.

    Now let’s look at everything I got from sitting in this place for 30 minutes, jumping into the game every 10 minutes or so.

    When I sold these on Trading Post, I made 2,430 gold. This is surprising for the effort I put in. This means if I multiply this number by 2, you can expect to earn 4,860 gold per hour.

    It’s great to do this AFK method because you can make more money than Hemp farming method and it takes a lot less effort.

    During this time, I also acquired many Aptitude Crates, which can further increase my profits. Don’t forget that you have to check the prices on the server before starting.

    This is a very reliable location for a server as populous as Maramma. But if too many people use this location later, you can simply look for another location on New World map with a similar amount of resources. There are many places as good as this.

    New World: Best AFK Gold Farm Method So Far

    Method 3: Multi-Task

    Finally, we have method three: Multi-Task. For this one, we just tested against the most commonly used materials on the server. I chose Silk Thread because it had the highest price.

    Then, you need to find a place not too far from Fast Travel Point, where there are many resources you want. I use this small area in Weaver’s Fen Map because there are a lot of spawn points there, and it doesn’t take long to grab them.

    All I did was teleport to Fast Travel Point and hit all the spawns, including any Wirefibers. Then teleport out and continue doing what I was doing in New World. Then I’ll come back in 10 to 15 minutes and repeat the process.

    Now, to test these numbers, I took a quick look, and it took about 6 minutes to go through and collect everything in the area before teleporting out.

    But for testing, I didn’t get any Fibers, nor did I get a lot of resources. It is indeed selling for 651 gold coins on Trading Post.

    But given the 15 minute wait, let’s say you can do this 3 times per hour. This means you can harvest 1,953 gold per hour, with a harvest time of approximately 18 minutes. That’s not bad, especially if you do a lot of other things on the side, and you’ll also get some Aptitude Crates to boost profits.

    Easy Way To Make 30-40k Gold In 1 Day In New World - How To Make Gold Really Fast!

    If you want to really focus on Gathering, you can turn it into a route. If done well, you can cycle this route repeatedly.

    After running here for 30 minutes straight, I sold everything in Trading Post and earned 2,256 gold. If multiplied by 2, that means you can get around 4512 gold per hour here. Of course, you can make more or less if the prices on your server are different.


    Overall, the amount of gold that can be earned is pretty impressive since it’s so easy to do, and adding Aptitude Crates will only increase your earnings.

    New World: Comparison of the benefits of three different methods

    This guide covers three ways you can craft gold in New World with Harvesting Skill. I will list the benefits of three different methods so that you can get an overview of them all and choose the one that suits you best. Let me know which method is most profitable for your server. Good luck!

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  • The Almost Game-Breaking Class Tier List In WOW Classic SOD Phase 1

    Now that Season of Discovery Phase 1 is coming to an end, let’s take a look back to determine which class nearly broke the game on this SOD Class Tier List.

    Class Tier List

    We will evaluate these classes from various angles, from DPS to WOW Classic SOD Gold production to PVP. It will help you decide which classes to make, and it will also tell us which class is likely to snowball into the best class in Phase 2. So let’s get started.

    The Almost Game-Breaking Class Tier List In WOW Classic SOD Phase 1

    B Tier

    First, we’ll rank each class based on their overall progress in Season of Discovery and their performance at the endgame level.


    If we want to start from Tier C, our choice must be Priest. The first is because Priests are bad in PVE and people won’t even consider taking them to raids.

    But I have to admit that Priest is the best healer in Season of Discovery, just like in Vanilla, although Shadow spec leaves a lot to be desired.

    Playing as Shadow Priest is much better than in the base game thanks to abilities like Mind Sear and Homunculi. But it’s still not as powerful as other Ranged or Magic DPS Classes. And usually, a priest is more effective as a healer in a team. This means it’s faster to be invited to join the group.

    If you want to play one of the best healing classes in the game, choose Priest to easily be invited to PVE groups. Those who want to play Shadow Priest will enjoy the class changes and new Runes, which will probably be enhanced in future stages. Therefore, for the final strength ranking of Phase 1, I still choose to place Priest in B Tier.


    For B Tier, we also have Shaman. Shaman is in a better position overall than before thanks to a pleasant set of Tanking Runes, as well as other stuff that buffs Shaman’s specs.

    However, like Druids, Shaman is good at many things but not good at any one thing. Indeed, Shaman tanks are far from the worst in SOD, and they are now becoming decent healers.

    Shaman are easy to level up and relatively easy to play, but in the endgame they struggle to achieve high damage output. Shaman is also a good choice if you want to play any role in dungeons but don’t mind being slightly outclassed by more powerful classes in SOD.

    DPS Class Tier List Ranking for WOW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 1

    A Tier

    The first class in A Tier will be Warlock.


    Warlock can bring a lot of utility to the team. He can summon party members to their locations and get Soulstones and Healthstones.

    In SOD, Warlock can also try a new specification through Metamorphosis Rune. Warlocks have proven to be decent tanks, and their damage output has the potential to be great.

    Demonology and Destruction Warlocks have great new tools in SOD, but Affliction Warlocks are somewhat left behind. Combined with the summoned Demon pet, Warlock quickly becomes a more complex class than most other classes.

    With the right rotation and pet management, it can become a powerhouse and almost never die.


    So the next class to enter A Tier is a Mage. Mage class is one of the most popular classes in WOW Classic for several important reasons.

    It has many uses for groups, as it can summon Portals to quickly travel across continents. Mage can also summon Water and Food for the team for free. And their ability to control their enemies is nearly unparalleled.

    Mage in SOD and Vanilla are good at AOE damage and PVP. They’re also able to take on the role of healer in SOD, with three new Runes turning Mage into an Arcane healer and damage-slinging machine. It's difficult to reach maximum DPS, but a skilled Mage player can bring a lot to the party.

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    The next class is Druid. Druids, like Shaman, can play all three standard group roles, but they’re not the best choice for anyone. Unlike Shaman, Druid now gets Windfury via Wild Strikes Rune.

    For DPS, Feral Druids are great in both PVP and PVE, but aren’t top tier yet. Guardian Druids are excellent tanks, but Paladin is still better than them.

    As for Restoration Druids, the focus on healing over time is unique, but not as powerful as Priest or Paladin’s emergency healing options. Balance Druids are also in a better position than Vanilla, but they are not as competitive as other DPS specs in SOD.


    We also can’t forget about Paladin, a powerful class in Phase 1 raids. While Paladins can be just as good at healing as Priests and are some of the best tanks in the game, Retribution Paladins still can’t compete with other melee DPS classes.

    Paladins are more fun to play in SOD, thanks to new Runes that shake up their relatively boring rotation, like the level 2 Crusader Strike. But this is not the class a player who wants to stick to DPS should choose.


    We arrived at the last class of A Tier, Warrior. At its highest level in Phase 1, Warrior performs well as a tank and DPS. But until they have good gear, the level will suffer.

    Warrior is a class that relies heavily on auto-attack, although they did get some new Runes, changing up Vanilla’s rotation a bit.

    While Warriors may be difficult to level up and have to reach max level to become good, they top the new Raid leaderboards for both DPS and tank roles in BFD and dungeon content.

    So if you want to play a standard melee damage dealer with a rotation that isn’t as complex as other classes, and don’t mind spending time leveling up, choose Warrior. What they lack in leveling and PVP, they make up for in endgame PVE content.

    WOW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 1 DPS Rankings

    S Tier

    We finally arrived at S Tier. If you regularly check WOW Classic logs and data, you’ll see that Rogue is definitely the top melee DPS in the game.


    Rogue in WOW Classic SOD gets some nifty new Runes and the ability to tank with Just A Flesh Wound Rune.

    Rogue, like Warrior, will have difficulty in the early levels because they don’t have many powerful abilities. But when the player gets Poisons and Vanish, Rogue starts to destroy the damage meter.

    While Rogue is good for PVP, with a maximum level cap of 25, the class doesn’t have core parts of PVP toolkit, such as Blind and Cheap Shot.

    Rogue Tanking is fun, but managing Combo Points while relying on evasion stats instead of armor can make things tricky.

    If you want to try a new tank style, or if you like to quickly rotate and clear everything with extremely high DPS output, choose Rogue, just don’t take the battlefield lightly.


    Finally, let us enter the last class of Phase 1, Hunter. Hunter was so far ahead of the other classes in SOD that the class received multiple nerfs within the first week of the season.

    The class is now closer to other classes in SOD, but still tops the list in PVP and PVE.

    One drawback of Hunter is that its rotation is not much different from Vanilla. Its new Runes add some variety, but players still have to follow Aspect of the Lion meta.

    Although Hunters are unmatched in PVP and excellent in PVE, they are not as easy to master as some players think. And we expect that as Season of Discovery continues, this class will be further weakened.

    WOW Classic SOD Phase 1 Class Tier List

    Final Thoughts

    In short, there is no best class or worst class in Season of Discovery. Each class has its own fun. But some simply deal more damage, are more effective tanks, provide more healing, or simply have fewer drawbacks than other SOD classes.

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  • How To Crush Diablo 4 Abattoir Of Zir With The New Minmax Ball Lightning Build?

    The new Abattoir of Zir event is very challenging. I spent a lot of time testing different versions of Ball Lightning build and came up with one that I found to be the most fun and efficient to play. With this build, I passed T14 at level 14 and got the new Tears of Blood Glyph.

    This build doesn’t use any Uber Uniques like Harlequin Crest or Melted Heart of Selig. Therefore, this build is perfect for players on a low Diablo 4 Gold budget. You can even just use this build instead of having to farm Uber Boss repeatedly while hoping for a drop.

    In this guide, I’ll cover all the key synergies. Let’s start!

    How To Crush Diablo 4 Abattoir Of Zir With The New Minmax Ball Lightning Build?

    Unlock AoZ

    Before we dive into the build, I wanted to take a quick look at the keys to the new Diablo 4 Abattoir of Zir Dungeon. In order to take part in Abattoir of Zir event, we need to complete all Seasonal Journey Chapters.

    The reward for the last chapter is 3000 Potent Blood points. But this is usually not very useful, since we may have upgraded all of our Vampiric Powers at this point. But we can also use Potent Blood for alt accounts, such as starting a new character.

    Diablo 4: How To Start Abattoir Of Zir?

    The New Tears of Blood Glyph

    The reward of Abattoir of Zir event is a new Glyph, Tears of Blood, which can increase our damage.

    Currently, I’m at glyph level 15, which doubles my overall damage with some additional added damage and damage reduction.

    We should note that the core statistics here include not only Intelligence but also Strength, Dexterity and Willpower. So investing Paragon Points into all stat nodes within the radius gives us the best results.

    The best place to use the new Glyph is on Burning Board, where we get extra damage reduction from burning enemies as a bonus from rare nodes. And damage reduction is very important in Abattoir of Zir event. Because we can die instantly at high levels, resulting in failure without any reward.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Farming 30k EXP Per Hour Tears of Blood Glyph

    Key Synergies

    Next, I’ll cover all the key synergies.

    We use Flickerstep in our builds to maintain Permanent Ultimate. Because each dodge reduces the cooldown of our ultimate ability by up to 10 seconds.

    Since attacking reduces the cooldown of evasion, we can use evasion almost once per second. So as long as we dodge through the enemy a few times within 10 seconds of Ultimate. When it ends, Ultimate will be ready to cast again.

    In addition, Flickerstep can also reduce damage from close enemies to help us survive better.

    Diablo 4: How Good Is This New Flickerstep Unique Boots?

    So what does it mean to have permanent Ultimate uptime?

    First, of course, it increases our damage. Because when Ultimate is active, every Ball Lightning we cast will trigger a random Shock Skill out of these 4 skills.

    The first two are Core Skills, which trigger Accelerating Aspect. The third one is Cooldown Skill and Protection Passive. We just need to cast Ball Lightning to get Barrier.

    Also, we are running Ice Armor in this build. We can maintain Barrier 100% of the time. Not only does this help us survive and face high-level monsters like in T14, but it also ensures that we get 100% of the benefits from Storm Swell Aspect and Conceited Aspect. Both rely on barrier uptime.

    Diablo 4: Ball Lightning Enchantment

    Another key synergy is using Ball Lightning Enchantment, where all critical hits trigger static Ball Lightnings on the ground. This greatly increases our damage.

    An extra note is that our Teleport has a high Lucky Hit Chance. We will be placing a level 5 Teleport in this build to cast Teleport every 1-2 seconds, causing many static Ball Lightnings on the ground.

    Also, we have Shimmering Teleport, which upon use gives us another 30% damage reduction for 3 seconds.

    Since Protection Passive and Teleport are also Cooldown Skills, casting Teleport every 1-2 seconds will maintain the 30% Damage Reduction buff and a 30% Maximum Life Barrier. This helps us tank mobs further head-on in T14 without any issues.

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    For armor we need 3% armor stats for 4 positions. Achieve 13500 armor through maximum stacks of Aspect of Disobedience. This way we can gain 85% armor damage reduction cap against level 155+ enemies in Abattoir of Zir.

    We also use Adept Glyph in Paragon Board, as the 20% extended range is good for both cast Ball Lightnings and static Ball Lightnings in the enchantment.

    Finally, we use Reinforced Glyph to get an additional 15% damage reduction since we have 100% barrier uptime. We also got magic and rare nodes for damage reduction from Burning Board’s elites.

    Diablo 4: Reinforced Glyph

    6 Glyphs vs 7 Glyphs

    I also tested performance between two Paragon Boards. In one there was a board where I removed some nodes from some glyphs so that I could use 7 glyphs and get all the glyph bonuses.

    On the other board, I only used 6 glyphs, but I could max out all the nodes within the glyph radius and get a ton of bonus damage. This is my final result.

    Diablo 4: 6 Glyphs vs 7 Glyphs

    You can see that 6-Glyph is actually better than 7-Glyph. Because even if the monster is considered always under crowd control, the total damage will be higher. In actual combat, monsters are only partially subject to crowd control. Therefore, 6-Glyph will be far superior to 7-Glyph.

    Tips To Push High Tier AoZ

    Here are some tips for pushing high tier AoZ.

    The first tip is to avoid clearing everything we see. We needed to fight a high density of monsters to make the most of the 10-minute timer.

    Many times, we can just clear out the non-elites and move on. In particular, I recommend not fighting ranged elites one by one. They are fleeing from high-density crowds and it is not worth chasing them. Usually I just jump in and clear out the non-elites and move on.

    Another tip is to save Shrine before the boss fights to maximize our combat power against 3 bosses. When the potion runs out, we can always go back to town to refill it.

    Finally, I recommend using +50 Maximum Resource Elixir to trigger more Elementalist’s Aspects. It allows me to gain at least +1 level while pushing Abattoir of Zir.

    Diablo 4: Tips To Push High Tier AoZ

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, Abattoir of Zir event was challenging, but I think it still needs some improvement.

    First, the lack of item rewards is a bit frustrating. Even with stat re-rolls, I couldn’t find a single piece of gear that was of similar quality to what I had equipped.

    Next, the failure and reward systems also need to be redesigned. In AoZ, there are no rewards for death or overtime, and it completely wasted our time. And I feel like the current rewards are not enough and more we need increments to keep players motivated and having fun.

    What I enjoy in AoZ, though, is testing the limits of my builds, iterating on them, and creating a building that has a good balance between damage and survivability to advance to the next level. It comes with a tremendous sense of accomplishment. I hope this guide helps you make your own build and have fun testing it!

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  • How To Build Your Shaman Tanks In WOW Classic SOD? - Runes, Talents, Gear & Professions

    Fellow Farseers and Shamans, the moment we have longed for has finally arrived. Season of Discovery has arrived, and it comes with a whole boatload of new builds, as well as Class, Role, Spec combinations!

    I’m sure some people are excited about the potential for Shaman Tanks to actually become a true spec in WOW Classic variant. With this excitement comes a lot of questions about the initial ideas for builds, runes, talents and gear.

    So I hope I’ve got a good handle on it and provided a lot of information for you to absorb. I’d like to start with a guide on how to Shaman Tanks first, and then we can build on that knowledge to provide subsequent guides for other aspects of the class. Without further ado, let’s get into the guide.

    How To Build Your Shaman Tanks In WOW Classic SOD? - Runes, Talents, Gear & Professions


    Runes are the new feature of this game mode, which allows you to use new abilities not found in Classic Era games. They are either from future expansions or completely new ideas that fit the essence and spirit of WOW Classic.

    These new ability Runes are earned by exploring the world and its various challenges. Runes are easily interchangeable and hot swappable, and just like our talent system in retail WoW, there are many combinations and gear items that will come with it.

    Here we’ll cover Runes you may want to use when tanking Shaman. Please keep in mind that circumstances may change and this guide may be out of date. But if it does happen, I’ll post updates and additional guide content to stay relevant!

    WOW Classic Season Of Discovery: Shaman Runes Discussed

    Shield Mastery

    First, your ideal Chest Rune for Shaman Tanks would be Shield Mastery. Each time you block, you regain 4% of your maximum mana and gain 30% of your maximum armor as armor, stacking up to 5 times.

    Also, you get a 10% increase in block chance and a 15% increase in block value. This is obviously a very good mana regeneration and defense rune, as long as you’re wielding a shield.

    Molten Blast

    Your ideal tank Glove Rune will be Molten Blast. It explodes enemies in a cone in front of you, dealing 46-61 Fire damage. This capability creates a significant threat.

    And Flame Shock periodic damage has a 10% chance to reset the cooldown of Molten Blast. With this ability, we don’t have to worry about mobs resisting our Nature spells. This will also help us maintain aggro against the teams we pull.

    It will also reward players to spread their Flame Shock debuffs to get reset in Molten Blast. This sounds like a very interesting gameplay.

    Way Of Earth

    Our Legs slot Rune will obviously be a Way of Earth. While Rockbiter Weapon is active on your main hand weapon, you cause 100% more threat, have 30% more health, take 10% less damage, and have 6% less chance to be critically hit by melee attacks. And Earth Shock will taunt your target to attack you.

    WOW Classic Season Of Discovery: Shaman Runes Overview & Discussion

    Earth Shock

    Earth Shock now has a separate cooldown from your other Shock spells, but its range is now reduced to melee range. This is Rune that makes Shaman the tank they’ve always wanted to be.

    With increased survivability and Earth Shock’s dedicated taunt button, the only thing we’re missing now is a separate spell for interrupting spell-casting. Since Earth Shock is also an Interrupt in WOW Classic, we can actually use it to solve the problem of interrupting spells in most cases.

    Shamanistic Rage

    Another rune worth trying is Shamanistic Rage. Shamanistic Rage reduces all damage taken by 20% and regenerates mana every second for 15 seconds. Mana regenerated per second is equal to 15% of your attack power, 10% of your spell power, or 6% of your healing power, whichever is greater.

    If you have enough WOW Classic SOD Gold budget, you can place Rune on multiple items in the same equipment slot. Therefore, you can put Shamanistic Rage of a pair of pants to use the ability between pulls or when out of combat to benefit from the mana regeneration buff it provides.

    But before entering the battle, you’ll want to switch back to your Legs slot Rune. Because if you don’t have Way of Earth equipped, you’re in danger of dying.

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    Since the initial level cap of Season of Discovery is 25, Talents we can absorb are also very limited. It’s unclear whether certain talents will also affect Rune abilities, thereby replacing other abilities or enhancing your core spells. And it’s also possible that talents will be updated to improve or interact with your Rune abilities where it makes sense.

    That being said, you have a good idea of what path you should take to get Shaman to level 25, and respec later on when you gain higher levels and more Talent points.

    We’ll mostly stick with Elemental Tree to get the needed damage increase and mana conservation talents.

    In Enhancement Tree, the best value at level 25 is Shield Specialization, although I expect Shaman Tanks to be deeply enhanced as they level up.

    Convection helps us a lot because Earth Shock and Flame Shock are probably some of our most used spells. And reducing the mana cost of these spells would go a long way.

    Concussion will obviously increase our damage, which increases the threat we generate.

    Elemental Focus gives us the opportunity to enter a clear casting state, which allows us to cast the next damaging spell freely.

    Shield Specialization interacts well with Shield Mastery Rune, increasing your block chance and block value. This directly affects our mana regeneration and maintains the defensive stacks generated by this rune.

    WOW Classic Season Of Discovery: Shaman New Runes Talents Gear & Professions


    Typically in WOW Classic, we want to maintain a healthy balance of Strength and Agility as a melee DPS Shaman. While you’ll be wielding a shield, Strength becomes even more important as it directly affects your chances of blocking an attack. Intellect also plays an important role as it increases the size of our mana pool and the chance of getting a critical hit with our spells.

    As a spell-casting tank, Strength and Intellect will be our two most important stats. And, of course, Stamina. However, if our mana regeneration is good enough, we might escape with minimal Intellect gear.

    That being said, once underrated gear types will now become in demand for Shaman Tanks, like Gorilla Gear. Gorilla Gear has both Strength and Intellect. For Shaman Tanks, these items will now be properly utilized.

    Some notable items from the ancient game will drop from Wailing Caverns, including Armor of the Fang. Because it provides Strength, Intellect, Agility and Spirit on its item set, and the set bonus works very well with Shaman Tanks.

    Another item of note is Seedcloud Buckler. Because it will act as a giant shield until you get Commander’s Crest from Shadowfang Keep. This set’s set bonus increases your natural damage, healing, and increases your Intellect.

    WOW Classic SOD: Deep Dive Shaman Tanking Guide


    For professions, I personally would probably choose Leatherworking and Skinning first. Because you can make many notable recipes, to get the advantages of your equipment.

    Since there is currently only a level cap and no professions cap, we can take advantage of the many powerful items obtained from crafting professions.

    Once I got the best items through Leatherworking, like Earthen Leather Shoulders, Deviate Scale Belt and Heavy Armor Kits. I’ll probably give up on Skinning and switch to Engineering to get items like Bright Eye Goggles, Training Dummies and Iron Grenades to help me tank in raids and dungeons.

    In WOW Classic, you can choose any professions you want. They provide some help, but are not ultimately the be all and end all. I just mentioned which professions I think will be most helpful for your Shaman Tanks. But as mentioned before, everything is subject to change, so give it a try!

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  • How To Optimize Diablo 4 Ball Lightning Sorcerer With The New Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop?

    The new Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop is exceptional. To do this, I updated my previous Ball Lightning build and got a 90% multiplier damage boost based on my calculations. It has unlimited mana and decent tanking capabilities, and I can fly in T100 without fear of dying.

    I’m very confident that this version will perform well with the new content in patch 1.2.3. This is similar to Greater Rifts in Diablo 3, which launches on December 5th. I also have a further optimized version for the boss. Uber Lilith melts in just 3 seconds and doesn’t even require any elixir.

    Base Build Synergy & Guide

    We can find most of the guides and synergies in the build in this Ball Lightning build. Like why Ball Lightning is so good in Season 2, how to get infinite mana to cast infinite Ball Lightnings, how to create a tank build for T100? If you are interested, don’t miss this guide.

    Diablo 4: New Update Season 2 Endgame Ball Lightning Sorcerer Build Guide

    New Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop optimization

    Unleashing the full power of the new Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop, we’ll deal 4 types of elemental damage. We already have lightning damage from Ball Lightning and fire damage from Firebolt Enchantment. We can also use Ice Blades to deal cold damage.

    Please note that Frost Nova will not trigger any cold damage since there is no cold damage tag on Skill Description. While Ice Blades do exist, Ice Blades also do not consume mana, further increasing the efficiency of Conjuration Mastery.

    We also have 3 points to increase damage by 12% during the ultimate time. Therefore, using Ice Blades is much better than using Frozen Orb or Blizzard.

    The final elemental damage type is poison damage. We use Infection Vampiric Power, which triggers 1 poison damage every 8 hits.

    We get a constant 60% multiplier damage boost for all 4 types of elemental damage.

    Diablo 4 Guide Explained: Is the new Tal Rasha's Iridescent Loop unique ring worth using?

    According to my testing, we can still cast infinite Ball Lightnings even without Recharging Aspect. Because Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop provides resource generation statistics. As long as we have 20% Mana Cost Reduction on the amulet and 10% Mana Cost Reduction on the boots, the level 3 Invigorating Conduit will restore 12 mana every time Cracking Energy is picked up.

    There are also 3 Crackling Energy Generators in the skill tree, 1 from Shock Skills, 1 from Chain Lightning, and 1 from Ball Lightning. If you find that you’re low on mana without Recharging Aspect, another option is to get Crit Chance and Resource Generation on another ring.

    It would be nice to lose one damage stat and replace it with a Resource Generation Stat. Getting unlimited mana first is the most important thing in the build. Also, I keep Skill Points in Lightning Spear but intentionally don’t use it in the skill bar. This way, in the ultimate time, we have Lightning Spear to stun ranged enemies.

    Plus new Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop’s Anticipation Vampiric Power and additional Cooldown Reduction stats. We’re close to 0 Cooldown Ultimate, which we can cast non-stop to stun everything and melt everything.

    Also Read: Diablo 4 Season 2: How To Maximize Damage With This Overpowered Rogue Bug?

    We can also further optimize Paragon Board to increase its damage to bosses by another 15% and increase it by 30%. But if you are coming from a previous version, you will need to upgrade 2 new glyphs.

    One is to replace Reinforced Glyph with Elementalist Glyph, since we now have all 3 elemental damage. This multiplies our damage by another 15%. To compensate for the loss of survivability caused by removing Reinforced Glyph, which reduces damage by 15%, I updated the 1st and 3rd Board to take all 2% max health nodes.

    Another is to move Territorial Glyph to the 2nd Board and replace Control Glyph with Enchanter Glyph. Since we have a lot of Uber Bosses in the endgame, they rarely stagger, so Control Glyph isn’t very useful.

    Also, the additional 90% non-physical damage can be combined with Frigid Fate legendary node for another 9% additional multiplier damage. Also, we gain an additional 5% of maximum lightning resistance, and we take approximately 17% less lightning damage. This helps us survive better in T100 NM dungeons.

    I know upgrading new glyphs takes time, so the previous Paragon Board will work as well. If you have a little extra Diablo 4 Gold budget, switching to the new Paragon Board is great for bosses, especially Uber Lilith.

    If you haven’t upgraded Control Glyph or Reinforced Glyph yet, then use this new version. Because it deals more damage in a balanced way and has similar survivability.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Ball Lightning Sorcerer Build Update +85% Damage

    Uber Bosses Optimization

    I also made an Uber Bosses optimized version of this build to fully melt Uber Bosses, including Uber Lilith. It’s easy to switch between the two versions simply by swapping Chest Armor and Pants.

    We use Raiment of Infinite to further increase damage and more Glass Cannon passive. If your Tibault’s Will has more than 30% damage boost, use it, otherwise using +4 Rank Ball Lightning pants will do more damage.

    I’m still using Aspect of Disobedience on Helm since I don’t have Godslayer Crown or Shako Definitely. Definitely switch to any of this if you have them.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Tal Rasha's Ring Destroying Uber Lilith With Ease!

    Farm The New Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop

    The new Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop is great. But how do we farm it?

    It is dropped by defeating Uber Varshan. We need 4 materials to summon Varshan. All materials are dropped by completing Tree of Whisper bounties. Sometimes when we complete a bounty, we’ll see this fingerprint-like icon on the map, followed shortly by a monster spawning. After melting them we will get another 1-2 materials.

    So when you complete any bounty, check the map and stay longer when you see this fingerprint icon.

    Farming Uber Varshan’s location is just to the left of Tree of Whisper. Most of the time, we have more of one type of material than the other. We can go to Alchemist to bet on these three materials, or exchange Malignant Hearts for the other three materials.

    We can do this by going to “Refine Resources” tab and purchasing these body caches. For example, I got two Trembling Hands from two Blackened Femurs, and the distribution between the 4 types is slightly better.

    Diablo 4: How To Optimize Ball Lightning Sorcerer With The New Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop?

    Final Thoughts

    I love the new Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop, it’s a great addition to the game. It provides a significant damage boost to all Sorcerer Builds. In addition to Ball Lightning, Chain Lightning, Charged Bolt, Fire and Ice builds will all shine on this new ring.

    I highly recommend you spend some time targeting it. This will give your build a huge damage amplifier no matter what build you run.

    Overall, this Sorcerer Build for Diablo 4 Season 2 is a game changer. With incredible survivability, unparalleled damage output, and lightning-fast clear speed, this will be an unstoppable force!

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  • The New Malignant Ring In Diablo 4 Patch 1.2.2 Will Give Your Classes More OP!

    Recently, Diablo 4 released Patch 1.2.2, which introduces balance changes and new class-specific Uniques to make your favorite classes even more powerful.

    The patch also adds 5 new Malignant Rings, one for each class. They contain the most popular powers from Season 1: Season of the Malignant.

    Diablo 4: The New Malignant Ring In Patch 1.2.2 Will Give Your Classes More OP!

    How To Get Them?

    Players can get them in this Seasonal Realm and Eternal Realm. These Malignant Rings are available for many classes and can be inserted into most builds while providing a powerful strength boost.

    They drop from killing the endgame boss Varshan, which is probably the easiest of the 5 endgame bosses. Even luckier, farming his summoning materials is a simple task by playing Whispers and Blood Harvest events around the clock.

    But unlike Duriel, Malignant Ring will drop unique attributes and rarities. Therefore, you need to send Varshan back to his ancestral multiple times to get the perfect ring.

    Malignant Ring drops as part of Varshan loot table. So if you kill him in a group of people and you’re not the one who summoned him, Ring can still drop to anyone involved in the kill.

    Diablo 4: How To Get Unique Malignant Rings for Each Class? - Season of Blood New Rings

    Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop

    Sorcerer can loot Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop, which provides a stacking 15% damage bonus for every element of damage you deal. The great thing about this buff is that as long as you continue to deal elemental damage, the buff will keep refreshing.

    Sorcerer’s base kit stacks 3 unique elements using Lightning, Fire, and Ice. But with Vampiric Powers and Aspects, you can also deal with Poison or Shadow to stack buffs, from 45% extra damage to 75% extra damage.

    This is a huge damage increase for a single item. It’s worth noting that if you have the budget for Diablo 4 Gold, you can also run Infection Vampiric Power. This will cause you to deal poison damage and will count as an additional stack to the ring’s effect.

    Diablo 4: Malignant Ring - Writhing Band Of Trickery & Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop

    Ring Of Red Furor

    Barbarian can loot a Ring of Red Furor. After spending 100 Fury, your next cast of Hammer of the Ancients, Upheaval, or Death Blow will always critically hit and deal 30% additional critical damage. Upheaval and Hammer of the Ancients had already dealt insane amounts of damage before, but now they do even more damage.

    Airidah’s Inexorable Will

    Druid can loot Airidah’s Inexorable Will, which was last season’s vacuum effect. When you cast any ultimate, you pull distant enemies directly in front of you and deal physical damage to them.

    Willpower, Druid’s primary attribute, scales this damage. The main reason this ability is useful has less to do with damage and more to do with stacking enemies in one location. But Vortex will also interrupt some abilities.

    Also Read: Diablo 4: How To Get Your Malignant Rings Fast In Season 2?

    Writhing Band Of Trickery

    Rogue can loot a Writhing Band of Trickery, which will bring back Decoy Trap from Season 1. Whenever you use Subterfuge Skills, you’ll be left with a Decoy Trap. The trap taunts enemies, then explodes after 3 seconds, dealing Shadow damage. This is one of my favorite effects in Season of the Malignant, as it gives Rogue a lot of opportunities to combine other abilities.

    Diablo 4: Malignant Ring - Ring Of Red Furor, Airidah’s Inexorable Will & Ring Of The Sacrilegious Soul

    Ring Of The Sacrilegious Soul

    Necromancers can loot Ring of the Sacrilegious Soul, which automatically activates Corpse Skills on nearby corpses without any input from the player. This was an insane quality-of-life impact on last season’s Necromancer and made some of Corpse spam play styles easier to play.

    We really struggled to see this effect at the end of Season 1, but with the new Malignant Ring, it’s making a comeback.

    Please note that there is an internal cooldown based on the type of skill that is automatically activated. Raise Skeleton and Corpse Explosion can only trigger every 1-2 seconds, while Corpse Tendrils will only activate every 8-16 seconds, regardless of their current cooldown.

    Of course, you can imagine the potential this unlocks for each class, allowing players to recover some righteous strength from Malignant Powers, and allowing us to combine them with Vampiric Powers.

    Diablo 4: New Malignant Rings Unique Explained

    Ring Stats

    Luckily, Diablo 4 developers seem to be getting better at providing useful stats for unique items.

    Ring of Red Furor has Attack Speed, Maximum Fury, Strength and Resource Generation.

    Airidah’s Inexorable Will grants players Willpower, Lucky Hit Chance, Damage to Close Enemies and Ultimate Skill Cooldown Reduction. I could do without Willpower on this project, but its power makes sense.

    Ring of the Sacrilegious Soul gives us Lucky Hit Chance, Maximum Life, Maximum Essence, and Ranks of All Corpse Skills. Regardless, most Necromancer builds will want Maximum Life and Lucky Hit Chance on their ring slots. This gives us a way to get Ranks of All Corpse Skills in slots we wouldn’t normally have. If it has an offensive stat, we can improve it better.

    Writhing Band of Trickery provides Critical Strike Chance, Critical Strike Damage, Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies, and Maximum Life. This is an incredible set of statistics.

    Finally, Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop provides Lucky Hit Chance, Resource Generation, Non-Physical Damage, and Cooldown Reduction. It has a damage stat and reduced cooldown in the ring slot, which is a nice win.

    To be honest, I didn’t expect Season 2: Season of Blood to add more content like this before Blizzcon 2023, but I’m excited to see it. These items also appear to be staying in the game, which is great news for everyone who loves these effects.

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  • How To Farm Delirium Orbs In Path of Exile 3.22? - The Best Strategies

    Delirium Orb is a special currency in Path of Exile, obtained primarily by completing Delirium Mirrors, and can be applied to the map to add layers of Delirium.

    Adding a layer to a map permanently generates Delirium mechanic within it and also spawns many additional monsters. It also adds a bonus mechanic that drops loot in stages based on the number of monsters you kill in the area.

    Farming Delirium Orbs is considered by many to be the most profitable POE currency farming strategy in the game, and provides some of the most popular items in Path of Exile.

    This guide will cover the basics of farming Delirium Orbs and how to maximize your returns and profitability.

    Path of Exile 3.22: Delirium Orb Map Farming for Huge Profits


    When farming Delirium Orbs, there are many key mechanics you need to pay attention to ensure you get the maximum rewards.

    There are typically up to 5 Delirium Orbs applied to a map, with each additional Orb increasing the difficulty of the map, but also providing additional rewards. This way, you’ll get more loot for each Delirium you reach. Additional layers of Delirium will also increase your chances of encountering 1-2 Delirium bosses.

    While in Delirium map, you will notice that there are bundles of Fungal within the map. Monsters will spawn when players stand on these Fungals, and killing these monsters will increase Delirium reward threshold. The more layers of Delirium there are on the map, the more Fungal will be generated.

    Delirium Bosses have a chance to appear in all Delirium-based content, but adding layers of Delirium to the map will increase this chance. At a certain threshold, you’re bound to encounter 1-2 Delirium Bosses that drop valuable Cluster Jewels and Simulacrum Splinters.

    Path of Exile: Farming Simulacrum Splinters for Tons of Currency Per Hour!

    Be warned, however, that looting the smaller stacks of Simulacrum Splinters is hardly worth your time, as 300 stacks are required to form a Simulacrum. Therefore, consider hiding Simulacrum Splinters with low stack size to speed up your play through.

    Cluster Jewels are a common drop in Delirium map and can be worth a lot of money if rolled correctly. But many Cluster Jewels types don’t even have a chance to be valuable, so you can hide these types to save your Chaos Orbs and make farming more efficient.

    How Does It Work?

    The most efficient way is to apply 4 Delirium Orbs to complete 80% of Delirium map. The 100% Delirium map is too difficult and slow to run, making farming the map inefficient. While lower-level farming of Delirium Orbs can be profitable, we do not consider it efficient.

    When running your Delirium map, you can add additional mechanics such as Breach and Abyss which spawn large numbers of monsters. This will significantly increase the number of Delirium rewards you can expect.

    When running Deliium Orbs strategy, most of your loot will drop from Deliium threshold reward. These rewards do not scale with anything other than additional monsters killed. With this in mind, you can run White or Magic Maps to help us reduce the difficulty and significantly increase the speed of the level.

    POE 3.22: How to Farm Delirium with a League Starter Build?

    How To Maximize Your Loot Earnings?

    First you can increase the number of items, which will not directly affect the rewards provided by Delirium Orbs, but will increase the number of standard drops from Delirium monsters added to the map.

    Second, the item’s rarity does not increase the rarity of Delirium-specific rewards, but does increase the rarity of standard drops from Delirium monsters, allowing for a higher, easier Delirium reward threshold.

    Map level also directly affects the number of Simulacrum Splinters dropped by enemies and the rarity of rewards dropped by Delirium Orbs.

    Finally, Compasses modifier “Delirium Reward Bars fill 100% faster” will give you twice as much progress per monster kill to reach your Delirium reward threshold faster, while also having greater potential.

    Also Read: POE 3.22 Explosive Arrow Ballista Champion Build

    Map Selection

    For maximum efficiency, run Delirium Orbs on maps with the fastest build layouts, which are typically shorter, open maps.

    Every map in the game has a hidden value that interacts with Delirium, which determines it granted how much progress each monster for each Delirium reward threshold. Generally speaking, the fewer monsters on the map, the more progress you can make.

    Normally these maps are balanced around reducing the number of monsters for more progress, but since you can add a lot of monsters through the league mechanic, you can break this feature in your favor.

    POE 3.22: Crimson Temple Map Farming

    Among them, Strand Map has the highest hidden threshold multiplier in the game, provides the simplest Delirium rewards, and also uses a fantastic linear layout that runs quickly.

    Caldera Map is one map with the highest hiding threshold. The layout is quite fast, and the layout is narrow enough, making it very easy to trigger all Fungal on the map.

    Crimson Temple Map has the standard threshold multiplier, but has incredible Divination Card drops that can significantly increase your strategy gains. The weakest of the three, but the most rewarding.

    Overall, with the right build and some practice, you can earn a lot of currency by farming Delirium Orbs in Path of Exile. Good luck!

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  • An In-Depth Analysis Of Diablo 4 Season 3 Expansion Leaked Information - Classes, Raids, Mercenary And More

    Are you ready for some exciting news? The first expansion for Diablo 4 seems to have leaked a lot of very interesting information. The leak could reveal some details about Diablo 4’s upcoming expansion and Season 3.

    Based on this information, we will discuss Diablo 4 Season 3 release date, new classes, raids, items, and mercenary.

    Diablo 4 Season 3 Leaks

    As it stands, the leaks come from two different sources and are related to each other. One group of people could get some files from SteamDB that show some of the information we may have had in the first expansion.

    The second one appears to come from a group of people who could download some beta versions of Diablo 4. While they couldn’t play it, they could get some additional information about future expansions and possibly Season 3.

    The leak also reveals more details about Diablo 4 Season 3, which will reportedly be called “Dreamscape.” Also, it was revealed that many new features and content will be added to the new season.

    While we should take leaks with a grain of salt, this one seems more believable due to the presence of actual data file names. While we await the official announcement from BlizzCon 2023, let’s dive into the details provided by this leak.

    Diablo 4: An In-Depth Analysis Of Season 3 Expansion Leaked Information - Classes, Raids, Mercenary And More

    Release Date

    Since BlizzCon 2023 will be held on November 3-4, 2023, we are guessing Season 3 will also be arriving in the near future and should launch in January.

    Meanwhile, because each season lasts about three months, it is also quite credible that the release date of Diablo 4 Season 3 is expected to start in January 2024. But we still don’t have firm information on this.

    New Expansion Locations

    Based on leaked information, we’ve learned that the upcoming Diablo 4 expansion will be called Nahantu and will take place in Teganze Plains and Torajan Jungle locations.

    Nahantu is similar in size to the other five zones, filled with untamed wilderness and ancient secrets waiting to be discovered. Nahantu is a land of contrasts, from Restless Canopy’s verdant foliage to the barren expanses of Teganze Plateau.

    This is the home of Field of Giants, lingering hatred, and the dark depths of Kurast Sewers. Each location presents unique challenges and opportunities for Spiritborn, and it will test their connection to nature like never before.

    This area contains new quests that will take players through Nahantu’s many dungeons. From the terrifying Forge of Malice and Sleepless Hollow to the haunting Forgotten Remains and Ruined Wild, each dungeon holds equal parts danger and treasure. This also means there are more areas in the game for players to explore and farm for Diablo 4 Gold.

    Also Read: S Tier Chain Lightning Build Can Dominate Diablo 4 Season 2!


    Season 3 campaign will take players through Durance of Hate to Gates of the Necropolis. Then enter Ethereal Spirit Realm and finally reach Tribe of the Five Hills. Each step will reveal more of Nahantu’s connection to Spiritborn.

    The pinnacle of Nahantu challenge is a new raid centered around Khazra. With five wings to conquer, this raid will challenge even the most seasoned adventurers to their limits.

    Diablo 4: Expansion Leaked & New Spiritborn Class

    New Class

    If the news is true, Diablo 4 Season 3 will introduce a new profession called “Spiritborn.” These characters will harness the power of nature, expanding players’ choice of classes and adding depth to the game.

    Spiritborn’s unique abilities and play style provide new strategies for meeting Nahantu’s challenges. Whether it’s Restless Canopy or the dark depths of Kurast Sewers, Spiritborn brings you an adventure like no other.

    Spiritborn is a class rooted in natural elements and spiritual realms. Their weapon of choice is Glaive, a symbol of their connection to the physical and spiritual realms. Glaive is not only a weapon but also a channel through which they transmit their power.

    Spiritborn’s power comes from two sources: Vigor and Allegiance. Vigor represents their physical vitality and endurance. It enhances their physical capabilities, allowing them to exhibit agility and strength beyond their normal capabilities.

    Allegiance, on the other hand, represents their spiritual connection with nature and its creatures. Through Allegiance, they can call upon the Spirits of Nature for help.

    When they summon Spiritual Power, the surrounding air becomes filled with raw elemental energy. Whether you’re attracted to their unique blend of physical strength and mental power or not, Spiritborn will give you a truly unique experience.

    Diablo 4: New Class Spiritborn Leaked

    New Items

    We expect season 3 to bring new Diablo 4 items to the in-game store. Most notably, the leak mentions a “Riding Cat,” sparking curiosity about this unique mount. However, specific information must wait for official confirmation.


    An exciting fresh addition mentioned in the leak is the introduction of a Mercenary mechanic in the new season. Players will recruit and customize Mercenary with unique names, including Berserker Crone, Bounty Hunter, Cursed Child, Maiden Mongrel, Scholar, and Shield Bearer. These Mercenaries will come with their entire inventory, allowing players to manage their gear and enhance their gaming experience.


    The leak also hints at the possibility of a new Runestone appearing in Season 3. This is similar to Vampiric Powers introduced in Season 2. These Runestones can provide players with unique abilities and customization options, adding new layers of complexity to character building.

    While this content is still unofficial, it’s exciting to see the debut of Diablo 4’s potential first expansion. Of course, this information is just speculation until official details are confirmed. But this still leaves us with great expectations for the new season.

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  • Diablo 4 Season 2 Is Officially Here! - Everything You need To know

    Diablo 4 Season 2 has arrived, bringing a ton of changes and updates to the game. The developer has really turned things around in Diablo 4 Season 2’s latest patch.

    Among them, I am happy with the addition of the new Vampiric Power and Blood Harvests. I’m really excited that we can stay in this Overworld instead of grinding strongholds. And as Whispers experience points increase, you can level up in Season 2 in any way you want.

    In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Diablo 4 Season 2. Whether you’re an experienced player or new to the world of Sanctuary, this guide will help you prepare for this new season.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Everything You Need To Know About Season Of Blood

    Seasonal Quests

    As usual, new seasons add new seasonal quests, and you’ll need to create a new seasonal character. Don’t forget to click “skip campaign” and select Seasonal Realm. When you arrive at Sanctuary, the first thing you need to do is start your seasonal quest to earn new Vampiric Powers.

    The way seasonal quests work is that you need to continue completing your Season Journey to get more seasonal quests. When I’m doing Season Journey, I usually target any seasonal objectives, which can also increase the speed at which we farm Diablo 4 Gold.

    Other than that, most Season Journey objectives are easy to complete, such as talking to an NPC, completing a stronghold, or completing a certain number of dungeons or cellars.

    The main reason you want to complete this Season Journey chapter is that it gives you access to Legendary Aspects that appear in the patch. Some of these aspects are powerful and will bring new synergies to your build that you didn’t have before.

    Battle Pass also gives you Smoldering Ashes, which you can use in Season Blessings to gain things like boosted experience points.

    Once you’ve collected the new Legendary Aspects from the new season chapters, simply head to Occultist and use Codex of Power option to imprint them onto your device.

    Diablo 4 Season of Blood: Seasonal Quests & Battle Pass

    Vampiric Power

    Next, let’s talk about how Vampiric Power works. If you open inventory, you will see a new tab called Vampiric Power.

    In this menu, you will use Potent Blood collected from Vampires to activate 1 of 3 random Vampiric Powers. If one of Vampiric Powers is already activated, you can also use this menu to upgrade Vampiric Power.

    To activate Vampiric Power, simply drag and drop it into Sanguine Circle. In order for a Vampiric Power to be considered active, you first need to collect the required number of pacts.

    Diablo 4: How to Activate Vampiric Power?

    To see the activation cost, simply hover over Vampiric Power you want to activate and check pacts requirements.

    All equipment dropped in Season 2 will have pacts associated with it. Developer divide them into three types: Ferocity, Divinity and Eternity. The total number of pacts you have equipped will be at the top.

    To add Pacts to armor that has not yet reached its maximum of 5, you will need to add Pacts to the armor using Diablo 4 items dropped from Vampire Events. Of course, there is another special item that can remove pacts from armor, and that is Cleansing Acids.

    Also, additional Vampiric Power can be obtained by completing Hunter’s Acclaim Board.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Best Vampiric Powers - Season Of Blood Powers Guide

    Blood Harvests

    In Season 2 we also have a new event called Blood Harvests. This is an event very similar to Helltide. But it’s always active of the day, with no downtime.

    Enemies in Blood Harvests drop something called Blood Lures, and you can see all of your Blood Lures in the upper right corner. This will be used to spawn Blood Seekers on the altar. This is very similar to Whisper Events, which require Venous Motes to spawn elites.

    Blood Seekers have a chance to drop the keys needed to open Seeker Caches. These chests have some pretty wonderful rewards, and I even got most of the rare items from these items.

    Blood Harvests also have its own new Whisper Events that you can complete to collect Grim Favors.

    Also Read: Diablo 4 Season 2 Leveling Is So Amazing! - Best Vampiric Powers & Leveling Tips

    Overall, Blood Harvests are a great place to level up, especially considering Whispers are getting significant XP bonuses in this patch.

    While completing activities in Blood Harvests and defeating Blood Seekers, you will also receive a reward called Hunter’s Acclaim.

    These are used to upgrade Hunter’s Acclaim Boards, located in various cities, to get rare items and even some Vampiric Power. To level up quickly in Season 2, I highly recommend doing Blood Harvests and Whisper Events.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: New Blood Harvests Explained

    Whisper Events

    In the latest patch, it increased experience points for Whisper Events by 100% at level 1, 75% at level 2, and 100% at level 3. This means Whisper Events provide twice as much experience as before. I’m really glad they changed this because Stronghold Resets are the most boring thing.

    My favorite way to gain experience points from Whisper Events is to take part in Legion Events. Legion Events aren’t always active, so you’ll need to focus on the map for these events.

    Legion Events have an endless supply of monsters to fight, and since there’s almost always someone there, it will reward your experience points with a 5% multiplier. Don’t forget to touch the campfire before doing Legion Events, as this will also add another multiplier reward.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Everything You need To know


    Diablo 4 Season 2 brings a host of changes and updates to the game, addressing various player concerns and improving overall gameplay.

    While it may not solve all the game’s problems, it marks a positive step forward in making Diablo 4 more engaging and fun. With more updates and expansion announcements being released, players are hopeful for continued growth and improvement of the game.

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  • Tank Magic Find Pathfinder Will Never Die Again In POE 3.22! - A Complete Guide

    We usually rarely see the combination of Tankiness and Magic Find in POE builds. But it is really troublesome to use too many portal defensive layers at the same time in the build. With this in mind, I decided to try making a tank Magic Find character.

    High Movement Speed

    For this build, I wanted to focus on high movement speed. The current build in the map environment has over 250% movement speed. We achieve this through several things.

    As you know, in POE 3.22 we had tattoos, and this build uses 20 tattoos. All of this gives us a pretty high movement speed buff.

    POE 3.22: Tank Magic Find Pathfinder Will Never Die Again! - A Complete Guide

    For Ascendancy, we choose Pathfinder because she will increase the effectiveness of Quicksilver Flask. This alone gives us 111% movement speed. When we have this buff, Phasing on kill will give us 10% extra movement speed.

    Also, if you’re talking about speed, you can’t ignore this Haste Aura which gives us 21% movement speed. Combining all of this, our build gained over 250% movement speed.

    Quantity & Rarity

    This build uses 2 good rolling unique rings, Ventor’s Gamble. They have maximum rolling item quantity, top item rarity, and good health rolling.

    We also can’t miss Magic Find’s Divination Distillate Flask. And this flask is always active because we play Pathfinder. The only sad thing is that you have to press Flask every 5 seconds. Despite this, the current build quantity is 58% and item rarity is 135%.

    POE: Ventor's Gamble

    Clear Skill

    Without damage, speed and quantity are almost worthless. So we upgraded all my gear and gems, starting with 1 Divine Orb. Let’s see what we get in terms of damage.

    First, we build with 2 active skill gems. One for mapping and one for bossing. The first skill is our clear skill, Caustic Arrow. If you fire with a bow, it will create Caustic Ground where the projectile lands, which can cause more Chaos DOTs.

    But this skill alone is not suitable for leveling, so we added Arrow Nova Support. With this combination, our clearing speed will be much faster.

    POE: Magic Find Pathfinder Clear Skill - Caustic Arrow

    Single Tartget

    Our boss’ skill is Toxic Rain. This will cause Spore Pods to spawn where the projectile lands. Over time, this will start to cause chaos damage in an area, and they can overlap each other.

    Now, if you have a higher POE Currency budget, we can optimize our single target. You need to hit a certain threshold of increased area to get maximum overlap. All Spore Pods will overlap. We achieve this with Bow Mastery on the passive tree.

    We’ll take the remainder from Crafting Bench’s simple glove craft, and our area effect increases by 39%.

    We still use Withering Step in our builds. When I switch to Anomalous version, this will cause 2 extra Withers and increase the quality with Enhance Support. So, with just one click of the button, we’re going to create 9 layers of Wither overlay. This will increase our damage, while Toxic Rain will also apply more stacks.


    On the defensive side, we’ve also made a lot of upgrades. We convert 88% of physical damage into elemental damage.

    Of these, 50% can be achieved using Lightning Coil alone, while Taste of Hate’s maximum scroll rate is 24% as we increase flask effect nodes allocated on the tree. We also upgraded our helmets and saw a 14% increase in conversion rates.

    Path of Exile: Unique Lightning Coil

    Because we convert so much damage into elemental damage, we can use all elemental damage reduction bottles. This way, we can significantly reduce the damage taken when converting from physical damage to elemental damage.

    In addition, we can also use Grace Aura to increase the evasion level, so that we will almost never die from the monster’s normal attacks or projectiles.

    Because we use Ancestral Vision, this build also has cold and freeze immunity. Also, a modifier that suppresses spell damage chance also applies to avoiding Elemental Ailments, with a value of 50%. We also get 60% other disease avoidance, which is enough to not get shocked or ignited on the map.

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    Next, let’s talk about some important POE items you’ll need in this build.

    First, aim your weapon for +1 socketed bow gems and increased Chaos DOT. Craft +2 socketed support gems and Chaos DOT.

    On your quiver, they multiply normal damage over time, and bow and life damage are increased. It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll need a Penetrating Arrow Quiver, as this will help with your removal.

    All Chaos skill gems on your amulet have +1 DOT. Lightning Coil is a big physical damage reduction for this build. Also, Ventor’s Gamble has good quantity and item rarity, and tries to aim for high health.

    Path of Exile 3.22: Crafting a Chaos DoT Penetrating Arrow Quiver


    We use Pathfinder as Ascendancy.

    In your first lab, we took Nature’s Reprisal and upgraded it with Toxic Rain. So this node was a significant change in its early behavior.

    The second lab uses Nature’s Adrenaline to help you generate massive Flask Charges.

    In the third lab, we took Nature’s Boon. If you have a full life, Master Surgeon will keep your Magic Find Flask active at all times.

    Overall, this Magic Find Pathfinder build guide provides in-depth coverage of an effective and affordable character setup. With this build, you can tackle advanced maps and challenging content while optimizing your Magic Find potential. If you’re looking for a versatile and efficient Magic Find build, this guide provides all the information you need to get started.

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  • Changes In Season 2 QOL In The Latest Diablo 4 Developer Live Stream! - Multiplicative EXP & Uber Unique Farm

    In a live developer update aired on October 4, we could see that Diablo 4 Season 2 will be bringing some huge quality of life changes across the board.

    Such as better inventory management and multiplicative EXP rewards. And the mount will feel better and more responsive. What’s more important is that the player’s item abilities will progress in a more meaningful way depending on the situation.

    The developers have tweaked the existing endgame progression by adding some content, and of course the mechanics of the new season. Overall, it is said that going from level 1 to level 100 will be 40% faster than in Season 1. Among them, resistance, damage buckets, unique item tweaks and class balance will be discussed in the campfire chat on October 10th.

    Diablo 4 Season 2 Developer Live Stream Highlights

    Inventories & Stashes

    First, I want to talk about inventory and stashes in the new season. We’re looking for a loot filter, but unfortunately we can’t seem to search by gear affixes. Loot filtering will focus more on rarity and item slots, with the ability to filter by Ancestral and Sacred.

    They are no longer Diablo 4 item rewards or monster drop gems, but drop in the form of gem shards. We can craft gem fragments at the jeweler, thereby reducing the amount of bloat we have in our inventory.

    You will no longer see Non-Sacred and Non-Ancestral common magic and rare items in higher World Tiers. Instead, they drop as crafting materials that you normally get by salvaging them. This will ultimately reduce the number of times we need a blacksmith so we can keep farming more efficient.

    In Season 2, we do higher level Nightmare Dungeons and pick up trash items just to get more Crafting Materials. And our picking up useless rare items was a way to farm Diablo 4 Gold before, so we may need to find a new way to farm gold.

    Also Read: 7 Essential Tips That Every Diablo 4 Player Should Know

    We also see more stashes added to towns in key areas, vendor NPC locations improved, and occultists coming to Tree of Whispers. So our towns are becoming more efficient.

    By the way, Renown completion will continue from season to season, but skipping the campaign will only unlock static 10 Waypoint locations.

    Diablo 4: Quality of Life Changes in Season 2 - Searchable Stash, Resistances Rework, Gems Take No Inventory Space

    Endgame Changes

    In terms of endgame additions, the developer demonstrated Tree of Whispers and how the endgame content process works during the live broadcast.

    New Bosses

    Also, we see the addition of 5 new bosses. Echoes of Varshan are returning, and this boss will be located near Tree of Whispers.

    Complete Nightmare Dungeons Tiers 21+ to get Beast of Ice. World Bosses and Legion Events will lead us to the new vampire seasonal boss, Lord Zeer. And Galvanic Saint will be obtained by completing Helltides.

    Component items used to gain access to these new bosses will be tradable between players. Each boss will be a way to farm unique items, and each boss will have its own unique drop table. The biggest boss will be Uber Duriel, whose Uber Uniques drop rate will increase. Uber Uniques will be more common than before.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: 5 New Uber Bosses

    Improvements In QOL

    We’re looking at huge quality of life improvements in the endgame. Depending on the level of the monster you’re fighting, the power of items on equipment will change within a narrower range. So now there’s a better reason to want to fight higher level monsters.

    As you level up, trash items will appear less and less frequently. Useless equipment affixes will also appear less frequently at higher endgame levels.

    We saw some Nightmare Dungeons targets removed, and even the layout was modified to reduce backtracking. For example, Lightning Storm affix now increases movement speed by 35% for 5 seconds. If used correctly, this might make it a S tier Sigil. We could also teleport directly into Nightmare Dungeons so we could avoid 2 loading screens.

    Massive Diablo 4 Season 2 Stream Recap

    Multiplied EXP Rewards

    For the final endgame, we once again get significantly increased XP from Whispers and Helltides. Whispers will also stick to cached item slots. So we won’t see any random necklaces dropped from the launch cache anymore. Helltide chests are getting new icons to indicate the type of chest on the map.

    Their gold rewards will also be greatly increased. This is said to help offset the cost of enchantment. We see an increase in the cost of initial enchantments, but lower scaling costs for subsequent enchantments.

    Whispers and Helltides caches will provide better item powered gear. So we rarely felt like we’re doing endgame content and getting trash gear all the time.

    New Season Mechanism

    The new season’s mechanic will be vampire powers. From what I understand, we will be getting a new UI element called Sanguine Circle, which will be used to manage our vampire powers. Each vampire power has a Pact cost to activate. We will find Pact as a consumable, which we can then place on our armor.

    We’ll use blood type currency to upgrade and unlock various vampire powers. There will be seasonal endgame content that allows us to remove or inject pact into armor for further customization.

    Diablo 4 Season 2: Everything You Need to Know

    Blood Harvest

    Blood Harvest will be a new Helltide style event. Starting at level 1 gives us more reasons to enter Overworld. Eris will be our new Cormond, an NPC we follow in Season 2 questline. Zeer is our new seasonal bad guy and his lieutenants will be invading our dungeons. Zeer himself will be the new endgame boss, which we can access by completing World Bosses and Legion Events.

    The above are all the highlights and quality of life changes that I know about this developer's live broadcast. Hope this helps. May your Diablo 4 Season 2 adventure be both challenging and fun!

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  • What Epic Changes Are Coming To Shadowmourne Questline In WOTLK Classic Phase 4?

    It’s the adventure you’ve been waiting for. Frozen Halls dungeons are about to open. Lich King is also ready for an epic duel at Icecrown Citadel. It promises exceptional loot like Deathbringer’s Will and Oathbinder.

    But,there is one weapon that stands out among the rest for its outstanding Power and Prestiges. We’re talking about Shadowmourne. It is also the best legend in WOTLK Classic, with the power of shatter.

    But Blizzard has made some big news, changing every aspect of Shadowmourne questline. So we’re going to talk about all the big changes and how to get Shadowmourne as soon as possible.

    WOTLK Classic Phase 4: What Epic Changes Are Coming To Shadowmourne Questline?

    Questline Prep

    First, a very brief recap of how quest lines work. As a Warrior, Paladin, or Death Knight, you must first get a certain reputation through Ashen Verdict. You can then receive the introductory quest from Highlord Darion Mograine at this ICC entrance.

    Then you also need to collect 25 Primordial Saronite. You also have to go out and get Light’s Vengeance from Dragonblight. This is also a key step to get Blood of a Dead God.

    Each boss will only drop one Shadow’s Edge per week, which is an amazing 264 item level epic Axe. This can be really helpful as the raid progresses. You’ll then be sent back to ICC to infuse Shadow’s Edge by completing various tasks.

    Among them, A Feast of Souls requires you to kill 50 trash mobs on your team. Then you need to look for three separate infusions with different team mechanics.

    The first is Unholy Infusion, which requires you to win a battle with Professor Putricide. When your Abomination’s Might reaches 100%, Slime will be absorbed. You can then infuse your Shadow’s Edge with unholy power. This will give you a six-minute buff that must be activated when Putricide dies.

    WOTLK Classic: Unholy Infusion Quest

    The second is Blood Infusion, where you must face Queen Lana’thel in combat and obey her Blood Mirror. Once Blade is awakened, you need to let Queen’s Frenzied Bloodthirst capture you and feed Blade three times to satisfy it, then let Queen die in disgrace.

    The third Infusion is Frost. Shadow’s Edge is ready for the final infusion of power. The enemy’s mount, Sindragosa, must fall. But you’ll have to withstand four of her freezing breath attacks before she’s knocked down. Without her dragon, there is no barrier between you and Lich King.

    Once you complete the infusion, you finally unlock the perk of looting Shadowfrost Shard. And you’ll need 50 Shards to complete more of Shadow’s quest lines. Then once you have 50 Shards, you get Shadowmourne.

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    Shadowfrost Shard Drop Rate

    Shadowfrost Shard has a 25%-50% chance of being dropped by normal mode bosses. But in Heroic-mode, their drop rate is between 51%-99%. If you are a member of a normal mode guild. This means you can complete a Shadowmourne questline in Heroic-mode in 12-15 weeks.


    First, you pick someone in your guild to complete more Shadow quest lines during the first week. Next, you collect 25 Primordial Saronite from all the different players. You then complete each step of the questline with a companion of your choice to ensure you unlock Shadowfrost Shard as quickly as possible.

    WotLK Classic: How to get Primordial Saronite?


    But taking the time to complete questline also means you’re sacrificing any potential speedrunning opportunities in the first week. You’ll also lose a lot of heroic gear.

    You may be worried about whether your chosen Shadowmourne player will complete his mission in time. You’ll prioritize cooldown stacking to keep your warriors alive.

    This also means that by the time you finally have enough Serenade to craft gear, it’s already obsolete. After all, the only reward that had been planned around the quest line all week was a single Shadowfrost Shard.

    New Changes

    Therefore, changes happen this week, and they affect every aspect of Shadowmourne's questline.

    The first change is that Shadowfrost Shard drop rate is now the same in Heroic-mode and normal mode. This makes sense. Because ICC is extremely difficult for most guilds.

    The second change is that they now guarantee players will receive at least five Shadowfrost Shards each week. These drop from Saurfang, Lana’thel, Putricide, Sindragosa, and Lich King in both normal and Heroic-mode. This means that if you farm every week in normal mode, it won’t really take you more than 10 weeks to complete Shadowmourne's questline.

    The third major change is that Primordial Saronite can now be obtained from an alternative source. Previously, the major way to get Primordial Saronite was through purchasing and crafting the new 264 item level Feet and Boots.

    WotLK Classic: Big Changes in Shadowmourne Questline

    Especially in the first week, you will need at least 25 Primordial Saronite, which means you will have to spend at least tens of thousands of WOTLK Classic Gold on it. And Primordial Saronite’s price was so high that Blizzard had to step in.

    Now players can get Primordial Saronite simply by running Titan Rune Dungeon. Primordial Saronite’s drop rate and pricing will now change. This means Saronite prices overall will be much lower than expected. This really made Shadowmourne a lot cheaper to make.

    The fourth and perhaps biggest change is that you can now get Shadowfrost Shard without entering this Splintered Throne portion of the questline. This completely changes the way you play your first week. Because you no longer need to complete the quest line. Instead, you can focus on quickly boosting and farming like normal.

    How To Get Shadowmourne Quickly?

    Let’s take a look at the new best ways to get Shadowmourne.

    The first step is starting the quest line, at which point you should prioritize completing raids with your guild. Whether it’s normal or Heroic-mode doesn’t really matter. Just keep Shadowfrost Shard for yourself now and complete the questline in two months.

    Next, you should also prioritize world travel on all your alts to maximize the use of Defiler Scourge Stones for Primordial Saronite.

    WotLK Classic Phase 4: How To Get Shadowmourne Quickly?

    You can also collect Emblems of Frost on all your alts, including 10-man lockouts and 25-man lockouts, to maximize the value of Primordial Saronite. When you have 25 Primordial Saronite, don’t forget to complete the three Infusion missions.

    Finally, collect the remaining Shadowfrost Shards and brandish your Shadowmourne with pride.

    With these epic changes to Shadowmourne's questline, obtaining this legendary weapon becomes even easier. Whether you are a Warrior, Paladin, or Death Knight, follow this guide to embark on your journey. Shadowmourne is waiting for you, and now it’s within your reach. Good luck on your quest!

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  • 7 Major Features And Changes In WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2! - Guardians Of The Dream

    WOW Dragonflight 2023 Final Content Update Patch 10.2 has been proclaimed. The patch will bring a slew of recent changes, including new seasons and raid missions, and an area players have been wanting to access for years: Emerald Dream.

    Patch 10.2, called Guardians of The Dream, will be the biggest content update since Embers of Neltharion update earlier this year. Here we’re going to cover the 7 principal features in WOW Dragonflight 10.2 Guardians of The Dream patch.

    7 Major Features And Changes In WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2 - Guardians Of The Dream

    New Zone: Emerald Dream

    First, we’ll be entering a brand new area in Dragonflight 10.2, Emerald Dream. This time, it will serve as a playable area in Guardians of The Dream. So we will have new campaign chapters to continue Dragonflight story.

    Players will unite the forces of dragons and their allies to defend Emerald Dream from the evil Incarnate Fyrak and his Shadowflame army.

    When we enter Emerald Dream, we have brand new Transmogs. We will have weapons like outdoor gear. Of course, these weapons will come from quests, rare items, public events, and things like public events.

    There is a new public event in Emerald Dream called Super Bloom. Players need to protect ancient creatures and gain fantastic powers during the event.

    This is just one of the other public events that Emerald Dream will be happening at certain times. Take part in these events and you will not only win great WOW Dragonflight Gold and loot but also can get new rare mounts.

    In addition, in the new area, we will face a new world boss, Aurostor The Hibernating. There’s a ton of other stuff going on in Emerald Dream, we just don’t know all the details yet.

    WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2: Going To The Emerald Dream - All We Know So Far

    New Renown: Dream Wardens

    We’ll also have a brand new Renown track, Dream Wardens. In Dream, our most important allies will be Dream Wardens.

    This faction of Druids, Dryads, and Moonkin will be our main point of communication and progression in the new area. They will be the owners of Dragonflight’s latest Renown track.

    Dream Wardens will be our connection to the area and will give us a new Renown track that will give us outstanding rewards. Note that this is a Renown track after level 20 and doesn’t appear to have any other changes to previous Renown rewards.

    New Raid: Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope

    Of course, in the new patch we have a brand new raid called Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope. The raid “Amirdrassil, The Dream’s Hope” will take place within Emerald Dream. Players will explore this Temple of Life in Emerald Dream.

    This raid will have nine bosses, with Fyrakk being the ultimate boss of the instance. Players can expect Amirdrassil to launch on all difficulties. We need to stop Fyrakk’s plans before Fyrakk takes the power of Amirdrassil for himself.

    WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2 New Changes

    Also, the developer revealed that Druids also got a new form from one boss in this raid. I believe this is the penultimate boss in Amirdrassil raid.

    Excitingly, there will also be a new mount in this raid called Fire Owl. This is actually the first mount capable of dynamic flying dragon rides. While this may not seem like a customizable mount, it’s a mount that will take advantage of all your dragooning abilities.

    New Mythic & Dungeon

    Dragonflight Season 3 will introduce a new Mythic and Dungeon rotation. There are no repeated dungeons this season, and most of the selections are from past expansion packs. The eight dungeons for this season are:

    • Dawn of the Infinite: Galakrond’s Fall
    • Dawn of the Infinite: Murozond’s Rise
    • Waycrest Manor
    • Atal’dazar
    • Black Rook Hold
    • Darkheart Thicket
    • Everbloom
    • Throne of the Tides

    This season’s theme incorporates many of the major elements from Patch 10.2. Among them, Darkheart Thicket is the center of Druid lore, and Black Rook Hold is the chief center of Night Elven culture. And Everbloom is also associated with Emerald Dream’s naturalistic vibe.

    PVP Updates

    For PVP, in patch 10.2, there will be a new PVP game called Battleground Blitz Brawl. This brawl will bring a solo queue mode to the pre-existing Rated Battlegrounds.

    As for other updates for PVP, we’re not entirely sure. But it has some new gear changes and things like that, but I’m not entirely sure about the specifics. But the biggest thing about this PVP update is that the new single-player rated battlegrounds are coming.

    WOW Dragonflight Patch 10.2: New Expansion Coming Soon

    Dragonriding Updates

    In this patch, Dragonriding will get another update. Including new glyphs, new Dragonriding abilities, and new races in Emerald Dream.

    For Dragonriding ability, nothing much has changed. They’ll still have a new game around Emerald Dream. Of course, the same is true in the normal advanced reverse challenge mode.

    In addition, WOW Dragonflight 10.2 will introduce two new Dragonriding mounts. One is Faerie Dragon mount awarded to players who complete all campaign chapters. The other is Fire Owl, a non-dragon mount that uses Dragonriding system.

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    Continued Dragon Isles Stories

    In the end, we’re going to get a lot of stories, obviously we’re going to have an Emerald Dream storyline. But the story of Dragon Isles also continues, as does the rest of this Dragon Isles.

    We’ll also have a new definitive chapter on the level reforging questline. And Rathen and Viroth will continue their adventure, recruiting aid from other dragons. Especially Netherwing in Outland and Storm Dragons in Stormheim. So some very exciting story content is coming in patch 10.2.


    That’s it for the seven key features and changes in WOW Dragonflight patch 10.2. There will be much more to look forward to in this patch. Let’s look forward to this WOW Dragonflight 10.2. See you next time.

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  • Discussion For The Future Of WOW Classic Hardcore Servers - Will Hardcore Servers Succeed?

    I believe that many WOW players have noticed that Blizzard has released Hardcore Servers on August 24th. With Hardcore Servers on the line, here I would like to talk about my views on the future of Hardcore Servers in WOW Classic. Without further ado, let’s get started.

    Why Choose Hardcore Servers?

    Now, Hardcore Servers are something people have been asking for a long time. And the release of Hardcore Servers is almost a direct result of Blizzard listening to the community and reacting to feedback.

    Hardcore Servers are definitely not for everyone. But there is a sizeable community in Hardcore Classic WOW, and streamers playing Hardcore games are the most viewed in this WOW category. So it makes sense for Blizzard to do something based on Hardcore.

    Discussion For The Future Of WOW Classic Hardcore Servers

    Therefore, Hardcore Servers will be very large at first. But that’s bound to drop dramatically.

    People will try Hardcore Servers and they will probably die a few times along the way. But every time you die, you need to start over from level 1, which at some point just causes people to give up. Or imagine you tried 10 times to get to level 60, but you died at level 60 and you had to start all over again.

    Any fresh game will have a population boom at launch and then die off. But just because of the risk of losing characters, I think the population must disappear much faster on Hardcore Servers than on regular servers. However, there are a few things Blizzard can do to help extend the life of these hardcore servers and keep people coming back. So let’s talk about that.

    Features That Need To Be Added

    At the time of publication, these Hardcore Servers have the fewest rules. You can trade, you can form a team, you can do dungeons. It’s very loose with restrictions, and Hardcore Servers are very open to a variety of play styles.

    But it still has some limitations, such as dungeons have a 24-hour lock timer. You can’t dungeon with someone level 60 with someone below level 60.

    This is also the first feature that WOW Classic Hardcore Servers will need in the future: Solo Self Found Game mode. Blizzard has verbally stated that they might be interested in adding these features to Hardcore Servers in a future patch. I think that’s something they have to do.

    WOW Classic Hardcore: Will We Get A Solo Self Found Mode?

    There may be some players who are not familiar with Solo Self Found Game mode. This is actually the game mode we play with the plugin on Classic Era Hardcore Servers, Solo Self-Found.

    Outside of dungeons, you can’t form a party, nor can you trade or use the auction house. This is a Solo Leveling Challenge with just a few Self Found items, hence the name.

    I think it will release this 3-4 months after Hardcore Servers. As it will breathe some new life into Hardcore Servers. Solo Self Found rule-set makes it even more of a challenge to level up.

    Now, on official Hardcore Servers, grouping and transactions are possible. It’s less of a challenge and more of a social experience, which I think is great. But the challenging aspect was a big reason for Hardcore’s popularity. So I thought it might be interesting to do such a real-world challenge on official Hardcore Servers without the cheat and appeal system.

    Also Read: What Are The Differences Between Official Hardcore Servers & The Hardcore Addon?

    Insane Content Material

    Beyond that, Hardcore Servers bring a lot of things that the server doesn’t, like its baffling content material. With the addition of the one-life element, and Duel to The Death system, there’s plenty of content material here for anyone who likes to get involved.

    There are already many Duel to The Death Tournaments with WOW Classic Hardcore Gold rewards on Hardcore PTR. I can foresee this continuing to happen on Hardcore Servers.

    In addition, some low-level Hardcore Leveling Tournaments also have rewards. They will give players 2 weeks to level up and reach level 40 and farm any gear they can get.

    WOW Classic Hardcore: Duel to the Death

    This makes you have to strategize between how you spend your time, which classes you choose, whether you focus on leveling only, whether you search for good items in dungeons.

    The content on these servers is endless and has official One-Life mechanics as well as Duel to The Death mechanics. I guess Blizzard actually has an incentive to keep these Hardcore Servers alive for as long as possible.

    Challenges & Titles

    Another thing that I think is great for Hardcore Servers is the introduction of Challenges and Titles. Personally, I think this should come with Solo Self Found update. as this is a challenge and should be rewarded with a title.

    The addition of titles can motivate people to actually complete these challenges. Because when you complete a challenge, you need to have a visual way to show that you have completed that challenge. Here, I think Titles is a straightforward thing for Blizzard to pull off and not break the spirit of Vanilla WoW.

    Based on this, I would like to mention some challenges they may add to the future, including:

    • Solo Self Found Challenge
    • Speed Leveling Challenge
    • Blood Thirsty Challenge
    • Pet Hunter Challenge

    WOW Classic Hardcore: Will Hardcore Servers Be Successful?

    The options here are really endless, and it’s really up to Blizzard and you guys to decide how much of a challenge there should be. A suitable compromise might be some major challenges that reward titles. But for some minor challenges, this will give you a Feat of Strength Achievement. But in this case, Blizzard will have to refine their Achievement System.

    That’s what I have prepared for you today. So what are your thoughts on Hardcore Servers themselves? What new features do you hope Blizzard will include in the next patch? I want to know your opinion. See you next time.

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