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  • Follow These Tips For Efficient Item Farming In Diablo 4 Season 4 - Legendaries & Item Aspects

    In this guide, I want to talk about item farming in Diablo 4 Season 4. It’s a very simple and common question: what is the most efficient way to farm the most legendary items with Greater Affixes and the item Aspects you’re missing in the shortest possible time.

    Now we know that the best way to upgrade items is to farm Pit of Artificers and loot materials for Masterworking, but there is currently no indication of higher quality loot, or a higher chance of Greater Affixes appearing in loot dropped in Pit. This makes Pit not the best choice for item farming. So what is?

    Follow These Tips For Efficient Item Farming In Diablo 4 Season 4 - Legendaries & Item Aspects

    Item Farming Tips

    In my experience, the highest number of item drops per hour occur in Helltide, and I have some tips that can help you maximize the number of items you get in each Helltide. This way you can get a god-level item with many Greater Affixes and start upgrading it in Pit. So how to farm Helltide efficiently?

    Farming Blood Maiden

    Always farm Blood Maiden boss if you can. Go to the weird demonic skull icon on Helltide map and use Baneful Heart that appears on the top right of the screen to summon Blood Maiden. You’ll see 3 Altars on the ground, each of which requires a Baneful Heart to activate.

    Avoid Using All Baneful Hearts

    Try to avoid using all 3 Baneful Hearts yourself. In most cases, there will be other players farming there too, so I recommend only contributing 1 heart so that other players can continue to activate the other Altars.

    You’ll find that if you contribute at least 1 heart to the summon, you’ll receive a buff that significantly increases Diablo 4 items you drop from Blood Maiden.

    So again, I recommend only using 1 if you can. Because if you use more, you’ll waste them, but if you don’t use any Baneful Hearts, then you won’t get the buff.

    Diablo 4 Season 4: Baneful Heart

    Prioritize Opening Chests

    After killing the boss, quickly use an Altar to look for Tortured Gifts Chests on the map and open them.

    You’ll get a lot of Cinders for fighting the boss, so you can open multiple chests. But I recommend opening the chests that contain loot for the gear you want. So if you’re looking for rings, open the ring chests first. You’ll have plenty of time to get back to the boss later.

    Try Doing Nearby Whispers

    Once you have no chests to open, try doing Nearby Whispers. This might involve collecting Venous Motes or activating Helltide Doomsayers. This way you can earn extra money and items from the final Whisper Cache.

    Reset Instance

    If no one is farming Accursed Rituals, and you don’t have Baneful Hearts to summon the boss, then teleport to town, wait a few seconds, and come back. This will put you in a new instance of the area, and it’s possible that in this new instance, players are farming Blood Maiden. You can also try logging in and out to get the same effect.

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    Gambling Item Aspects

    In my experience, this is by far the best way to farm items, and there are some tips on how to make it more effective. Next, I want to talk about a very elegant way to get your item Aspects.

    From experience, I know how frustrating it can be when you don’t have a specific Aspect you need for your build, and while Season 4 helps a little with that by making it so that when you find an Aspect, it’s yours forever, you still have to find that Aspect first. But when it still doesn’t drop, then spending Murmuring Obols on gambling becomes the optimal solution to get that Aspect.

    You just type the name of Aspect you’re looking for in the text box, and it will immediately tell you the type of item you have to gamble with in order to have the highest chance of getting it. So let me show you how it works.

    Diablo 4 Gambling Tool Guide: Maximize Your Legendary Aspect Odds

    Let’s say I really need Blood Getter’s Aspect, but it never drops for me, or my luck is terrible, so I decide to take matters into my own hands and gamble. I visit Gamble, and all I have to do is find Aspect I’m looking for, which is Blood Getter, and select it.

    We found that the best gamble item with the highest chance of getting it is boots on a Necromancer. So this tool will not only tell you the item slot, but also the class.

    Class can be important in some cases. Let’s say we are looking for a Resource Aspect, and we want to gamble on the class with the fewest other Resource Aspects to maximize our chances.

    Let’s try it again, this time with an Aspect that can be used by multiple classes: Accelerating. In order to get Accelerating Aspect, I have to gamble off-hands on a Necromencer.

    But what if we don’t have a Necromencer? No problem, we can scroll down and manually look at the odds for each class and each slot. The highest odds are off-hands on a Necromencer, the second highest is off-hands on a Druid, then Sorcerer, and so on. This way I can choose the one with the highest odds for me.

    So can you see how this can save you a ton of time and Murmuring Obols that you might otherwise waste? I hope you find this tool as useful as I do. Good luck!

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  • Best Route To Collect Somber Smithing Stones 1-10 In Elden Ring Without Upgrading!

    In Elden Ring, you can have the most optimized build in the world, but without a well-upgraded weapon, you won’t see significant results. So, in this guide, we’ll share the best routes to collect Somber Smithing Stones 1 to 10 in preparation for the upcoming Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree DLC.

    It’s worth noting that I did this without upgrading or using any weird skips or shortcuts at all. This means that whether you’re just starting your journey in the new expansion or are already on your way, you can use the information in this guide to maximize your damage potential early and easily.

    I’m sure there have been many similar guides in the past to help you collect Somber Smithing Stones 1-9, but this was usually done when using the shortcut to Crumbling Farum Azula.

    This is another reason why I created this guide, as a lot of people are reluctant to enter late game areas like this within the first few hours of playing the game. Additionally, executing shortcuts is cumbersome for players on some consoles. However, with this guide, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues.

    Best Route To Collect Somber Smithing Stones 1-10 In Elden Ring Without Upgrading!

    Somber Smithing Stone 1

    Here, I’ll start this route with Bandit Starting Class and Golden Seed Keepsake, but you can get the same results with any Starting Class.

    Unlock Church of Elleh Site of Grace, then head to Gatefront Ruins to get Torrent, Map Fragment and Whetstone Knife. Teleport back to Church of Elleh and get the summoning bell and wolf summoning spell from Witch Renna.

    I usually use the vent behind First Step Sites of Grace to drop down to the beach and collect a Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot to teleport back to Gatefront and go east, talk to Boc and he will reward you with 10 Mushrooms.

    Continue east, cross the bridge, then go right and pick up a Somber Smithing Stone 1 from the man sitting on the chair. After that, we will get Fevor’s Cookbook, which will allow us to use Mushrooms and Trina’s Lily to make Sleep Pots to easily defeat a certain boss later.

    After getting Fevor’s Cookbook, go to Third Church of Marika to get Flask of Wondrous Physick. Then head south to Minor Erdtree and pick up Greenspill Crystal Tear. Don’t forget to collect 5 Trina’s Lilies from the nearby Mistwood Ruins.

    Somber Smithing Stone 2

    Next, we’re going to head to Fort Haight and climb up the ladder to get the left half of Dectus Medallion. We also need to defeat Godrick Knight here to get Ash of War Bloody Slash. You can use Wolf Summoning spell to distract him and use the opportunity to perform a few backstabs.

    Afterwards, we will cross Bridge of Sacrifice to reach Weeping Peninsula and look for a Stonesword Key.

    All the way south you can find Somber Smithing Stone 2 on a beach guarded by 4 aggressive Jellyfish enemies.

    Somber Smithing Stone 8 & 9

    Return to Gatefront Site of Grace and apply Ash of War Bloody Slash to your knife. Then head to Agheel Lake and follow that path to Murkwater Cave, where you will be invaded by Bloody Finger Nerijus. However, you can easily kill him with Bloody Slash, or you can wait for Yura to help you.

    After defeating him, you will receive Reduvia. This is a powerful Arcane weapon and we will be using it until the end of this game.

    Then go to Third Church of Marika and use the portal behind to teleport to Caelid. Ride all the way to Lenne’s Rise and use the vent. You can loot the nearby Elden Ring Runes, then head to Minor Erdtree, and use the vent in the back to reach Fort Faroth.

    Head west to Divine Tower of Caelid. You can get Somber Smithing Stone 9 from the person sitting in the chair. Attack Teardrop Scarab and push off the ledge to get Somber Smithing Stone 8.

    Somber Smithing Stone 4 & 5

    Then go to Isolated Merchants and buy Beast-Repellent Torch. This is a brilliant light source to ensure that certain beasts, like rats, don’t attack you.

    Return to Fort Faroth and climb the ladder to obtain the other half of Dectus Medallion. We’ll also get Radagon’s Soreseal Talisman. This is not mandatory. I just use it to get the extra +5 stamina.

    Afterwards, we’ll head to Inner Aeonia Site of Grace and head south through Heart of Aeonia, where we’ll fight Commander O’Neil to get Somber Smithing Stone 4. Next go back to Inner Aeonia, but this time head north through the canyon to get a piece of Somber 5.

    Elden Ring: How to Buy Somber Smithing Stones?

    Buy Somber Smithing Stone 1-4

    We then need to go back to Gatefront and head to Stormhill Shack to get a Stonesword Key. Use the knife with Bloody Slash to defeat the knight here and get Ash of War Golden Vow.

    We bypass Stormveil Castle to reach Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. Then go to Laskyar Ruins and use the portal there to teleport to South Raya Lucaria Gate.

    However, you may want to grab Dexterity-knot Crystal Tear near Scenic Isle before using the portal, but you can also grab it later.

    Jump down from South Raya Lucaria Gate and head west to Temple Quarter Site of Grace, then ride north to get Academy Glintstone Key behind the dragon.

    The next step is optional. From South Raya Lucaria Gate, walk northeast. You can use the portal here to teleport to Kingsrealm Ruins. This is a very convenient portal, as it has Map Fragment nearby and is close to Smithing Master Iji. Iji has Somber Smithing Stone 1-4 available for sale.

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    Somber Smithing Stone 6

    Use the portal from South Raya Lucaria Gate to Main Academy Gate. Unlock Site of Grace and use another portal to teleport to East Raya Lucaria Gate. Take Grand Lift of Dectus and use it to reach Altus Plateau.

    Then go to Forest-Spanning Greatbridge from Altus Plateau Site of Grace and use the portal there to teleport to the other side of the bridge. Once there, go down under the bridge and unlock Site of Grace.

    Follow the path west and cross the bridge to Mt Gelmir. Continue heading west until you encounter several Iron Maidens. Use the ladder to go all the way up and unlock Site of Grace to get a Somber Smithing Stone 6.

    Somber Smithing Stone 3

    Teleport back to Academy Main Gate and take the elevator up. After opening the academy door, you can pick up a Somber Smithing Stone 3 at the end of the room.

    Somber Smithing Stone 5 & 6

    Continue through the cemetery and use the waterwheel to unlock Classroom Site of Grace. We’re ready to go to Volcano Manor to get Somber 7, but we still need to make Sleep Pot.

    We need to go to Church of Elleh to buy three Cracked Pots and a Crafting Kit. I also purchased an additional Cracked Pot from Nomadic Merchants near Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace on Weeping Peninsula. If you’ve followed the guide so far, you should have enough materials to make 5 Sleep Pots.

    Then teleport back to Classroom Site of Grace and use the waterwheel to go all the way down and to Volcano Manor, where you can find Somber 6 and 5.

    Elden Ring: Somber Smithing Stones 6

    Somber Smithing Stone 7

    Next, we have to prepare ourselves to face Godskin Noble. Only after defeating it can you go outside and build the bridge.

    Go back into the room and use the elevator to reach the top floor. Jump off the balcony and follow this route to unlock the shortcut back to Godskin Noble room. When you take the express elevator upstairs, you can jump off before reaching the top floor to get a Stonesword Key.

    You need two Stonesword Keys to unlock the path to Somber 7. But if you’ve followed the guide so far, you should have exactly two handfuls. After getting Somber 7 Guarded by Iron Maidens, you should be able to upgrade the weapon to +9.

    Somber Smithing Stone 10

    Now, to get Somber 10, we need to complete White Mask Varre questline. In order to do this, we need to defeat shardbearers such as Godrick, Rennala, or Radahn. This isn’t too difficult since we’re using +9 Reduvia.

    Then head to Rose Church where you’ll find White Mask Varre. He will give you 5 Festering Bloody Finger to invade other players. I believe you need to hack at least three players to advance his quest.

    After completing the mission, return to Rose Church and Varre will give you Lord of Blood’s Favor and Pureblood Knight’s Medal. Use Medal to teleport to Mohgwyn Palace.

    There are a lot of useful items to pick up here, such as Lord’s Rune, which is worth 50,000 runes. What we’re looking for, however, is Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, which is located inside a chest guarded by these enemies.

    There is a Site of Grace nearby, so if you accidentally die while trying to grab an item, you can simply respawn and try again.

    This is the last item we need to upgrade Somber weapon to +10, and we do it without taking any shortcuts. So you can do this in your own game without having to worry about your game glitching or performing any skips.

    Anyway, I hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any ideas for optimizing this route, don’t forget to share them. Have a beautiful day.

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  • Improving These 4 Issues Will Help You Push Your Limits In FC 24 TOTS Event!

    FC 24 Team of the Season Promo Event has officially kicked off, and every FC player will push their limits and strive for a higher ranking. So it’s time for you to become the best player you can be!

    In order to achieve this goal, you must finally get rid of your bad habits and correct your mistakes. With today’s guide, we introduce you to 4 serious mistakes you often make and how to easily correct them. Now, let’s get started!

    Improving These 4 Issues Will Help You Push Your Limits In FC 24 TOTS Event!

    Not Paying Attention To The Defender

    Let’s start with the attack. One of the most common mistakes is that you don’t pay attention to the defender you choose. If you don’t watch and understand their defensive intentions, you will easily lose possession of the ball.

    You have to keep an eye on them and not force anything toward their defense. Even if you think they’re covering one side, you can’t lose focus because they can change intentions in half a second. If you don’t pay attention and take action, they will win the challenge with every encounter.

    You need to focus on the player with that icon above their head and think about what their next move might be if he runs to a particular side. Your goal is to take the ball away from there and take advantage of opportunities in front of you to pass the ball at any time.

    Here is an example. When I’m about to pass the ball, I see my opponent pick a defender in front of me. So I’m going to keep an eye on her as the ball travels. I see the defender continuing to defend with her instead of switching. Therefore, don’t push the ball forward or you will get a defensive challenge.

    I get the ball back, avoid it and create a path in front of me to push the ball forward. Then, I saw that my opponent had changed to a new defender and was approaching me step by step. Then I just had to pull the ball back again and see him make a failed tackle and score an easy goal.

    All in all, if you know what you’re doing, it’s actually quite easy to outperform your opponent’s expectations. But don’t forget that it is also important to prepare FC 24 Coins to improve your own player stats.

    Wrong Finishing Setup

    The next common mistake is with Finishing setup. Sometimes it’s not that you don’t know how to shoot, it’s that you forget to shoot. That means either you’re not facing the goal when you take the shot, there’s a defender standing in front of you blocking the shot, or the goalkeeper comes out and you panic.

    This is a typical situation where you get in behind the defensive line and have an advantage over the defenders, and the only thing the opponent can do is take the goalkeeper out. When the goalkeeper comes out, he will risk closing the goal at an angle, which reduces your likelihood of scoring a goal.

    If you don’t turn this risk to your advantage and set up the best shot opportunity, you will give up free goals from similar positions.

    EA Sports FC 24: How to enable Timed Finishing?

    To create the best chance, you need to create a new shooting angle by rolling the ball away from the goalkeeper. But you also have to accept the fact that your shot didn’t go through the defender.

    If someone blocks your shooting path, the shot will be easily blocked. So you have to analyze the defender’s current position or expected movement and take the ball away from there again to clear your path before you can score a nice goal.

    Note that the direction of your control on your first touch may also create a tight angle to the goal, but don’t panic, additional touches into the open space can create a better scoring angle.

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    Reckless Push Away From Defender

    Next, the most crucial mistake on defense pulls the defender out of his position. Do you see open spaces that the wingers can explore? When you push out your full-backs recklessly, you have to really realize that you may have been defending the ball carrier with a midfield break, and such a defensive shake will never help.

    You can counter the opponent by keeping your defender close to the attacker and safely in front of him, but if he is the last line of defence, you will never allow a risky forward move like this. Because if you do that, a simple pass can penetrate the center of your defence, and you’ll concede goals easily.

    To avoid this, I first take the following route. I look at the environment and decide if I have a midfielder defending instead of using my back four at the back.

    If this is the case, I would switch to the midfielder and defend with him. But this way I don’t have any midfielders nearby and if I accidentally push out and go out to challenge, the opponent can easily take advantage of the midfield.

    Then I see the opponent is about to pass the ball to his teammate, and if I push the ball out, it could also be a simple pass. But I also realize that potential receivers are running behind the defensive line. So, instead of pushing out, I follow the runner and cover the pass safely.

    Meanwhile, the opponent made a mistake and lost possession of the ball. In a dangerous position defended safely on the other side, my opponent accidentally pushed up, which gave me a tremendous advantage.

    In the most critical moments, instead of covering the runner from behind without breaking the defensive formation, he wildly slides, which makes everything easier for me because he pushes away the defender. In these circumstances, I scored without a doubt.

    Therefore, you should not risk pushing the defender out of position, you must analyze where the position is going and move your defender safely back to the potential threat without disrupting the defensive shape.

    These are the most common mistakes in EA FC 24 to avoid

    Don’t Understand The Direction Of The game

    Let’s come to the last point, not reading the direction of the play, but understanding the opponent’s offensive intentions defensively. This is one of the best traits we can learn instead of throwing your defender into random spots.

    For example, here I found space behind the defensive line and as I was about to get into the box, the opponent covered the passing lane to the striker and controlled the running lane. But he also has to be mindful of our third option, which is passing the ball back.

    He might have switched to another centre-back and taken a step to the side, but instead of doing so, he completely ignored it and pushed the defense with two passes with the selected defender. So I have a chance to score again.

    If you defend an area well, the opponent will deliberately change direction after passing the ball on that side. You have to understand that the direction is to move to the other side, not to run towards the area with your currently selected player. You have to spot the next pass and switch to whichever defender is there. If you can’t see what’s coming and take action, you’ll be late and concede to the ball.

    What I’m trying to do here is use player switching early and effectively after the ball has traveled. I look for potential targets and control the approaching defender for that position.

    Once I see the pattern of the wing switching to the left, I pull my winger through the middle and rush out wide instead of covering the player in the middle. Because I had a substitute to defend, the opponent had to go back to the center again. My winger moved laterally, creating an advantage for me which ultimately allowed me to get the ball back.

    So watch your opponent’s body language, take advantage of early player switches, and try to cover potential targets without ruining your shape.

    These are 4 potential issues you can make improvements on. Following this guide’s targeted suggestions and correcting them will get your FC players ranked higher in TOTS event!

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  • What Impact Will The Flask Changes In POE 3.24 Necropolis Have On High-End Endgame Builds?

    Recently, the developers released a trailer for Path of Exile 3.24. In this trailer, we can discover that Necropolis will be making enormous changes to Ruby, Topaz and Sapphire flasks, changing their bonuses from 50% Resistance and 20% Less Damage Taken to 40% Resistance and +5% Maximum Resistance.

    This change will have a big impact on high-end defense builds for later farming Valdo’s Maps and Uber Bosses. In this guide, I want to talk about the impact these flask changes can have on endgame builds and explain my thoughts.

    What Impact Will The Flask Changes In POE 3.24 Necropolis Have On High-End Endgame Builds?

    The Synergy Of Transcendence & Loreweave

    So the first thing we should discuss is Transcendence. This is a Timeless Keystone that applies your armor value to elemental damage taken.

    Ever since Transcendence changed all maximum elemental resistances from -5% to -15%, the go-to gear for this Keystone has been Loreweave. Because Loreweave can set your Maximum Resistance to a specified value, you can completely overcome Maximum Resistance penalty.

    This is usually a very expensive high-end setup, usually requiring a Double Corrupted Dawnbreaker, a Double Purity mod, Watcher’s Eye, and a ton of flask effects with Taste of Hate to deal with the physical damage you’re going to take.

    And since the body armor slot is now occupied by Loreweave, you can’t use Lightning Coil. This means you need more POE Currency to complete high-end builds.

    Recently, however, some players have experimented with using Transcendence without Loreweave and trying to scale Maximum Resistance in other ways to combat the resistance penalty. Such as Charms in Affliction League or Tattoos in Trial of the Ancestors League, or even shield modifiers on Crucible Tree during Crucible League.

    For example, Molten Strike Pathfinder build I used before completely ignored the resistance penalty and rolled at 55% or 60% of maximum elemental resistance, which was crazy.

    POE: Transcendence Mechanics

    Flask Changes

    But in POE 3.24, with the changes to these elemental flasks, the new flasks will provide a more consistent way to get a bunch of maximum resistance.

    Compared to things like Charms and Tattoos that usually disappear once the league ends, I think this will change the meta of how high-end defense builds are put together primarily on Pathfinder or Mageblood characters.

    Related: An In-Depth Analysis Of The Potential Impact Of Flask Changes In POE 3.24 Necropolis

    Melding Of The Flesh

    When I first saw these changes, one thing that stood out to me was the fact that Melding of the Flesh existed. Because it was previously impossible to convert Less Damage Taken modifier on one of these elemental flasks to also apply to the other two elemental damage types.

    This is why the vast majority of builds run all three flasks, namely Ruby, Topaz and Sapphire flasks, to fortify defenses against almost everything they encounter.

    This is also why Tempered by War setup with Dawnbreaker, Purity of Fire, and Sublime Vision started to become very popular. Because it’s so powerful, able to focus all your defenses on one damage type and significantly reduce the risk of Elemental Penetration.

    But as Ruby, Topaz and Sapphire flasks changed in POE 3.24 to provide Maximum Resistance, there is a new option to use a single flask to obtain Maximum Resistance for each element type through Melding of the Flesh.

    This means that scaling Maximum Resistance with Transcendence may become the first choice for very high-end defense setups like Valdo’s Maps and Uber Bosses farms.

    If this does start to become a popular way of building around Transcendence. I think items like Aegis Aurora will start to be used more, especially since builds that don’t use Loreweave will free up body armor slots for items like Lightning Coil. This will also make Dawnbreaker no longer a mandatory item to achieve 100% physical damage conversion.

    POE: Melding of the Flesh

    Traitor Keystone

    There is also Traitor, which is another Timeless Keystone. Now obviously you can’t use this with Transcendence, as both are exclusive to Timeless Jewels and are limited to one piece.

    But Traitor does provide the opportunity to use Melding of the Flesh to gain maximum resistance to all three elements from a flask or other item.

    Among them, Micro-Distillery Belt and Traitor have a good synergy. Since you’ve kept at least one flask slot empty, this belt actually provides 30% of the flask effect, equivalent to 1%-2% of maximum resistance. Depends on the amount of flask effects you get from other sources.

    POE: Micro-Distillery Belt

    Keep in mind that each 20% increase in flask effect will now provide an additional 1% of maximum resistance to the new flask, so I expect to see some strategies using this combination of mechanics.

    Also, this would be great for a Chieftain who doesn’t need Melding of the Flesh Jewel, and getting a bunch of maximum fire resistance from the flask slot will allow you to randomly equip. I look forward to seeing what else players can come up with using this setting.

    Elemental Flask

    I think it’s also worth mentioning here that a Pathfinder set up with Melding of the Flesh will free up two flask slots that were previously used for the other two elemental flasks.

    This means you can now take two identical flasks, such as two Magic Sapphire Flasks, or even two Taste of Hate Flasks, and enchant them with Enkindling Orbs to increase the flask effect to 70%. You need to alternate between the two so that the other can get charges when not in use.

    Since the two flask slots are cursed, this will give you the most resistance you can get from the flask. If you do this with a Magic Flask, you can even get 133% of the maximum resistance.


    Overall, I think some endgame or high investment setups are going to see a pretty big shift. One thing that’s definitely noticeable about this change is that these builds will have a harder time dealing with Elemental Penetration than before. So it will be very interesting to see how the metadata adapts to these changes in POE 3.24.

    Especially if you're someone who’s played some of the high-end Pathfinder Builds, or Mageblood Builds with high-potential defense setups, you may be paying attention to these changes as well. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these flask changes.

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  • The 10 Essential Tips To Lead You On The Road To Power In Myth Of Empires

    Myth of Empires is a new massively multiplayer survival sandbox game launched by Angela Game. Players will be immersed in a multi-civilized world, experience rich gameplay of survival, construction, management and creation, lead tribes to conquer cities and conquer territories, and ultimately build their own empire!

    In the open world, player freedom and survival elements occupy the most important position. If you want to get a head start on your path to power, here are 10 things you need to know about Myth of Empires.

    The 10 Essential Tips To Lead You On The Road To Power In Myth Of Empires

    10. Leveling Up

    The open world of Myth of Empires is filled with a variety of threats. Omnipresent dangers such as wildlife, hunger, roving bandits, and NPC factions await the reckless survivors.

    Happily, there are many ways to mitigate these risks and fend off the predictors, making not just survival possible, but prosperity possible.

    Early crafting recipes provide ways to craft tools and weapons to feed and protect yourself. Specialization areas range from weapon specialization and hunting to animal taming and land cultivation, providing a focus for long-term mastery of goals and specialization.

    You can also speed up your character leveling by investing more Myth of Empires Copper Coins to increase your likelihood of survival.

    As your character levels up after just a few hours of gameplay, you can fight others using a range of available weapons, gather resources to build an impenetrable base, and slowly become more powerful.

    9. Gather Resources To Stay Alive

    But trying to stay alive in the early stages of Myth of Empires can be difficult because you need to constantly collect resources. This makes it easy for players to focus on the short-term goal of simply surviving the next day and night. However, it is important not to miss out on long-term planning.

    Unfortunately, farming resources in the game is annoying and inefficient, so you’ll want to find ways to make it as easy as possible. The cart icons may appear on your map, these represent resource collection points. A group of powerful human NPCs will guard the loot, and you must defeat them to collect it all.

    Myth of Empires Getting Started Guide

    8. Quickly Traverse The Map

    To collect resources effectively, fast travel is very necessary. Quick map traversal is an ability that allows you to get from point A to point B faster. Before you begin, set up a bed because you can come back to it no matter where you are.

    A word of caution, though: be sure to have boxes in and around your bed, as you’ll lose everything you carry while fast traveling. But once you reach level four, you can drop these chests.

    7. Explore And Exploit Caves

    There are many caves in the open world waiting for us to explore and use. For example, you can use these hidden caves to hide your most valuable resources from others. You can also get a lot of MoE Copper Coins and rare resources from it.

    These caves offer new worlds you can explore as well as countless other features. These include being used as a fast travel point in the area, a place to establish a base away from prying eyes, or an operational center for resource extraction in the area.

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    6. Capture Magistrate Building

    Magistrate building is a core location that many players are eyeing. It is located in the eastern part of the map and is surrounded by various camps. More specifically, how control of it determines dominance over the region.

    Capturing Magistrate building gives you control over the rich local copper and iron resources surrounding the building. Controlling this resource is a sought-after position and you can earn up to 100k Copper Coins per day. Please always be prepared for a battle to capture the area.

    Myth Of Empires: Capture the Magistrate building

    5. Establish A Guild Network

    What's more, with these capture points, you can also start building Mines, Quarry and Lumberyards and take your abilities to the next level.

    Once you defeat the enemies guarding the point, you can select the flag and see where to build the guild building to start harvesting resources for you.

    Do this enough times and you’ll build a strong guild network. So whether you’re playing on a PVP or PVE server, it’s important to be wary of attacks.

    4. Try To Avoid Violent Conflicts

    Next, you can lead a guild and create alliances to unite or conquer other players and NPC factions. It’s also a great way to achieve your enduring legacy.

    There are many opportunities to meet potential allies in mines, farms and other resource locations. Here you can chat with locals, perfect your social etiquette, and increase your noble rank.

    But be careful, violence can result if things don’t go well. Frequent attacks will increase the level of hostility of rival NPC factions and even local wildlife, causing them to launch a large-scale counterattack against your camp.

    3. County Battles

    There’s always the danger of war breaking out in Myth of Empires, and County Battles mark server-wide conflicts to establish ultimate control.

    These battles are divided into two phases, which see the balance of power between the factions change. Some players will gain dominion, benefit from local resources, and set tax levels to moderate or crazy levels.

    Myth of Empires County Battle PvP

    2. Tame Other NPCs To Work For You

    Earning a position of power allows you to befriend other players and NPC factions and get them to work for your cause, making it a diplomatic mission well worth the investment.

    If you’re charismatic enough, you can convince others to collect resources for you, which can help you avoid being compromised by others on your path to power.

    1. Choose The Best Horse Partner

    Many activities in Myth of Empires are closely related to horses. Horses can be used to transport goods, pull carts, and ride the wind, but only the strongest horses make the most loyal and fearsome battle partners.

    Equestrian combat benefits from relevant crafting and ability trees, and, just like its human counterparts, is animated with motion-captured movements to ensure each horse is as realistic as possible.

    All in all, with a wide range of PVE and PVP options, crafting recipes, building projects, and plenty of horses, Myth of Empires offers plenty to do for those looking for a multiplayer survival sandbox experience. Following these secret game-changing tips can help you progress quickly.

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  • You Can’t Miss This POE 3.23 Affliction SSF-Friendly Build! - Rain Of Arrows Champion

    In this guide, I’ll be sharing a new build I’m trying out in Affliction League, Rain of Arrows Champion. This is a Solo Self-Found oriented character, you can also play it in Trade League and try to push it to its limits.

    This build is particularly advantageous for Solo Self-Found, as getting the items you need isn’t difficult, POE Currency budget is low, and gear progression is very simple.

    This character is a good mapper, clears the map quickly, and has good tanking abilities. Although its single target is not very good, it is not the worst, and it is enough to promote Atlas, farming tier 16 maps, making Logbooks, Heist and other quests.

    You Can’t Miss This POE 3.23 Affliction SSF-Friendly Build! - Rain Of Arrows Champion

    Equipment Selection

    A very important item for this build will be the bow. The first thing we need to get is Triple Elemental Damage Bow.


    The best way to get this bow is to use Rog from Expedition, basically fill up your prefix and re-roll. That way, it will most likely give you a high-level elemental damage prefix, and then give you the suffix you want, such as critical chance, attack speed, and critical multiplier.


    Also very important is our Perseverance Vanguard Belt, which has great synergy with Champion Ascendancy.

    Because we have access to Grace and Determination Auras, we have high armor and evasion. We basically get a lot of attack damage from the belt. In the meantime, we also get Onslaught, for example, some cold resistance and life.

    PoE 3.23: Perseverance Vanguard Belt

    I think the best way to get belts in SSF is to use Ancient Orbs, since the chance of hitting Perseverance with Ancient Orb is about 1 in 20.

    So basically you just need to run Harbinger. With Scarabs you can also use Seventh Gate so you can get Harbinger on your map device. It shouldn’t be too hard to hit since it only took me 8-9 Ancient Orbs to hit Perseverance.

    If you’re on Solo Self-Found, it’s not super difficult to hit it. If you are in Trade League, you can choose to purchase it for 1 Chaos Orb point.


    Another unique item I use is Amulet, Hyrri’s Truth. It basically gives us a high level of Precision, good Crit Multi and Culling Strike.

    Although this item is not mandatory, it is nice and easy to use. And we can use it to save gem slots since we don’t have to equip Precision gem.

    Then, for the rest of your gear, try to get Armor and Evasion bases, which are also important. Then there are your typical Spell Suppression, Resistance, Chaos Resistance (if possible), Strength, and Intelligence stats. This way, you can equip all your gems.

    PoE 3.23: Hyrri's Truth


    Any extra damage you can get, especially in the ring. You gain elemental damage and flat damage by attacking.

    But I’m not running reduced Mana Cost on my ring, which is unnecessary for my setup after running Inspiration.


    I have an Eldritch Implicit on my helmet, which reduces Mana Cost of attacks. Also, I’m running Life Mastery: skills cost life instead of 30% mana. We also run Mana Leech, where you gain 1 passive point of life and mana.


    Then, with the quiver, just try to get as much damage as possible, and your quiver will also get extra life.

    My life is a little low currently, only 3.6k, but you can easily reach 4k life. Because some of my items have an unsatisfactory life, even my quiver has no life at all. So you can definitely reach a higher life.


    If you’re trying to get as much damage as possible, don’t forget about your flasks: Quicksilver, Diamond, Granite and Jade, with the suffixes: Dodge, Armor, Critical and Attack Speed. The best prefix you can get is gaining 3 charges when you are hit by an enemy.

    Also Read: An OP Build For Dominating Guardian Maps & Invitations In Path Of Exile 3.23 - Ignite Death Wish Elementalist

    Passive Tree

    For the passive tree, we chose Champion Ascendancy.

    The first two labs got your Fortify. For the third lab, I chose First to Strike, Last to Fall so that I could take advantage of Adrenaline.

    This is actually very useful for this build as we have a trick to easily reach low health with Corrupting Fever. This is basically in the 3-link of Corrupting Fever, Lifetap Support and Second Wind Support.

    Whenever we use Corrupting Fever, we reach low health, and we have Adrenaline. You can then use your Life Flask or Enduring Cry if you prefer to restore your life. This is an excellent trick.

    Your final lab: Inspirational. This is a pretty standard passive tree for this character. Since this is a lot of damage, you can try farming your clusters in Solo Self-Found.

    PoE 3.23: Champion Ascendancy

    Large Clusters can be attack damage or bow clusters and gain significant effects at the start. It would be great if you could get two.

    Then there are Medium Clusters: with Eye to Eye and Repeater for projectile damage, they are really good.

    Then I also run two Mana Reservation Efficiency Small Clusters. Now you may not need to run both, depending on whether you want to run Herald of Ice or not. I ran it because it helped a lot with mapping.

    Skill Gems

    For gems in our 6-link, try getting Vaal version of Rain of Arrows. It’s actually a nice boost to damage.

    Then the supported gems are pretty standard: Mirage Archer, Trinity, Inspiration, Increased Critical Damage, and Elemental Damage with Attacks to get your qualities running your lab or just using GCP.

    PoE 3.23: Vaal version of Rain of Arrows

    Then don’t forget your Corrupting Fever 3-link, and then Manaforged Arrow and Lifetap connection. Lifetap can help reduce mana cost, and Frenzy and Ensnaring Arrow can also deal with extra damage.

    You can also get Power Charge on Critical Support, and the way I generated it was using Wildwood Ascendancy. If you have more charm sockets, you can get extra crits at max Power Charges, or you can get a crit multiplier per Power Charge or whatever.

    Finally, don’t forget your extra Utility Gems and Aura Gems. The six Auras we are running are Clarity, Precision, Defiance Banner, Herald of Ice, Determination and Grace.

    That’s all for this Rain of Arrows Champion build guide. If you decide to play this character, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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  • 3 Best Ways To Farm Gold In New World With Harvesting Skill Line!

    In this guide, we’ll look at how to use Harvesting Skill Line in New World to earn tons of gold while leveling up your Harvesting skills.

    We will compare the results using three different methods and provide you with the market prices for all items on my server. Therefore, you can decide which method is most profitable for your server based on the price.

    3 Best Ways To Farm Gold In New World With Harvesting Skill Line!


    Before we get into the first method, a quick disclaimer. I use a full set of Harvesting Equipment with 700 gear score, a very good Sickle, top level Harvesting Trophy, Powerful Proficiency Boost, and 350 Intelligence to complete all these methods. And I also have a PVP Flag to really maximize my New World Coins earnings.

    While grinding, you can even get the most lucrative Music Buffs and top-tier packs on your sickle if you want to take your character to another level on the fly.

    Let’s take a quick look at the current prices of all the different Fibers and Threads on my server Maramma. This way you can see how they compare to your server.

    As you can see, they are all reasonably priced, but Silk Thread is clearly the most expensive. I’ll provide a different approach in case this isn’t the case with your server. Without further ado, let’s get started!

    New World: Current prices of different types of Fibers and Threads in the server Maramma

    Method 1: Hemp Farm

    But now let's get into the first method, which is farming Hemp. This is a very simple method that can be done in many places.

    But the reason I would love to redo this area of Windsward is because I really like the aesthetic of this area. There is also a Fast Travel Point here. You can collect a lot of Hemp as quickly as possible, and eventually accumulate a lot of New World Coins.

    Feel free to search New World map for a location that suits you. You need to make sure there are enough eggs laid and you never run out of pickings.

    You can even look for locations with lots of other resources to get the various items found on locations like Restless Shore. Even though there are usually more people here, you should still get excellent results running back and forth here.

    Once you’ve chosen your location, feel free to use any of the previously mentioned items. Then throw your gear together to pop Powerful Proficiency Boost.

    I like to use a Fire Staff and a Great Axe or Rapier when doing this to speed up my running between plants, and using a Sickle can really help speed up collecting those gains.

    Also Read: New World: How To Optimize Lightning Damage For PVP With This Boltcaster Build?

    Let’s see what we can expect from an hour of sanding this area.

    I ran Windsward for 30 minutes and went to Trading Post and sold everything, leaving me with 2,223 gold. Most of it came from Fiber, which ultimately brought 1,850 gold coins.

    This means that if I multiply that by 2, you can expect to earn approximately 4,447 gold per hour through this method, not to mention your Aptitude Crates.

    Currently, each Fiber is worth 25 gold on my server. So compare the prices, maybe it will be more profitable on your server.

    New World: The Best Hemp Farming Route! - Over 5000 Fibers Per Hour

    Method 2: AFK

    Next, we have the second method, which is AFK.

    This method is useful when you want to get some extra gold, but don’t want to constantly run around the game testing.

    I use this brilliant method with Cutlass Keys Map. You can use it here as well, or just look for any area on New World map that has a large amount of the resource you want to target.

    So, for example, if Silk Thread is top-priced on your server, look for a place that has a few Silk Thread spawns in an area, and then surround it with some other nice resources as a bonus.

    The great thing about this place is that it not only has Silk Thread and Wirefiber but also Spinfiber and even some Wyrdwood Tree and Runewood Tree. There were a few Hemp plants nearby, but I jumped over them during the grind to minimize running around.

    Now let’s look at everything I got from sitting in this place for 30 minutes, jumping into the game every 10 minutes or so.

    When I sold these on Trading Post, I made 2,430 gold. This is surprising for the effort I put in. This means if I multiply this number by 2, you can expect to earn 4,860 gold per hour.

    It’s great to do this AFK method because you can make more money than Hemp farming method and it takes a lot less effort.

    During this time, I also acquired many Aptitude Crates, which can further increase my profits. Don’t forget that you have to check the prices on the server before starting.

    This is a very reliable location for a server as populous as Maramma. But if too many people use this location later, you can simply look for another location on New World map with a similar amount of resources. There are many places as good as this.

    New World: Best AFK Gold Farm Method So Far

    Method 3: Multi-Task

    Finally, we have method three: Multi-Task. For this one, we just tested against the most commonly used materials on the server. I chose Silk Thread because it had the highest price.

    Then, you need to find a place not too far from Fast Travel Point, where there are many resources you want. I use this small area in Weaver’s Fen Map because there are a lot of spawn points there, and it doesn’t take long to grab them.

    All I did was teleport to Fast Travel Point and hit all the spawns, including any Wirefibers. Then teleport out and continue doing what I was doing in New World. Then I’ll come back in 10 to 15 minutes and repeat the process.

    Now, to test these numbers, I took a quick look, and it took about 6 minutes to go through and collect everything in the area before teleporting out.

    But for testing, I didn’t get any Fibers, nor did I get a lot of resources. It is indeed selling for 651 gold coins on Trading Post.

    But given the 15 minute wait, let’s say you can do this 3 times per hour. This means you can harvest 1,953 gold per hour, with a harvest time of approximately 18 minutes. That’s not bad, especially if you do a lot of other things on the side, and you’ll also get some Aptitude Crates to boost profits.

    Easy Way To Make 30-40k Gold In 1 Day In New World - How To Make Gold Really Fast!

    If you want to really focus on Gathering, you can turn it into a route. If done well, you can cycle this route repeatedly.

    After running here for 30 minutes straight, I sold everything in Trading Post and earned 2,256 gold. If multiplied by 2, that means you can get around 4512 gold per hour here. Of course, you can make more or less if the prices on your server are different.


    Overall, the amount of gold that can be earned is pretty impressive since it’s so easy to do, and adding Aptitude Crates will only increase your earnings.

    New World: Comparison of the benefits of three different methods

    This guide covers three ways you can craft gold in New World with Harvesting Skill. I will list the benefits of three different methods so that you can get an overview of them all and choose the one that suits you best. Let me know which method is most profitable for your server. Good luck!

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  • 11 Advanced Tips You Need To Know Before You Pull Navia In Genshin Impact!

    In this guide, I bring you 11 advanced tips for maximizing Navia’s damage. Without further ado, let’s get started!


    Navia can shoot bullets with her Gunbrella, but you should know that she has a short range, just like Shotgun. Therefore, you need to make sure you hit your target at close range.

    Everything You Need To Know About Her Skill

    Navia gains Crystal Shrapnel stacks whenever the character picks up Crystalize Shields or when her burst hits an enemy every 2.4 seconds.

    The best thing about her burst is that you get the stack even when you’re not on the field. You can trace the stack with the help of these bullets you see next to Navia. The first 3 stacks will appear like normal bullets. When you stack more than 3 levels, the bullets will glow brighter and become larger.

    Most of us know this, but I thought I should mention it as well. The more layers she has, the more damage she does.

    The damage jumps a lot from zero stacks to three stacks. The last three stacks provide more damage, but much less than the first three stacks. So you need to use her skills when she has at least 3 stacks of them to get maximum damage output.

    11 Advanced Tips You Need To Know Before You Pull Navia In Genshin Impact!

    Partial Hit

    Another important thing to know is that they spread the shots of her elemental skills out. Therefore, partial hits on enemies will cause less damage. You need to make sure to hit the enemy’s entire body. You can easily click on the skill when you are close to the enemy, or you can hold down the elemental skill to quickly locate the skill and hit the whole body.

    Easily Collect Crystallize Shields

    One cool thing about mastering her elemental skill is that it gathers all Crystalize Shields near her, allowing you to easily get a Crystal Shrapnel stack before firing her gun.

    So you’ll want to keep her elemental skills to collect shields unless you already have her max stacks. This also allows you to aim your shots more precisely.

    Get An Extra NA Hit

    Navia gains Geo Infusion for 4 seconds after using her elemental skills. This time is too short, only enough for her to release a combo of basic attack skills. But by canceling her fourth normal attack through the animation, you can perform N4N1 combo, which will help you get an extra hit.

    You can dash right after she swings her umbrella, easily canceling the animation for her fourth normal attack, and then quickly unleash a normal attack. Just make sure you don’t rush in too early or before she waves her umbrella. Because this will cancel her entire fourth normal attack, thus doing less damage.

    But this combination can be a little inconsistent and a little difficult to execute, since your hands need to be fast and precise. So you can also cancel her third attack via animation and do two normal attacks. This is easier to do.

    You just need to dash right after she kicks out her Claymore, then perform two normal attacks. This does less damage than N4N1 combo, but is easier to pull off. Because her third basic attack’s start animation is faster than her last attack. This gives you more time to get extra attacks easily.

    Please try both combinations and tell me which one you prefer.

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    Tips To Reduce ER And Get Stacks Faster

    Now here’s a trick that will significantly reduce Navia’s energy costs and also get your Shrapnel stacks faster.

    Navia’s elemental skill provides 3-4 Geo Particles. So using her skill and then bursting immediately allows you to capture Energy Particles. This is how I usually start my rotation. Skill, burst, use your support, then switch back to Navia to unleash massive damage.

    If I have Furina or Zhongli in my team, I’ll start with their skills and then move on to Navia.

    When you use support, Navia will gain some stacks from her burst. You can then gain the remaining stacks by keeping her skills up and collecting Crystalize Shields generated by her bursts to further boost her damage. Then does her Geo Infusion normal attack and releases another shot, and does another normal attack combo cycle before finally releasing her burst again.

    Burst Doesn’t Snapshot

    Navia’s burst won’t be as Snapshot as some characters like Xiangling or Ayato. This allows you to buff your burst hit even if you use it before buffers.

    Using Second Geo Character

    The next trick is to use Navia with another Geo character.

    Although this is not necessary now, I find it more optimized and comfortable to use her with another Geo character. This significantly reduces her energy requirements and also unlocks Geo Resonance, which increases damage dealt by 15% and further provides 20% Geo Resistance Shred. This is something no other character besides Zhongli can offer.

    Zhongli and Albedo are the best here. Albedo provides a lot of Geo Particles and good off-field damage. Zhongli also provides Energy Particles, which can use Tenacity Set, giving a powerful shield and 20% Resistance Shred.

    Pros and Cons that You need to know for all Geo characters In Genshin Impact

    Ningguang or Geo Traveler are F2P options you can use, but they are less ideal than Zhongli and Albedo.

    Geo Traveler build doesn’t hinder Navia’s abilities, but it can still cause a lot of problems, such as displacing enemies and blocking your view. And Ningguang or Geo Traveler don’t have good off-board damage or offers.

    So instead of running less-than-ideal Geo support, you can use support from other elements like Xiangling, Fischl, Yelan, and Xingqiu, depending on which role fits your team, and build more ER on top of Navia.

    Best Team

    Zhongli, Xiangling and Bennett are one of Navia’s best teams to play for a number of reasons. Xiangling’s high off-field damage and her Pyro application allow you to crystallize reactions easily.

    We can replace Zhongli with Albedo. Xiangling can be replaced by Furina, as she also unlocks Marechausee Hunter Set. This is the new set, a great alternative to Nighttime Whispers in Echoing Woods.

    If you want to quickly experience more unique characters and sets, purchasing a new Genshin Impact Account may be the best choice.

    Genshin Impact: Navia Best Team For Getting Her Best Geo Damage Potential


    Choosing the right free weapon for Navia is crucial.

    Among the craftable weapons, Tidal Shadow might seem very useful, as it provides many attacks. But don’t level it up to R5, as Navia’s best free weapons will be available to us in the upcoming event.

    This weapon is Ultimate Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword. It gives you 48% attack power without any strings attached, as well as 30% energy recharge, giving you even more offensive stats.

    The reason I say this is her best weapon is because Tidal Shadow needs to heal your character. This can be difficult if you use Navia with Zhongli.

    Also, Tidal Shadow provides a large amount of attack from its passive and secondary stats, which can lead to diminishing returns when used with other attack buffers.

    Therefore, Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword’s energy replenishment can make you more flexible and gain more critical properties.

    Sacrificial Greatsword is a fun weapon to use because it gives you extra skill shots. This means more damage and more Energy Particles.

    However, with more skill shots, you also need more Crystallizes, which can be achieved with Albedo.

    Genshin Impact: How to get Ultimate Overlords Mega Magic Sword?

    Substitutes To Nighttime Whispers

    Now, for her Artifact, Nighttime Whispers is her best setup. Because it offers more team flexibility and is not limited to Furina teams like Marechausee Hunter.

    But the set is new so no one will have a good 4 piece. Therefore, the 4 piece Golden Troupe is a good choice.

    Genshin Impact: Marechaussee Hunter vs Golden Troupe

    But in order to get the full damage bonus from this set, you need to shoot her skills immediately after switching to her. Alternatively, you can use a 2 piece set Artifact effect that provides geo damage bonus, elemental skill damage or energy recharge for a more flexible play style.

    Hopefully, these tips will make your Navia play more efficient and make your Navia gameplay and rotations smoother, allowing you to unleash tons of damage from this character!

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  • 5 Best PlayStyles For Different Positions In EA FC 24!

    Have you ever wondered how an ordinary shot can magically turn into a Banger? Or do you want to breeze past your opponent with a perfect dribble? The newly launched PlayStyles can help you achieve this. But not every player is suited to the same PlayStyles.

    So here we’ll reveal its secrets and give you the top five PlayStyles for each location. That way, you won’t have any hesitations about your choice of FC 24 players and PlayStyles at the end of this guide.

    Center Backs

    Let’s start with Center Backs. These players need to be rock solid and they need to stay sharp with their strongest defensive style.

    Fifth, you have an Aerial Playstyle. Players using this style of play can jump higher, and their aerial physical presence also increases. So this means you can end up stopping opponents who are trying to get past the ball, or knocking your defender off with a perfect ball.

    But it’s not just the aerial opponents we have to deal with, our ground players also need some strengthening, which is why we’re adopting Intercept Playstyle. This way you can get your center backs back between passing lanes and cut them off easily.

    As a player, you also need to have a good defensive stance, which is possible with a Jockey Playstyle. But Jockey Playstyle might slow you down. However, even in this case, you will be fast. This can make a vast difference, especially in one-on-one situations where you need to stay directly in front of your opponent. Since you have multiple angles to cover, you don’t always have to cut off passes or blocking shots.

    If you like Shoulder Challenges, then you need Bruiser Playstyle. Because it gives you a huge physical advantage over your attacker. If you have more FC 24 coins in your budget, improving your players’ overall attributes can help you be unstoppable on the field.

    If you want to press X when your defender is close to the attacker or use advanced defense, then Anticipate Playstyle is for you. This style of play allows you to have a higher success rate on standing tackles, with the ball landing directly at their feet. If you have this Playstyle, don’t be afraid of tackling. After building a Fortress with Center Backs, you will gain back possession.

    The Top 5 Playstyles For Each Position In FC 24!

    Wing Back

    Let’s take a look at Wing Back.

    Anticipate Playstyle is again very useful for Wing Back. Because we rarely want to go against Wingers when we’re tackling. So improving your tackle with this playstyle could be an immense help.

    We’ve only been talking about defensive plays. So now it’s time to launch a quick attack on the offensive Wing Back. With Rapid Playstyle, your players can reach higher sprint speeds. And you have a hard time getting caught by Raphael.

    Next, we use Bruiser Playstyle again. This time for Wing Back, you will face Wingers with lower overall attributes. Therefore, it is important to let them know your physical strengths. Wing Back with Bruiser Playstyle can easily crush attackers on the wing and then return to the attacking part.

    We have another Playstyle that affects player speed, and that’s Quick Step. With this, your players will get a boost on their first move. This can help him easily find players that are important to Wing Back.

    Finally, we have a very dominant Playstyle, Whipped Pass. Do you want to see the ball reach its target faster, more accurately, and with more curve? Then this is the exact Playstyle you need. Defeat the attacking Wing Back and join the attack from behind, which can easily give you a scoring opportunity.

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    For our CDM defensive position, Relentless Playstyle is an excellent choice. This Playstyle represents a player that covers a larger area of the court than anyone else. Relentless is a great option to use in CDM to cover the entire court and frustrate your opponents.

    When the opponent is running towards us, we need to clear the ball. Long Ball Pass Playstyle will become very convenient. So switch sides safely or pass the ball forward to your CDM, who can pick it up from behind and you can start your own attack.

    Now, we bring up Anticipate Playstyle for the third time because its defensive value is too high to ignore. This brings us once again to the expectation that your CDMs will gain enhanced tackling capabilities with this much needed Playstyle of Center Backs.

    The next Intercept Playstyle will be very effective, especially for CDMs. Most of you probably know the directive specified for CDMs, namely Cut Passing Lanes. Combining these two will give you the ultimate pass intercepting midfielder.

    For CDMs, physical fitness is very important. If you have Bruiser Playstyle, your defensive midfielder must show some dominance. You can easily regain possession by simply engaging your attacker physically and taking a step forward.

    EA FC 24: Best PlayStyles for each position


    As CM players, they need to play both sides of the game, and they need both offensive and defensive styles.

    Bruiser is once again a very good Playstyle. Because midfield always requires physicality. This way, you are not giving control of the area when your opponent wants to get physical.

    However, if you try to apply pressure in a certain area, you may get stuck. Then you need Long Ball Pass Playstyle and change the direction of play safely.

    If you want to dodge defenders coming towards you, you can do this by using a Controlled Sprint. And Technical Playstyle can enhance Controlled Sprint, and your players can reach higher speeds through it. He can also swerve around defenders without getting tackled, which is fun to watch and effective.

    If you think about your CMs regulating passing traffic through the centre, their passes need to be precise and powerful. At this time, Pinged Pass Playstyle will make the ground pass more accurately without affecting the difficulty of the receiver.

    We also have Incisive Pass Playstyle, which makes the pass more accurate. Incisive Pass is great if you’re always looking for runners behind the defense and like to play through passes.


    Now it’s time for my favorite location. The player in CAM position is a master of attack, so he needs to be efficient in creating finishing opportunities.

    Whenever your player receives the ball outside the box and passes it towards his weak foot, you can avoid your weak foot and score a great goal by using Trivela Playstyle.

    But we don’t want to be so selfish with our camp and shoot the ball all the time, so Pinged Pass Playstyle is also very important. Because the camp player is the bridge between the midfielder and the striker, he needs to provide key ground passes through the pinged pass. This will ensure you find your target without being intercepted.

    You’ll also see defenders and forwards making runs behind the defence, acting as a bridge for the attacking build-up. Incisive Pass Playstyle once again allows you to reward them in a more precise way.

    Plus, Finesse Shot PlayStyles are really strong this year. After your CAM passes the ball outside the box, you will have many opportunities to shoot from a distance. And Finesse Shot makes it easy to score even from long distances.

    Finally, there is Technical Playstyle. Agile players in camp positions using Controlled Sprint can create huge scoring opportunities. The technical improvement will be far beyond your imagination.

    Best Meta PlayStyle+ in each Position EA FC 24


    Let’s not forget about our Wingers players who will blow past defenses with their speed and agility.

    This is why Rapid is a great Playstyle. Reaching higher speeds is extremely important for Wingers, especially in open situations. With Rapid Playstyle, you can explore wider space after exploring that space.

    You may see players in the box eager to make crosses extremely powerful with Whipped Pass. As Wingers, this Playstyle is very important, don’t underestimate its power.

    The question now is whether we are only prepared to shoot. For other Wingers, Finesse Shot PlayStyles will not work for them. But when you use the counter-foot tactic, it allows you to take a step with your powerful foot and then slam it hard from a distance.

    But it’s not always easy to set up for a shot if your defender is close to shooting. With Technical Playstyle, you can use Controlled Sprint more efficiently in any way while also making great cuts at the goal line. You’ll find yourself scoring goals with ease.

    The most important thing is Quick Step. Bursts of speed are much needed when probing Wings and breaking through defenders. Most of the time, Quick Step can give you an immense advantage over the defender. So this is a must-have Playstyle for Wingers.


    For Striker, Trivela is an important Playstyle for your players to score goals. It triggers “outside of the foot” passes and shots depending on the situation. When shooting from outside the box, Trivela Playstyle is a brilliant choice.

    When you are going one-on-one with a heavy defender, you may want to use your agility to dribble past him. And Technical Playstyle is what it’s designed for, as it uses Controlled Sprint to get past heavy defenders and score goals.

    Agility is also very important for heavy defenders who accelerate early, which is why we ranked Quick Step in third place. With its influence, you can reach maximum speed earlier and gain an enormous advantage over the defender.

    As a striker, be careful after your teammates pass the ball. You need to create the perfect shooting opportunity. That’s why you want to eliminate the complications of catching the ball. Therefore, we have First Touch Playstyle as the runner-up, which can create incredible scoring opportunities with the help of gorgeous ball control.

    Last but definitely not least, Finesse Shot PlayStyles. This is also the best way to finish the game inside the box. There is no doubt that your striker needs it. Take advantage of the shooting curve it gives you and scores unstoppable goals.

    Today we bring you a lot of information about PlayStyles to help you choose your players correctly and use them wisely. I’m enjoying PlayStyles and scoring incredible goals. It gives you every technique to score in FC 24.

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  • The New Malignant Ring In Diablo 4 Patch 1.2.2 Will Give Your Classes More OP!

    Recently, Diablo 4 released Patch 1.2.2, which introduces balance changes and new class-specific Uniques to make your favorite classes even more powerful.

    The patch also adds 5 new Malignant Rings, one for each class. They contain the most popular powers from Season 1: Season of the Malignant.

    Diablo 4: The New Malignant Ring In Patch 1.2.2 Will Give Your Classes More OP!

    How To Get Them?

    Players can get them in this Seasonal Realm and Eternal Realm. These Malignant Rings are available for many classes and can be inserted into most builds while providing a powerful strength boost.

    They drop from killing the endgame boss Varshan, which is probably the easiest of the 5 endgame bosses. Even luckier, farming his summoning materials is a simple task by playing Whispers and Blood Harvest events around the clock.

    But unlike Duriel, Malignant Ring will drop unique attributes and rarities. Therefore, you need to send Varshan back to his ancestral multiple times to get the perfect ring.

    Malignant Ring drops as part of Varshan loot table. So if you kill him in a group of people and you’re not the one who summoned him, Ring can still drop to anyone involved in the kill.

    Diablo 4: How To Get Unique Malignant Rings for Each Class? - Season of Blood New Rings

    Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop

    Sorcerer can loot Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop, which provides a stacking 15% damage bonus for every element of damage you deal. The great thing about this buff is that as long as you continue to deal elemental damage, the buff will keep refreshing.

    Sorcerer’s base kit stacks 3 unique elements using Lightning, Fire, and Ice. But with Vampiric Powers and Aspects, you can also deal with Poison or Shadow to stack buffs, from 45% extra damage to 75% extra damage.

    This is a huge damage increase for a single item. It’s worth noting that if you have the budget for Diablo 4 Gold, you can also run Infection Vampiric Power. This will cause you to deal poison damage and will count as an additional stack to the ring’s effect.

    Diablo 4: Malignant Ring - Writhing Band Of Trickery & Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop

    Ring Of Red Furor

    Barbarian can loot a Ring of Red Furor. After spending 100 Fury, your next cast of Hammer of the Ancients, Upheaval, or Death Blow will always critically hit and deal 30% additional critical damage. Upheaval and Hammer of the Ancients had already dealt insane amounts of damage before, but now they do even more damage.

    Airidah’s Inexorable Will

    Druid can loot Airidah’s Inexorable Will, which was last season’s vacuum effect. When you cast any ultimate, you pull distant enemies directly in front of you and deal physical damage to them.

    Willpower, Druid’s primary attribute, scales this damage. The main reason this ability is useful has less to do with damage and more to do with stacking enemies in one location. But Vortex will also interrupt some abilities.

    Also Read: Diablo 4: How To Get Your Malignant Rings Fast In Season 2?

    Writhing Band Of Trickery

    Rogue can loot a Writhing Band of Trickery, which will bring back Decoy Trap from Season 1. Whenever you use Subterfuge Skills, you’ll be left with a Decoy Trap. The trap taunts enemies, then explodes after 3 seconds, dealing Shadow damage. This is one of my favorite effects in Season of the Malignant, as it gives Rogue a lot of opportunities to combine other abilities.

    Diablo 4: Malignant Ring - Ring Of Red Furor, Airidah’s Inexorable Will & Ring Of The Sacrilegious Soul

    Ring Of The Sacrilegious Soul

    Necromancers can loot Ring of the Sacrilegious Soul, which automatically activates Corpse Skills on nearby corpses without any input from the player. This was an insane quality-of-life impact on last season’s Necromancer and made some of Corpse spam play styles easier to play.

    We really struggled to see this effect at the end of Season 1, but with the new Malignant Ring, it’s making a comeback.

    Please note that there is an internal cooldown based on the type of skill that is automatically activated. Raise Skeleton and Corpse Explosion can only trigger every 1-2 seconds, while Corpse Tendrils will only activate every 8-16 seconds, regardless of their current cooldown.

    Of course, you can imagine the potential this unlocks for each class, allowing players to recover some righteous strength from Malignant Powers, and allowing us to combine them with Vampiric Powers.

    Diablo 4: New Malignant Rings Unique Explained

    Ring Stats

    Luckily, Diablo 4 developers seem to be getting better at providing useful stats for unique items.

    Ring of Red Furor has Attack Speed, Maximum Fury, Strength and Resource Generation.

    Airidah’s Inexorable Will grants players Willpower, Lucky Hit Chance, Damage to Close Enemies and Ultimate Skill Cooldown Reduction. I could do without Willpower on this project, but its power makes sense.

    Ring of the Sacrilegious Soul gives us Lucky Hit Chance, Maximum Life, Maximum Essence, and Ranks of All Corpse Skills. Regardless, most Necromancer builds will want Maximum Life and Lucky Hit Chance on their ring slots. This gives us a way to get Ranks of All Corpse Skills in slots we wouldn’t normally have. If it has an offensive stat, we can improve it better.

    Writhing Band of Trickery provides Critical Strike Chance, Critical Strike Damage, Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies, and Maximum Life. This is an incredible set of statistics.

    Finally, Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop provides Lucky Hit Chance, Resource Generation, Non-Physical Damage, and Cooldown Reduction. It has a damage stat and reduced cooldown in the ring slot, which is a nice win.

    To be honest, I didn’t expect Season 2: Season of Blood to add more content like this before Blizzcon 2023, but I’m excited to see it. These items also appear to be staying in the game, which is great news for everyone who loves these effects.

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  • Immortal All Rounder Build In POE 3.22! - Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder

    Hello, Exile! Welcome to my Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder build guide for the all-rounder edition!

    This build is an all-around beast. It has amazing clearing speed and you can kill any Uber Bosses without any problem. You can even tank them while standing there. Without further ado, let’s get started!

    POE 3.22: Immortal All Rounder Build! - Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder

    Single Target Skill

    We build using 2 Active Skill Gems. One for mapping and one for dealing with Uber Boss.

    Our boss skill is Toxic Rain. You can fire a projectile with your bow, which will spawn Spore Pods where it lands. Over time, these scattered Spore Pods will deal chaotic damage to enemies in an area, and their damage can overlap with each other.

    You need to hit a certain threshold of increased area to get a maximum overlap of 39%. All Pods will overlap. We achieved this with Bow Mastery on Passive Tree.

    Currently, the quality of Toxic Rain is 10%. If you have enough POE Currency budget, you can also get the remainder from Crafting Bench’s Simple Glove Craft to increase our area effect by 39%.

    POE: Toxic Rain

    Clear Skill

    Our Clear skill is Caustic Arrow. When you fire a bow, we create Caustic Ground where the projectile lands. This can also cause chaos DOT.

    But this skill alone is not suitable for clearing the level. Therefore, we added Arrow Nova Support. With this combination, our clearing speed will be much faster. Don’t worry, you won’t be switching skills on map bosses. Because even with Caustic Arrow and some other stuff, this build can handle it.

    POE: Caustic Arrow

    Scaling Damage

    Our biggest and best multipliers come from secondary sources using Ballista. We can have 5 of these and they will help stack Wither on the boss, which will increase Chaos damage by 90% by default. They also deal with a lot of damage.

    In addition, we also get an Ascendancy node, which will increase this Wither effect and give us the opportunity to cause a Wither.

    The other big damage increase is skill effect duration. Because Spore Pods will stay in the fight longer and deal damage for a longer duration. Thanks to tattoos in POE 3.22, we can reach very high skill effect duration percentages.


    On the defensive side, we convert 91% of the physical damage we take into elemental damage. Among them, the use of Lightning Coil alone accounts for 50%, while the use of Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask accounts for 23%. Because we added the flask effect node allocated on Passive Tree. Another 10% comes from Watcher’s Eye, and 8% comes from our helmets.

    Because we can convert physical damage into elemental damage. So we can reduce the converted elemental damage by using some elemental damage reduction flasks. For example Topaz, Ruby and Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask.

    POE: Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask

    Also, we have Elemental Ailment Immunity because we use unique jewel Ancestral Vision. Spell Suppression also applies to the chance of avoiding Elemental Ailment, accounting for half of its value.

    If you haven’t used this Aura before, using Petrified Blood will prevent us from recovering more than 50% of health without Life Flasks. But when we take damage from a hit, it prevents less than half the health loss. Health loss prevented in this way then disappears within 4 seconds.

    Finally, we can also get insulin recovery from Ascendancy. Because we use Pathfinder, we can use Master Surgeon node, which will keep our Life Flask active if our life reaches full.

    Also Read: The Fastest Build In POE 3.22! - Cptn_Garbage’s Tornado Warp Deadeye


    Since we use Eldritch Battery, we need to use Evasion and Energy Shield bases and a Pure Energy Shield base helmet to spam the enemy.

    Next, target your weapon for +1 Socketed Bow Gems DOT attack speed for increased chaos damage. Then craft +2 Support Gems to increase Chaos damage multiplier over time.

    On your Quiver, multipliers for normal and chaos damage increase bow and attack speed damage. On your amulet, all Chaos Skill Gems have +1 damage overtime.

    It’s worth mentioning that we used 2 Vermillion Rings with high health and attributes. Because I wanted to switch all the small attribute nodes to other useful POE items.

    Also, Belt is an excellent piece of equipment for this build. It has the effect of increasing the flask effect for you, and the mod also makes Energy Shield regeneration based on this.

    POE 3.22: A Guide to Basic Vermillion Ring Essence Crafting


    Before we get started with the flasks portion of Pathfinder, you don’t have to limit resistance with your gear. Because resistance flasks will have 100% uptime, you don’t have to worry about limiting your resistance with gear.

    The flasks we use are Topaz, Ruby, Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask, Silver Flask and Divine Life Flask.

    On Utility Flasks, you need these two modules: Reduced Duration and Incresed Effect. Be careful when you roll your flasks, as there are many mod combinations of these two. But its duration will be reduced so your flask won’t have 100% uptime. The major functions of these two sub-modules are to reduce the mana cost of skills and provide additional resistance.

    On Silver Flask, you need to enable this mod to add charge recovery and reduced effect. Because you get better uptime in boss battles with this combo compared to other setups.

    On Divine Life Flask, this mod increases the amount recovered and reduced recovery rate. And you will gain Stun Immunity during the effect to avoid being stunned.

    Path of Exile 3.22: How to Play Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder?


    That’s all for this all-rounder edition Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder build. This build provides you with an exciting and engaging gaming experience in POE 3.22.

    Although it may not be as flashy as some other builds. But over time, its sustained poison damage makes it a sound choice for map clearing and boss fights. With a well-balanced defense, utility flasks, and careful gear selection, you’ll find yourself clearing out enemies while maintaining a high level of survivability.

    Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned Exile, this build can help you deliver a powerful, easy-to-use, and enjoyable adventure in the world of POE 3.22!

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  • Tank Magic Find Pathfinder Will Never Die Again In POE 3.22! - A Complete Guide

    We usually rarely see the combination of Tankiness and Magic Find in POE builds. But it is really troublesome to use too many portal defensive layers at the same time in the build. With this in mind, I decided to try making a tank Magic Find character.

    High Movement Speed

    For this build, I wanted to focus on high movement speed. The current build in the map environment has over 250% movement speed. We achieve this through several things.

    As you know, in POE 3.22 we had tattoos, and this build uses 20 tattoos. All of this gives us a pretty high movement speed buff.

    POE 3.22: Tank Magic Find Pathfinder Will Never Die Again! - A Complete Guide

    For Ascendancy, we choose Pathfinder because she will increase the effectiveness of Quicksilver Flask. This alone gives us 111% movement speed. When we have this buff, Phasing on kill will give us 10% extra movement speed.

    Also, if you’re talking about speed, you can’t ignore this Haste Aura which gives us 21% movement speed. Combining all of this, our build gained over 250% movement speed.

    Quantity & Rarity

    This build uses 2 good rolling unique rings, Ventor’s Gamble. They have maximum rolling item quantity, top item rarity, and good health rolling.

    We also can’t miss Magic Find’s Divination Distillate Flask. And this flask is always active because we play Pathfinder. The only sad thing is that you have to press Flask every 5 seconds. Despite this, the current build quantity is 58% and item rarity is 135%.

    POE: Ventor's Gamble

    Clear Skill

    Without damage, speed and quantity are almost worthless. So we upgraded all my gear and gems, starting with 1 Divine Orb. Let’s see what we get in terms of damage.

    First, we build with 2 active skill gems. One for mapping and one for bossing. The first skill is our clear skill, Caustic Arrow. If you fire with a bow, it will create Caustic Ground where the projectile lands, which can cause more Chaos DOTs.

    But this skill alone is not suitable for leveling, so we added Arrow Nova Support. With this combination, our clearing speed will be much faster.

    POE: Magic Find Pathfinder Clear Skill - Caustic Arrow

    Single Tartget

    Our boss’ skill is Toxic Rain. This will cause Spore Pods to spawn where the projectile lands. Over time, this will start to cause chaos damage in an area, and they can overlap each other.

    Now, if you have a higher POE Currency budget, we can optimize our single target. You need to hit a certain threshold of increased area to get maximum overlap. All Spore Pods will overlap. We achieve this with Bow Mastery on the passive tree.

    We’ll take the remainder from Crafting Bench’s simple glove craft, and our area effect increases by 39%.

    We still use Withering Step in our builds. When I switch to Anomalous version, this will cause 2 extra Withers and increase the quality with Enhance Support. So, with just one click of the button, we’re going to create 9 layers of Wither overlay. This will increase our damage, while Toxic Rain will also apply more stacks.


    On the defensive side, we’ve also made a lot of upgrades. We convert 88% of physical damage into elemental damage.

    Of these, 50% can be achieved using Lightning Coil alone, while Taste of Hate’s maximum scroll rate is 24% as we increase flask effect nodes allocated on the tree. We also upgraded our helmets and saw a 14% increase in conversion rates.

    Path of Exile: Unique Lightning Coil

    Because we convert so much damage into elemental damage, we can use all elemental damage reduction bottles. This way, we can significantly reduce the damage taken when converting from physical damage to elemental damage.

    In addition, we can also use Grace Aura to increase the evasion level, so that we will almost never die from the monster’s normal attacks or projectiles.

    Because we use Ancestral Vision, this build also has cold and freeze immunity. Also, a modifier that suppresses spell damage chance also applies to avoiding Elemental Ailments, with a value of 50%. We also get 60% other disease avoidance, which is enough to not get shocked or ignited on the map.

    Also Read: Suzu520’s Herald Of Ice Wormblaster Build For POE 3.22 - Working Principles, Offence & Defense


    Next, let’s talk about some important POE items you’ll need in this build.

    First, aim your weapon for +1 socketed bow gems and increased Chaos DOT. Craft +2 socketed support gems and Chaos DOT.

    On your quiver, they multiply normal damage over time, and bow and life damage are increased. It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll need a Penetrating Arrow Quiver, as this will help with your removal.

    All Chaos skill gems on your amulet have +1 DOT. Lightning Coil is a big physical damage reduction for this build. Also, Ventor’s Gamble has good quantity and item rarity, and tries to aim for high health.

    Path of Exile 3.22: Crafting a Chaos DoT Penetrating Arrow Quiver


    We use Pathfinder as Ascendancy.

    In your first lab, we took Nature’s Reprisal and upgraded it with Toxic Rain. So this node was a significant change in its early behavior.

    The second lab uses Nature’s Adrenaline to help you generate massive Flask Charges.

    In the third lab, we took Nature’s Boon. If you have a full life, Master Surgeon will keep your Magic Find Flask active at all times.

    Overall, this Magic Find Pathfinder build guide provides in-depth coverage of an effective and affordable character setup. With this build, you can tackle advanced maps and challenging content while optimizing your Magic Find potential. If you’re looking for a versatile and efficient Magic Find build, this guide provides all the information you need to get started.

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