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  • 11 Advanced Tips You Need To Know Before You Pull Navia In Genshin Impact!

    In this guide, I bring you 11 advanced tips for maximizing Navia’s damage. Without further ado, let’s get started!


    Navia can shoot bullets with her Gunbrella, but you should know that she has a short range, just like Shotgun. Therefore, you need to make sure you hit your target at close range.

    Everything You Need To Know About Her Skill

    Navia gains Crystal Shrapnel stacks whenever the character picks up Crystalize Shields or when her burst hits an enemy every 2.4 seconds.

    The best thing about her burst is that you get the stack even when you’re not on the field. You can trace the stack with the help of these bullets you see next to Navia. The first 3 stacks will appear like normal bullets. When you stack more than 3 levels, the bullets will glow brighter and become larger.

    Most of us know this, but I thought I should mention it as well. The more layers she has, the more damage she does.

    The damage jumps a lot from zero stacks to three stacks. The last three stacks provide more damage, but much less than the first three stacks. So you need to use her skills when she has at least 3 stacks of them to get maximum damage output.

    11 Advanced Tips You Need To Know Before You Pull Navia In Genshin Impact!

    Partial Hit

    Another important thing to know is that they spread the shots of her elemental skills out. Therefore, partial hits on enemies will cause less damage. You need to make sure to hit the enemy’s entire body. You can easily click on the skill when you are close to the enemy, or you can hold down the elemental skill to quickly locate the skill and hit the whole body.

    Easily Collect Crystallize Shields

    One cool thing about mastering her elemental skill is that it gathers all Crystalize Shields near her, allowing you to easily get a Crystal Shrapnel stack before firing her gun.

    So you’ll want to keep her elemental skills to collect shields unless you already have her max stacks. This also allows you to aim your shots more precisely.

    Get An Extra NA Hit

    Navia gains Geo Infusion for 4 seconds after using her elemental skills. This time is too short, only enough for her to release a combo of basic attack skills. But by canceling her fourth normal attack through the animation, you can perform N4N1 combo, which will help you get an extra hit.

    You can dash right after she swings her umbrella, easily canceling the animation for her fourth normal attack, and then quickly unleash a normal attack. Just make sure you don’t rush in too early or before she waves her umbrella. Because this will cancel her entire fourth normal attack, thus doing less damage.

    But this combination can be a little inconsistent and a little difficult to execute, since your hands need to be fast and precise. So you can also cancel her third attack via animation and do two normal attacks. This is easier to do.

    You just need to dash right after she kicks out her Claymore, then perform two normal attacks. This does less damage than N4N1 combo, but is easier to pull off. Because her third basic attack’s start animation is faster than her last attack. This gives you more time to get extra attacks easily.

    Please try both combinations and tell me which one you prefer.

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    Tips To Reduce ER And Get Stacks Faster

    Now here’s a trick that will significantly reduce Navia’s energy costs and also get your Shrapnel stacks faster.

    Navia’s elemental skill provides 3-4 Geo Particles. So using her skill and then bursting immediately allows you to capture Energy Particles. This is how I usually start my rotation. Skill, burst, use your support, then switch back to Navia to unleash massive damage.

    If I have Furina or Zhongli in my team, I’ll start with their skills and then move on to Navia.

    When you use support, Navia will gain some stacks from her burst. You can then gain the remaining stacks by keeping her skills up and collecting Crystalize Shields generated by her bursts to further boost her damage. Then does her Geo Infusion normal attack and releases another shot, and does another normal attack combo cycle before finally releasing her burst again.

    Burst Doesn’t Snapshot

    Navia’s burst won’t be as Snapshot as some characters like Xiangling or Ayato. This allows you to buff your burst hit even if you use it before buffers.

    Using Second Geo Character

    The next trick is to use Navia with another Geo character.

    Although this is not necessary now, I find it more optimized and comfortable to use her with another Geo character. This significantly reduces her energy requirements and also unlocks Geo Resonance, which increases damage dealt by 15% and further provides 20% Geo Resistance Shred. This is something no other character besides Zhongli can offer.

    Zhongli and Albedo are the best here. Albedo provides a lot of Geo Particles and good off-field damage. Zhongli also provides Energy Particles, which can use Tenacity Set, giving a powerful shield and 20% Resistance Shred.

    Pros and Cons that You need to know for all Geo characters In Genshin Impact

    Ningguang or Geo Traveler are F2P options you can use, but they are less ideal than Zhongli and Albedo.

    Geo Traveler build doesn’t hinder Navia’s abilities, but it can still cause a lot of problems, such as displacing enemies and blocking your view. And Ningguang or Geo Traveler don’t have good off-board damage or offers.

    So instead of running less-than-ideal Geo support, you can use support from other elements like Xiangling, Fischl, Yelan, and Xingqiu, depending on which role fits your team, and build more ER on top of Navia.

    Best Team

    Zhongli, Xiangling and Bennett are one of Navia’s best teams to play for a number of reasons. Xiangling’s high off-field damage and her Pyro application allow you to crystallize reactions easily.

    We can replace Zhongli with Albedo. Xiangling can be replaced by Furina, as she also unlocks Marechausee Hunter Set. This is the new set, a great alternative to Nighttime Whispers in Echoing Woods.

    If you want to quickly experience more unique characters and sets, purchasing a new Genshin Impact Account may be the best choice.

    Genshin Impact: Navia Best Team For Getting Her Best Geo Damage Potential


    Choosing the right free weapon for Navia is crucial.

    Among the craftable weapons, Tidal Shadow might seem very useful, as it provides many attacks. But don’t level it up to R5, as Navia’s best free weapons will be available to us in the upcoming event.

    This weapon is Ultimate Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword. It gives you 48% attack power without any strings attached, as well as 30% energy recharge, giving you even more offensive stats.

    The reason I say this is her best weapon is because Tidal Shadow needs to heal your character. This can be difficult if you use Navia with Zhongli.

    Also, Tidal Shadow provides a large amount of attack from its passive and secondary stats, which can lead to diminishing returns when used with other attack buffers.

    Therefore, Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword’s energy replenishment can make you more flexible and gain more critical properties.

    Sacrificial Greatsword is a fun weapon to use because it gives you extra skill shots. This means more damage and more Energy Particles.

    However, with more skill shots, you also need more Crystallizes, which can be achieved with Albedo.

    Genshin Impact: How to get Ultimate Overlords Mega Magic Sword?

    Substitutes To Nighttime Whispers

    Now, for her Artifact, Nighttime Whispers is her best setup. Because it offers more team flexibility and is not limited to Furina teams like Marechausee Hunter.

    But the set is new so no one will have a good 4 piece. Therefore, the 4 piece Golden Troupe is a good choice.

    Genshin Impact: Marechaussee Hunter vs Golden Troupe

    But in order to get the full damage bonus from this set, you need to shoot her skills immediately after switching to her. Alternatively, you can use a 2 piece set Artifact effect that provides geo damage bonus, elemental skill damage or energy recharge for a more flexible play style.

    Hopefully, these tips will make your Navia play more efficient and make your Navia gameplay and rotations smoother, allowing you to unleash tons of damage from this character!

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  • 5 Best PlayStyles For Different Positions In EA FC 24!

    Have you ever wondered how an ordinary shot can magically turn into a Banger? Or do you want to breeze past your opponent with a perfect dribble? The newly launched PlayStyles can help you achieve this. But not every player is suited to the same PlayStyles.

    So here we’ll reveal its secrets and give you the top five PlayStyles for each location. That way, you won’t have any hesitations about your choice of FC 24 players and PlayStyles at the end of this guide.

    Center Backs

    Let’s start with Center Backs. These players need to be rock solid and they need to stay sharp with their strongest defensive style.

    Fifth, you have an Aerial Playstyle. Players using this style of play can jump higher, and their aerial physical presence also increases. So this means you can end up stopping opponents who are trying to get past the ball, or knocking your defender off with a perfect ball.

    But it’s not just the aerial opponents we have to deal with, our ground players also need some strengthening, which is why we’re adopting Intercept Playstyle. This way you can get your center backs back between passing lanes and cut them off easily.

    As a player, you also need to have a good defensive stance, which is possible with a Jockey Playstyle. But Jockey Playstyle might slow you down. However, even in this case, you will be fast. This can make a vast difference, especially in one-on-one situations where you need to stay directly in front of your opponent. Since you have multiple angles to cover, you don’t always have to cut off passes or blocking shots.

    If you like Shoulder Challenges, then you need Bruiser Playstyle. Because it gives you a huge physical advantage over your attacker. If you have more FC 24 coins in your budget, improving your players’ overall attributes can help you be unstoppable on the field.

    If you want to press X when your defender is close to the attacker or use advanced defense, then Anticipate Playstyle is for you. This style of play allows you to have a higher success rate on standing tackles, with the ball landing directly at their feet. If you have this Playstyle, don’t be afraid of tackling. After building a Fortress with Center Backs, you will gain back possession.

    The Top 5 Playstyles For Each Position In FC 24!

    Wing Back

    Let’s take a look at Wing Back.

    Anticipate Playstyle is again very useful for Wing Back. Because we rarely want to go against Wingers when we’re tackling. So improving your tackle with this playstyle could be an immense help.

    We’ve only been talking about defensive plays. So now it’s time to launch a quick attack on the offensive Wing Back. With Rapid Playstyle, your players can reach higher sprint speeds. And you have a hard time getting caught by Raphael.

    Next, we use Bruiser Playstyle again. This time for Wing Back, you will face Wingers with lower overall attributes. Therefore, it is important to let them know your physical strengths. Wing Back with Bruiser Playstyle can easily crush attackers on the wing and then return to the attacking part.

    We have another Playstyle that affects player speed, and that’s Quick Step. With this, your players will get a boost on their first move. This can help him easily find players that are important to Wing Back.

    Finally, we have a very dominant Playstyle, Whipped Pass. Do you want to see the ball reach its target faster, more accurately, and with more curve? Then this is the exact Playstyle you need. Defeat the attacking Wing Back and join the attack from behind, which can easily give you a scoring opportunity.

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    For our CDM defensive position, Relentless Playstyle is an excellent choice. This Playstyle represents a player that covers a larger area of the court than anyone else. Relentless is a great option to use in CDM to cover the entire court and frustrate your opponents.

    When the opponent is running towards us, we need to clear the ball. Long Ball Pass Playstyle will become very convenient. So switch sides safely or pass the ball forward to your CDM, who can pick it up from behind and you can start your own attack.

    Now, we bring up Anticipate Playstyle for the third time because its defensive value is too high to ignore. This brings us once again to the expectation that your CDMs will gain enhanced tackling capabilities with this much needed Playstyle of Center Backs.

    The next Intercept Playstyle will be very effective, especially for CDMs. Most of you probably know the directive specified for CDMs, namely Cut Passing Lanes. Combining these two will give you the ultimate pass intercepting midfielder.

    For CDMs, physical fitness is very important. If you have Bruiser Playstyle, your defensive midfielder must show some dominance. You can easily regain possession by simply engaging your attacker physically and taking a step forward.

    EA FC 24: Best PlayStyles for each position


    As CM players, they need to play both sides of the game, and they need both offensive and defensive styles.

    Bruiser is once again a very good Playstyle. Because midfield always requires physicality. This way, you are not giving control of the area when your opponent wants to get physical.

    However, if you try to apply pressure in a certain area, you may get stuck. Then you need Long Ball Pass Playstyle and change the direction of play safely.

    If you want to dodge defenders coming towards you, you can do this by using a Controlled Sprint. And Technical Playstyle can enhance Controlled Sprint, and your players can reach higher speeds through it. He can also swerve around defenders without getting tackled, which is fun to watch and effective.

    If you think about your CMs regulating passing traffic through the centre, their passes need to be precise and powerful. At this time, Pinged Pass Playstyle will make the ground pass more accurately without affecting the difficulty of the receiver.

    We also have Incisive Pass Playstyle, which makes the pass more accurate. Incisive Pass is great if you’re always looking for runners behind the defense and like to play through passes.


    Now it’s time for my favorite location. The player in CAM position is a master of attack, so he needs to be efficient in creating finishing opportunities.

    Whenever your player receives the ball outside the box and passes it towards his weak foot, you can avoid your weak foot and score a great goal by using Trivela Playstyle.

    But we don’t want to be so selfish with our camp and shoot the ball all the time, so Pinged Pass Playstyle is also very important. Because the camp player is the bridge between the midfielder and the striker, he needs to provide key ground passes through the pinged pass. This will ensure you find your target without being intercepted.

    You’ll also see defenders and forwards making runs behind the defence, acting as a bridge for the attacking build-up. Incisive Pass Playstyle once again allows you to reward them in a more precise way.

    Plus, Finesse Shot PlayStyles are really strong this year. After your CAM passes the ball outside the box, you will have many opportunities to shoot from a distance. And Finesse Shot makes it easy to score even from long distances.

    Finally, there is Technical Playstyle. Agile players in camp positions using Controlled Sprint can create huge scoring opportunities. The technical improvement will be far beyond your imagination.

    Best Meta PlayStyle+ in each Position EA FC 24


    Let’s not forget about our Wingers players who will blow past defenses with their speed and agility.

    This is why Rapid is a great Playstyle. Reaching higher speeds is extremely important for Wingers, especially in open situations. With Rapid Playstyle, you can explore wider space after exploring that space.

    You may see players in the box eager to make crosses extremely powerful with Whipped Pass. As Wingers, this Playstyle is very important, don’t underestimate its power.

    The question now is whether we are only prepared to shoot. For other Wingers, Finesse Shot PlayStyles will not work for them. But when you use the counter-foot tactic, it allows you to take a step with your powerful foot and then slam it hard from a distance.

    But it’s not always easy to set up for a shot if your defender is close to shooting. With Technical Playstyle, you can use Controlled Sprint more efficiently in any way while also making great cuts at the goal line. You’ll find yourself scoring goals with ease.

    The most important thing is Quick Step. Bursts of speed are much needed when probing Wings and breaking through defenders. Most of the time, Quick Step can give you an immense advantage over the defender. So this is a must-have Playstyle for Wingers.


    For Striker, Trivela is an important Playstyle for your players to score goals. It triggers “outside of the foot” passes and shots depending on the situation. When shooting from outside the box, Trivela Playstyle is a brilliant choice.

    When you are going one-on-one with a heavy defender, you may want to use your agility to dribble past him. And Technical Playstyle is what it’s designed for, as it uses Controlled Sprint to get past heavy defenders and score goals.

    Agility is also very important for heavy defenders who accelerate early, which is why we ranked Quick Step in third place. With its influence, you can reach maximum speed earlier and gain an enormous advantage over the defender.

    As a striker, be careful after your teammates pass the ball. You need to create the perfect shooting opportunity. That’s why you want to eliminate the complications of catching the ball. Therefore, we have First Touch Playstyle as the runner-up, which can create incredible scoring opportunities with the help of gorgeous ball control.

    Last but definitely not least, Finesse Shot PlayStyles. This is also the best way to finish the game inside the box. There is no doubt that your striker needs it. Take advantage of the shooting curve it gives you and scores unstoppable goals.

    Today we bring you a lot of information about PlayStyles to help you choose your players correctly and use them wisely. I’m enjoying PlayStyles and scoring incredible goals. It gives you every technique to score in FC 24.

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  • The New Malignant Ring In Diablo 4 Patch 1.2.2 Will Give Your Classes More OP!

    Recently, Diablo 4 released Patch 1.2.2, which introduces balance changes and new class-specific Uniques to make your favorite classes even more powerful.

    The patch also adds 5 new Malignant Rings, one for each class. They contain the most popular powers from Season 1: Season of the Malignant.

    Diablo 4: The New Malignant Ring In Patch 1.2.2 Will Give Your Classes More OP!

    How To Get Them?

    Players can get them in this Seasonal Realm and Eternal Realm. These Malignant Rings are available for many classes and can be inserted into most builds while providing a powerful strength boost.

    They drop from killing the endgame boss Varshan, which is probably the easiest of the 5 endgame bosses. Even luckier, farming his summoning materials is a simple task by playing Whispers and Blood Harvest events around the clock.

    But unlike Duriel, Malignant Ring will drop unique attributes and rarities. Therefore, you need to send Varshan back to his ancestral multiple times to get the perfect ring.

    Malignant Ring drops as part of Varshan loot table. So if you kill him in a group of people and you’re not the one who summoned him, Ring can still drop to anyone involved in the kill.

    Diablo 4: How To Get Unique Malignant Rings for Each Class? - Season of Blood New Rings

    Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop

    Sorcerer can loot Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop, which provides a stacking 15% damage bonus for every element of damage you deal. The great thing about this buff is that as long as you continue to deal elemental damage, the buff will keep refreshing.

    Sorcerer’s base kit stacks 3 unique elements using Lightning, Fire, and Ice. But with Vampiric Powers and Aspects, you can also deal with Poison or Shadow to stack buffs, from 45% extra damage to 75% extra damage.

    This is a huge damage increase for a single item. It’s worth noting that if you have the budget for Diablo 4 Gold, you can also run Infection Vampiric Power. This will cause you to deal poison damage and will count as an additional stack to the ring’s effect.

    Diablo 4: Malignant Ring - Writhing Band Of Trickery & Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop

    Ring Of Red Furor

    Barbarian can loot a Ring of Red Furor. After spending 100 Fury, your next cast of Hammer of the Ancients, Upheaval, or Death Blow will always critically hit and deal 30% additional critical damage. Upheaval and Hammer of the Ancients had already dealt insane amounts of damage before, but now they do even more damage.

    Airidah’s Inexorable Will

    Druid can loot Airidah’s Inexorable Will, which was last season’s vacuum effect. When you cast any ultimate, you pull distant enemies directly in front of you and deal physical damage to them.

    Willpower, Druid’s primary attribute, scales this damage. The main reason this ability is useful has less to do with damage and more to do with stacking enemies in one location. But Vortex will also interrupt some abilities.

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    Writhing Band Of Trickery

    Rogue can loot a Writhing Band of Trickery, which will bring back Decoy Trap from Season 1. Whenever you use Subterfuge Skills, you’ll be left with a Decoy Trap. The trap taunts enemies, then explodes after 3 seconds, dealing Shadow damage. This is one of my favorite effects in Season of the Malignant, as it gives Rogue a lot of opportunities to combine other abilities.

    Diablo 4: Malignant Ring - Ring Of Red Furor, Airidah’s Inexorable Will & Ring Of The Sacrilegious Soul

    Ring Of The Sacrilegious Soul

    Necromancers can loot Ring of the Sacrilegious Soul, which automatically activates Corpse Skills on nearby corpses without any input from the player. This was an insane quality-of-life impact on last season’s Necromancer and made some of Corpse spam play styles easier to play.

    We really struggled to see this effect at the end of Season 1, but with the new Malignant Ring, it’s making a comeback.

    Please note that there is an internal cooldown based on the type of skill that is automatically activated. Raise Skeleton and Corpse Explosion can only trigger every 1-2 seconds, while Corpse Tendrils will only activate every 8-16 seconds, regardless of their current cooldown.

    Of course, you can imagine the potential this unlocks for each class, allowing players to recover some righteous strength from Malignant Powers, and allowing us to combine them with Vampiric Powers.

    Diablo 4: New Malignant Rings Unique Explained

    Ring Stats

    Luckily, Diablo 4 developers seem to be getting better at providing useful stats for unique items.

    Ring of Red Furor has Attack Speed, Maximum Fury, Strength and Resource Generation.

    Airidah’s Inexorable Will grants players Willpower, Lucky Hit Chance, Damage to Close Enemies and Ultimate Skill Cooldown Reduction. I could do without Willpower on this project, but its power makes sense.

    Ring of the Sacrilegious Soul gives us Lucky Hit Chance, Maximum Life, Maximum Essence, and Ranks of All Corpse Skills. Regardless, most Necromancer builds will want Maximum Life and Lucky Hit Chance on their ring slots. This gives us a way to get Ranks of All Corpse Skills in slots we wouldn’t normally have. If it has an offensive stat, we can improve it better.

    Writhing Band of Trickery provides Critical Strike Chance, Critical Strike Damage, Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies, and Maximum Life. This is an incredible set of statistics.

    Finally, Tal Rasha’s Iridescent Loop provides Lucky Hit Chance, Resource Generation, Non-Physical Damage, and Cooldown Reduction. It has a damage stat and reduced cooldown in the ring slot, which is a nice win.

    To be honest, I didn’t expect Season 2: Season of Blood to add more content like this before Blizzcon 2023, but I’m excited to see it. These items also appear to be staying in the game, which is great news for everyone who loves these effects.

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  • Immortal All Rounder Build In POE 3.22! - Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder

    Hello, Exile! Welcome to my Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder build guide for the all-rounder edition!

    This build is an all-around beast. It has amazing clearing speed and you can kill any Uber Bosses without any problem. You can even tank them while standing there. Without further ado, let’s get started!

    POE 3.22: Immortal All Rounder Build! - Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder

    Single Target Skill

    We build using 2 Active Skill Gems. One for mapping and one for dealing with Uber Boss.

    Our boss skill is Toxic Rain. You can fire a projectile with your bow, which will spawn Spore Pods where it lands. Over time, these scattered Spore Pods will deal chaotic damage to enemies in an area, and their damage can overlap with each other.

    You need to hit a certain threshold of increased area to get a maximum overlap of 39%. All Pods will overlap. We achieved this with Bow Mastery on Passive Tree.

    Currently, the quality of Toxic Rain is 10%. If you have enough POE Currency budget, you can also get the remainder from Crafting Bench’s Simple Glove Craft to increase our area effect by 39%.

    POE: Toxic Rain

    Clear Skill

    Our Clear skill is Caustic Arrow. When you fire a bow, we create Caustic Ground where the projectile lands. This can also cause chaos DOT.

    But this skill alone is not suitable for clearing the level. Therefore, we added Arrow Nova Support. With this combination, our clearing speed will be much faster. Don’t worry, you won’t be switching skills on map bosses. Because even with Caustic Arrow and some other stuff, this build can handle it.

    POE: Caustic Arrow

    Scaling Damage

    Our biggest and best multipliers come from secondary sources using Ballista. We can have 5 of these and they will help stack Wither on the boss, which will increase Chaos damage by 90% by default. They also deal with a lot of damage.

    In addition, we also get an Ascendancy node, which will increase this Wither effect and give us the opportunity to cause a Wither.

    The other big damage increase is skill effect duration. Because Spore Pods will stay in the fight longer and deal damage for a longer duration. Thanks to tattoos in POE 3.22, we can reach very high skill effect duration percentages.


    On the defensive side, we convert 91% of the physical damage we take into elemental damage. Among them, the use of Lightning Coil alone accounts for 50%, while the use of Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask accounts for 23%. Because we added the flask effect node allocated on Passive Tree. Another 10% comes from Watcher’s Eye, and 8% comes from our helmets.

    Because we can convert physical damage into elemental damage. So we can reduce the converted elemental damage by using some elemental damage reduction flasks. For example Topaz, Ruby and Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask.

    POE: Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask

    Also, we have Elemental Ailment Immunity because we use unique jewel Ancestral Vision. Spell Suppression also applies to the chance of avoiding Elemental Ailment, accounting for half of its value.

    If you haven’t used this Aura before, using Petrified Blood will prevent us from recovering more than 50% of health without Life Flasks. But when we take damage from a hit, it prevents less than half the health loss. Health loss prevented in this way then disappears within 4 seconds.

    Finally, we can also get insulin recovery from Ascendancy. Because we use Pathfinder, we can use Master Surgeon node, which will keep our Life Flask active if our life reaches full.

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    Since we use Eldritch Battery, we need to use Evasion and Energy Shield bases and a Pure Energy Shield base helmet to spam the enemy.

    Next, target your weapon for +1 Socketed Bow Gems DOT attack speed for increased chaos damage. Then craft +2 Support Gems to increase Chaos damage multiplier over time.

    On your Quiver, multipliers for normal and chaos damage increase bow and attack speed damage. On your amulet, all Chaos Skill Gems have +1 damage overtime.

    It’s worth mentioning that we used 2 Vermillion Rings with high health and attributes. Because I wanted to switch all the small attribute nodes to other useful POE items.

    Also, Belt is an excellent piece of equipment for this build. It has the effect of increasing the flask effect for you, and the mod also makes Energy Shield regeneration based on this.

    POE 3.22: A Guide to Basic Vermillion Ring Essence Crafting


    Before we get started with the flasks portion of Pathfinder, you don’t have to limit resistance with your gear. Because resistance flasks will have 100% uptime, you don’t have to worry about limiting your resistance with gear.

    The flasks we use are Topaz, Ruby, Taste of Hate Sapphire Flask, Silver Flask and Divine Life Flask.

    On Utility Flasks, you need these two modules: Reduced Duration and Incresed Effect. Be careful when you roll your flasks, as there are many mod combinations of these two. But its duration will be reduced so your flask won’t have 100% uptime. The major functions of these two sub-modules are to reduce the mana cost of skills and provide additional resistance.

    On Silver Flask, you need to enable this mod to add charge recovery and reduced effect. Because you get better uptime in boss battles with this combo compared to other setups.

    On Divine Life Flask, this mod increases the amount recovered and reduced recovery rate. And you will gain Stun Immunity during the effect to avoid being stunned.

    Path of Exile 3.22: How to Play Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder?


    That’s all for this all-rounder edition Toxic Rain Ballista Pathfinder build. This build provides you with an exciting and engaging gaming experience in POE 3.22.

    Although it may not be as flashy as some other builds. But over time, its sustained poison damage makes it a sound choice for map clearing and boss fights. With a well-balanced defense, utility flasks, and careful gear selection, you’ll find yourself clearing out enemies while maintaining a high level of survivability.

    Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned Exile, this build can help you deliver a powerful, easy-to-use, and enjoyable adventure in the world of POE 3.22!

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  • Tank Magic Find Pathfinder Will Never Die Again In POE 3.22! - A Complete Guide

    We usually rarely see the combination of Tankiness and Magic Find in POE builds. But it is really troublesome to use too many portal defensive layers at the same time in the build. With this in mind, I decided to try making a tank Magic Find character.

    High Movement Speed

    For this build, I wanted to focus on high movement speed. The current build in the map environment has over 250% movement speed. We achieve this through several things.

    As you know, in POE 3.22 we had tattoos, and this build uses 20 tattoos. All of this gives us a pretty high movement speed buff.

    POE 3.22: Tank Magic Find Pathfinder Will Never Die Again! - A Complete Guide

    For Ascendancy, we choose Pathfinder because she will increase the effectiveness of Quicksilver Flask. This alone gives us 111% movement speed. When we have this buff, Phasing on kill will give us 10% extra movement speed.

    Also, if you’re talking about speed, you can’t ignore this Haste Aura which gives us 21% movement speed. Combining all of this, our build gained over 250% movement speed.

    Quantity & Rarity

    This build uses 2 good rolling unique rings, Ventor’s Gamble. They have maximum rolling item quantity, top item rarity, and good health rolling.

    We also can’t miss Magic Find’s Divination Distillate Flask. And this flask is always active because we play Pathfinder. The only sad thing is that you have to press Flask every 5 seconds. Despite this, the current build quantity is 58% and item rarity is 135%.

    POE: Ventor's Gamble

    Clear Skill

    Without damage, speed and quantity are almost worthless. So we upgraded all my gear and gems, starting with 1 Divine Orb. Let’s see what we get in terms of damage.

    First, we build with 2 active skill gems. One for mapping and one for bossing. The first skill is our clear skill, Caustic Arrow. If you fire with a bow, it will create Caustic Ground where the projectile lands, which can cause more Chaos DOTs.

    But this skill alone is not suitable for leveling, so we added Arrow Nova Support. With this combination, our clearing speed will be much faster.

    POE: Magic Find Pathfinder Clear Skill - Caustic Arrow

    Single Tartget

    Our boss’ skill is Toxic Rain. This will cause Spore Pods to spawn where the projectile lands. Over time, this will start to cause chaos damage in an area, and they can overlap each other.

    Now, if you have a higher POE Currency budget, we can optimize our single target. You need to hit a certain threshold of increased area to get maximum overlap. All Spore Pods will overlap. We achieve this with Bow Mastery on the passive tree.

    We’ll take the remainder from Crafting Bench’s simple glove craft, and our area effect increases by 39%.

    We still use Withering Step in our builds. When I switch to Anomalous version, this will cause 2 extra Withers and increase the quality with Enhance Support. So, with just one click of the button, we’re going to create 9 layers of Wither overlay. This will increase our damage, while Toxic Rain will also apply more stacks.


    On the defensive side, we’ve also made a lot of upgrades. We convert 88% of physical damage into elemental damage.

    Of these, 50% can be achieved using Lightning Coil alone, while Taste of Hate’s maximum scroll rate is 24% as we increase flask effect nodes allocated on the tree. We also upgraded our helmets and saw a 14% increase in conversion rates.

    Path of Exile: Unique Lightning Coil

    Because we convert so much damage into elemental damage, we can use all elemental damage reduction bottles. This way, we can significantly reduce the damage taken when converting from physical damage to elemental damage.

    In addition, we can also use Grace Aura to increase the evasion level, so that we will almost never die from the monster’s normal attacks or projectiles.

    Because we use Ancestral Vision, this build also has cold and freeze immunity. Also, a modifier that suppresses spell damage chance also applies to avoiding Elemental Ailments, with a value of 50%. We also get 60% other disease avoidance, which is enough to not get shocked or ignited on the map.

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    Next, let’s talk about some important POE items you’ll need in this build.

    First, aim your weapon for +1 socketed bow gems and increased Chaos DOT. Craft +2 socketed support gems and Chaos DOT.

    On your quiver, they multiply normal damage over time, and bow and life damage are increased. It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll need a Penetrating Arrow Quiver, as this will help with your removal.

    All Chaos skill gems on your amulet have +1 DOT. Lightning Coil is a big physical damage reduction for this build. Also, Ventor’s Gamble has good quantity and item rarity, and tries to aim for high health.

    Path of Exile 3.22: Crafting a Chaos DoT Penetrating Arrow Quiver


    We use Pathfinder as Ascendancy.

    In your first lab, we took Nature’s Reprisal and upgraded it with Toxic Rain. So this node was a significant change in its early behavior.

    The second lab uses Nature’s Adrenaline to help you generate massive Flask Charges.

    In the third lab, we took Nature’s Boon. If you have a full life, Master Surgeon will keep your Magic Find Flask active at all times.

    Overall, this Magic Find Pathfinder build guide provides in-depth coverage of an effective and affordable character setup. With this build, you can tackle advanced maps and challenging content while optimizing your Magic Find potential. If you’re looking for a versatile and efficient Magic Find build, this guide provides all the information you need to get started.

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  • Ultimate Preparation Tips For WOTLK Classic Phase 4 Icecrown Citadel Raid!

    Adventurers everywhere are getting ready as the highly anticipated final major content patch for WOTLK Classic Phase 4 is released on October 10th. The highlight of the launch is undoubtedly Icecrown Citadel raid, launching on October 12th, offering tough challenges and legendary encounters.

    In this guide, we’ll provide you with preparation tips and hints for Icecrown Citadel raid, and aim to help you get off to a better start at the start of Phase 4.

    WOTLK Classic Phase 4: Ultimate Preparation Tips For Icecrown Citadel Raid

    Maximize RDF

    First, the first trick you need to know is to maximize your RDF gains. In Phase 4 we have the new Gamma Dungeon, where every boss will give you Defiler’s Scourgestones.

    You can use these Defiler’s Scourgestones to purchase items like Flare of the Heavens at the new vendor. You can even get 245 item level ToC Trinkets like Reign of the Dead.

    Gamma Dungeon has a very similar mechanic to Phase 3’s Titan Rune Beta Dungeons. And combining Gamma Dungeon with the new RDF is the ultimate key to your success using the new RDF system in new and existing roles.

    You can queue up unlimited times to enter Gamma Dungeon and be fully prepared in the shortest amount of time. If you want to maximize your speed through the level, you can queue up with random players, or have a fixed group.

    If you are a new character, your item level must be above 200 to Gamma Dungeon through RDF system. Fortunately, that number will probably be higher by launch.

    Now you can get 238 item levels of Furious gear simply by going through the dungeon, which is easy enough to meet your gear requirements.

    WOTLK Classic Phase 4: How RDF Should Works?

    Even if you’re fully in that position, you’ll still need to farm Primordial Saronite via RDF at a rate of 12 Defiler’s Scourgestones per dungeon. This Primordial Saronite will be used to craft new BoE boots and legs that are better than anything your character has now.

    While you’re queuing up for RDF, don’t forget to complete Heroic Daily Quests. In addition to the three Emblems of Frost rewards in Bounty Satchel, two Emblems of Frost Heroic quests are also required.

    I also definitely recommend taking part in the weekly raids, where you can form raid groups and kill bosses like Sartharion.

    Professions Preparation

    Next, players are preparing themselves for their professions. Because the biggest change in Phase 4 is that most of the cooldowns for Tailoring and Mining have disappeared. This means Titansteel Bar’s profits will be completely crushed. The exception is Glacial Bag, which still exists. Even though Blizzard gave us a new 24 slots bag, it doesn’t do much.

    As for raiding, most raid-focused players still prioritize Engineering or Jewelcrafting to maximize stats. However, some top speedrunning guilds are converting five players per team to Leatherworking. That’s because you can use Drums of Speed to power up raids and go faster.

    If you focus on making money, you can prioritize Cooking, Enchanting and Alchemy. In the beginning, I even bought a Chef’s Hat. It has 20 Waterlogged Recipes on it, which can help us make thousands of Fish Feasts, with a profit of 80 silver each.

    Back to Enchanting, though everyone will get three separate sets of level 10 gear. This means Enchant Chest has tripled. Meanwhile, because of the extreme difficulty, everyone will need more potions than in Trial of the Crusader.

    Also, we can’t forget about the new recipes, which will be available to earn Honor Points and Ashen Verdict Reputation. There is always a decent profit margin for refined BoE gear, especially if you are willing to farm Primordial Saronite yourself via RDF system.

    WOTLK Classic Phase 4: Professions Preparation


    We just discussed how Alchemy became a popular gold manufacturer. According to the latest round of PTR data, Heroic dungeon had nearly 4,000 wipes but only 84 kills. With these wipes, consumption of all types will skyrocket.

    Therefore, I’ve been stocking up on Potion of Speed and Potion of Wild Magic. Because their usage will increase significantly. If you can’t afford to enchant your gear because it’s twice as expensive, you’ll also need multiple sets of Enchanting Vellum for each gear slot. This can really ruin your experience at this stage of the game.

    WOTLK Classic Phase 4 Gold

    Having money to spend is the most important tip in Phase 4, as WOTLK Classic Gold is the key to unlocking the near-best legs and boots. I recommend farming most of Primordial Saronite yourself. But you can also save time by buying them on Auction House.

    There is also much more tradable BoE gear at this stage than in previous raids. Each one costs tens of thousands in WOTLK Classic Gold. Gold is also the key to completing “Purification of Quel’Delar” to get Battered Hilt.

    Especially if you don’t already have an Abyss weapon, getting a 251 item level weapon like Battered Hilt will save you hours of time.

    WOTLK Classic Phase 4: The Best Way To Farm Gold

    Raid Planning

    The most overlooked step when planning any phase is raid preparation and planning. As a first step, these battles are nearly impossible without accurate planning.

    Then you should make sure all your characters are ready for a 25 man raid. This is because missing the first lock will put you far behind the rest of the rated crowd, unless you’re in a world-record speed running guild.

    Also, you need to target all normal modes as your primary target. But for easier battles, like Gunship Battle or Festergut, the gear really doesn’t make any difference. It’s much better to complete all the locks than to be stuck on Putricide Heroic for 10 hours.

    You should also target a group of members to complete all 10-man raids in the first week. For gear, getting 277 item level Ashen Verdict is crucial. If you want to get Ashen Verdict Reputation in the first week, you must also plan to start farming trash as early as possible. This way, you can earn gold and gain a reputation in just a few hours.

    WOTLK Classic Phase 4: Raid Planning

    Icecrown Citadel in WOTLK Classic Phase 4 provides a thrilling and challenging experience for looters. While some bosses are good at trying early on, others may require better gear and experience.

    Whether you’re a veteran or experiencing Icecrown Citadel for the first time, prepare for an epic journey filled with challenges. Good luck to your team in Phase 4!

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  • The Best Strategy To Complete POE 3.22 Trial Of The Ancestors Tournament! - Full Run & Strategy Guide

    Today I’m going to show you the complete process of this Trial of the Ancestors and how I won the tournament. Trial of the Ancestors can be challenging, but it’s very fun and rewarding once you know the correct way to defeat your opponents.

    With an excellent strategy, you can win every game and maximize your POE Currency earnings. But it’s important to note that it’s important to strike a balance between the effort you put in and the benefits you get. Without further ado, let’s get started.

    Path of Exile: How To Win All Tournaments in Trial of the Ancestors?

    Best Strategy

    As for my strategy, I always prioritize attackers and flankers, especially flankers. When the game started and I didn’t have many warriors, my role was as a midfielder and defender. Therefore, getting good flankers and attackers is crucial because I have to rely on them to do the job for me.

    Before I officially get down to running, I want to show you the warriors I use in each position. In the first round, I always prioritize getting a good flanker for the next round.

    Best Flankers

    These are good flankers. And Sunset Sage is the best flanker because she is the only ranged flanker. But if you don’t have a better choice, we can also use Tuatara as a flanker. And the green ones are cheap and easiest to buy since they are always available.

    So, in the first round, I always prioritize Favors of these four tribes: Valako, Tawhoa, Rongokurai, and Ramako. Among them, Tawhoa is the lowest priority among the four tribes, and I will tell you why in a moment.

    POE 3.22: Best Flankers

    Best Attackers & Defenders

    Now, if you look at the tribes, you’ll see that Rongokurai and Valako also provide excellent attackers and defenders. But Tawhoa doesn’t offer anything other than a flanker, and their flanker isn’t even the best. Warriors with both offensive and defensive capabilities include:

    • Goliath of Night from Rongokurai tribe
    • Caldera Ravager from a Ngamahu tribe
    • Tidecaller from Arohongui tribe

    Rongokurai, Valako, Ramako, Ngamahu and Arohongui are the most useful tribes. Just mix and match between these tribes and you will win the tournament.

    POE 3.22: Best Attackers & Defenders

    Start Run

    In the first round, our opponent was Kiloava. If you want to get Exalted Orb, you need to examine the enemy warriors and choose which direction you want to focus on.

    First Round

    I would choose the bottom area because I feel it would be easier for my flanker to reach the enemy totems. So, I would put Tuatara and Fieldmaster here. Fieldmaster is an excellent flanker. Because he can build walls while channeling the totem, to stop enemies from interrupting him.

    As for Warcaller, he is an excellent attacker who can provide Onslaught buffs to teammates. I would put him in an attacking position near the center. We usually choose 4 attackers and 2 flankers, or 3 attackers and 3 flankers.

    When the game starts, I will quickly place the totem here to spawn Aggro to attract the opponent’s attackers. I don’t care if I can kill them. The goal is to waste their time to create opportunities for my attackers and flankers to penetrate deep into the enemy base.

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    Mini maps are essential during matches, as you need to know if your attackers and flankers are doing their jobs well. As you can see, the red one is the enemy’s totem, and if there is a blue light, it means the totem is being guided by a teammate.

    Now, you need to observe, and if the blue light does not last for a long time, you need to provide aid to your attacker and flanker. Here, both our attacker and flanker did a great job, and most of the enemy’s totems were down.

    We have some Favors now, so we want to get more warriors. I try to get as many warriors as possible early on before leveling them up, unless the warrior is pretty useless. I only kept one as a flanker and sold the rest to accumulate more Chaos Orbs.

    POE 3.22: Trial Of The Ancestors Tournament

    Second Round

    In the second round, I want to get more flankers or attackers. Of course, the best-case scenario is that both parties benefit.

    This time I chose Utula as my opponent because it has significant benefits. But Frenzymonger is very dangerous because he deals with a lot of damage. So this time, to avoid him, I’ll also prioritize the bottom area.

    Even though Fieldmaster is a great flanker, I only use a maximum of 2 flankers per game. This is because too many Fieldmasters can even impede your movement.

    Also, never stay in the same area during a match, always move around to avoid getting hit. I try not to get killed because I’m usually the chief defender on the team. My priority is to protect our totems.

    Don’t forget to focus on your own totems. If you see an “X,” it means your totem is being channeled. You just put the totem there to stop the enemy. And Thunderbird is an excellent flanker. It can teleport instantly and reach enemy totems.

    By the way, here you will find Navali, who sells some of the POE items that will be very useful for your warriors.

    Third Round

    In the third round, there are no suitable rewards. I can once again compete with my opponents with the greatest Favors. This time, I’m going to focus on the bottom part again.

    Now that we have more fighters, I will fill all the attackers and flanker positions. But Caldera Ravager is extremely dangerous, so be sure to stay away from him.

    PoE 3.22: A Beginner's Guide to Trial of the Ancestors

    Fourth Round

    In the fourth round, I want to focus on some good Favors. Valako, Ramako and Ngamahu are all great. They have a Lunar Turtle there. It’s slow, but its Cold Breath can kill in one hit. So I adjusted Tidecaller’s position, hoping to repel Lunar Turtle and prevent it from approaching our base.

    Now that I have more warriors, I fill all the defender slots. As you can see from the mini-map, the enemy totems in the bottom area are being guided, so our strategy of focusing on a specific area is effective.

    It helps our flanker sneak into enemy bases more easily and destroy their totems. And destroying their totems is the fastest way to widen the damage gap between you and your enemy. Once their totem is destroyed, fewer warriors can regenerate. It was impossible for us to lose the game at this point.

    Best Rewards

    After we won the tournament, this Ramako tribe gave the best reward, Tattoo of The Ramako Makanga. It allows the skill to fire additional projectiles, so try not to eliminate them too early.

    POE: Tattoo of The Ramako Makanga

    In addition, Hinekora and Arohongui tribes have wonderful rewards. Of course, you can also intentionally abandon the game to regain better rewards. For example, you’re facing Ahuana as the last opponent, but the rewards are terrible. If you haven’t lost a game yet in this tournament, you can lose to Ahuana on purpose. This way you can take on Ahuana again and hopefully get better rewards this time.

    The above is completing the challenge of my Trial of the Ancestors tournament. Dear Exiles, how is your Trial of the Ancestors going? If you have an alternative strategy that works for you, don’t forget to let us know. Looking forward to seeing you in the game!

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  • An Exploration Guide For Dark And Darker High Roller Goblin Cave Map

    Here, we’ll give you a brief overview of all the features of High Roller Goblin Cave in Dark and Darker map tour. I know many of you are preparing for next season’s rankings. So this will be a useful guide to give you a basic understanding of the map.

    I will break down this map module in a clockwise direction, starting from the north side according to the distribution of loot sources in Goblin Cave Map. So let’s get started.

    Dark and Darker: HR Goblin Caves Map Tour

    North Module

    North module is the most open module in HR Goblin Cave. They divided it into three levels, the top two being Prison Cells, which may contain enemies. Any levers switch will turn on all Prison Cells in that layer.

    I definitely recommend using ranged weapons in this room. It makes it easier for you to deal with PVE and PVP. Because there are not more sources of cover at the bottom of this module.

    Here you’ll find a small group of Goblins, one of the three Shrines of Health on the map, some Skeletons, and a Medium Chest protected by some Fire Traps and Mummy.

    There are also a lot of stacked crates under each top staircase that you can clear out if you have time. There are certainly plenty of sources of loot in this room. But none of them will really be of high value. Because it mainly comes from Small Chests and basic enemies. If you’re pressed for time, you can skip this room entirely.

    Northeast Module

    Next, let’s take a look at northeast module, which has only one level and mainly contains Goblins and Worm. There are some scattered chests and destructibles along the walls of this level, as well as a large hidden storage room in the center.

    Dark and Darker: Goblin Caves Map Tips

    And the central loot room simply pulls the levers on either side to break the barricade. That’s what makes this room special. While Static Stair Escape will randomly open later in the game, be careful of Mummy that spawns there. Because it has the potential to stop you from.

    East Module

    Then we get to the east module, which we can only enter from the top floor of the adjacent module here. You’ll find a ring of Goblins guarding two large chests at either end of the module.

    If you decide to go through them, you’ll find a small room nearby. There’s a Shrine Of Health, some Goblins and an Elite Giant Centipede in here. You can use the same strategies as this Centipede as with its normal variant. It just has more health, so you need to plan your time accordingly.

    There is a Lion’s Head Chest in this room, which is also the entrance to Worm room. I actually avoid this room often. Although there is another Lion’s Head Chest at the end of this room, these Worms take quite a while to kill. They will constantly burrow and block each other with their bodies. So I suggest you skip them.

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    Southeast Module

    Getting to the southeastern module, I didn’t really find much loot on the upper levels. But this is the outer boundary which will lead you past some Goblins and chests. You can access the next level through the trapdoor triggered by the statue here. There will be more chests and basic enemies here.

    South Module

    Next we enter the south module, which is also a Worm-intensive room divided into two floors. There are some Goblins and chests on the top level, which are fairly easy to navigate. The bottom floor contains twice as many chests, but is a bit more difficult to navigate. You can get there by jumping over the center or taking the ramp on the west side of the bottom.

    Here you’ll find another Giant Centipede, some Spider Pots, and many Ore Deposits. It’s the most organized module in the entire game. When you’re done here, you can take the middle elevator back.

    Dark and Darker: Is High Roller Goblin Caves worth?

    Southwest Module

    Now enter the southwest module, which also has two floors. The top level is where you spawn in this module and is really just a series of rooms and Skeletons that spawn.

    This is a very basic area. But be careful as the corridor is narrow. So if you navigate to the center of a module, there’s a good chance you’ll get stuck.

    You’ll find a one-way descent here. You’ll find a Skeleton Mage and plenty of melee Skeletons. There is also a Mystical Gem room here, which will yield a bunch of loot and many large chests. You can earn tons of Dark and Darker Gold by selling these loot.

    Once you’re done here, you can toggle this lever to reveal the exit, and then go up the ramp, which brings us to the west module.

    West Module

    The west module also has two levels of modules, and the upper level is just a circle of Small Chests and Goblins. You can toggle this lever on the east side and pull down. There are some Skeletons here and a ton of Spike Traps. So be sure to bring a flashlight, as navigating here can be difficult.

    If you want to get to the center module, I recommend clearing the upper level beforehand. Because the number of Goblins in the west is a bit overwhelming. If you don’t leave that much time for yourself.

    Northwest Module

    Next, we arrived at the northwest module. In fact, you don’t need to spend too much time on this module, because it is difficult to find any profitable items here. But there are a lot of floor treasures for you to pick up, but they are not valuable.

    There are also monsters that spawn pressure plates if you’re looking for them. Such as a spider that drops in the middle of the room, and a Skeleton Champion that spawns in the northeastern room.

    Dark And Darker: An Exploration Guide For High Roller Goblin Cave Map

    You’ll also find that the last Shrine Of Health on the map is also surrounded by some floor treasures in the center of the room. You’ll find an underground tunnel here that connects to the other end of the module.

    Center Module

    Finally, we get to the center module, which is very similar to the west module in the regular Goblin Cave, and houses quite a few Goblins on the ground floor. You can find Ore Deposits, Small Chests, and Goblin Mage loot rooms here. But, it’s not really producing much at the moment.

    At the top you can find another loot room and some Ore spawn points. The most important thing is that the mining capacity in High Roller is twice that of the normal map. Therefore, instead of getting three Ores per node, you can mine up to six Ores.

    But, I wouldn’t spend too much time looting it. Since this is usually where PVP happens, I just show up with that goal in mind.

    I hope this gives you a good idea of the layout of High Roller Goblin Cave Map. Hopefully, this guide will help you get off to a better start heading into next season. Looking forward to seeing you again in the game!

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  • The Best Survival Strategy In Elden Ring Waypoint Ruins Area! - Complete Sorceress Sellen Questline

    Welcome back to my Elden Ring guide. Today we’ll be exploring Waypoint Ruins and the area to the south. We will fight all enemies, find all items, and show you the best survival strategy.

    To Waypoint Ruins

    Ride south from Mistwood Outskirts Site of Grace, along the dirt road, and you’ll come across this group of Foot Soldier marching. After defeating them, ride southeast to the nearby high ground. There is another set on Foot Soldier at the top, and they rest under Tarnished, who was crucified. You need to kill them all and collect Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot.

    Elden Ring: Witch of the Waypoint Ruins Walkthrough Guide

    Continue south to find Waypoint Ruins. It filled the ruins with Miranda Sprout enemies that spew poison gas clouds. So stay on the torrent and ride through the ruins, killing Miranda Sprouts quickly while avoiding poisoning.

    Giant Miranda Sprout

    It’s important to note that there is a Giant Miranda Sprout in the center, which casts an area attack spell. So avoid it until you’ve wiped out most of the smaller Miranda Sprouts.

    If you are poisoned, you can get Neutralizing Boluses from the merchant via Elden Ring Runes to heal yourself. Otherwise, your health will slowly drain, so focus on your red gauge and heal yourself as needed. Note that you can also get a 5% discount at with the code “CSCCA”.

    There is a large Ancient Temple behind the ruins. You can ride a Torrent to climb up to collect some items. Then from here, you can descend to the wall of the ruins below, where there is a corpse, and on him you can find a Trina’s Lily. But it might be easier to get here on foot.

    Elden Ring: Waypoint Ruins Location

    Mad Pumpkin Head

    Near the location of Giant Miranda Sprout, you’ll find the stairs leading to Mist Wall. You can use your Flask of Wondrous Physick to cure any poisons and prepare to summon Lone Wolf Ashes.

    Because here you will encounter the initial attack of Mad Pumpkin Head. And your summoned Lone Wolf Ashes can distract it and hit it with powerful attacks full of energy.

    Sadly, this boss won’t drop anything, but a Site of Grace will appear. Here you can rest and level up.

    Elden Ring: Mad Pumpkin Head Boss Fight

    Sorceress Sellen Questline

    Next, we open a nearby door to find Sorceress Sellen and introduce ourselves. Sellen isn’t as bad as she sounds. She teaches various Glintstone Sorceries that can be used by Astrologer builds with high intelligence.

    After exiting the menu, she will give you Nod in Thought Emote. After talking to her again, the long questline for Sorceress Sellen will start whether you’re an Astrologer or not.

    Exit Waypoint Ruins Cellar and ride south out of the ruins. You’ll find a lone sorcerer wandering behind the tall ruins. After killing him, you’ll find a Glintstone Staff on his corpse.

    Continue south and fight a pack of wolves. Then raid nearby cemeteries for Golden Runes of various values. Go down the slope northwest of the cemetery and you’ll find a Red Beetle. Killing it refills your Flask of Crimson Tears.

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    Continue south and you’ll notice a group of traveling nobles descending from a nearby hill. Climb the hill, go to Godric Soldier camp, and challenge Kaiden, who is guarding the entrance on horseback. Note that there are two sorcerers casting Glintstone spells on two nearby prime points. The best strategy is to lead Kaidens down the hill, out of range of Sorcerer.

    After Kaiden is dead, your next priority is to eliminate sorcerers on top of the ruins on the left and right. You can ride the torrent quickly through the camp, ignoring all other enemies, double-jump onto the ruins, and take out the sorcerer one at a time. You can get Royal House Scroll from the corpse near Sorcerer on the east side.

    Elden Ring: Sorceress Sellen Questline

    Now you can take out the remaining Godric Soldier and Wandering Nobles in the camp. When the camp is cleared or mostly cleared, you can dismount and open this chest here to get Great Epee.

    Before leaving, don’t forget to search around this strange monument on the southeast ledge for Starlight Shards. Use them to restore FP later in the game or as currency.

    On the ledge to the southwest, you’ll find another Tarnished crucified and a Golden Rune [1]. Quickly return to Waypoint Ruins Cellar Site of Grace, talk to Sellen again, and give her Royal House Scroll. She’s willing to teach you two other Sorceries right now: Glintblade Phalanx and Carian Slicer.

    Defeat Moving Caravan

    Then, after we exit Waypoint Ruins, on the road you will see a Moving Caravan being pulled by two Giant Trolls. We can attack Caravan from the rear and eliminate the remaining soldier and Wandering Nobles.

    Elden Ring: Waypoint Ruins Caravan

    Then we ride behind Trolls and attack one leg. They have been weakened by being pierced by large spikes. So use a fully charged attack to knock them down and deliver a fatal blow. Last close to their legs to avoid provoking their stronger attacks.

    Another point of note is that Night’s Cavalry boss replaced Kaiden Rider on the nearby bridge. So, in the early stages of the game, it’s best to escape via torrent and deal with this boss at a higher level.

    When Boss meter disappears from the screen, return to the abandoned wagon and open the chest on the back to get Greataxe. This concludes this Waypoint Ruins guide. I hope you find it useful. Have a beautiful day!

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  • A Walkthrough Guide On Exploring Mistwood Ruins & Fort Haight Areas In Elden Ring

    Welcome back to another chapter of Elden Ring guide. Today we’ll be exploring a couple of smaller locations on the east side of Limgrave, including Mistwood Ruins and Fort Haight. Without further ado, let’s get started.

    Explore Mistwood Ruins

    Ride southeast from Sites of Grace north of Agheel Lake, and along the way you’ll come across a group of Wandering Nobles. Kill the one with Torch first, and you’ll be able to get the key piece of equipment, Torch, for free.

    Elden Ring: Exploring Mistwood Ruins and Fort Haight Walkthrough Guide

    Harvest Ash Of War: Determination

    Continue southeast of the bridge, where you’ll come across some soldiers and a Silver Scarab. First, we have to kill Silver Scarab to get Ash of War: Determination. You can lure enemies off the bridge and defeat them on horseback.

    Patrolling the bridge is a Kaiden Rider. He only swings his Dismounter sword on the right side, so try to attack while riding on the left side of the horse. Don’t forget to check the corpse hanging over the edge for Smithing Stone [1].

    Next, we’re going to kill another Godrick Soldier at the end of the bridge, then follow the dirt road north to take out another group of guys. Beyond them is another Kaiden Rider. Continue along the dirt road to Sites of Grace on the outskirts of Mistwood. If the road is too much resistance for you, then do not cross the bridge. You can walk north along the edge of Murkwater Canyon.

    Elden Ring: Ash Of War Determination

    Defeat Kaiden Rider

    As you ride past the tall ruins, you’ll spot an enemy camp. Note that Kaiden Rider here can be particularly annoying. After killing them, examine the corpse to find Armorer’s Cookbook[1], which lets you craft Bone Arrows and Bolts.

    Just east of this camp, you’ll find the ruins of a fallen Canyon and Murkwater Coast Site of Grace. Riding the torrent, we could climb to the top of the boulder and double jump onto the ruins. Then double jump again to the next ledge. There’s a Silver Scarab here that you can attack to get a Somber Smithing Stone [1]. But be sure to avoid the explosion.

    Go To Artist’s Shack

    Next we head east, off the ledge, and head to Artist’s Shack. There is a Smithing Stone [1] on the corpse on the north side. You can check the easel inside to get Homing Instinct Painting. The idea is to find the spot between the lands depicted in the painting, and you’ll find the ghost of the artist.

    Elden Ring: Mistwood Ruins Location

    Go back to Artist’s Shack, head east, and double jump off the cliff again. Continue walking east and you’ll find an abandoned cemetery with a variety of Golden Runes. The corpse sitting on the middle grave holds Fevor’s Cookbook [1], which lets you craft Sleep Pots.

    Kenneth Haight’s Mission

    Just southwest of this cemetery, you’ll find a large curved ruin that forms a sort of overpass. As you get closer, you’ll spot NPC, Kenneth Haight. After talking to him, he'll ask you to help him take back Fort Haight.

    Under the ruins where Kenneth Haight stands, you’ll encounter a group of Demi-Humans who can fight. However, with the +2 Greatsword, it’s more of a carnage. Corpses in the area have a Magic Grease that you can use to coat your weapons and deal magic damage over a period.

    Elden Ring: Kenneth Haight Quest Guide

    Enter Third Church Of Marika

    Continue northeast, off the road to investigate the mountain. You can refill your Flask of Crimson Tears by killing Red Scarabs if needed. A Giant Troll patrols the dirt road. We avoid it and ride along the ridge to access this Third Church of Marika.

    Below the statue, you’ll find Sacred Tears. In the nearby basin, you’ll find Flask of Wondrous Physick and Crimson Crystal Tear. You can then activate nearby Sites of Grace and rest.

    In the potion menu, you can use Sacred Tears to increase the amount of HP or FP restored each time you use a potion. Follow SE dirt road into Mistwood Forest. The area is full of bears, so you’re best off fighting on horseback.

    Find Limgrave East Map

    Continue on the dirt road until you reach the map marker. Quickly pick up Limgrave East Map, check the dead Runebear caught under the tree, and get Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [4].

    Just east of this location, you’ll find an elevator in Siofra River Well, here. You can come down, but it’s not recommended early in the game.

    Elden Ring: Limgrave East Map Locations

    Next door you’ll find a Minor Erdtree surrounded by Red Scarabs and Tarnished Golden Sunflower. On the south side of Minor Erdtree bulge, you’ll find another basin that contains Spiked Cracked Tear and Greenspill Crystal Tear. Next time you get a chance, you can equip these two items in your Flask of Wondrous Physick.

    Ash Of War: Ground Slam

    Just east of this location, you’ll find a Silver Scarab, which you can kill to get Ash of War: Ground Slam. Follow the dirt road a few steps south and you should hear howling from Mistwood Ruins on your right.

    Be careful when approaching this location, as a small Runebear is sleeping within its range. I suggest you first move W to the back along N wall of Ruins, then move inwards. Enter from the west side and you’ll find a Golden Rune [2] on a corpse. Inside the central tower, you’ll find a chest containing Smithing Stone [2]. Gold-Tinged Excrements and Trina’s Lilies are also scattered throughout.

    Sneak up to the stairs where Runebear is sleeping, jump down, and take Axe Talisman from the chest. Regardless of whether Runebear is awake or not, I recommend summoning Torrent and riding out of Mistwood Ruins.

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    Help Kenneth Haight Take Back Fort Haight

    We then head east back down the dirt road and continue on S until you see a lighted sign on the ground. Just a little northeast of this sign, you’ll find a Merchant. Here you can take advantage of Elden Ring Runes for some useful items. These include Smithing Stone [1], St. Trina’s Arrow, and several cookbooks. Note that you can also get a 5% discount at with the code "CSCCA".

    Then we return to the road and eliminate a group of Demi-Humans in ambush. Just by the road to the southeast, there is a Site of Grace. Activate it. Then use your map to return to this Church of Elleh.

    We stood under the tower on the north side and snapped our fingers to meet Blaidd, an NPC important to the long quest. Then head back to Fort Haight West Site of Grace and get ready for some serious combat.

    Elden Ring: How to Complete Kenneth Haight Questline?

    When you’re ready, ride Torrent east through the barricade. Climb the ramp quickly and avoid getting shot by the ballista on the wall above. Several Godrick Soldiers gathered at the entrance to the fortress. You’ll grab a nearby Golden Seed quickly, then ride away from the fortress, drawing enemies to the field behind you.

    After shaking them off, we enter the fort and rush up the stairs to the left. Ignoring all items and enemies, rush up the wooden stairs along the wall. Take out the guy above, then dodge Godrick Soldier’s first two attacks. Use your Ash of War to interrupt his attack combo.

    After Godrick Soldier dies, you can take back Fort Haight for Kenneth Haight. But you can defeat enemies and explore. Don’t miss this corpse on the south wall, as they hold Smithing Stone [1] in their hands. Carefully approach the darkened room on the lower level, where you’ll find Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [6].

    Our exploration of Mistwood Ruins and Fort Haight is over. Hope you find this guide helpful. Have a great day.

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  • Honkai Star Rail: A Complete Build Guide To Clara! - Overview, Builds, Traces & Teams

    Here I will bring you the optimal build guide for Clara in Honkai Star Rail. We’ll learn about her Skills, Traces and Eidolons. We’ll then discuss her best Relics and rank her Light Cones, ending with her team composition.

    Clara is a 5-Star Physical character. She follows Path of Destruction, a hybrid DPS path known for its survivability or health-based mechanics.

    Her base health ranks her as the third most powerful unit in the game. Her attack power ranks her as the second highest unit in the game. On defense, she’s also above average. If you want to try Clara, you can get a brand new Honkai Star Rail Account to experience it. Next, let’s take a look at her abilities and how they work exactly.

    Honkai Star Rail: A Complete Build Guide To Clara

    Basic Attack

    Her basic attack is I Want to Help. This will deal with the standard amount of physical damage plus 30 toughness damage to an enemy.

    Her ability is Svarog Watches Over You, which is an area of damage ability. It deals with massive physical damage to all enemies. The damage is doubled if they have Mark of Counter with Clara’s talent. This skill will cause 30 points of toughness damage to all enemies, restore 30 points of energy, and consume 1 point of skill.

    Her ultimate ability is Promise, Not Command, which gives her 3 additional bonuses. The first is to reduce her bonus damage by 25% at max rank. Combined with her talents, this reduces her damage by 32.5%.

    The second is that she has a very high Aggro gain for two turns, which means every enemy will suddenly want to attack Clara more.

    Honkai Star Rail: Clara Skill

    Finally, Svarog’s Counter will be enhanced for the next two counters. Now regardless of any ally being attacked, he will increase the damage multiplier against enemies receiving the counter. Each counter deals Splash damage equal to 50% of its multiplier to the center target.

    Remember, if you use this buff before your turn, it will wear off gradually. So you need to use your ultimate after Clara makes her move.

    Major Traces

    Let’s review her main traces. Her first boosted passive skill is Kinship. When she is attacked, she has a flat 35% chance to remove debuffs applied to her. This is great for countering deadly effects. These effects destroy her damage output, such as CC, as well as countering any DoT damage or debuffs.

    Her second boosted passive skill is Under Protection. She will have a 35% chance to resist CC debuffs, another layer of protection against her weaknesses. This reduces the chance of being CC’d by the highest level enemy from a base chance of 100% to 86%,

    Finally, Revenge is her third boosted passive skill. It will increase Svarog’s Counter DMG by 30%. This is a huge DPS boost, great for focusing resources.

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    Now let’s review her Eidolons. Her E1 will cause her abilities to no longer remove Mark of Counter from enemies. It’s a pretty big buff, and it fixes some damage issues if enemies decide not to attack you anymore.

    After using her ultimate, her E2 grants her a 30% attack boost for 2 turns. So her ultimate now has 4 big effects, which is a great buff.

    Honkai Star Rail: Clara Eidolons

    When she is hit, her E4 will take an additional 30% less damage until the start of her next turn. Combining with her talent will result in a 37% damage reduction, and combining with her ultimate will result in a total damage reduction of 52.75%.

    Her E3 and E5 will boost her ultimate and talent levels respectively, enhancing her counter damage output.

    Her E6 is baffling. After hitting any other ally, Svarog has a flat 50% chance to trigger Talent’s Counter, marking them with the same Mark of Counter.

    Also, when using your ultimate, you’ll gain another enhanced counter stack. This also quickly ramps up her damage at the start of the fight so you can start sending spells to deal massive damage.

    Best Relics

    Now on to Relics. The 4 Piece Physical will give you the most damage, and it’s her best choice regardless of playstyle. But her 2 piece combo with Musketeer of Wild Wheat is also possible. For Planar Ornaments, Clara’s only option is Inert Salsotto.

    Honkai Star Rail: Clara Best Relics

    Best Light Cones Ranked

    For Light Cones, her best slot is Something Irreplaceable. Because it has an irreplaceable synergy with Clara. It gives her huge base stats, free attack, some sustenance and a DMG buff.

    Her second Light Cone must be On the Fall of an Aeon. She can break easily, and the attack stats are thick enough to be good on her no matter what.

    Next, A Secret Vow is great for her DMG buff. But if you play her with sustenance or shield, it’s hard for her to maintain uptime on the second passive.

    Lastly, is Nowhere to Run, which provides a similar sustenance to her signature Light Cone. But I’d prioritize the other Battle Pass Light Cone, and pick On the Fall of an Aeon for Clara.

    Honkai Star Rail: Clara Light Cones

    Team Compositions

    You can run a Hypercarry Clara with two supports and a single sustain, or a Hypercarry support and two sustains. For example, Yukong, Luocha, Tingyun, Clara, or replace Yukong and Luocha with two weaker sustains.

    You can also take her as a backup DPS. So you’ll need a single sustain or dual sustain. Clara will provide SP for the main DPS, while still providing a lot of team damage.

    Note that these examples are not her best team compositions, they are just examples of using the characters I provided. Hope it helps you find the best team for your play style.

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  • Honkai Star Rail 1.3 Character Revealed! - How To Pull Is The Most Sensible Choice?

    The new characters for Honkai Star Rail 1.3 and their Element, Star Grade, and Path have been announced. Includes potential Imaginary DPS, and two units to complete Mono Quantum.

    So we’re going to introduce these three units, see what roles they can offer, and how they make a difference by referencing past versions. I’ll also discuss whether our current pull choices are the wisest. But remember 1.3 is still 8 weeks away, so pulling now is still a wise choice. Let’s start.

    Honkai Star Rail: Ptach 1.3 Character Revealed

    Imbibitor Lunae, 5-Star Imaginary Destruction

    The first unit to drop is Imbibitor Lunae. He’s a 5-Star Imaginary Destruction unit and the first in our group.

    Destruction units are hybrid DPS with survivability or HP based mechanics. Blade appeared in 1.2 as Wind Destruction. So I doubt they’ll copy their own assignment and have Imbibitor Lunae do the same. So he’s probably like Hook, with strong damage and some healing mechanics.

    Either way, he’ll be another DPS pick for those who skipped Honkai Star Rail 1.0, or those who joined the game recently. You can pull Blade for Wind coverage and powerful damage. Or wait for Imbibitor Lunae and get Imaginary coverage and powerful damage.

    We don’t know how Blade fares, or even his last suit. And Lunae is brand new, so we can’t compare their strength. So if you don’t like Blade’s mechanics or style, and you want DPS, then maybe Lunae is for you.

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    If you just want a DPS, you can also choose a Honkai Star Rail Account that includes Lunae. Maybe you can also pick up a Light Cone, like In the Night and Before Dawn, which will give you a powerful DPS boost.

    As an Imaginary unit, he is our first dedicated Imaginary DPS. Now Welt’s DPS is mainstream and powerful. But Lunae will definitely outdo Welt in damage. That doesn’t mean Welt is dead. He’s a Nihility unit that offers some incredible utility.

    Honkai Star Rail: Imbibitor Lunae

    And can provide some low DPS damage if paired with Imbibitor Lunae. You’ll also need to pair the two if you want to abuse Wastelander set. The only Destruction unit with a debuff is Hook. So unless Lunae is imprisoned or has a new debuff in his gear, you’ll want Welt to abuse his full power.

    Finally, this means we can build Mono Imaginary in Honkai Star Rail 1.3. Lunae is the main DPS, Welt is the secondary DPS, Yukong is the buffer, and Luocha is the solo sustain. Yukong is the strongest buffer when considering two DPS with Silver Wolf. So one of the two will make your Lunae and Welt do some incredible damage.

    Therefore, Imbibitor Lunae, with its powerful DPS options and cool exterior design, may make Blade no longer your only choice. If you need a DPS to build your second team in Memory of Chaos, he might be a good choice.

    Fu Xuan, 5-Star Quantum Preservation

    The next unit is Fu Xuan. We actually confirmed she was one of those units a while back, but now we’ve confirmed that she’s coming to Honkai Star Rail 1.3.

    Fu Xuan is a 5-Star Quantum Preservation unit. Preservation units mitigate damage, increase Aggro, and have shields. So Fu Xuan may be similar to Luocha in this respect. Luocha shows us how limited Abundance works. So Fu Xuan might do the same with Preservation.

    It wasn’t hard to add numbers and better traces on Gepard. But maybe they’ll do a whole new mechanic like they did with Luocha. Maybe attack based shielding?

    Anyway, as a 5-Star limited Preservation, she might solo sustain. So maybe you don’t need to pick up Luocha. Especially if you’re pulling her in Honkai Star Rail 1.2 and want your DPS to be above solo sustain first.

    Honkai Star Rail: Fu Xuan

    As a Quantum unit, she’s our first defensive Quantum pick, which is why most people support her. We can finally form a Mono Quantum in Honkai Star Rail 1.3. Even if there is no next unit, we can add support to it that matches the enemy’s weaknesses. And this also already gives Mono Quantum to most enemies in the game.

    Mono Quantum is every Seele player’s dream. With Silver Wolf, Fu Xuan and the next character. You can attack every enemy in the game with your Seele and still deal maximum damage.

    They probably have a way to weaken it, but you should be safe. So for those who are still pulling Luocha, or those who have Seele and Silver Wolf, it may be a better choice to preserve their strength. You can choose DPS in Honkai Star Rail 1.2. Then select the defense option in Honkai Star Rail 1.3.

    Lynx, 4-Star Quantum Abundance

    Finally, we have Lynx. She is a 4-Star Quantum Abundance unit and the first of our set. As an Abundance unit, she can heal allies and can cleanse like Natasha or Luocha. Or there are new mechanics like Bailu’s Invigoration.

    Either way, she’s giving us a new Abundance option. And she is a 4-Star character. So if you can wait a few more months, you don’t need to choose 5-Star limited Abundance for your second therapist.

    Getting a 4-Star role can be tricky sometimes. If we follow that Free unit into a Free Light Cone pattern, we won’t get Free character in Honkai Star Rail 1.3. So you may need to pull a bunch of characters to protect her.

    She might give Natasha power, or just a new Abundance option. And she’ll give your second team an extra Quantum break and more options.

    Honkai Star Rail: Lynx Landau Quantum Healer

    The primary reason people want her again is Mono Quantum. With Seele or Qingque, Silver Wolf, Fu Xuan and Lynx, you can now take Quantum anywhere. Because Silver Wolf will have a 100% chance to inflict Quantum weakness on enemies.

    If Fu Xuan is a solo sustainable powerhouse like Luocha, then you probably don’t need Lynx. But you can take her anyway for extra survivability. So, for Mono Quantum enjoyers or those in desperate need of a second healer. Lynx is here to help in Honkai Star Rail 1.3.

    Honkai Star Rail 1.3 is still a while away, so who you want to pull is entirely up to you. Let me know your pull options for Honkai Star Rail 1.2 and 1.3. Good luck.

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