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  • The Best Survival Strategy In Elden Ring Waypoint Ruins Area! - Complete Sorceress Sellen Questline

    Welcome back to my Elden Ring guide. Today we’ll be exploring Waypoint Ruins and the area to the south. We will fight all enemies, find all items, and show you the best survival strategy.

    To Waypoint Ruins

    Ride south from Mistwood Outskirts Site of Grace, along the dirt road, and you’ll come across this group of Foot Soldier marching. After defeating them, ride southeast to the nearby high ground. There is another set on Foot Soldier at the top, and they rest under Tarnished, who was crucified. You need to kill them all and collect Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot.

    Elden Ring: Witch of the Waypoint Ruins Walkthrough Guide

    Continue south to find Waypoint Ruins. It filled the ruins with Miranda Sprout enemies that spew poison gas clouds. So stay on the torrent and ride through the ruins, killing Miranda Sprouts quickly while avoiding poisoning.

    Giant Miranda Sprout

    It’s important to note that there is a Giant Miranda Sprout in the center, which casts an area attack spell. So avoid it until you’ve wiped out most of the smaller Miranda Sprouts.

    If you are poisoned, you can get Neutralizing Boluses from the merchant via Elden Ring Runes to heal yourself. Otherwise, your health will slowly drain, so focus on your red gauge and heal yourself as needed. Note that you can also get a 5% discount at with the code “CSCCA”.

    There is a large Ancient Temple behind the ruins. You can ride a Torrent to climb up to collect some items. Then from here, you can descend to the wall of the ruins below, where there is a corpse, and on him you can find a Trina’s Lily. But it might be easier to get here on foot.

    Elden Ring: Waypoint Ruins Location

    Mad Pumpkin Head

    Near the location of Giant Miranda Sprout, you’ll find the stairs leading to Mist Wall. You can use your Flask of Wondrous Physick to cure any poisons and prepare to summon Lone Wolf Ashes.

    Because here you will encounter the initial attack of Mad Pumpkin Head. And your summoned Lone Wolf Ashes can distract it and hit it with powerful attacks full of energy.

    Sadly, this boss won’t drop anything, but a Site of Grace will appear. Here you can rest and level up.

    Elden Ring: Mad Pumpkin Head Boss Fight

    Sorceress Sellen Questline

    Next, we open a nearby door to find Sorceress Sellen and introduce ourselves. Sellen isn’t as bad as she sounds. She teaches various Glintstone Sorceries that can be used by Astrologer builds with high intelligence.

    After exiting the menu, she will give you Nod in Thought Emote. After talking to her again, the long questline for Sorceress Sellen will start whether you’re an Astrologer or not.

    Exit Waypoint Ruins Cellar and ride south out of the ruins. You’ll find a lone sorcerer wandering behind the tall ruins. After killing him, you’ll find a Glintstone Staff on his corpse.

    Continue south and fight a pack of wolves. Then raid nearby cemeteries for Golden Runes of various values. Go down the slope northwest of the cemetery and you’ll find a Red Beetle. Killing it refills your Flask of Crimson Tears.

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    Continue south and you’ll notice a group of traveling nobles descending from a nearby hill. Climb the hill, go to Godric Soldier camp, and challenge Kaiden, who is guarding the entrance on horseback. Note that there are two sorcerers casting Glintstone spells on two nearby prime points. The best strategy is to lead Kaidens down the hill, out of range of Sorcerer.

    After Kaiden is dead, your next priority is to eliminate sorcerers on top of the ruins on the left and right. You can ride the torrent quickly through the camp, ignoring all other enemies, double-jump onto the ruins, and take out the sorcerer one at a time. You can get Royal House Scroll from the corpse near Sorcerer on the east side.

    Elden Ring: Sorceress Sellen Questline

    Now you can take out the remaining Godric Soldier and Wandering Nobles in the camp. When the camp is cleared or mostly cleared, you can dismount and open this chest here to get Great Epee.

    Before leaving, don’t forget to search around this strange monument on the southeast ledge for Starlight Shards. Use them to restore FP later in the game or as currency.

    On the ledge to the southwest, you’ll find another Tarnished crucified and a Golden Rune [1]. Quickly return to Waypoint Ruins Cellar Site of Grace, talk to Sellen again, and give her Royal House Scroll. She’s willing to teach you two other Sorceries right now: Glintblade Phalanx and Carian Slicer.

    Defeat Moving Caravan

    Then, after we exit Waypoint Ruins, on the road you will see a Moving Caravan being pulled by two Giant Trolls. We can attack Caravan from the rear and eliminate the remaining soldier and Wandering Nobles.

    Elden Ring: Waypoint Ruins Caravan

    Then we ride behind Trolls and attack one leg. They have been weakened by being pierced by large spikes. So use a fully charged attack to knock them down and deliver a fatal blow. Last close to their legs to avoid provoking their stronger attacks.

    Another point of note is that Night’s Cavalry boss replaced Kaiden Rider on the nearby bridge. So, in the early stages of the game, it’s best to escape via torrent and deal with this boss at a higher level.

    When Boss meter disappears from the screen, return to the abandoned wagon and open the chest on the back to get Greataxe. This concludes this Waypoint Ruins guide. I hope you find it useful. Have a beautiful day!

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  • A Walkthrough Guide On Exploring Mistwood Ruins & Fort Haight Areas In Elden Ring

    Welcome back to another chapter of Elden Ring guide. Today we’ll be exploring a couple of smaller locations on the east side of Limgrave, including Mistwood Ruins and Fort Haight. Without further ado, let’s get started.

    Explore Mistwood Ruins

    Ride southeast from Sites of Grace north of Agheel Lake, and along the way you’ll come across a group of Wandering Nobles. Kill the one with Torch first, and you’ll be able to get the key piece of equipment, Torch, for free.

    Elden Ring: Exploring Mistwood Ruins and Fort Haight Walkthrough Guide

    Harvest Ash Of War: Determination

    Continue southeast of the bridge, where you’ll come across some soldiers and a Silver Scarab. First, we have to kill Silver Scarab to get Ash of War: Determination. You can lure enemies off the bridge and defeat them on horseback.

    Patrolling the bridge is a Kaiden Rider. He only swings his Dismounter sword on the right side, so try to attack while riding on the left side of the horse. Don’t forget to check the corpse hanging over the edge for Smithing Stone [1].

    Next, we’re going to kill another Godrick Soldier at the end of the bridge, then follow the dirt road north to take out another group of guys. Beyond them is another Kaiden Rider. Continue along the dirt road to Sites of Grace on the outskirts of Mistwood. If the road is too much resistance for you, then do not cross the bridge. You can walk north along the edge of Murkwater Canyon.

    Elden Ring: Ash Of War Determination

    Defeat Kaiden Rider

    As you ride past the tall ruins, you’ll spot an enemy camp. Note that Kaiden Rider here can be particularly annoying. After killing them, examine the corpse to find Armorer’s Cookbook[1], which lets you craft Bone Arrows and Bolts.

    Just east of this camp, you’ll find the ruins of a fallen Canyon and Murkwater Coast Site of Grace. Riding the torrent, we could climb to the top of the boulder and double jump onto the ruins. Then double jump again to the next ledge. There’s a Silver Scarab here that you can attack to get a Somber Smithing Stone [1]. But be sure to avoid the explosion.

    Go To Artist’s Shack

    Next we head east, off the ledge, and head to Artist’s Shack. There is a Smithing Stone [1] on the corpse on the north side. You can check the easel inside to get Homing Instinct Painting. The idea is to find the spot between the lands depicted in the painting, and you’ll find the ghost of the artist.

    Elden Ring: Mistwood Ruins Location

    Go back to Artist’s Shack, head east, and double jump off the cliff again. Continue walking east and you’ll find an abandoned cemetery with a variety of Golden Runes. The corpse sitting on the middle grave holds Fevor’s Cookbook [1], which lets you craft Sleep Pots.

    Kenneth Haight’s Mission

    Just southwest of this cemetery, you’ll find a large curved ruin that forms a sort of overpass. As you get closer, you’ll spot NPC, Kenneth Haight. After talking to him, he'll ask you to help him take back Fort Haight.

    Under the ruins where Kenneth Haight stands, you’ll encounter a group of Demi-Humans who can fight. However, with the +2 Greatsword, it’s more of a carnage. Corpses in the area have a Magic Grease that you can use to coat your weapons and deal magic damage over a period.

    Elden Ring: Kenneth Haight Quest Guide

    Enter Third Church Of Marika

    Continue northeast, off the road to investigate the mountain. You can refill your Flask of Crimson Tears by killing Red Scarabs if needed. A Giant Troll patrols the dirt road. We avoid it and ride along the ridge to access this Third Church of Marika.

    Below the statue, you’ll find Sacred Tears. In the nearby basin, you’ll find Flask of Wondrous Physick and Crimson Crystal Tear. You can then activate nearby Sites of Grace and rest.

    In the potion menu, you can use Sacred Tears to increase the amount of HP or FP restored each time you use a potion. Follow SE dirt road into Mistwood Forest. The area is full of bears, so you’re best off fighting on horseback.

    Find Limgrave East Map

    Continue on the dirt road until you reach the map marker. Quickly pick up Limgrave East Map, check the dead Runebear caught under the tree, and get Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [4].

    Just east of this location, you’ll find an elevator in Siofra River Well, here. You can come down, but it’s not recommended early in the game.

    Elden Ring: Limgrave East Map Locations

    Next door you’ll find a Minor Erdtree surrounded by Red Scarabs and Tarnished Golden Sunflower. On the south side of Minor Erdtree bulge, you’ll find another basin that contains Spiked Cracked Tear and Greenspill Crystal Tear. Next time you get a chance, you can equip these two items in your Flask of Wondrous Physick.

    Ash Of War: Ground Slam

    Just east of this location, you’ll find a Silver Scarab, which you can kill to get Ash of War: Ground Slam. Follow the dirt road a few steps south and you should hear howling from Mistwood Ruins on your right.

    Be careful when approaching this location, as a small Runebear is sleeping within its range. I suggest you first move W to the back along N wall of Ruins, then move inwards. Enter from the west side and you’ll find a Golden Rune [2] on a corpse. Inside the central tower, you’ll find a chest containing Smithing Stone [2]. Gold-Tinged Excrements and Trina’s Lilies are also scattered throughout.

    Sneak up to the stairs where Runebear is sleeping, jump down, and take Axe Talisman from the chest. Regardless of whether Runebear is awake or not, I recommend summoning Torrent and riding out of Mistwood Ruins.

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    Help Kenneth Haight Take Back Fort Haight

    We then head east back down the dirt road and continue on S until you see a lighted sign on the ground. Just a little northeast of this sign, you’ll find a Merchant. Here you can take advantage of Elden Ring Runes for some useful items. These include Smithing Stone [1], St. Trina’s Arrow, and several cookbooks. Note that you can also get a 5% discount at with the code "CSCCA".

    Then we return to the road and eliminate a group of Demi-Humans in ambush. Just by the road to the southeast, there is a Site of Grace. Activate it. Then use your map to return to this Church of Elleh.

    We stood under the tower on the north side and snapped our fingers to meet Blaidd, an NPC important to the long quest. Then head back to Fort Haight West Site of Grace and get ready for some serious combat.

    Elden Ring: How to Complete Kenneth Haight Questline?

    When you’re ready, ride Torrent east through the barricade. Climb the ramp quickly and avoid getting shot by the ballista on the wall above. Several Godrick Soldiers gathered at the entrance to the fortress. You’ll grab a nearby Golden Seed quickly, then ride away from the fortress, drawing enemies to the field behind you.

    After shaking them off, we enter the fort and rush up the stairs to the left. Ignoring all items and enemies, rush up the wooden stairs along the wall. Take out the guy above, then dodge Godrick Soldier’s first two attacks. Use your Ash of War to interrupt his attack combo.

    After Godrick Soldier dies, you can take back Fort Haight for Kenneth Haight. But you can defeat enemies and explore. Don’t miss this corpse on the south wall, as they hold Smithing Stone [1] in their hands. Carefully approach the darkened room on the lower level, where you’ll find Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [6].

    Our exploration of Mistwood Ruins and Fort Haight is over. Hope you find this guide helpful. Have a great day.

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  • Honkai Star Rail: A Complete Build Guide To Clara! - Overview, Builds, Traces & Teams

    Here I will bring you the optimal build guide for Clara in Honkai Star Rail. We’ll learn about her Skills, Traces and Eidolons. We’ll then discuss her best Relics and rank her Light Cones, ending with her team composition.

    Clara is a 5-Star Physical character. She follows Path of Destruction, a hybrid DPS path known for its survivability or health-based mechanics.

    Her base health ranks her as the third most powerful unit in the game. Her attack power ranks her as the second highest unit in the game. On defense, she’s also above average. If you want to try Clara, you can get a brand new Honkai Star Rail Account to experience it. Next, let’s take a look at her abilities and how they work exactly.

    Honkai Star Rail: A Complete Build Guide To Clara

    Basic Attack

    Her basic attack is I Want to Help. This will deal with the standard amount of physical damage plus 30 toughness damage to an enemy.

    Her ability is Svarog Watches Over You, which is an area of damage ability. It deals with massive physical damage to all enemies. The damage is doubled if they have Mark of Counter with Clara’s talent. This skill will cause 30 points of toughness damage to all enemies, restore 30 points of energy, and consume 1 point of skill.

    Her ultimate ability is Promise, Not Command, which gives her 3 additional bonuses. The first is to reduce her bonus damage by 25% at max rank. Combined with her talents, this reduces her damage by 32.5%.

    The second is that she has a very high Aggro gain for two turns, which means every enemy will suddenly want to attack Clara more.

    Honkai Star Rail: Clara Skill

    Finally, Svarog’s Counter will be enhanced for the next two counters. Now regardless of any ally being attacked, he will increase the damage multiplier against enemies receiving the counter. Each counter deals Splash damage equal to 50% of its multiplier to the center target.

    Remember, if you use this buff before your turn, it will wear off gradually. So you need to use your ultimate after Clara makes her move.

    Major Traces

    Let’s review her main traces. Her first boosted passive skill is Kinship. When she is attacked, she has a flat 35% chance to remove debuffs applied to her. This is great for countering deadly effects. These effects destroy her damage output, such as CC, as well as countering any DoT damage or debuffs.

    Her second boosted passive skill is Under Protection. She will have a 35% chance to resist CC debuffs, another layer of protection against her weaknesses. This reduces the chance of being CC’d by the highest level enemy from a base chance of 100% to 86%,

    Finally, Revenge is her third boosted passive skill. It will increase Svarog’s Counter DMG by 30%. This is a huge DPS boost, great for focusing resources.

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    Now let’s review her Eidolons. Her E1 will cause her abilities to no longer remove Mark of Counter from enemies. It’s a pretty big buff, and it fixes some damage issues if enemies decide not to attack you anymore.

    After using her ultimate, her E2 grants her a 30% attack boost for 2 turns. So her ultimate now has 4 big effects, which is a great buff.

    Honkai Star Rail: Clara Eidolons

    When she is hit, her E4 will take an additional 30% less damage until the start of her next turn. Combining with her talent will result in a 37% damage reduction, and combining with her ultimate will result in a total damage reduction of 52.75%.

    Her E3 and E5 will boost her ultimate and talent levels respectively, enhancing her counter damage output.

    Her E6 is baffling. After hitting any other ally, Svarog has a flat 50% chance to trigger Talent’s Counter, marking them with the same Mark of Counter.

    Also, when using your ultimate, you’ll gain another enhanced counter stack. This also quickly ramps up her damage at the start of the fight so you can start sending spells to deal massive damage.

    Best Relics

    Now on to Relics. The 4 Piece Physical will give you the most damage, and it’s her best choice regardless of playstyle. But her 2 piece combo with Musketeer of Wild Wheat is also possible. For Planar Ornaments, Clara’s only option is Inert Salsotto.

    Honkai Star Rail: Clara Best Relics

    Best Light Cones Ranked

    For Light Cones, her best slot is Something Irreplaceable. Because it has an irreplaceable synergy with Clara. It gives her huge base stats, free attack, some sustenance and a DMG buff.

    Her second Light Cone must be On the Fall of an Aeon. She can break easily, and the attack stats are thick enough to be good on her no matter what.

    Next, A Secret Vow is great for her DMG buff. But if you play her with sustenance or shield, it’s hard for her to maintain uptime on the second passive.

    Lastly, is Nowhere to Run, which provides a similar sustenance to her signature Light Cone. But I’d prioritize the other Battle Pass Light Cone, and pick On the Fall of an Aeon for Clara.

    Honkai Star Rail: Clara Light Cones

    Team Compositions

    You can run a Hypercarry Clara with two supports and a single sustain, or a Hypercarry support and two sustains. For example, Yukong, Luocha, Tingyun, Clara, or replace Yukong and Luocha with two weaker sustains.

    You can also take her as a backup DPS. So you’ll need a single sustain or dual sustain. Clara will provide SP for the main DPS, while still providing a lot of team damage.

    Note that these examples are not her best team compositions, they are just examples of using the characters I provided. Hope it helps you find the best team for your play style.

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  • Honkai Star Rail 1.3 Character Revealed! - How To Pull Is The Most Sensible Choice?

    The new characters for Honkai Star Rail 1.3 and their Element, Star Grade, and Path have been announced. Includes potential Imaginary DPS, and two units to complete Mono Quantum.

    So we’re going to introduce these three units, see what roles they can offer, and how they make a difference by referencing past versions. I’ll also discuss whether our current pull choices are the wisest. But remember 1.3 is still 8 weeks away, so pulling now is still a wise choice. Let’s start.

    Honkai Star Rail: Ptach 1.3 Character Revealed

    Imbibitor Lunae, 5-Star Imaginary Destruction

    The first unit to drop is Imbibitor Lunae. He’s a 5-Star Imaginary Destruction unit and the first in our group.

    Destruction units are hybrid DPS with survivability or HP based mechanics. Blade appeared in 1.2 as Wind Destruction. So I doubt they’ll copy their own assignment and have Imbibitor Lunae do the same. So he’s probably like Hook, with strong damage and some healing mechanics.

    Either way, he’ll be another DPS pick for those who skipped Honkai Star Rail 1.0, or those who joined the game recently. You can pull Blade for Wind coverage and powerful damage. Or wait for Imbibitor Lunae and get Imaginary coverage and powerful damage.

    We don’t know how Blade fares, or even his last suit. And Lunae is brand new, so we can’t compare their strength. So if you don’t like Blade’s mechanics or style, and you want DPS, then maybe Lunae is for you.

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    If you just want a DPS, you can also choose a Honkai Star Rail Account that includes Lunae. Maybe you can also pick up a Light Cone, like In the Night and Before Dawn, which will give you a powerful DPS boost.

    As an Imaginary unit, he is our first dedicated Imaginary DPS. Now Welt’s DPS is mainstream and powerful. But Lunae will definitely outdo Welt in damage. That doesn’t mean Welt is dead. He’s a Nihility unit that offers some incredible utility.

    Honkai Star Rail: Imbibitor Lunae

    And can provide some low DPS damage if paired with Imbibitor Lunae. You’ll also need to pair the two if you want to abuse Wastelander set. The only Destruction unit with a debuff is Hook. So unless Lunae is imprisoned or has a new debuff in his gear, you’ll want Welt to abuse his full power.

    Finally, this means we can build Mono Imaginary in Honkai Star Rail 1.3. Lunae is the main DPS, Welt is the secondary DPS, Yukong is the buffer, and Luocha is the solo sustain. Yukong is the strongest buffer when considering two DPS with Silver Wolf. So one of the two will make your Lunae and Welt do some incredible damage.

    Therefore, Imbibitor Lunae, with its powerful DPS options and cool exterior design, may make Blade no longer your only choice. If you need a DPS to build your second team in Memory of Chaos, he might be a good choice.

    Fu Xuan, 5-Star Quantum Preservation

    The next unit is Fu Xuan. We actually confirmed she was one of those units a while back, but now we’ve confirmed that she’s coming to Honkai Star Rail 1.3.

    Fu Xuan is a 5-Star Quantum Preservation unit. Preservation units mitigate damage, increase Aggro, and have shields. So Fu Xuan may be similar to Luocha in this respect. Luocha shows us how limited Abundance works. So Fu Xuan might do the same with Preservation.

    It wasn’t hard to add numbers and better traces on Gepard. But maybe they’ll do a whole new mechanic like they did with Luocha. Maybe attack based shielding?

    Anyway, as a 5-Star limited Preservation, she might solo sustain. So maybe you don’t need to pick up Luocha. Especially if you’re pulling her in Honkai Star Rail 1.2 and want your DPS to be above solo sustain first.

    Honkai Star Rail: Fu Xuan

    As a Quantum unit, she’s our first defensive Quantum pick, which is why most people support her. We can finally form a Mono Quantum in Honkai Star Rail 1.3. Even if there is no next unit, we can add support to it that matches the enemy’s weaknesses. And this also already gives Mono Quantum to most enemies in the game.

    Mono Quantum is every Seele player’s dream. With Silver Wolf, Fu Xuan and the next character. You can attack every enemy in the game with your Seele and still deal maximum damage.

    They probably have a way to weaken it, but you should be safe. So for those who are still pulling Luocha, or those who have Seele and Silver Wolf, it may be a better choice to preserve their strength. You can choose DPS in Honkai Star Rail 1.2. Then select the defense option in Honkai Star Rail 1.3.

    Lynx, 4-Star Quantum Abundance

    Finally, we have Lynx. She is a 4-Star Quantum Abundance unit and the first of our set. As an Abundance unit, she can heal allies and can cleanse like Natasha or Luocha. Or there are new mechanics like Bailu’s Invigoration.

    Either way, she’s giving us a new Abundance option. And she is a 4-Star character. So if you can wait a few more months, you don’t need to choose 5-Star limited Abundance for your second therapist.

    Getting a 4-Star role can be tricky sometimes. If we follow that Free unit into a Free Light Cone pattern, we won’t get Free character in Honkai Star Rail 1.3. So you may need to pull a bunch of characters to protect her.

    She might give Natasha power, or just a new Abundance option. And she’ll give your second team an extra Quantum break and more options.

    Honkai Star Rail: Lynx Landau Quantum Healer

    The primary reason people want her again is Mono Quantum. With Seele or Qingque, Silver Wolf, Fu Xuan and Lynx, you can now take Quantum anywhere. Because Silver Wolf will have a 100% chance to inflict Quantum weakness on enemies.

    If Fu Xuan is a solo sustainable powerhouse like Luocha, then you probably don’t need Lynx. But you can take her anyway for extra survivability. So, for Mono Quantum enjoyers or those in desperate need of a second healer. Lynx is here to help in Honkai Star Rail 1.3.

    Honkai Star Rail 1.3 is still a while away, so who you want to pull is entirely up to you. Let me know your pull options for Honkai Star Rail 1.2 and 1.3. Good luck.

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  • Elder Scrolls Online: Emergence Of Fair Winds Housing In Necrom

    I believe that almost every Elder Scrolls Online player already knows that the next piece of information, Necrom, will be launched in a few months. They have a lot of new features coming out, new classes, new areas, everything you’d expect from an expansion pack.

    But recently I noticed Fair Winds Housing during a developer stream. Although this is appended in a new chapter. This is actually a High Isle ship model, which is listed as housing in Galen.

    I wonder if that means they will release shortly it after Galen. Including Crown Store Exclusive Houses, Gonfalon Bay and High Isle, but maybe they weren’t ready in time, so they came out with Fair Winds Housing.

    Enter to the house from a boat on the beach of Vastyr on the island of Galen. Check out this gorgeous loading screen art and it will be the first thing you notice when you enter the ship. It’s not as big as some crazy haciendas, but it still takes seconds to run from one end to the other. They divide it into several inconspicuous areas.

    Elder Scrolls Online: Emergence Of Fair Winds Housing In Necrom

    If you have a crew, you can give each character their own room here, as well as some rooms for storage and crafting areas, and a common area lounge at the bottom. I’d put the galley here, supply the fire, and maybe have a tavern-like space for the crew to hang out.

    The captain’s cabin itself is larger than some of the other homes. This is probably where most of the furniture slots will be used. It is large enough to add a second floor or access. You can look into your inner state and create a secret closet.

    Often house windows would have opacity, even in houses with an enclosed outdoor area facing them. That would annoy me, but these were perfect. I hope we see more of these in future houses.

    The obvious difference in this house is that it looks like it is sailing. Boat doesn’t actually move, it’s beautiful. The water flows past the rolling islands in the distance. There are other boats in the water passing by every few minutes. It’s like you’re sailing the seas of a merchant ship.

    The first time I went in to check, before I decided to record anything, I see a Sea-Serpent on one side and some Ornaugs on the back. But when I came back to record, there was no sign of wild animals anywhere. So wildlife is either very rare, or the timing of my shoot is very unlucky.

    Anything you put outside the boat stays stationary with the boat, so you can build some paths if you want. If you have some boats, you can create a small fleet, or some rafts. When this hits an enemy for the first time in PTS, if you fall in, the water will sweep you away, making it look like the boat left you behind and gently put you back on deck.

    However, recently they have changed that. Now, when you touch water, you die instantly. Even if you build stairs to go down and walk gently into the water, it’s not the fall damage that causes instant death. This is unfortunate.

    Elder Scrolls Online: Emergence Of Fair Winds Housing In Necrom

    Speaking of fall damage, you can climb up to Crow’s Wood on several masts. Visibility is great, although the trigger is finicky. The greatest use of this ship is that you can dock directly to Vulkhel Guard, Davon’s Watch, or Daggerfall City Docks.

    I’m not sure if there are any items worth getting in the “furnished” option, but the only thing that’s really special is the ship’s bell. I guess it will depend on the value of the furnished version. The ship is considered “Manor” class housing, and you can get 700 furniture slots with ESO Gold. If it follows existing housing, it’s about half of the free players.

    But I think there is a problem with all housing: the numbers are half what they should be. For this ship, getting 700 furniture slots might be fine, but with larger houses on the same floor, trying to space out the 700 furniture slots is like mile markers on a highway.

    If you’re trying to do anything with that space, you’ll end up cutting away part of it so you can use the correct density of trim to function, but you’ll still end up sacrificing some functionality to make it happen. Same with the visitor limit, 24 is fine for a crew, but terrible for a Guild House.

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    I popped out to check the model boat from the dock and for some reason. It did not moor the boat where the dinghy was. There was a different ship off shore at that location. I’m waiting to see if it drives by at some point. Then a different ship pass by, similar in size but not the same ship. I knew it looked familiar, so I visited some marinas looking for it.

    If you go to Port Navire, Silver Swan, it’s featured in the main storyline outside of the exploration of High Isle, Slaughterfish. I think conceptually it’s a good place to put a dinghy.

    There’s not much else to say about the mission. It feels like your own ship is there to load its cargo. This model will also be familiar to anyone who has experimented with Dreadsail Reef. I don’t want to say it’s everything I want in terms of housing, but I’m happy to have it set up on site.

    One of my characters lives on a ship called The Trouble, which I might offer to my guild. I’ve heard of some people having hallucinations of wobbly motion, but making something stationary appear to be in motion is a pretty impressive technical feat, and I’m happy with the results we got.

    Elder Scrolls Online: Emergence Of Fair Winds Housing In Necrom

    I don’t think we can put furniture on a ship that actually moves, so I’m willing not to look at it up close. That said, I see some negatives.

    First of all, this is a very strong Daggerfall Covenant Style. A bit too fancy for my Breton. But it would be nice if there was some way to set it to a different Covenant Style. I really like the blue sails for my own use, but you also have the option to switch them to red or gold, which would be nice for people playing other leagues.

    Second, this appears to be exclusive to another Crown Store, which means you’ll have to acquire it through other means. You can’t see the ultimate price on PTS, but looking at all the other Crown Store exclusive homes, it’s probably at least two or three times that. So we had to get a Crown for it.

    They have clearly calculated that it would be better to catch a small pod of whales than to trade with everyone, but I find this a disappointing tactic. So, I’d still recommend that players save Crown in the sub, so we can get it either way.

    What are you most looking forward to from Necrom? Are you going to get Fair Winds? What are you going to do with it? If you have any other ideas, don’t forget to discuss them in the community. Until then, have fun gaming!

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  • Honkai: Star Rail Pre-Registration Reward Goals

    Today, I just want to talk about how we actually hit the pre-registration bonus goal in Honkai: Star Rail, which is really good.

    We will be able to get all rewards from pre-registration. The most important thing is that we will get 20 Star Oil Passes and 4 Star characters to serve the team. Also, I think Servall is an excellent character. She’s pretty good at early game, and if you build her a certain way, she can definitely be a great addition to your team.

    As for the reason why Star Rail Passes are so important, mainly because these Star Rail Passes will be used for Standard Banner. Also, there was a Beginner Banner in the last closed beta, where there were basically only 40 pulls to guarantee 5 stars.

    If we get 20 pulls, we’re halfway there until the game starts. We’ve got those sign-up bonuses you’ve already done halfway through, with the added bonus of getting your first five-star.

    5 million Pre-Registrations

    If there were indeed more goodies in the rewards, basically we could even guarantee five stars almost immediately. I think it’s really good for those who want Re-roll.

    Basically, even Re-roll wouldn’t be that bad if we could get 40 Passes. You might think that’s unwarranted, but at least from what I experienced the last time I closed beta 3, it did take a while to get Seller Jade. This is also the currency of Primo Gems in Honkai: Star Rail. It takes a while to get those Seller Jades, and you need to get a lot of Passes to actually get five stars.

    I mean, if you play for hours on day one and manage to break through a lot, you’ll probably still get five stars afterward. However, the only problem is that if you are doing this for re-roll, it will take a very long time to re-roll, and I think doing re-roll is very ineffective and pointless.

    If you still want to do it, that’s perfectly fine. But I would definitely recommend using multiple devices. For example, maybe running an emulator on your computer, or maybe just running a game on your computer, you can also run a game on your phone. If you also have an iPad running the game on it, it basically guaranteed you to have multiple devices running at the same time.

    But let’s assume we get those Passes, and we also get rewards for the week. Whatever it is, because I know a lot of games, they give you a pre-registration bonus. Honkai: Star Rail will also give players a lot of rewards on the first day to celebrate the release of the game.

    Assuming we get the 40 Passes Re-rolling to work really well for this game, it won’t last long. But I would still recommend multiple devices. I think Re-roll will probably only take 30-40 minutes at most.

    Honkai Star Rail Final Closed Beta Sign-Up Now Open

    I know if we could skip those opening cut scenes because those cut scenes take quite a while. I feel like this is the problem with why Re-roll took so long to start.

    But if we get a lot of good stuff, then I think we’ll be able to effectively re-roll. I’d probably recommend people re-roll to get 5 stars that they really want to start with.

    Because it’s not easy to get those standard 5 star characters, and there’s a system that guarantees 100 pulls for one of those 5 star characters, it takes a while, and it’s really passive. So basically when you hit 300 pulls, you’ll be playing the game for a long time.

    Because when you reach 300 pulls on Standard Banner, Beginner Banner will disappear once it runs out. Then you can choose any 5 star you want, personally I would go with Brawny. If I didn’t have her already, it would take a long time, is 300 pulls.

    Yes, you can technically pick five stars of your choice, and you’ll still get them for free.

    Technically, when you get 300 pulls, it’s not that you feel sorry, you get them straight away, but it takes a long time to get to that point. So assuming we get a lot of good stuff, I really hope we do and then Re-roll.

    Honkai Star Rail Pre-Registration now open

    I think it’s really worth it and I’d definitely recommend it to you guys. Let’s see when the game comes out. I’ll probably make a Re-roll guide for the first week of the game to get you guys through as quickly as possible.

    Overall, I hope you’re all excited about Hawkeye sorrow, which is expected to release at the end of April. According to Apple Store, it’s expected to launch on April 26, so we expect it to launch around that time as well.

    Personally, I think it would be pretty complete by the time it gets to the final beta. Looks to be going well, with only some story and scene stuff that didn’t make it into the final closed beta.

    Overall, I feel like a lot of things look really complete, and I feel like the game is really very close or actually ready for release. At least from my gaming perspective, I’m not a game designer or a game developer, so I don’t know everything about it personally, but I’m just saying the game plays really smooth.

    If you also want to try some new characters in Honkai: Star Rail, you can help you have a new gaming experience by getting some Honkai: Star Rail Accounts. I hope you all have a great time.

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  • Final Fantasy 14: The Latest Eorzea Rescue Event Launch

    Parts of Turkey and Syria were devastated by an earthquake last month, killing thousands and causing widespread damage. It could be one of the most damaging earthquakes in modern history. Many people have raised money and helped in this devastated area, and Final Fantasy 14 is no exception.

    In Eorzea, there are many kind-hearted people who want to inspire others to donate to the victims. FFXIV Bards & Bands, a well-known promotional band and community group in Eorzea, organized a special charity event, Eorzea Rescue, for the victims.

    The event will be held as scheduled at European and North American Data Centers. With 30 bands already signed, the event promises to be one of the biggest in-game music events to date.

    Players can take part in this event in any way, whether they want to donate. Even players who can spread the word and show support for the event are very welcome.

    You can also follow the latest progress of this event on Discord if you want. At the same time, they will also announce the details on their Partake page. We will conduct this charity event through Tiltify, and they will donate all proceeds to Doctors Without Borders.

    Launch Of Eorzea Rescue Campaign

    The charity event was originally started by U’whalon Sthah of Cashalations band. U’whalon also said that it was because of their good friend Rese in Turkey that they also paid close attention to this charity event.

    U’whalon stated that he was talking to Rese in-game when the earthquake happened. When Rese first mentioned the earthquake to him, U’whalon was terrified, however, U’whalon didn’t believe that the earthquake would be as bad as it turned out to be.

    Bard Charity Concerts for Turkey and Syria

    Fortunately, Rese was far from the center of the epicenter and was not injured. But it was still a horrible experience. U’whalon was in touch with Rese all night. U’whalon wanted to know the actual news of the earthquake from people who actually experienced the disaster, not from a third party.

    “I want to know some ways to help them. I thought of using the band to hold some charity events or even concerts to raise funds, like Live Aid. I contacted two bands on the server. One of them is Fus, and I told them in detail why I did this event. Originally, I just wanted to hold a small charity concert to provide some help to the victims of this disaster. But as you can see, now it I am very pleased with the fact that the scale is getting bigger and more people want to join,” U’whalon explained.

    The Composition Of Eorzea Rescue Event

    U’whalon started planning the event with the help of FFXIV Bards & Bards founder Sam Skyfall and some veteran members of the gaming community. Community manager Kiwi said it started off as a simple charity concert like previous events. They randomly selected a server, and some bands appeared every two weeks. Bards used the competition method to please passers-by and raise money for charity.

    The team spent several weeks planning the event. At the beginning, we wanted to hold it as soon as possible, but with more and more people joining and different ideas about this event, Eorzea Rescue has also become a game music festival on a historic scale.

    FFXIV bards throw Live Aid gig to raise funds for earthquake relief

    With the joint efforts of the team, Flash Mob event will be renamed and try an easy-to-understand concept for players to easily identify. With the help of FFXIV Bards & Bands photographer Rey Ornitier, he created unique concepts for each band, like Similars Scrubs.

    Kiwi encourages all players to take part in this event in any way. You can wear specific uniforms in the game and take part in events. It would be great to add the hashtag #EorzeaRescue, which will help spread the word about this event.

    Other Benefit Concerts By FFXIV Bards & Bands

    As the initiator of this event, U’whalon is very grateful to those who helped or taken part.

    U’whalon said, “Without everyone’s joint efforts, this event would have been difficult to carry out on such a large scale as it is today. Actually, I was very new to the gaming community at the beginning, so I had brief contact. I am very grateful to Fus And Sam inspired other community members to get involved, and that was the starting point for this event to take off quickly.”

    Besides playing, they also distributed yellow and blue dye to different audiences, so that different audiences can get to know each other and improve the atmosphere of the entire event.

    Don’t forget to take part in Eorzea Rescue event this weekend. If you want, you can also help this charity event by getting enough FF14 Gil, or spreading relevant information. Looking forward to your participation.

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  • Genshin Impact: Mika Team Roster Selection Guide

    Team lineups for different Mika in Genshin Impact can vary greatly. Because Mika can usually play two different supporting roles on the team. One is a buffer that increases team damage output, and the other is a new Cryo healer. Sometimes Mika can even act as a hybrid of the two, using skills from both at the same time.

    Mika represents a typical character in the second phase of Genshin Impact 3.5. Mika is often complementary to the mix of different DPS roles on a team. Because Mika itself has a variety of auxiliary abilities, it is not difficult for players using Mika to find a suitable team in Genshin Impact, and you will have a variety of options.

    Team Selection When Mika Is Used As A Damage Buffer

    When Mika is only used as a damage buffer, Mika’s team is mainly composed of Cryo DPS characters, and they will focus on the ability to use of Melt and Superconduct Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact.

    Mika Team Roster Selection Guide

    Players can try some Cryo-type characters, including but not limited to Ayaka Kamisato, Ganyu, Eula, etc. Mika’s damage and Elemental Skill will increase ATK Speed boosts of these characters. At the same time, they will also trigger Cryo Resonance, which will increase the player’s damage output value against enemies hit by Frozen.

    For some secondary DPS characters, GameWith suggested that Mika’s team can try to choose Raiden Shogun, because this will cause them to trigger Superconduct reactions outside the field, causing substantial damage to the enemy.

    At the same time, players can also choose Yelan or Xingqiu as their alternatives. We can use both characters as Hydro enablers to help DPS and Mika freeze the enemy smoothly.

    Because of the lack of Mika’s medical skills, we recommend that the skills of auxiliary characters in Mika’s DPS team in Genshin Impact should be based on shields as much as possible. While there are many shield roles to play as Cryo Resonance, Zhongli might be a better choice for you.

    The composition of Mika’s DPS team should be chosen based on the reaction that can trigger Cryo, including but not limited to Yoimiya, Hu Tao, Cyno, etc. However, you should always pay attention to adjusting the data changes of other members of the team to get the desired Cryo Resonance and Cryo Elemental Reactions.

    Mika’s Team Choice As A Healer

    The choice of a Healer can also consider some four-star characters as an option for buffer build, but this will also have a great impact on the overall damage value of Mika’s team.

    When Mika is the Healer in Genshin Impact, it usually uses Energy Recharge or acts as an auxiliary battery as its fundamental skill. You can use DPS characters such as Ayaka, Eula, and Ganyu, which can get bonuses from Mika’s Elemental Skill, and Cryo reactions are not a problem. Of course, you can also use other characters, such as Pyro or Electro DPS are also good.

    Mika Skills, Materials, Talents, and More

    Many players prefer to use Mika as a healer. The main reason is that it allows other players in the team to focus on pursuiting damage output and improve the overall efficiency.

    Therefore, choosing a shield character is very necessary in Genshin Impact’s Mika team. The shield character can take damage and then restore it with Mika. Then Mika team will have a good protective barrier, improving the team’s defense.

    For the selection of a Healer on Mika’s DPS team, you can prioritize Raiden Shogun, Yelan, Xingqiu, Xiangling, Venti, and Kazuha. These characters fit well with Mika’s skills and can help the team deal with secondary damage to the enemy. Of course, the choice here depends entirely on the player’s own preference and understanding of these characters.

    Best F2P Team Selection

    Although Mika’s F2P team role is not that powerful, it is still very important for ordinary players. As GameWith suggested, Mondstadt’s Kaeya is often the best partner for Mika on F2P teams. Kaeya can get a huge Attack damage and Attack Speed buffs boost from Mika, and together, they can also cause Cryo Resonance.

    You can also try to choose some DPS to match output with Kaeya in Mika’s F2P team to complement each other. Players have several good options. Xiangling, for example, is often used as a secondary DPS because it can deal a lot of damage to enemies in a short period, and its Pyro application is also very reliable.

    Mika Build Guide Best Weapons, Artifacts  Team in Genshin Impact

    If the player selects it, the player can still trigger Melt while Kaeya and Mika are using Cryo app together. Xiangling can also increase Attack damage through the bonus of Guoba’s chili skill, further helping Mika’s F2P team to increase the overall damage output.

    In F2P teams, additional Energy Recharge is often required to ensure that Mika can act as both a healer and a buffer stably.

    GameWith also stated that players can try to use Lisa in this situation. Its fundamental skill is to reduce the opponent’s Defense in the process of Elemental Burst. Also, it can use Electro. This will ensure that Mika’s Overload Elemental Reactions will work properly.

    At the same time, players can also use Yun Jin, which can further enhance the team’s attack power, and can also act as a shield, improving the freedom and flexibility of Mika’s team.

    If you want to try Mika or other new characters, you can try it out by getting the new Genshin Impact Accounts in Try it.

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  • Elden Ring: An Unexpected Situation At Siofra River Well

    Elden Ring is an open world with a vast territory. It covers a variety of amazing landscapes, such as the snowy mountains of Giants, the rugged terrain of Caelid, and the beautiful and dangerous landscapes of the lakeside region of Liunia. Elden Ring's open world is primarily about rewarding players who dare to explore the unknown. This part of Elden Ring players will start their exploration journey in Limgrave.

    Elden Ring Siofra River Well

    During this journey, although they will also encounter those disgusting monsters, but for the warriors That said, killing them and picking up the loot they drop (just like elden ring runes, Alberich's Pointed Hat, Crucible Hornshield and more) is also a nice experience.

    It is a land of rich terrain and scenic beauty, with valleys, river courses and the dense forest of Mistwood. Don't let accidents on the road affect your good mood.

    When players in Elden Ring enter Mistwood, they will see a structure called Siofra River Well in the center of Mistwood. This building is the access to the new underground area of Siofra River. While it's not mandatory for players to visit this area to complete the event, Siofra River is important for completing side quests for famous Elden Ring NPCs like Ranni The Witch and Blaidd. Players need to go deep into the underground area through the elevator in Siofra River Well and continue the player's exploration mission.

    Under normal circumstances, players will not take damage from enemies during going deep into the underground area through Siofra River Well elevator at this time, but this situation was objected by an Elden Ring fan.

    Elden Ring Siofra River

    One Reddit user, crisppixel, noticed an unexpected surprise while passing the elevator at Siofra River Well in Elden Ring. And, they uploaded a video of the character appearing when they saw the accident in the elevator on Elden Ring subreddit. A few seconds after the elevator descends, Elden Ring player is suddenly hit by a falling bear, giving the player the effect of hopping in a panic like something out of a horror movie. The bear died from the fall damage and did not cause substantial damage to the player. However , the horrific screams of the bear after the fall also heightened the horror of the surrounding environment at one point.

    Luckily enough, player crispixel said that, like the title of the video he posted, although he was not harmed in this adventure, he was still terrified. Meanwhile, Elden Ring community on Reddit expressed sympathy for the original poster. However, some expressed interest in wondering what else they would find if the bear hadn't died after the fall.

    Some players joked that if something like what happened in the previous video, Elden Ring players should sue FromSoftware. Importantly, as players can see via Crispixel's video, Elden Ring gamers will have to stay on their toes throughout their adventures in The Lands Between.

    The appearance of the bears in the video may have followed the player out of their original habitat in Mistwood and fell down the elevator, resulting in this terrible surprise. Aside from Mistwood in Limgrave, bears can be found in several places in Elden Ring, including Weeping Peninsula, Moonlight Altar, Altus Plateau and Capital Outskirts. These bears are actually not as dangerous as Runebears, but their appearance is also very dangerous for low-level players with low HP.

    Also, if you are very eager to level up fast at this time, then you can make this goal by getting enough Elden Ring Runes & Items with code "CSCCA"(5% off) at If you are interested in it, check out now!

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  • FIFA 23: Best Team And Roster Under 200,000 Coins

    Recently, FIFA 23 has attracted a lot of players who just started the game with the Team Of The Year Promo. If you're lucky, you can get some cards that are good. However, in order to win games consistently, you need to have a full roster.

    It's not just one player on your team that can let you win games. If you want the players you choose to assemble within your budget, then we've got a roster made for you. In FIFA 23, you can play Division Rivals and Squad Battles for less than 200,000 FUT 23 Coins.

    FIFA 23

    Best FIFA 23 Teams Under 200,000 Coins

    Since good tactics and formations can help you turn the tide of a game, we have built you a team that can play like a given 11 formations, i.e. play in multiple formations. So, the team can play 3-4-2-1, 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 and 5-3-2 formations. And, in the last minutes of a game, this flexibility also allows you to change your formation or style of play according to the current situation, whether attacking or defending.

    Best Defenders In The Best FIFA 23 Teams Under 200,000 Coins

    Since this team was in our budget, we opted for a La Liga core of Spanish players. I've played with some guys on this team, so I'm going to recommend some guys that I think are better. In the initial formation of 3-4-3, these players can produce a complete chemical reaction together.

    Among them, the team's defensive half consists of:

    • GK UNAI SIMóN -83 (1,000 coins)

    • RCB Mario Hermoso (Inform card)- 84- (13,000 coins)

    • CB Reinildo (Inform card) -82- (14,000 coins)

    • LCB Éder Militão 84- (16,000 coins)

    Both RCB and LCB in this backline can play full back. And any of those traits they possess support the offensive fullback's style of play. Or, when the team needs them, they can become a defensive fullback. These two CBs are very efficient defensively, so they rarely get out of their defensive positions. In a 4-3-3 formation, you could choose Mario to play right back and have him play long passes with his left foot. For this team, the ability and fluidity when changing formations is the most important thing.

    Another good example is changing to a 4-2-3-1 formation with 4 defenders when there are only 15 minutes left in the game and have them all drop back when attacking. This way, one can focus one's attention on a more counter-attacking style of play, and be able to break the opponent's pressure.

    Best Midfielders In The Best FIFA 23 Teams Under 200,000 Coins

    In FIFA 23, the presence of midfielders on the pitch is a key part of the squad. Every player has to be in sync with their role on and off the ball. Most eFIFA-focused professional players use a 4-3-2-1 formation, but the core of the midfield focuses heavily on their defensive awareness and pace.

    In addition, they are also able to pass the ball for teammates. The team's midfield core is as follows:

    • LM Fran García (FUTURE STARS) -85- (20,000 coins)

    • LCM Lucas Robertone (Rulebreaker) -84 – (16,750 coins)

    • RCM Marcos Llorente -85- (5,000 coins)

    • RM Federico Valverde (Inform) -86 – (35,000 coins)

    The most critical aspect of this team's midfielders is their flexibility in changing positions and formations. For example, Fran Garcia, he can also serve as LB and enter the defensive part of the team. At the same time, Llorente can also serve as an RB when the team needs him. Valverde can also become a full box-to-box CM when playing in formations such as 4-3-3 or 4-4-2. In the midfield, Roberstone can not only serve as CDM CM, but also be in the position of Cam.

    In a 4-2-3-1 formation, with his comprehensive statistics and high defensive work rate, he can play for his team as a deep and creative midfielder. In the 4-3-2-1 formation, if the situation is better, we can also play Lucas as a midfielder and Fran as a left-back. Valverde and Llorente played as outside midfielders and as number 8 inside the box.

    Best Attackers In The Best FIFA 23 Teams Under 200,000 Coins

    Finally, the more intriguing part of this team is the team's attackers. Each of them possesses at least 4-star skills. These skills are especially important, because they can be used to perform some trick moves to confuse the opponent. Here, one thing to note is that any of these attackers can play as a secondary striker. They can pass the ball cleverly up front or back into midfield. And these attackers also have a specific game feature that allows them to shoot differently.

    The forward line for this team is as follows:

    • RW Antoine Griezmann (Inform)- 85- (21,000 coins)

    • LW Vinícius Júnior -86- (28,500 coins)

    • ST Cristhian Stuani (FUT Centurions) -85- (20,500 coins)

    These attackers can keep the ball at their feet very well. Either because their strength is well controlled, or because they have become proficient with the ball. Griezmann, is the only player who can provide goals and assists. He has this unique combination of skill and composure in FIFA 23's cards. Stuani, the complete striker of the team, can get the ball to his feet with ease. He has strength on the ball and has a 4-star weak foot which allows him to shoot with either foot. At the same time, with his 6'1" size, 90-degree attacking position, 97 jumps and 97 header accuracy, he can pose a threat to opponents in the air.

    A winger with good pace and technique, Vinícius is incredible in possession, although he has 5-star technique. And in front of the goal, it allows one to attack the box in another dimension.

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  • Elden Ring Player Was Beaten Twice By Malenia

    In a match against Malenia, an Elden Ring player was successfully defeated, but Waterfowl Dance did not appear at the match this time. Blade of Miquella made a name for herself in Elden Ring with one specific attack of her own, making it the most challenging boss.

    Some FromSoftware veterans will have the sense of achievement by their victories in some difficult games. A player discover a certain Spirit Ash that can successfully stun and kill Malenia and win. Now Malenia can be called the most tough boss in the history of FromSoftware since its release.

    Elden Ring Malenia

    On the one hand, players enjoy the feeling of challenging various competitions and achieving the ultimate victory. On the other hand, as the difficulty of the game continues to increase, players also need to keep pace with the times, learn more useful knowledge and prepare more Elden Ring Runes or items before starting new challenges to ensure their smooth passing. However, on the road to success, occasional failure is also very normal.

    1.When Reddit user superepic13579 played the game earlier, he was in an excellent position to obliterate "Nihil" Malenia's health with Bloodboon Ritual skill of Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear. Afterwards, Goddess of Rot gradually entered its second phase and pay attention to the player's Mimic Tear. The Tarnished, with full health, seems to have seen his victory. It was such a harrowing experience that led the player to post this video to Reddit.

    2.After switching to Rivers of Blood Katana, the player calmly and quickly uses Corpse Piler to stagger Malenia. Later, FromSoftware thought this skill was too powerful, so it was changed to cause damage and Hemorrhage build-up. As soon as a couple escaped from a defeat, the rotting female swordsman immediately jumped up and kicked the player, so that the couple couldn't dodge this attack in time. Since they couldn't restore their health, they devised another method, which was to use another Corpse Piler to kill Malenia. But, at this very moment, they knew they were doomed.

    3.Immediately, Malenia stretches out one of her hands, rushes at the Tarnished while still in the attack animation, throws them into the air, and impales her soul on her weapon. The Shardbearer's most damaging single attack is this one. It kills the player instantly, and it's a one-line attack that many players are all too familiar with.

    Later, Reddit user said in the video that they had never thrown the controller before this loss, but after this loss, they almost did. Fortunately, they tried again later, and it worked. So, in the Elden Ring community, it's better to enjoy playing the game than to be frustrated with the outcome of the game.

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  • Assassin's Creed's Weakest Story DLC May Be Its Best

    The Jack the Ripper DLC for Assassin's Creed Syndicate could've been gruesome and fascinating, but the Victorian England expansion sadly wasted its potential. The 2015 entry in the open-world historical series casts players as Jacob and Evie Frye, a pair of twin Assassins, in 1800s London. While a DLC following the Jack the Ripper murders sounds like a perfect fit for the franchise, the standalone story campaign ruins the intrigue of the bloody figure.

    Assassin's Creed's Weakest Story DLC May Be Its Best

    Releasing shortly after the base game, Assassin's Creed Syndicate's Jack the Ripper DLC lets players control both Evie Frye and the titular murderer. The story sees Evie investigate the notorious Jack the Ripper murders, with her twin brother Jacob potentially being one of the killer's victims. Evie is used to carry out typical Assassin's Creed open-world gameplay, but at certain points the DLC also puts players in control of the Ripper himself. The historical serial killer controls similarly to Evie or Jacob, but he uses more brutal tactics and performs gruesome executions on his hapless victims. While playing as Jack the Ripper is interesting, the DLC sadly shines too much light on the elusive figure.

    Playing As The Ripper In AC Syndicate Is Strange


    Tracking down Jack the Ripper as Assassin's Creed Syndicate main character Evie is a perfect setup for an expansion, but playing as the Ripper himself removes much of his mystery and intrigue. The London serial killer remains one of the most infamous unsolved mysteries in history, with the real historical figure leaving five or more innocent victims in his wake. The Jack the Ripper DLC reduces these crimes to mere mission objectives, with players carrying out multiple murders themselves. While having Evie follow in the wake of the Ripper's rampage could've maintained an air of mystery around him, putting players in control of the infamous figure turns him into just another Assassin's Creed playable character.

    AC Syndicate's DLC Story Ruins The Ripper's Intrigue


    While some fans may feel that Jack the Ripper is the best Assassin's Creed Syndicate character to control, the expansion's story also ruins the mystery surrounding the killer. The actual Ripper's motives are unknown, but the Jack the Ripper DLC haphazardly ties the grisly criminal into the tangled Assassin's Creed lore. The expansion explains that Jack is a former apprentice of Jacob Frye who was also a patient at London's Lambeth Asylum. The Ripper's victims are explained to actually be Assassins, with Jack holding a grudge against Jacob for failing to save his mother. This explanation dramatically simplifies and perverts the story of the real Ripper just to fit the convoluted Assassin's Creed narrative.

    The story of Jack the Ripper has a clear link to Assassin's Creed Syndicate, but the titular DLC sadly failed to do the killer's historical tale justice. Playing as the Ripper, rather than simply hunting him down and investigating his crimes, removes the mystery surrounding the infamous figure. The expansion's story is even more ineffective, with the serial killer's motives and story being forcibly tied into the larger Assassin's Creed narrative. An Assassin's Creed Syndicate DLC about Jack the Ripper is a no-brainer, but the expansion should've taken more care to maintain the gravitas and intrigue of the killer's story.

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