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  • What Quality Of Life Updates To Expect In FFXIV Dawntrail?

    We are only about two weeks away from the release of Final Fantasy XIV's newest expansion, Dawntrail. Here, I want to focus on some of the quality of life changes that will be coming to the game after Dawntrail is released, and that will be available to everyone, not just those who play the new expansion.

    Now that Media-Tour is over, where invited guests could test the game and ask questions about the upcoming release, we now have a lot of information about new and expected quality of life updates.

    Let me remind you that all the information we will provide comes from third-party sources. These are just some of the quality of life updates that people have seen in demo builds or have been given information about in interviews. Let’s look forward to what these updates will be implemented after release!

    What Quality Of Life Updates To Expect In FFXIV Dawntrail?


    I want to start with Japanese Famitsu magazine.

    Hide Player Setting

    The magazine discovered a new setting that allows you to hide the player when approaching a quest NPC. We learned about hiding the player’s name before, but this new feature will allow you to clearly see NPC and its animations.

    This feature was also one feature demonstrated in Letter From the Produce LIVE. It basically has three settings “Off”, “Small Circle” and “Big Circle” when you interact with the relevant NPC.

    Dungeon Shortcuts

    Frosty aka “World Race Guy” or “Mogtalk Dude”, after being defeated in the boss fight in the new dungeon, discovered that the shortcut at the beginning of the dungeon actually took him back to the boss arena.

    Usually these shortcuts only take you to the previous arena and you have to walk all the way back to the next boss. This change will greatly speed up the progress of dungeons.

    Of course, it remains to be seen whether this change is only for the media tour and whether this change will also be implemented in later dungeons. But I personally would welcome it.

    FFXIV Dawntrail Media Tour Overview

    Glasses Slot

    In addition, many players wondered whether for the new slot for glasses, we can use it for various accessories. We got the answer when looking at the developer interviews and they also demonstrated it in PLL.

    The new slot will be specifically for glasses and will only be applicable to glasses that currently exist as fashion accessories, and more will be added. Glasses from accessories will be reassigned as Eyewear, and they will become part of the gear set. Each pair of glasses will have 12 predefined color options. Don’t forget to stock up on enough FFXIV Gil if you want to have all the new eyewear looks.

    Chat Bubbles

    During the interview, the developer also revealed that chat bubbles are indeed in some kind of testing phase, but this does not mean that they will be part of the initial Dawntrail release. But for all those who want to see chat bubbles pop up with player characters, you may not have to wait too long.

    I could cover more updates here, such as the new attack alert notification in the middle of the screen that people have noticed. But it does contain a lot of spoilers, so I won’t talk about more here.

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    Letter From The Produce LIVE

    Next, I will discuss some of the nice new information and quality of life features we got from the recent Letter From the Produce LIVE, which I will quickly summarize for you here.

    Bicolor Gemstones

    Starting with Bicolor Gemstones, the maximum amount will be increased from 1000 to 1500. Incidentally, participants in the media tour noticed that FATEs in the new area do award more Gemstones than in previous expansions.

    Emote List

    It is worth mentioning that if you have to perform an emote during a certain mission, that emote will now also show up in the mission list. Just like with items, you can simply click on that emote to perform it. No more typing or searching through the emote list.

    FFXIV Dawntrail Letter From the Produce LIVE Updates

    New 2-Dye System

    We did get a nice demo of the new 2-Dye System as well. New gear released with Dawntrail and a few previous gear will now have 2 dye slots. You can now save your favorite color combination as a set and it will also remember the last color set you used. This way, you can quickly color multiple pieces without having to choose the same 2 colors every time.

    Some older gear will also get 2-Dye update. However, it will take about Patch 7.4 for all older gear to also be included in the system. We just have to be patient.


    Fantasia also has a small update. After using Fantasia, you will change your appearance at will within 60 minutes of in-game time. So if you are not happy with your appearance in-game, you can change it at will within those 60 minutes.

    At this point, we don’t know exactly when the 60-minute countdown will start. It could be when using Fantasia, or it could be after you make your first change. I hope it’s the latter, as I know quite a few people who have used Fantasia without realizing it, and their characters are in a state where they can change at will, so all that Fantasia will be wasted. I hope the upcoming patch notes will give us the answer to this question.

    Companion App Update

    Finally, the companion app for phones will also be getting an update, where they will add customization options and wallpapers. But the more important update is that Hunting, Mining, Botany and Fishing Retainer Ventures can now be allocated through the app, though this will require in-app currency.

    We don’t know exactly how many and if in-game adventures will also be used, but there will surely be more details in the next patch notes.

    Patch Release Date & Update Size

    This brings me back to our schedule. The release date of the patch notes is not marked here, but it will most likely be within the week of 48-hour maintenance and Early Access. You should be able to download the game update halfway through the 48-hour maintenance. Maybe earlier, as this update will be quite large.

    During PLL, the developers mentioned that Windows update will be around 55 GB in size. In total, including Dawntrail, FFXIV will take up over 90 GB of your drive space.

    We didn’t get the update sizes for all other platforms, but on PS5 the total space required is around 75 GB and on PS4 around 80 GB. Sadly, Xbox users will have to download the entire game again, which will be closer to 100 GB in total.

    There’s no word on the size of Mac version, but it’s likely to be in the same area. Once again, I’m sure all the details will also be available in the patch notes.

    That’s all we know about the quality of life update for FFXIV Dawntrail expansion so far. Have a great day, see you next time, and take care!

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  • Why Has Fallout 76 Community Been Able To Maintain A Harmonious Player Group For Many Years?

    Today, I want to talk about Fallout 76’s community and why it’s so friendly and welcoming. Most MMOs have a small minority of people who enjoy harassing and teasing other players.

    But in contrast, you’ll see new players posting on Fallout 76 Reddit almost every day, talking about how welcoming and friendly the community is. Low-level players ask how they can repay all the gifts from high-level players, and high-level players ask how they can give gifts without scaring off new players.

    But why is this the case? A lot of people are wondering about this situation, so let me tell you my conclusion. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my opinion.

    Why Has Fallout 76 Community Been Able To Maintain A Harmonious Player Group For Many Years?

    Pacifist Mode

    One of the biggest reasons is that the game has a Pacifist Mode. By default, if the setting is on, you can’t start a player-versus-player fight. Even if it’s off, PvP can only start if the other player retaliates.

    Any player who shoots another player will only deal a fraction of the damage they should. A full PvP match will only start when both players have dealt some damage to each other.

    This is in stark contrast to most MMOs, where PvP is expected. In my experience, most Fallout 76 players play with Pacifist Mode enabled. But even with Pacifist setting, if players want to PvP, they can. They just choose not to.

    I never saw a true PvP duel while playing, and the only time I did PvP was when I tried Hunter Hunted event. I think this has a lot to do with Fallout series itself.

    How does pacifist mode work in Fallout 76?

    Enjoy Single-Player More

    Fallout is always a single-player. You do fight, but you and your companions might be fighting in Wasteland. You fight raiders, you fight super-mutants, you fight mutated creatures. Sure, some players go on a killing spree, and some even join Legion.

    But for the most part, Fallout is a game where players end up doing good things. Whether you saved Vault 101 by acquiring Water Chip, sacrificed yourself to repair Water Purifier in DC, or restored Minuteman and saved Synths in Commonwealth, you were a hero.

    As a result, most of the player base will prefer the single-player experience of roaming Wasteland and killing monsters rather than fighting other players. This isn’t surprising if you remember that Fallout has always been a single-player game.

    Low Online Population

    On top of that, anyone more interested in vandalism or trolling will also be put off by the low player count. Fallout 76 tends to peak at around 10 to 12,000 players per day. That’s actually not that high for an MMO.

    Beyond that, the player base is pretty spread out. The most we saw at any given time was about 8 full teams, which are about 32 players. Even accounting for players who don’t join teams, there were probably 50 players per server at most.

    Aside from core locations like Nuka-World on Tour and Whitespring Resort, which have many players, I rarely ran into anyone while exploring the world. So if you want to hurt someone, it’s actually very hard to find another random player. It’s even harder to find someone who doesn’t have Pacifist Mode enabled. So the odds of you actually being able to hurt someone are very low.

    But if that’s what you want, why not just play GTA or Red Dead? In fact, players who don’t like that type of game actually seem to be pushed away from those games. In contrast, the way Fallout 76 is set up does end up pushing away hurters and encouraging aggressive players.

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    Difference In The Need For Supplies Between High And Low-Level Players

    So this explains why players don’t kill each other. But it doesn’t explain why gifts are often given to new players. Why is this?

    If I had to answer this question in one word, it would be abundance. Once you reach a certain power level, you have a lot of wealth. Just farm some Crops and Water Purifiers and you’ll have more Fallout 76 items than you ever need.

    Play for a while and you’ll have hundreds of spare Stimpacks, RadAways, and Rad-Xs. With the last few updates, attending an Eviction Notice is enough to get you Legendary Gear.

    But most importantly, everything in the game has limits for players. You can only store a certain amount of Legendary Gear in your stash. Chems and Ammo have weights, and there are daily caps on earning currency. The developers encourage players to reduce their inventory, even if it means dumping items.

    Especially when an Eviction Notice or Radiation Rumble event comes around, you’ll see people always dropping one or two star legendaries. It’s not cost-effective to carry them, and you can always get more the next time you play.

    While high-level players have too many items, low-level players are often short on things like Ammo and Stimpacks, especially if they don’t participate in public events. So it became customary to give away excess items to new players.

    This custom is now so common that the developers have even added a Donations Box where people can put items in it for new players to take away when they emerge from Vault 76. According to Public Test Server, more Donations Boxes will be added to other places where players gather.

    Helping Others Has Become A New Community Culture

    You may have noticed that I used the word “custom” deliberately. Because whenever there are many people gathered together, a unique culture will emerge. You will have a common set of customs that existing members will participate in and new members will learn.

    In the case of Fallout 76, it is clear that the community has a culture of welcoming and helping new players. When these players become high-level players, they will pass this goodwill on to new players.

    I think this culture stems from the natural preferences of the player group, the abundance of resources brought by relaxing some game systems, and the restrictions on player reserves and currencies that prevent even the most determined hoarders.

    Giving gifts may have originally been a way to get others to get some use out of the items you would otherwise discard, but the culture has taken root. Now people have become proud to help new players. This is why Fallout 76 has one of the best MMO communities.

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  • Does Diablo 4 Season 4 Loot Reborn Still Hold Up In 2024? - Review & Personal Thoughts

    Did you sink hundreds of hours into Diablo 4 at launch, only to be frustrated when Season 1 destroyed your carefully crafted Sorcerer, Rogue, Barbarian, Druid or Necromancer? Are you wondering if Diablo 4 is fun now? Are there new items, mechanics, features and events?

    Before we delve into the depths of Hell and take on Lilith all over again, let’s take a look back at the rise, fall, and rebirth of Diablo 4 to see if it’s currently worth your return.

    A Winding Road To Release

    Diablo 4 was first announced by the developers at BlizzCon 2019, with an official release date of June 5, 2023 for PC, Playstation 4 and 5, and Xbox One.

    Ahead of the game’s release, game director Luis Barriga talked about the feeling of legacy. They said Diablo 4 would bring players back the sense of fear and terror from Diablo 1, the characters and loot chasing from Diablo 2, and the sweet, dynamic action from Diablo 3.

    Does Diablo 4 Season 4 Loot Reborn Still Hold Up In 2024? - Review & Personal Thoughts

    Coupled with the revelation of three fan-favorite characters during BlizzCon 2019, and an open-world map showing off Barbarian, Sorcerer, and Druid, fans were very excited about the announcement. But this was just a taste of the surprises the developers had in store for them.

    The road to Diablo 4’s release was full of ups and downs. At one point in time, 2021 was a suggested release date. After the 2019 announcement, a more specific release date of December 2022 was announced. But the developers called for a delayed release date to give them more time to avoid cutting a ton of content from the game. The team initially pushed the release back to April 2023, but the team still needed more time to finish the game.

    Finally, Diablo 4 was finally announced for public testing and open betas in early 2023. The first beta was available to players who pre-ordered the game, and players could play the game from March 17 to 20. Subsequently, a public beta was held from March 24 to 27.

    Diablo 4 Is A Tremendous Success

    The beta was open to all platforms, and during the first weekend of the test, the only playable characters were Rogue, Barbarian and Sorcerer, while Druid and Necromancer were added in the second weekend, with up to ten characters per account. Players would receive a unique title and a cosmetic item called Beta Wolf Pack.

    During this time, beta players could level up to level 25 and play through all of Act 1, but any progress made during the beta would not carry over to the game’s release.

    As the release date approached, the developers then announced another public beta, which they called “Server Slam”. This beta generated even more hype, especially with the addition of the ability to fight World Boss Ashava at level 20, and players would receive a special mount cosmetic item to prove their mettle against Hell’s giant artificial demon.

    Players who pre-ordered Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Editions of Diablo 4 were given early access to the game ahead of its June 6 release. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though, with players still encountering issues with login queues and error codes.

    Some players even encountered invalid license errors, but that didn’t stop the hype and early success of Diablo 4. The developers announced after the first week that the game had been played for 276 million hours since Early Access. It’s their fastest-selling game ever.

    In June, the game had 6,750,114 players, with an average daily player count of 821,264. It’s no wonder that this game, which took 10 years to make, is an enormous success!

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    Why Is Season 1 Disappointing?

    In my opinion, the gameplay is fun and the graphics are great. I enjoyed Diablo 4 mainly because I love the atmosphere of ARPGs and MMOs that you can play with friends. However, the game does feel like a bare-bones beta game that was released to the public for $70.

    After completing the story, players need to grind endlessly in a very repetitive dungeon raid gameplay loop to reach the highest level. There is no capability of target farming, or even post-story extra content, aside from the fight with Uber Lilith.

    The game received rave reviews on IGN, Opencritic, and Metacritic, but user reviews panned the game.

    Diablo 4 had a stellar month after its release, but that changed when they announced Season 1.

    In Season of the Malignant, the developers nerfed multiple classes, especially Sorcerer, rendering many builds useless.

    Another problem with this season comes from an item called Caged Heart of the Barber. This Diablo 4 item takes all damage dealt by surrounding players and returns it to enemies after a certain amount of damage has accumulated. This damage is high, but it gives the illusion that your build is powerful and can handle many challenges.

    Uninformed players slot it into their gear and join World Boss raids, but it slows down the progress of players gathering in the area.

    On top of that, the developers decided to change how Helltide works. Helltide is a one hour event where Hell forces will occupy specific areas and they will drop things called Aberrant Cinders, which can be redeemed for rewards.

    The changes they made are that enemies will be harder to kill and they will spawn 3 levels higher than the player character. This could discourage the player base from grinding in the endgame.

    As players felt the nerfs to their characters and items made things worse for other players, Diablo 4 saw a significant drop in its active player base. I think the nerfs were made to make it harder for players to get through the content because from a business perspective. They want to get players to spend more time and potentially be willing to spend money on microtransactions and Battle Pass.

    My chief complaint about these changes and the game in general is that it treats it like an MMO first and an action RPG second. The endless grinding of gear with little to no ending is definitely a turn off for players.

    Season 4 Brings Big Changes

    A lot of players have left since Season 1 ended, but the launch of Season 4 with big changes has brought a lot of players back to the game.

    Loot Reborn is interesting to us because being able to hunt for Aspects and even have loot drops specifically for your character makes grinding feel a lot better. No longer do you have to pick up random items that don’t work for your character and then sell them or dismantle them for materials. Streamlining the crafting/tempering/upgrading experience gives players the option to optimize their character build the way they want.

    Leveling up this season also feels good. Instead of spending weeks leveling up my character, I could reach level 98 in about 2-3 days of playtime. It still feels a bit slow as you get more experienced, but it’s not as bad as the level grind at launch.

    I’m also happy to see some of the new additions implemented in previous seasons, like the ability to farm items and leaderboards in a targeted manner in specific dungeons. Imagine having your three-person squad at the top of the leaderboard. It’s awesome.

    The Pit Of The Artificer Diablo 4 Guide

    With the addition of Pit, Season 4 does offer a level of endgame grinding and hype. I like the idea of ​​mixing up the experience with World Bosses, Nightmare Dungeons, Helltide, and even Tree of Whispers dropping Runeshards needed to enter Pit. But in my opinion, Tree of Whispers was completely useless in Season 1.

    Issues That Remain

    While this season is commendable, it’s not enough to make the game shiny and polished. There are still a lot of bugs and issues plaguing the game at the moment.

    Gold Rarity

    The main issue right now is the gold issue when Masterworking your items. Upgrading items with materials earned from completing Pit, even getting just one item can cost millions of gold.

    Gold does seem a bit scarce to me, with only a few thousand dropping when fighting monsters. It doesn’t reward players to go to higher-level dungeons or Pit unless there are bigger gold drop rewards. This should be a natural progression. The more powerful you are, the more gold you get. This also applies to Gem Crafting system added in Season 2.

    Memory Leak

    Another issue I encountered was Memory Leak. If you navigate the menus too quickly, or if you do something too fast, the game can freeze or disconnect. This really detracts from the experience because you’re playing an action RPG and the pace of the game should be fast. But if you run into a Memory Leak in a dungeon, it can kill you.

    Places like Pit, or activities like Helltide, are very punishing. Losing time on a quest in Pit or losing half of Aberrant Cinders can be very frustrating.

    Smoldering Ashes Doesn’t Auto-Resume

    Speaking of bugs, I found that Smoldering Ashes wouldn’t auto-restore. But luckily, it was fixed as soon as I logged out and logged back in.

    Unexpected Exit From Dungeon

    Another bug that I absolutely disliked was the one that occurred during the fight with Tormented Varshan. One of my friends was reviving at the time, and the resurrector died a second before fully reviving the other player.

    When I tried to go back to revive my friends, one of them got kicked out of the dungeon for some weird reason, and we had to restart the fight with Tormented Varshan.

    Final Thoughts

    Diablo 4 is in such a state right now that they are trying their best to win back their player base, especially with the upcoming Vessel of Hatred DLC that is set to be released in late 2024. DLC will add more content to the game and will feature Mephisto as a potential big bad in the expansion.

    A new zone has been revealed, which could lead to more long-awaited endgame content. But the question remains: should you play Diablo 4 again? Is the new season worth it? The short answer is yes.

    This game is definitely fun, especially if you have someone to play and grind with. If they continue to spice up the game like they did with Loot Reborn, I can imagine that most players will come back to Diablo 4 from time to time. What do you think? Have a nice day!

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  • Follow These Tips For Efficient Item Farming In Diablo 4 Season 4 - Legendaries & Item Aspects

    In this guide, I want to talk about item farming in Diablo 4 Season 4. It’s a very simple and common question: what is the most efficient way to farm the most legendary items with Greater Affixes and the item Aspects you’re missing in the shortest possible time.

    Now we know that the best way to upgrade items is to farm Pit of Artificers and loot materials for Masterworking, but there is currently no indication of higher quality loot, or a higher chance of Greater Affixes appearing in loot dropped in Pit. This makes Pit not the best choice for item farming. So what is?

    Follow These Tips For Efficient Item Farming In Diablo 4 Season 4 - Legendaries & Item Aspects

    Item Farming Tips

    In my experience, the highest number of item drops per hour occur in Helltide, and I have some tips that can help you maximize the number of items you get in each Helltide. This way you can get a god-level item with many Greater Affixes and start upgrading it in Pit. So how to farm Helltide efficiently?

    Farming Blood Maiden

    Always farm Blood Maiden boss if you can. Go to the weird demonic skull icon on Helltide map and use Baneful Heart that appears on the top right of the screen to summon Blood Maiden. You’ll see 3 Altars on the ground, each of which requires a Baneful Heart to activate.

    Avoid Using All Baneful Hearts

    Try to avoid using all 3 Baneful Hearts yourself. In most cases, there will be other players farming there too, so I recommend only contributing 1 heart so that other players can continue to activate the other Altars.

    You’ll find that if you contribute at least 1 heart to the summon, you’ll receive a buff that significantly increases Diablo 4 items you drop from Blood Maiden.

    So again, I recommend only using 1 if you can. Because if you use more, you’ll waste them, but if you don’t use any Baneful Hearts, then you won’t get the buff.

    Diablo 4 Season 4: Baneful Heart

    Prioritize Opening Chests

    After killing the boss, quickly use an Altar to look for Tortured Gifts Chests on the map and open them.

    You’ll get a lot of Cinders for fighting the boss, so you can open multiple chests. But I recommend opening the chests that contain loot for the gear you want. So if you’re looking for rings, open the ring chests first. You’ll have plenty of time to get back to the boss later.

    Try Doing Nearby Whispers

    Once you have no chests to open, try doing Nearby Whispers. This might involve collecting Venous Motes or activating Helltide Doomsayers. This way you can earn extra money and items from the final Whisper Cache.

    Reset Instance

    If no one is farming Accursed Rituals, and you don’t have Baneful Hearts to summon the boss, then teleport to town, wait a few seconds, and come back. This will put you in a new instance of the area, and it’s possible that in this new instance, players are farming Blood Maiden. You can also try logging in and out to get the same effect.

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    Gambling Item Aspects

    In my experience, this is by far the best way to farm items, and there are some tips on how to make it more effective. Next, I want to talk about a very elegant way to get your item Aspects.

    From experience, I know how frustrating it can be when you don’t have a specific Aspect you need for your build, and while Season 4 helps a little with that by making it so that when you find an Aspect, it’s yours forever, you still have to find that Aspect first. But when it still doesn’t drop, then spending Murmuring Obols on gambling becomes the optimal solution to get that Aspect.

    You just type the name of Aspect you’re looking for in the text box, and it will immediately tell you the type of item you have to gamble with in order to have the highest chance of getting it. So let me show you how it works.

    Diablo 4 Gambling Tool Guide: Maximize Your Legendary Aspect Odds

    Let’s say I really need Blood Getter’s Aspect, but it never drops for me, or my luck is terrible, so I decide to take matters into my own hands and gamble. I visit Gamble, and all I have to do is find Aspect I’m looking for, which is Blood Getter, and select it.

    We found that the best gamble item with the highest chance of getting it is boots on a Necromancer. So this tool will not only tell you the item slot, but also the class.

    Class can be important in some cases. Let’s say we are looking for a Resource Aspect, and we want to gamble on the class with the fewest other Resource Aspects to maximize our chances.

    Let’s try it again, this time with an Aspect that can be used by multiple classes: Accelerating. In order to get Accelerating Aspect, I have to gamble off-hands on a Necromencer.

    But what if we don’t have a Necromencer? No problem, we can scroll down and manually look at the odds for each class and each slot. The highest odds are off-hands on a Necromencer, the second highest is off-hands on a Druid, then Sorcerer, and so on. This way I can choose the one with the highest odds for me.

    So can you see how this can save you a ton of time and Murmuring Obols that you might otherwise waste? I hope you find this tool as useful as I do. Good luck!

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  • These 10 Best Meta Icons Will Be Your Best Choice To Build Your Dream Team In EA FC 24!

    The most exciting thing about EA Sports FC 24 is that you have the option to build your team however you want. Whether you’re looking to field a team made up of the best players currently available or the best Icons, or a mix of the two, there are top player options for your club.

    Icons are some of the greatest players in football history, and because of their incredible performances in Ultimate Team, they are often some of the more expensive FC 24 player cards.

    Icons will provide 1 Chemistry point to all players and another 2 points through other players from the same country, for a total of 3 Chemistry points. With this in mind, Icons have the incredible flexibility to be on almost any team as long as they have a teammate or two from their own country.

    There are many good Icons in EA FC 24. In this guide, we will make a tier list and discuss the best Icons in EA FC 24.

    These 10 Best Meta Icons Will Be Your Best Choice To Build Your Dream Team In EA FC 24!

    1. Pele

    Pele sits on the throne of the highest-rated Icon in EA FC 24, with amazing attributes and impressive PlayStyles that would make any other player jealous. Although the four-star weak foot is indeed strange, this may be upgraded in future promotional card releases.

    Aside from a few minor flaws, Pele can do everything you want an offensive player to do on the field. Not only does he drive play on the court with his excellent Pace and Dribbling, but his 94 Shooting attribute also gives him scoring opportunities from anywhere.

    Finesse Shot, Incisive Pass, Trickster, and Quickstep PlayStyles give Quickstep the ability to be fast and elusive, allowing him to dominate matches against almost anyone.

    2. Zinedine Zidane

    Zinedine Zidane has one of the most balanced icon cards in EA Sports FC 24, and I believe most players have noticed this from the green attribute totals in each category. While previous icons were valued for their expertise in dribbling, shooting, or pacing, Zidane is more of a versatile player who can make excellent transitions in the midfield.

    While his speed won’t be dazzling, Zidane’s control of the ball and impressive height allow him to win the ball in aerial battles where others in his position cannot.

    Featuring seven PlayStyles, including Trivela, Long Ball Pass, Flair, and Finesse Shot, Zidane offers distribution and solo runs that will boost your entire team’s score.

    3. Ronaldo Nazario

    Ronaldo’s dribbling skills are, without a doubt, excellent. While he’s not as balanced as an attacker like Cruyff or Ronaldinho, he definitely scores at a higher rate than anyone else.

    His matching 94 Pace, Dribbling, and Shooting only enhances his Finesse Shot PlayStyle, which is probably the most important of his three PlayStyles.

    If you find yourself in a tight space while dribbling, Trickster and Technical are great add-on PlayStyles for Ronaldo to escape danger. But unfortunately, he only has 89 Agility, which cannot match the fluidity of legends like Cruyff.

    EA FC 24 Ronaldo Nazario

    4. Ronaldinho

    Ronaldinho has always been the most coveted player in FC 24 Ultimate Team due to his unique body type and animation. With attributes like 91 Pace, 89 Shooting, 90 Passing, 95 Dribbling, and 80 Physical, it’s easy to see why he’s different from other players.

    Not only that, but his Trivela, Finesse Shot, Flair, and Technical PlayStyle make Ronaldinho a threat in anyone’s hands. But his skill ceiling is still quite high, and if you’re committed to learning and perfecting the meta-game, Ronaldinho is a must-have player for your team.

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    5. Johan Cruyff

    Puskas and Muller are both excellent attackers, but even they can’t compare to Cruyff. In fact, Dutch icon boasts an unprecedented balance of attributes, including 90 Pace, 91 Shooting, 90 Passing, and 93 Dribbling. As a ball-handling wizard, his dribbling ability is rightly highlighted among his many amazing qualities.

    Cruyff’s PlayStyle also perfectly meets all the requirements of an offensive player. Chip Shot, Incisive Pass, Tiki Taka, First Touch, Trickster, and Trivela allow him to dance around defenders and goalkeepers for fun scoring goals.

    6. Mia Hamm

    Mia Hamm is the headliner at EA Sports FC 24’s inaugural Female Icon, and she has an incredible card that’s worthy of its high price tag on the market. A legend of women’s football in the United States and internationally, Mia Hamm’s accomplishments are deservedly impressive.

    As one of the best cards in FC 24 Ultimate Team, Mia Hamm has a perfect skill set and a foot that is too weak to be called weak. Besides incredibly high stats like 92 Pace and 93 Shooting, she also has Finesee, Flair, and Relentless PlayStyle to enhance her already threatening scoring abilities.

    EA FC 24 Mia Hamm

    7. Ferenc Puskas

    If you need a pure scorer, Ferenc Puskas is probably the most famous player in the history of the sport, as evidenced by his outstanding 94 Shooting.

    Compared to other players, Puskas does have a clear advantage in the number of PlayStyles, and the combination of Power Shot, Rapid, Quick Step, Flair, and Trivela creates excellent synergy. These PlayStyles give Puskas a smooth feel on the ball, allowing him to score more often than you might think.

    8. Paolo Maldini

    When it comes to football defense, few are as synonymous with greatness as Paolo Maldini. The Italian Icon has justified his huge reputation with some outstanding defensive abilities. Maldini’s 95 Defending rightly raised some eyebrows as he slid into the path of oncoming opponents and got away from them with ease.

    While his Intercept and Aerial PlayStyles aren’t the flashiest, you’ll notice how many duels Maldini win because of these additions.

    As a defender, meanwhile, 85 Pace should provide enough tracking speed to keep up with the fastest players in EA FC 24.

    9. Gerd Muller

    Gerd Muller is the best pure goalscorer in German football history and has incredible attributes to back up his legendary career in EA FC 24. While Muller’s 87 Pace will be significantly slower even compared to Garrincha, Muller’s 92 Shooting leaves plenty of room for scoring almost anywhere.

    Fortunately, Muller’s speed won’t be a hindrance once he’s in position inside and outside the box. His outstanding 97 Finishing put many people off and made Muller stand out among the many strikers. His Trivela PlayStyle is perfect for scoring with the outside of his boot, considering this type of shot tends to be very effective.

    EA FC 24 Mane Garrincha

    10. Mane Garrincha

    Mane Garrincha is a Brazilian legend with excellent attributes that help him stand out in the team. His pace isn’t exactly great, but his passing and dribbling skills are Garrincha’s most impressive contributions.

    He has two PlayStyles that help enhance his quick dribbling ability: Flair and Technical. These two styles are very suitable for some skills and greatly increase his scoring rate. Among them, 85 Shooting and 87 Finishing benefit from this.

    The above are the 10 Icons in FC 24 that are most worthy of your choice. Either one of them will be a great addition to building your dream team!

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  • Improving These 4 Issues Will Help You Push Your Limits In FC 24 TOTS Event!

    FC 24 Team of the Season Promo Event has officially kicked off, and every FC player will push their limits and strive for a higher ranking. So it’s time for you to become the best player you can be!

    In order to achieve this goal, you must finally get rid of your bad habits and correct your mistakes. With today’s guide, we introduce you to 4 serious mistakes you often make and how to easily correct them. Now, let’s get started!

    Improving These 4 Issues Will Help You Push Your Limits In FC 24 TOTS Event!

    Not Paying Attention To The Defender

    Let’s start with the attack. One of the most common mistakes is that you don’t pay attention to the defender you choose. If you don’t watch and understand their defensive intentions, you will easily lose possession of the ball.

    You have to keep an eye on them and not force anything toward their defense. Even if you think they’re covering one side, you can’t lose focus because they can change intentions in half a second. If you don’t pay attention and take action, they will win the challenge with every encounter.

    You need to focus on the player with that icon above their head and think about what their next move might be if he runs to a particular side. Your goal is to take the ball away from there and take advantage of opportunities in front of you to pass the ball at any time.

    Here is an example. When I’m about to pass the ball, I see my opponent pick a defender in front of me. So I’m going to keep an eye on her as the ball travels. I see the defender continuing to defend with her instead of switching. Therefore, don’t push the ball forward or you will get a defensive challenge.

    I get the ball back, avoid it and create a path in front of me to push the ball forward. Then, I saw that my opponent had changed to a new defender and was approaching me step by step. Then I just had to pull the ball back again and see him make a failed tackle and score an easy goal.

    All in all, if you know what you’re doing, it’s actually quite easy to outperform your opponent’s expectations. But don’t forget that it is also important to prepare FC 24 Coins to improve your own player stats.

    Wrong Finishing Setup

    The next common mistake is with Finishing setup. Sometimes it’s not that you don’t know how to shoot, it’s that you forget to shoot. That means either you’re not facing the goal when you take the shot, there’s a defender standing in front of you blocking the shot, or the goalkeeper comes out and you panic.

    This is a typical situation where you get in behind the defensive line and have an advantage over the defenders, and the only thing the opponent can do is take the goalkeeper out. When the goalkeeper comes out, he will risk closing the goal at an angle, which reduces your likelihood of scoring a goal.

    If you don’t turn this risk to your advantage and set up the best shot opportunity, you will give up free goals from similar positions.

    EA Sports FC 24: How to enable Timed Finishing?

    To create the best chance, you need to create a new shooting angle by rolling the ball away from the goalkeeper. But you also have to accept the fact that your shot didn’t go through the defender.

    If someone blocks your shooting path, the shot will be easily blocked. So you have to analyze the defender’s current position or expected movement and take the ball away from there again to clear your path before you can score a nice goal.

    Note that the direction of your control on your first touch may also create a tight angle to the goal, but don’t panic, additional touches into the open space can create a better scoring angle.

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    Reckless Push Away From Defender

    Next, the most crucial mistake on defense pulls the defender out of his position. Do you see open spaces that the wingers can explore? When you push out your full-backs recklessly, you have to really realize that you may have been defending the ball carrier with a midfield break, and such a defensive shake will never help.

    You can counter the opponent by keeping your defender close to the attacker and safely in front of him, but if he is the last line of defence, you will never allow a risky forward move like this. Because if you do that, a simple pass can penetrate the center of your defence, and you’ll concede goals easily.

    To avoid this, I first take the following route. I look at the environment and decide if I have a midfielder defending instead of using my back four at the back.

    If this is the case, I would switch to the midfielder and defend with him. But this way I don’t have any midfielders nearby and if I accidentally push out and go out to challenge, the opponent can easily take advantage of the midfield.

    Then I see the opponent is about to pass the ball to his teammate, and if I push the ball out, it could also be a simple pass. But I also realize that potential receivers are running behind the defensive line. So, instead of pushing out, I follow the runner and cover the pass safely.

    Meanwhile, the opponent made a mistake and lost possession of the ball. In a dangerous position defended safely on the other side, my opponent accidentally pushed up, which gave me a tremendous advantage.

    In the most critical moments, instead of covering the runner from behind without breaking the defensive formation, he wildly slides, which makes everything easier for me because he pushes away the defender. In these circumstances, I scored without a doubt.

    Therefore, you should not risk pushing the defender out of position, you must analyze where the position is going and move your defender safely back to the potential threat without disrupting the defensive shape.

    These are the most common mistakes in EA FC 24 to avoid

    Don’t Understand The Direction Of The game

    Let’s come to the last point, not reading the direction of the play, but understanding the opponent’s offensive intentions defensively. This is one of the best traits we can learn instead of throwing your defender into random spots.

    For example, here I found space behind the defensive line and as I was about to get into the box, the opponent covered the passing lane to the striker and controlled the running lane. But he also has to be mindful of our third option, which is passing the ball back.

    He might have switched to another centre-back and taken a step to the side, but instead of doing so, he completely ignored it and pushed the defense with two passes with the selected defender. So I have a chance to score again.

    If you defend an area well, the opponent will deliberately change direction after passing the ball on that side. You have to understand that the direction is to move to the other side, not to run towards the area with your currently selected player. You have to spot the next pass and switch to whichever defender is there. If you can’t see what’s coming and take action, you’ll be late and concede to the ball.

    What I’m trying to do here is use player switching early and effectively after the ball has traveled. I look for potential targets and control the approaching defender for that position.

    Once I see the pattern of the wing switching to the left, I pull my winger through the middle and rush out wide instead of covering the player in the middle. Because I had a substitute to defend, the opponent had to go back to the center again. My winger moved laterally, creating an advantage for me which ultimately allowed me to get the ball back.

    So watch your opponent’s body language, take advantage of early player switches, and try to cover potential targets without ruining your shape.

    These are 4 potential issues you can make improvements on. Following this guide’s targeted suggestions and correcting them will get your FC players ranked higher in TOTS event!

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  • How Will Last Epoch Change To Become More Successful? - 5 Critical Issues

    Since its launch, Last Epoch has been welcomed by many players. The large number of wonderful content and mechanisms in the game have brought us a lot of fun. However, like any game, Last Epoch is not without its faults.

    So here we are going to talk about five things that definitely need improvement in Last Epoch. Developers can further enhance our gaming experience by improving or removing these elements. I hope it becomes more successful and a better game over time.

    How Will Last Epoch Change To Become More Successful? - 5 Critical Issues

    Remove Damage From Off-Screen

    First, I have to say that damage from the other side of the map needs to be eliminated. I think most of you will agree with me that off-screen damage is not a rewarding mechanic in ARPGs. This is annoying and feels unfair at times, especially finding it extremely irritating to be hit by powerful AOE attacks from enemies far away from our position.

    While I’m currently happy with some of the damage inflicted by mobs from off-screen in the game, getting one-shotted by a mob on the other side of Monolith map is super annoying.

    This is a critical issue with the sheer amount of visual effects we have on screen, especially with the more flashy builds like Runemaster’s special effects spam with invocations-based. So I’d love to see this mechanic disappear in Last Epoch.

    On-screen damage doesn’t add any depth to gameplay. It doesn’t make me a better ARPG player, nor is it something I can specify to use in-game tools. Off-screen damage will also punish us, possibly just because we stopped to check for loot or possibly organize our inventory. Overall, this is not a cool feature at all and it has to be removed.

    Last Epoch: Remove Damage From Off-Screen

    Performance Needs To Be Optimized

    Next, we want to talk about Last Epoch performance. I have a nice rig with a Ryzen 7 5800x, NVIDIA 3070, and 32 GB RAM. When not much is happening on the screen, I get a good steady FPS of around 140+. At times, I could maintain a stable FPS of 80-90 even though there was a lot going on the screen.

    However, with certain maps and character builds, my FPS would drop to very annoying lows. For example, we only got 30 or 40 FPS when spamming Runemaster’s Frost Claw, Elemental Novas were popping up everywhere, and it was really no fun.

    In fact, lowering my settings did improve their performance. And I’ve seen a lot of players complaining about game performance or setting changes having no impact on the game’s FPS. So this is naturally related to the optimization of the game.

    Therefore, I hope the developers will look into improving optimizations for the game. To be fair, they’ve come a long way over the years. In the past, the game had poor FPS performance on certain maps or when using certain character abilities. But in order for players to fully enjoy the game, further upgrades are definitely needed.

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    Improve Arena Mechanism

    Next, we want to talk about Arena. Currently, Arena is the least rewarding activity in Last Epoch endgame. Aside from leaderboards, unique loot drops, and a change of pace, there’s no real reason to run an arena now.

    The amount of loot you get from Arena is inefficient considering the time it takes to acquire it. Sure, XP you can earn in Arena is substantial, but you can get similar XP, if not more, when running Monolith.

    Plus, you can get more Last Epoch Gold there, so why should you bother with Arena?

    So what’s wrong with Arena? I believe this is the flow and structure of this game mode. Some enemies crawl at a snail’s pace. This is especially problematic because of the design of some arena maps. Most of them are too big, causing you to stop frequently and look around for the last mob.

    Therefore, I want all Arena maps to be as simple and compact as Arena of Champions map. Developers, please zoom out and get rid of or speed up slow enemies. Also, improve the loot and maybe add some unique rewards, just like you would in a dungeon. These improvements could make Arena a more viable option as an endgame activity in Last Epoch.

    Last Epoch: Improve Arena Mechanism

    Bad UI Issues

    Let’s say that UI of Last Epoch has always been a problem. Unfortunately, it hasn’t really improved over time. I’m having a lot of issues with the game’s UI.

    First, often when crafting and selecting affixes, the tooltips will start going crazy. They continuously display the item’s description, or a window with affixes information. Other times, the item description doesn’t pop up after launching the game until I change the loot filter for some reason.

    Also, do you sometimes get FPS drops from quickly checking many item descriptions for dropped items? I’m not sure if this is a recent issue or if I just didn’t pay attention because I didn’t get that much loot in the past.

    Besides, some options don’t tick correctly on the menu, or don’t work at all. No matter what I do, I can’t turn on “show life above the character” in the game.

    As a result, UI is a very annoying part of Last Epoch experience. It should be a useful tool, but it often became an obstacle I had to overcome in the game, which is a sign of poor UI performance. Instead of enhancing my experience and allowing me to better understand the game, UI often drove me crazy.

    Improve The Display Of Stats

    Finally, let’s talk about the way stats are displayed in Last Epoch, which needs some improvement.

    At first glance, the stats visible in Last Epoch are very large, detailed, and easy to understand. But as you play more, you realize it’s not all that great.

    First off, figuring out your DPS isn’t as simple as you might think. This is because some skill tooltips don’t show DPS at all.

    Take Runemaster, for example. When it was built to cast random spells, we had no idea what its DPS would be. But in other cases, it shouldn’t be difficult for developers to provide us with estimates, such as Chaos Bolts, which are currently not shown at all.

    Then we have some stats that don’t show up in our character stats sheets at all. For example, we have no way of knowing statistics about “Chance to apply Frailty” related to damage types penetrations or channeling skills.

    I’d also love to see a breakdown of stats on the tooltip, like my Necro-based Warlock has 888% Necro damage. The source of this damage boost is shown in the table, which contains two item passive idols. This way I can understand which parts of my build are causing this damage. This will also make it easier for you to judge what to replace or what to focus on improving.

    Last Epoch: Improve The Display Of Stats

    You might think that last point is a little nitpicky, but remember, items and stats are a core and integral part of ARPG gameplay. We should always be looking for ways to make our decisions around loot and character building easier.

    Of course, some gaming communities resort to mods or external apps to fix inefficiencies that exist in their games. But I wish the developers of Last Epoch would put effort into UI and stats to make sure we don’t have to rely solely on fans of the game to fix problems caused by the developers.

    So here are five things I hope will be improved in Last Epoch. How is your gaming experience? What aspects of Last Epoch bother you? What systems or inefficiencies would you like to see improved? I want to know what you think! See you next time!

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  • What New Contents Can We Expect From WOW Classic SOD Phase 3?

    Recently, the developers announced a slew of new content coming to WOW Classic SOD Phase 3. So in this guide, I’ll briefly summarize some of the key changes and cover anything you might have missed, including new runes, class changes, the new Sunken Temple Raid, and more.

    New Sunken Temple Raid

    The next step in players’ Season of Discovery journey will begin on April 4, 2024, when Phase 3 program launches. The level cap will be raised to level 50, and its final dungeon will be Sunken Temple, an iconic dungeon in World of WarCraft history.

    What New Contents Can We Expect From WOW Classic SOD Phase 3?

    While Sunken Temple has been streamlined with Cataclysm dungeon revamp, players will regain the full experience in Season of Discovery.

    Also, just like Gnomeregan and Blackfathom Deeps, Sunken Temple will have its own world buff that will increase all stats by 8%, spell damage by 65, and critical strike chance by 5%, according to data-mining.

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    Depending on the faction chosen, players can easily enter Sunken Temple by taking a flight point to Stonard in Swamp of Sorrows or Nethergarde Keep in Blasted Lands.

    As usual, the new Sunken Temple is a 20-player raid and will feature 8 bosses for players to challenge. It will lock loot weekly and will launch on April 4, 2024 with the remainder of Season of Discovery Phase 3.

    WOW Classic SOD Phase 3 Sunken Temple Raid

    New PVE Event

    While Sunken Temple may be the endgame focus of Phase 3, Season of Discovery will also introduce a new PVE open world event, Nightmare Incursions. Interacting with this event will teleport you to a new corrupted zone and allow you to defeat enemies for top-notch loot.

    If you want to farm WOW Classic SOD Gold in Phase 3, Nightmare Incursions seems like it would be an excellent way to do it.

    This PVE event will take place in Feralas, Ashenvale, Duskwood, and Hinterlands areas. Players will fight against forces of corruption. There are many options for this world event. You can participate alone or with a group. This is also Phase 3’s second major event after Blood Moon.

    WoW SoD Phase 3 New Nightmare Incursions PvE Event Announced

    Confirmed New Runes

    In addition, for the new runes in Phase 3, here we will focus on the ones that have been confirmed by the developers first, rather than the runes that have been datamined but have not yet been confirmed.


    • Gore: Hitting a target with Lacerate, Swipe, or Maul has a 15% chance to reset Mangle’s cooldown. Attacking a target with Mangle (Cat) or Shred has a 5% chance to reset Tiger’s Fury’s cooldown.
    • Improved Barkskin: You can now cast Barkskin on allies without affecting melee combat speed or cast time.


    • Focus Fire: Consumes all Frenzy on your pet and increases your ranged attack speed by 3% and provides your pet with 4 Focus each time Frenzy is consumed. Every time your pet uses a normal attack, it will gain Frenzy, which increases melee attack speed by 6%.
    • Lock and Load: Each time one of your traps is triggered, your next shot within 20 seconds costs no mana and has no cooldown.

    WoW SoD Phase 3 New Available Runes Preview


    • Deep Freeze: Stuns frozen targets for 5 seconds, causing damage to targets that are permanently immune to stun.
    • Balefire Bolt: Each time you cast it, the damage of the next Balefire Bolt within 30 seconds is increased by 10% and 10% reduced your Spirit, stacking up to 10 times.


    • Improved Sanctuary: It will increase the damage blocked by your Blessing of Sanctuary by 100% and increase your shield block value by 30%.
    • Wrath: Your Consecration damage now deals critical strikes, and damage dealt by your Exorcism, Holy Shock, Holy Wrath, and Consecration spells gain an additional critical strike chance equal to your melee critical strike chance.


    • Surge of Light: Casting a critical hit causes your next Smite, Flash Heal, or Binding Heal to be cast immediately within 15 seconds.
    • Pain and Suffering: Mind Flay will refresh the duration of Shadow Word: Pain on the target to the maximum duration.


    • Honor Among Thieves: When any player on your team lands a critical hit with a spell, you gain a combo point. This effect can only occur once per second.
    • Cut to the Chase: Your Eviscerate and Envenom will refresh the duration of your Slice and Dice or Blade Dance skills to a maximum of 5 combo points. But if both abilities are active, it only refreshes the one with the shortest remaining duration.


    • Riptide: The next Chain Heal you cast on the primary target within 15 seconds consumes the healing over time effect and increases Chain Heal by 25%.
    • Mental Dexterity: Damage dealt with melee weapons increases your attack power by 100% of your intelligence and increases your spell damage and healing by 30% of your total attack power for 1 minute.


    • Summon Felguard: Summons a Felguard under Warlock’s command. These Felguards are affected by the talents and effects of all your other Demon minions.
    • Pandemic: The periodic damage from your Corruption, Unstable Affliction, Curse of Agony, Immolate, Curse of Doom, and Siphon Life abilities can now critically hit.


    • Taste for Blood: As your Rend skill deals damage, your Overpower skill becomes active for 9 seconds or 1 attack. This effect occurs no more than once every 6 seconds.
    • Sword and Board: When your Devastate and Revenge skills deal damage, there is a 30% chance to refresh the cooldown of your Shield Slam skill and reduce its rage cost by 100% for 5 seconds.
    • Gladiator Stance: While you’re wearing a shield, damage is increased by 10% and block chance is increased by 10%. However, the armor is reduced by 30% and 10% reduced the threat generated.

    WOW Classic SOD Phase 3 Profession Changes

    Profession Changes

    In Phase 3 of Season of Discovery, the professions have finally reached their ultimate form. The profession skill cap will be unlocked, allowing players to reach level 300, and Specializations will finally be available. However, there are still some new secrets to be discovered.

    In addition, the developers also stated that they have also made some changes to gold sinks related to the profession. In terms of raw gold, the cost of the new recipes added in Phase 3 will be essentially free. Besides this, the cost of Gnomeregan recipes will also be reduced, which is undoubtedly a surprise for players who want to obtain these recipes.

    The above are some of the key points of Phase 3 that have been confirmed so far. When Phase 3 launches, players will probably be in for a difficult but rewarding journey. Therefore, before the new phase arrives, please prepare and upgrade your skills, and be ready to explore the secrets of Azeroth.

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  • Your Great Melee Tank Build Option When Entering POE 3.24 League! - Ground Slam Of Earthshaking Berserker

    With POE 3.24 just around the corner, I wanted to share my league starter build to help you get off to a good start when entering Necropolis, which is Ground Slam of Earthshaking Berserker. I believe that all Softcore melee players must be very interested in this build. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


    This build is a pure physical build that combines Impale, Intimidating Cry, Vulnerability Curse, and 5 offensive Auras for high damage. But I prefer Transfigured version because it has a higher base damage and attack range.

    Although it has a low base attack speed, it makes up for it with Berserker. Berserker is an offense-oriented Ascendancy class that allows us to gain rage during combat, thus significantly increasing attack speed and damage.

    This build is very tanky, with at least 86% Elemental Resistances, Fortify Effect, 5 Endurance Charges and lots of Armor. Honestly, this isn’t a quick build, but if you like non-meta, tanky, but slow melee builds, then this is definitely for you. I had one of the smoothest leveling experiences ever with this build.

    Your Great Melee Tank Build Option When Entering POE 3.24 League! - Ground Slam Of Earthshaking Berserker

    Gear Selection

    For gear, just use Two Hand Maces with the highest physical damage you can find, get your Leap Slam, and you’ll be able to advance quickly through the campaign.

    I stacked as much armor as possible from my gear, using only pure armor gear. I don’t need any blue sockets since all my gems are Strength or Dexterity gems.

    I use Tidebreaker Two Hand Mace as my primary weapon. This weapon is best in slot, because I can’t crit.

    POE: Tidebreaker Two Hand Mace

    In Yellow Map, 4-link is fine, but when you get to Red Maps, you will need a 5-link. It provides a lot of physical damage, free Endurance Charge on Melee Stun support and some Intelligence.

    Another unique item is Perseverance Vanguard Belt. Since it's hard to get decent attack speed at the beginning of the league, but Onslaught will help as long as you have Fortify. Additionally, its armor and life stats are also good.

    For other gear, look for the following mods: Life, Resistances, Attributes, and Attack Speed. I recommend you prioritize armor gear as this build does not use Determination.

    Lion’s Roar is a cheap, unique flask that provides a huge damage boost. You should be able to buy one at the start of the league for around 2 Chaos Orbs.

    POE: Perseverance Vanguard Belt


    Now, let’s get into PoB of this build. I’ll show you gear for the early, mid, and late game so you know what to upgrade next.

    First, equip Tidebreaker as soon as possible. It should take you to the endgame. Brass Dome is the best in slot body armor because it has large chunks of armor and maximum resistance. I have a 100% chance of avoiding being shocked by Abyss Jewels and Eldritch Implicit on the boots.

    Then equip Stormshroud to get a chance to avoid all other Elemental Ailments. As for Cluster Jewels, besides its passive skills, Smite the Weak and Heavy Hitter are also good choices.

    Skill Tree

    As for the skill tree, I have different levels of the skill tree, so you know which nodes to grab first. Of course, you don’t have to follow it exactly, but this is how I leveled up, so I put it here for your reference.

    The order of my Ascendancy nodes is this: first Crave the Slaughter, then Aspect of Carnage, Rite of Ruin, and finally War-Bringer.

    Besides, Uniques can be upgraded if needed. Some are so generic that you don’t need them. But if you can get them, why not?

    POE 3.24: Ground Slam Of Earthshaking Berserker Skill Tree

    Gem Settings

    As for the gems, they are pretty self-explanatory. I just want to talk about two things specifically.

    First, in order to make our Warcries instant, what we usually do is take Call to Arms keystone passive. Intimidating Cry is automatically triggered when Call to Arms is activated. Call to Arms will be replaced and made into a support gem.

    Another thing I want to talk about only applies to the late game. When you get to the late game, you will need to purchase Vulnerability on Hit Ring.

    Currently, I don’t know how much POE Currency it will cost when the league starts, but if you can’t afford it, you can link Vulnerability Curse with Blasphemy Support to make it Aura. Of course, it reserves mana, so you can only use 2 or 3 other Auras.

    One thing to note is that this build doesn’t have a lot of intelligence, so make sure not to boost your Blasphemy Support too much.

    Because of Reservation Mastery here, I linked Vitality with Arrogance Support to retain some life. If I keep life and mana, all my maximum elemental resistances will be +1.

    However, please note that you only need to keep it at level 1. You know you’re over leveled if you find that you have much less life than you should.

    After getting Watcher’s Eye, you can replace Vitality with Precision. Same thing, just keep Precision at level 1.

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    How To Get Fortify?

    As I mentioned before, this build uses Fortify, but you can get it from different sources. All I did was buy a corrupted Tidebreaker with Fortify Implicit.

    Another method I also recommend is to use Overlord passive skill and then get it from Cluster Jewels. However, in the early days, when you don’t have more POE Currency, you can just use Fortify Support or get it from Fortify Mastery.

    POE: How To Get Fortify?

    Unwavering Stance

    I got stun immunity from Unwavering Stance early on, but I didn’t notice it until I got this Ascendancy node, Rite of Ruin. I feel like I will die more easily after assigning Unwavering Stance. Of course, you can still assign Unwavering Stance if you wish.

    Mana Leech

    There really aren't any mana issues with this build since we're carrying a Mana Flask. Then when I switched to corrupted Tidebreaker, I got some mana leech from my Cluster Jewel, Fuel the Fight passive skill.

    But in fact we can easily obtain mana leech from ordinary jewelry. You can also obtain it from the skill tree, but the efficiency is relatively low.

    PoE 3.24: Mana Leech Support

    How To Keep Owning Onslaught?

    The cheapest way to continuously own an onslaught is to use Perseverance Belt. If you have a lot of maps, Silver Flask is also a good choice.

    Alternatively, if you frequently summon Ancestor Totems, you can gain Onslaught effect via Sleepless Sentries passive skill on Cluster Jewel.

    Farming Tips

    Finally, this build is great for farming Breach, Abyss, Harbinger, Harvest and Ritual if that’s your thing. The farming strategy I would avoid in this build is Legion and Blight. Because Legion needs to be built quickly, but this build is not. As for Blight, I just don’t think a slow melee build would do it any good.

    Well, that’s it for today’s Ground Slam of Earthshaking Berserker build guide. I hope you enjoyed it and see you next time!

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  • What Impact Will The Flask Changes In POE 3.24 Necropolis Have On High-End Endgame Builds?

    Recently, the developers released a trailer for Path of Exile 3.24. In this trailer, we can discover that Necropolis will be making enormous changes to Ruby, Topaz and Sapphire flasks, changing their bonuses from 50% Resistance and 20% Less Damage Taken to 40% Resistance and +5% Maximum Resistance.

    This change will have a big impact on high-end defense builds for later farming Valdo’s Maps and Uber Bosses. In this guide, I want to talk about the impact these flask changes can have on endgame builds and explain my thoughts.

    What Impact Will The Flask Changes In POE 3.24 Necropolis Have On High-End Endgame Builds?

    The Synergy Of Transcendence & Loreweave

    So the first thing we should discuss is Transcendence. This is a Timeless Keystone that applies your armor value to elemental damage taken.

    Ever since Transcendence changed all maximum elemental resistances from -5% to -15%, the go-to gear for this Keystone has been Loreweave. Because Loreweave can set your Maximum Resistance to a specified value, you can completely overcome Maximum Resistance penalty.

    This is usually a very expensive high-end setup, usually requiring a Double Corrupted Dawnbreaker, a Double Purity mod, Watcher’s Eye, and a ton of flask effects with Taste of Hate to deal with the physical damage you’re going to take.

    And since the body armor slot is now occupied by Loreweave, you can’t use Lightning Coil. This means you need more POE Currency to complete high-end builds.

    Recently, however, some players have experimented with using Transcendence without Loreweave and trying to scale Maximum Resistance in other ways to combat the resistance penalty. Such as Charms in Affliction League or Tattoos in Trial of the Ancestors League, or even shield modifiers on Crucible Tree during Crucible League.

    For example, Molten Strike Pathfinder build I used before completely ignored the resistance penalty and rolled at 55% or 60% of maximum elemental resistance, which was crazy.

    POE: Transcendence Mechanics

    Flask Changes

    But in POE 3.24, with the changes to these elemental flasks, the new flasks will provide a more consistent way to get a bunch of maximum resistance.

    Compared to things like Charms and Tattoos that usually disappear once the league ends, I think this will change the meta of how high-end defense builds are put together primarily on Pathfinder or Mageblood characters.

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    Melding Of The Flesh

    When I first saw these changes, one thing that stood out to me was the fact that Melding of the Flesh existed. Because it was previously impossible to convert Less Damage Taken modifier on one of these elemental flasks to also apply to the other two elemental damage types.

    This is why the vast majority of builds run all three flasks, namely Ruby, Topaz and Sapphire flasks, to fortify defenses against almost everything they encounter.

    This is also why Tempered by War setup with Dawnbreaker, Purity of Fire, and Sublime Vision started to become very popular. Because it’s so powerful, able to focus all your defenses on one damage type and significantly reduce the risk of Elemental Penetration.

    But as Ruby, Topaz and Sapphire flasks changed in POE 3.24 to provide Maximum Resistance, there is a new option to use a single flask to obtain Maximum Resistance for each element type through Melding of the Flesh.

    This means that scaling Maximum Resistance with Transcendence may become the first choice for very high-end defense setups like Valdo’s Maps and Uber Bosses farms.

    If this does start to become a popular way of building around Transcendence. I think items like Aegis Aurora will start to be used more, especially since builds that don’t use Loreweave will free up body armor slots for items like Lightning Coil. This will also make Dawnbreaker no longer a mandatory item to achieve 100% physical damage conversion.

    POE: Melding of the Flesh

    Traitor Keystone

    There is also Traitor, which is another Timeless Keystone. Now obviously you can’t use this with Transcendence, as both are exclusive to Timeless Jewels and are limited to one piece.

    But Traitor does provide the opportunity to use Melding of the Flesh to gain maximum resistance to all three elements from a flask or other item.

    Among them, Micro-Distillery Belt and Traitor have a good synergy. Since you’ve kept at least one flask slot empty, this belt actually provides 30% of the flask effect, equivalent to 1%-2% of maximum resistance. Depends on the amount of flask effects you get from other sources.

    POE: Micro-Distillery Belt

    Keep in mind that each 20% increase in flask effect will now provide an additional 1% of maximum resistance to the new flask, so I expect to see some strategies using this combination of mechanics.

    Also, this would be great for a Chieftain who doesn’t need Melding of the Flesh Jewel, and getting a bunch of maximum fire resistance from the flask slot will allow you to randomly equip. I look forward to seeing what else players can come up with using this setting.

    Elemental Flask

    I think it’s also worth mentioning here that a Pathfinder set up with Melding of the Flesh will free up two flask slots that were previously used for the other two elemental flasks.

    This means you can now take two identical flasks, such as two Magic Sapphire Flasks, or even two Taste of Hate Flasks, and enchant them with Enkindling Orbs to increase the flask effect to 70%. You need to alternate between the two so that the other can get charges when not in use.

    Since the two flask slots are cursed, this will give you the most resistance you can get from the flask. If you do this with a Magic Flask, you can even get 133% of the maximum resistance.


    Overall, I think some endgame or high investment setups are going to see a pretty big shift. One thing that’s definitely noticeable about this change is that these builds will have a harder time dealing with Elemental Penetration than before. So it will be very interesting to see how the metadata adapts to these changes in POE 3.24.

    Especially if you're someone who’s played some of the high-end Pathfinder Builds, or Mageblood Builds with high-potential defense setups, you may be paying attention to these changes as well. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these flask changes.

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  • The 10 Essential Tips To Lead You On The Road To Power In Myth Of Empires

    Myth of Empires is a new massively multiplayer survival sandbox game launched by Angela Game. Players will be immersed in a multi-civilized world, experience rich gameplay of survival, construction, management and creation, lead tribes to conquer cities and conquer territories, and ultimately build their own empire!

    In the open world, player freedom and survival elements occupy the most important position. If you want to get a head start on your path to power, here are 10 things you need to know about Myth of Empires.

    The 10 Essential Tips To Lead You On The Road To Power In Myth Of Empires

    10. Leveling Up

    The open world of Myth of Empires is filled with a variety of threats. Omnipresent dangers such as wildlife, hunger, roving bandits, and NPC factions await the reckless survivors.

    Happily, there are many ways to mitigate these risks and fend off the predictors, making not just survival possible, but prosperity possible.

    Early crafting recipes provide ways to craft tools and weapons to feed and protect yourself. Specialization areas range from weapon specialization and hunting to animal taming and land cultivation, providing a focus for long-term mastery of goals and specialization.

    You can also speed up your character leveling by investing more Myth of Empires Copper Coins to increase your likelihood of survival.

    As your character levels up after just a few hours of gameplay, you can fight others using a range of available weapons, gather resources to build an impenetrable base, and slowly become more powerful.

    9. Gather Resources To Stay Alive

    But trying to stay alive in the early stages of Myth of Empires can be difficult because you need to constantly collect resources. This makes it easy for players to focus on the short-term goal of simply surviving the next day and night. However, it is important not to miss out on long-term planning.

    Unfortunately, farming resources in the game is annoying and inefficient, so you’ll want to find ways to make it as easy as possible. The cart icons may appear on your map, these represent resource collection points. A group of powerful human NPCs will guard the loot, and you must defeat them to collect it all.

    Myth of Empires Getting Started Guide

    8. Quickly Traverse The Map

    To collect resources effectively, fast travel is very necessary. Quick map traversal is an ability that allows you to get from point A to point B faster. Before you begin, set up a bed because you can come back to it no matter where you are.

    A word of caution, though: be sure to have boxes in and around your bed, as you’ll lose everything you carry while fast traveling. But once you reach level four, you can drop these chests.

    7. Explore And Exploit Caves

    There are many caves in the open world waiting for us to explore and use. For example, you can use these hidden caves to hide your most valuable resources from others. You can also get a lot of MoE Copper Coins and rare resources from it.

    These caves offer new worlds you can explore as well as countless other features. These include being used as a fast travel point in the area, a place to establish a base away from prying eyes, or an operational center for resource extraction in the area.

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    6. Capture Magistrate Building

    Magistrate building is a core location that many players are eyeing. It is located in the eastern part of the map and is surrounded by various camps. More specifically, how control of it determines dominance over the region.

    Capturing Magistrate building gives you control over the rich local copper and iron resources surrounding the building. Controlling this resource is a sought-after position and you can earn up to 100k Copper Coins per day. Please always be prepared for a battle to capture the area.

    Myth Of Empires: Capture the Magistrate building

    5. Establish A Guild Network

    What's more, with these capture points, you can also start building Mines, Quarry and Lumberyards and take your abilities to the next level.

    Once you defeat the enemies guarding the point, you can select the flag and see where to build the guild building to start harvesting resources for you.

    Do this enough times and you’ll build a strong guild network. So whether you’re playing on a PVP or PVE server, it’s important to be wary of attacks.

    4. Try To Avoid Violent Conflicts

    Next, you can lead a guild and create alliances to unite or conquer other players and NPC factions. It’s also a great way to achieve your enduring legacy.

    There are many opportunities to meet potential allies in mines, farms and other resource locations. Here you can chat with locals, perfect your social etiquette, and increase your noble rank.

    But be careful, violence can result if things don’t go well. Frequent attacks will increase the level of hostility of rival NPC factions and even local wildlife, causing them to launch a large-scale counterattack against your camp.

    3. County Battles

    There’s always the danger of war breaking out in Myth of Empires, and County Battles mark server-wide conflicts to establish ultimate control.

    These battles are divided into two phases, which see the balance of power between the factions change. Some players will gain dominion, benefit from local resources, and set tax levels to moderate or crazy levels.

    Myth of Empires County Battle PvP

    2. Tame Other NPCs To Work For You

    Earning a position of power allows you to befriend other players and NPC factions and get them to work for your cause, making it a diplomatic mission well worth the investment.

    If you’re charismatic enough, you can convince others to collect resources for you, which can help you avoid being compromised by others on your path to power.

    1. Choose The Best Horse Partner

    Many activities in Myth of Empires are closely related to horses. Horses can be used to transport goods, pull carts, and ride the wind, but only the strongest horses make the most loyal and fearsome battle partners.

    Equestrian combat benefits from relevant crafting and ability trees, and, just like its human counterparts, is animated with motion-captured movements to ensure each horse is as realistic as possible.

    All in all, with a wide range of PVE and PVP options, crafting recipes, building projects, and plenty of horses, Myth of Empires offers plenty to do for those looking for a multiplayer survival sandbox experience. Following these secret game-changing tips can help you progress quickly.

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  • You Can’t Miss This POE 3.23 Affliction SSF-Friendly Build! - Rain Of Arrows Champion

    In this guide, I’ll be sharing a new build I’m trying out in Affliction League, Rain of Arrows Champion. This is a Solo Self-Found oriented character, you can also play it in Trade League and try to push it to its limits.

    This build is particularly advantageous for Solo Self-Found, as getting the items you need isn’t difficult, POE Currency budget is low, and gear progression is very simple.

    This character is a good mapper, clears the map quickly, and has good tanking abilities. Although its single target is not very good, it is not the worst, and it is enough to promote Atlas, farming tier 16 maps, making Logbooks, Heist and other quests.

    You Can’t Miss This POE 3.23 Affliction SSF-Friendly Build! - Rain Of Arrows Champion

    Equipment Selection

    A very important item for this build will be the bow. The first thing we need to get is Triple Elemental Damage Bow.


    The best way to get this bow is to use Rog from Expedition, basically fill up your prefix and re-roll. That way, it will most likely give you a high-level elemental damage prefix, and then give you the suffix you want, such as critical chance, attack speed, and critical multiplier.


    Also very important is our Perseverance Vanguard Belt, which has great synergy with Champion Ascendancy.

    Because we have access to Grace and Determination Auras, we have high armor and evasion. We basically get a lot of attack damage from the belt. In the meantime, we also get Onslaught, for example, some cold resistance and life.

    PoE 3.23: Perseverance Vanguard Belt

    I think the best way to get belts in SSF is to use Ancient Orbs, since the chance of hitting Perseverance with Ancient Orb is about 1 in 20.

    So basically you just need to run Harbinger. With Scarabs you can also use Seventh Gate so you can get Harbinger on your map device. It shouldn’t be too hard to hit since it only took me 8-9 Ancient Orbs to hit Perseverance.

    If you’re on Solo Self-Found, it’s not super difficult to hit it. If you are in Trade League, you can choose to purchase it for 1 Chaos Orb point.


    Another unique item I use is Amulet, Hyrri’s Truth. It basically gives us a high level of Precision, good Crit Multi and Culling Strike.

    Although this item is not mandatory, it is nice and easy to use. And we can use it to save gem slots since we don’t have to equip Precision gem.

    Then, for the rest of your gear, try to get Armor and Evasion bases, which are also important. Then there are your typical Spell Suppression, Resistance, Chaos Resistance (if possible), Strength, and Intelligence stats. This way, you can equip all your gems.

    PoE 3.23: Hyrri's Truth


    Any extra damage you can get, especially in the ring. You gain elemental damage and flat damage by attacking.

    But I’m not running reduced Mana Cost on my ring, which is unnecessary for my setup after running Inspiration.


    I have an Eldritch Implicit on my helmet, which reduces Mana Cost of attacks. Also, I’m running Life Mastery: skills cost life instead of 30% mana. We also run Mana Leech, where you gain 1 passive point of life and mana.


    Then, with the quiver, just try to get as much damage as possible, and your quiver will also get extra life.

    My life is a little low currently, only 3.6k, but you can easily reach 4k life. Because some of my items have an unsatisfactory life, even my quiver has no life at all. So you can definitely reach a higher life.


    If you’re trying to get as much damage as possible, don’t forget about your flasks: Quicksilver, Diamond, Granite and Jade, with the suffixes: Dodge, Armor, Critical and Attack Speed. The best prefix you can get is gaining 3 charges when you are hit by an enemy.

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    Passive Tree

    For the passive tree, we chose Champion Ascendancy.

    The first two labs got your Fortify. For the third lab, I chose First to Strike, Last to Fall so that I could take advantage of Adrenaline.

    This is actually very useful for this build as we have a trick to easily reach low health with Corrupting Fever. This is basically in the 3-link of Corrupting Fever, Lifetap Support and Second Wind Support.

    Whenever we use Corrupting Fever, we reach low health, and we have Adrenaline. You can then use your Life Flask or Enduring Cry if you prefer to restore your life. This is an excellent trick.

    Your final lab: Inspirational. This is a pretty standard passive tree for this character. Since this is a lot of damage, you can try farming your clusters in Solo Self-Found.

    PoE 3.23: Champion Ascendancy

    Large Clusters can be attack damage or bow clusters and gain significant effects at the start. It would be great if you could get two.

    Then there are Medium Clusters: with Eye to Eye and Repeater for projectile damage, they are really good.

    Then I also run two Mana Reservation Efficiency Small Clusters. Now you may not need to run both, depending on whether you want to run Herald of Ice or not. I ran it because it helped a lot with mapping.

    Skill Gems

    For gems in our 6-link, try getting Vaal version of Rain of Arrows. It’s actually a nice boost to damage.

    Then the supported gems are pretty standard: Mirage Archer, Trinity, Inspiration, Increased Critical Damage, and Elemental Damage with Attacks to get your qualities running your lab or just using GCP.

    PoE 3.23: Vaal version of Rain of Arrows

    Then don’t forget your Corrupting Fever 3-link, and then Manaforged Arrow and Lifetap connection. Lifetap can help reduce mana cost, and Frenzy and Ensnaring Arrow can also deal with extra damage.

    You can also get Power Charge on Critical Support, and the way I generated it was using Wildwood Ascendancy. If you have more charm sockets, you can get extra crits at max Power Charges, or you can get a crit multiplier per Power Charge or whatever.

    Finally, don’t forget your extra Utility Gems and Aura Gems. The six Auras we are running are Clarity, Precision, Defiance Banner, Herald of Ice, Determination and Grace.

    That’s all for this Rain of Arrows Champion build guide. If you decide to play this character, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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  • The 5 Best Skill Moves To Help You Advance From Beginner To Pro In EA FC 24!

    Skill Moves have a tremendous impact on FC 24, but are you really using the right skill when you need it? In today’s guide, we give you 5 different Skill Moves from easiest to hardest. Mastering these will give you a technical edge in Skill Moves!

    5. Ball Roll

    Now it’s time to start with Ball Roll, a 2-Star Skill Move, the simplest skill move that almost every player in the game can perform.

    It has many uses. You can change the direction of the ball to create new passing or shooting angles. When needed, it’s away from the opponent player and you can simply push the right analog stick left or right towards your player to perform a Ball Roll.

    But remember, you can’t do this while running. Therefore, make sure to release Sprinting button before performing it continuously. Using Ball Roll will give you better control of the ball.

    Because you change the direction of the ball most of the time during dribbling, using Ball Roll away from the defender gives me space and new shooting angles to pass after the catch.

    I see the opponent coming my way, and I see the potential receiver moving downside. So I rolled the ball there to get some time to see where the defender was going and to get a more direct passing angle.

    If the opponent reacts to this and covers the center, this allows me to play the ball out wide again. Even if I don’t have a direct passing angle, Ball Roll helps me create a new angle after passing the ball.

    The 5 Best Skill Moves To Help You Advance From Beginner To Pro In EA FC 24!

    4. Stepovers

    I’ve finally reached the next level of Skill Moves, which are Stepovers that give you tremendous bursts of speed and short distances.

    They require the player to have a 2-Star Skill Move and are composed of two parts. The first part is the initial moves you can perform with the right analog stick.

    The second part is exit from the move, which is given by input from the left analog stick. Move the right analog stick towards the front of the player, rotate it 90° left or right, and perform normal Stepovers on the other side. Reverse Stepovers can be performed by starting Stepovers on the player’s left or right side, then rotating the right analog stick 90° to push it forward.

    You can change the direction of the ball in the second step of a Stepover with the help of the left analog stick. This has its uses. You can evade defenders easily. You just look to see where the defender is going and space will open up, then take a step in that direction with your left analog stick.

    However, the most common usage is to execute it directly to increase speed. The trick is not to press Sprinting button before moving. But after you start taking a step forward, you can hold down Sprinting button after the first step has been completed.

    It may take a little time to learn Stepovers, but mastering them can help you get past defenders and score goals with ease.

    3. Elastico

    Moving towards the next Skill Move, Elastico can completely crush the opponent. It is worth noting that spending EA FC 24 Coins to purchase an excellent player to perform this 5-Star Skill Move can maximize the advantages.

    There are two variations of this Skill Move. They allow you to change the direction of the ball by pushing it twice with the same foot. You can perform Reverse Elastico by first pushing the right analog stick to the player’s right and then rotating it 90° clockwise.

    You simply push the right stick to the left and rotate it 90° counterclockwise, and the two Elasticos can be used to dodge aggressive opponents across the pitch.

    If you see a defender coming directly towards you, use Elastico as you will be able to quickly change the direction of the ball by briefly touching it twice. Although they are all around the court, I mainly use them in or around the box to create deadly scoring opportunities, especially Reverse Elastico.

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    2. Heel To Ball Roll

    Next, this is a more complex Skill Move, Heel To Ball Roll. This is a 4-Star Skill Move that allows you to protect the ball and change its direction at the same time.

    You can get behind the player simply by holding down L1/LB button and pushing the right stick towards the player’s front.

    However, this isn’t the only input you’ll need. You have two different exits after the initial execution, and you must choose your exit direction using the left stick and pointing to the left or right of the player.

    This mechanic is ignored in most cases, but it works perfectly in a 1v1 running duel. Because you only have to change the angle of your running direction slightly, it will slow you down quickly, but then give you a Diagonal Speed Boost, which can completely tip off a defender’s balance.

    1. McGeady Spin Cancel

    Now we finally come to the last one, McGeady Spin Cancel. As you can understand from the name of Skill Move, the move consists of two parts performing a McGeady Spin and a Cancel.

    But why do we need to cancel this 5-Star Skill Move? The move itself allows you to rotate yourself. However, to push the ball 90° to the left or right in more tense situations, this can be really difficult to use. But canceling the move in the middle gives you more control over the ball without pushing it too far.

    Here’s how to get 5-Star Skilled player to do this. Just push the right analog stick in the direction you’re running first, then tap it to his right or left. This will launch McGeady Spin.

    After completing the combo, hold down L2+R2 or LTR+RT buttons simultaneously and select the exit direction with the left analog stick. This cancellation will give you extra steering flexibility and you can turn in the direction you want quickly. In fact, this may be the fastest way to perform a 180° turn without allowing your opponent to react.

    The best way to use this Skill Move is to convince your opponent that you’re leaning too far towards a certain angle. Once the opponent attacks, you can find the position for this situation deep on the flank or inside the box. You can quickly use McGeady Spin Cancel to turn around and avoid the player in front of you.

    Like I mentioned, if you want to turn backwards quickly, this McGeady Spin is a killer. This makes the opponent believe that you are going to a dangerous place, forcing them to over-commit and execute this nifty move, giving them no time to react and exploit the free space in front of you. This can lead to immediate scoring opportunities!

    Regardless, most Skill Moves from easiest to hardest can have an enormous impact on FC 24, each with a different purpose. But after mastering these moves, you’ll easily outrun your opponents and score goals in matches!

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  • Diablo 4: A Full Explanation Of The Mechanics Of Lucky Hit Chance - Formula & Applications

    Lucky Hit Chance, also known as LHC. I’m sure you’ve read a lot of articles about Diablo 4’s Lucky Hit Chance. But all of them, including some of the biggest Diablo sources, are repeating the same basic details without really answering the harder questions.

    Without further ado, let’s take a thorough analysis into how Diablo 4’s Lucky Hit Chance works. First, let’s start with the basics. You can actually see the not-quite-right Lucky Hit Chance tooltip in-game by going to Options, Gameplay, and then turning on Advanced Tooltips.

    Diablo 4: Most Comprehensive Lucky Hit Chance Guide

    Basics Of LHC

    This will make Lucky Hit Chance show up on your skill UI. While this is sometimes technically misleading, it gives you a rough indicator of Lucky Hit Chance for most skills, so it’s still useful.

    Now, I’m going to use an analogy to help you understand Lucky Hit. You can think of LHC as Critical hits rate and Lucky Hit effect as Critical hits damage. Critical hits and Lucky Hit are definitely different, especially Lucky Hit effect and Critical hits damage, but in essence, they both increase your combat power at a certain trigger rate. Except Lucky Hit is a step more complicated than that.

    Let’s look at the standard formula for LHC. There are two conditions to guarantee Lucky Hit Chance, the first of which has a chance condition, and the second is an effect, not one condition like Critical hits rate. This makes Lucky Hit event less likely.

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    Let’s say you have a 50% critical hit rate, and you do 100% extra damage to critical hits. An attack that deals 100 damage without Critical hits. Deals 200 damage on Critical hits. This means you do 50% damage on average.

    But after you have to go through the first condition of Lucky Hit, there is always a second condition that you have to pass to get the result. That’s why I said Lucky Hit effect is harder to trigger than yours. But whether there is a Lucky Hit Chance or not, it also depends on the skills and equipment you use. So I still suggest that you can use Diablo 4 Gold to get some suitable equipment.

    Diablo 4: What is Lucky Hit Chance?

    Lucky Hit Chance Formula

    Therefore, the chance of a Lucky Hit event is the ability’s Lucky Hit Chance multiplied by (1 + the sum of all Lucky Hit rewards) multiplied by Lucky Hit effect’s trigger chance.

    Some people think that if your skills have 5% LHC base and your gear gives you 50% Lucky Hit Chance, then the ultimate Lucky Hit Chance is 55%. This is absolutely not true. In fact, Lucky Hit Chance will become 7.5%. It’s because LHC bonuses you get from talent trees and gear actually add up and multiply with your LHC skills.

    Now, let’s answer your questions about LHC and DoT. Yes, Lucky Hit does work on each individual DoT. The easiest proof is Poison Imbuement, a pure DoT skill, 33% LHC. Cold Imbuement, on the other hand, does no harm and has no LHC.

    Diablo 4: Lucky Hit Chance Formula

    LHC Applications

    Now that you know how Lucky Hit Chance is actually calculated, how do you apply it to your build?

    Assuming this unique Lightning Storm armor, it has a unique effect. Basically, it facilitates Lucky Hit builds by summoning Lightning AoE every time it triggered a Lucky Hit event. This piece of gear does very high damage and you want to build around this armor.

    So, you find another piece of gear. Let’s say you have a 30% chance of getting a 50% damage buff for 3 seconds after a Lucky Hit. But the duration is not long, so you want to get as many Lucky Hits as possible to keep the buff.

    If you’re playing a Rogue, you’ll need to choose between the penetrating shot core skill and the rapid fire core skill. Rapid Fire is actually 20% LHC per shot, not 20% total. And the penetrator is 50% LHC.

    This means that not only is Rapid Fire superior in terms of damage and resource drain against a single target in a single cast, but it also has a higher chance of procing Lucky Hit. This is clearly better than the 20% chance suggested by the tooltip.

    Diablo 4: Understanding Lucky Hit

    However, let’s say the armor doesn’t summon Lightning AoE or there is another similar item. Instead of AoE, it summons a single target Lightning Strike with higher damage. And you still keep Lucky Hit damage buff from other sources. Now, regardless of other sources of investment, piercing shots are better in AoE scenarios when you’re clearing out lots of mobs. Whereas Rapid Fire is better at dealing damage to a single target.

    Since the armor now deals damage to single targets, you’re already pretty good against bosses. But if you’re still running Rapid Fire, you’ll have a hard time dealing with hordes of monsters.

    When clearing monsters in AoE, it’s fairly easy if the piercing shot only hits 3 targets, it now has a better chance of triggering Lucky Hit to keep your damage buff. Penetrating Shot will also better balance your builds around clearing group mobs and bosses.

    All in all, the above is my comprehensive analysis of the basic concept, formula and practical application of Lucky Hit. Trust that understanding Lucky Hit in its entirety will help you make better choices for your build.

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