RDF Is Coming Soon In WOTLK Classic! - Affects & Issues

As we all know, this Icecrown Citadel patch for WOTLK Classic is coming soon. And Random Dungeon Finder will definitely be in this patch. So it’s time to talk about the consequences RDF will have on games.

RDF Pros

I’m guessing most people see nothing wrong with Random Dungeon Finder. Even most people are actually looking forward to its arrival because it simplifies and speeds up the process of finding groups. It also makes it easier to find a group when your gear score is low, such as when you’re Alt ready.

Obviously, when you’re not doing raid recording, it gives people content that actually does. It makes it easier to find groups and experience dungeon content as you level up, which is a positive.

WOTLK Classic: RDF Finally Confirmed

RDF Cons

But it’s also important to discuss other negatives when implementing Random Dungeon Finder. It completely kills the open world of World of WarCraft, especially during the leveling journey.

When the functionality is fully cross-server, all people can do is stay with Stormwind Orgrimmar and RDF. It also meant that the social community aspect of the game simply wasn’t there. Because you don’t even bother to interact with people on the server while you’re leveling. This makes the social function of the game completely meaningless.

As I talked about recently, I’ve started upgrading on the new server. I’ve been doing group quests with people in the open world and adding people to my friends’ list for dungeons later.

I actually ran into this group of friends who were just back in the game planning a raid after level 80. If they wanted to use Random Dungeon Finder in the game today to create a dungeon, such cozy community moments would never happen again. Because most people just pull and dump RDF without talking. But sadly, most people don’t care about that at all these days.

WOTLK Classic: RDF is Coming! - Is This Good for the Game?

Cause Of The problem

It’s clear that WOTLK Classic players will go back to Vanilla when the growing popularity of WOTLK Classic servers and the popularity of GDKP in Ralph classic. And Retail Expansion players are taking over the game.

They actually touched on GDKP in a recent interview. And said that even if they wanted to ban it, they couldn’t do it. It says a lot about how much a company cares about WOTLK Classic.

So WOTLK Classic isn’t Classic anymore, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But as WOTLK Classic is getting closer to Retail Expansion. I mean, when the game becomes more like Retail Expansion, it appeals to a more Retail-minded audience and distracts Classic audience.

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As Classic progresses, the game gets better or worse, in the minds of different players, for different reasons. It’s just a unique product. It’s not a comfortable old MMO anymore.

I don’t think it’s the end of the world, because in the end we have servers for Classic. And we hope for better Seasonal Vanilla Servers in the future, and even better Classic Plus Private Servers. Honestly, they do a better job than Blizzard.

Impact Of RDF

Back to the topic of RDF. My fear is that the open world will die as it gets applied to games. Because the urge to press this RDF button is too strong for the player.

WOTLK Classic: How RDF Should Work?

When leveling, since it’s a very convenient and easy way to level up, you could limit the extent to which you can use RDF tools. Similar to Hardcore Servers’daily cap on dungeons, unless you reach max level. Otherwise, players wouldn’t even bother going into the open world.

It’s even more tragic when you consider Cataclysm Classic. Because by then those areas would have been remodeled and people wouldn’t even be able to see the content.

How To Improve?

Levels in the open world should also have some WOTLK Classic Gold or XP rewards. That way, some open worlds don’t die like Joyous Journeys.

Even just a 50 experience reward would make this permanent quest be added to new world events in the open world. Such as Scourge Invasion and World Bosses. Rather than just implementing the ability to skip open world content.

Why not rework the animations to improve the open world? Because Blizzard made larger changes to Endgame and Raffle of The Lich King, adding more difficult dungeons.

WOTLK Classic: The Great Return - RDF & Joyous Journeys

Why not extend these changes and ideas to the leveling journey as well? Because if the leveling process sucks, a person might not play the game. And two people who get bored at level 50 won’t stick around to win the game and become long-term players of the game.

So I think it’s important to have a variety of different types of content for leveling up and open world content, including dungeon content and PVP.

And my biggest fear is that when RDF becomes our norm, a certain percentage of players will constantly spam RDF. Instead of going into the open world, make friends and go on adventures. And that turns out to be the exact opposite of what a proper MMO should do.

Anyway, I wanted to get your thoughts on Random Dungeon Finder. Looking forward to meeting you again in the game.

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