Is Vampire In Elder Scrolls Online 2023 Still Worth Trying? - My Personal Opinion

I’ve been a huge fan of Vampire lore in Elder Scrolls Online for a long time. So today I want to take a look at my personal Vampire build and talk about whether Vampire is worth playing in ESO 2023.

After exploring the darkest ESO lore, I found that the strength of the early ESO Vampires was actually overwhelming. Unfortunately, since I’m new to ESO, I didn’t get to experience a Vampire in its prime. So we’ll start by reviewing some abilities Vampire has. We’ll see what it means to be an ESO Vampire in 2023.

Is Vampire In ESO 2023 Still Worth Trying?

Vampire Skills

First, I chose Dark Elf because they are resistant to fire. As you know, Vampires are always weak at shooting in ESO, therefore, my actual class of choice is Necromancer. Because Vampire and Necromancy complement each other most of the time.

Most Vampire abilities are based on Magicka. So starting with their Ultimate Vampire, they turn into a giant Vampire Lords. Then the active ability you gained will be removed, and it will cause spell damage or weapon damage every two seconds. This will quadruple your stats and be switchable, so your health isn’t depleted completely.

Vampiric Drain

Next we have Vampiric Drain. I’ve developed it into Drain Vigor, which also Drains Stamina. Considering my character is a melee dual wielder, this is a nice Magicka area spell. This allowed me to restore Stamina and health I lost from satisfying Fury.


Then we have Hypnosis, which simply overpowers enemies and stuns them for five seconds. The great thing about this stun is that it’s unlockable. It turns you into Dark Mist and causes at least three projectiles to deal no damage to you for a second.

Elder Scrolls Online: New Vampire Skill Line Showcase


As far as your passive ability is concerned, you can feed on Unsuspecting Victim. This increases your Vampire abilities. This also affects the buffs and debuffs you have when you get Dark Stalker. It ignores Stealth’s movement speed penalty and reduces movement time.

Once you’ve climbed the ranks, you’ll need to reach level 50 to enter Stealth mode. Whenever you leave Stealth, or even when the ability deforms your weapon, the spell damage increases again. So this is another nice weapon and spell damage buff.


We also have Undeath, which reduces the damage you take based on how much health you have. Don’t miss Blood Ritual, it’s definitely a big part of being a Vampire. This is also the ability to turn other players into Vampires.

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Unnatural Movement

We also have Unnatural Movement, which can reduce your Sprint cost. If you Sprint continuously for three seconds, you automatically Stealth. So this is a great easy and quick addition to any PVE content or even PVP.

Pros & Cons

As a Necromancer, you can unlock Death Scythe’s abilities. This is actually powerful, adding Magic Damage depending on the build you get. This will actually heal you every time you attack an enemy. If you get Magicka build, you’ll also get healing over time, not just instantly.

Elder Scrolls Online: Magicka Templar Vampire Build

Considering that so many Vampire abilities can drain your health, you can opt for a two-wheeled weapon wielder. This is an advantage. This is actually the entirely same thing as sight healing, but in a little less amount.

I chose it over Death Scythe because of the cost and because I wanted to be more involved with using my two-wheeled abilities. I use it to get Spirit Mender that summons Skeletal Healer. We’ll make it my two summons along with my Skeletal Archer.

But that’s just personal preference and just for reference for my low-budget build here. Even with a small investment of ESO Gold, you can fully exploit this Vampire build.

Vampire Stage

Anyway, back to our Vampire’s passive ability. If you change your ultimate to unlock Vampire Stage 5, it will give you all the power, but no buffs. But again, we only choose to choose to cast your ultimate in Bat Swarm if you’re in ultimate form. Because this will do more damage to enemies around you.

Now Feed stage is where Vampire’s last abilities come into play. Because this Feed stage will affect our Health Recovery, Flame Damage, Regular Ability costs and Vampire Ability costs.

ESO: Vampire Feeding Grounds in PVP

Final Opinion

Being in it, a lot of negatives will affect you, besides the fact that your Vampire abilities will cost less. Given all these negatives, I don’t think it’s a fair deal right now.

That’s my point, that Vampire’s playability currently boils down to one thing: roleplaying. We’re long past the days when Vampires could largely rule the map. While it’s a cool idea to walk around and suck everyone’s souls out, it’s really not worth it.

Unless you’re into some baffling meta game where you want to have all the items, armor and everything. If you're someone like that, then I definitely recommend you give it a try. As long as you know you have character slots, it’s okay to craft a Vampire character, and just play the game and have fun with it. What is your opinion on the current ESO Vampire? Would you like to try him? I want to know your thoughts.

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