How To Build A PVP Duelist Strength Build In Elden Ring 1.10? - Poise Damage Explained

Here, I’ll show you my build of Elden Ring Duelist that will be a game changer in your duels and invasions.

Before making this build, let’s discuss some of the most important yet complex stats in the game. Because after patch 1.10, the game changed drastically in PVP battles. After that, I’ll walk you through the process of making this build and show everything you’ll need and how to get them.

Elden Ring 1.10: How To Build A PVP Duelist Strength Build?

Poise & Hyper Armor

First step, we need to talk about Poise. This is the primary system that determines your resistance to enemy attacks. At low values, even a single dagger swing will kill your character and you won’t be able to attack or dodge. At high values, you can tank almost any weapon attack.

But patch 1.10 changed that completely. It has increased poise damage for all weapons and some spells and spells in the latest patch. This means that a one-handed R1 hit from any weapon class except daggers can now break your Poise.

But it’s not completely useless, it’s just not as effective as it used to be. We consider it the only stat that requires tanks.

There are two things that need to be elaborated. As I mentioned, in PVP, almost any weapon can break your Poise with just one hit. But not all hits have the same Poise damage. Every hit of the combo breaks Poise. But Poise damage from the last strike is roughly half that of the first strike.

Next up is Hyper Armor. This allows you to keep attacking while being attacked. What I mean by that is that there are windows during the attack where you or your enemies cannot be interrupted. When you get hit during an attack, if you have enough Hyper Armor, you can continue the attack with this attack.

Elden Ring: How Does Poise Work?

I think this is the major factor that gives you the upper hand in PVP battles. Because it directly related Hyper Armor to the weapon you use. There are 4 levels of Hyper Armor based on the attacks you perform. These levels act as multipliers.

By now you should know that all attacks deal some amount of Poise damage. To tank attack, you need to have the same amount or more of Hyper Armor and Armor Poise.


Next, let’s build a decent PVP Duelist build. This is a melee building with two heavy weapons. You’ll have a projectile that helps you and a weapon skill that boosts your stats.

This build mainly focuses on strength, so we upgraded it to level 80. In order to have enough Equip Load and Energy for continuous attacks, we have also upgraded Endurance to level 58.

Because our weapon damage scales with Dexterity and Strength. So, 55 Dexterity is fine for some players. Finally, there is 11 Mind that allows us to use the weapon skill multiple times while invading. All other properties remain the same.

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We discussed Poise and how it works. Next we should consider Outfits this build requires. These options are very effective in PVP battles.

In addition to the helmet, we are using Veteran’s Set here. The suit has very good defensive stats, and with our Endurance, Equip Load won’t be an issue.

Elden Ring: How to Get Veteran's Armor Set?

But for a helmet, I recommend Hoslow’s Helm. Compared to Veteran’s Helm, it’s lighter and the difference in defense stats isn’t too big. Using this helmet allows us to invest more in other character attributes.

To get Veteran’s Set, you must defeat Commander Niall at Castle Sol. Then get the parts you want with Elden Ring Runes from Enia on Roundtable Hold. It’s worth noting you can also get 5% off in with the code “CSCCA”.

To get Hoslow’s Helm, you must complete Volcano Manor questline. If you equip these parts as I suggest, you will have Armor Poise at 76. It rises to 101 when Bull-Goat’s Talisman is added.

Attacking Weapons & Tactics

In this build, we’ll obviously be picking Colossal Weapons. They scale with Dexterity and Strength. Among them, the right hand is Axe of Godfrey, a weapon that can be got by trading Remembrance of Hoarah Loux. Its weapon skill is one of the key foundations of this build.

Regal Roar increases its attack power by 9.6% for 40 seconds. And after using this skill, Charge Attack is completely different.

Elden Ring: Axe of Godfrey

Another weapon is Rotten Staff, which causes Scarlet Rot to pile up. And you can get it after killing Putrid Avatar in Elphael Brace of The Haligtree.

Next, we’ll tell you how to use these weapons in battle. I recommend using 3 types of attacks and then calculating your resistance to Hyper Armor and Poise damage while performing those attacks.

The first attack is Chain L1 Standing Attack. With this tactic, you can hit your opponent 3 times in a row. Most players can dodge the first two attacks. As long as you keep your stamina up at all times, a burst final blow can easily kill your opponent.

The second attack is L1 Jumping Attack. This is a common type of tactic in PVP, where we assign talismans to deal more damage.

The third trick is Charge R2 Attack after using weapon skills, which also has follow-up attacks.


Now we need to use some Talismans to maximize the effect of our tactics. From the attack type, it is best to use Twinblade Talisman and Claw Talisman.

Twinblade Talisman increases the last damage of chain attacks by 45%, which helps maximize the attack power of our first attack tactic. You can find it in Castle Morne's chests. Claw Talisman increases the damage of our second attack type by 7.5%. We can find this talisman on a corpse in Stormveil Castle.

Elden Ring: Bull Goat's Talisman Location

Next up is Bull-Goat’s Talisman, which is crucial to this build. Because it reduces incoming Poise damage by 25% and increases Armor Poise by 33.3%. With this amulet equipped, you will always have more Poise than indicated on your character stats.

The last one is Green Turtle Talisman, which will increase the speed of stamina regeneration by 8 points per second. In order to get this Talisman, you must visit Summonwater Village and find a Stonesword Key.


If you’ve made it this far by now, you know how Poise works in the patch 1.10. You make the most of it and build a decent PVP Duelist build on top of it.

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