Discussion For The Future Of WOW Classic Hardcore Servers - Will Hardcore Servers Succeed?

I believe that many WOW players have noticed that Blizzard has released Hardcore Servers on August 24th. With Hardcore Servers on the line, here I would like to talk about my views on the future of Hardcore Servers in WOW Classic. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Why Choose Hardcore Servers?

Now, Hardcore Servers are something people have been asking for a long time. And the release of Hardcore Servers is almost a direct result of Blizzard listening to the community and reacting to feedback.

Hardcore Servers are definitely not for everyone. But there is a sizeable community in Hardcore Classic WOW, and streamers playing Hardcore games are the most viewed in this WOW category. So it makes sense for Blizzard to do something based on Hardcore.

Discussion For The Future Of WOW Classic Hardcore Servers

Therefore, Hardcore Servers will be very large at first. But that’s bound to drop dramatically.

People will try Hardcore Servers and they will probably die a few times along the way. But every time you die, you need to start over from level 1, which at some point just causes people to give up. Or imagine you tried 10 times to get to level 60, but you died at level 60 and you had to start all over again.

Any fresh game will have a population boom at launch and then die off. But just because of the risk of losing characters, I think the population must disappear much faster on Hardcore Servers than on regular servers. However, there are a few things Blizzard can do to help extend the life of these hardcore servers and keep people coming back. So let’s talk about that.

Features That Need To Be Added

At the time of publication, these Hardcore Servers have the fewest rules. You can trade, you can form a team, you can do dungeons. It’s very loose with restrictions, and Hardcore Servers are very open to a variety of play styles.

But it still has some limitations, such as dungeons have a 24-hour lock timer. You can’t dungeon with someone level 60 with someone below level 60.

This is also the first feature that WOW Classic Hardcore Servers will need in the future: Solo Self Found Game mode. Blizzard has verbally stated that they might be interested in adding these features to Hardcore Servers in a future patch. I think that’s something they have to do.

WOW Classic Hardcore: Will We Get A Solo Self Found Mode?

There may be some players who are not familiar with Solo Self Found Game mode. This is actually the game mode we play with the plugin on Classic Era Hardcore Servers, Solo Self-Found.

Outside of dungeons, you can’t form a party, nor can you trade or use the auction house. This is a Solo Leveling Challenge with just a few Self Found items, hence the name.

I think it will release this 3-4 months after Hardcore Servers. As it will breathe some new life into Hardcore Servers. Solo Self Found rule-set makes it even more of a challenge to level up.

Now, on official Hardcore Servers, grouping and transactions are possible. It’s less of a challenge and more of a social experience, which I think is great. But the challenging aspect was a big reason for Hardcore’s popularity. So I thought it might be interesting to do such a real-world challenge on official Hardcore Servers without the cheat and appeal system.

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Insane Content Material

Beyond that, Hardcore Servers bring a lot of things that the server doesn’t, like its baffling content material. With the addition of the one-life element, and Duel to The Death system, there’s plenty of content material here for anyone who likes to get involved.

There are already many Duel to The Death Tournaments with WOW Classic Hardcore Gold rewards on Hardcore PTR. I can foresee this continuing to happen on Hardcore Servers.

In addition, some low-level Hardcore Leveling Tournaments also have rewards. They will give players 2 weeks to level up and reach level 40 and farm any gear they can get.

WOW Classic Hardcore: Duel to the Death

This makes you have to strategize between how you spend your time, which classes you choose, whether you focus on leveling only, whether you search for good items in dungeons.

The content on these servers is endless and has official One-Life mechanics as well as Duel to The Death mechanics. I guess Blizzard actually has an incentive to keep these Hardcore Servers alive for as long as possible.

Challenges & Titles

Another thing that I think is great for Hardcore Servers is the introduction of Challenges and Titles. Personally, I think this should come with Solo Self Found update. as this is a challenge and should be rewarded with a title.

The addition of titles can motivate people to actually complete these challenges. Because when you complete a challenge, you need to have a visual way to show that you have completed that challenge. Here, I think Titles is a straightforward thing for Blizzard to pull off and not break the spirit of Vanilla WoW.

Based on this, I would like to mention some challenges they may add to the future, including:

  • Solo Self Found Challenge
  • Speed Leveling Challenge
  • Blood Thirsty Challenge
  • Pet Hunter Challenge

WOW Classic Hardcore: Will Hardcore Servers Be Successful?

The options here are really endless, and it’s really up to Blizzard and you guys to decide how much of a challenge there should be. A suitable compromise might be some major challenges that reward titles. But for some minor challenges, this will give you a Feat of Strength Achievement. But in this case, Blizzard will have to refine their Achievement System.

That’s what I have prepared for you today. So what are your thoughts on Hardcore Servers themselves? What new features do you hope Blizzard will include in the next patch? I want to know your opinion. See you next time.

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