Wotlk Classic Phase 3: What Crafted Items You Need To Prepare Before Trial Of The Crusader Starts?

I’m sure many players are getting used to the fact that when a new content tier comes out, it also brings new crafting recipes. You may want to prepare a few things ahead of time and prepare to deposit them in the bank or even start depositing money at Auction House.

They’re a little weirder than you might think. So with Trial of the Crusader, you get a bunch of new items for Blacksmithing, Tailoring, and Leatherworking. However, Alchemist and Enchanting are not applicable.

Enchant Chests & Braces

You’ll be able to get recipes for Enchant Chests and Braces, and some of them are now listed in great detail. Of course, for playful items, you’ll need plenty of Crusader Orbs. Crusader Orbs are basically like Ulduar’s Rune Orbs, except they drop in Scarlet Crusader.

Of course, you can also get them with your new Emblems. But you probably won’t want to do that right away unless your goal is to earn coins rather than gain levels. That’s up to you.

What Crafted Items Do You Need To Prepare

Leatherworking also applies to you. Assuming you only have Arctic Fur and Crusader Orbs, and you need Tailoring, it will depend on what type of armor it actually is, whether it’s tailored for your Caster DPS or not. You may need Spellweave, Healers and Moonshroud.

Mostly it’s down to your armor stats, because that’s absolutely true. Blacksmithing influences it, Tailoring, Leatherworking and Crusader Orbs. However, you can still get these armors if you start preparing now.

You’ll be able to get Breastplate of White Knight and Saronite Swordbreakers. Both of these come with brackets for hit defense evasion and breastplates with defense evasion and parry. Obviously, a ton of slots. So the outer brackets are eight Titansteel Bars and four Crusader Orbs. You’ll also need some Saronite Bars.

How To Get Enchant Chest

You can now prepare Steel Bar and Saronite Bar. Now it is a little difficult to get an Enchant Chest. Because it requires not only 12 Titansteel Bars but also 8 Eternal Life. You can now get 8 Crusader Orbs. But the other is two Majestic Zircons.

And now Majestic Zircon is apparently Phase 3’s Epic Gem. So you can stock up on Titanium, get ready to mine it, or have the dual crafter mine it, and you can get both gems pretty well.

But the easiest way is to stack some Emblems now, or even some Honor Points now, to be able to get those two Epic Gems right away. So you still need these recipes.

Should you master Tailoring in WOTLK Classic

You have to be a little lucky to get the recipe fairly quickly. Holy Paladin’s Embrace of Spider is Sunforged Bracers, Enchant Chest is a Sunforged Breastplate. It’s definitely worth using, especially if you haven’t managed to get Winter Veil’s bindings from outside of Ulduar 25 Hard Mode and Crusader Orbs.

You can now get everything you need for these, and the same goes for the chest armor, as this only requires 2 Eternal Life, 12 Braces and 20 Chest, 8 Steel Bar and Titansteel Bar. In fact, there is no difficulty in finding Chest. DPS Chest and Braces that are difficult to get here have Critical and Armor Pen.

What Forging Materials Need To Be Prepared

So for Chest in addition to Titansteel Bar and Crusader Orbs, you now need four Saronite Ores. They crafted these through a forge and require two Crystallized Air and seven Saronite Bars.

Nothing hard here, but if you want them ready, you may want to trade some gems for other rare items at Auction House to help you forge more quickly. The same goes for Braces you now need to bind with Vengeance .

These are also crafted by smithing, and they require 12 Saronite Ore and an Eternal Fire. So these are a bit expensive to craft and require players to invest a lot of Wotlk Classic Gold. But they are actual recipes for Braces, as Epic Braces Titanium Spikeguards only require one of the throwing weapons.

All Phase 3 Crafted Gear coming with Phase 3

These Braces might just be something you see in Auction House. All of these weapons require some Enchanting and other items to forge. These can actually be quite expensive to make. For the brackets you need 40 Nerubian Chitin or Abyss Crystal along with 6 Arctic Fur and 4 Crusader Orbs.

While crafting a Chest does not require an Abyss Crystal, it does require eight Greater Cosmic Essences. If you’re Restoration Shaman, DPS male items are Crusader’s Dragonscale Bracers and Crusader’s Dragonscale Breastplate.

These don’t really need anything out of the ordinary. Because all you need is Icy Dragonscale, which is 40 of every eight Eternal Water, six Arctic Fur, and four Crusader Orbs, and the only supplement is Breastplate. So in Feral Druids fighting Rogues, you’re going to be really excited about those again.

They don’t really need anything out of the ordinary. The requirements are 20 pieces of Heavy Borean Leather for the stand, 12 pieces of Eternal Shadow and 6 pieces of Arctic Fur. And Chest only needs more Heavy Borean Leather, Eternal Shadow and Arctic Fur, and doesn’t need Crusader Orbs, so these are not expensive to craft.

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Leatherworking Guide

Finally, for Leatherworking you have Lunar Eclipse Robes and Moonshadow Armguards, neither of which have weird requirements. It just needs Heavy Borean Leather, Eternal Life, Arctic Fur and Crusader Orbs. This is a very good Wizard’s Bracers for DPS Tailoring.

This is because they have Spell Power and Critical Strike, and those slots do require some gems to activate. So you can do the same with forging as I recommend. You either use some Emblems, some Honor or Titanium, or even Alchemy change whatever you want to get them.

Leatherworking Master Guide

But to get Eye of Zul, you’ll also need some Epic Gems, Cardinal Ruby, and Majestic Zircon. So you’ll need three Epic Gems in addition to eight Spellweave and four Crusader Orbs. This way, you can see why Epic Gems are available from so many sources.

Because you not only need them to craft gems, but also to place your equipment. There are quite a few crafting methods that also require them.

That’s all the crafted items you need to prepare for Wotlk Classic Phase 3’s Trial of the Crusader and how to craft them. Hope they can help you. Have a great day.

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