Wotlk Classic Phase 3: How To Earn 50,000 Gold Easily In A Week - Gold Farming Guide

It surprised many players that I got more than 50,000 gold coins in my base last week and wanted to know how I did it. Here I will tell players how to get gold coins quickly.

Craft Enchanting Items

Let’s see, if you have Enchanting or just Craft Items, you can craft some Enchanting Items first. You have to craft a rare item that you have, and you can earn some materials by doing some quests. I did the full 15 Chant Sounds through the first way. You can also get materials by going to trade add-ons.

If you are not the first to ask or answer, you will need to provide your Enchant. If you’re first, you don’t need to weaken yourself. But if you’re not, you have to weaken it. You also have to check how much profit you will get from each Enchanting Item.

You need to check them before you trade. After you get close to the items and Portable Hole, if that’s good, you get a profit. You can put it on the action host, like this Enchant. I can make very good profits from Enchanting, and I can trade over 50 inches of Action Host in each Hole. This way I get over 1K and 500 gold per hour.

How I Make Gold in WOTLK Classic

I get 30 coins for each Enchant. It’s just that you have to follow the process to make them. So you have to Enchant like that Armor Vellum, rank it third, and make them their Scrolls. And for this opportunity, you need to keep working.

Let’s see how much profit you get for each Enchanting Item you trade in that Action Host. In a certain form, I will let us make less profit than before. But I have to share with you, maybe this will help you to support the normal functioning of GDKP or just harvest more Wotlk Classic Gold to help you upgrade your build faster.

Open Multiple Projects At The Same Time

We have 70 gold on Isis called Lake Armor. We have 31 gold for getting the first armor-like body suit, which is probably more than that. I can get Orbs at night when people are more in game quests. It’s 90 gold.

In Act 4 they also weaken themselves. You don’t need to get more than 30 gold for Aquatic Form in the action rules. Watch it in action now at 34 gold. But I’ll go get some Orbs later. They cost 50 silver each. After a while, you need to craft an item that starts with two gold and 90 silver, and you need to turn Heavy Stock later, which will give you 29 gold.

So, every time you craft an item, you’ll get 5 gold per foot. So I would rather suggest you get two Aquatic Forms and start crafting them at the same time. It will be a 10 gold profit. You’ll also get 27 perfect items from Icy Dragonscale, and you’ll get over 41 gold from your first Icescale Leg Armor.

How I Make 50000 Gold in a Week

You also have to have less than 90 gold from Frozen Orb, but you can still get 10 more gold from Frozen Orb. Therefore, you will get more than 50 coins per Enchanting Items. What’s even more amazing is that in Action Hose we had to trade at 5 inches per minute.

So if you’re just focusing on your future job opportunities too, that’s great. But they have to go the second way the next day. We have to craft items and craft items with leatherwork. Tailoring or Blacksmithing, you can have one or the other. Let’s look at their margins again. They have 4 architects. You need three to cut here. Therefore, you will get 35 gold and even more profit.

You’ll get 40 gold per item, and you’re crafting with 15 gold, which equates to 55 gold per item. You will profit from this project.

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Focus On Leatherworking

And we have another item, if you just want to get Heavy Leather Ball, you will get more profit, close to 100 gold coins. Your own architect to make another project there later. It’s a profit of 4 gold and 36 silver respectively, and you can give yourself 3 gold or even less than 3 gold or 90 silver.

We also have another Dragonmaw Race. And you can make good profits on clothes items and plate items. They’ve also all reaped handsome profits.

Easy Gold farming guide

I’m just working on the material on TBC and Shadowmoon Valley for this material. But it’s still very difficult. Let me show you how to kill these monsters and take them as loot. You’ll get over 1K of gold per hole just by hunting them down.

And if you invest more energy in Leatherworking, you will also get more profit. And you can trade at least more than 200 Heavy Stock in the future. If you don’t have time to farm or if you have a Skinning, you can check when you have anointed. This might help you profit from crafting at a lower price later on.

Each has its own goals, and you can grab materials now and switch them later today, taking action notes. We can also do this later with Heavy Stock. You just need to get the perfect hole, and each subsequent refire costs 24 credits. You craft and trade them on action holes, and like that, you have many ways to earn Gold. Hope this method will be useful to you. Good luck.

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