How To Complete This Dark Rider Quest Chain In WOW Classic SOD Phase 2? - Unlock Class New Runes

Hello adventurers! Today, we will talk about a quest chain in WOW Classic SOD Phase 2 that has attracted the attention of many players, Dark Rider.

As we all know, among the series of new content introduced in Phase 2, the most popular ones are runes. Dark Rider quest chain will reward a new rune for each class, so most players will want to complete it, eventually. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

How To Complete This Dark Rider Quest Chain In WOW Classic SOD Phase 2? - Unlock New Class Runes


This mission involves killing level 41 elites, but technically, there is no level requirement. However, you need to travel to multiple locations, so I would recommend starting the mission at level 40 and using a mount to make it easier to succeed.

In addition, don’t forget to prepare some WoW SoD Gold before you start. It will make your exploration journey smoother!

Start Quest

To start this quest chain, first head to Deadwind Pass. Most players will need to travel through Duskwood to get there.

For Horde, that likely means starting in Stranglethorn Vale. If you’ve already chosen a flight path in Swamp of Sorrows, you can start there.

Follow the road to find the camp in the northeast corner of the area and talk to Dalaran Agent there to pick up Ariden’s Sigil. Note that you or someone in your party will need to have this trinket equipped in order to proceed to the next steps.

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All Dark Rider Locations

Next, you’ll need to travel to seven other locations around the world to find Dark Rider. In each location, you need to run around with Ariden’s Sigil until you find a place where you can get Dark Presence buff.

When you get this buff, you can quickly tell if there are Dark Riders around because a pair of eyes will appear above your character when you enter the area. Just be aware that you won’t be able to find Dark Presence buff if you’re already mounted.

When you are in an area with a Dark Presence aura, use your Ariden’s Sigil trinket to summon Dark Rider. This is a level 41 elite.

The Dark Riders in WOW Season of Discovery - Stealing Relics from Dalaran

Please note that if multiple people in your party use this trinket at the same time, you can summon multiple Dark Riders, but you only need one. Everyone on your team can loot their Dalaran Relic. You’ll need 7 pieces of Dalaran Relic in total, each of which can only be looted from a specific location. These seven positions are:

Deadwind Pass

The first location is very close to your starting location on Deadwind Pass. Follow the road a short distance towards Duskwood and then north to the end of the river. Remember, you must be walking and running here and have a trinket equipped.

Swamp Of Sorrows

Next, head east into Swamp of Sorrows and run northeast. Dark Presence buff here is located slightly southeast of Fallow Sanctuary.


Retrace your steps west through Deadwind Pass to Duskwood and then to Raven Hill Cemetery. You’ll find Dark Presence on the east side of the cemetery.

Arathi Highlands

Now you need to head to Arathi Highlands. Alliance can get here via Wetlands, while Horde can get here via Hillsbrad Foothills. Dark Presence buff here can be found in the northeast between Hammerfall and Dabyrie’s Farmstead.


The next location is Badlands, which are probably the hardest of these areas to reach, especially for Horde players. You need to head south through Wetlands and Loch Modan to get here. Dark Presence is located near the center of the area, in an open valley between large hills.


The last two locations are on another continent. Head to Barrens first and follow the road south of the intersection to find Dark Presence.


You will find the last Dark Rider in Desolace. Alliance has a flight path close to this area, but if you haven’t chosen it yet or if you’re a Horde player, you might choose Stonetalon Mountains to get here. Dark Presence here is located in the northern part of the area between Thunderaxe Fortress and Sargeron.

Turn In Dalaran Relics

It doesn’t matter in which order you defeat Dark Riders. But once you have all Dalaran Relics, go back to Dalaran Agent in Deadwind Pass and you’ll get a small amount of WOW Classic SOD Gold and XP for each Relic you turn in.

When all seven Dalaran Relics are turned in, you will complete the ultimate mission and receive the corresponding runes for your class. The runes you get are:

  • Druid: Rune of the Jungle King
  • Hunter: Rune of Close Combat
  • Mage: Missile Barrage Rune
  • Paladin: Rune of Infusions
  • Priest: Luminous Epiphany
  • Rogue: Rune of the Assailant
  • Shaman: Rune of Two-Handed Mastery
  • Warlock: Rune of Forbidden Knowledge
  • Warrior: Rune of Ruthless Precision

WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2: Dark Rider Runes Guide


That’s the complete guide to Dark Rider quest chain in WOW Classic SOD. With this, you’re ready to get another rune!

Before entering, I recommend that you plan your travel route according to your actual situation so that you can maximize the efficiency of farming all Dalaran Relics. Anyway, hope this guide is helpful.

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