You Can’t Miss This POE 3.23 Affliction SSF-Friendly Build! - Rain Of Arrows Champion

In this guide, I’ll be sharing a new build I’m trying out in Affliction League, Rain of Arrows Champion. This is a Solo Self-Found oriented character, you can also play it in Trade League and try to push it to its limits.

This build is particularly advantageous for Solo Self-Found, as getting the items you need isn’t difficult, POE Currency budget is low, and gear progression is very simple.

This character is a good mapper, clears the map quickly, and has good tanking abilities. Although its single target is not very good, it is not the worst, and it is enough to promote Atlas, farming tier 16 maps, making Logbooks, Heist and other quests.

You Can’t Miss This POE 3.23 Affliction SSF-Friendly Build! - Rain Of Arrows Champion

Equipment Selection

A very important item for this build will be the bow. The first thing we need to get is Triple Elemental Damage Bow.


The best way to get this bow is to use Rog from Expedition, basically fill up your prefix and re-roll. That way, it will most likely give you a high-level elemental damage prefix, and then give you the suffix you want, such as critical chance, attack speed, and critical multiplier.


Also very important is our Perseverance Vanguard Belt, which has great synergy with Champion Ascendancy.

Because we have access to Grace and Determination Auras, we have high armor and evasion. We basically get a lot of attack damage from the belt. In the meantime, we also get Onslaught, for example, some cold resistance and life.

PoE 3.23: Perseverance Vanguard Belt

I think the best way to get belts in SSF is to use Ancient Orbs, since the chance of hitting Perseverance with Ancient Orb is about 1 in 20.

So basically you just need to run Harbinger. With Scarabs you can also use Seventh Gate so you can get Harbinger on your map device. It shouldn’t be too hard to hit since it only took me 8-9 Ancient Orbs to hit Perseverance.

If you’re on Solo Self-Found, it’s not super difficult to hit it. If you are in Trade League, you can choose to purchase it for 1 Chaos Orb point.


Another unique item I use is Amulet, Hyrri’s Truth. It basically gives us a high level of Precision, good Crit Multi and Culling Strike.

Although this item is not mandatory, it is nice and easy to use. And we can use it to save gem slots since we don’t have to equip Precision gem.

Then, for the rest of your gear, try to get Armor and Evasion bases, which are also important. Then there are your typical Spell Suppression, Resistance, Chaos Resistance (if possible), Strength, and Intelligence stats. This way, you can equip all your gems.

PoE 3.23: Hyrri's Truth


Any extra damage you can get, especially in the ring. You gain elemental damage and flat damage by attacking.

But I’m not running reduced Mana Cost on my ring, which is unnecessary for my setup after running Inspiration.


I have an Eldritch Implicit on my helmet, which reduces Mana Cost of attacks. Also, I’m running Life Mastery: skills cost life instead of 30% mana. We also run Mana Leech, where you gain 1 passive point of life and mana.


Then, with the quiver, just try to get as much damage as possible, and your quiver will also get extra life.

My life is a little low currently, only 3.6k, but you can easily reach 4k life. Because some of my items have an unsatisfactory life, even my quiver has no life at all. So you can definitely reach a higher life.


If you’re trying to get as much damage as possible, don’t forget about your flasks: Quicksilver, Diamond, Granite and Jade, with the suffixes: Dodge, Armor, Critical and Attack Speed. The best prefix you can get is gaining 3 charges when you are hit by an enemy.

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Passive Tree

For the passive tree, we chose Champion Ascendancy.

The first two labs got your Fortify. For the third lab, I chose First to Strike, Last to Fall so that I could take advantage of Adrenaline.

This is actually very useful for this build as we have a trick to easily reach low health with Corrupting Fever. This is basically in the 3-link of Corrupting Fever, Lifetap Support and Second Wind Support.

Whenever we use Corrupting Fever, we reach low health, and we have Adrenaline. You can then use your Life Flask or Enduring Cry if you prefer to restore your life. This is an excellent trick.

Your final lab: Inspirational. This is a pretty standard passive tree for this character. Since this is a lot of damage, you can try farming your clusters in Solo Self-Found.

PoE 3.23: Champion Ascendancy

Large Clusters can be attack damage or bow clusters and gain significant effects at the start. It would be great if you could get two.

Then there are Medium Clusters: with Eye to Eye and Repeater for projectile damage, they are really good.

Then I also run two Mana Reservation Efficiency Small Clusters. Now you may not need to run both, depending on whether you want to run Herald of Ice or not. I ran it because it helped a lot with mapping.

Skill Gems

For gems in our 6-link, try getting Vaal version of Rain of Arrows. It’s actually a nice boost to damage.

Then the supported gems are pretty standard: Mirage Archer, Trinity, Inspiration, Increased Critical Damage, and Elemental Damage with Attacks to get your qualities running your lab or just using GCP.

PoE 3.23: Vaal version of Rain of Arrows

Then don’t forget your Corrupting Fever 3-link, and then Manaforged Arrow and Lifetap connection. Lifetap can help reduce mana cost, and Frenzy and Ensnaring Arrow can also deal with extra damage.

You can also get Power Charge on Critical Support, and the way I generated it was using Wildwood Ascendancy. If you have more charm sockets, you can get extra crits at max Power Charges, or you can get a crit multiplier per Power Charge or whatever.

Finally, don’t forget your extra Utility Gems and Aura Gems. The six Auras we are running are Clarity, Precision, Defiance Banner, Herald of Ice, Determination and Grace.

That’s all for this Rain of Arrows Champion build guide. If you decide to play this character, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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