The 5 Best Skill Moves To Help You Advance From Beginner To Pro In EA FC 24!

Skill Moves have a tremendous impact on FC 24, but are you really using the right skill when you need it? In today’s guide, we give you 5 different Skill Moves from easiest to hardest. Mastering these will give you a technical edge in Skill Moves!

5. Ball Roll

Now it’s time to start with Ball Roll, a 2-Star Skill Move, the simplest skill move that almost every player in the game can perform.

It has many uses. You can change the direction of the ball to create new passing or shooting angles. When needed, it’s away from the opponent player and you can simply push the right analog stick left or right towards your player to perform a Ball Roll.

But remember, you can’t do this while running. Therefore, make sure to release Sprinting button before performing it continuously. Using Ball Roll will give you better control of the ball.

Because you change the direction of the ball most of the time during dribbling, using Ball Roll away from the defender gives me space and new shooting angles to pass after the catch.

I see the opponent coming my way, and I see the potential receiver moving downside. So I rolled the ball there to get some time to see where the defender was going and to get a more direct passing angle.

If the opponent reacts to this and covers the center, this allows me to play the ball out wide again. Even if I don’t have a direct passing angle, Ball Roll helps me create a new angle after passing the ball.

The 5 Best Skill Moves To Help You Advance From Beginner To Pro In EA FC 24!

4. Stepovers

I’ve finally reached the next level of Skill Moves, which are Stepovers that give you tremendous bursts of speed and short distances.

They require the player to have a 2-Star Skill Move and are composed of two parts. The first part is the initial moves you can perform with the right analog stick.

The second part is exit from the move, which is given by input from the left analog stick. Move the right analog stick towards the front of the player, rotate it 90° left or right, and perform normal Stepovers on the other side. Reverse Stepovers can be performed by starting Stepovers on the player’s left or right side, then rotating the right analog stick 90° to push it forward.

You can change the direction of the ball in the second step of a Stepover with the help of the left analog stick. This has its uses. You can evade defenders easily. You just look to see where the defender is going and space will open up, then take a step in that direction with your left analog stick.

However, the most common usage is to execute it directly to increase speed. The trick is not to press Sprinting button before moving. But after you start taking a step forward, you can hold down Sprinting button after the first step has been completed.

It may take a little time to learn Stepovers, but mastering them can help you get past defenders and score goals with ease.

3. Elastico

Moving towards the next Skill Move, Elastico can completely crush the opponent. It is worth noting that spending EA FC 24 Coins to purchase an excellent player to perform this 5-Star Skill Move can maximize the advantages.

There are two variations of this Skill Move. They allow you to change the direction of the ball by pushing it twice with the same foot. You can perform Reverse Elastico by first pushing the right analog stick to the player’s right and then rotating it 90° clockwise.

You simply push the right stick to the left and rotate it 90° counterclockwise, and the two Elasticos can be used to dodge aggressive opponents across the pitch.

If you see a defender coming directly towards you, use Elastico as you will be able to quickly change the direction of the ball by briefly touching it twice. Although they are all around the court, I mainly use them in or around the box to create deadly scoring opportunities, especially Reverse Elastico.

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2. Heel To Ball Roll

Next, this is a more complex Skill Move, Heel To Ball Roll. This is a 4-Star Skill Move that allows you to protect the ball and change its direction at the same time.

You can get behind the player simply by holding down L1/LB button and pushing the right stick towards the player’s front.

However, this isn’t the only input you’ll need. You have two different exits after the initial execution, and you must choose your exit direction using the left stick and pointing to the left or right of the player.

This mechanic is ignored in most cases, but it works perfectly in a 1v1 running duel. Because you only have to change the angle of your running direction slightly, it will slow you down quickly, but then give you a Diagonal Speed Boost, which can completely tip off a defender’s balance.

1. McGeady Spin Cancel

Now we finally come to the last one, McGeady Spin Cancel. As you can understand from the name of Skill Move, the move consists of two parts performing a McGeady Spin and a Cancel.

But why do we need to cancel this 5-Star Skill Move? The move itself allows you to rotate yourself. However, to push the ball 90° to the left or right in more tense situations, this can be really difficult to use. But canceling the move in the middle gives you more control over the ball without pushing it too far.

Here’s how to get 5-Star Skilled player to do this. Just push the right analog stick in the direction you’re running first, then tap it to his right or left. This will launch McGeady Spin.

After completing the combo, hold down L2+R2 or LTR+RT buttons simultaneously and select the exit direction with the left analog stick. This cancellation will give you extra steering flexibility and you can turn in the direction you want quickly. In fact, this may be the fastest way to perform a 180° turn without allowing your opponent to react.

The best way to use this Skill Move is to convince your opponent that you’re leaning too far towards a certain angle. Once the opponent attacks, you can find the position for this situation deep on the flank or inside the box. You can quickly use McGeady Spin Cancel to turn around and avoid the player in front of you.

Like I mentioned, if you want to turn backwards quickly, this McGeady Spin is a killer. This makes the opponent believe that you are going to a dangerous place, forcing them to over-commit and execute this nifty move, giving them no time to react and exploit the free space in front of you. This can lead to immediate scoring opportunities!

Regardless, most Skill Moves from easiest to hardest can have an enormous impact on FC 24, each with a different purpose. But after mastering these moves, you’ll easily outrun your opponents and score goals in matches!

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