The 7 Best Mageblood Builds In Path Of Exile 3.23!

I don’t know if you realize this, but Mageblood, the most expensive item in POE Softcore Trade League, is at an all-time low right now! If you’ve never tried it, this is your best chance to get it.

So how did this Mirror-Tier Unique Item get all the way down to 98 Divine Orbs? This is mainly because of the large number of raw drops dropped by Magic Finder, as well as Voidborn Reliquary Key, which drops like candy balls.

Once you get Mageblood, don’t waste it like I did! There are some powerful builds in POE that can gain astronomical benefits from Mageblood. Some of them don’t even require any other expensive items. Here we talk about the 7 best Mageblood builds in POE 3.23.

The 7 Best Mageblood Builds In Path Of Exile 3.23!

1. Pure Armor Stackers

Number 1, Pure Armor Stackers are one of the most powerful builds in a long time. A proper build would require over a million flat armor to tank most Uber attacks. Not only do they reduce physical damage, but they also maximize resistance through a large amount of aura, making them one of the most tanky combos in Path of Exile.

  • Items: Replica Dreamfeather, Unwavering Stance and Iron Reflexes.
  • Flasks: Granite, Basalt, Jade, Stibnite and Silver Flask.
  • Classes: You can try out several variations of these builds, including Juggernaut, Champion, Ascendant, and even Chieftain!
  • Skills: As a melee attack build, its skill selection includes Smite, Molten Strike and Lightning Strike.
  • Wildwood: For Mageblood builds, Primalist will be chosen in most cases. Since Armor Stackers use multiple auras, charms that increase mana retention efficiency are widely used. Also, Guardian’s Charms can provide a percentage of reserved mana as additional armor, which is very beneficial for these builds.

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2. Doryani’s Prototype Builds

Number 2, Doryani’s Prototype Builds are extremely high damage builds even for Uber bosses. Because they have the unique ability to turn nearby monsters’ lightning resistance into yours.

The only downside to these builds is that they cannot withstand the one-second Mana Siphoner and other lightning damage over time, such as Laser Beams from Maven battles. They need a lot of armor, as this affects not only their physical damage reduction but also their lightning damage reduction.

  • Items: Melding of the Flesh and other resistance-reducing items such as Thread of Hope and Ventor’s Gamble.
  • Flask: Ruby and Sapphire. If damage is your priority, you can also use Granite and Basalt, or Diamond and Silver Flasks.
  • Classes: Doryani’s Prototype builds have no specific set of Ascendancies. Popular play styles in POE 3.23 include Elementalist, Inquisitor, Champion and even Deadeye.
  • Wildwood: Popular builds in POE 3.23 include Smite Champion and Lightning Conduit Elementalist. Because of their inherent weakness and inability to take lightning damage over time, Inquisitor’s Charms applying Consecrated Ground are considered their best option.

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3. Aura Stacker

Number 3, we have Aura Stacker, which was once the most powerful build in POE history. If created correctly, they can still overwhelm most high-end builds.

But its setup requires several gems to activate, and POE Currency costs from Divine Orbs to Mirror of Kalandra are high. Because of their Squishy Passive Tree and Gear, Mageblood is needed in most situations to limit their critical hit chances or greatly increase their attack and cast speed.

  • Items: For low-budget builds, use Shavronne’s Wrappings or Victario’s Influence, as well as Prism Guardian. While the more expensive version uses the rare Vaal Regalia, which features massive energy shields and enhanced aura effects.
  • Skills: In most cases, they use Purity of Fire, Cold and Lightning, and Grace and Determination.
  • Classes: Aura Stacker becomes Ascendants or Champions, because of its synergy ascendancy points.
  • Wildwood: Hierophant’s Charm and Mana Retention Efficiency are great for these builds.

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4. Magic Finders

Number 4 we have Magic Finders. There are multiple versions of these builds. Except for Poison Caustic Arrow, these benefit greatly from Mageblood.

These builds are very weak to limiting resistances and critical chance, and most also require a consistent movement speed. The faster they build, the faster they can farm the map, earning more POE Currency per hour.

  • Items: Most of them use Goldwyrm.
  • Flasks: Progenesis and Divination Distillate are must-haves for Magic Find builds. With Mageblood you can even add a Gold Flask for 95% more effectiveness!
  • Classes: As of POE 3.23, the best Magic Find Mageblood builds include Tornado Shot Deadeye and Chieftain Self-Ignite builds.

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5. Cast On Crit Builds

Go to number 5 and you’ll be surprised how many Cast on Crit builds crave Mageblood. Because Cast on Crit builds require high attack speed, critical hit chance, speed, and lots of defense.

  • Flasks: You gain critical hit chance from Diamond Flasks and one of their suffixes. The second best option for COC builds is Silver Flask, which greatly enhances Onslaught effect.
  • Items: Since most COC builds require close range attacks, a solid layer of defense is required. Bloodnotch, Badge of the Brotherhood, and Hatred Watcher’s Eye all work well.
  • Classes: While you can run Cast on Crit builds with any class, over 60% of players prefer Occultist version because of its synergy with Power Charge Stacking.
  • Wildwood: For Power Charge Stackers, Assassin’s Charm with multiple critical hits per Power Charge is the best.

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6. Lab Runner Builds

Number 6 on the list is Lab Runner builds. The priority for these builds is just movement speed, followed by the basic defense of running Uber Labs. Mageblood has perfect synergy with these builds, as they can meet all of their needs at higher ranges.

  • Flasks: The first choice is Quicksilver Flask with a level 1 movement speed suffix. You can even get faster speeds from Silver Flask.
  • Classes: Lab Runner is mostly Ranger builds. For Mageblood, Deadeye or Raider are the best choices. You can earn a lot of currency by running Labyrinth.

7. Squishy Builds

Finally, to recap, Mageblood’s biggest use case is Squishy builds using items like Annihilating Light, Melding of the Flesh, and the like. You can even use Mageblood to level up your character, as its minimum level requirement is 44.

So the use cases for Mageblood are very broad. These builds shown here desperately needs one.

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