A Summary Of Recent Lost Ark Updates And Improvements On KR Server- New Contents & Class

For your comfortable Lost Ark experience, here I would like to introduce recent and future updates on KR servers. Because news and updates on KR server are always ahead. So I thought it would be helpful to share and preview some of this information on your Lost Ark journey.

Before starting this update instructions, you need to know that this update is based on a KR server. Therefore, only improvements and updates regarding KR are included here. It does not contain any global roadmap and latest updates.

Since this KR server is relatively ahead of the global server, some information can see the future trend of change. So, it’s more like a sneak peek at the updates and status of KR server right now, and a preview of some future structural updates for the global server. Therefore, you can use this as a reference for your Lost Ark trip.

Lost Ark: A Summary Of Recent Updates And Improvements On KR Server

Added Emoji Panel

First, the developer added an Emoji Panel to the interaction section. From now on, you don’t have to search everywhere for Emoji you want, or scroll through battle items presets to search for an Emoji. You can use "Alt + R" click to display that Emoji Panel for even faster interaction.

New Class - Soul Eater

They have released the new job Soul Eater on July 19, 2023. She is an Assassin, uses Scythe as a weapon, and has Dead and Reaper abilities. Since this class was released so soon, the class itself is still being researched. But I think I think her Class Engraving has entered the formalization stage.

To be honest, the whole thing about Soul Eater is pretty entertaining. She’s a new class, which means we still have a lot to test in the actual game.

Lost Ark: New Class - Soul Eater

Class Engraving

For her Class Engraving part, there have been more upgrades to Express Pass’ Engraving support in previous patches. For the 4x3 Engraving support of Express Pass in the previous patch, there is now 5x3 Engraving support.

Since this KR server has higher requirements for party participation or raids. So Lost Ark developers decided to expand Engraving for a better gaming experience.

New Avatar Packs

With summer on the horizon, new Avatar Packs are live on KR. Since the developer promises to provide skins for every player, try not to miss these packs if you play on KR server. Of course, if you missed it, you can also use Lost Ark Gold to get it.

Plus, this skin can be Dyed like any other. So if you are playing KR, try not to miss these gift packs if you are interested.

Lost Ark: New Founders Packs Info & New Legendary Avatar

Raid Team

Another important change is that from now on, surrendering a squad leader in a raid will not change the squad size. It’s more like handing over the squad leader no longer changes the order of the raid squad.

I think it’s a delightful change. So from now on, you don’t have to be confused by rearranged queues anymore. You also don’t have to change your assigned position due to a change in team leadership.

Also, in the song category, you can now select an additional option from UI. More like a simplified version of the song UI.

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Structural Change

What follows is the main part of this update roll up. In the latest official stream, the developers promised some improvements to Lost Ark. This is more like a structural change scheduled or planned for this week. They will be making changes and adding more on Vertical progression and Dailies mechanic.

So in this category, if you’re actually playing on KR, you’ve been able to see some improvements and updates lately. As they promised in previous streams, some mechanical changes are coming this week.

Chaos Dungeons

In addition, many players reported that Chaos Dungeons have some problems. Things like enemies being too far away, Boss Gate being too annoying for support, and enemies being too spread out across the map.

Lost Ark: Chaos Dungeon Endgame Daily

Since this Lost Ark team is indeed aware of this, the developer also stated that they will adjust these issues in the next update. He mentioned this Chaos Dungeon’s mechanical issue during the actual official stream.

But I don’t think they will change the daily tasks. I mean they don’t change Chaos Dungeons every day. But they can be tweaked by changing play times, drops or rewards, and overall mechanics, such as enemies reacting from farther away.

Guardian Raids

Regardless, new improvements will be rolling out in new Guardian Raids. Of course, this is also the developer’s adjustment to the tasks in Guardian Raids. Because I think Guardian Raids’ daily quests are too heavy for current players.

Lost Ark: Guardian Raids Explained

But as the developer says, they are also aware of these problems. They will be discussed and patched on the same dates as Chaos Dungeons revisions.

Surprise Events

If you played the game in KR, you might find these clues easily in Surprise Event. From this incident, we can glimpse the development of Lost Ark. These include Guardian Raids. There are also new Surprise Quests in the event. Its rewards include some adorable Pets, Stronghold background music, and Lobby Wallpapers.

Lost Ark: Surprise Events

Extreme Valtan

Also, Extreme Valtan update is scheduled for August 2, 2023. Extreme Valtan contains two mods, accessible on 1580, 1620. Of course, it also lowers the rewards. We will not know the specific rewards until the official launch.

As the developer briefly explained in the livestream, this Extreme Valtan is more like an uncapped Hell Modes. So you can actually experience the full performance of the character.


The above is the whole content of the recent Lost Ark updates. I hope this is a little help for your Lost Ark journey. Finally, expect to see these new updates and improvements on global servers soon.

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