Vaal Ice Shot Deadeye Build Info And Showcase - POE 3.21 Crucible

Today I’m going to introduce you to another build, Vaal Ice Shot Deadeye. This is one of my favorite builds of late, and as soon as I saw Vaal Ice Shot, I knew this build would be perfect for me. However, I had no idea that Vaal Ice Shot would actually surprise me so much.

Vaal Ice Shot Deadeye Build

In the past, these types of builds tended to require a lot of investment to make good characters, but now with the two extra projectiles in Passive Tree, Vaal Ice Shot and the buff of some Bow builds, you can make a really good one on a reasonable budget character of.

I estimate this build to be around 25 Divine Orbs when fully upgraded. It has good articulation and single target, is fast, also has 100% Spell Suppression, Ailment immunity and some very comfortable bow play styles.

Vaal Ice Shot Deadeye Build

Gear Selection

For a full build of Vaal Ice Shot, you can find Path of Building, and you’ll find some additional information in the notes section. But anyway, we’re running 2 Ice Shot setups, one for a single target in the bow, with extra projectile support. Another one for mapping.

In our Mirage Archer body armor, just make sure one of Ice Shots is applied to Vaal building, so you can also use Vaal Ice Shot mostly on single targets.

For bows, you have several options. I’ve seen people play with Elemental Bow, but you need different gems. You can opt for pure physical damage bows which are usually more expensive. What I do is choose a hybrid bow with physics and cold damage roll. These bows are usually much less expensive in the long run.

I got this bow, and it’s a decent bow, with Crit Multi and open Prefix. It also has a nice Crucible Passive Tree that also has Endurance Charges on kills. If you want a six link, you can make your own with a fusion recipe six link, which is what I did.

Then, the body armor comes with Attack Crit, Additional Curse and increased Aura Effect. We don’t need a Frenzy Charge or Power Charge on hit as we get them in this 4 link setup with Manforged Arrows Support.

So these Manaforged Arrows Support, Frenzy Charge, Power Charge, Ensnaring Arrow will do more damage to enemies and Crit for Power Charges. This is a magnificent setting, and it is very worthwhile for players to use it.

Gear Selection

We’re running Triple Curse with an extra body armor and an Amulet. Of course, you can also choose to continue to use Corrupt skills or use POE Currency to get Amulet and other items to increase Curse. Then you can anoint them with Tainted Oil so you can anoint damaged items and you get Vengeant Cascade you want. It’s a really good anointment in this league.

You can find a good Crit Multi on your Amulet. This skill is very expensive. But if possible, you want to find as many Catalysts as possible that can deal serious damage to enemies. These Quivers will also give you more health boosts as well as higher damage output.

This base is good because we can usually get a health boost when we hit enemies, and with Quivers and Bow leveling up, we’ll also get an extra +1 Arrow on Quivers and +2 Arrows on Bow, but that’s also where it gets so expensive, players often need to spend a lot of time and energy and a lot of Divine Orbs to upgrade Quivers and Bow.

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Ailment Immunity

Then we have Ailment immunity for three things. The first is this new jewel, Ancestral Vision. Basically, if you have a 100% chance of Spell Suppression, you will have a 50% chance of avoiding Elemental Ailments.

So 50% is from jewelry, 20% is from this living wheel, and the remaining 30% is from boots, which is an Essence Roll, which is also a Shaper Roll, so you can get either. If you get Shaper, you won’t get Eater of Worlds and Searing Exarch Implicit, so keep that in mind.

Of course, you need to set Spell Suppression cap at 100% so you can get some suppression here. Maybe get extra dampening here if you need it, then my gloves and helmet would be upgraded accordingly. Helmet Blizzard Crown, Hatred enchantment is not necessary. I can maintain mana without enchantment. You can also look for Ice Shot damage as your enchantment. Lethal Pride is also good for build upgrades.

Ailment Immunity

We get double damage rolls. The more you get, the more expensive it becomes. You also get some marvellous stuff like Intimidate on kills and Endurance Charges on kills, which is important for the final cluster. Large Cluster Jewels are an important way we get Mana and Life Leech.

Mana from Fuel the Fight, Life from Feed the Fury and Repeater and Eye to Eye from Medium Cluster. They’re a big damage buff and the other is crit so I can have 100% crit chance and then look for good jewels.

That’s all there is to know about Vaal Ice shot Deadeye build for today. If you want to try this build, don’t forget to check out this guide in advance. Hope this will help you. Hope you have a great day.

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