EA FC 24 Career Mode Guide Makes It Easy To Discover The Best Players And Handle Transfers

FC 24 Career Mode is now the only way for players to revisit the problems that occurred in their real-life team’s last season. It also provides a welcome break from the latest European Cup event in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team. Whatever your reason for playing the game, you’ll have the best fun with the newly implemented tactical vision.

EA FC 24 Career Mode Guide Makes It Easy To Discover The Best Players And Handle Transfers

This guide will explore FC 24 Career Mode in depth, including but not limited to team selection, transfer matters, scouting, prodigies, and more. As you strengthen your Ultimate Team, you will easily get FC 24 Coins in each confrontation.

Best Teams To Manage In Career Mode

With hundreds of clubs to choose from in FC 24 and multiple fully licensed women’s leagues, it’s hard to decide who to manage? Don’t worry, we’ve got five promising careers for you to choose from.

There are plenty of options for those who want a challenge or are looking to rapidly fill up their Wall of Fame, from the team that is least loved to an all - star team from Saudi Arabia.

Luton Town - A Team Not Favored By Premier League

There is indeed a lot of discussion in the media about whether Luton Town will break Derby County’s record of the lowest 11 points in Premier League. But if you use them properly, they will not be that kind of team and become part of the top team.

However, this is also difficult, because your team is weak, so the budget is relatively low in the league. But it’s not all bad news. The board of directors of this team does not expect miracles, but if you are facing the risk of relegation, they still invest without hesitation, and there is a possibility that you will rebound from the bottom.

Al Ittihad - A Team That Can Often Go Abroad

Saudi league wants to recruit some top talents in European football during the off-season. If you want to know more, take over Al Ittihad! After taking over it, you can easily enter the newest playground in the football world. There are many talented players in this team, including Karim Benzema and N’Golo Kante.

But the board has stated that they only want to develop young players, which will test your management skills. Can you strike a good balance between championship football and absorbing young players?

RB Leipzig - A Team That Can Both Develop New Players And Win Trophies

Leipzig’s rapid rise in German league will catch some players by surprise, but the current roster of players in Bundesliga will certainly make your Career Mode journey more interesting. Xavi Simons and Benjamin Sesko are two very good wonderkids who are tasked with helping the club win its first Bundesliga trophy since its establishment in 2009.

Bayern Munich and Harry Kane will be a piece of cake for these two if you manage them well. If you can surpass Bavarian giants, £75 million transfer fee you received will help you a lot and you can even complete a three - peat!

Parma - A Team That Can Make You Nostalgic

Those fans who are older will definitely miss the sights or sounds of Channel 4’s Football Italia program. Even those who didn’t witness James Richardson’s interview in the cafe still have a light in their eyes when talking about Italian football.

In this challenge, you can lead Parma, the skilled team of the 1990s, back to the promised land. If you take over the team, the £11 million transfer budget given by Serie B will definitely help you.

Wrexham - A Team With Hollywood Connections

This small Welsh club has been transformed thanks to big-name actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. It can even return to Football League thanks to some last - day feats.

This club feels very much like a work in progress, but like all good scripts, it needs a killer ending. Do you have the confidence to lead them to the next level?

Explanation About Tactical Visions in Career Mode

After selecting your team, the first thing you have to do is to determine your tactical vision. The tactical vision is essentially a blueprint for how you want to play football, and FC 24 introduces seven different templates, each of which provides subtle adjustments to your tactics from the beginning. To help you choose, visit our FC 24 formation guide.

Once you’ve chosen your squad, the first thing you need to do is determine your Tactical Vision. Tactical Vision is essentially a blueprint for how you want to play football, and FC 24 introduces seven different templates.

Once you’ve chosen your Tactical Vision, you can then hire coaches to implement your philosophy, and you’ll only be paid a fixed amount of FC 24 Coins and a salary, so choose carefully.

Each coach will be rated five stars in their chosen categories: attacking, midfield, defending, and goalkeeper. The better they perform, the more impact they have on your players’ attributes throughout the season.

So make sure you choose a coach that aligns with your Tactical Vision and put them in the category where they can make the most difference. For example, a coach with a two - star attacking rating but a four - star defensive rating would be placed in the defensive coach category.

You’ll also see Ideal Quality you should aim for in your coach, and if you successfully achieve this, your players will develop at the fastest rate. Through practice, we’ve found that hitting our targets cuts the time it takes to ramp up a player development program in half from around 35 weeks to 18 weeks.

Seeing this, are you very excited, but are you worried about whether it will consume your budget? Please rest assured that this is a long - term plan for players who want to get the most out of their team. These coaches will not only help individual players but also better help you try out the overall strategy on the court.

Scouting in Career Mode

If you want to improve your squad further, you’ll need to delve deeper into the scouting section of Manager Center. This is great if you’ve played FIFA before, as it hasn’t changed much.

But it’s worth going over some basics and some of the fresh additions. For example, you can now scout players based on your Tactical Visions and Play Style. This approach will make it easier for you to find the right players for your starting lineup.

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Explanation About Global Transfer Network

Global Transfer Network is your key hub for scouting players, allowing you to sort through players by position, whether they match your Tactical Visions, PlayStyles, time left on contract, and age.

You can hire up to six scouts, each with a five - star rating in two categories: Experience and Judgement. Experience gives you more players to choose from, while higher Judgement will help you find better players.

How To Find Wonder Kids?

If you follow our tips above, you should have dozens, if not hundreds, of players to choose from. So how do you narrow it down? Here’s a tip. You can filter by At Club Since [YEAR]’ (over 22 years old or 79 potential or below), Showing Great Potential’ (80 - 85 potential), Exciting Prospect (86 - 890 potential) Has Potential to be Special (91+ potential).

As usual, younger players and players with longer service are great!

Career Mode Transfers

Once you’ve scouted all the players, it’s time to consider transfers. While the back and forth of Career Mode transfers is never fun, it’s worth knowing about it. Not only will you get new players, you’ll also save money.

Career Mode General Tips: Training Plans And Coaches

Training Plans is another headline feature to look out for in FC 24 Career Mode, and its main essence is a way to balance your team’s physical fitness. This may not seem that important, but if you take the time to learn it, it will add a layer of depth to your man management aspect.

When you start training your team, there are two stats to keep an eye on: Fitness and Acuity. The former is about your players’ physical fitness on the field, and if they play too many games, their stamina will decrease; on the other hand, higher Acuity can help them improve their form and skills better in the field.

Like your players, the ability of coaches is not static. With Tactical Visions enabled, the more wins you get, the more XP you give to your backroom staff. So from the beginning, don’t worry about bringing in some mid - level coaches.

Also, pay attention to the knowledge level of your coaches, which will not only improve the coach but also the overall rating of the players on the field. You can constantly change the coaching staff to achieve a good balance. If your rating is far higher than the ideal rating, you can invest other remaining resources elsewhere.

There is still a lot for us and the players to learn about FC 24 Career Mode. We have only listed some details, and the remaining practical operations require players to continue to explore. I wish you and your team can achieve excellent results during European Cup.

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