Elder Scrolls Online: Emergence Of Fair Winds Housing In Necrom

I believe that almost every Elder Scrolls Online player already knows that the next piece of information, Necrom, will be launched in a few months. They have a lot of new features coming out, new classes, new areas, everything you’d expect from an expansion pack.

But recently I noticed Fair Winds Housing during a developer stream. Although this is appended in a new chapter. This is actually a High Isle ship model, which is listed as housing in Galen.

I wonder if that means they will release shortly it after Galen. Including Crown Store Exclusive Houses, Gonfalon Bay and High Isle, but maybe they weren’t ready in time, so they came out with Fair Winds Housing.

Enter to the house from a boat on the beach of Vastyr on the island of Galen. Check out this gorgeous loading screen art and it will be the first thing you notice when you enter the ship. It’s not as big as some crazy haciendas, but it still takes seconds to run from one end to the other. They divide it into several inconspicuous areas.

Elder Scrolls Online: Emergence Of Fair Winds Housing In Necrom

If you have a crew, you can give each character their own room here, as well as some rooms for storage and crafting areas, and a common area lounge at the bottom. I’d put the galley here, supply the fire, and maybe have a tavern-like space for the crew to hang out.

The captain’s cabin itself is larger than some of the other homes. This is probably where most of the furniture slots will be used. It is large enough to add a second floor or access. You can look into your inner state and create a secret closet.

Often house windows would have opacity, even in houses with an enclosed outdoor area facing them. That would annoy me, but these were perfect. I hope we see more of these in future houses.

The obvious difference in this house is that it looks like it is sailing. Boat doesn’t actually move, it’s beautiful. The water flows past the rolling islands in the distance. There are other boats in the water passing by every few minutes. It’s like you’re sailing the seas of a merchant ship.

The first time I went in to check, before I decided to record anything, I see a Sea-Serpent on one side and some Ornaugs on the back. But when I came back to record, there was no sign of wild animals anywhere. So wildlife is either very rare, or the timing of my shoot is very unlucky.

Anything you put outside the boat stays stationary with the boat, so you can build some paths if you want. If you have some boats, you can create a small fleet, or some rafts. When this hits an enemy for the first time in PTS, if you fall in, the water will sweep you away, making it look like the boat left you behind and gently put you back on deck.

However, recently they have changed that. Now, when you touch water, you die instantly. Even if you build stairs to go down and walk gently into the water, it’s not the fall damage that causes instant death. This is unfortunate.

Elder Scrolls Online: Emergence Of Fair Winds Housing In Necrom

Speaking of fall damage, you can climb up to Crow’s Wood on several masts. Visibility is great, although the trigger is finicky. The greatest use of this ship is that you can dock directly to Vulkhel Guard, Davon’s Watch, or Daggerfall City Docks.

I’m not sure if there are any items worth getting in the “furnished” option, but the only thing that’s really special is the ship’s bell. I guess it will depend on the value of the furnished version. The ship is considered “Manor” class housing, and you can get 700 furniture slots with ESO Gold. If it follows existing housing, it’s about half of the free players.

But I think there is a problem with all housing: the numbers are half what they should be. For this ship, getting 700 furniture slots might be fine, but with larger houses on the same floor, trying to space out the 700 furniture slots is like mile markers on a highway.

If you’re trying to do anything with that space, you’ll end up cutting away part of it so you can use the correct density of trim to function, but you’ll still end up sacrificing some functionality to make it happen. Same with the visitor limit, 24 is fine for a crew, but terrible for a Guild House.

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I popped out to check the model boat from the dock and for some reason. It did not moor the boat where the dinghy was. There was a different ship off shore at that location. I’m waiting to see if it drives by at some point. Then a different ship pass by, similar in size but not the same ship. I knew it looked familiar, so I visited some marinas looking for it.

If you go to Port Navire, Silver Swan, it’s featured in the main storyline outside of the exploration of High Isle, Slaughterfish. I think conceptually it’s a good place to put a dinghy.

There’s not much else to say about the mission. It feels like your own ship is there to load its cargo. This model will also be familiar to anyone who has experimented with Dreadsail Reef. I don’t want to say it’s everything I want in terms of housing, but I’m happy to have it set up on site.

One of my characters lives on a ship called The Trouble, which I might offer to my guild. I’ve heard of some people having hallucinations of wobbly motion, but making something stationary appear to be in motion is a pretty impressive technical feat, and I’m happy with the results we got.

Elder Scrolls Online: Emergence Of Fair Winds Housing In Necrom

I don’t think we can put furniture on a ship that actually moves, so I’m willing not to look at it up close. That said, I see some negatives.

First of all, this is a very strong Daggerfall Covenant Style. A bit too fancy for my Breton. But it would be nice if there was some way to set it to a different Covenant Style. I really like the blue sails for my own use, but you also have the option to switch them to red or gold, which would be nice for people playing other leagues.

Second, this appears to be exclusive to another Crown Store, which means you’ll have to acquire it through other means. You can’t see the ultimate price on PTS, but looking at all the other Crown Store exclusive homes, it’s probably at least two or three times that. So we had to get a Crown for it.

They have clearly calculated that it would be better to catch a small pod of whales than to trade with everyone, but I find this a disappointing tactic. So, I’d still recommend that players save Crown in the sub, so we can get it either way.

What are you most looking forward to from Necrom? Are you going to get Fair Winds? What are you going to do with it? If you have any other ideas, don’t forget to discuss them in the community. Until then, have fun gaming!

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