Elden Ring: 5 Main Things DLC Really Needs!

As we all know, Elden Ring DLC is in the works. As of right now, we don’t have any concrete information on what it will contain, what the expansion of this masterpiece will look like, or what the continuation of this journey will bring us.

The wonderful thing about Elden Ring is that it will always provide us with such a wide perspective, allowing our imaginations to run wild and predict what Shadow Of The Erdtree really is. So today I want to outline five main things that I think Elden Ring DLC really needs, and it would be nice to see them added to further upgrade the game.

Loose Ends

Now, this is probably the most important one for many people. Personally, I think this is probably the one I rely on the most. Elden Ring DLC desperately needs to fix many of the lore’s loose ends.

5 Things Elden Ring DLC I Want

I love the mysterious unsolved mysteries and speculative side of these game stories, but when it comes to Elden Ring lore, we have far more questions than we have answers. These are not just simple one-off questions, no need to explain what I’m talking about are the basic building blocks of the story. We’re talking purely on guesswork.

Many of the core fundamentals of this game are open-ended. We can make a coherent argument with almost anything. But the truth is that the mysteries in this game are so good that not solving some of them is an obsession for the player.

Before we start piling more confusion on top of it, I want to explore what we already know. But thankfully, many of the elements we got in the preview images are recognizable. So I think it’s likely to happen.

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More Arms

Also, I would like to see more weapon types. It has leaked something in the data for patch 1.07. I discovered that from within the Software. It was possible to set parameters to add at least a few new weapon types. But that’s no guarantee they’ll follow through.

Here are some changes I would like to see. It allows you to use almost any weapon that exists in the world, even boss weapons. one of the few weapons that can’t drop for players is Crystalian Ringblade, and these things have unique and cool moves. I’m really surprised we didn’t actually get a variant, at least for Crystalian Ringblade. And we already have a lot of weapons and some baffling moves.

Elden Ring Crystalian Ringblade

However, if players have access to these, it would be a good Mid-range option. Players can still perform melee attacks with some swiping, and will be able to roll it on the ground like an enemy.

I can definitely see some interesting build options here now. A weapon type needs an overhaul or a new type entirely, and even after the latest patch gets a major buff, they’re still Flails. They’re still by far the worst weapon type borderline, to be unusable in some situations.

So if I had to figure out a way to make Flails better. I will introduce a heavy Flails. This is a weapon type that has a large body on a chain of medium length and is fairly slow. But it does tremendous damage to enemies when I use it.


As a Dark Souls game, PVP battles are one of the most interesting tasks. Hopefully, it will return in a big way in DLC and have dedicated PVP Warzones for those unfamiliar with Elden Ring. Let me briefly explain that in certain parts of the map, you may be invaded by other players into these Warzones that you have covenanted to defend. And this can be annoying for new players.

Elden Ring Warzones

They are very well designed and there are systems in the game where you naturally get help from people in other covenants until the host dies or a massive war breaks out when you pass that Warzones. I can’t stress enough that these are some of the funniest moments.

Whenever I play in these areas, I get to engage in these wars over and over without getting bored. But in addition to being fun, they also create a sense of community. This was conspicuously lacking in Elden Ring, but now that Colosseums have proven that Elden Ring can handle six players at once, it really might bring back Blessing’s Boon that PVP and Elden Ring players need. These allow the online aspect of the game to truly uniquely frame a theme.


Elden Ring needs to take a lesson from Dark Souls games when it comes to the arena. Now Colosseums DLC was great for its time, and that’s what Eldin Ring needed. But it has some problems that persist even now.

Elden Ring Colosseums

We’ll start with the most obvious first and most important. Finding a match is nearly impossible unless you’re in a 1v1 duel. Second, you won’t earn any rewards other than moving up to it displayed whatever rank on the side of the screen, and there’s no leaderboard to show that rank. Beyond that, we only have one map available right now. You can change the region of the map settings, but the geography remains the same.

All of this combined makes for an unsatisfying experience. So I hope that Shadow Of The Erdtree will bring a major overhaul to these Colosseums, making them something more unique than they already are, and encouraging people to play for the long haul.


If there was one feature that would have made the world of Elden Ring better, and would fit gracefully into that setting, it would have to be Covenants. Especially since the main events in the world are battles between factions, and since players will be able to swear allegiance to one of the factions, this will greatly enhance the role-playing element of the game.

5 Things Elden Ring DLC Needs

DLC would be a great time to introduce Covenants, even if they aren’t directly tied to the current bosses or leaders of the factions we can find in the current game. If we get new areas for DLC, I think introducing Covenants related to those areas is just to make the world feel more alive and add more feel to RPG.

We experienced this in Requisition of Volcano Manor, because that mission was exactly how Covenants used to work. I think there’s a good chance they’ll make a comeback, at least in some capacity, in DLC.

In any case, although I choose what I want to see in DLC, these are also what almost all players are looking forward to. Anyway, before we wait for the new patch to arrive, maybe we need to stay in touch and get our gear ready so we can start anytime. Players can use Elden Ring Runes to get the right gear. In addition, you can also use the code "CSCCA" to get 5% off in IGGM.com. Might as well give it a try.

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