How To Effectively Level Up To Level 100 In Diablo 4 Season 3? - Best XP Farming Guide

In this guide, we’ll share some ways to earn XP in Diablo 4 Season 3 and quickly progress from level 1 to level 100. I’ll also be adding some quick tips and tricks to level up more efficiently along the way. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Before The Start

First, when creating a new seasonal character, be sure to select Seasonal Realm, skip the campaign, and select World Tier 1. Because World Tier 1 will give us the best XP to difficulty ratio compared to World Tier 2.

Once we reach the shelter, you will need to complete seasonal tasks first. This isn’t the fastest way to level up, but it’s necessary to unlock our seasonal content.

How To Effectively Level Up To Level 100 In Diablo 4 Season 3? - Best XP Farming Guide

Quick Way To Level Up From Level 1 To 50

By the time you’ve done this, you should be around level 20 and we’re ready to start leveling up quickly. To this end, I’ve come up with 3 high-priority leveling methods.

Legion Event

For levels 1 to 50, you need to keep track of when the next Legion Event starts. Arrive at Legion Event approximately 2 minutes early to take advantage of the 15% multiplier XP bonus we accrued from the campfire.

It’s worth noting that you’ll receive an additional 10% bonus by inviting any hanging player to join your party. After completing Legion Event at level 38, I gained approximately 160,000 XP in just 8 minutes.

Diablo 4: Legion Events Guide


Beyond that, you need to complete Whispers first. Specifically, you need Whispers in the area where Arcane Tremors occur.

It’s an extremely fast way to maximize your Grim Favors while also encountering tons of enemies that are bundled together, which is exactly how we want to level up quickly. Whispers in Arcane Tremors zone netted me 200,000 XP in 5 minutes at level 36.

Domhainne Tunnel Resets

The fastest but most tedious and boring way to upgrade is to do Domhainne Tunnel Resets. This dungeon is located west of Corbach Waypoint. Basically, to do this, you need to complete the first few extremely enemy dense rooms.

After clearing the room, exit the dungeon, open the map, and click Reset Dungeon in the lower right corner. You can then jump back into the dungeon and complete the process repeatedly. XP you gain per hour from this dungeon will depend entirely on how quickly your enemies clear out.

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Tips & Tricks

Also, here are some tips and tricks that will help you greatly increase your efficiency in leveling up from level 1 to level 50.

First, you can invest more Diablo 4 Gold in some upgraded builds and optimize them for clearing waves of enemies. This is one of the biggest factors in leveling up quickly.

Don’t forget to use your Codex of Power early on to improve your damage or resource generation. You unlock Legendary Aspects by completing the corresponding dungeon, then talking to Occultist to imprint Legendary Aspects of your choice onto a piece of armor. Certain classes require certain Legendary Aspects to really improve their ability to clear enemy waves.

Please spend as little time as possible on the menu, and this includes managing your inventory. You need to make the most of your time by doing anything that rewards XP. Try to equip a new piece of gear every 10 levels after 20.

Don’t forget to complete your career quests. These will appear as white priority quests at level 15 for most people and 25 for Necromancers.

You’ll also need to use your Season Blessings, specifically Urn of Aggression, which will then be rewarded with a 20% XP multiplier that will remain in effect.

Diablo 4: Season Blessings Explained

Don’t Try Capstone Dungeons Too Early

To enter World Tier 3 and 4, we need to clear Capstone Dungeons. I recommend doing these at levels 50 and 70. Clearing Capstone Dungeons too early may be more headache than it’s worth. And transitioning to a new World Tier too early may result in slower upgrades if enemies are too powerful.

Our first Capstone Dungeon, Cathedral of Light, is a simple 2 floor dungeon, each with its own boss.

How To Tansition To The New World Tier?

To transition to the new World Tier, visit Kyovashad’s World Tier Statue. You’ll be rewarded with massive XP, but at the cost of hindered resistance and tougher enemies.

Transitioning World Tiers can be difficult and it’s important to focus on collecting new Sacred Quality gear. The same is true when transitioning to World Tier 4 using Ancestral Gear.

Diablo 4: How to transition to the new World Tier?

In each higher World Tier, there are three things you need to upgrade efficiently: weapon damage, armor, and resistance. Make sure to save your legendary gear and Legendary Aspects you need for a smooth transition into your endgame build.

The Best Leveling Method For Levels 50-100: Nightmare Vaults

In my opinion, leveling up from level 50 to level 100 couldn’t be easier. My favorite way is to do Nightmare Vaults.

When you’re primed and ready to level up faster, complete Whispers for a 100% chance of dropping Nightmare Sigils. You need to keep doing this until you receive a Vault Sigil.

Diablo 4: How To Get Vault Sigils for Vaults In Season 3?

There are 4 Vaults here, each with their own layout and trap format. Each Vault begins with an initially opening set of rooms, followed by a statue. Interact with this statue 3 times to get 30 stacks of Zoltun’s Warding. With so many Zoltun’s Wardings, you’ll be able to completely ignore the traps that can really slow down your leveling efficiency.

At the end of Nightmare Vaults, you’ll have plenty of perfect gear for equipping and upgrading Legendary Aspects, Governing and Tuning Stones for improving your Seneschal Robot, and Glyph XP for getting the most out of your Paragon Board. This is why Nightmare Vaults are extremely effective in the endgame.

Keep in mind that Vaults can also be Whisper Objectives, which means you’ll also benefit from extra Whisper XP and Endgame Boss Varshan summon items.

Gear Selection

Gear level 50 to 100 will depend entirely on your knowledge and resources of your class’s strengths. The benefit of equipment is that it speeds up your play through time, which basically doubles your leveling speed. You can do this by understanding the best Legendary Aspect on each piece of equipment and looking for higher rolls on drops.

Survivability usually comes from Aspect Of Disobedience, total armor affixes on the head, body and legs, and your resistance, which depends on your World Tier.

I suggest you’d better start by creating a list of Paragon Glyphs to reach level 15 and then research the best routes for your Paragon Board. These factors, combined with your skill level, will determine how quickly you can level up.

Friends Help To Level Up

Another option for leveling up quickly is to have a friend provide you with power upgrades.

My favorite method is to level up an alternate character from level 1 to level 100. Start by completing your seasonal missions as usual, followed by your friends completing your World Tier 3 and 4 Capstone Dungeons.

Diablo 4 Power Leveling Guide: How to Level Up Fast?

You can now also look for Gear or Paragon Glyph XP when your friends are running Nightmare Vaults, and you can benefit from their clears just by sitting at the entrance.

In short, following these leveling methods is enough to help you smoothly upgrade from level 1 to 100. I wish you good luck!

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