How To Easily Beat Cave Troll In Dark And Darker Goblin Caves?

I’ll show you how to beat Cave Troll easily. If you’re a new player, you should probably practice and successfully extract loot in Standard Edition first. There’s no point in defeating Cave Troll if you can’t get out safely with the loot.

Fighter Class

I’ll show the strategy from a Fighter’s point of view. Because Fighter has a good balance between damage and movement speed. But be aware that this strategy is similar for most classes.

Dark and Darker: How To Easily Take On The Cave Troll?


The first step is to take off all armor except the boots. Because most Cave Troll will attack you with one shot. So you don’t wear any armor that will slow you down. And boots help increase movement speed. You can get super cheap boots from Leathersmith for 5 Dark and Darker Gold.

However, non-metal gloves won’t slow you down. But it’s not required, just to make your training as cheap as possible.


For weapons, I’ve found Arming Sword to be the best. Although Falchion does more damage per swing. But with Arming Sword, I could score two headshots after Cave Troll’s overhead attack. This easily does more damage than a slower Falchion hit. Not to mention Arming Sword has a lower movement speed penalty.

And since Arming Sword is a starting Fighter anyway, this is great for making your initial training cheaper. In order to learn Cave Troll, I suggest you stick with starting Arming Sword. You don’t need to worry about time to kill until you’ve mastered how to avoid Cave Troll’s attacks and figure out your attacks.

Dark and Darker: Easiest Way to Kill the Cave Troll

Once you can dodge Cave Troll’s attacks more easily, you can get cheaper damage swords from Weaponsmith for 8 Dark and Darker Gold.

For this build, you’ll also spend 6 Gold to get the cheap Castillon Dagger and put it in your secondary weapon slot.


The beauty of this build is that we could take advantage of not having heavy armor by using Slayer Perk. We get five weapon damage bonuses, but we also need to have one weapon in our support slot, Castillon Dagger. We’ll also be dual wielding to increase attack speed, and combo attacks to increase damage during combos.

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For our skills, we will take Sprint and Second Wind. These are good Perks. Don’t forget that after defeating Cave Troll, you still need to get past other players and mobs and get out alive.

If your circle is bad, you may take area damage while trying to take out Cave Troll. Players may try to ambush you and steal your loot after your defeat Cave Troll.

Second Wind is an amazing ability overall for a 50% burst heal. And Sprint is a great movement booster that we sometimes use in and out of combat.

Dark and Darker: Fighter Guide

Cave Troll Boss Location

Now that we are ready, we will enter Goblin Caves. After entering, go to the middle left of the map, go down the stone slope, and open a stone door. Close the door behind you, then run along the wall to the left, toward Cave Troll with the weapon in hand.

Dark and Darker: Cave Troll Boss Location

Cave Troll Boss Guide

This is important because sometimes a Cave Troll will issue a Shout right at the start. If you want to avoid getting hit by Shout, you need to get close to his right. We’ll stay on the right side of Cave Troll, since that’s the easier side of fighting him. There are three attacks he can use here.

Broad Swing

He can do a Broad Swing, then he’ll walk away to dodge, then wait half a second. You can use this to turn around and slice his arm once. It’s important to wait half a second before attacking, otherwise he’ll follow up and most likely shoot you.

I recommend slicing his arm while you’re a novice, although it does less damage. Get your timing right first, and then you can hit his chest for more damage.

One-Handed Slam

The second attack is One-Handed Slam. As soon as you hear the thud, turn around and chop off Cave Troll’s head. If you’re new to this, I recommend hitting the head first and then the arms on the exit. Once you get more efficient with your timing, it’s a consistent double hit to the head, which is massive damage.

Dark and Darker: Farmed The Cave Troll Tips And Tricks

Two-Handed Slam

The third attack is Two-Handed Slam. You need to move away from Cave Troll immediately to avoid Slam and Shockwave. But don’t go too far, because he will also give Shout. You go far enough to avoid the slam, but enough time to get back to where you were. This way you won’t get hit by Shout and can even attack him during Shout.

Troll Shout

What if you get hit by Cave Troll’s Shout? Put away your weapons now, fire up Sprint and escape from Troll. It was a difficult dodge. So you better not get hit by Shout. Once you’ve defeated Cave Troll, make sure the two stone doors are still closed, and listen to make sure no one is waiting for you to finish to steal your loot.

Cave Troll Loot

Then we opened the big stone gate on the west middle side. Pick up all the loot on the ground and loot as many chests as you can. Sometimes there will be locked chests here, and you’ll need a lock-picking tool to unlock them. Don’t forget that you need to evacuate safely.

Dark And Darker: How To Easily Beat Cave Troll In Goblin Caves?

Goblin Caves Alternate Extract

Thankfully, there’s an Alternate Extract not far from Cave Troll. Open the southeast stone gate, go up the ramp, and turn right around the corner. Walk past the spike trap in the middle, go right, and open the door on the left.

Enter the archway to your left, and you should then see a stone staircase to your left, possibly blocked by a metal fence. When the next white circle is small, the metal fence will open automatically. So as long as someone hasn’t taken Extract yet, causing a rock to block the path, you can use it.

After defeating Cave Troll, you’ll find that the loot isn’t that great. Because a recent patch nerfed Cave Troll loot. Anyway, I hope this helps you defeat Cave Troll, and good luck with the dungeon.

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