How To Customize The Best Offensive Scheme In Madden 24?

Today, I’m going to break down the best offensive plays to help you defeat every defense you may face. From one-play touchdowns, zone beaters, man beaters, and all-around explosive plays, I'll show you how your offense can score more points and win more games!

One Play Touchdown vs Zone

We’ll get into Bengals playbook. The first play we’ll discuss is the one play touchdown against zone coverage. This tactic is Mesh Spot in Tight Slot Halfback Weak formation.

This play can run base and perform well against man or zone defenses. But in order to set up a one-play touchdown, you need to get A to score consecutively and signal B’s receiver for a comeback.

Madden 24: How To Customize The Best Offensive Scheme?

Against cover three with one high safety and corners eight yards off the ball. The vertical attack will occupy the zone deep in midfield, while the counter route will pull down the zone deep on third down. This creates wide open space for an elite inside route, which turns into a touchdown.

Short Yardage Play

But if you only need a few yards, there’s another way to go about this tactic. In this play, I saw that the defense was showing an all out man blitz when it was 3rd and inches. So what I do is I move the running back to the outside along the wheel route and you can see that the wheel route doesn’t flip over.

This actually becomes a tough route to defend. Especially in man coverage, create enough space for the defense. The route where you want to put B on a flat route. Then you can put X on the zig.

If you want the safety option, you see when we get the kickoff, the running back runs right down the middle of the field. This automatically creates distance from the defender. Just make sure the user doesn’t have routes lurking in the middle of the field, and you’ll be able to throw and catch to convert short-yardage situations.

Best Offense in Madden NFL 24 - Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Bunch Offset

Now we want to review the three plays of Bunch Offset formation. The first play is PA Dig Fork. All you have to do is make sure we set the bunch side to the boundary or short side of the field. So if you’re in a left hash, you want to put the bunch set on the left. Then you would create the flood concept by placing B on the streak and A on the flat. This concept beats all zone defense in Madden 24.

In the backfield, you can also put him on a route that is more evasive to defenders, such as a slant or a zig. That way, you have a zone-hitting concept on the right and a defensive concept on the left. If you have enough Madden 24 Coins, you can purchase additional blockers to block the running back, which will give him more time in the pocket.

Now, in the pre-capture, I actually put the bunch set at the far end of the field and then flip the game to the boundary. I do this to see if they are playing zone or man coverage. Because there was a high safety, I knew it was either cover three or cover one.

Because there are no defenders following the receiver, when I flip the play, I know it’s a cover three zone. So I built my zone beating concept.

So when you tee off, your first read will be the corner route. When you see vertical pullbacks, deep defenders, and flat routes pulling down into the arc flat, that will create space to throw lasers into the corners for big gains.

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And if the corner and vertical are locked, you can also check it by looking at the flat line. This curve is also fatal for defense. In this game against cover, both men have two deep safeties, and B continuously occupies the deep zone away from the corner. When I snap the ball, you can see the deep safety being taken up vertically and the corner route creating separation for an easy touchdown.

The next play will be Verts Halfback Under, using Bunch Offset formation. This play style of ran base is very suitable against zone defense and man defense. But there are other ways to destroy a defense in this way against man's defense, such as covering one of the deep crossing route. But to make sure that we can pull the deep safeties away from the crossers, we’re going to keep A on offense.

If the crosser you read the first time is not open, we also need additional options. So we’ll put X slant and keep everything else the same. So we have the running back’s slant route to ensure safety.

When I spike the ball, you will find user safety has too many routes to defend. This results in passing lanes opening up the field against man defenses.

Madden 24: Bunch Offset Plays

The next play we want to discuss is Smash Return in Bunch Offset formation. This game could be a man or zone beater. Against man, put RB on the zig route. Because we have an outward zig route and an inward zig route.

Against man coverage, read the outward zig first as he will need less time to run his routes as opposed to the inward zig. If the zig outside is open, you can easily hit him to gain some yardage and get an easy first down.

When facing zone defense, make sure to place the bunch side on the border, just like we did before in PA Dig Fork. We will create another flood concept, but this time it will be different players running different types of routes. This creates unpredictability in your offense. The only adjustment you have to make is to have B score consecutively.

Now we have a deep vertical route, a unique bend with the tight end out and a zig that will act as a flat route in the flood concept. When I spike the ball, the zig route takes up the user and the curl flat defender, while the vertical route stretches the deep zone. This creates several yards of open grass for the tight end on the corner route for an easy 30-yard gain.

Unstoppable Chiefs Offensive Scheme in Madden 24!

One Play Touchdown vs Man

The next play we want to discuss is Y-Trail in Bunch Halfback Strong formation. Professional Madden players also often play this game.

In this play, you want the team to be at the far end of the field so you can freely pass the ball away from the safety. So what you do is you put the running back on the wheels. Then place A vertically to keep the safety away from the wheel. Then put RB on the slant and X on the flat surface to create good route spacing.

The first thing you read will be a wheel route. If you see a running back step on a defender, you’re free to throw the ball up and to the left, away from the safety, over the defender, and make an easy over-the-shoulder catch for a touchdown.

Madden 24: Y-Trail Play

RPO Alert Bubble

For the ultimate play, we will discuss RPO Alert Bubble in Shotgun Doubles Offset Weak formation.

In this play, you want to read the players arranged above the bubble receiver. If he breaks inside to stop the run, you can easily throw the ball away for a few yards. But if the defender stays put, it’s up to the running back to find an opening to run through. If your opponent can’t stop RPO, he’s going to be in a lot of trouble.


This is one of the best and most explosive Bengals offensive schemes in Madden 24. Let me know how it works for you. See you later.

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