How To Create A Dark Moon Soul Eater In Lost Ark?

Here, I would like to introduce the newly released Soul Eater class on Lost Ark. I’ll tell you what tips you need when building this class.

But because they released Soul Eater class not long ago. Therefore, some composition, engraving, combat stat settings can be changed in the future. So please review this guide with that caveat in mind.


There are two types of Soul Eater identities, namely Soul Stones and Boundary Meter. You can use Soul Stones while using purple skills. For Boundary Meter, it differs from Full Moon Soul Eater, which uses Possession Meter as a class identity. Dark Moon Soul Eater will turn Possession Meter into Boundary Meter, allowing you to transform yourself into Soul Plunder state.

Lost Ark: How To Create A Dark Moon Soul Eater?

In addition, Full Moon Soul Eater’s Possession Meter switches identities, while Dark Moon Soul Eater does not switch identities. In other words, when Boundary Meter is full, she will automatically transform and enter Soul Plunder state.

While in Soul Plunder state, she cannot use purple skills. However, during normal operation, her gray skills will receive a tremendous boost. In other words, Soul Plunder state will increase or give significant benefits to gray skills.

Class Engraving

Class Engraving I want to introduce here is Boundary of Dark Moon. As I mentioned in the basics section, her core identity is that of a Boundary Meter.

For Soul Stones, Dark Moon Soul Eater has simpler mechanics than Full Moon Soul Eater. Based on my personal experience, you need to fill up Soul Stones Meter before using the purple skill.

The reason is simple. When Soul Stones are full, they will automatically use enhanced purple skills. Boundary Meter it provides is significantly increased over the unfilled purple skill.

After that, the entire skill cycle needs to be topped up continuously without rest. Because Boundary Meter will slowly decrease. When you successfully fill the entire Boundary Meter, Soul Plunder state will automatically turn on.

Lost Ark: Boundary of the Dark Moon Class Engraving

Combat Stat & Engraving

Because Dark Moon Soul Eater has nothing to do with Specialization attributes, her core combat attributes are Swiftness and Crit. Class Engraving disables identity provision and Specialization effects of her Reaper form and Reaper skills. Therefore, Dark Moon Soul Eater will use Swiftness and Crit as its main combat attributes, showing extremely high efficiency.

First, her base is half Swiftness and Crit, with a Hallucination gear set. With this build, her critical hit rate can reach almost 70%-80%.

Nightmare build is the most representative build on KR, Full Swiftness and Crit. It has a better performance in terms of compressed damage handling. If you want excellent Dark Moon Soul Eater damage performance, then choosing a full-crit Nightmare build is definitely better than a Hallucination build.

However, to be more efficient, you need to spend more Lost Ark Gold to get higher-level cooldown gems. The reason is simple: if you have the higher level Crimson gem, Dark Moon Soul Eater’s main DPS skill can be used twice while Soul Plunder is active.

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I think that to see the best efficiency of a Nightmare build. You need at least a level 9 to 10 Crimson gem to perform better than Hallucination. What’s more, high-level cooldown gems can supplement your Soul Plunder. But once you set this up, you may hit the cap easily.

So, if you want to develop Soul Eater into one of your main characters, then you can try Nightmare build. If you don’t have MVP aspirations and want some decent performance, Hallucination build might be great for you.

Lost Ark: Dark Moon Soul Eater Class Engraving

Can & Can’t

Unlike other quick build classes that are somewhat limited in DPS performance, Dark Moon offers huge and high damage performance. She has a lot of changing skill sets to choose from and a variety of combat stats to build up. Like I said in part one, her damage value in raids is pretty good.

But as I mentioned before, her Boundary Meter will slowly decrease as the game progresses. So, when you play Dark Moon Soul Eater for the first time, it automatically activates the identity right away, sometimes before you’re even ready. It forced you to use the conversion after a certain amount of time has passed.

Because of this, you may sometimes miss some skill cycles as mechanics come into play. Speaking of skill cycles, her skill management can change with your skill composition. This can also be a little tricky. However, Dark Moon remains popular among players.

Core Mechanic

The core mechanics of Dark Moon Soul Eater are Soul Stones and Boundary Meter. Unlike Full Moon Soul Eater, whose purple skill is the mainstay of damage, Dark Moon Soul Eater’s purple skill has a great supply effect on Boundary Meter.

The most important thing about Dark Moon Soul Eater mechanism is to fill up Soul Stones, and then use purple skills to replenish Boundary Meter. About 10% will only fill the purple skills of normal attacks up. When fully filled, the identity supply of the purple skills will be enhanced.

Anyway, fill up Soul Stones, then use the purple skill to fill up Boundary Meter dramatically. The more you use the enhanced version of the purple skill, the faster you will enter Soul Plunder state.

Lost Ark: Dark Moon Soul Eater Skill Composition

Skill Composition

Her skill composition can be classified according to the color of the skills, which are blue, purple and finally gray. Just like Full Moon Soul Eater, blue skills usually serve as a steady supply of Soul Stones.

The purple skills are Reaper skills. We mainly used Reaper skill for additional damage output, and its major function is to provide identity.

The last gray skill is Assassins skill. Assassin skills are the backbone of Dark Moon Soul Eater. Gray skills are mostly used to cause damage.


Most of the time I think Soul Eater, even Full Moon Soul Eater, will use Deathbringer as her Awakening skill. I think the reason is simple: Deathbringer will fill up Soul Stones. Therefore, I highly recommend using Deathbringer for Soul Eater for better skill rotation and damage performance.

That’s all for this Dark Moon Soul Eater build. Hopefully, this guide will help you get a great score with your Soul Eater! Good luck!

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