Discussion Of Future New World Plans - Artifact Drop Rate & Perk Adjustments

Recently, we got a lot of new information about New World in terms of upcoming plans, such as weapon changes and many other things. Some of these updates are recent, some are slightly older, and I wanted to include them as well.

With seasonal updates and fix upgrades coming, it’s time to unravel the mystery surrounding New World’s upcoming plans. From Artifact tweaks to Perk changes and a grand vision for the future of the game, we have a ton of information to share. So, grab your gear and let’s get started!

Discussion Of Future New World Plans - Artifact Drop Rate & Perk Adjustments

PVP Perks On PVE Drops

In Perks realm, issues surfaced regarding PVE failures and the deliberate exclusion of Perks like Burdening Smite. Whispers from the developers confirm that Burdening Smite is not present in PVE, consistent with its PVP-only nature.

Meanwhile, the less-than-pleasant feeling brought about by the drop in Critical Retribution in PVE has not gone unnoticed. Because traditionally a lot of the good drops in PVP still come from PVE.

Regardless, I’m not sure how far this transition should go. Likewise, you can get some significant items from PVP that are very useful. So I don’t necessarily understand why the exclusion is needed here, but we’ll see how they plan to move this forward further.

BoE Crafting Gear

As you may know, there are currently various bind on equip items that may be dropped. In one state, you can’t actually trade them with other players. Either appear as BoP immediately when picked up, or appear as BoP on the equipment and cannot be sold for New World Coins.

So they did intentionally change the frequency of BoE and BoP gear. But that doesn’t necessarily mean targeting those items. For example, while they’ve always tied Chef Shirt to gear, plans are in the works for other items that promise a smoother trading experience.

Solo Trials & Resource Nodes

But players’ love for solo trials remains strong. We are also happy with the new node count and resource allocation. With more PVE content coming soon, be ready for the challenge!

New World: PvP Track & Rewards Explained

PVP Items From PVE

Also, the debate between PVP and PVE rewards continues. PVP players often need to do PVE content for specific good equipment. But it’s just part of being an MMO. You’ll be forced to engage in activities you don’t necessarily want to do, which is your primary way of obtaining specific gear.

The developers have no plans to change the source of some rewards on PVP track. There are currently a ton of rewards for PVE content that you can earn specifically from these activities. Since PVP hasn’t had much variety in terms of gear for a long time, you pretty much have to either farm everything in PVE.

Therefore, the developers’ focus in Season 4 is to enhance PVP track rewards and ensure that PVP-focused players enjoy armor, weapons, and cosmetics. This allows players to achieve a balance between the thrill of combat and loot.

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LuckSafe For Artifacts/Increased Drop Chance

Also, there is a very important question, and that is whether we will get an update for Bad Luck Protection for Artifacts. The developers stated that they originally planned to provide Bad Luck Protection in Season 4, but they had to postpone that plan due to other priorities.

Meanwhile, they increased the drop rate of artifacts from 10% to 20%. Artifacts’ Bad Luck Protection remains on their radar and internal roadmap, and they promise to provide more information in future seasons.

Considering they’ve used Bad Luck Protection in events in the past, I’m really not sure what the difference this confirmed 20% drop chance actually is.

New World: LuckSafe for Artifacts

Influence Race Adjustments

Once we get some information about Influence Race, we will group together Races Territorial on the schedule.

Territorial cycles are 3 days, which will make it more difficult for teams to hold more than 3 Territorials without risking double declarations. Each Territorial has a six-day influence race cycle.

They can adjust some area groupings based on feedback. I don’t think it’s necessarily as simple as putting all the highest value areas on the same day. Because then you also face the problem of having to push two Territorials at the same time in the new system. So I’m not really sure how they’re going to solve this problem.

New World: Influence Race Adjustments

Weapon Reworks

Weapon rework is coming and we have to revisit and update old weapons with a focus on playability and quality of life. Boltcaster Artifact may look a little strange, but don’t worry, it was designed to redefine gaming style, and future artifacts will be aiming to do the same.

Group Finder Update & Bug Fix For New World

Group Finder & DPS Meters

There will be future improvements to Group Finder system to ensure that queuing with a full group does not become a disadvantage. Also, while there are no immediate plans, the possibility of a DPS meter is on the horizon. If it does come to fruition, it will probably be an opt-in feature that respects the privacy of those who prefer to keep their statistics private.

As we plot our course into the unknown, the promise of more information on reworks, changes, and grand visions of a new world hangs in the balance. Stay tuned, brave adventurers, because the journey has just begun!

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