Best Tips For Perfect Defense In Madden 24 With Mable Coverage

The meta defense in Madden 24 is called Mable Coverage. In today’s guide, we’ll cover the basics of Mable Coverage so you can start winning more games now. Let’s get into it.


First, to set up Mable Coverage, all you have to do is press RS on your controller for coaching adjustments, then switch auto alignment to base. Then you’re going to get into the zone to drop and throw it flat at 30 and 5 yards.

Best Tips For Perfect Defense In Madden 24 With Mable Coverage

So what is the purpose of double Mable Coverage? Why is it so popular and how to set it up?

The most basic way to perform Mable Coverage is to play secondary defense inside the screen. You want to build up defense and press the defense, which is Y or triangle, and then down with the left stick.

The most important adjustment you need to make is to back off your 30 yard flat defenders, which are the outside corners. The reason you have to do this is if you don’t let them back off, they won’t get to the 30 yards depth you need them to. But if you hold them back, they’ll get the right depth to play their best defense.

Then you’re going to put the slot defender on a curl flat, which are 5 yard curl flats. Because that’s the most basic way, we set them up for coaching now.

You may have guessed that you will control the middle part of the field. Now you know the setup and your responsibilities as a user, but what does this defense actually do?

Madden 24: The Coaching Adjustments You Should Be Using!

Stopping Corner Routes

Mable Coverage is known to protect sidelines very well, and it protects corner routes very well. This also forces the opponent to throw the ball to the center of the field, where your best defenders are.

Flood Concept Out Of Condensed Sets

Now let’s go over some popular route concepts that this defense breaks down. The first concept we’re going to discuss is Flood Concept of condensed sets, which is very popular in Madden every year. It is important to know that Flood Concept usually runs densely to the short side of the field. So the offense will start in droves.

Here, we have a vertical, a corner out and a flat route, and you’ll see that when we spike the ball. These routes actually went directly into our defences. So if you struggle to defend corner routes in Madden 24, this defense will be especially good for you.

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But what about the backside in this play? What many people do is double Mable on both sides, regardless of its formation or the position of the hash mark.

But if you think about it, most of your threats are on the right side of the field, and we really can’t be threatened by Flood Concept on the back.

So think about how we can turn the defense toward the powerful side of the offense by doing things like this, putting your corner in the back third and your back safety in the middle third. If you only want to field third downs, you can have the linebackers do Hook Curls, which can help you protect the running backs’ wheel routes.

We should note that if you have enough MUT 24 Coins budget, don’t forget to improve the overall statistics of the running back. This is very important for the smooth running of your route.

Madden 24: Flood Concept In Condensed Sets

Flood Concept In Tight Doubles Formation

One example is a big reason Mable Coverage was so good this year. It protects 99% of the corner routes. And the corner route is probably the best route in the game.

Now, what if the offense ran a Flood Concept with Tight Doubles instead of a Bunch with the wide receivers on the backside, on a corner and the tight end on a vertical?

Actually, the same rules apply. You really only need to worry about Mable Coverage on the short side of the course. Then on the back, you can do the same thing with the corners in the back third. You want to make sure you press down on this back third so it protects the corner kick route. Then you can put the safety in the middle third. When I drive the ball, you can see the route is straight toward our defender like before.

Madden 24: Flood Concept In Tight Doubles Formation

Formation Flip

So what if the formation flips? So what if the powerful side of the offensive formation is on the left or far side of the court?

So now they are trying to run Flood Concept to the far end in a Condensed formation. What many people don’t know is that they don’t have to use the far end of the field with Mable Coverage.

If you double your Mable Coverage to the far side of the field and your opponent runs a Flood Concept to that side, you’ll find that the corner can actually reach the back of the flat for 30 yards. The reason this happens on the far side is that the corner has more room to get behind the 30 yard flat than the weak or short side. Because the corner route doesn’t have enough room to get behind the 30 yard flat.

This is a strong side approach to countering Flood Concept with Condensed formation. Place the corner in the outside third and then press the third corner.

Like I said before, it’s important to press him because he’ll defend the corner route very well. Then you can put the safety in the inner third or inner quarter. Whatever you want, you’ll see here that corner routes won’t be able to get into the deep third like they can when faced with a 30-yard flat. With this tip alone, you can close off corner kick routes to the weak or strong side of your formation.

The Best Defense In Madden 24: How To Stop Corner Routes Easy

Advanced Tips

Now, this is what some more advanced Madden players do. Sometimes, people who are very good at the game will move their receivers vertically to the far end of Flood Concept.

So if we do the same defense with the outside third and then the middle third at safety. Then vertical will actually stretch the third deep zone, creating space for corner routes, which will end up being very open.

So if you’re facing an advanced player and you see this action, how should you respond? Well, that’s when Mable Coverage comes back into play.

After the receiver’s signal, we will set Mable Coverage to that side. So what we’re going to do is what we did at the beginning. We’re going to hit the assist button and back out of the corner on 30 yards of flat ground.

If you have time, you can actually manually move the corner back a few yards to make sure the corner’s route doesn’t get behind him. Then you’re going to put the corner on a 5-yard curl flat to defend the quick route.

Because there are two receivers, we need to make sure we can still defend corners. So if the opponent has some type of pull route, you can take the corner kick out of the game.

Madden 24 Stop Corner Routes: Mable Coverage Explained

So what we can do here is actually double our coverage on both sides. We can do this by putting 30 yard flat on the corners and 5 yard curl flat on the slot corners.

And then our backfield safety can actually play in the inside zone instead of in the back half. This even better protects any vertical routes for both receivers.

This will be the final setup. So if the offense is going to hit a Flood Concept to the left and then maybe a series of corners to the right, we’re going to break it up.


That’s my complete guide to perfecting defense in Madden 24. I hope this peace of mind can help you better understand Mable Coverage. I hope you have a great day. See you next time.

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