5 Best PlayStyles For Different Positions In EA FC 24!

Have you ever wondered how an ordinary shot can magically turn into a Banger? Or do you want to breeze past your opponent with a perfect dribble? The newly launched PlayStyles can help you achieve this. But not every player is suited to the same PlayStyles.

So here we’ll reveal its secrets and give you the top five PlayStyles for each location. That way, you won’t have any hesitations about your choice of FC 24 players and PlayStyles at the end of this guide.

Center Backs

Let’s start with Center Backs. These players need to be rock solid and they need to stay sharp with their strongest defensive style.

Fifth, you have an Aerial Playstyle. Players using this style of play can jump higher, and their aerial physical presence also increases. So this means you can end up stopping opponents who are trying to get past the ball, or knocking your defender off with a perfect ball.

But it’s not just the aerial opponents we have to deal with, our ground players also need some strengthening, which is why we’re adopting Intercept Playstyle. This way you can get your center backs back between passing lanes and cut them off easily.

As a player, you also need to have a good defensive stance, which is possible with a Jockey Playstyle. But Jockey Playstyle might slow you down. However, even in this case, you will be fast. This can make a vast difference, especially in one-on-one situations where you need to stay directly in front of your opponent. Since you have multiple angles to cover, you don’t always have to cut off passes or blocking shots.

If you like Shoulder Challenges, then you need Bruiser Playstyle. Because it gives you a huge physical advantage over your attacker. If you have more FC 24 coins in your budget, improving your players’ overall attributes can help you be unstoppable on the field.

If you want to press X when your defender is close to the attacker or use advanced defense, then Anticipate Playstyle is for you. This style of play allows you to have a higher success rate on standing tackles, with the ball landing directly at their feet. If you have this Playstyle, don’t be afraid of tackling. After building a Fortress with Center Backs, you will gain back possession.

The Top 5 Playstyles For Each Position In FC 24!

Wing Back

Let’s take a look at Wing Back.

Anticipate Playstyle is again very useful for Wing Back. Because we rarely want to go against Wingers when we’re tackling. So improving your tackle with this playstyle could be an immense help.

We’ve only been talking about defensive plays. So now it’s time to launch a quick attack on the offensive Wing Back. With Rapid Playstyle, your players can reach higher sprint speeds. And you have a hard time getting caught by Raphael.

Next, we use Bruiser Playstyle again. This time for Wing Back, you will face Wingers with lower overall attributes. Therefore, it is important to let them know your physical strengths. Wing Back with Bruiser Playstyle can easily crush attackers on the wing and then return to the attacking part.

We have another Playstyle that affects player speed, and that’s Quick Step. With this, your players will get a boost on their first move. This can help him easily find players that are important to Wing Back.

Finally, we have a very dominant Playstyle, Whipped Pass. Do you want to see the ball reach its target faster, more accurately, and with more curve? Then this is the exact Playstyle you need. Defeat the attacking Wing Back and join the attack from behind, which can easily give you a scoring opportunity.

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For our CDM defensive position, Relentless Playstyle is an excellent choice. This Playstyle represents a player that covers a larger area of the court than anyone else. Relentless is a great option to use in CDM to cover the entire court and frustrate your opponents.

When the opponent is running towards us, we need to clear the ball. Long Ball Pass Playstyle will become very convenient. So switch sides safely or pass the ball forward to your CDM, who can pick it up from behind and you can start your own attack.

Now, we bring up Anticipate Playstyle for the third time because its defensive value is too high to ignore. This brings us once again to the expectation that your CDMs will gain enhanced tackling capabilities with this much needed Playstyle of Center Backs.

The next Intercept Playstyle will be very effective, especially for CDMs. Most of you probably know the directive specified for CDMs, namely Cut Passing Lanes. Combining these two will give you the ultimate pass intercepting midfielder.

For CDMs, physical fitness is very important. If you have Bruiser Playstyle, your defensive midfielder must show some dominance. You can easily regain possession by simply engaging your attacker physically and taking a step forward.

EA FC 24: Best PlayStyles for each position


As CM players, they need to play both sides of the game, and they need both offensive and defensive styles.

Bruiser is once again a very good Playstyle. Because midfield always requires physicality. This way, you are not giving control of the area when your opponent wants to get physical.

However, if you try to apply pressure in a certain area, you may get stuck. Then you need Long Ball Pass Playstyle and change the direction of play safely.

If you want to dodge defenders coming towards you, you can do this by using a Controlled Sprint. And Technical Playstyle can enhance Controlled Sprint, and your players can reach higher speeds through it. He can also swerve around defenders without getting tackled, which is fun to watch and effective.

If you think about your CMs regulating passing traffic through the centre, their passes need to be precise and powerful. At this time, Pinged Pass Playstyle will make the ground pass more accurately without affecting the difficulty of the receiver.

We also have Incisive Pass Playstyle, which makes the pass more accurate. Incisive Pass is great if you’re always looking for runners behind the defense and like to play through passes.


Now it’s time for my favorite location. The player in CAM position is a master of attack, so he needs to be efficient in creating finishing opportunities.

Whenever your player receives the ball outside the box and passes it towards his weak foot, you can avoid your weak foot and score a great goal by using Trivela Playstyle.

But we don’t want to be so selfish with our camp and shoot the ball all the time, so Pinged Pass Playstyle is also very important. Because the camp player is the bridge between the midfielder and the striker, he needs to provide key ground passes through the pinged pass. This will ensure you find your target without being intercepted.

You’ll also see defenders and forwards making runs behind the defence, acting as a bridge for the attacking build-up. Incisive Pass Playstyle once again allows you to reward them in a more precise way.

Plus, Finesse Shot PlayStyles are really strong this year. After your CAM passes the ball outside the box, you will have many opportunities to shoot from a distance. And Finesse Shot makes it easy to score even from long distances.

Finally, there is Technical Playstyle. Agile players in camp positions using Controlled Sprint can create huge scoring opportunities. The technical improvement will be far beyond your imagination.

Best Meta PlayStyle+ in each Position EA FC 24


Let’s not forget about our Wingers players who will blow past defenses with their speed and agility.

This is why Rapid is a great Playstyle. Reaching higher speeds is extremely important for Wingers, especially in open situations. With Rapid Playstyle, you can explore wider space after exploring that space.

You may see players in the box eager to make crosses extremely powerful with Whipped Pass. As Wingers, this Playstyle is very important, don’t underestimate its power.

The question now is whether we are only prepared to shoot. For other Wingers, Finesse Shot PlayStyles will not work for them. But when you use the counter-foot tactic, it allows you to take a step with your powerful foot and then slam it hard from a distance.

But it’s not always easy to set up for a shot if your defender is close to shooting. With Technical Playstyle, you can use Controlled Sprint more efficiently in any way while also making great cuts at the goal line. You’ll find yourself scoring goals with ease.

The most important thing is Quick Step. Bursts of speed are much needed when probing Wings and breaking through defenders. Most of the time, Quick Step can give you an immense advantage over the defender. So this is a must-have Playstyle for Wingers.


For Striker, Trivela is an important Playstyle for your players to score goals. It triggers “outside of the foot” passes and shots depending on the situation. When shooting from outside the box, Trivela Playstyle is a brilliant choice.

When you are going one-on-one with a heavy defender, you may want to use your agility to dribble past him. And Technical Playstyle is what it’s designed for, as it uses Controlled Sprint to get past heavy defenders and score goals.

Agility is also very important for heavy defenders who accelerate early, which is why we ranked Quick Step in third place. With its influence, you can reach maximum speed earlier and gain an enormous advantage over the defender.

As a striker, be careful after your teammates pass the ball. You need to create the perfect shooting opportunity. That’s why you want to eliminate the complications of catching the ball. Therefore, we have First Touch Playstyle as the runner-up, which can create incredible scoring opportunities with the help of gorgeous ball control.

Last but definitely not least, Finesse Shot PlayStyles. This is also the best way to finish the game inside the box. There is no doubt that your striker needs it. Take advantage of the shooting curve it gives you and scores unstoppable goals.

Today we bring you a lot of information about PlayStyles to help you choose your players correctly and use them wisely. I’m enjoying PlayStyles and scoring incredible goals. It gives you every technique to score in FC 24.

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