How To Effectively Master Wingplay In FC 24? - Every Variation Explained

FC 24 is one of the toughest games of the series so far. As far as gameplay goes, we all want to deny the issue of getting bogged down on offense and facing heavy defensive pressure. However, there is one key aspect that frees you up when you use your wings effectively and allows you to reach your full attacking potential.

In today’s guide, we’ll explore the secrets of wing play in FC 24, different techniques to beat your opponents, and learn how and when to use them to unlock wing play.

How To Effectively Master Wingplay In FC 24? - Every Variation Explained

Create Movement

First, you need to create some movement there. There are multiple ways to do this.

You can use L1 LB button to send one of your side players around to the wing. You simply point at the player with the left analog stick before briefly tapping L1 LB button. You’ll immediately see the body language change and the player starts running forward.

Another way to create this type of movement is to pass it. If your player has the ball in his hands, you want to run with the ball and eventually pass it to your teammate. Hold down L1 LB button and after the pass, you’ll see his burst of run on the baseline.

In both cases, the defensive player may cover the obvious passing lane created by the moving player. So if this is the case, don’t throw the ball directly at the runner. But you can use a third player as a link player to create different passing angles for your goal. Therefore, it is crucial to invest more FC 24 Coins to improve the overall statistics of players.

So let’s say you create some movement, cutting yourself into one-on-one confrontations to win back. So what do you do? There are many options.


Let’s start with Cutbacks. First, with Cutbacks method, you pull the ball back to center with a sharp turn and explore your passing options.

Once your wingers are far ahead, some attacking players will join in from the back and in transition. And the defense has yet to settle, making them perfect passing targets once you run to the end line.

At this point, make sure to press the button to stop sprinting and then turn sharply toward the center side. You simply move using the left analog stick or with skills and watch the runner behind you find the best position to pass the ball.

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If he can move out wide, I see opponents trying to catch me on the run, and that’s what I need to take advantage of. Because I knew he would keep sprinting just to catch me. That’s why I let go of the sprint button and used Ball Roll to make a sharp turn and get him out of the picture.

Now I see the obvious passing option, but the opponent also sees him. Because I made a fake move to the left, my opponent was a little slow to react. I get the ball on target, clear my front and get a good scoring chance.

Also, Player Lock is a powerful mechanism that can be used with cutbacks. Player Lock isn’t just for attackers. As a defender, you can also use it to disrupt play and steal the ball from your opponents, reading the game like a seasoned pro.

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Explore The Goalline

You will also have another opportunity, and that is to explore goalline. Sometimes your opponent wants you to perform cutbacks, in which case this method works perfectly.

If the opponent still wants you to turn cutbacks, you can simply go deep into the goal line and watch the players inside to create scoring opportunities. Please note, do not panic when exploring goals. If your opponent is still covering passing lanes, try to find the perfect opportunity.

Controlled Sprint is a great tool that works perfectly while exploring another excellent mechanic of the game.

This method is a Driven Pass. If you’re exploring the goalline, your forward can walk directly in front of the goal, which allows you to perform a powerful Ground Pass. Here, hold down R1 RB button to perform a Driven Pass, allowing for a free goal.

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Next, we turn to another method, crossing. Inside the box, this method is underrated but powerful.

There are two areas where you need to be very careful. The first is the movement of your potential target within the box. If he’s not really covered and is heading toward the goal, then that’s your chance.

There you have to adjust the power of the passer based on the distance between him and the target, you need to change it.

If you’re a fan of Crossing, you’ll love Whipped Pass PlayStyle+. Because with Whipped Pass+, we pin the ball between two and three bars of power. This type of Long Ball also works outside of the box.

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Switching Sides

When you control the ball to one side of the court, you’ll find that if you stay on the same side for too long, the opposing team will turn to that side. Especially if the opponent uses a high depth formation of Pressure tactics, this will become a problem that needs to be avoided. You need wingers and full-backs on the other side.

As mentioned before, because the opponent will automatically turn to one side, it will leave the other side open. At this point, switching sides with a winger can create incredible opportunities for you. But how do you use it as an offensive weapon?

Personally, I sometimes purposely grab the bolt too much on one side so that when the defender closes in on me, I take my attention away from the other side.

I’m looking for teammates on the other side of the court where I can pass the ball to. I’ll switch sides with Long Ball because my wingers and fullbacks are already active there. I took advantage of the space created by the wing change and perfectly accumulated the power of the winger’s change, giving us an easy chance to score.

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Attacking Wingbacks

At the end of the guide, an important section is retained. You may have seen how aggressively I use my wing backs on offense, which will bring another dimension to your offense.

If your winger is under pressure from two players, your wing backs can easily create a new passing position for the forward. Not only do you get rid of the pressure, but you start a very dangerous attack.

Next, if your wing backs join the attack, your wing players may move more towards the center between the full backs and forwards. This means you can fill one more position and pass to that additional position.

You’ll also have a variety of passing options. Assuming your winger has the ball in midfield, it will be a pleasure to defend him if you only have the midfielder passing the ball. But here, things change.

For example, I see my wing backs push forward and immediately find their free space. If you find there is space in front of you, you can use the wing back. It’s simple, don’t hesitate and rush because most of the time the opponent won’t expect it. This way, you can create excellent scoring opportunities in all aspects.

Therefore, after adopting these methods, you will become an actual threat from the side and cause real difficulties for your opponents. Use your agile wingers and dominate your game!

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