New World Season 4 Eternal Frost Update Notes! - Release Date & New Content

Following the successful launch of Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, New World has announced Season 4 called Eternal Frost, much to the excitement of all players.

The new season will bring new Storyline, Expedition, Artifacts and more. In addition, they will launch a new Season Pass in Season 4, as well as some limited-time challenges. Players can complete these challenges to earn exclusive cosmetics.

If you have been waiting for the update of New World Season 4 Eternal Frost. Here’s everything you need to know about it, including its release date and everything it will bring to the game.

New World: Dev Update - Eternal Frost Announcement

Release Date

The developers stated that New World it will release Season 4 Eternal Frost on December 12, 2023, however, the specific time has not been revealed. In addition to this, players can test out all upcoming content in its Public Test Realm ahead of its global launch starting on November 9.

However, keep in mind that you need to own Rise of the Angry Earth to access the new content.

New World Season 4 Eternal Frost Release Date

Content Summary For Season 4

Below, you’ll find a full breakdown of everything in New World Season 4 Eternal Frost.

New Storyline

New World Eternal Frost update will continue Rise of the Angry Earth storyline. The storyline started with the last patch in October of this year. Players will have to face an unknown threat from Knight of Round Table. He discovers the secret of Ancients and plans to conquer humanity with the power of Eternal Frost on Aeternum.

To stop him, players must team up with Silver Crows, a group of explorers and adventurers, and seek the help of a Fire Mage named Daichi to track down and defeat the knight before he destroys Aeternum.

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Winter Convergence Festival

Icy winds and Glimmering Gleamite fill the air once again as Winter Convergence Festival returns to Aeternum. During the festival, you will visit Winter Villages, meet Winter Wanderer and perform his festival missions.

In return, players will receive Winter Tokens. Players can use them to earn new limited-time rewards, including Festive Skins, Emotes, Housing Items, and more. Players can also earn a generous sum of New World Coins by selling recurring rewards.

New World Season 4: Winter Convergence Festival

Glacial Tarn Expedition

New World Season 4 will also introduce a new Level 65 Expedition called Glacial Tarn. This is a level 65 dungeon located in Great Cleave region, where players must venture into the frozen caverns beyond Empyrean Forge.

There, players will also be able to explore a massive frozen complex hidden beyond Empyrean Forge and pursue Varangian Knight Sir Loth.

To defeat him, players must find and use Empyrean Flame’s primordial magic to eliminate Ice Magic-filled enemies and obstacles and defeat him before the power of Sir Loth consumes all of Aeternum.

New Artifacts

Eight new Artifacts will be part of Season 4. Players can find and equip 8 new Artifacts to redefine their play style. These powerful weapons and armors each have their own unique abilities and tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Boltcaster Bow: Stun and shock enemies
  • Winged Shoes: Boost your speed and reduce cooldowns
  • Frozen Gauntlet: Freeze and finish your enemies

New World Season 4 Artifacts Preview

New Season Pass

New World Season 4 will provide you with a new Season Journey, new Activity Card, new Challenges, and new rewards, including cosmetics and consumables.

Players can access Season Journey and Activity Card from the main menu and track their progress and rewards. Challenges will test players’ gaming skills and knowledge and reward them with Season Points and other rewards.

Winter Warrior Boss

New open world boss Winter Warrior and his legion of Frigid Folk are on a relentless mission to spread Forever Winter across the land. Players will team up with over 20 players and defeat it in Great Cleave, Brightwood, Edengrove, Ebonscale Reach, and Brimstone Sands to earn new seasonal rewards.

New World: New Winter Enemies & Loot

General Crassus Boss

On the other side of New World, General Crassus’s armies are threatening Aeternum. Following ancient plans, Crassus’ forces occupied the southern lands and freed Cyclopses Lucanus and Decimus.

Your mission is to hunt down its terrifying leader and eliminate Roman tyranny’s shadow. You will search for portals in Brightwood, Weavers Fen, Mourningdale, Ebonscale Reach, and Edengrove. Each victory over them will net you new event-specific daily rewards.

Cross World Expeditions & New Group Finder

In Season 4, players will team up with anyone from around the world to complete challenges. However, they should be in the same area.

To find the perfect player, you can use the new one-click Group Finder. It automatically forms a role-balanced cross-world group, eliminating the need for lobby management.

New World Season 4: Cross World Expeditions & New Group Finder

Public Test Realm

Finally, New World will open Public Test Realm on November 9th. PTR will allow players to preview upcoming features and content, such as new Expedition, a new Season Story, new Artifacts, and more. PTR will also provide players with special accommodations, such as instant levels and special gear.

PTR is a separate client from the main game and needs to be downloaded separately. Players who own the base game will have access to a PTR app on Steam. PTR availability is limited and queues may apply. It’s important to note that PTR characters and progress will not transfer to the live game.


That’s everything you need to know about New World Season 4 Eternal Frost. We expect an Eternal Frost update to bring a lot of excitement and fun to New World players as they explore new content and face new challenges. Although Rise of the Angry Earth expansion is required to play, the update will be free-for-all players who own the game.

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