How To Farm Delirium Orbs In Path of Exile 3.22? - The Best Strategies

Delirium Orb is a special currency in Path of Exile, obtained primarily by completing Delirium Mirrors, and can be applied to the map to add layers of Delirium.

Adding a layer to a map permanently generates Delirium mechanic within it and also spawns many additional monsters. It also adds a bonus mechanic that drops loot in stages based on the number of monsters you kill in the area.

Farming Delirium Orbs is considered by many to be the most profitable POE currency farming strategy in the game, and provides some of the most popular items in Path of Exile.

This guide will cover the basics of farming Delirium Orbs and how to maximize your returns and profitability.

Path of Exile 3.22: Delirium Orb Map Farming for Huge Profits


When farming Delirium Orbs, there are many key mechanics you need to pay attention to ensure you get the maximum rewards.

There are typically up to 5 Delirium Orbs applied to a map, with each additional Orb increasing the difficulty of the map, but also providing additional rewards. This way, you’ll get more loot for each Delirium you reach. Additional layers of Delirium will also increase your chances of encountering 1-2 Delirium bosses.

While in Delirium map, you will notice that there are bundles of Fungal within the map. Monsters will spawn when players stand on these Fungals, and killing these monsters will increase Delirium reward threshold. The more layers of Delirium there are on the map, the more Fungal will be generated.

Delirium Bosses have a chance to appear in all Delirium-based content, but adding layers of Delirium to the map will increase this chance. At a certain threshold, you’re bound to encounter 1-2 Delirium Bosses that drop valuable Cluster Jewels and Simulacrum Splinters.

Path of Exile: Farming Simulacrum Splinters for Tons of Currency Per Hour!

Be warned, however, that looting the smaller stacks of Simulacrum Splinters is hardly worth your time, as 300 stacks are required to form a Simulacrum. Therefore, consider hiding Simulacrum Splinters with low stack size to speed up your play through.

Cluster Jewels are a common drop in Delirium map and can be worth a lot of money if rolled correctly. But many Cluster Jewels types don’t even have a chance to be valuable, so you can hide these types to save your Chaos Orbs and make farming more efficient.

How Does It Work?

The most efficient way is to apply 4 Delirium Orbs to complete 80% of Delirium map. The 100% Delirium map is too difficult and slow to run, making farming the map inefficient. While lower-level farming of Delirium Orbs can be profitable, we do not consider it efficient.

When running your Delirium map, you can add additional mechanics such as Breach and Abyss which spawn large numbers of monsters. This will significantly increase the number of Delirium rewards you can expect.

When running Deliium Orbs strategy, most of your loot will drop from Deliium threshold reward. These rewards do not scale with anything other than additional monsters killed. With this in mind, you can run White or Magic Maps to help us reduce the difficulty and significantly increase the speed of the level.

POE 3.22: How to Farm Delirium with a League Starter Build?

How To Maximize Your Loot Earnings?

First you can increase the number of items, which will not directly affect the rewards provided by Delirium Orbs, but will increase the number of standard drops from Delirium monsters added to the map.

Second, the item’s rarity does not increase the rarity of Delirium-specific rewards, but does increase the rarity of standard drops from Delirium monsters, allowing for a higher, easier Delirium reward threshold.

Map level also directly affects the number of Simulacrum Splinters dropped by enemies and the rarity of rewards dropped by Delirium Orbs.

Finally, Compasses modifier “Delirium Reward Bars fill 100% faster” will give you twice as much progress per monster kill to reach your Delirium reward threshold faster, while also having greater potential.

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Map Selection

For maximum efficiency, run Delirium Orbs on maps with the fastest build layouts, which are typically shorter, open maps.

Every map in the game has a hidden value that interacts with Delirium, which determines it granted how much progress each monster for each Delirium reward threshold. Generally speaking, the fewer monsters on the map, the more progress you can make.

Normally these maps are balanced around reducing the number of monsters for more progress, but since you can add a lot of monsters through the league mechanic, you can break this feature in your favor.

POE 3.22: Crimson Temple Map Farming

Among them, Strand Map has the highest hidden threshold multiplier in the game, provides the simplest Delirium rewards, and also uses a fantastic linear layout that runs quickly.

Caldera Map is one map with the highest hiding threshold. The layout is quite fast, and the layout is narrow enough, making it very easy to trigger all Fungal on the map.

Crimson Temple Map has the standard threshold multiplier, but has incredible Divination Card drops that can significantly increase your strategy gains. The weakest of the three, but the most rewarding.

Overall, with the right build and some practice, you can earn a lot of currency by farming Delirium Orbs in Path of Exile. Good luck!

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