Elder Scrolls Online Has Insisted On Excellent Game Content And Interesting Gameplay For Ten Years

ESO has now been in its tenth year and is about to open a new chapter on June 3, 2024: Gold Road. Elder Scrolls Online is a very excellent and popular MMORPG.

Elder Scrolls Online Has Insisted On Excellent Game Content And Interesting Gameplay For Ten Years

Speaking of MMORPG, you may think of the boss of them, World of Warcraft. The birth of ESO seems to be to compete with it. This work seemed destined to fail, but no one expected that it would go through a long journey of ten years and accumulate a lot of popularity. This is thanks to the wise decisions of the devs. They are not a short-sighted group of people. They carefully studied the early and late performance of World of Warcraft and found a breakthrough. As the Pay To Win trend became more and more serious in the later stages of World of Warcraft, the game was filled with paid content, causing its reputation to gradually decline. ESO seizes the opportunity, learns while doing, and focuses more on the game content, which is the adventure experience. This is different from the decisions made by short-sighted people who want to make a fortune while the game becomes slightly more popular. Whether a game has a Pay To Win trend depends on how much it needs game gold. Although Elder Scrolls Online Gold plays an important role in the entire game, you can exchange less gold for more experience, so ESO’s audience It is also gradually expanding.

Elder Scrolls Online operates through big limited-time events, minor DLC packs and expansions, just like most other games of its kind. In the MMORPG market, the reason why each game exists is that each game has its own advantages and has always adhered to them. World of Warcraft, as a typical example, always warns everyone not to be proud and not to ignore the quality of players and game content.

ESO focuses on the construction of game content, some of which even attracts players to become loyal fans of ESO, such as Oblivion and Skyrim. I believe players are all familiar with it. We play different roles within the huge world framework built by ESO. The quality of the story content directly determines the quality of the game. This is its trump card that can withstand the test. TESO is like a storyteller, and we players are a group of listeners. The storyteller pays attention to whether the story is well told, so that the audience listens happily and shares it with others.

ESO Skyrim

In addition to this advantage, ESO also opens up many new possibilities in gameplay. Such as decorating houses. It’s just as important as the game’s excellent storyline. Players are not even in a hurry to level up or climb the leaderboards, focusing on the lifelike features of the game. It’s like players experiencing a second life in the game. This is completely different from other MMORPGs. This kind of gameplay reduces the player’s anxiety about damage, the rhythm of the game is more relaxed, and the player can simply enjoy the fun of the game instead of the pressure. Conventional MMORPG focuses on killing monsters and upgrading, developing dungeons, and chasing leaderboard rankings. This makes people who work hard every day in the real world even more tired mentally and physically. ESO seized the opportunity and transformed it into its own advantages and even characteristics.

ESO decorating houses

If you just want to make a game, you need to do more work, but if you want to make a good game, you only need a few outstanding features. Whether it’s modeling, gameplay, storyline, art, etc.

The above two points are the reasons why ESO has achieved its current success after ten years of suffering. In the MMORPG market, several veteran players did not care about the emergence of TESO ten years ago, but now they would not have thought that he would grow so fast and powerful. For a game to still be well received by everyone after ten years is a huge achievement that many game manufacturers cannot achieve.

I believe that many people will notice ESO in the MMORPG market in the future, so it will still have a difficult road ahead. As players, we just need to continue to support it.

In addition to the above two advantages, there is one more thing. ESO’s technical expenditure is quite huge. It invests more money in Bethesda and the Xbox than it makes from the games they make themselves. Therefore, the rise of ESO is not without reason, nor is it simple. This result is worthy of their efforts, and they deserve it. The spirit of ESO has deeply influenced me. Just like most of us, life will never be smooth sailing, but we must redouble our persistence and efforts, and sooner or later, we will reap the rewards.

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