These 10 Best Meta Icons Will Be Your Best Choice To Build Your Dream Team In EA FC 24!

The most exciting thing about EA Sports FC 24 is that you have the option to build your team however you want. Whether you’re looking to field a team made up of the best players currently available or the best Icons, or a mix of the two, there are top player options for your club.

Icons are some of the greatest players in football history, and because of their incredible performances in Ultimate Team, they are often some of the more expensive FC 24 player cards.

Icons will provide 1 Chemistry point to all players and another 2 points through other players from the same country, for a total of 3 Chemistry points. With this in mind, Icons have the incredible flexibility to be on almost any team as long as they have a teammate or two from their own country.

There are many good Icons in EA FC 24. In this guide, we will make a tier list and discuss the best Icons in EA FC 24.

These 10 Best Meta Icons Will Be Your Best Choice To Build Your Dream Team In EA FC 24!

1. Pele

Pele sits on the throne of the highest-rated Icon in EA FC 24, with amazing attributes and impressive PlayStyles that would make any other player jealous. Although the four-star weak foot is indeed strange, this may be upgraded in future promotional card releases.

Aside from a few minor flaws, Pele can do everything you want an offensive player to do on the field. Not only does he drive play on the court with his excellent Pace and Dribbling, but his 94 Shooting attribute also gives him scoring opportunities from anywhere.

Finesse Shot, Incisive Pass, Trickster, and Quickstep PlayStyles give Quickstep the ability to be fast and elusive, allowing him to dominate matches against almost anyone.

2. Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane has one of the most balanced icon cards in EA Sports FC 24, and I believe most players have noticed this from the green attribute totals in each category. While previous icons were valued for their expertise in dribbling, shooting, or pacing, Zidane is more of a versatile player who can make excellent transitions in the midfield.

While his speed won’t be dazzling, Zidane’s control of the ball and impressive height allow him to win the ball in aerial battles where others in his position cannot.

Featuring seven PlayStyles, including Trivela, Long Ball Pass, Flair, and Finesse Shot, Zidane offers distribution and solo runs that will boost your entire team’s score.

3. Ronaldo Nazario

Ronaldo’s dribbling skills are, without a doubt, excellent. While he’s not as balanced as an attacker like Cruyff or Ronaldinho, he definitely scores at a higher rate than anyone else.

His matching 94 Pace, Dribbling, and Shooting only enhances his Finesse Shot PlayStyle, which is probably the most important of his three PlayStyles.

If you find yourself in a tight space while dribbling, Trickster and Technical are great add-on PlayStyles for Ronaldo to escape danger. But unfortunately, he only has 89 Agility, which cannot match the fluidity of legends like Cruyff.

EA FC 24 Ronaldo Nazario

4. Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho has always been the most coveted player in FC 24 Ultimate Team due to his unique body type and animation. With attributes like 91 Pace, 89 Shooting, 90 Passing, 95 Dribbling, and 80 Physical, it’s easy to see why he’s different from other players.

Not only that, but his Trivela, Finesse Shot, Flair, and Technical PlayStyle make Ronaldinho a threat in anyone’s hands. But his skill ceiling is still quite high, and if you’re committed to learning and perfecting the meta-game, Ronaldinho is a must-have player for your team.

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5. Johan Cruyff

Puskas and Muller are both excellent attackers, but even they can’t compare to Cruyff. In fact, Dutch icon boasts an unprecedented balance of attributes, including 90 Pace, 91 Shooting, 90 Passing, and 93 Dribbling. As a ball-handling wizard, his dribbling ability is rightly highlighted among his many amazing qualities.

Cruyff’s PlayStyle also perfectly meets all the requirements of an offensive player. Chip Shot, Incisive Pass, Tiki Taka, First Touch, Trickster, and Trivela allow him to dance around defenders and goalkeepers for fun scoring goals.

6. Mia Hamm

Mia Hamm is the headliner at EA Sports FC 24’s inaugural Female Icon, and she has an incredible card that’s worthy of its high price tag on the market. A legend of women’s football in the United States and internationally, Mia Hamm’s accomplishments are deservedly impressive.

As one of the best cards in FC 24 Ultimate Team, Mia Hamm has a perfect skill set and a foot that is too weak to be called weak. Besides incredibly high stats like 92 Pace and 93 Shooting, she also has Finesee, Flair, and Relentless PlayStyle to enhance her already threatening scoring abilities.

EA FC 24 Mia Hamm

7. Ferenc Puskas

If you need a pure scorer, Ferenc Puskas is probably the most famous player in the history of the sport, as evidenced by his outstanding 94 Shooting.

Compared to other players, Puskas does have a clear advantage in the number of PlayStyles, and the combination of Power Shot, Rapid, Quick Step, Flair, and Trivela creates excellent synergy. These PlayStyles give Puskas a smooth feel on the ball, allowing him to score more often than you might think.

8. Paolo Maldini

When it comes to football defense, few are as synonymous with greatness as Paolo Maldini. The Italian Icon has justified his huge reputation with some outstanding defensive abilities. Maldini’s 95 Defending rightly raised some eyebrows as he slid into the path of oncoming opponents and got away from them with ease.

While his Intercept and Aerial PlayStyles aren’t the flashiest, you’ll notice how many duels Maldini win because of these additions.

As a defender, meanwhile, 85 Pace should provide enough tracking speed to keep up with the fastest players in EA FC 24.

9. Gerd Muller

Gerd Muller is the best pure goalscorer in German football history and has incredible attributes to back up his legendary career in EA FC 24. While Muller’s 87 Pace will be significantly slower even compared to Garrincha, Muller’s 92 Shooting leaves plenty of room for scoring almost anywhere.

Fortunately, Muller’s speed won’t be a hindrance once he’s in position inside and outside the box. His outstanding 97 Finishing put many people off and made Muller stand out among the many strikers. His Trivela PlayStyle is perfect for scoring with the outside of his boot, considering this type of shot tends to be very effective.

EA FC 24 Mane Garrincha

10. Mane Garrincha

Mane Garrincha is a Brazilian legend with excellent attributes that help him stand out in the team. His pace isn’t exactly great, but his passing and dribbling skills are Garrincha’s most impressive contributions.

He has two PlayStyles that help enhance his quick dribbling ability: Flair and Technical. These two styles are very suitable for some skills and greatly increase his scoring rate. Among them, 85 Shooting and 87 Finishing benefit from this.

The above are the 10 Icons in FC 24 that are most worthy of your choice. Either one of them will be a great addition to building your dream team!

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