11 Advanced Tips You Need To Know Before You Pull Navia In Genshin Impact!

In this guide, I bring you 11 advanced tips for maximizing Navia’s damage. Without further ado, let’s get started!


Navia can shoot bullets with her Gunbrella, but you should know that she has a short range, just like Shotgun. Therefore, you need to make sure you hit your target at close range.

Everything You Need To Know About Her Skill

Navia gains Crystal Shrapnel stacks whenever the character picks up Crystalize Shields or when her burst hits an enemy every 2.4 seconds.

The best thing about her burst is that you get the stack even when you’re not on the field. You can trace the stack with the help of these bullets you see next to Navia. The first 3 stacks will appear like normal bullets. When you stack more than 3 levels, the bullets will glow brighter and become larger.

Most of us know this, but I thought I should mention it as well. The more layers she has, the more damage she does.

The damage jumps a lot from zero stacks to three stacks. The last three stacks provide more damage, but much less than the first three stacks. So you need to use her skills when she has at least 3 stacks of them to get maximum damage output.

11 Advanced Tips You Need To Know Before You Pull Navia In Genshin Impact!

Partial Hit

Another important thing to know is that they spread the shots of her elemental skills out. Therefore, partial hits on enemies will cause less damage. You need to make sure to hit the enemy’s entire body. You can easily click on the skill when you are close to the enemy, or you can hold down the elemental skill to quickly locate the skill and hit the whole body.

Easily Collect Crystallize Shields

One cool thing about mastering her elemental skill is that it gathers all Crystalize Shields near her, allowing you to easily get a Crystal Shrapnel stack before firing her gun.

So you’ll want to keep her elemental skills to collect shields unless you already have her max stacks. This also allows you to aim your shots more precisely.

Get An Extra NA Hit

Navia gains Geo Infusion for 4 seconds after using her elemental skills. This time is too short, only enough for her to release a combo of basic attack skills. But by canceling her fourth normal attack through the animation, you can perform N4N1 combo, which will help you get an extra hit.

You can dash right after she swings her umbrella, easily canceling the animation for her fourth normal attack, and then quickly unleash a normal attack. Just make sure you don’t rush in too early or before she waves her umbrella. Because this will cancel her entire fourth normal attack, thus doing less damage.

But this combination can be a little inconsistent and a little difficult to execute, since your hands need to be fast and precise. So you can also cancel her third attack via animation and do two normal attacks. This is easier to do.

You just need to dash right after she kicks out her Claymore, then perform two normal attacks. This does less damage than N4N1 combo, but is easier to pull off. Because her third basic attack’s start animation is faster than her last attack. This gives you more time to get extra attacks easily.

Please try both combinations and tell me which one you prefer.

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Tips To Reduce ER And Get Stacks Faster

Now here’s a trick that will significantly reduce Navia’s energy costs and also get your Shrapnel stacks faster.

Navia’s elemental skill provides 3-4 Geo Particles. So using her skill and then bursting immediately allows you to capture Energy Particles. This is how I usually start my rotation. Skill, burst, use your support, then switch back to Navia to unleash massive damage.

If I have Furina or Zhongli in my team, I’ll start with their skills and then move on to Navia.

When you use support, Navia will gain some stacks from her burst. You can then gain the remaining stacks by keeping her skills up and collecting Crystalize Shields generated by her bursts to further boost her damage. Then does her Geo Infusion normal attack and releases another shot, and does another normal attack combo cycle before finally releasing her burst again.

Burst Doesn’t Snapshot

Navia’s burst won’t be as Snapshot as some characters like Xiangling or Ayato. This allows you to buff your burst hit even if you use it before buffers.

Using Second Geo Character

The next trick is to use Navia with another Geo character.

Although this is not necessary now, I find it more optimized and comfortable to use her with another Geo character. This significantly reduces her energy requirements and also unlocks Geo Resonance, which increases damage dealt by 15% and further provides 20% Geo Resistance Shred. This is something no other character besides Zhongli can offer.

Zhongli and Albedo are the best here. Albedo provides a lot of Geo Particles and good off-field damage. Zhongli also provides Energy Particles, which can use Tenacity Set, giving a powerful shield and 20% Resistance Shred.

Pros and Cons that You need to know for all Geo characters In Genshin Impact

Ningguang or Geo Traveler are F2P options you can use, but they are less ideal than Zhongli and Albedo.

Geo Traveler build doesn’t hinder Navia’s abilities, but it can still cause a lot of problems, such as displacing enemies and blocking your view. And Ningguang or Geo Traveler don’t have good off-board damage or offers.

So instead of running less-than-ideal Geo support, you can use support from other elements like Xiangling, Fischl, Yelan, and Xingqiu, depending on which role fits your team, and build more ER on top of Navia.

Best Team

Zhongli, Xiangling and Bennett are one of Navia’s best teams to play for a number of reasons. Xiangling’s high off-field damage and her Pyro application allow you to crystallize reactions easily.

We can replace Zhongli with Albedo. Xiangling can be replaced by Furina, as she also unlocks Marechausee Hunter Set. This is the new set, a great alternative to Nighttime Whispers in Echoing Woods.

If you want to quickly experience more unique characters and sets, purchasing a new Genshin Impact Account may be the best choice.

Genshin Impact: Navia Best Team For Getting Her Best Geo Damage Potential


Choosing the right free weapon for Navia is crucial.

Among the craftable weapons, Tidal Shadow might seem very useful, as it provides many attacks. But don’t level it up to R5, as Navia’s best free weapons will be available to us in the upcoming event.

This weapon is Ultimate Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword. It gives you 48% attack power without any strings attached, as well as 30% energy recharge, giving you even more offensive stats.

The reason I say this is her best weapon is because Tidal Shadow needs to heal your character. This can be difficult if you use Navia with Zhongli.

Also, Tidal Shadow provides a large amount of attack from its passive and secondary stats, which can lead to diminishing returns when used with other attack buffers.

Therefore, Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword’s energy replenishment can make you more flexible and gain more critical properties.

Sacrificial Greatsword is a fun weapon to use because it gives you extra skill shots. This means more damage and more Energy Particles.

However, with more skill shots, you also need more Crystallizes, which can be achieved with Albedo.

Genshin Impact: How to get Ultimate Overlords Mega Magic Sword?

Substitutes To Nighttime Whispers

Now, for her Artifact, Nighttime Whispers is her best setup. Because it offers more team flexibility and is not limited to Furina teams like Marechausee Hunter.

But the set is new so no one will have a good 4 piece. Therefore, the 4 piece Golden Troupe is a good choice.

Genshin Impact: Marechaussee Hunter vs Golden Troupe

But in order to get the full damage bonus from this set, you need to shoot her skills immediately after switching to her. Alternatively, you can use a 2 piece set Artifact effect that provides geo damage bonus, elemental skill damage or energy recharge for a more flexible play style.

Hopefully, these tips will make your Navia play more efficient and make your Navia gameplay and rotations smoother, allowing you to unleash tons of damage from this character!

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