How To Get Your MLB The Show 24 Team Affinity 1 Progress To 100% Quickly? - Offline & Online Methods

What’s your current progress on Team Affinity Season 1 Chapter 1? Are you still looking for a way to reach 100% quickly? No need to bother anymore. In this guide, we will provide both offline and online methods to help you complete Team Affinity quickly.

Offline Method

First, let’s start with the offline method.

How To Get Your MLB The Show 24 Team Affinity 1 Progress To 100% Quickly? - Offline & Online Methods

Repeatable Single Player Missions

The first thing you should determine is what single player missions you wish to accomplish. Or, if you want to complete multiple divisions at once, see what repeatable single player missions you can complete. Note that repeatability is the key here.

We can see that in AL East, the total requirement is 20 bases, but they don’t have a pitcher. But if you go to AL Central division, you’ll find that their single player missions are both hitters hitting a total of 20 bases and pitchers pitching a total of 9 innings. Then, if we go all the way to AL West, you’ll find a total of 3 innings pitched and 20 bases here.

So the repeatable missions for all divisions appear to be 20 total bases for hitters, and then for pitchers, it’s either 3 or 9 innings.

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Play vs CPU

So now how do we do this most effectively? MLB The Show 24 has a game mode called Play vs CPU that may help.

It’s worth noting the stats for this game mode. Once you exit, the stats will count towards your progress on any mission you want to complete. You read that right, if you only hit with the first hitter, then all you need to do is get 4 bases with the first hitter. If you hit a home run, you’re out and done with the mission.

In this mode, you will see the difficulty of playing against CPU rookies at the start of the match, and all you have to do is choose a way to play against them. I recommend that you race them with the easiest difficulty possible.

Note that the first place you place is your fifth-best starting pitcher. Why did you do this? Because generally speaking, they’ll also field their fifth-best starting pitcher, which is their worst starting pitcher, and that gives you an advantage.

Considering you’re hitting with diamonds now, you’re going to have different lineups, depending on what you’re using. Of course, if you have more budget for MLB The Show 24 Stubs, choosing Legends must be the best.

Assuming I’m only playing in AL East, since it doesn’t have pitches, I select two hitters, Trea Turner and Mike Trout. When I unlock the third hitter, Ken Griffey Jr, I’ll make them 1, 2, and 3.

At this point, it doesn’t matter if all of them are out, because when the fourth hitter walks up to hit after the third hit, I’m going to quit right away. I could keep rinsing and repeating this process until I had 20 bases. This would be the most ideal approach if you focus exclusively on hitters.

MLB The Show 24: Play VS CPU

Mini Seasons

Assuming you want to train hitters from distinct divisions, and also want to train some pitchers, then I wouldn’t necessarily recommend Play vs CPU game mode, since it’s a complete game. We’ve got a faster way for you to continue innings pitching while also benefiting from hitting the batsman at your preferred pitch.

A great way to do this is within Mini Seasons. You can enter any of Mini Seasons, but I highly recommend choosing Classic Mode since you can hit two targets at the same time.

You can then restart your Mini Seasons each time by holding X until you get to a new Mini Season, then edit the roster and make sure you have at least six consecutive home runs.

You can choose a high-elevation park, or you download a high-elevation custom baseball diamond so your hitters can hit non-stop home runs.

Team Affinity’s mission is to hit 20 home runs in a season and total 50 home runs on Veteran difficulty.

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Unfortunately, if you’re going Mini Seasons route, you’ll be racing on Veteran difficulty, but you’ll likely still be way ahead because you don’t need to win those races at all. So you don’t even have to worry about that, just worry about 3 innings pitched and hitting the tank with hitters.

Another unfortunate thing about Mini Seasons is that, unlike Conquest, since your pitcher will be sharing energy throughout the game, it doesn’t reset. So if you use Pitcher A, then most likely the next game you’re going to have to use Pitcher B, and then most likely the next game you’re going to have to use Pitcher C.

You can work around this, but you’ll have to start Mini Seasons of every time you complete these missions. Therefore, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to complete both repeatable missions for each season in one go.

MLB The Show 24: Mini Seasons


Let’s say you don’t want to do this and you want to play on the easiest difficulty and use the same image every time. For example, let’s say you’re in an AL West game and you want to pitch three innings each with Raisel Iglesias or Jose Altuve. Conquest would be great for that.

Because the beauty of Conquest is that once you have a certain number of territories next to stronghold, you can always play on novice difficulty.

Another tip I would like to add is that if you are going to use Play vs CPU mode to gain innings, I highly recommend playing this way at home unless you are facing Rockies Team.

If you’re facing a Rockies Team, it doesn’t matter if you’re playing at home or away. But if you’re playing at home with the pitcher you pitch to, then you’ll be able to choose your custom ballpark. This will be your priority in order to gain base totals while completing innings pitched.

Online Method

For online mode, I would say you can participate in events.

Events currently allow you to use Team Affinity Season 1 cards to build a team. Next up just like the offline game mode, let’s actually see how Team Affinity’s online rewards stack up in terms of repeatable missions.

You will see that online you need to complete a total of 10 bases in each division before pitching, which is much less than offline. And we’ll see, for AL Central, it’s two pitchers pitching three innings in center field, but the total number of hits is always 10. And then if we look at AL West, you’ll see there’s a total of two innings pitched here, and those are repeatable.

So how do we do this in events? We will continue to build event teams using Team Affinity card that we will eventually need. Therefore, within the lineup, you will prioritize which Team Affinity card you need to get the total bases.

If you don’t have any pitchers at the moment, this means you need to hit first. No matter how many hitters you have, as long as your last hitter hits, you are executing a Team Affinity mission.

If you’re still batting in the first inning and don’t want to finish the entire match right after you finish batting, you can just quit and go to the next game. This doesn’t matter as the event will not be reflected in your personal record, it will only reflect the current ranking of the event. So you might as well take advantage of three hitters hitting a home run on the road.

Unfortunately, once you hit a ball with hitters, you won’t quit even if you’re not there. Instead, you’ll pitch an entire three-inning game using the number of innings pitched you need to count.

But like many seasons, the event shared energy throughout the tournament. So if you use Pitcher A in Game 1, you most likely won’t be able to use him again in Game 2 unless you want someone with no energy.

MLB The Show 24: Multiplayer mode Events

So what you can do is, if you prioritize pitching missions and hitting missions, then after every game, you use up all those pitchers.

Or, let’s say you only have two pitchers, so you pitch Pitcher A for three innings in the first game and Pitcher B for three innings in the second game. In this way, it is likely that by the third game, Pitcher A will not have enough energy to continue pitching the third game.

So every time you complete your second race, all you have to do is simply forfeit your entry. While giving up your eligibility will cause you to start over, your tournament starts with zero wins and a brand new pairing rating, or you can use Pitcher A.

Rinse and repeat the process and you’ll get two innings of pitching each time. You don’t have to win these events, all you need to do is get the stats.

Anyway, that’s the complete guide to complete Team Affinity Season 1 Chapter 1 in both offline and online modes. Don’t hesitate, try it now!

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