Path Of Exile 3.20: Some New Bug Fixes

Path of Exile has recently fixed some bugs in the latest patch, including bug fixes and improvements in 3.20 Sanctum League.

This patch mainly fixes those bugs. After the holidays, many teams have returned to their posts, so we will often see this kind of housekeeping patches. In this case, this patch has fixed everything from three client crashes, one instance crash, to one display error. For example, when you use Path of Exile Currency to get some items from a merchant, and the last remaining items are still on the list. You can also safely dismiss NPCs in your hideout after the team fixes this bug where you couldn't pack them up.

POE New Bug Fixes

The adjustment to Death Toll Major Affliction is also one of Sanctum changes, reducing 250 Resolve in place of Aureus Coins. Today, as more and more people know about Lycia, Unholy Heretic battle has greatly increased its popularity. Scourge's lightning wave also no longer produces large and small lightning bolts, but instead produces many and small lightning bolts. When a monster dies, the visual effect of its explosion also disappears to avoid affecting the vision. In addition to these, the changes include text corrections and clearer descriptions.

This time, the team also adds a new game to the patch, Voidborn Reliquary Key. The reliquary itself has 1231 options to thwart possible Unique items and will continue to work so that the items are all in place.

There are also some penalties Ruthless mode has also been a series of corrections. Previously, The Imagined Pursuits Atlas Passive, when encountering Delirium, increased Cluster Jewels by 800%. Today, 800% has been corrected to 10%, making Cluster Jewels even rarer when you encounter Delirium. At the same time, a bug with Vaal Venom Gyre has also been fixed so that you can no longer get Vaal Venom Gyre by mistake in Ruthless in the future. Ruthless is built on scarce foundations, and the two are clearly mutually exclusive.

If you want to read the full patch notes, you can head over to official Path of Exile website.

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