An Exploration Guide For Dark And Darker High Roller Goblin Cave Map

Here, we’ll give you a brief overview of all the features of High Roller Goblin Cave in Dark and Darker map tour. I know many of you are preparing for next season’s rankings. So this will be a useful guide to give you a basic understanding of the map.

I will break down this map module in a clockwise direction, starting from the north side according to the distribution of loot sources in Goblin Cave Map. So let’s get started.

Dark and Darker: HR Goblin Caves Map Tour

North Module

North module is the most open module in HR Goblin Cave. They divided it into three levels, the top two being Prison Cells, which may contain enemies. Any levers switch will turn on all Prison Cells in that layer.

I definitely recommend using ranged weapons in this room. It makes it easier for you to deal with PVE and PVP. Because there are not more sources of cover at the bottom of this module.

Here you’ll find a small group of Goblins, one of the three Shrines of Health on the map, some Skeletons, and a Medium Chest protected by some Fire Traps and Mummy.

There are also a lot of stacked crates under each top staircase that you can clear out if you have time. There are certainly plenty of sources of loot in this room. But none of them will really be of high value. Because it mainly comes from Small Chests and basic enemies. If you’re pressed for time, you can skip this room entirely.

Northeast Module

Next, let’s take a look at northeast module, which has only one level and mainly contains Goblins and Worm. There are some scattered chests and destructibles along the walls of this level, as well as a large hidden storage room in the center.

Dark and Darker: Goblin Caves Map Tips

And the central loot room simply pulls the levers on either side to break the barricade. That’s what makes this room special. While Static Stair Escape will randomly open later in the game, be careful of Mummy that spawns there. Because it has the potential to stop you from.

East Module

Then we get to the east module, which we can only enter from the top floor of the adjacent module here. You’ll find a ring of Goblins guarding two large chests at either end of the module.

If you decide to go through them, you’ll find a small room nearby. There’s a Shrine Of Health, some Goblins and an Elite Giant Centipede in here. You can use the same strategies as this Centipede as with its normal variant. It just has more health, so you need to plan your time accordingly.

There is a Lion’s Head Chest in this room, which is also the entrance to Worm room. I actually avoid this room often. Although there is another Lion’s Head Chest at the end of this room, these Worms take quite a while to kill. They will constantly burrow and block each other with their bodies. So I suggest you skip them.

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Southeast Module

Getting to the southeastern module, I didn’t really find much loot on the upper levels. But this is the outer boundary which will lead you past some Goblins and chests. You can access the next level through the trapdoor triggered by the statue here. There will be more chests and basic enemies here.

South Module

Next we enter the south module, which is also a Worm-intensive room divided into two floors. There are some Goblins and chests on the top level, which are fairly easy to navigate. The bottom floor contains twice as many chests, but is a bit more difficult to navigate. You can get there by jumping over the center or taking the ramp on the west side of the bottom.

Here you’ll find another Giant Centipede, some Spider Pots, and many Ore Deposits. It’s the most organized module in the entire game. When you’re done here, you can take the middle elevator back.

Dark and Darker: Is High Roller Goblin Caves worth?

Southwest Module

Now enter the southwest module, which also has two floors. The top level is where you spawn in this module and is really just a series of rooms and Skeletons that spawn.

This is a very basic area. But be careful as the corridor is narrow. So if you navigate to the center of a module, there’s a good chance you’ll get stuck.

You’ll find a one-way descent here. You’ll find a Skeleton Mage and plenty of melee Skeletons. There is also a Mystical Gem room here, which will yield a bunch of loot and many large chests. You can earn tons of Dark and Darker Gold by selling these loot.

Once you’re done here, you can toggle this lever to reveal the exit, and then go up the ramp, which brings us to the west module.

West Module

The west module also has two levels of modules, and the upper level is just a circle of Small Chests and Goblins. You can toggle this lever on the east side and pull down. There are some Skeletons here and a ton of Spike Traps. So be sure to bring a flashlight, as navigating here can be difficult.

If you want to get to the center module, I recommend clearing the upper level beforehand. Because the number of Goblins in the west is a bit overwhelming. If you don’t leave that much time for yourself.

Northwest Module

Next, we arrived at the northwest module. In fact, you don’t need to spend too much time on this module, because it is difficult to find any profitable items here. But there are a lot of floor treasures for you to pick up, but they are not valuable.

There are also monsters that spawn pressure plates if you’re looking for them. Such as a spider that drops in the middle of the room, and a Skeleton Champion that spawns in the northeastern room.

Dark And Darker: An Exploration Guide For High Roller Goblin Cave Map

You’ll also find that the last Shrine Of Health on the map is also surrounded by some floor treasures in the center of the room. You’ll find an underground tunnel here that connects to the other end of the module.

Center Module

Finally, we get to the center module, which is very similar to the west module in the regular Goblin Cave, and houses quite a few Goblins on the ground floor. You can find Ore Deposits, Small Chests, and Goblin Mage loot rooms here. But, it’s not really producing much at the moment.

At the top you can find another loot room and some Ore spawn points. The most important thing is that the mining capacity in High Roller is twice that of the normal map. Therefore, instead of getting three Ores per node, you can mine up to six Ores.

But, I wouldn’t spend too much time looting it. Since this is usually where PVP happens, I just show up with that goal in mind.

I hope this gives you a good idea of the layout of High Roller Goblin Cave Map. Hopefully, this guide will help you get off to a better start heading into next season. Looking forward to seeing you again in the game!

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