The Best Route To Quickly Complete Ymir And Jolan Questline In Elden Ring!

Ymir and Jolan are two NPCs in Elden Ring who are both involved in the same questline in Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. This guide will cover the entire questline and the many unique rewards that can be obtained along the way.

Heading To Scadu Altus

The first thing we have to do is get to Scadu Altus area, and there is actually a way to do this without going through Castle Ensis.

The Best Route To Quickly Complete Ymir And Jolan Questline In Elden Ring!

Note, however, that heading to Scadu Altus will cause Hornsent NPC to move there from his initial location in Gravesite Plains, skipping some of the small interactions with him there.

From Gravesite Plain Site of Grace, we can head north and cross Ellac Greatbridge to Castle Front Site of Grace.

From there, we need to head southeast and enter Valley area. We can see a wooden hut in the distance in a field of Miranda Flowers and Poison Pool area. There is also an enclosed Spiritspring behind Poison Pool, which we can activate by destroying a pile of rocks a short distance east of it.

We can then take a Spiritspring to a secluded plateau and a second Spiritspring to Site of Grace Behind the Fort of Reprimand, in Scadu Altus.

Once we have found Site of Grace, we can jump over the northeastern wall of the fort to reach the ground level with minimal damage. We will then move around the fort, eventually heading northwest of it.

Finding Scadu Altus Map

Before moving on, we might as well look for Moorth Highway, which is south of Site of Grace, as we will be returning there later. We should go grab a map of this area if we haven’t already done so.

To get there, we can follow Moorth Highway northwest. Keep an eye out for one of Miquella’s Crosses on the east side of Highway along the way, as once we get the map, we will be heading back to Moorth Ruins Site of Grace. Highway will eventually merge with another road, and the map can be found at that intersection.

Elden Ring Scadu Altus Map

Reaching Cathedral Of Manus Metyr

Next, we’ll head to Cathedral of Manus Metyr, where we’ll find Ymir and Jolan. Along the way, we’ll pick up Gesture needed to complete their shared questline.

Again, this will trigger a major milestone in DLC, as it will dispel Miquella’s Charm on all major NPCs. This may cause certain NPC quest steps to be skipped, but as far as I can tell, it won’t cause any quests to automatically fail.

Anyway, let’s fast-forward to Moorth Ruins. From there, we’ll head a short distance east and a little south to find a ramshackle entrance below.

Be careful as we enter Ruins, as we can die from fall damage. There are a few minor items to find in Ruins, so feel free to explore.

Once we get close to the bottom of Ruins, we’ll find that there’s a tunnel leading off to the southeast. Exit Ruins and reach Bonny Village Site of Grace.

Let’s grab O Mother Gesture before continuing on to Cathedral. We will start from the east and follow Village Road down. After jumping over the dried-up creek, turn north and head to the outskirts of the village. This Gesture is located near a twisted tree.

We can then retrace our steps a short distance and move northeast across the bridge. If Miquella’s Great Rune and Charm haven’t been destroyed yet, it will be destroyed once we cross Bridge Leading to Village Site of Grace.

Regardless, we will continue running north along the road and eventually reach Church District Highroad Site of Grace. We can then move southwest along the road and soon reach Cathedral of Manus Metyr.

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Start The Questline

After discovering Site of Grace, go through the double doors and speak to Ymir, who is sitting behind Cathedral. The first time you speak, he will give us Hole-Laden Necklace Key Item and Ruins Map instructions. We can speak to Ymir two more times and ask about Glintstone Sorceries.

Once this is done, a new NPC named Jolan will appear to the northwest, leaning against a pillar. Jolan will be indifferent to us at first, but we should still talk to her until all of her dialogue is finished.

Heading To Finger Ruins Of Rhia

With that taken care of, we now need to head to Finger Ruins of Rhia, located in Southern Shore area.

Start by jumping north to the elevated patch, then move northwest to Stone Coffin structure, double jumping north across a gap to reach another elevated area. Moving north, we’ll reach another Stone Coffin, then, moving east, we’ll reach a secluded part of the shoreline.

Next, continue walking east while keeping an eye out for Fingercreepers buried in the sand. Near the edge of the shoreline, we’ll find another Stone Coffin, which we can move northeast to reach the edge of Finger Ruins.

Elden Ring: Heading to the Finger Ruins of Rhia

Crimson Seed Talisman +1

Our goal is in the center of Finger Ruins, so we need to make our way there. The denizens of these ruins are called Lampreys, and they will do their best to hinder our progress. One Lamprey in particular will shoot purple bolts at us. If we hit our target, we will be knocked off our horse and pinned to the ground for a few seconds.

At the center of Ruins is a Hanging Bell, which we can interact with the help of our Hole-Laden Necklace. Doing so will allow us to obtain Crimson Seed Talisman +1 and advance our current quest line.

Obtaining Second Ruins Map

Once done, we can return to Cathedral of Manus Metyr and talk to Ymir. He will reward us with the second Ruins Map, as well as Beloved Stardust Talisman.

Afterwards, we can talk to Jolan, and she will declare trust and alliance with us. Once we have exhausted all NPC dialogue, we will need to go to Finger Ruins of Dheo. These Ruins can only be reached by traveling through Shadow Keep, but fortunately, we will not have to fight any bosses. Instead of entering through the main gate, we can enter through Church District.

Getting To Finger Ruins Of Dheo

Heading north from here will lead to a tough boss fight, but we don’t need to struggle with that for this quest. Instead, we can head to the southeast room. We’ll pick up a Scadutree Fragment near the statue, and if we use O Mother Gesture we picked up near Bonny Village, the statue will slide open, revealing a hidden passage to Hinterland of Scaduview.

After discovering the nearby Site of Grace, we can head northeast to Finger Ruins of Dheo. Along the way, there are two Tree Sentinels that we can fight to get some Blessing of Marika consumables. Beyond that, we have a summoning sign that will summon Jolan to help.

That being said, neither defeating Tree Sentinels nor summoning Jolan is necessary to complete our quest. What we need to do is move northeast, cross Hinterland Bridge, and then southeast down Fingerstone Hill.

Once again, we need to reach the center of Ruins and interact with Hanging Bell to get Cerulean Seed Talisman +1.

Elden Ring: Heading to Finger Ruins Of Dheo

Get Third Ruins Map

With this, we can quickly return to Cathedral and talk to Ymir to get the third and final Ruins Map. Afterwards, we can talk to Jolan again, and she will give us some information about what Ymir is trying to do.

Once all the conversations are done, we can rest at the nearby Site of Grace to start the final stage of the questline. Interacting with the empty chair here will reveal a tall ladder from which we can slide down to Finger Ruins of Miyr. Going a few steps forward will trigger an invasion by Swordhand of Night Anna. Defeating Anna will get us Claws of Night, which is pretty outstanding as far as fist weapons go.

How To Kill Metyr, Mother Of Fingers?

Now, we can return to Finger Ruins and interact with Hanging Bell. There, we need to face Metyr, Mother of Fingers. This boss is pretty tough, at least for me.

I eventually beat it with Ancient Meteoric Ore Greatsword and Mimic Tear Spirit Summons, but it took me quite a few tries to learn the boss moveset. It’s worth mentioning that defeating Metyr will earn us Remembrance of the Mother of Fingers as well as 420,000 Elden Ring Runes.

How to beat Metyr Mother of Fingers in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree?

Final Rewards

However, we’re not done yet. After discovering Site of Grace, we’ll fast-forward back to Cathedral Site of Grace. Once again, we’ll need to interact with Ymir’s Chair, which will lead to another fight where two enemies will need to be defeated.

Fortunately, it’s not that difficult. Once both Jolan and Count Ymir, Mother of Fingers are defeated, we’ll get Ymir’s High Priest Armor Set, Maternal Staff, and Bell Bearing.

After resting at Site of Grace, we can find a wounded Jolan sitting in her original position. We have two options for completing her questline, an Iris of Grace or an Iris of Occultation, each with their own rewards.

Anyway, that’s it for the complete step-by-step guide for this Ymir & Jolan Questline. Of course, this is just my personal gameplay. You can definitely make different choices based on your style, and in my opinion, this is what makes Elden Ring more appealing. Have a great day!

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