Elder Scrolls Online Update 39 Base Patch Notes! - Changed & Nerfed

Elder Scrolls Online developers held a live event on July 10th and previewed the upcoming Update 39 base game patch notes. During this livestream, the developers shared some of the new features, improvements, and tweaks in the patch.

Therefore, we will talk about the improvements and changes in this new patch here. Players who want to know how Update 39 will change your life in Tamriel must not miss it. This will cover everything you need to know about this livestream.

Elder Scrolls Online: Update 39 Base Patch Notes

Damage To Monsters

First, let’s delve a little deeper into our damage output changes. Now, our damage effects on monsters will affect the proc damage. So now Relequen, Zaan and Pillar of Nirn and Burning status or Poisened status will be affected by Bahsei, Ansuul, Major and Minor Slayer.

Dragonknight Nerf

Additionally, Dragonknight’s burn damage has been slightly nerfed, with a damage loss but little change. Dragonknight is still cheaper to run than S-Class Necromancer Colossus and also has a longer Vulnerability duration.

ESO: Big Balance Changes Are Coming in Update 39

Necromancer Buff

It’s a pretty baffling change, but sadly it makes Necromancer’s DPS much weaker. Because you can now take care of Major Vulnerability uptime yourself. But as Support Necromancer or Tank Necromancer, we only need Nazaray and Pillager’s Profit Set. So you have no reason to bring Necromancer to your team.

We can only hope ZoS reverts some nerfs to Blastbones, Siphoning, Archer, Execute Passive, DOT Passive, Boneyard, Boneyard Synergy, Orb. Necromancer set is pretty bad right now. I find it baffling that they didn’t even restore Execute Passive to what it was when Templar Beam was present.

Merciless Resolve & Bound Armaments Change

Nightblade’s Merciless Resolve and Bow proc both get a sizeable buff. This ability now relies entirely on passives. So you don’t have to spend more ESO Gold on this skill to activate it again. This is a pleasant quality of life boost and damage output buff for Nightblade.

Meanwhile, Sorcerer’s Bound Armaments have similar changes. But the skill was nerfed to the ground way back during Update 35. So even with this change, it still sucks.

We have very little damage penalty for pressing this ability on a normal Sorcerer setup, since it does less damage than Spam. I didn’t even talk about the fact that you need to remove the pet to insert it, because pointless.

ESO: Update 39 Patch Notes All Tank Changes

Weapon Passive Changes

In addition, the passives of many weapons are changing, such as Bow Range Passive. Instead of dealing 12% damage to the targeted enemy with Bow skills, it will now deal 5% critical damage to all enemies within screen range. 6% crit if you stand far from the target. It makes Bow's skill stronger. Excitingly, Templar also gets a 5% damage boost on Beam.

Even though Fire Staff now has an increased Status Effects of 500 initial hit, it still doesn’t change the fact that it is weakened to the ground. It’s ridiculous that I tried it on a dummy and Fire Staff damage was so weak I couldn’t even notice the difference between the new passive and no passive.

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But Lightning Staff is properly enhanced. Your damage output, or damage over time, is now increased by 12%. And its mini Deadly Strike is also powerful, with a very large damage buff to Templar and Arcanist. Because it enhances skills like Biting Jabs, Jesus Beam, and Dragon Ball Beam.

But from my tests, it’s still weaker than Daggers. Penetrating Magic Passive can cause over 3k crit damage. But it still doesn’t work for Staff ability.

Tri Focus & Oakensoul Builds Nerf

Tri Focus has also undergone some changes. Its Fire Heavy Attack cooldown is now adjusted to 20 seconds. This means you now need to stock up on Fire Heavy Attack before pulling the boss.

ESO: Tri Focus Block Bug

Shock Staff Heavy Attack will only be allowed to players at the end, which is a huge nerf to Oakensoul build. This 2H passive skills have also been weakened, but only a little weaker than before. Dual Wield Passive skill is nerfed, Daggers lose 1% crit chance, but it’s still the best front bar weapons.

Maelstrom 2H Big Buff

Maelstrom 2H is getting a huge buff. When you cast Stampede, they buff all your 2H abilities like Wrecking Blow, Carve, Executioner Skill. It’s very powerful. I got almost 133k DPS on a Nightblade made by stacking 2H abilities.

Azureblight Buff & Nerf

Azureblight is getting a buff and now has a 0.5 second cooldown reduction per explosion. But correspondingly, you can already build the next explosion stack, and the explosion is stronger than before, so it should be better now.

But it has also weakened and can no longer crit. Since this kit pretty much gives you a crit line, it’s pretty bad as it stands.

ESO: All the DPS Changes

Comparison for better understanding, I put 10 dummies in one place to create the best scene for Azureblight. But the weakest point in the game, Caltrops spoil it. I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but hopefully they will change that.

Pillager’s Profit Fix

Also, Pillager’s Profit is being fixed. It took 4 months, but now at least we can look forward to another raid.

That concludes the patch notes for ESO Update 39. Please let me know what you think of the patch and if you have any ideas to test.

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