The Best Way To Build Bronya In Honkai Star Rail 1.2! - Traces, Eidolons, Relics & Light Cones

Here I will bring you the latest build of Bronya in Honkai Star Rail 1.2. Bronya is an incredible buffer for almost every unit. She has some issues though, and players don’t seem to know how to use her.

So we’re going to explain it all in this guide. We’ll get to know her Abilities, Traces, Eidolons, best Relics and Light Cones. Then there are her strengths and weaknesses, as well as her rotation and some team composition.

Honkai Star Rail: The Best Way To Build Bronya

Basic Attack

First, let’s take a look at her abilities. Windrider Bullet deals with the normal amount of Wind DMG to a single enemy. In addition, it causes 30 points of Toughness damage, restores 20 points of energy, and increases 1 point of skill.

Combat Redeployment is her support skill. It first removes debuffs from the chosen ally. That way, they can act as soon as it’s Bronya’s turn.

If you use it on yourself, you won’t get the action progress part. This skill is Bronya’s niche in Path of Harmony, and it’s what we prioritized when placing Bronya on the team. This skill restores 30 energy and consumes 1 skill point.

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Her ultimate, Belobog March, is a support ultimate. At level 10, the attack power of all allies increases by 55%, and Bronya’s own crit damage increases by 36%, lasting for 2 rounds. So for a well-committed Bronya, your ultimate will give the team a 49.4% Crit DMG buff.

Her Technique, Banner of Command, is also a secondary skill. This means you can stack it with other skills, and then you can use attack skills. After use, at the start of the next battle, it will increase the attack power of all allies by 15%, which lasts for 2 rounds. This is a powerful yet simple team buff that can be useful in any fight.

Honkai Star Rail: Bronya Skill

Trace Passives

Now look for Trace. Her first enhanced passive skill is Command, which increases her basic attack critical strike chance by 100%. But this doesn’t enable DPS Bronya, it just gives her more damage when she finally takes those basic attacks.

The second passive is Battlefield, which increases the defense of all our party by 20% for 2 rounds. Her third passive is Military Might, which increases all friendly damage by 10% while on the field. This is a real winner among her passives, and well worth picking up.

Her Stacked Eidolons

Next we look at Bronya’s Eidolons, where E3 and E5 are mostly for skill level ups, so will skip them.

E1: Hone Your Strength. This will give her a flat 50% chance to restore 1 skill point when she uses a skill, and has a 1-turn cooldown. But it only happens when you restore said skill points. So this means that if you want to recover your skill points. You need to wait until turn three to get another chance.

E2: Quick March. This will give the target a 30% SPD buff for 1 turn after they take an action. This will help maintain speed parity with allies who don’t have their own speed buff.

E4: Take by Surprise. When our side uses a general attack on an enemy of wind weakness, Bronya will launch a follow-up attack on the target. And cause 80% of normal attack damage to the target.

E6: Piercing Rainbow. It will increase the duration of her skill’s DMG buff by 1 turn. It doubles her buff ability while skill neutral and allows her to synergize properly with units like Jing Yuan.

Honkai Star Rail: Bronya Eidolons

Pros & Cons Of Bronya

So let’s talk about the pros and cons of Bronya. Her advantage is that her Hypercarry buffs are powerful. She has the highest DPS buff ability in the game, along with Tingyun. Also, she has some decent use for her cleanse ability, especially for removing damage from Memory of Chaos loop.

Her talent increases her DPS speed. She also has a very versatile, powerful polishing technique. In the end she belongs to Harmony unit, with an energy rope it is possible to keep her normal rotation while gaining some powerful Light Cones.

Her downside is also her buff. She can’t buff 2 DPS like Yukong or Silver Wolf. Her Toughness damage is also weak. Compared to other Harmony units, she does lower damage even with free crits.

Finally, if you’re trying to minimize her and her team’s damage, she has speed adjust annoyances that can be out of control. And she could end up when her skill progression mechanic is actually useless.

Honkai Star Rail: Bronya Ascension & Trace

Best Relics & Planar Ornaments

You can go for Musketeer of Wild Wheat first, but you’ll want to farm the new Messenger Traversing Hackerspace once Honkai Star Rail 1.2 hits. It will increase the speed of all allies, including herself. So doesn’t mess with any speed adjustments and is a gain in every way.

For Planar Ornaments set, her new sweet spot will be Broken Keel set. It deals with critical damage to all allies throughout the fight and boosts her critical damage buff on her ultimate. Effect RES pairs perfectly with her Trace and will boost more Effect RES stacks on her.

Honkai Star Rail: Messenger Traversing Hackerspace

Best Light Cones

Her best bet is her signature Light Cones, But The Battle Isn’t Over. This can make her skill DMG gain up to 96% in S1. It also regenerates a skill point after every 2 ultimate skills. Past and Future, this will give her better DMG buffs before her S2, and is a great F2P pick.

For other options, since she can use the energy rope to keep her normal rotation. So you can run any Light Cones on her to buff your ally.

For Wind DPS, she can run Planetary Rendezvous, giving him more DMG, and doing more damage than her signature Light Cones. For any other team, she can run “Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds” or “Dance! Dance! Dance!

Honkai Star Rail: Bronya Best Light Cones

Team Comp Explanation

For team composition, she only needs a solo sustain. Because Bronya is an excellent buffer for any team. Therefore, Bronya can synergize with most characters in your Honkai Star Rail Account.

Then preferably a debuffer like Pela or Silver Wolf for maximum DPS. We can replace your solo sustain by two weaker sustains if you want to bring her two DPS. And the free play team will consist of Dan Heng, Bronya, Fire MC and Natasha.

Bronya is a powerful unit that can be added to almost any team. Anyway, that’s what Bronya is all about. Hope it helps you.

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