Improving These 4 Issues Will Help You Push Your Limits In FC 24 TOTS Event!

FC 24 Team of the Season Promo Event has officially kicked off, and every FC player will push their limits and strive for a higher ranking. So it’s time for you to become the best player you can be!

In order to achieve this goal, you must finally get rid of your bad habits and correct your mistakes. With today’s guide, we introduce you to 4 serious mistakes you often make and how to easily correct them. Now, let’s get started!

Improving These 4 Issues Will Help You Push Your Limits In FC 24 TOTS Event!

Not Paying Attention To The Defender

Let’s start with the attack. One of the most common mistakes is that you don’t pay attention to the defender you choose. If you don’t watch and understand their defensive intentions, you will easily lose possession of the ball.

You have to keep an eye on them and not force anything toward their defense. Even if you think they’re covering one side, you can’t lose focus because they can change intentions in half a second. If you don’t pay attention and take action, they will win the challenge with every encounter.

You need to focus on the player with that icon above their head and think about what their next move might be if he runs to a particular side. Your goal is to take the ball away from there and take advantage of opportunities in front of you to pass the ball at any time.

Here is an example. When I’m about to pass the ball, I see my opponent pick a defender in front of me. So I’m going to keep an eye on her as the ball travels. I see the defender continuing to defend with her instead of switching. Therefore, don’t push the ball forward or you will get a defensive challenge.

I get the ball back, avoid it and create a path in front of me to push the ball forward. Then, I saw that my opponent had changed to a new defender and was approaching me step by step. Then I just had to pull the ball back again and see him make a failed tackle and score an easy goal.

All in all, if you know what you’re doing, it’s actually quite easy to outperform your opponent’s expectations. But don’t forget that it is also important to prepare FC 24 Coins to improve your own player stats.

Wrong Finishing Setup

The next common mistake is with Finishing setup. Sometimes it’s not that you don’t know how to shoot, it’s that you forget to shoot. That means either you’re not facing the goal when you take the shot, there’s a defender standing in front of you blocking the shot, or the goalkeeper comes out and you panic.

This is a typical situation where you get in behind the defensive line and have an advantage over the defenders, and the only thing the opponent can do is take the goalkeeper out. When the goalkeeper comes out, he will risk closing the goal at an angle, which reduces your likelihood of scoring a goal.

If you don’t turn this risk to your advantage and set up the best shot opportunity, you will give up free goals from similar positions.

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To create the best chance, you need to create a new shooting angle by rolling the ball away from the goalkeeper. But you also have to accept the fact that your shot didn’t go through the defender.

If someone blocks your shooting path, the shot will be easily blocked. So you have to analyze the defender’s current position or expected movement and take the ball away from there again to clear your path before you can score a nice goal.

Note that the direction of your control on your first touch may also create a tight angle to the goal, but don’t panic, additional touches into the open space can create a better scoring angle.

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Reckless Push Away From Defender

Next, the most crucial mistake on defense pulls the defender out of his position. Do you see open spaces that the wingers can explore? When you push out your full-backs recklessly, you have to really realize that you may have been defending the ball carrier with a midfield break, and such a defensive shake will never help.

You can counter the opponent by keeping your defender close to the attacker and safely in front of him, but if he is the last line of defence, you will never allow a risky forward move like this. Because if you do that, a simple pass can penetrate the center of your defence, and you’ll concede goals easily.

To avoid this, I first take the following route. I look at the environment and decide if I have a midfielder defending instead of using my back four at the back.

If this is the case, I would switch to the midfielder and defend with him. But this way I don’t have any midfielders nearby and if I accidentally push out and go out to challenge, the opponent can easily take advantage of the midfield.

Then I see the opponent is about to pass the ball to his teammate, and if I push the ball out, it could also be a simple pass. But I also realize that potential receivers are running behind the defensive line. So, instead of pushing out, I follow the runner and cover the pass safely.

Meanwhile, the opponent made a mistake and lost possession of the ball. In a dangerous position defended safely on the other side, my opponent accidentally pushed up, which gave me a tremendous advantage.

In the most critical moments, instead of covering the runner from behind without breaking the defensive formation, he wildly slides, which makes everything easier for me because he pushes away the defender. In these circumstances, I scored without a doubt.

Therefore, you should not risk pushing the defender out of position, you must analyze where the position is going and move your defender safely back to the potential threat without disrupting the defensive shape.

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Don’t Understand The Direction Of The game

Let’s come to the last point, not reading the direction of the play, but understanding the opponent’s offensive intentions defensively. This is one of the best traits we can learn instead of throwing your defender into random spots.

For example, here I found space behind the defensive line and as I was about to get into the box, the opponent covered the passing lane to the striker and controlled the running lane. But he also has to be mindful of our third option, which is passing the ball back.

He might have switched to another centre-back and taken a step to the side, but instead of doing so, he completely ignored it and pushed the defense with two passes with the selected defender. So I have a chance to score again.

If you defend an area well, the opponent will deliberately change direction after passing the ball on that side. You have to understand that the direction is to move to the other side, not to run towards the area with your currently selected player. You have to spot the next pass and switch to whichever defender is there. If you can’t see what’s coming and take action, you’ll be late and concede to the ball.

What I’m trying to do here is use player switching early and effectively after the ball has traveled. I look for potential targets and control the approaching defender for that position.

Once I see the pattern of the wing switching to the left, I pull my winger through the middle and rush out wide instead of covering the player in the middle. Because I had a substitute to defend, the opponent had to go back to the center again. My winger moved laterally, creating an advantage for me which ultimately allowed me to get the ball back.

So watch your opponent’s body language, take advantage of early player switches, and try to cover potential targets without ruining your shape.

These are 4 potential issues you can make improvements on. Following this guide’s targeted suggestions and correcting them will get your FC players ranked higher in TOTS event!

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