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Final Fantasy 14 players joined avid fish lovers in Eorzea this past weekend to celebrate FishFest. This festival was first created by Eorzean Museum Network, and many FF14 players put forward a lot of good ideas for this water-themed event, making this event even more exciting. 

As long as there are fish panels, educational venues, dance shows, competitions, and scavenger hunts, I believe many players will be interested in this event.

There are different locations and events in multiple worlds of North American Data Center. But the main venue for this event is still located at Eorzean Aquarium in Malboro.

Players’ recognition of this event can be seen from the turnout rate this time. So even putting in a lot of time and effort to prepare for the festival is worth it. FishFest has been in the works for 10 months. In fact, the earliest group discussions on related activities started in June-July, and most of the work was completed in October-November. 

Fruity said that the original intention of FishFest event was actually to hold a large-scale global event to encourage players to go fishing. But after Fruity tried his best to persuade, it didn’t treat it as a global event, and just went online in North America.

FFXIV FishFest 2023 Esprit Public Show

In fact, this event was very good. Although there were numerous players gathered in different places, there was no sign of losing control during the event. All staff are wearing clearly turquoise wetsuits, which will make it easy for players to know who to turn to for help. 

At the same time, share reminder messages about event locations during player chats, give players enough FF14 Gil rewards after completing tasks, and use Party Finder to bring players together to complete tasks. This kind of community spirit and contagious teamwork are the highlights of this event, which left a deep impression on many players.

Many players have never tried similar activities at first and often feel at a loss. But don’t worry, you’ll be doing it with some experienced players. The staff will also distribute bait and consumables to players in need, and provide guidance throughout the process, teaching everyone which bait needs to be used in which area and which fish species are most suitable.

Since Aquarium is often packed with players, it’s no surprise that every game is packed. An average of 30-40 players will take part in each Fishing Train, and most will try to use their aquatic-themed mounts to create a great fishing area. 

This time, Ocean Fishing voyage will send a total of six boats. I believe that no matter you are a novice or a veteran, you can return with a full load. Fishing Train is usually busier on weekends, even reaching 90 players.

Esprit’s dance performance will be another highlight of this FishFest event. These performances are all water-themed and include pirates, sea shanties, your favorite aquatic Disney songs and more. Even Cytube echoes this theme. 

The pirate-themed detailed sets also amaze players, who enter only to find themselves trapped in a pirate vault before finding their seats. There’s a Splatoon number starring Callie and Marie, but Shenpai is one of the main characters.

Ultimate FFXIV ocean fishing guide

The troupe has put a lot of effort into every performance, not even letting go of every detail. All performers’ costumes, dances, facial expressions and stage special effects, songs can be perfectly matched. The water effect is from the side of the stage, with Calamari Inkatation 3mix painted expressions. Also, Shiny from Moana has a lot of glowing weapon abilities. You can also follow their amazing FishFest results on YouTube. 

There were also two great panels on FishFest over the weekend. Ocean Fishing (Savage) by Tyo’to Tayuun and A Realm Reshelled by Innis’a Bvalvah bring more knowledge about molluscs to all players. If you have time, you can learn about them carefully.

Fruity and Eorzean Museum Network are planned. FishFest 2024 patch has also been confirmed. The team will use this player feedback on the event to refine next year’s new patch. Of course, there are many other activities that players are looking forward to, and Fruity also said that there are many other plans in progress.

Fruity said that Aquarium and EMN plans have been launched for a year, and players have high expectations for him. As for EMN’s first EU-only event, including the upcoming aquarium’s anniversary event in May, specific dates have been confirmed. Although the specific content has not been determined, it is already a rough plan for the team in 2024.

In addition, players’ enthusiasm and support for FishFest 2023 is an important reason for it to appear in front of more players. Fruity said that next year will provide more activities for the community. I hope players can continue to like this game.

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